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zoeeeeeeeee im screaming i was debating going to the art institute (i live in chicago) the day harry and xander were there but i didnt go i hate my life i didnt have a clue they were gonna b there i just like art

can you imagine meeting harry at an art gallery like you go there for the art and you end up meeting the greatest masterpiece of all

LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING. SELENA QUINTANILLA WAS ONE OF THE GREATEST ARTISTS IN HISTORY. EVER. And if you don’t cry at the end of Selena, then you have no soul cause it’s the saddest thing on the fucking planet and if she was alive we’d be married and have like 4 kids

Paramedic School: Week 1

“Welcome to paramedic school.  Whatever awful rumors you’ve heard, they’re probably all true–along with the good ones.  I’ll tell you now what I tell all the new students coming in here looking to be paramedics: the next year is going to be hard, intense, and at times you’ll think you simply aren’t going to make it to the end.  Stick with it, keep pushing as hard as we push you, and you’ll make it just fine.  This is the greatest thing you’ll never want to do again.”

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greatest Jim and Pam scenes: 1/20

All I know is that every time I’ve been faced with a tough decision, there is only one thing that outweighs every other concern. One thing that will make you give up on everything you thought you knew. Every instinct. Every rational calculation. Love. No matter what happens, you’ve got to forget about all the other stuff. You’ve got to forget about logic and fear and doubt. You just got to do everything you can to get to the one woman who is going to make all this worth it. At the end of the day, you got to jump.

Not enough for me? You are everything.”

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I'm just so here for Bucky and Steve drifting into each other's orbit without noticing, like they're just making breakfast and next minute they're basically sitting on top of each other eating it. Or when they come home from a mission, relaxing on the couch watching a movie turns into cuddling and snuggles so subtly they have no idea when it happened. How did Bucky's hand get on Steve's butt? Was it always there? Probably. The team is so used to it, but the media isn't. They weren't prepared.

Can you imagine this happening while the Avengers are giving a home interview for the latest and greatest magazine? XD

Bucky and Steve start out on opposite ends of the couch, discreetly exiled apart by the rest of the team because they all know. But the Avengers, they’re a pretty active gang. 

Tony likes to stand and pace while he makes his grand speeches. Clint prefers a higher, distant vantage point and gives most of the interview from the top of the entertainment center. Natasha has to take an official call halfway through the interview.

The whole time, as one person leaves the couch, Steve scoots over a little bit. And a little bit. And a little bit more.

Finally, poor Sam is tightly sandwiched between two super soldiers who are trying their damndest to reach through him for each other.

“That’s it!” He says, jumping up, “I can’t take it. Have at it, see if I care.”

“What?” Steve looks wounded. “Sam, what’s wrong?”

Bucky stares at him weirdly and the interviewer blinks, confused. All three of them watch as Sam goes to sit on the other side of the couch, where Steve started out.

After that, the interview continues for a record two minutes before she stops altogether because Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes and Captain Steven Grant Rogers are out and out snuggling on the couch now.

“Um,” she says.

“Ignore it,” Sam advises.

“What?” Tony looks around and then spots the problem. “Oh, yeah, happens all the time. Totally normal.”

“Ignore what?” Steve asks, frowning at them. “What’s normal?”

Bucky’s rubbing his cheek on the top of his hair and one of his hands has snuck dangerously low on Steve’s waist while the other - the flesh one - is playing some sort of game with one of Steve’s hands. Steve’s free hand rests on Bucky’s thigh, definitely higher up than is considered appropriate.

“Nothing,” Sam says gently. He looks at the interviewer. “Next question, please.”

Bucky shakes his head and leans back against the couch, sticking his hand up Steve’s shirt.

“You got some weird friends, Rogers,” he says.

“This is ridiculous,” Clint huffs from his vantage point. “I’m gonna tell them.”

Natasha points a finger at him as she comes back into the room and sits down by Sam. 

“Don’t you dare.”

Horoscope - August 29 2015

Aries Horoscope

(Mar 21 – Apr 19)

You’re planning to head out on a vision quest while the psychic Pisces Full Moon brightens your 12th House of Spirituality. However, you might have to delay your fleeting flights of fancy so you can finish up the chores that are currently on your calendar. Surprisingly, even the most boring routine holds the potential for magic today. It’s not about what you’re doing in the real world now; it’s about your newly found ability to travel in time and space. Simultaneously working both ends of the spectrum – the cosmic and the mundane – brings the greatest emotional satisfaction.

Taurus Horoscope

(Apr 20 – May 20)

You hope to share your interests with imaginative people who care about the same things you do. The Pisces Full Moon lights up your 11th House of Friends, inviting you to express your tentative plans for the future in a safe environment. Even if you’re short on time, surround yourself with people who will ultimately support your wildest ideas. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about being practical now in order to discuss your dreams. Just remember it’s not all about you; don’t forget to return the favor by encouraging others in their pursuits, too.

Gemini Horoscope

(May 21 – Jun 20)

Your current obsession with achieving recognition is reflected in your ambitious daydreams about your professional life today. But it’s difficult to keep your feet on the ground when the otherworldly Pisces Full Moon shines in your 10th House of Status. Nevertheless, you can make the most progress by using your common sense to navigate your course instead of falling back on your intuition. Taking all the variables into consideration helps you climb the ladder of success.

Cancer Horoscope

(Jun 21 – Jul 22)

Forget all the reasons why you shouldn’t take a risk now; just make the day an exercise in writing your own itinerary for a truly fantastic adventure. The boundless Pisces Full Moon expands your 9th House of Distant Horizons, inspiring you to pursue your dreams and explore new lands. However, planning too far in advance doesn’t work because you can’t imagine what you might encounter along the way. Achieving satisfaction is more likely if you reserve the option to alter your direction as your feelings change.

Leo Horoscope

(Jul 23 – Aug 22)

You’re searching for more direct ways to reach new levels of intimacy in a relationship today. You can actually feel the energy intensifying as the spiritual Pisces Full Moon casts a large shadow in your 8th House of Deep Sharing. Unfortunately, you don’t necessarily have a solid understanding of the big picture, preventing you from gaining a clear perspective on your feelings. But don’t get hung up on the details of communication; relying on words only limits the current experience. You can return to a conversation to fill in the specifics later on after you have connected on a deeper emotional level.

Virgo Horoscope

(Aug 23 – Sep 22)

You think your logic is invincible today and that you can reason your way through nearly any situation. However, others may not be so convinced your strategy is a viable one while the nebulous Pisces Moon illuminates your 7th House of Companions, muddying all forms of communication, especially in relationships. Don’t try to defend your plan if you encounter resistance now. No one is interested in your careful analysis at this time; all they want to know is the bottom line. Your actions will convey more meaning than anything you can say.

Libra Horoscope

(Sep 23 – Oct 22)

You want to share a long-lost dream with someone special today. But there’s no reason to panic if you can’t recall all the fine points of your story, since you can sink into your subconscious to recover them now. But don’t expect a treasure map with clear directions to suddenly appear out of nowhere. The fantasy-prone Pisces Full Moon floods your 6th House of Details, indicating that you might have to fudge some facts to fill in the ones you don’t know. Keep your integrity in mind since adding the right amount of color makes the difference between failure and success when revealing your truth.

Scorpio Horoscope

(Oct 23 – Nov 21)

You wake up with a smile on your face as the spiritual Pisces Full Moon raises the vibration in your 5th House of Fun. Your positive frame of mind is so powerful that you believe extra preparation isn’t necessary. Luckily, this happy-go-lucky assumption works in your favor now, inspiring you to make up the story line as you go along. Just remember to keep one eye on the clock or you could miss an important appointment later in the day. Spontaneity is your friend as long as you don’t lose track of time.

Sagittarius Horoscope

(Nov 22 – Dec 21)

You may receive your share of notoriety but you don’t feel like standing under the heat of the spotlight today. You might prefer to stay behind the curtains while the Pisces Full Moon emphasizes your 4th House of Home and Family. Unfortunately, you could eventually regret your decision if you choose to sidestep any well-deserved acknowledgments. Do whatever is necessary to overcome your uncharacteristic shyness so you can put on a show that others won’t forget.

Capricorn Horoscope

(Dec 22 – Jan 19)

Your methodical approach to life often empowers you to develop concrete strategies to reach your ambitious goals. But the illusory Pisces Full Moon resonates in your noisy 3rd House of Immediate Environment, so you might not be as effective when attempting to put your plans into motion today. Don’t promise any more than you can deliver now, for anything you commit to at this time will probably need modification before you know it. Leaving a bit of wiggle room in your schedule improves your chances for success.

Aquarius Horoscope

(Jan 20 – Feb 18)

You might not realize the powerful impact you have on others, but people often set their moral compasses based upon your core values. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to see yourself clearly while the fuzzy Pisces Full Moon mirrors your 2nd House of Self-Worth. It’s a challenge to walk your talk now because your spiritual beliefs are all over the map. Turn the tables by leaning on someone else to regain your rational perspective. Asking for help shows you’re just as human as everyone else.

Pisces Horoscope

(Feb 19 – Mar 20)

Separating your needs from those of everyone around you can be a daunting task as the emotional Full Moon canoodles with spiritual Neptune in your compassionate sign. It’s not completely your fault if you struggle to establish clear boundaries and limits today. If you’re not mindful now, your desire to rescue every wounded animal, plant or person you encounter could even derail your personal plans. Wanting to help those less fortunate than you is an admirable trait as long as you don’t lose yourself in the process.

Source : Rick Levine

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Someday someone will stick around. They will decide that you are the love of their life and will fight to have you by their side. This special person will be well worth the wait and the heartbreaks you’ve stumbled through. They will see you as someone they cannot live without and plan their future with you in mind. Someday you’ll wake up just to hear this person whisper your name lovingly in their sleep and you’ll go to bed knowing you are wanted by how close they hold you to their heart. This person will realize that love and their connection to you is the greatest gift life can offer. They will spend their years with you and you will be each others best friend and closest confidant. And near the end of your life you will realize you were meant to go through hell to find the person for you so that you could truly appreciate their love and commitment to your poor flawed soul. That’s the person you want around in your most vulnerable or difficult moments. That’s the person you want holding you as you slip into the unknown. Someday someone will stick around. But until then fight through hell to find the one who can truly appreciate you for everything that you are.

  • Fracture
  • Timmies, Cheprox
  • Thrive

Timmies x Cheprox - Fracture

The greatest part of “Fracture”, a new track from the collaboration of Timmies and Cheprox, is how well it understands space and then how it uses that understanding to manipulate our idea of what a track should sound like. An incessant shuffling of coins can seem so close, while a door continues to slam in the distance. The vocals split the difference, fading in and out like a cresting, then falling wave. The duo saves the best for the end, stopping just short of another rotation as it launches into the next track. You can get their collaboration, Thrive, on Bandcamp via IMMINENT if you so please; as always, enjoy.

The greatest thing about having a child is putting yourself second in your own life. It’s a massive gift to be able to say you’re not the most important person to yourself. All I can say is, “Hey, I’m here. I’m your dad and we have a lot of history, your whole life, and I love you and I’m here.” That’s all you can really be for your kids, is present. I think in the end that’s the best thing you can do for your kids when they come to you with real problems is try to understand how they feel and try to give them a place to say how they feel so that they can sort it out. And give them what you can about your past, you know? I think to tell them that the world is this place where you’re supposed to act perfectly and represent that you did is a huge disservice to your kids.
—  Louis C.K. from ‘On Life And Stand-Up: ‘I Live In Service For My Kids’ (NPR)



  • More “kid-friendly” (no more kinkshaming)
  • Using the axe and rope in the battle would bug the true ending and give you ending 2 instead (not game breaking, but it’s unfair to people who want the true ending and mistakenly use the axe and rope in battle when you’re not really supposed to)
  • More getting crunk

Actual Cannibal Shia Labeouf The RPG: A Horror RPG by Rindre (aka My Love Letter to horrorrpgartmastersupplier) is a short Horror RPG based on Rob Cantor’s song “Shia Labeouf” created within 12 hours using the VX Ace RTP because I felt like it, and to get used to VX ACE because I’ve had it for more than a year and have done nothing on it… until today.


  • The Greatest Motivation Speech of All-time
  • Terrible voice acting by yours truly
  • 3 Endings
  • Shia Labeouf

This work is non-profit and was made purely for fun. I am not associated in any way to Rob Cantor.

The game requires the VX ACE RTP to be installed. Download it here.

Check out my other games in development on my development blogFLUX and dream.girl!

Download the game here!

Favorite Scene of From Each Episode of Veronica Mars Day 31: My Mother, the Fiend, or, One of The Greatest Scenes in Television History in Nine Chunks

[Previous Installment: Favorite Scene From Each Episode of Veronica Mars Day 30: Ahoy, Mateys! Or, The Watched Pot Finally Boils Over (Wait, There’s a Harder Way!)]

After the (perhaps over the top) angst fest of Wednesday’s post we deserve to have some fun. And hoo boy, is this scene from “My Mother, the Fiend” fun. How much fun? Two words: Celeste Kane.

Has there ever been a bad scene involving Celeste Kane? That is what we call a rhetorical question, kids.

Yes, Celeste is a horrible person, but that is a big reason why all of her scenes are so boss. I am sure that fellow Celeste fans like susanmichelin and mysilverylining will understand why this might have been the easiest “Favorite Scene” decision I have had so far.

(I know there are more Celeste fans. Is there a CKAS? If not, there needs to be.)

(I realize that the Willow/Cordelia confrontation has many fans, but I find it to be a bit off due to Charisma Carpenter lapsing into some Kyle Secor-esque overacting; given that the scene is supposed to be subtly campy, it really doesn’t work for me. Your mileage may vary.)

Even before Celeste arrives, the scene is going strong as we get some delightfully multi-levelled interaction starring the Worst. Couple. Ever., Duncan and Veronica, also (and more appropriately) known as “VD.”  Let’s take this scene in nine chunks.

I. Skillful Avoidance

DUNCAN: At least you brought the baby up this time. Look, I’ll handle this, but then you’ve gotta get outta here.

VERONICA: Do you have a chick coming over?

DUNCAN: I’m going out to dinner.

On the surface this looks like it is supposed to be a standard, cute, “look at the fake parents talking like real parents” conversation. However, as the rest of the scene makes clear, Duncan is already hiding something (hardly the first time) from Veronica – he is going out to dinner with his mother, and, as we shall see, that is the real reason he is trying to get rid of Veronica.

II: Irony on Top of Irony

DUNCAN: You know, I’m surprised that Mom never got one of these things for Lilly. She was always so terrified that Lilly’d get pregnant.

VERONICA: That’s ironic.

DUNCAN: What’s ironic?

VERONICA: Your mom, afraid that Lilly would get pregnant.

This is little exchange is perfect in the context of the episode. Naturally Celeste was worried that her daughter would get pregnant, and given how Lilly loved to infuriate her mother even more than she loved guys, one can understand how Celeste might be concerned.

Veronica thinks that Celeste’s concern about Lilly was ironic because Veronica believes that Celeste herself got pregnant in high school. But the real irony is that it was not wild child Lilly who became a parent in high school, but Golden Boy Duncan, as we find out at the end of this episode.

If that is not enough, Duncan is engaging in this conversation while holding a simulated baby himself, and he already knows that Meg is pregnant with his baby. Did he have a moment of concern that Veronica’s comment about irony meant she already knew? It does not seem so. What is so chilling about this is that Duncan is an utterly cool customer, he gives nothing away. As so often with Duncan, it is difficult to tell whether it is because he is so adept at deception, or if he simply does not think he has anything to worry about or share with Veronica. Yikes. Dude has ice in his veins. Or amazing oil in his gears. Whichever.

III. An Entrance (Stuff Gets Real)

DUNCAN: Hey, now, you’re not about to badmouth Celeste, are you?

VERONICA: Heavens, no. I mean, what could I say about that…saint? She is a warm-hearted, good-humoured, lovely woman of high breeding and impeccable social grace.

CELESTE: Why thank you, Veronica.

DUNCAN: Mom! Hey, you’re early.

There is not much to add here  – the pictures tell the story. Celeste is awful, but isn’t there a universal agreement that it is one thing for a child to make fun of his or her parents, but it is not okay for others to do it in front of him or her? Duncan seems to be enjoying Veronica’s wonderfully sarcastic rant a bit too much.

IV: “Emancipated” Duncan and the Big Secret

CELESTE: I wanted to give you your clean clothes before dinner… What is she doing here?

VERONICA: “She” meaning me? I guess I’m here as Duncan’s secret girlfriend. Oh! And we have a love child.

Veronica’s delivery is amazing here (Duncan’s expression and body language are also “amazing,” as can be seen in the first screen cap, but in a very different way). However, what really calls for comment is the Celeste bringing Duncan his clean clothes.

We know that both Logan (Logan running into Celeste at some point in this episode would also have been excellent, but I like this scene the way it is) and Duncan are emancipated. Logan is emancipated for obvious reasons. When Duncan revealed in 3x05 that he was also emancipated (when asking Logan to come over and “mend fences”), the implication was that he and Logan were somehow in the same boat of having freed themselves from awful parents and could commiserate.

Even before this scene, though, we know that really is not the case. Leaving aside the obvious gap between all of Celeste and Jake’s misdeeds (which were serious) and Aaron sleeping with and murdering Logan’s girlfriend, it is clear that the separations are not the same. Logan has only seen his father at his emancipation hearing and when they ended up in the same jail cell; already in first episode of the season, Duncan was off visiting Jake.

Both Duncan and Logan seem to have free access to practically unlimited funds. They live off of room service and basically having the hotel staff cater to them. But Duncan has taken it to a new level: the hotel staff is not good enough to do his laundry, his mother, who lives in Napa, has her own personal assistant do it for him. Hilarious. What was the point of emancipation? On an existential level, despite Duncan trying to pull the “poor little lonely rich boy” act, it is clear that his personal situations is miles away from Logan’s.

V. Poor Astrid

VERONICA: Wanna hold her? She’s snuggly.

CELESTE: I’ll pass. Astrid, if you’re done gaping, the clothes.

Celeste is at her best when she is being The Worst.

VI: Veronica as Logan

DUNCAN: I’m sorry, I should have told them.

VERONICA: Or mentioned to me that you hadn’t.

Hey, Duncan actually apologizing for something he has done wrong! Mark it down!

Veronica’s response is fascinating. Would she really have been okay with Duncan not telling his parents about her if he had just told her? Maybe that makes it slightly better. What is really shocking is that Veronica makes that one remark to him, and then basically moves on down the line. As with so many things involving VD, it seems out of character for Veronica to respond like this.

Maybe Veronica is just channeling Logan. After all, she wanted to keep Logan a secret from everyone when they were “dating” (or whatever that was). Yes, she tells Logan that it was to protect Duncan, and given how Logan responds when they get busted, that was obviously important to him. However, when else has Veronica ever been concerned about how other people will feel about  her dating choices – remember Meg and Logan? I am not saying that Veronica should have been more concerned, just noting that it is not her usual m.o. in this these situations. In fact, I suspect that she was a bit ashamed or embarrassed to be with Logan. It is not healthy, but one can understand Veronica’s perspective. Veronica, had spent more than a year cultivating a justified reputation as a badass outsider, so I can see why she would not want to suddenly be seen on the arm of the person perceived as her number one enemy.

Whatever the reason, she did hide Logan from the world as long as she could (and even after theory got outed to the school, she still hid the relationship from her Keith!). Logan never questioned it, he just wanted to be with her. Logan did not have the self-respect or emotional health to wonder whether they should really be doing what they were doing if they had to keep it a secret.

That is not the only way Veronica is the Logan of VD. She had every reason to think Duncan  had cheated on her with Kendall (Duncan does not deny that Kendall had been in his room back in 2x07), yet just stands there and accepts his (dubious) explanation. Now think about Logan. It is strongly implied (“Lilly loved guys”) that Logan had some inkling that she ran around on him, yet he still says he loved her (“just not like I loved her” – the most Logan line ever). How Logan handled it can also be inferred from his reaction to discovering Veronica had spent the weekend with Piz. He assumes Piz and Veronica slept together, yet that does not spur the break-up, at least not immediately. Logan never brings it up while he and Veronica are together (even when he has the perfect chance during the “ask me anything” fiasco) – only once they are over (and she has told him she is “never getting over” the Madison thing).

There are differences, of course. Logan simply seems to think he does not deserve better. Veronica does her denial thing. In any case, seeing Veronica Logan-ing in a relationship with a Kane sibling shoes makes it clear just how pear-shaped things have gone.

VII: Move Over Cordelia and Willow

CELESTE: I told your father something like this would happen. This is exactly why we should have taken you up to Napa.

VERONICA: Not in front of the baby!

CELESTE: This isn’t amusing, Veronica.

VERONICA: It’s not. Me, breeding with a Kane?

VERONICA: No laughing matter. But look: no one has to know, right? Worst case scenario, things don’t work out, I’ll just dump her off at the big dance. It worked at your prom, didn’t it?

CELESTE: Does she ever make sense, Duncan?

VERONICA: Does she ever thaw out, Duncan?

People love the Buffyverse reunion and showdown between Cordelia and Willow in this episode (with “Willow” [Trina] finally winning a snark-off with “Cordelia” [Kendall]), but I think Celeste versus Veronica tops it.

Celeste is being her terrible-amazing self here (as Duncan stands there), and Veronica matches her via snark, which should tell us something. But first, Veronica goes off the rails a bit. Veronica thinks she is nailing Celeste to the wall with the comment about the baby, but Celeste gets off a good one, “Does she ever make sense, Duncan?” Veronica responds with “Does she ever thaw out.” Things get even nastier, but I have to comment on one more line: “Does she ever thaw out, Duncan?” It is a good line when directed at Celeste, but it is tremendous on a number of levels to hear Veronica call someone else an ice queen.

And then we get…

VIII: Pure, Unadulterated Celeste

CELESTE: When I look at your face, all I see is your drunk slut of a mother.


Oh em gee.

It is an absolutely horrible thing for Celeste to say to Veronica, no matter what we (and Veronica!) think of Lianne. But that is the awesome awfulness of Celeste Kane – she just does not care.

IX: Duncan’s Denouement: A Not-So-Logan Moment

CELESTE: Look, Duncan, she can’t just talk

DUNCAN: Veronica, I need a moment alone with my mom.

So, about two years too late, Duncan decides to stand up for Veronica. This might be seen as the Donut version of “evaporate or something, I don’t know.” Yes, it is the right thing to do, but, Duncan had to save face after getting busted deceiving both his parents and Veronica. Given that Duncan is still, as always, his parents’ Golden Boy, who, even after emancipation, still has his mother bringing him laundry and having her assistant fold it, it is pretty clear he is not risking anything. Veronica is still symbolically banished to the bedroom with the help (shades of Lizzie’s visit to the hotel room in 2x04) while the Kanes work out their country club issues.

Thus ends the second-to-last appearance in the series of the glorious Celeste Kane.


[Screen caps from; quotes are from]


finished the revamp.

I’ve changed a bunch in the past two years since the original conception of this composition. Really happy with the end result. Not fully finished, but it will be soon.

Also, just goes to show you that there’s always somewhere to go with your drawings. You don’t just get to where you want to be and stop progressing. Two years ago, I thought this was my greatest piece of work (though it went incomplete).

Don’t get comfortable. Strive to draw better, to add more movement to your art, to be inspired by other people’s art/style. It’s all about the constant progression of our craft. That should be our insatiable appetite.

Alright, I’m done preaching. Enjoy the pretty fanart. A remake for the remake. hahaha.

“I personally think [Kobe and Shaq] need to be friends, they’re one of the greatest duos, you know the NBA should be lucky they didn’t like each other. Cause they could’ve won at least 3 more. Shaq after he left was still effective, he won 2 years later with Miami, and Kobe ended up winning couple more after that, so the NBA is very lucky they didn’t get along.”

- Charles Barkley talking about the Shaq-Kobe reconciliation podcast (full version to be released on Monday) on the Dan Patrick show.

I’m Sorry (Harry)

This one was a bit harder, but I enjoyed writing it it. It was more difficult to write because it’s hard for me to see Harry as a bad boy since he’s so polite and respectful. So this one is more of an AU, but it’s not too big of a stretch. I hope you like it! I kind of took my liberties in coming up with Y/N’s personality and the plot. I made him more on the hard, stern bad boy type than punk really. The ending is super mushy though, and I got so happy writing it c:

Anyway, I hope you like it! Thank you for all of your requests and encouragement, guys! 

(2,034 words)

You know stuff’s gonna go down when the first pic is of H on his motorcycle. Anyway, moving on.

He pulled up to pick you up from work on his motorcycle. Damn.

The greatest feeling in the world was to publicly wrap your arms around the toned, tattooed torso of one of the most attractive men in existence, claiming him as yours.

You didn’t mean to be dating such a bad-boy. To be honest, he wasn’t even really your type. The classic leather jacket, dark jeans, slicked back hair thing never appealed to you. Neither did his attitude. He made snarky, rude comments to everyone, but when he made one directed at you, you snapped back. “I like you,” He said, every word pushing more already-inhaled cigarette smoke in your direction. From then on, you were hooked. 

He made you feel alive: the spontaneous trip to the beach at midnight, trespassing to the roof of a building to stargaze, driving too fast with all of the windows down just to blast crappy music into the empty night air. Though his aura felt so dark and mysterious, he ignited every spark of lightning in your bones.

He tightened your helmet, showing a more tinder side of himself that he normally kept buried. Only you could unearth any emotion from him. He rarely admitted his love verbally, but he would often admit it in little actions like tightening your helmet. It was his way of saying that he cared for your safety.

The motorcycle took off. Your long hair whipped in the wind. You’d kept it short until you met him. He liked the youthful appeal of long hair as well as seeing what it did without your styling it. For some reason, the boy emitted, attracted, and was attracted to unpredictability. For that reason, you balanced each other out well.

Everything about you used to be structured; you thought your anxiety required that of you. If everything wasn’t in perfect order, that’s when it attacked. You didn’t like to take medicine for it, but teaching was a stressful job, and more often than not, your kids turned your plans upside-down, and you needed something to calm you down, unless you wanted to break down in front of over a hundred middle-schoolers. You found yourself taking medicine less often after meeting Harry. The bad-to-the-bone man tore you away from your daily itinerary and created a time for you to relax and enjoy whatever wild ride on which he took you. The irony surprised you; the way he cured your stress was by ruining what you had previously believed helped it. You had planned every aspect. You’d plan on staying in, making spaghetti for dinner, watching a horror film with Harry, making love, and going to bed, in that order. But you’d get home, too tired to cook, so Harry would whisk you off on another adventure on his motorcycle to some unknown burger joint, and after, you’d make love on the deserted beach, illuminated only by the moon and stars.

Lately, you’d thrown your plans out the window, ready for whatever Harry whipped out at you. This open-mindedness had almost cured your anxiety and prepared you for anything. 

It being the weekend, you had no knowledge of where he was taking you and how late you were staying out. You finally arrived at a club, of all places, and he illegally parked his bike on the sidewalk of some alley. You couldn’t tell if that irritated or amused you. He dismounted his bike and removed his helmet, turning to you with arms outstretched as if he owned the place. “What do you think? Huh? The wait is usually a couple of hours, but I got us in instantly.” 

“Harry, we’re at a club, I don’t look club-ready. I’m a teacher, for goodness’ sake! I’m required to dress like a professional.” He smirked, his dimple deepening. Your fits entertained him “Relax, love.” He lit a cigarette, and examined your attire by giving you a swift glance from your head to your toes, then back to your bust. You dressed like the standard school teacher: a button-down tucked into a pair of black skinny-fit pants, covered by a knit cardigan. He put his cigarette between his lips and went to work, taking your cardigan off and unbuttoning your blouse. “What are you doing? An alley seems kind of unhygienic, Harry.” He laughed out loud. “Relax. We’re not gonna fuck, I’m fixing your outfit. You’re wearing one of those tank top things under this, aren’t you?” You nodded, as his hands reached underneath your shirt to graze it off of your shoulders. “Although, seeing you like this does make the idea sound quite nice.” You rolled your eyes, “Oh, save it.” The tight white shirt exposed your curves. “Now tuck that in,” he commanded, “I wanna be able to see your ass.” Normally, you’d never obey such a command, but you knew you’d stand out more in a club if you didn’t show off your body. “You’re wearing flats. You took off your heels at work?” 

“Yeah, they’re in my purse.” You replied, fishing your necklace out of you pocket, fastening it back on to make your outfit look more intentional. You changed out of your shoes, touched up your lipstick, and entered the club.

Lights flashed, the bass thudded, laughter rang, bodies sweated. You relaxed, swiping some of the liquor Harry was trying to drink for himself, which relaxed you even more, causing you to steal more of his drinks, thus causing you to loosen up more. You pulled his ear to your mouth, nibbling it and yelling, “Dance with me!” over the amplitude of the music. His curls shook, and you couldn’t hear him, but he made his “no” very clear. You pressed your chest against his arm and watched him groan. “Come on!” You yelled, smiling and batting your eyelashes at him. Harry Styles, cool as a cucumber, could do nothing but succumb to you. You had him wrapped around your finger, and his hands wrapped around your waist as you stumbled toward the dance floor.


Harry disarmed the house and turned on the kitchen light after closing the garage door. You held firm to his hand, giggling without any restraint. You pressed your body up against him, kissing him hard. He responded appropriately, kissing you back, hands roaming your torso before settling just underneath your breasts. He pulled back, and forced himself to say sternly, “Let’s get you to bed,” You tousled your hair, misinterpreting his intent in your drunken stupor, “Hell yeaaaah!” You said, eagerly rubbing your hands up and down his toned torso, on his chest, and over your shoulders, biting your cherry red lips. “No, you, damn it–” He began, but you gently licked his jaw, latching your lips to his neck for a long kiss, interrupting his train of thought. “Baby, you’re drunk, I’m really trying hard not to sleep with you right now,” You laughed loudly, “Pppfffttt, whaaaat? Harry Styles? The badass macho man? You don’t have those kinds of standards, come on!” His face immediately hardened, and he snapped, “Time for bed.” He swiftly picked you up and threw you over his shoulder. “Haha, well this is new!” You teased, oblivious to your setting him off. He walked you to the bedroom and gently lowered you onto the bed, his calm actions contradicting his hard demeanor. His jaw was set, his brows were furrowed, but he ran his hands softly through your hair, pulling it into a bun on top of your head. You collapsed backwards onto the mattress, saying something about how he was better at managing your hair than you were. “Anyone is, when you’re this hammered,” he retorted, taking your shoes and pants off, making it evident he wasn’t being sexual about it. “Sit up,” he whispered, taking off your top and bra, removing his shirt, and putting it on you. You lied back down and immediately fell asleep.


The light forced its way past your curtains, waking you up as it gradually increased its presence. No sooner had you woken up when you recognized the symptoms of your hangover. Your bare feet slowly padded across the wooden floor to the bathroom, where you naturally released the contents of your stomach. You brushed your teeth and wiped off the left over makeup, noticing the red still staining your lips. You walked back to the empty bed, the sheer physical exertion of your first few minutes awake caused your heart to thump in your head. The bed was empty. Where was Harry? What had you done last night? 

You looked to the clock on the night stand. 9:30. Not too late in the morning. Behind it, you saw a glass of water and two extra-strength ibuprofen tablets. Another way he said he loved you. The last few memories of the night before crept into your mind. You walked out of the bedroom and found Harry sprawled out uncomfortably on the couch. His lanky tattooed body clad in one of his thousands of black Calvin Klein boxers, his arms and legs hanging off the furniture. Sure enough, he had stains of your red lipstick clinging to his mouth, jaw, and neck. You groaned, and, slowly regaining some coordination, moved on to the kitchen to make the obligatory “I’m sorry” breakfast. 

You left the lights off as you made french toast, a surprising sugary favorite of Harry’s. When he smelled the cheap microwave bacon, you heard his feet sliding on the floor, as he was too tired to pick them up completely for each step. He sat at the counter, repeatedly pushing his hair out of his face. You pulled the ponytail holder off of your wrist and gave it to him. He accepted it without thanks. He accepted the breakfast you set before him in the same way. After a few minutes of his chewing, you finally broke the silence with a meager, “Sorry.” He shrugged without even looking at you. “You’re not gonna say anything?” He put his fork down, finished chewing, and looked up, lacing his fingers together, elbows on the table before responding, “We all get drunk. It happens.” 

“That’s not what I’m apologizing for.” His brows raised and eyes widened, suddenly showing interest. You swallowed hard before continuing. “What I said… that you didn’t have standards, I–”

“–Yeah that was absolutely uncalled for.” You looked up at him, and he was still staring at you, hard. He paused for you to defend yourself before continuing, “I mean, damn, Y/N, who says that kind of thing to someone? Especially someone they’re dating! If I didn’t have standards, why the hell would I be dating someone like you who’s so unattainably out of my league?” You looked away, ashamed at his compliment. “I don’t deserve–”

“–You’re damn right you don’t deserve my compliments after last night. You’re lucky I didn’t have at you right then and there last night.”

“Harry, I know! That’s why I’m apologizing. That’s why I’m making you breakfast, even though I’m too hungover to even walk properly! That’s why I’m not telling you to talk quietly, even though my head is absolutely killing me! I deserve for you to yell at me, I just want you to know that I’m so sorry! I know what I said was wrong and hurtful!” You panted and wiped the tears that had barely started to drip out of your eyes.

There was a moment of silence, before Harry rolled his eyes and relaxed his shoulders, beckoning for you. “Come here,” He whispered, noticeably less tense. You stumbled into his arms which he wrapped around the small of your back. He was warm and soft, contrary to the personality he portrayed. You buried your face into the small area between his collar bone and his neck. “Thanks for the Tylenol and water.” You mumbled into his neck, playing with one of his curls. You sat for a few moments in silence. “I love you.” He said, barely above a whisper. 

You smiled, knowing you were the only one who ever got to see this side of him.

“I love you, too.”

Thank you all- from Babsmd

Hi everyone. I got home from the hospital Tuesday and this morning at 3:00 am on Thursday is the first I’ve really felt up to being up on Tumblr.  Thank you all so much for the lovely notes and numerous emails.  You are the greatest!  I’m extremely sore when the pain pills begin to fade away but am otherwise doing very well. I am  really trying to balance getting up and around without not overdoing. Won’t know on next steps of treatment for another week or so. While I secretly hope for no chemo–at the end of the day –I just want to live a really long healthy life and will do whatever is necessary to make that happen.   

I can’t thank you all enough for the support, kindness, laughs and love from all over the world that  you all have provided. I went through the NP b-day cards briefly and will do so again when I am able take more time and enjoy them a little more.  They look great. It would be fun to do for the other cast members too. 

As I read tumblr today, I also wanted to say that my heart breaks for so many of you going through such tough times right now. Please know that I’m with you each and every one of you as you face really dark days. I know sometimes that helping people through a physical problem like cancer is easier than holding their hand through sad, dark lonely times that may not have a finite conclusion in sight. It is just as necessary and as important.   

I’m sorry to make this so sentimental but facing this diagnosis and surgery has made me a bit emotional. 

I send my love to each and everyone one of you dear, kind, special creative women. I love seeing your names, postings and stories come across my computer. I’m really sorry to have missed the MFMM Washington DC get together this week. I hope to make NYC if possible. Hopefully there will be more in the works. Take care my sweet friends and have a great day.   May you all find the love, joy, peace and comfort that I have found.  I hope to see a lot more of you ove the next few weeks while I an off work. Also, counting down the days until my S3 DVDs get here. No offense, but your gifts aren’t like the real thing!

Barbara. Aka Babsmd 


George photographed for what was meant to be the cover of Cloud 9 in Burbank, California by photographer, Chris Cuffaro

“George walked in the room and he had a new record coming out at the time, Cloud Nine, So he said to us, ‘Would you guys like to hear my new record?’ and we said “Yeee-yes”  and he starts playing this new record, Cloud Nine and he told us ‘we were the second people in the United States to hear this record’ So the next thing I know, this 10 minutes turns into two hours.

My favorite movie of all times is Hard Day’s Night, As a kid, that was like the greatest movie ever. And I was able to ask him questions about Hard Day’s Night, the making of it, the director and just everything about it. He ended up talking to me about it, twenty, thirty minutes. And it was just like this intimate hanging out with George Harrison 

So I got all these great, great stories. And we end up talking, shooting, He told us “Don’t worry, don’t be in a rush’ He was the nicest man he could possibly be   You know what I’m saying? Like when you get to meet your idols and they’re beyond nice and beyond helpful, it’s just that much more amazing! ” - Chris Cuffaro on the photo session

Special thanks to the wahwahharrisong Tumblr account for sharing the awesome video of Chris Cuffaro talking about the photo session