Happy Birthday Anna!!!

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Anna, you are The Greatest™. Period. End of story. Not only do you continue to bless this fandom with your incredible (and I do mean incredible) fanfiction, but you are one of the sweetest people I’ve ever encountered online. And today is your day!!! It should basically be an official national holiday for this fandom, I swear. I hope today is everything you want it to be and more!! 💕💕💕 

So I think anyone who has made some icons will know how you sometimes pause at the greatest of times, ending up with amazing screenshot. I decided to share the few Natsume ones I had, with the nickname I gave them.

Everyone, fasten your seatbelt~

AKA Everything in this screenshot is perfect. Natsume’s punch and general “danger must defend myself” intense expression, Nyanko’s “I’m just glad its not me” weird expression, and Natori’s “OH” expression. Hiiragi? You know she’s been slayed. No expression to give because that punch got her.

Could also be called “why you should never surprise Natsume”

This one got called “that’s why you don’t forget about hairdryer on cat, Natsume” after I stopped laughing at Nyanko. No, seriously, never forget when you’re drying your cat. As cute as they can be, I’m not sure such a fluffball will be healthy, unless you can resurect from dying in laughters.

The second before the tragedy. You know it is. Nyanko has such a little shit expression though, he knows what he’s about to do.

Aaaaaand my personal favorite right now-

Hot damn. I literally called this one “look at that beauty”. I was very much trying to screenshot when Natsume jumped down the branch, and I somehow got it on my first try, but I didn’t not expect this.

Like. It’s a split second in the episode, and unless you pause, you won’t see this. Just catch a tiny glimpse. Yet, considering how well he’s drawn, it’s like they were just “try and catch this screenshot if you can”.

So, my fellow Natsume fan, that’s why I’m sharing this: enjoy~

Did the pic fool you too?

The 6 Greatest Twist Endings in the History of Battle

#6. A Civil War Battle Is Won With Painted Trees

[Confederate Major General John B.] Magruder was a playwright by trade, and he often put on stage shows to entertain his men. That’s the sort of skill that doesn’t come in super handy in a brutal, primitive war of attrition, but as Union soldiers descended on Yorktown, Magruder knew it was time for him to put on his greatest show yet for this new audience from the North. … [His] most ingenious innovation was probably the so-called “Quaker cannons” – ordinary wooden logs carved and painted to look like cannon turrets. By lining dozens of these faux cannons up along the borders of the fort, Magruder was able to make it look like his forces were armed to the teeth and ready to rumble, when in fact they were relatively helpless and desperately hoping their crazy general wasn’t about to get them killed.

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Ok so after having some time to process this, (even though it hurts like hell and the chest pains are not going away) I just want to say the following:

Dear Phillpp: THANK YOU for your outstanding performance all through your 10 years in the national mannschaft. You have been someone to look up to in good times and bad. A role model for youngsters and seniors a like.. It’s like no matter who meets you; young, old, a friend, foe, journalist or fan, they all have good things to say about you.Yes your book caused a major riot in the scene but you’ve told the truth and that’s who you are.Yes there was some conflict over captainicity and there were many doubts but they’re all forgotten. Because you’ve proved them wrong!Yes it’s true you never had a single red card in your career, and for a defender it’s hard to believe, but you’ve done it.This might be the things people might remember you for, but not me.. To me you have been the one ever since the beginning. The one who got me to really love the game because I saw that glimpse of hope in you. You showed me it’s not about the shenanigans but about the talent at the core. And your core has been pure!Matthias Sammer once said that you’re one of the greatest players in the history of German football. To me you ARE the greatest!And to end your career at the level you are at… to end it when you are crowned world champion.. you’re going out as a legend which is the only way you shall be remembered as.It’ll be extremely hard to continue the journey without you in the picture, but I surely am glad I had you in it for that long than not at dear Philipp… THANK YOU for being who you are