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just kidding i lied im sending you sin. alex walking and it hurts when his thighs rub together cause aaron decided he wasn't going to fucking shave! and he thought eating alex out with his stubble face was the greatest! idea!

Couple things here okay first of all I knew you like Burr w/ a beard

Second, we talkin trans!alex here? I’m cool either way

Third, YES PLS OKAY when Aaron starts pulling his pants down and kissing up his thighs, Alex knows he should probably tell Burr to stop because he KNOWS it’s gonna be uncomfortable tomorrow but then Burr’s stubble his rubbing against his thighs and NOPE HES GONE

And he complains the next morning but in reality he loves it and it reminds him of Burr and what they did last night (((: so he ends up calling Burr during their lunch break and telling him exactly what he’s thinking about and maybe Burr can do it again tonight and eventually he has to lock himself in his office bc Alexander insists on phone sex and honestly Alexander is a certified Freak no one can tell me otherwise

Something that confuses me. Or rather, irritates me.

People will find any reason to pick on Sonic ‘06, I stg. Most of the complaints I’ve heard about it are things that people have no problem with in later games. Case in point, one criticism I always heard about ‘06 was that “It’s too serious! Sonic is supposed to be cheesy lighthearted fun, not apocalyptic end of the world nonsense!”


did you play Sonic Adventure 2

at all

People defend that as one of the greatest Sonic games of all time (and honestly, they have a point), and the plot of that game literally culminates in “the world almost ends” hell Shadow (seemingly) sacrifices himself at the end and you see him fall to the atmosphere that’s not cutesy fun that’s some legit emotional stuff right there

Apocalypse scenarios in Sonic games have been pretty standard for like, ever. SA1, SA2, ShTH, Unleashed, Generations (to an extent), I’m sure some others I haven’t played, Sonic is constantly saving the world from total annihilation and yet somehow ‘06 is the only one that ever gets any flak for it

OK so a bunch of gay shit in the bottom.

I’ve been seeing a lot of people feel bad about their art not being as great as everyone else or hell, shy about the way it looks. That includes me as well but dude. Like ugh. Let me tell you something. You don’t need to have the best lines or even the best shading. Don’t have to do the most dramatic of poses or even have the greatest details. It’s all about you. That’s what’s important. You. Your art style.

I’ve seen people adore the living fuck out of simple little drawings and cry over works of art that took weeks to make. It is never ONE particular thing to be. Like I’m not gonna lie to you. Getting your own style is hard and you gotta work on it a lot but it’s a good thing. Because along the way you end up finding who you are slowly wanting to be. You get better at things you weren’t before and in the end. All that matters is that you’re happy.

Look. I suck at words and I suck even more at trying to be positive to a lot of people but what I’m trying a to say is. Don’t give up. Keep trying. Learn to love your art. Learn to feel free. Learn to accept the fact you can do amazing things just being you. You’ve gotten this far! Why quit now? You can do it. I believe in you and I know you will do great!!

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I'm Chara and the first time I got Kin MemoriesTM was during the end of the Pacifist Route when Asriel was talking to Frisk. "Chara wasn't really the greatest person. But Frisk, you're the type of friend I wish I always had." I had to take a break from continuing the game because I was so crushed? I remembered hearing him say that to Frisk while I was there. It hurt a lot. Neither of them could see me cry.

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who's gonna write your biography after you die?






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Haven't been keeping up with Nate things as of late. Since like Grand Romantic. What's been happening?

Not much since the tour ended in January. He is writing music for a secret project right now. I think it might be something other than a solo/band album? Not sure though.

Other than that, he’ll be performing on a series called ABC Greatest Hits this summer, I think he’s covering an older song. He and his band recently performed at the White House and a Bernie Sanders rally. They released a video for Take It Back, and he recorded a cover song for the HBO show Vinyl. and you probably know that he released a short film called The Grand Romantic on Apple Music. The most recent interview he’s done is here, from April. 

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Hello! Just saw your period masterpost and wanted to say that switching to a menstrual cup was the greatest decision I made concerning my period... It's so much more comfortable, I dont worry about it leaking, and I honestly feel so much (1/? Sorry)

(2/?) so much cleaner at the end of it all… Like, showering didn’t even make me feel better before I switched. I use the lily cup and notice that I don’t even cramp as much as I did when using tampons.. Whole Foods has the diva cup with their pads

3/3) and stuff if you don’t want to order online, or can’t. They can be a bit expensive, but then you don’t really need pads or tampons anymore, I keep a box just in case for guests and that’s kinda it… They’re totally worth it!!

Oh yeah! I heart of the Diva Cup!!! There is so much rave reviews about it !! I was at first kind of wary about it y’know a $30 cup for blood? But after I realized how it work I was really really amazed!! The reason I didn’t put it in the mp was because I didn’t have any real experience with it lmao. Thank you for your input <333

In the end, Bellamy truly was the key. Everyone knew. Kane knew all along. You have Bellamy on your side, you have the people. Octavia lead Bellamy to Clarke because Clarke knew he was the key to change things in Arkadia. Pike needed Bellamy on his side because Bellamy was the key to their people. Bellamy was the key to end Pike’s rule. Bellamy is Clarke’s greatest weakness. Abby knew he was the key to break Clarke. Abby also knew Bellamy was the key in terms of the support Clarke needed in deciding to go to CoL. Bellamy is also Clarke’s greatest strength when the thought of him, standing with him together, gave her strength to pull the lever and destroy CoL.

Bellamy “the damn key” Blake.

The Letter - Bucky Barnes x Reader

You and bucky have been going out for a long time and you tell him you love him but he doesn’t respond. he goes through a huge internal battle and asks steve and the rest of the avengers what he should do bc he’s afraid he’s hurt your feelings but he also isn’t the same person he used to be after hydra. and end it however you want :)

A/N: Okay so this is probably the greatest thing i’ve written, I’m so proud of it I actually cried though I also blame the fact that I’m listening to really sad classical music.

You were heartbroken, two days ago you’d said to your boyfriend that you loved him. And in return you got silence, he had opened and closed his mouth so many times that he looked like a goldfish and then he stormed out. You suppose it could have been worse, he could have not yelled out a dumb excuse along the lines of, “I think Steve wanted me for an important mission.”

Now you sat in your room with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s in your hands, you knew that it was rather stereotypical of you but it was the only thing that managed to soothe your woes. That is, until an envelope is suddenly shoved from underneath your door, it was the sound of it being slipped through that drew your attention and as soon as you saw it you got up and grabbed it.

You’d always been a curious creature, which is why as soon as it was in your hand you analysed every detail. The envelope was a simple white colour and on the back your name was written on in messy scrawl, you recognised it as Bucky’s and that caused you to practically rip open the envelope. Though you were still careful not to rip the contents. Inside the envelope were three pages and you were swiftly hypnotised by them, the rest of the world disappearing as you concentrated solely on the words written on each page.

Dear Y/N,

I’m not really good with words, I’m not poetic and I’m certainly not the most romantic person in the world. Unlike you, I remember on our first anniversary you prepared this entire afternoon which was probably the most romantic thing anyone had ever done for me, it started off with a shared breakfast in bed and of course other activities in said bed. Then we went for a walk through the park and that’s when you revealed you somehow managed to set up a treasure hunt with clues placed everywhere.

I hated it at first, but the smile on your face that grew every time I found a clue was what pushed me to complete the task. I’d be lying if I said that I was happy to find the suit at the end of it all, I was wondering why you’d got me it considering you knew how much I hated getting dressed up and just going out in general.

But then you further surprised me by taking me to a take away, we got so many silly looks because we were both dressed up. It got us free pudding though which was great, I didn’t even know takeaways served pudding. It was probably that moment when I realised that you were the one for me. Now that I’ve said that, you’re probably confused as to why I completely rejected you after you said that you loved me. And at first I was confused too, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you, but I couldn’t grow to say it and so I left.

It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, the internal battle I went through once I left almost destroyed me. God, I sound really cheesy I know but hear me out. I may not have told you everything about my past (yet), but from what you know, you can tell that some things are hard for me to deal with. Like love, that’s probably the hardest thing for me to deal with. Not because I’m scared of hurting you like I hurt everything else, not because you’re some sort of weakness for me. But because you are too good for me.

I can’t give you everything I want to give you. If I had my way, I would shower you in peony’s (do I get brownie points for knowing your favourite flower?) and we’d live in some cottage, with two dogs and two kids. A girl and a boy. I want that for us, so badly. I want to be able to go grocery shopping with you, and I want to be able to argue with you over which is the better cheese to buy and I want to just love you in every possible way. And I want to succeed in this, up until the age of eighty when we’re both sitting on some rocking chairs reminiscing about the days when we could actually walk without our backs hurting.

But Y/N, I’ll never be able to give you that. All I can really give you is a life of constantly wondering if I’ll come back home after a mission, a life where I get really angry if you’re late coming back from a mission - especially if you come back hurt - a life where kids are never going to be a planned thing and dogs… well we could probably get a dog actually.

After you said you loved me, I went to Steve. Which probably isn’t a big surprise to you. I told him what happened and I told him my fears, and how I think I have really messed up this time around by not telling you I love you. He told me to be honest which, again, probably isn’t a big surprise to you. So I’m taking his advice, and I’m also taking the rest of the Avengers advice. Well, not all of them, Vision ended up giving me some statistics about the likelihood of relationships succeeding and I’m still not sure whether he was trying to help or not. It’s something like we have a one in sixteen chance of lasting for more than seven years. But we’ve managed two so far, we’re almost halfway there.

Tony told me that I should buy you a large teddy but I don’t think you’d much appreciate that considering how small our room is already, Nat agreed with me on that and told me I should just get you flowers. Clint said that whenever he does something dumb he works to get back in his “wife’s good books” by fixing a room or babysitting the kids and allowing her to go to a spa or something. But as we don’t have kids or a house, I don’t really think his advice is helpful.

Really none of their advice was helpful, except for Steve’s. He was right to tell me that you needed to know the truth because that’s what a relationship is (or at least that’s what all those rom coms you forced me to watch have taught me). And I still want this relationship, more than anything, I want you and me to have a semblance of a future that may or may not include a dog.

I’m not the man I used to be, and I think for a brief moment after you told me you loved me I went back to being him. The man who was lost, who had no memory whatsoever and who wandered a new earth that was totally different from what little memories I had coming through. But I’m not the man I used to be. I’m not.

And the reason I’m not is because I met you, the day you accidentally fell into my arms and spilled boiling hot coffee over my metal arm (I will never forget how adorable it was when you got all panicked and took me to the first aid kit, only to find out my arm was made of adamantium), was the day that I became Bucky. Not the old Bucky, a new one, one with a future again.

God, I wish I could write down how much you mean to me. I wish I could take all these stirring emotions and place them on the paper so you could truly see how much I feel for you.

I’ve killed people, I’ve held people’s lives in the palm of my hand and I’ve taken it away without a second thought. I’ve slept for numerous years, experiencing nothing but darkness because dreams never happened to me. I’ve gone to far away places, and seen the beauty of this planet, as well as it’s horror. I’ve felt the biting cold chill my fingers into clumsy numbness, I’ve felt cold seep into my toes and spread painfully throughout my feet as though they were bare and pressed against some part of the Arctic. I’ve had my lips turn a blueish hue and I’ve had my teeth chatter like a pneumatic drill. I’ve battled myself, strangers, and my friends. I have stood at the edge of a cliff and begged desperately for my body to just fall off into the watery wasteland. I have seeked an end to my turmoil, and I have seeked a euphoria that can never truly be found.

But I found you, and you make all my past problems absolute. You make everything in my past seem like a story fit for a comic book or something. Maybe it’s your smile that just seems so genuinely sweet with just the right touch of shyness that unexpected warmth always rushes through me. Maybe it’s your laugh, which sounds odd to anyone but like music to me. Maybe it’s the way you walk, like you’re proud to be in your body and to be in this life. Maybe it’s the way you wear your hair, or how many flannels you own, or how you like to tell me stories, or how you love that dumb show I can never remember the name of, maybe it’s the way you sing like no one’s listening, or the way you dance like no one’s watching. Maybe it’s the way you constantly complain about how I’m too warm but then demand that we still cuddle at night, or maybe it’s because of how much you love being the big spoon. All I know, is that I would gladly go through every painful and torturous moment again as long as it meant you were waiting for me at some point.

I’m done making lists now, Y/N. I know I’ve probably made you cringe a lot with my words, but I did prepare you at the beginning of this letter in my defence. Please come to the living room, I’ll be waiting.

Love from your Bucky.

You placed the letter down and wiped away the tears that had involuntarily began to fall midway through the letter; there was really only thing left for you to do. You stood up and made your way to the living room.

in honor of mori’s birthday today i wanna take a moment to appreciate some of the greatest hits like 

- that time he carried haruhi through the jungle with one arm what a man honestly

- when he caught AN ENTIRE WILD BOAR with his bare hands

- “haruhi i didn’t know you carried a sewing kit” “actually mori lent this to me” 

- *chopping wood for some reason* 

- “sock, sock, shoe, sock..” 

- honey: kyoya sure is grumpy in the morning                                                       mori: you have no room to talk 

- that time he rejected a girl without even saying anything i am laughing how savage can you be

- befriending literally every animal 

- the way he wears his tie loose….and doesn’t button his collar all the way..hel p. m e


-”i know mitskuni well…..there’s no way he would let something like this get in the way of his relationship with his brother” 

- or whatever he said


- i love him so much 

- mori dressed as alice from alice in wonderland 

- mori dressed as a policeman 

- mori dressed as a doctor 

- that time when they were stalking haruhi and hikaru on their date and his disguise was a do-rag

- *swimming briskly against the current*

- he doesn’t like strawberries how cute honestly 

- i’ll eat your strawberries 

- he turns into a GIANT FLIRT when he’s sleep deprived 

- he beat honey in a fight just to tell him not to bring his stuffed rabbit to college 

- and then he ended up letting him bring it anyway 



- i love mori i love him

Coming this August:

• This special one-off issue promises two amazing things: SUPER HEROICS and COMPUTER SCIENCE.
• Yes! By the end of this issue, you will know both how Squirrel Girl can take down COUNT NEFARIA and also a few really fundamental concepts in computer science!
• Have we found a way to express CS concepts through the medium of super hero fights? YOU’LL HAVE TO ORDER THE ISSUE TO FIND OUT!
• But yeah, we totally did.
• Featuring all the greatest Squirrel Girl tropes you love! Including fights, jokes and COLD, HARD LOGIC.
32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

Well, I entirely realize I was completely missing in action last week for the cruise and I could come up with the greatest excuse ever that I got stuck on an island one day, but honestly, I was drinking the trip away. And with that being said, I’m completely shocked that drunk me didn’t even do anything stupid that I would have regretted by the end of the trip. So now, if you really need me, I’ll be drinking coffee trying to nurse off the massive hangover I got ever since we got off the ship.

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what was the 3rd franchise on that Square enix post, the one that was called "chewy"

The World Ends With You (TWEWY) a.k.a. Fuck You We Only Make Final Fantasy Now, an Action RPG released on April 22nd 2008 in NA for the original Nintendo DS, considered by many one of the greatest games for the console (and of all time) for its weird gameplay, japanese pop-culture references and osts so good you’ll want to end it all cause this and Jet Set Radio will never see a sequel again

Hit or Bust

A/N: This was an AU idea I had last year, but resurfaced when talking to @nothingbutwordsstuff, so I decided to write a one-shot about it. I left it open-ended in case I wanted to write another part later, if I have the inspiration, but I hope you all enjoy this!

Rating: T (for mentions of gambling and alcohol)

Summery: In a kill or be killed world, sometimes the greatest weapon is the mind, and your best deck of cards. 

“Damnit I can never win at this game!”

“Sorry, miss, maybe next time!”

Natsu Dragneel smiled, sending the young, rich, and probably drunk, woman off with a wave. Of course he just told the biggest lie in the universe, seeing as he never lost a game. If there was anything Natsu was good at, it was pulling the wool over people’s eyes, and deceiving.

Well maybe combat also fit the bill.

Unbeknownst to the people who entered the small casino parlor, Natsu Dragneel had actually aided the victory of many-a-war, but somewhere down the road, the lives that he took began weighing on his soul too heavily, and eventually, he just kinda stopped.

Of course he still had a way of getting what he wanted. And that was through games. Card games, board games, party games, games of chance, luck, life and death. And after about after about 400 years he had perfected his skill, and could flawlessly outsmart people at any day of the week.

And what he craved now, more than anything else? Information. Information on a person close to him who had gone missing recently. But the odd thing was, why was sniffing him out so hard to do? Tracking was usually one of his strong suits.

Natsu stuffed his deck in his pocket, as another dealer came to take over, forcing Natsu to straighten his tie, before leaving the small establishment, into the dark, damp street. Grimacing, he found it was drizzling out. Now his clothes would be ruined. Great.

Hat now tipped down to keep the rain out of his eyes as he picked up his pace into a light jog. Natsu took cover into a alley, where the roofs were angled in such a way that the water just missed him, allowing the lean man to rest while he waited for the rain to pass.

Natsu paused as he wrung the water out of his tie, hearing voices further down the alley, one of that being a more feminine voice, the other obviously being male. And so, with the utmost delicacy, he crept to the corner, the voices becoming louder as he did so.

“I won already, girlie, now… It’s time for my prize.”

“W-Wait, best two out of three…?”

“Not interested”

Natsu quickly showed himself before the situation could get anymore dicey than it already was, revealing a blonde girl in a red silky dress, and a guy in a suit, with a pin tacked on the front, looking like two intertwined hammers.

Looks like fate was smiling on Natsu today.

“Mind a change in players?” Natsu practically purred, stepping forward, past the shocked blonde, sizing up the man before him, who had dirty blonde, chin length hair, and animalistic eyes. This one shouldn’t be too hard.

“Oh yeah? And what do you want?” His opponent growled, eyes glancing back at the young woman who was to be his prize.

Natsu grinned, the corners of his mouth pulling back to reveal fanged teeth “Double or nothing, shall we?” he insisted “You win, you get both me and the girl, no questions asked.” Natsu could faintly hear said girl protesting behind her, but he easily dismissed it.

There was a small pause before the young man across from them raised a thin, curious brow “And if YOU win?”

“You tell us anything we want to know.” Natsu reasoned simply “Unless, that is, you’re scared to take a chance?” The two men entered a stare off., but Natsu already knew the outcome. Male pride was something so easy to use, it was laughable, really. Not accepting a presented challenge was like saying your own self-doubt to the enemy, at least in their own minds.

It wasn’t long before he agreed, albeit, a bit reluctantly, and Natsu walked over, sitting himself across from his new target, crossing one leg over the other.

“What’s the game?” The blonde male asked as Natsu pulled his deck from his vest pocket, shuffling the cards expertly.

“A game of wit.” Natsu answered, eyes alight with playful mischief , as he set the deck in the middle, of the small, makeshift table. “The game itself is simple. We each pull a card off the top of this deck, and the other must guess what it is. We each have three turns”

The other man looked apprehensive, narrowing his dark eyes at the pink haired guy across from him “Game of wit? More like game of luck. And what if neither gets it right after three turns?” he demanded, making Natsu roll his eyes.

“If it reassures you, if none of us get it within the allotted time, you automatically win.” Natsu answered impatiently, waving his hand dismissively, watching his expression turn much more sinister. Natsu couldn’t help but smirk. “With the odds stacked up like that, I’d say Lady Luck is in your favor, no?”

Human nature was always so easy to manipulate, and that much hadn’t changed over the years. Always so easy to rile them up, and make them walk right into your trap. Even now it was stupidly easy to read them. ‘I just have to wait it out and I win!’ was such a simple and cowardly thought, and this man would have to try much harder to win against Natsu in cards.

The first two rounds went as anyone would expect, and neither had guessed the others card, which in turn made the gentleman more excited and less focused, as he anticipated his victory.

Well, that was a lie; Natsu knew what the man’s card was, but he always enjoyed letting them think they had bested him only to utterly disappoint them again.

“Is it a queen of hearts?” the man said, eyes flashing dangerously as he thought he had already won. But what he hadn’t known was that he had lost the moment he crossed paths with Natsu.

“No. And your card is the jack of spades.” Natsu said simply, watching his opponent’s face drop in seconds.

“H-How-?! You just got lucky!” He barked, standing abruptly, Natsu standing casually after him, chuckling.

“I also know your last two cards you held were a two of diamonds and a 8 of clubs, because you were SO insecure about your game skills, that you swapped out your card on each turn.” Natsu stated matter-of-factly, stepping forward to rip the man’s sleeve, sending cards scattering from it, and fluttering into the puddles of water around them.

The once cocky individual paled, stepping back “H-How did you-!” he stammered, backing up, gasping as his back hit the wall, Natsu stepping towards him the whole way.

“If you paid any attention to your surroundings, you would’ve noticed the window directly behind you, which made it easy to see your cards and what you were doing, thanks to the dim sky.” Natsu quipped, before reaching out, snagging the terrified person by his suit collar.

“And now, you will tell me.” Natsu started coolly, before his gaze hardened, glaring hard enough to set the boy to flames in his hand, and speaking loudly and firmly;


Doctor LOVE Bimbo Flu SAMPLE
  • Doctor LOVE Bimbo Flu SAMPLE
  • Mistress LOVE
  • Doctor LOVE Bimbo Flu

The Bimbo Flu cure is here, or is it? This is one of My greatest BIMBO files… I start off as Doctor LOVE and explain the Bimbo Flu to you as My patient… but as I do I have a little sneeze… and with each sneeze I become less and less the professional Doctor here to help you… and more the Bimbo slut that wants to spread that delicious Bimbo Flu deep inside your mind… a very DEEP hypnosis session that ends with a sexy erotic bimbo… there is a follow up 15 minute Bimbo Flu Overnight help that is also available to deeply condition your Bimbo more.

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Your fave is problematic: Vaxus!

  • Says he doesn’t care about others opinon.
  • Lies. He care way too much. He wants to be liked by everyone.
  • Scared of Leliana. Has to count to 10 everytime he is about to talk to her.
  • Great hair but always in the bun???? 
  • His brother once told him he looks like a sheep - straightens hair for 10+ years now because of that
  • smiles and flirts with everyone
  • cries when no one is looking
  • to everyone’s surprise is great at the Game. Smile is his greatest mask
  • Has terrible ideas
  • “Val, I have great plan, let’s go to Conclave together.”
  • Val dies.
  • too nice for his own good
  • literally drank from the Well so Kieran wouldn’t lose his mother
  • eats like a pig when Josephine or Dorian is looking
  • if you lick his chest you will end up with a moutful of hair
  • once you level up with frienship with him you can play with his hair
  • love using Charging Bull skill - 50/50 chances he will hit the wall, tree or whatever
  • after trespasser tried to use prosthetic hand - Dorian took it away because he made too many “pull my finger” jokes
  • when drunk he can understand Cole - Cole doesn’t understand him tho
  • pretends he doesn’t mind being shorter than most of the Inquisition
  • another lie. he secretly hate it
  • can’t sing
  • will sing anyway
  • is terribly cheesy and romantic. terribly
  • almost never uses horses. His part has to walk everywhere
  • sleeps in the suspicious places
  • Cassandra punched him in the face and he liked it
  • most of the time looks like a hobo - new people in skyhold can’t even recognize their own Inquisitor
  • Vax likes to pull jokes on these people