I hate how Kara said something like “Supergirl is what I do, Kara Danvers is who I am” and Salmonella was just his usual ass and abusive self while we have Lena who literally said “well Supergirl may have saved me but Kara Danvers, you are my hero”
I hate this fucking show and what it’s become

Happy Pride Month! To my LGBTQ friends and family, my mentors and collaborators, and all those whom I have yet to meet: You are the real Elphabas and Elsas and Maureens of this world. You are the courageous heroes who have showed the rest of us what it means to be true and honest and stand up for each other – and to love that very thing about ourselves that might set us apart from others.

Day after day, I aspire to be as brilliant and brave as you are. Thank you for guiding me through my life, for supporting me and teaching me the right time to scream and dance – to love, sing, fight, forgive, and laugh. So much laughter. I will always be here standing with you.

No Day But Today.

—  Idina Menzel

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oh and do u think that dean/cas could be interpreted as brotherly affection? its a complex question cos cas doesnt really know what (human) family is and dean has only really had sam as a long term family member (excluding bobby + we dont talk about adam lmao)

Dean and Cas: 

A brother/buddy or a romantic relationship?

I just literally just had this conversation with @godshipsit & @floralmotif today :)

So, according to Truby’s Character Technique we have a difference between a romance and a buddy story which are the 2 relationships he talks about (I take brothers as buddies as the key is the romance part and, just, no) that I will summarise here (full details follow the link):

1. Love story: The central concept of love stories is quite profound. Love stories say that a person does not become a true individual by being alone. A person becomes a unique and authentic individual only by entering into a community of two. It is through the love of the other that each person grows and becomes his or her deepest self.


2. Buddy story: The buddy strategy allows you essentially to cut the hero into two parts, showing two different approaches to life and two sets of talents. These two characters are “married” into a team in such a way that the audience can see their differences but also see how these differences actually help them work well together, so that the whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts. As in the love story, one of the buddies should be more central than the other. The buddy is a kind of double of the hero, similar in important ways but also different. 

These are quite similar but there is a clear line between the two:

The community of two: It is through the love of the other that each person grows and becomes his or her deepest selfThey have a deep, profound impact on the CORE CHARACTERISTICS of the other, not one or two top level changes / improvements to their character but it goes deep, to the CORE of what we characterise them as.

Note how relevant this difference between the romantic v brotherly/buddy relationship is to Sam/Dean who are kind of a weird amalgamation between the two for narrative reasons of this show, but remember that the endgame for Sam and Dean is different, they want different things (I could bang on about this for hours, but it’s canon, it’s repeatedly and consistently referenced on both sides through the years to hammer the point home) therefore their endgames are in fact to END the codependency and have a happy healthy relationship apart from each other, or at least, not on top of each other and not codependent. 

Thus they can’t enter a community of two and become their deepest selves together, which makes perfect sense because they haven’t yet done it in 12 years of being together, precicely because they’re both holding each other back (see every time Sam tries to get out of hunting and Dean drags him back in, see every time Dean gets close to Cas and looks warily at Sam before no-homo-ing his way out etc etc etc).

So, you must detail the needs of both characters at the beginning of the story…

~ Dean doesn’t have faith in God, Angels or himself 

~ Cas is a soldier and Angel of the Lord with authority issues, used as a soldier but he canonically just wants to help and save people when given the chance

~ Dean has abandonment issues 

~ Cas wants somewhere to belong

- Dean has codependency issues with his brother and sexuality / various character repression issues from his childhood

~ God makes Dean pancakes and has faith in Dean because Dean is the ‘firewall between Light and Darkness’, Dean represents Free Will and Humanity, Dean and Cas came to Chuck and Cas told him ‘we’re making up as we go’, because Dean taught him Free Will (the circle is complete, it completes me *satisfied face*). 

~ Dean starts to believe in himself and has faith in/textually prays to Cas 

~ Cas rebels and does it, all of it, for Dean  

~ Cas ignores God and has faith in Dean 

~ Cas always comes back to Dean

~ Cas knows he belongs with Dean and Sam (they’re his family). He becomes part of TFW: hunting things, saving people, the family business.

~ I also believe Dean’s codependency issues and repression issues are being addressed this season, these are more relevant to Mary though, but they absolutely are relevant to Cas and I really do see him coming into play around the sexuality issue of course but also as Cas is canonically supportive of Dean in his lowest moments and Dean opens to him more than anyone, see the Gadreel torture scene, the burger date etc etc (and Crowley to a point, who is a Cas mirror).

In conclusion, Dean and Cas are canonically central to each other’s CORE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT and their endgames are INTERLINKED.

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Hello Mobox I only want to say that you are my hero. You showed me how beautiful are song from fnaf. You doing really good job! I don't know how much I can say that I love you!💙 For me you are like Markiplier + Jacksepticeye + Pewdiepie + Purple Guy but better! Once again I want to say that I love you and you are my favorite artists and YouTube star!💞

khifrv Thank you very much qwq!!

so livewire and james both voiced the fandom’s problems with mon-el. calling him a fratboy, livewire basically being like who tf are you guys, where is the actual hero of this show??? and i’m wondering like, what is going on????? they’re legit like calling themselves out on the bullshit they’ve been force feeding us all season, but…still doing it?? so, idk. i’m confused. or maybe during they hiatus they were like shit we need to fix some stuff, so maybe now they’re going in a new direction a little bit? cuz they know we hate it? i honestly doubt that, but it’s just so weird that they said exactly what we’ve been thinking all season lmao

Life is Fluff: Everyday Heroes

Art by iminchains

Chasefield Fluff in the AU where Max turns in her photo.

“Now, I know this isn’t how any of you wanted to win or participate in this contest. You may feel that an opportunity was taken from you among the struggles our campus has undergone this week. But I just want to thank each and every one of you for participating in the Everyday Heroes contest, for representing yourselves as well as Blackwell Academy. It is with great pride that I see how you have continued your academic pursuits while supporting one another through turmoil. As the principal of this school, I would like to say that you are all every day heroes, and you all show a potential that fills me with pride for this school and its students.”

Principal Wells was not many extraordinary things. He was not a great administrator. He had not been a great husband in either of his two marriages. He was not a particularly great man. But he was quite a decent speaker, for though the class of eight photography students knew this was a pre-designed speech for the school and city newspaper, many of them did stand up straighter to hear his acceptance and appreciation, his eyes bouncing around to settle on each and every one of them for a brief moment, never letting them wander onto Juliet’s camera or the journalist on the other side of the room from her.

“But now, I think it’s time to announce the winner of this contest. I hope we can all accept this personal victory as a communal one as we send the winner to San Francisco this Friday.” Principal Wells took an additional moment to look at everyone briefly one last time. “The winner of the Everydays Heroes Contest for Blackwell Academy is Maxine Caulfield. Congratulations, Max.”

Max’s eyes widened in shock, and the applause began before she even had the chance to take a step forward. On the other side of the arc of students was Victoria, and Max saw her lips purse into a fine line as she followed Daniel and Kate’s lead and began to clap. Then, she stumbled forward, removing her hands from the pockets of her hoodie, and found Principal Wells’s hand outstretched. She fit her tiny hand in his for a brief moment, and he guided her to turn towards the cameras to smile for a moment as they shook. 
Michelle Grant took a few steps forward, and offered Max a rectangular frame wrapped in loose brown gift paper, which she gingerly accepted. She peeled off the paper, taking sure to dispose of it by handing it over to Wells, who dropped it onto Jefferson’s former desk before the two both held the frame, revealing the print of Max’s photo to everyone.

More camera flashes, and more applause. And Principal Wells was speaking more, something about Max, or the contest, or something, but now it was Max’s eyes that flickered around the room, watching everyone’s expressions.
Kate practically cheering.
Hayden just sort of grinning, clearly not very invested.
Taylor clapping loudly, then quieter when she realized Victoria probably wouldn’t want her to be too excited.
Stella clapping regularly, and being one of the first to cut off.
Alyssa smiling like she rarely smiled the whole while.
Victoria’s lips slowly curling into a bit of a smirk the longer the clap continued, but clapping as long as anyone but Kate.
Juliet pausing from taking shots to give Max a thumbs up.
Daniel clapping slow, as if he were uninterested, but still smiling supportively the whole time.

Principal Wells was done speaking, and handing off Max’s photo print entirely to her. “Thank you so much, Principal Wells,” she said, and bowed a little, not wanting to hold the photo with just a single hand, and held it out to be clearly viewed a moment longer before stepping back into the crowd of her peers.

In the minutes that followed, virtually everyone in the room stopped by to talk to Max individually - not so much about her photo, but about going to San Francisco. Yes, I was am so excited! No, really, I thought you were going to win, I loved your piece Taylor - and fellow tardy assignment doers, right? Oh lord, Kate, no, I couldn’t do any of this without you, you’re an actual hero.

But there was one person who stood near the corner of the desk closest to the door, leaning on it and watching this little procession while talking to Wells, or Juliet, or whoever was close, shooting Max direct looks and smirks when she could. Victoria, of course. They weren’t threatening, exactly, but they made Max a little uneasy. At least … well, they made her nervous. But she was too flushed with victory to let it get to her.
When Victoria finally turned to leave, alone even, that made Max especially nervous, and she broke away from her friends with a, “I’ll be right back, I just wanna talk to Victoria for a sec.”

She saw Victoria several steps down the empty hallway, and hurried after her, calling, “Hey, Victoria, wait.”
Victoria turned aroundfolding her arms over her chest, face already stuck in its smirk. “Oh, hey there Max,” she said with no hint of actual surprise. “Congratulations on your win, though I’ll still contest that it has more to do with your whole involvement in taking down a serial killer than your photography, but I suppose if you hadn’t, I might have won and been going to California with a serial killer, so I guess I’m all right with you getting this one.”

Max just chuckled, aware of this rumor, though pretty sure there was no substance to it. “I don’t think they were influenced by school rumors - at least, I hope not. I just, um. I wanted to see how you were doing. I know this could have been a big break for you, and we both know you really deserve one.”

Now Victoria’s hands fell to her hips instead. “Oh, well, how considerate of you, Max Caulfield. But my work will be in a gallery without school sponsorship soon enough, don’t you worry about that. In fact, I need to go check on a possible deal via e-mail, if you’ll excuse me,” she replied, turning to stride away.

Max made a quick step, reaching up to grab Victoria’s shoulder a little, not sure how to properly communicate what she was doing, but it was enough to get Victoria to turn around, really confused and a little unnerved.
“I really like you,” Max blurted out.
Victoria blinked. Many, many times, her head shaking minutely as she tried to process what she’d just heard. So she tried to clarify aloud, “Um, what?”
Max froze, realizing how fucked she was. So she just went with it all the way. “I. Uh. I think your photography captures an artistic rendering of yourself through its symbolic self-projection. I look at your subjects and I think they are beautiful, not just because they are, but because you captured them in a way that reflects your own beauty and vulnerability. You are strong and smart and really goddamn funny, even when you’re kind of being mean. And when you’re not being mean, or just playing at being nice, I think you are wondrous, and I really like you.”

Victoria took a long, quiet moment to process, to collect herself, just to find words. But when they came out, they were almost scripted, or rehearsed in some way. “When I look at your photos, I know, though maybe half of them actually feature you, that they’re largely meditations on adolescence, and chaos, and all sorts of pretentious bullshit you pretend you don’t subscribe to. But you capture them as if they are not the focus at all, like you’re ironically pointing out one’s vanity and self-centeredness amidst something so confusing and powerful, like you are the fool, or the vanity, but you’re actually the wise man. And I think that is unique. I think you have a gift. And I admire you. And I’m so glad that you choose yourself as a subject, because I think you’re beautiful, and I like that you give me an excuse to look at you and get to know you all at the same time, because if I looked at you half as much as I’ve looked at your photos, you’d know how I felt about you.”

Max was crimson by this point, so confused on how to express anything more that she began to go further and further off script. Not just her verbal script, but her total script for behavior. She offered out her hand, palm upward, and looked up at Victoria’s lips for a moment before nervously looking away from even that closeness.
She was amazed when Victoria’s hand settled over hers, her wide, warm fingers over Max’s wrist.
“So, do you want to tell me how you feel now?”
Victoria nodded, the word small between her lips, “Yeah.”
And she took that step still between them, and bringing a hand behind Max’s neck, and pressed her lips to Max’s. Max’s hand turned so her own fingers could lace with Victoria’s, and she stood on her toes to make kissing Victoria easier, her other hand reaching up into Victoria’s hair.

So, understandably, Max was a little stunned when Victoria pushed her back a little, taking a moment to understand that this was playful. But Victoria was grinning. “I feel like I really fucking like you, Max Caulfield, and like you should find some showy way to ask me out again so I can make out with you some more.”

Victoria turned and started down the hall.
Max sputtered, “I could turn back time, kiss you right in front of Jefferson, take a picture of it, and turn THAT in for the contest.”
Victoria actually laughed out loud as she went. “Now that would have been cool. Call me when everyone’s done praising you, and we can talk more about how much you like me.”
Max cupped her hands together to form a megaphone: “MY BODY IS READY!”
Victoria just kept laughing.


Natsume: [My temperature’s] 37 degrees.

Nyanko-sensei: You should rest, then.

Natsume: I’ve taken some medicine, it should be fine as long as I take it easy. I don’t want to worry Touko-san.

Nyanko-sensei: Geez, when’re you going to get it?

Natsume: Get what?

Nyanko-sensei: Forget it.

[Later, Natsume collapses, his friend Tanuma catches him and asks what’s wrong, but he passes out completely]

Friends [to Touko, after bringing him home]: I’m sorry we didn’t notice something was wrong.

Touko:His fever’s down and he took some medicine, so I think a good rest should cure him. I’ll make him stay home from school tomorrow.

Tanuma: If only he’d said something…

Touko (sighs and looks up at Natsume’s room); I agree.

And undercurrent of this episode is a huge issue/flaw that Natsume struggles with. He puts very little value on himself and is so worried about being a burden to others that he’ll hide when he’s struggling, not feeling well or otherwise indisposed and overextend himself. 

“They work too hard and nobly sacrifice themselves to avoid worrying others” is a “flaw” you typically see in heroes, but the this show handles it differently than most in that it treats it as an actual problem that not only damages Natsume and screws with his health but deeply upsets the people around him. What’s more, it’s pretty clear that him having this mindset comes from how he was abused and mistreated as a child- he was treated like a burden, so he learned to put very little value on himself and obsesses about never asking anything of others.

The show calls the whole attitude out for being illogical. If Natsume had let his friends and family know he was sick and rested when he needed it, he wouldn’t have upset them, but because he doesn’t tell them and ends up really making himself sick in front of them, he does upset them. Natsume doesn’t get that he needs to trust people  and let them worry about him and take care of him a little, or they’re just going to end up worrying a LOT down the line when he inevitably burns himself out, and they’re also going to be hurt he didn’t lean on them. The people who love him want to know how he’s doing, they want to be able to help him before it gets too bad, they want him to trust them with his problems. They don’t like that he values himself so little.

This is treated as a pathological issue Natsume needs to deal with and work on, something that breaks the hearts of people around him, not some noble suffering deal that highlights his heroism, and I really appreciate that. I also appreciate that it’s not resolved in the episode it’s bought up in- Natsume doesn’t really seem to get what happened and how his thinking is wrong, but you get the sense he’ll get it someday, and this is just the first step of his journey.

One moment that was especially affecting here was the fact that Tanuma catches Natsume. I don’t think Natsume expected anyone to catch him when he fell, and even I as a viewer didn’t expect it. Natsume has fainted before in the show (his life is very hard) and he’s hit the ground every time because people won’t notice he’s collapsing until it’s too late. But Tanuma was looking out for Natsume and Tanuma noticed and didn’t let him fall. Natsume’s so used to enduring the fall, he doesn’t quite realize he has people who are here to catch him now. That they want to catch him . It’s honestly really moving.

Codes: What Should Loved Ones See?

Dear Mr. X., today your wife stopped breathing, I understand you wanted to be with her, I understand you were scared. I understand you wanted to see for yourself what we would do to help her.

But, you see, codes aren’t like the heroes they show on TV - where two or three doctors neatly revive a person and they spontaneously wake up, talking. Codes, to the outside viewer can be devastating to watch, but your wife - she was not alone. She had a swarm of care providers in the SICU; she had a medical team of doctors, the surgical team, an anesthesiologist on standby, a respiratory therapist, and a cohesive nursing team all with one goal - to work fast to save her life.

What you may see if you were watching, is the shaky hands of a resident, attempting intubation, but what you won’t hear is the calm voice of an attending physician by her side guiding her.
What you will hear is the resident’s fear, and see her dropping the tube, but what you won’t hear is the nurses in the background doing what nurses do, advocating when things aren’t progressing safely, and they are paging anesthesia stat, for this is a difficult and bloody intubation and the time for teaching is now as an observer. The resident may look to you as though she had failed, cost your wife valuable time, and you may be annoyed at her, but today she learned a vital lesson and will go on to save many lives. It’s how each of us learn and remember. It isn’t much solace to you today though. But perhaps this is not for you to understand.

You may see a baby nurse uncertainly holding a packet of IV tubing, trying to prime fluids, but what you won’t see right behind her are the calm hands of an experienced nurse guiding her, without skipping a beat. The baby nurse is learning today too, next time she will be faster, and she won’t need guidance. But this isn’t what you want to see today.

You may see a medical student doing his first chest compressions, and the chief resident shouting at him to move his hands closer to her heart - and you may wonder why there’s so much noise, and why people are shouting this, but you see, there’s a controlled sort of chaos with elevated voices, and the medical student isn’t taking it personally - he knows it’s imperative that he learns the right way, he knows the chief resident is experienced, and he moves his hands to deliver quality compressions.

You may see blood spurt out of the endotracheal tube, narrowly missing the respiratory therapist as she’s ballooning oxygen via the ambubag, and you may see blood oozing out of her mouth, as it becomes apparent to everyone in the room she was bleeding profusely into her abdomen, and we are now perhaps at the point of no return.

What you won’t hear are the voices of the nurses, advocating that it is time to consider her quality of life. It is now the 4th time she’s coded, and your wife of 60 years is perhaps telling us she wants to be free.

What you may want to shout, if you were here, is that we should continue beyond the 60 minutes we’ve been coding her, but what you may not understand is the experienced caregivers in the room have now begun to slow code your wife.

To you, Mr X., it may look as though we aren’t doing everything we could, but you see, there are moments of understanding where we know there isn’t any coming back from the level of anoxic brain injury or DIC, her cancer had metastasized to the point of severe pain, and a level of dementia where she couldn’t make her own decisions, we remembered your own words about trusting us to do what was right for her when the time came, so today we are setting her soul free.

In retrospect, perhaps we made an error by not allowing you in the room - we have done it before, sometimes it’s worked out, and most of the time it’s devastating to the families when they see first hand - sometimes we are pulling loved ones off the floor after they’ve passed out in shock, and sometimes we are fielding abusive comments from loved ones as we are trying to save a life. Sometimes we are listening to threatening commentary of lawsuits and watchful eyes that take away valuable moments of us attempting to save a life.

Dear Mr. X., you may not understand today, and I understand you wanted to be there. But I hope one day you will see your wife was not alone; she had a team of caregivers with a sole focus on doing what was inherently right for her, and as her time of death was called, each of us grieved her loss in our own ways - some bowed heads in prayer, some quietly held her hand, and some quietly stood by.

Caregivers aren’t heroes. We are just trying to make the best decisions we can.

Deformation of the Bonsai

Title: Deformation of the Bonsai (Part One)

Pairing: None, Todoroki Shouto-centric

Rating: PG, warning for implied abuse

Word Count: ~1,070

Summary: Todoroki Shouto, growing up and growing angry.

Author’s Notes: I’m so happy to be posting some of my own fanfiction! This series will revolve around Todoroki’s childhood, and experiences that led him to his hatred of his father. Canon-typical domestic abuse will be involved, so please be aware of that if you choose to read it. Thank you so much for taking the time to look it over! It means a lot to me.

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guys i get it now

you know how all the guy’s shows predicted their lives ?? and you know they all had crappy finales that basically made everything they heroes went through a waste of time cause it all goes to hell anyway ?? sound familiar ??