BTS Reaction #29 - He sees you sleeping with a stuffed animal that he bought you

anon asked: May I have a BTS reaction please? He comes in and sees you sleeping with a stuffed animal he bought you? Thank you in advanced😄😄😊💕

Seokjin: To him you were already the cutest thing on the entire planet. When he saw the small fuzzy plushie squished to your chest that he had bought for you while on your he wouldn’t be able to wipe the smile off his face.

He’d probably flail around, dancing the happy energy out, then taking thousands of pictures of you until he accidentally woke you up with one of his squeals.

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Namjoon: He’d smile down fondly at you asleep on the couch with the teddy stuffed animal smashed against your face.

/What a cute dork. They almost look like they’re suffocating though…/

He’d step closer cautiously only to jump back with a start when you let out a loud snore. Unfortunately he’d land on the coffee table and break the glass top, waking you up from your peaceful sleep and probably cutting his foot a little.

“Well you looked super cute before I woke you up. Just to let you know. I’m glad I bought that for you…”

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the other members are below the cut due to length~

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Note: Part 2, this is the GOT7 version :) Keep in mind that this is based around a healthy dose of jealousness. Being overly jealous is rather toxic for a relationship. 


Oh boy he`d like it a lot. He`d have that super cute smile of his on as he noticed you`re jealousness. Like the sweetheart he is he`d take your hands and reasure you that you have nothing to be jealous about. He`d be thinking about it a lot though because it would be so cute to him. 

“No no, don`t worry y/n. The only one I love is you and that`ll stay that way as long as you love me.”


Giddy. Like.. really giddy. Seriously, you being jealous would be the death of him because he`d find it so adorable. He never thought you`d be the type to be jealous but now that he knew it would haunt him for days. (in a good way of course) He`d be the type to cuddle you a lot to show you that your jealousness is unreasonable.

“Oh y/n, why would you be jealous? Don`t worry about something like that, you are the only one I want.”


E-go-boost. Big time. He`d find it really cute and would most likely use it to tease you and boost his ego. Simultaniously however he`d shower you in affections to make sure you know he`s only joking and that you`re the only one he`s thinking about.

“Ah yes I understand y/n. I am just too handsome to handle so I guess if I was you I`d be jealous too.”


Oh god finally someone who`d be chill about it. I think juniors first priority would be to make sure you know that you don`t have anything to worry about. Of course he`d find it cute but he`d be a bit more low key about it than the other members. I can see him suggesting a date or an activity the two of you could do together so you won`t feel jealous anymore.

“I promise you there is no need to be jealous. I only love you. How about we go to *insert your favorite place* together so we can chase away those thoughts?”


And back to being loud again. Youngjae would be confused by your behaviour at first but as soon as he notices that you`re jealous his world would turn 180 degrees and he`d LOVE it. He`d find it so cute he wouldn`t be able to cope. Just run because he`d be all over you after, showering you with maybe a bit too much attention.

“You`re jealous? OMG that`s so cute! You`re so cute! You`re the cutest thing on this planet!”


A mix of Youngjae and Jinyoung? Like he`d be super hyped about it but at the same time he`d want you to know that your jealousness is unreasonable as he hasn`t even thought about anyone else but you. Most likely as hyper for a few minutes and once he`s done he`d sweetly make sure that you don`t have to worry.

“Oh my, you`re adorable! You really don`t have to be jealous though. We were meant to be so noone can drag us apart.”


Good lord at last another one who`d be more calm about it. He`d low key be really flattered by it as he`d really notice just how much you don`t want to lose him so he`d be a smiley little ball of fluff. He`d probably want to show you that you`re all he`s thinking about by arranging something only the two of you would together. 

“You really don`t have to worry about that y/n. Noone can compare to you.”

Jeremy with a short S/O HCs

Requested/// “Some Jeremy x rly short S/O ??

Just a quick warning, I’m a Tall Bean so I’m sorry if this is rlly bad my dude

ALSO this is my first BMC Character HC!!!! I loved writing it and will gladly write more BMC if requested ahhhh!!!!


• Jeremy honestly believes you are by far the cutest thing on planet earth

• he is constantly using your head as an arm rest ya feel?

• he does it just to get on your nerves

• bc while you are Smol Bean he is Tol Bean

• he’s c o n s t a n t l y resting his head on top of yours while he has his arms wrapped around your waist and just !!!!!!

• forgive me for my lack of knowledge on cute short people things I’m a giant

• he will definitely hold things over your head and make you jump to reach them

• it’s honestly really funny

• he’s always losing you in large crowds and freaks out about it

• bc for one like ??? What if you’re hurt ??? Where did you go??? Did someone take you??? Where the hell is my baby???

• secondly Jer just doesn’t do well in large crowds anyway so it just adds to the anxiety

• my boy :(

• definitely makes fun of you, but in a sweet way???

• “Y/N, your backpack is literally as big as you are, it’s adorable”

• Michael l o v e s to pick on the height difference between yall

• “It’s like putting a skyscraper next to a small log cabin”

• but in all honesty, you n Jeremy are rlly cute together

• like 10/10 the best couple yanno??

• he does the typical cute stuff too

• like

• gets stuff off of out of reach places for you that you can’t reach, gives you piggy back rides, picking you up and twirling you around

• he giggles so hard when you have to stand on your tip toes to smooch him

• so precious

• !!!!!!!!!

• what a guy

• he loves you and your short self so much

Bts reaction to you being shy at first but once you’re comfortable you’re a walking meme

such a creative title I know

Request: Yoooo can I get a bts and Exo reaction to u being really shy and awkward at first but then once they get to know u ur actually a walking meme

A/N: I relate to this on a personal level omg, I hope you enjoy xD


He’d put up an annoyed facade, but on the inside he finds it adorable

-rolls eyes- “I already have to put up with Jungkook, now you?”

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He’d find it hilarious, but if he tried to keep up with you he’d get tired pretty quickly

“How can you even have so much energy? You’re still cute, though.”

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He’d find you to be absolutely hysterical, laughing at even the lamest of jokes you tell

“What do you call an alligator in a vest? An investigator!? HAHAHAHAHAHA YOU’RE SO FUNNY Y/N”

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He’d be pretty indifferent, liking both your shy and memey side equally. He would try and make you laugh all the time, though, considering you always manage to put a smile on his face.

“Hey, hey Y/n, look at me”

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namjoon…. wyd….


Jimin would find you to be the actual cutest thing on this planet. When you start spazzing out when it gets late, he wouldn’t be able to keep his squeaky laugh in.

“You’re so freaking adorable stahhppp itttt”

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He’d think your cringy jokes were the best thing in the world. Loosing his shit every single time - no matter how terrible.

“How do you come up with such funny jokes????”

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This boy is the exact same way. He would use you to help and annoy his hyung’s with your shared meme ways.

“I swear, we and I could be siblings”

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A/N: I hope this is what you meant! The Exo version will be up soon~

-Admin Yeonie


Anonymous request for a Spencer Reid x Reader in which the team plays Truth or Dare.

“Okay, okay,” I relented through my laughter. Morgan had been tickling me mercilessly and now I found myself breathless on the floor of Rossi’s game room. I fought for breath as Morgan laughed. We were taking some time for team bonding on one of our off days. One would think that we wouldn’t want to spend our off time with our co-workers, who we often spend days on end with. But there was something about the work we did. We were closest to each other, in the end, because the other people in that room were the only people who truly understood. So, we found ourselves relaxing the same way we worked; together. And this particular night, we did it with alcohol.
“Hey, guys,” Emily called. “Let’s play truth or dare.”
“Isn’t that a childish game?” Reid asked.
“Don’t be a spoil sport, Spence,” JJ laughed.
“Besides,” I said as I took a seat on the floor beside Reid. “I strongly suspect it won’t be childish the way Emily plays.” The others laughed and Reid smiled.
“Okay, (Y/N),” Emily began. “For that comment, however accurate, I’m choosing you first. Truth or Dare?”
“Truth,” I replied immediately.
“Ooh, a quick answer,” she said. “Okay. Have you ever…imagined sex with Morgan?” Everyone laughed.
“Come on, Emily, that’s not even a question!” I said through my laughter. “Who hasn’t imagined sex with Morgan?”
“I’m flattered,” Derek said.
“Alright, Alright,” I said. “Umm….JJ, Truth or Dare?” I said.
“Me?” JJ asked. “Ugh. Okay…truth?”
“How old were you when you lost your virginity?” I asked.
“Come on!” JJ giggled. “The sex questions?”
“You have to answer,” Penelope reminded her.
“I know. Okay, fine. I was seventeen,” JJ admitted. She turned to Spencer with a sly smile and he blushed before she even said anything.
“No, JJ, please no!” He begged.
“No pleading out, Spence, truth or dare?” She pressed.
“Truth,” he muttered.
“None of you are going to pick dare, are you?” Emily griped. “Playing safe.”
“Okay, he said truth,” JJ said, “So…in the current line of questioning…Spencer, are you a virgin?”
I almost felt bad for Spencer as his face flushed deep red.
“Answer the question, Reid,” Morgan teased.
“No,” he said.
“You have to,” Garcia reminded him.
“No, I just did,” Reid said. “The answer was no.”
“He’s not!” Emily crowed. “Spencer Reid! Holding out on us!” He just blushed.
“Alright, Garcia, truth or dare?” Spencer asked.
“Dare, of course,” Penelope said.
“Yay!” Emily cheered. “Thanks for stepping up, Penelope!”
“Always, my dear Emily. At your service,” she said.
“Okay….um, I dare you to kiss Morgan,” Spencer said.
“That’s a lame dare,” JJ said. “We all know she’ll do it.”
And she did, naturally.
“Alright, my turn!” Penelope cheered. “(Y/N),” she said wickedly. “Truth or Dare, beautiful?”
“Oh, what the hell,” I said. “Dare.”
A cheer erupted.
“Yay!” Penelope said. “Okay, okay, (Y/N), this is the moment literally all of us have been waiting for for years and years,” she said. “You have to kiss Spencer.”
“What?” I said.
“Go on, love, we all know you think he’s the cutest thing on the planet.”
Well, I couldn’t deny that. I turned to Spencer and smiled slightly.
“You good?” I mouthed, and he nodded, so I leaned it and put one hand at the back of his neck, threading my fingers through his curls and tugging him closer. I pressed my lips to his and when he kissed me back, it was the best feeling in the world. The others were laughing and clapping, and Spencer and I held the kiss longer than we needed to, and I was reluctant to pull back even then.
“Wow,” Spencer whispered.
“Wow,” I echoed.
“We should do that more often,” he whispered in my ear. I blushed lightly, but I definitely agreed with him.

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Straight girl here who stumbled across some wlw blogs (including this one) and I have SO much respect people who run blogs like yours. You help so many people with your advice and have to put up with abuse from dumbasses. You and your girlfriend are the cutest things on the planet!!!! Don't mind the hate and keep on going ❤️💛💚💙💜

Thank you so much omg

BTS Reaction to their crush (you) being touchy when drunk

Requested by such a sweetheart @tearsdryonmyown : hi sweetie i couldn;t find your ask boxbut wanted to know if you could do a bts reaction to their crush being touchy when drunk and wanting to go home with them

AN: I hope that this was what you wanted :))) the last ones are really bad im so sorry// Part of the reason that it took so long was that I orginally wrote this as a scenario by accident, so like half way through i realised and then I was rushing to do this bc i you requested so long ago//UNEDITED

SEOKJIN: tbh he probably wouldn’t care that you’re being so touchy. He’d just be upset and worried about the fact that you got so drunk. He’d definitely notice exactly how touchy and clingy you were in that moment, but wouldn’t completely acknowledge or process it until later because his top priority would be making sure that you’re safe. He’d probably already be considering taking you home with him even before you ask just to make sure that you’re safe throughout the night. Would 100% tease you to no ends the next morning, but only after scolding you for getting so drunk. TBH he’d probably prefer your sober side just because it’s how you naturally are as opposed to this different side that’s only present when you’re intoxictated.

                                   “aish what did I say about drinking?”

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YOONGI: Would laugh as soon as you started to be clingy. Not in a “This is the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen, let’s put this on YouTube” way, but in a “this girl/boy is so cute what are they doing” kind of way. He’d honestly think that your actions are so cute, but let’s be real he’d be so smug too and ESPECIALLY when you ask to go home with him. I don’t see him as the type to let you go home with him because he wouldn’t want to make sober you, uncomfortable but I guarantee that he wouldn’t let you live it down. He wouldn’t be too concerned about the sudden touchiness, like he’d probably notice it but be more focused on how cute you are. He also wouldn’t be too concerned with how drunk you were but he’d probably call you the next day to see how you were he’d mostly make fun of you bc gotta keep that cool kid image am i right

                                               *Yoongi mocking you*   

                “Oppaaaaa please please please let me go home with you”

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HOSEOK: He would be so happy???? So it would start out as you being clingy towards him, but as soon as that starts he’ll be twice as clingy towards you; just because your affection made him happy. Of course his affection towards you would make YOU happy (if it doesn’t where tf is your heart?) so it’s just a giggly bundle of happiness. When you ask to go home with him he would somehow get more happy??? He’d say yes like a million times and be so excited but tbh the other members would probably say no and he’d get sad but be understanding. But istg he’d probably ask you out the next day and improve your grumpy hangover mood by 1000000000.

              “You’re drunk off of tequila but I’m drunk off of your love”

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NAMJOON: I feel like on the inside he’d be freaking out. “omigosh she’s so close omigosh she’s closer omigosh she’s hugging me omIGOSH”. But on the outside, he’d be his normal smart-ass self. He’d probably tease you so much. It might come off as him being condescending tho but he isn’t!! He’s just lowkey shy so he’s gotta put up a strong front. I hope that made sense?? When you ask to come home with him he’d probably by internally screaming but would calmly tell you “yes”. He would probably be telling himself repeatedly that you’re drunk so he shouldn’t do anything, but like Hobi he’d make a move when you were sober. 

               “My face must be very pretty because you keep touching it”

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JIMIN: This would be so cute?? Like he’d be so flattered but so shy. As soon as you’d start being touchy he’d get so flustered; he probably wouldn’t be awkward, but he’d turn into a giggling mess. Despite being so cute he’d think that you were the most adorable person on the planet (and he’s right). lii’ chim would probably want to hug you so badly but be too scared of making you uncomfortable. I think that when you ask to go home with him he’d get more flustered (if that’s even possible lmao). He would probably waddle up to the other members while you cling on to him and beg to let you stay over until they finally give in. He’d be so sweet and give you his bed, but would probably act as if nothing happened the next day because he was scared that he might accidentally confess to you.

                                        “How is she cuter than me??”

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TAEHYUNG: I feel like he wouldn’t be too flustered but he’d be similar to Yoongi (and a bit like Jimin too) and just think that you were the cutest thing on the planet. He’d probably be wondering if it was possible to be more in love with you. When you first asked to go home with him he’d be so happy but the other members would say no and explain why but unlike Jimin he’d probably listen to the other members and not let you go home with him. He’d most likely personally take you home, just to spend a little more time with you. He’d probably be a little sad when he drops you home because he knew that he would miss your strange and rare clinginess the next day.

                            “Please act like this when you’re sober too”

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JUNGKOOK: He’d probably be so shook at first - just 100% udder confusion as to what was happening, why, and how. He would have had such a huge crush on you for so long but all of a sudden your hugging him (clearly wasted) and asking if you could go home with him. You were clinging on to him as if you would die if you let go, and he wasn’t too sure how to react. Of course he was ecstatic to be that close to you but our lil bun would be lowkey scared. As the night goes on he’d probably grow more and more used to your presence and be more happy about it. He (like Suga) would probably not want to take you home with him for the same reasons (wouldn’t want to make sober you uncomfortable).

                                “Let’s talk when you’re sober, yes?”

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What about Omega!Aone and an alpha mate, though? Maybe something sweet and innocent with his mate being so proud he's their Omega? Lots of kisses and snuggles and nuzzling?

Right in my weak spot: omega! Aone and my wife asking // falls to floor.

His head was on your chest, your fingers idly brushing through his short strands of hair. He hummed, you exhaling deeply through your nose. He smelt like crushed mint and you curved your neck, pressing your face to his crown, inhaling slowly and deeply. You felt his skin heat up at this, pulling a wide grin to your lips. Tilting his face up by the chin, you pressed a chaste kiss to his forehead. A sound of pure contentment rumbled through his chest and his hands reached up, thumbs smoothing over your skin, which scorched red at his gentle touch. His gaze was planted firmly on your eyes and he leant forward. The tip of his nose bumped up against yours, his eyes closing and you could feel his breath on your lips.

A short, hushed chuckle left you, his mouth stretching in a warm smile. Your arms winding around his neck, you pulled him close, delving your nose deep into the crook of his neck. His hands, large and callused as ever, cupped your head and he pressed his own nose into your throat. The two of you simply breathed deeply for a while, silence roaming your skins with a tingling ripple. Your fingers tangled in his hair again and a deep sigh left you before you pulled back and gazed at him. 

He had told you of his doubts, his insecurities. Omegas came in all shapes and sizes, but they rarely came in his large size. He wasn’t cute or cuddly (though this you disproved easily) as other omegas. He wasn’t small, wasn’t very smiley at all and just didn’t look ‘cute’. You however, thought he was the cutest thing on the planet – the way he cupped your cheeks , smoothed your hair down before nuzzling close to you, especially the way he treated you with such delicacy, the way he always waited for your permission to touch, hug, kiss you.

You stroked his hair, smoothing your thumbs over his sharp cheekbones. He seemed to be able to tell you were about to speak, because he propped himself up on his elbows, his eyes fixed intently on your face. “I really like you,” you murmured, seeing confusion flicker across his face. “I really like you and I am so proud to have you as my omega. My very own, my omega. Mine.” His expression melted into a flustered pinkness, burying his nose back in your neck. You could feel him grip you tighter and you felt him press his quivering lips to your skin gently. Stroking his hair again, you wrapped your other arm around his middle and held him close. You pressed your mouth to his ear, feeling him shiver as you repeated your words again and again. He trembled worse and held you even tighter, sighing shakily. He took in your strong alpha scent to comfort himself and slow down his racing heart.

Cuddles & A Baby Deer (Luhan)
(For Anon!) “Mommy!” You turned your head from your tv & looked at Luhan, your baby son. “Yes?” You asked him, lowering the volume on your tv.  You were in bed, the covers pooling at your waist & you were still in your pajamas. It was 2:31 PM  & it was a rainy day & it didn’t seem like it was gonna lighten up anytime soon, so you decided to stay in bed today. Luhan didn’t say anything but run from the doorway to your bed & jump up onto the surface on the bed. He crawled fast to you & giggled as he fell against your chest. “Hey.” You giggled, adjusting him so he was next to you under the covers & more comfortable. “Mommy, can we cuddle? I’m cold.” He said & you looked down at him.  “Of course my little deer.” You moved a few strands of his hair away from his face & kissed his chubby cheek. He wrapped his small arounds around you as best as he could & you turned onto your side to face him & you let him snuggle right into you. You wrapped him up in your arms & buried your face into his soft hair. “What did you wanna do today?” You asked him, beginning to toy lightly with his hair. “I wanna cuddle mommy.” He let out a little laugh & quickly buried his face into the crook of your neck & you giggled. “Why do you wanna cuddle mommy?” You asked him, lowering yourself down on the bed so you faced him. “I wanna protect mommy from the rain.” He said & your cheeks tinted to a shade of pink. “Aw, baby.” You took him in your arms again & gave him a big kiss on his cheek. “Thank you for protecting me from the rain. I don’t know if I’d survive without you protecting me.” You dramatically rested the back of your hand on your forehead & looked up at the ceiling. “That’s why you have me!” He threw his arms around your head & gave you a small kiss. “I was meant to protect you mommy.. from anything.” He gave you a toothy smile & you smiled softly. “Tell me more.” “It’s my job to protect you, mommy. Luckily I’m just protecting you from the rain, that’s not too hard but since you’re a princess, dragon’s & stuff are gonna wanna take you & I have to fight them off!” He said & your heart skipped a beat. “You are the cutest thing on this entire planet, my little deer.” You rubbed your nose against his, “If I’m a princess, then who’s my prince?” “Who’s the most handsome person you know?” He asked with a tad bit attitude & when you didn’t answer, he pointed to himself. “Me, mommy!” He said. You bursted into laughter, your heart warming up at this little boy that you’re proud to call your son. “My little prince.” You kissed his forehead, pulling the covers up to yours & his chin. You happily sighed as you rested your cheek on the top of his head.  Luhan moved around a bit & he grabbed one of your wrists & held your bigger hand with his smaller hand. “I love you, mommy-princess.” He said & quickly kissed the bottom of your jaw.  “My little deer prince.” You smiled like a fool. “I love you too.” You kissed his cheeks before cuddling up to him & returned to toying with his hair.

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What would the nekoma boys + asahi + bokuto do if their partner naming a stuffed animal after them?

Asahi: It embarrassed him a bit, but he seemed rather honored by it and thanked you for it.

Kuroo: It really amused him, and he thought you were the cutest thing on the planet because of it.

Kenma: He was sort of embarrassed by it, and didn’t expect it, so he didn’t say much about it… in truth, he had named his favourite Pokémon after you in his game, too.

Yaku: Whenever he could, he’d hold onto the stuffed animal, and a lot of the time he asked you “So how am I doing?” with a grin to tease you.

Lev: He wanted to keep it as soon as you told him, so he could show it to people and say “This is little me!” and grin and tell them that you gave it to him.

Kai: No really notable reaction, but he didn’t seem to mind it all that much.

Inuoka: Made him really excited, and he loved acting like it was a little him, so he’d give you kisses with it and have it hug you and use it to help  you feel better when you felt bad.

Yuuki: He was honored to have it be named after him, and he often teased you about it with smiles.

Fukunaga: Didn’t really say anything about it, but every time he came over to your house, he always seemed to like looking at it.

Yamamoto: He was really embarrassed by it, but in the sense that he just wasn’t prepared for that and it thought it was too cute and he didn’t really know how to handle it.

Bokuto: He thought it was absolutely adorable, and every time he went over to your house he wanted to hold the stuffed animal until he had to leave.

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would you mind doing 40 with Michael?

“Please Mikey? I just need someone to go over my lines with.”

“Fuck off, ask Luke.”

“Michael!” You stomped your foot and furrowed your eyebrows. Michael didn’t think he’d seen anything so cute in his life. 

“Jesus, fine if you have no one better to ask.” 

“How do I get better once I’ve had the best Mikey?” You teased and Michel tried his hardest to suppress a smile. He had been in love with you since the moment he had heard you say his name. To him, you were the cutest thing on the entire planet, but Michael being Michael had no idea how to tell you that you made his head spin. So instead, he decided to resort to just being an asshole most of the time. 

“Whatever. Let’s get this over with.” Of course his rudeness didn’t once break your smile, just another thing he loved about you. 

“Okay these are you lines.” You handed him the script before taking your own and closing your eyes as you got into character. You had been cast as the lead in the school play and right now, nothing was more important than perfecting every single line. “I’ll start. Just follow along okay?” 

Michael nodded, his palms suddenly becoming a little sweaty. 

“O, swear not by the moon, the inconstant moon, that monthly changes in her circled orb, lest that thy love prove likewise variable.” You delivered your lines perfectly and Michael swallowed nervously as he stuttered out his own. 

“W-What shall I swear by?”

“Do not swear at all; Or, if thou wilt, swear by thy gracious self, Which is the god of my idolatry, And I’ll believe thee.” You were so eloquent, he thought as he listened to you pour your heart into your words. 

You broke character for a moment to give him instruction. “Okay, now scroll down a bit. I always have trouble with this part.” 

“Um, okay. Uh…O, wilt thou leave me so unsatisfied?”

“What satisfaction canst thou have to-night?”

“The exchange of, uh, thy love’s faithful vow for, um mine.”

“I gave thee mine before thou didst request it. And yet I would it were to give again.”

“Is this supposed to be the part where we kiss?” Michael asked tentatively, unable to meet your eyes. 

“Well, me and the other leading role are supposed to yeah-”

“No. No absolutely not, you do not get to kiss anyone but me.”

“Michael I-” 

“I want to be. no I need to be, the only one that kisses you.” 



“It’s just a play. If you want, you can be the one that kisses me in real life” You smiled bashfully as a big, dorky, grin overtook his face. 

“Can I kiss you right now? Because oh God, I’ve wanted to kiss you for so-”

You had to stand up on your toes to reach his mouth, but it was worth it. You placed a quick kiss to his mouth before speaking. “I know you like me Michael. And before you deny it, I like you too. So maybe we can go for coffee sometime?” 

“Y-Yeah, I’d, uh, like that.” 

“Good! Now help me practice the rest of my lines.” 


Send me a number/s and a boy and I’ll write a blurb based on the prompt

Prompt List

galaxybutterfly23  asked:

Bad boy michaek clifford coming ti your house kate at night through your window because he cant sleeo and he want to skeep next to you pleaseee and sorry for any english mistake

Oh you’re fine! I know actually what you meant :)

(again there may be some spelling/grammar mistakes sorry my spelling is shit..thank you spell check haha)


1:30am the clock on your bedside table read illuminating your bedroom in a soft red glow. You were trying your best to try and fall asleep but it just wasn’t happening. You rolled over onto your back in annoyance and looked around your bedroom taking in how slightly different your belongings looked in the dark when you heard something lightly tap your bedroom window. You choose to ignore it thinking it was some stupid bird when you heard it again and again more frequently until you had enough and got out of bed to investigate. You slowly pulled back your curtains and looked down to see your boyfriend Michael standing below with a handful of stones smirking up at you.

Michael and you had been going out for about 5 mouths now and you could say it was going really good although whenever you took him to meet your parents a month ago, your dad was not amused at all and told you to stop seeing Michael. He didn’t like the idea of you dating the ‘troublemaker’ in town which was slightly correct because Michael was considered the bad boy in school who didn’t give a shit about his school work and had his own motorcycle to get him around town and also you too as you loved being on the back of it as he sped through the roads making the wind blow your hair through the purple helmet he got you and getting the opportunity to wrap your arms around his body.

Back to now, you looked down at him trying to hold back your smile even though you were so happy to see him. You opened your window and whispered loud enough for him to hear.

“What are you doing here?”

He got down on one knee and placed his right hand over his heart and his other reaching out towards you before he answered you.

“Oh, Y/n, Y/n! Wherefore art thou Y/N?” he dramatically called to you grinning from ear to ear. You shook your head and laughed at how ridiculous he looked.

“Technically Juliet said that to Romeo, not the other way around.” You corrected him giggling. He now stood up on both feet and looked up at you.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever, miss smarty-pants” he chuckled rolling his eyes a little and before returning to smirk at you.

That smirk did things to you and he knew that. Ever since you first met in history class and he through a piece of crumpled up paper at the back of your head. He always give you that famous smirk before he would walk up to you either to pull you into a hug, hold your hand or full on make out. His lips were always so soft and pink looking that just called out to be kissed and you felt like the luckiest girl in the world because you got to kiss them.

Michael was always so caring and gentle towards you but to anyone else he would just glare at them with those beautiful green eyes. To them he was the bad boy but to you he was a cuddly kitten that always wanted to leave kisses all over your face making you giggle, him soaking up your cute reaction. He thought you were the cutest thing on the planet, always reading in depth into a book or whenever you did nearly anything that involved you to concentrate hard you would stick out your tongue a little bit and he would just sit there and look at you with so much love and adoration in his eyes. One day you were reading something when you felt eyes on you and as you looked up you met his gaze making you look away and blush and he lightly touched your face and turned you to look at him again and told you how effortlessly beautiful you were.

“So…can I come up?” he questioned you with a hopeful look in his eye. His face was so adorable you couldn’t say no to it.

“Yes” you smiled down at him and giggling at his reaction because he literally ran towards the trellis that was attached to your wall.

“Please, be careful” you worriedly spoke to him because you really didn’t want him to fall, get hurt and have to take him to the hospital.

“I’m always careful, babe” he smirked at you reaching the very top and climbing though your window. As soon as both of his feet landed on your bedroom floor he pulled you into a tight hug nuzzling his face into your neck breathing in your scent. You both stood like this in silence for a while before you finally spoke up.

“Are you going to tell me what made you come hear so late?” you quietly asked as his lifted his head from your neck and looked at him with a small smile on his face.

“I couldn’t sleep” he admitted “It’s not the same without you there. I just needed to hold you and make sure you’re okay.” He pushed his bottom lip out into a pout making you want to kiss it so badly.

“I couldn’t sleep either” you whispered back leading in to kiss his soft lips. He tighten his arms around you as he deepen the kiss smiling into it and slowly the both of you walked towards your bed. The back of your legs bumped into the end of the bed causing you to topple over onto your back as Michael not to gracefully landed on top of you causing the two of you to break into a fit of giggles.

“shhhh” you brought a finger to his lips to silence him. “I don’t want to wake my parents, my dad would kill you if he found out.”

“Oh but baby that’s the fun of it. You just don’t when you’re going to get caught” smirking from above you “You’re a bad girl sneaking me away from your dad.”

“Shut up you” you chuckled pulling his face down to kiss him again and lightly playing with the hair on the back of his head when you started to leave kisses along his stubbly jawline, down his neck and his collarbones.

“Please baby, don’t turn me on because I know for a fact that if we continue this you won’t be keeping quiet” he lightly whimpered and moaned. Now it was your turn to smirk at him but you knew he was right so you stopped your teasing and climbed further up the bed and got under the covers patting the space for him to go to as he didn’t moved an inch during this but he automatically crawled towards you with a huge smile on his face. Soon the both of you were cuddled up together both on your sides with his arms wrapped around you making you the little spoon and him the big spoon. He lightly traced small spaces on the skin of your stomach and you listened to his breathing he started to trace what you thought were letters. You concentrated on what he was doing and soon found out he was writing something. ‘I love you’ he had traced onto your skin reaching his head down to leave a small kiss against your cheek and nuzzling his head into your neck again.

“I love you too, Michael” you whispered back to him feeling him smile against you neck. The both of you eventually fell asleep with him holding on tight to you as though you were going to leave him but you knew that you wouldn’t be going anywhere. Not without him.

FF#19 Robin Hood

FF#19 Robin Hood

(1:00 am-1:30am)

By Leilah Ali

This is short, cute. It’s one in the morning and I’m a little tired after an all nighter last night ahhh. Reviews are welcome. Enjoy!

He let his hand trail up and down her arm, watching the goosebumps rise as she slept. She was an angel without wings, her blond hair strewn around her face, mouth parted as she breathed in slowly in and out. Swollen lips from a night of kissing. Smudged eyeliner. Her slim form tangled in her white sheets. 

She’s so beautiful, he thought, abruptly struck with the truth of the statement. Then, again, more triumphantly, and she’s mine. 

Oliver had gone to her that night, almost ready to plead with her to break up with Ray Palmer, the pain almost too much to bear. He hated seeing her with him. Hated seeing them together: the subtle touches, shared looks, even when Felicity said she was meeting Ray at some coffee joint downtown, Oliver hated it. 

She had surprised him, but then again, Felicity Smoak was always surprising him. He recalled what she had said just a few hours ago. “I broke up with him.” It was like the flame within him was relit, and he had kissed her. Now, here they were. Her asleep, and him, silently pondering his love for this woman. 

Oliver had known many women in his lifetime, some he didn’t even recall, but something about Felicity stuck with him—her bravery, her unnerving ability to point out his bullshit, the way she always believed in him—no matter what. 

He loved her.

The alarm clock next to her bed showed 2:13 am. It was late, but Oliver felt strangely awake. There was no point to sleep so he got up and strode to the little cabinet across the room, a tv propped atop it. It was filled with dvd’s, neatly organized. He looked them over. 

Legally Blonde no, The Notebook no, A Walk To Remember.. definitely not… I need to buy her some action films if I’m going to be over here a lot, she should know the glory that is Rambo, though I do love The Notebook. 

He passed over a film that caught his eye. The Adventures of Robin Hood. Hmmm. He had noticed the poster before in her living room. It was thoroughly amusing. He wondered whether she had begun to like the film before or after she had joined Team Arrow. 

Robin Hood it is. 

He popped the dvd in, settling back down in the bed to watch it.


An hour in, Oliver was completely immersed in the film. This man gets it. Robin Hood was a great guy, just trying to help the poor! It wasn’t his fault terrible things kept happening.

It struck him that he had quite a few things in common with Robin Hood as well. Bow and arrows, a best friend with common sense, even the lack of money now that Oliver was broke. They were both vigilantes, just trying to do some good in the world. 

And Maid Marian, the kind and brave young woman who had stolen the thief’s heart. Yes, that sounded vaguely familiar.

“Oliver?” Felicity asked, voice filled with sleep, “What are you doing—it’s… 3 am?” She rubbed her eyes furiously. 

“Watching The Adventures of Robin Hood.”

Still groggy she said, “Why?”

“It’s a great film.”

Felicity sat up, sheet wrapped around her, her cheeks turning pink. “I love this movie.”

Oliver grinned keenly. “I know. I saw the poster.”

She turned a full on red. “It seemed apropos, I guess.” He could see her getting embarrassed by his discovery of her little fantasy. 

He gestured to her. “Come here.”

She smiled, crawling into the circle of his arms, her head finding the perfect spot between his neck and shoulder. He planted a kiss in her hair, gently tracing her spine with his fore finger. She smelled like sunflowers and soap and Felicity. 

“Care to watch with me, Maid Marian?”

She pulled herself from his arms, smacking him on the shoulder. Oliver just laughed. “I’m kidding. Come on Felicity, watch with me.” 

So she snuggled back in his arms. 

To Oliver’s delight, Felicity knew most of the lines in the film, and she began to quote them. “Welcome to Sherwood milady!” “Then you do love me, don’t you? Well that’s different.” It was resoundingly adorable. 

When the movie ended, he turned to her. “You are the cutest thing to grace this planet, you know that?”

Felicity lowered her eyes coyly and smiled. “Guess you’re lucky then.”

“The luckiest man alive.”

And they disappeared under the covers.