Triple Layer Grilled Cheese!

Some of you have been asking what my favorite foods to eat wen baked are, as well as suggesting some recipes. Sometimes it’s nice to have something more substantial than Doritos 😂😂😜. And when I’m in the mood for something really good but don’t have the energy to cook a gourmet meal, grilled cheese is definitely a “go to” for those munchies. But instead of the regular, a double decker grilled cheese! I’m not a professional what so ever, but this is one of my favorite things to make and it’s super easy especially since you don’t need much to make it.

All you need:

  • Three slices of bread (more if you’re feeling brave)
  • Butter for each slice, you could even use cannabutter.
  • Whatever kind of cheese you want, I like to use mozzarella.
  • You can have fun and add whatever you want really. Some of my favorite extras are tomatoes or bacon.
  • A bowl to smoke before, after or during (optional)

Heat your stove top to a medium temperature. Once you’ve buttered all three slices of bread, place it in the pan and add your desired amount of cheese. Put a second slice of bread on to top it off and cook both sides evenly. You know, the standard grilled cheese way.

When your grilled cheese is done, add another layer of cheese and whatever else you want in the sandwich, then carefully flip it over and cook till that side is done.  

No more than 10 minutes later and you’re deliciously relieved of the munchies!

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Any adorable/sweet/cute puns? Maybe romantic for my gf?

You so deer to me; I can hardly bear it honey. 

Wood you be mine? Will you stick with me?

Can I fondue you?

I warship you.

I, like Darwin, naturally select you

*Hand her a one dollar bill* I think you might be the one

*Hold a keyboard up to her* You’re just my type

*Cook something with her* You’re my butter half

*Get her a coffee* I like you a latte

*Get some cheese, preferably something like cheddar* You’re looking sharp; you’re just so grate

*Go to an Italian restaurant* You’ve stolen a pizza my heart

*Get her some bread* I knead you

*Anytime you’re near a tire (car, bicycle, whatever)* I wheely like you

Since I’m taking an extra day off to recover from con… I watched a couple of new season anime episodes.

Dragon Ball Super has an incredibly cute start. I mean WTF happened to Videl? Her new character design is dull and generic, and I hope this isn’t going to be how she acts all the time because bad ass fighter lady (which the show needs more of in general) timeskip to being super domestic but also a sugar mama is pretty yawn. I want her out side-by-side with Gohan whenever shit hits the fan. The Son family is adorable as hell in general though (Goku continues to be a terrible father). Trunks and Goten are precious monster angel children. Mr. Satan, you try so hard, bless your money-grubbing narcissistic heart. I am so looking forward to episode 2 though because the Briefs family is my bread and butter of DBZ.

The basic premise of GATE is something I am 100% into checking out. A fantasy swords and sorcery dimension connected to our modern world via a mysterious gate, and the first thing BOTH fucking sides do? Send in armies with the intention of laying claim to the land on the other side. SOUNDS LEGIT. The main character is a military dude who is some sort of borderline-otaku and the main female designs all seem to have a slightly male-gaze super-genre-tropey slant so that has me a bit worried about the direction it’ll take. I’m willing to give it a few episodes because of the premise and it doesn’t seem to have done anything overtly creepy or fanservicey in episode one. 

Then we have Aoharu X MachineGun which frankly looks like it’s going to be a hilarious shoujo ride and I am on board.  The premise looks to be the student body president at a high school, Tachibana Hotaru, has something of a superhero complex, and goes around picking fights with “evildoers”. What isn’t clarified until almost 5 minutes in, is that Hotaru is a girl who dresses and mostly looks like a boy. She’s living on her own in an apartment while going to school now that her parents are working overseas. At her new place, she meets her blonde playboy-looking neighbor, Matsuoka Masamune, who is immediately starry-eyed at a glimpse of her physical prowess. Shenanigans ensue, but turns out he’s a host and he recruits her for his all-male airsoft survival game team (with no clue regarding her gender, he just thinks she’s bad ass). I’m looking forward to episode 2.

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What foods do you eat :3 I am super picky too

Welll~ I have an eating disorder called SED or Selective Eating Disorder. I pretty much only eat my safe foods, which are foods that I feel comfortable eating and always will. Mac and cheese, chicken strips, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches (but only on white bread), pizza (only cheese pizza), cereal, fruits like bananas, strawberries, green apples, raspberries, no vegetables though >o<


Chris Pratt’s evolution from sidekick to superhero leading man is giving him his moment.  

“Typically, I was getting typecast as the bad boyfriend. The boyfriend of the girl who you hope ends up with the guy you like. That was my bread and butter for a long time,” he says. “Looking back, I think I know why. Physically, I looked like an asshole.”

He doesn’t look like an asshole now. 

Klaine Fic: Over The Rainbow

To celebrate, here’s domestic fluffy Klaine finding out about the new Marriage Equality act. This was written in such a rush, I haven’t even re-read it. But whatever, ENJOY!

Word Count: 1200 words. Read on AO3.

“Kurt, could you toast some bread for me? These eggs are almost done.”

“Sure thing, honey bee.”

Kurt smiled as he shuffled behind his pyjama-clad husband in their tiny kitchen to reach the bread in the cupboard and grab the butter from the fridge.

“Thank you, dear,” Blaine said dryly, turning his head to watch Kurt whilst simultaneously checking he didn’t burn the eggs on the hob.

“I’m so glad neither of us have school today. Or work.” Kurt paused. “It’s been far too long since we got to relax and just do nothing… together.”

Kurt was pretty sure the grin on Blaine’s face was bright enough to power their whole apartment but instead of getting distracted, he turned to the toaster and finished helping with the breakfast.

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Starry-night-kid’s little vegan guide

During the summer I eat mostly fruit, sorbet, sandwiches, tofu, and Luna bars, but this will cover a little more. 

Prepackaged food - 

Heat and eat meals that are “Indian” are frequently vegan, but you’ll have to read the back

Baked tofu; you can make it yourself but I buy it at Trader Joe’s

Protein/health bars are normally vegan if they are mostly nuts, and Luna bars are all (to my knowledge) vegan 

Staple ingredients - 

Healthier noodles and rice; I like wild rice and brown rice noodles lots, and switching will help make sure you get some nutrients out of your staple carbs

Cornstarch and tartar sauce are used a lot in a lot of vegan baking and for aquafaba which I’ll mention later

Extracts; I use vanilla and imitation butter (its normally used in white icing, but I’ll use it in cookies/cakes/breads that are supposed to be buttery), and sometimes almond

Apple sauce which makes an amazing egg replacer for baking

Chia seeds which are good for fiber and make a great pudding

A big bag of unsalted cashews

Also keep on hand:

Non-dairy milk you like best, but try to stick to ones with as much or more calcium than dairy milk (cashew is the best I’ve ever had)

Frozen mixed vegetables

Frozen fruit for smoothies and sorbet

Tofu for savory dishes and sometimes smoothies

Agave nectar which you can use like honey in oatmeal, on toast, etc (though its sweeter so you may need less)

Daiya is the most popular vegan cheese brand (it doesn’t taste great but is decent for recipes)

Nutritional yeast is used in lots of vegan recipes, so it’s great if you can get your hands on it, but if you can’t, blending some Daiya will work in yeast recipes or using imitation butter extract will work for baking

A Note on Nutrition

You need to take a B-12 supplement. No vegan food naturally has it (though some are fortified). 

You also want to be on a good multi that includes iron, vitamin D, and zinc. If you aren’t  drinking much non-dairy milk, consider taking a calcium supplement.


I add frozen fruit, coconut water or lemonade, and some chia seeds and blend for a light one and ripe bananas, ice, non-dairy milk, and flavoring for a more shake-like smoothie. You can add greens to either. 

Here are lots of recipes if you get bored of that

Frozen stuff

I make sorbet by blending whatever fruit is on hand, then adding in sugar and either fruit juice or water to taste. 

I use orange juice for stone fruit (peaches, nectarines, etc) and mangoes, and lemon for small berries, green grapes, and kiwis. You can use either with strawberries. I use water when I make citrus sorbet. 

Non-boring recipes


I go for a frozen waffle (my grocery store has some with chia seeds) most school mornings, and on weekends I make a quinoa bowl, which consists of milky quinoa (this can be made ahead if you want), agave, and some toppings. Fresh or grilled fruit and some nuts are good, and this is also a good place to add chia seeds. 

Milky quinoa

  • ⅓ c quinoa
  • ⅔ c almond milk 
  • tsp vanilla extract

Bring to a boil for five minutes, then lower heat and cover for 15-20 minutes. 

I’ll admit though, breakfast food is my fave so heres a good chunk of recipes I’ll make. I think they’re good as lunch too! imo sorbet also makes a great breakfast. 

tofu scramble

choco tacos with fruit

mango granola

blueberry banana bread

french toast


It’s pretty simple to make any basic baking recipe vegan by substituting apple sauce for eggs (¼ c = 1 egg) and using equal amounts of canola or coconut oil for butter, with a half tsp of imitation butter extract added. Non-dairy milk can be used for dairy milk. 

chocolate cookies

reeses pb cups


cookie dough oreos

MY FAVORITE almond butter cookies

Aquafaba is basically mallow fluff made out of the liquid in and of chickpea

And you can use it to make meringue, pavlovas, mousses, ice cream, smores, macarons, etc.

and meringue cookies by using a pastry bag to squeeze aquafaba onto a parchment lined baking sheet and baking for 2 hours

and a blog that updates frequently with healthy vegan recipes (mainly dessert)


Most of mine come from recipe books or impromptu salads, but I make a few of these recipes and they’re great!

Here is how I do salad: 

  1. Pick one or two: kale, spinach, arugula, romaine
  2. Pick about three: raw broccoli, bell peppers, red onion, radishes, carrots, beets, tomatoes, snow peas, mushrooms, cucumber, cauliflower
  3. Pick one: tofu, tempeh, shelled edamame, chickpeas, black beans,kidney beans
  4. Pick one or two: avocado slices, vegan cheese shreds, nuts, seeds, olives
  5. Pick one: vinaigrette, tahini and lemon, or salsa

More reading

Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook

The Ultimate Vegan Guide (free ebook)

PETA’s what to make and buy plan

I’m in love with you. And I love you more than Oreos dipped in milk and fuzzy toe socks in the middle of winter. I love you more than pictures of baby goats and the smell of fresh baked bread. I love you more than creamy peanut butter on a spoon and the feeling of your first stretch in the morning. I love you more than my sweatshirt collection and the satisfaction of toothpaste lingering on my breathe. Holy shit, do I love you. I just hope you’ll never forget it.
—  You’re asleep and I’m awake but I’m still dreaming about you
relatively small $ request just to get me through next week without having a breakdown

As some of you probably already know, my current main bread-and-butter sitting job is kind of a toxic, emotionally draining clusterfuck, but it’s also my primary employment. My employer there knows this, and yet she still decided to drop it on me yesterday that I apparently won’t be needed after tomorrow until Monday the 13th, which means I’ll have ten hours at my other job, and that’s it.

This would probably be ok if my landlady weren’t an aggressive alcoholic who occasionally gets downright abusive herself when she’s drunk, and that happens pretty much every weekend. I can’t ask for even a one-week rent extension without running the risk of being subjected to all kinds of verbal and physical stuff that basically tears my anxiety a new one, and on top of that I have a credit card bill due next week ($100) and a separate $85 payment due on Monday. If I hadn’t had my hours next week ripped out from under me, I’d be good for all of those, but as it stands, I’m kind of up shit creek until the 13th unless I can either conjure a bunch of other hours doing one-off sitting jobs out of the ether.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had my hours/pay altered without my knowledge or consent by this particular employer, and that’s not even addressing the amount of emotional toxicity working there subjects me to every damn day. I’ve been working hard on finding a new family to work for who won’t take advantage of me or do shit like telling me to “sit in the corner and be quiet” while I try to handle a child throwing a tantrum (that is an actual quote, I don’t even believe in that kind of time-out for kids I’m watching but this woman decided that was an appropriate thing to say to me, an adult, because I stopped a furious child from stabbing the wall with a pencil) that was but I haven’t been successful so far.

Tl;dr I need some short-term gap-bridging help. I’m asking for $270 because that’s what I would have made at my regular job without my hours being abruptly cut ($15 x 23 hours), and I want to emphasize that I’m not trying to take advantage of this. I just have like a dozen things going against me right now and I frankly just want to be able to use this unexpected free time to focus on finding another job without having to worry about a drunk woman coming into my room at 4 AM, shaking me violently awake, and demanding to know where her money is, because frankly I have enough crap to deal with even without that.

My PayPal address is Literally anything you can help me with will be super appreciated and noted.

So I have been tagged on my Instagram to participate in the “Do You Know Your Cat Challenge”. I thought it might be fun to extend it to Tumblr and tag one of my fave cat blogs here. I challenge fantasticcatadventures 😉 In addition, I also challenge ALL of my followers with cats! 🐱 use the hashtag #doyouknowyourcat 💗 my favorite post will be featured!

We have five cats, but I chose Oreo for this because he’s the one with the best quirks.

1) Nicknames: Pooh, Pooh Bear, Cookies, Doctor Fuzz Butt, Fancy Face, Mister Cute Pants, Poo-per Dooper.

2) Favorite Food: In actual cat food; He adores purina Essential Care. Otherwise; bacon, bread, roast chicken and butter.

3) Afraid of: The Air Conditioner.

4) Best Friend: Anyone with food and that includes humans and/or cats.

5) Age: will be 2 on August 25, 2015

6) Adopted/Rescued: Rescued. Read his story at:

7) Siblings: 1 blood sibling that we know of. Her name is Patches. She was adopted at six weeks old. Step-siblings; Four. Three sisters and one brother.

8) Favorite activity: Eating… Oh wait that’s not an activity… Ok well then trying to catch shadows.

Pass this on to other cat blogs that you’d like to participate! Have fun! 😃😉🐱

Litha Faery Sandwiches

Originally posted by disneybelongstochildhood

For  Litha I will be making these special sandwiches my grandma would make, called Fairy sandwiches.  
What you need is:
-Peanutbutter or some sort of nut butter
-Berry jam or jelly (you can use fruit too but berries are the best)
-Honey (local if possible)
-Whole wheat bread (unless you are allergic then any type of bread or tortilla is okay.)

Make the sandwich and cut it into fours, leave a fourth outside for the fae and or wild life (with a small bit of milk) and you can eat the rest yourself with a glass of milk. This is so the Fae look at your home with positivity and so you get a yummy little treat. you can eat it outside too- sharing your meal with a fae.
if you like you can sub the nut butter with nutella- still awesome.


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Hello, you awesome person, you. :) I think your art is lovely and adorable. I especially find your pokeshippings appealing. Thank you for making chibi subway bosses and villians ; 3; ~♡ Keep bein' awesome.

✧*.◟(ˊᗨˋ)◞.*✧ !! O-oh my thank you so much~ I’m glad my little Pokeshippings, and doodles of silly Pokebosses and characters are appealing haha ♥ Aaaa the first time I saw this ask it put such a smile on my face like???? So sorry for the late reply bUT THANK YOU SO MUCH


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What's your daily intake food wise on a clean day? I'm vegan and I'm really trying to keep clean!

Alright you ready for the hammer because I listed everything for my perfect day

Meal 1(breakfast shake): 1 ½ cups dried oats, two bananas, 1 tbsp ground flaxseeds, 1 tbsp coconut oil, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder.
Meal 2 (post workout): 1 scoop protein powder, 2 dates, 1 banana, ginger, maca, cacao nibs, spinach, kale
Meal 3 (1 hour after post workout): rice pasta and some sort of protein usually meatballs
Meal 4: 300g white rice, 250g beans, ¼ avocado, 2 tbsp pb2 powder, hot sauce :)
Meal 5: 450g sweet potatoes, 1 tbsp almond butter, ½ a protein shake
Meal 6: sandwich with sprouted bread or daves killer bread with tofurky, ¼ avocado, cucumber, tomato, spinach, mustard
Meal 7 (pre bed time shake): 1 ½ scoops protein powder, tbsp chia seeds, tbsp a almond butter

Please don’t follow this blindly. I worked up to this and it’s what works for me from what I enjoy. it follows a calorie intake for my age weight and height as well. This is about 3,900 calories
What I’m Reading This Week

The Happy Fourth of July Weekend and PLEASE HELP ONE OF MY FAVORITE PLACES IN THE WHOLE WORLD edition.




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Hey sami! I've given up meat cause I cant stand the animal cruelty behind it but I cant find any vegan or even vegetarian foods or snacks that I like :( every recipe I find looks sooo good then I make it and it turns out absolutely disgusting (imo ofcourse). Idk what to do I'm just making it by on cereal, chips and oranges rn

let me give you some of my personal favorites:

SUPER easy vegan banana pancakes w/ peanut butter and slice banana on top

vegan chili

zucchini and potato bake

spicy vegan potato curry

plus, try eating things like vegan bread w/ peanut butter, veggie mixes (peppers, cucumbers, and grape tomatoes), LOTS of fruit (im currently obsessing over watermelon and oranges). 

xoxoxox much love to you

So I made myself a mini loaf of banana bread and it smells and tastes fantastic!!!

I used:
1 ripe banana
2 Tablespoons of unsalted room temp butter
3 Tablespoons of brown sugar
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
1 Egg
½ Cup of Flour
½ teaspoon of baking soda

I preheated my oven to 350 then mixed/blended all the ingredients in a bowl (minus the flour and the baking soda). Then I added the flour and baking soda and mixed them in. Took a mini loaf pan (you could probably use a muffin tin too) and greased it (I used Pam). Poured the batter into the pan and then baked it in the oven for around 30 minutes (it took 27).

Bam. Mini loaf of banana bread. Feel free to add walnuts or chocolate chips to the batter too :)