Best Chocolate and Peanut Butter Desserts

If you’ve followed my baking adventures here at BoB for even a short time, you probably are quite familiar with my love of all things chocolate and peanut butter. I know that many of you share that love, too.

One of the first recipe collections I put together was to celebrate chocolate and peanut butter. But a lot of good thing shave gotten baked since then, so I thought it was high time I did an updated collection for all of us that can’t get enough of chocolate and peanut butter.

Enjoy! And happy baking!

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Each day make a mini-plan of what you want to get accomplished. A big task is just a series of small tasks. A book is just a series of chapters. Daily goals are my bread and butter.
While I’m drafting, I find it helpful to see a post-it note above my computer that has a daily chapter goal or word count or scene addition. If I hit this daily goal, then I feel accomplished—even if I have tons more to do. This daily satisfaction helps keep my enthusiasm high and my mind focused.

Dhonielle Clayton is a librarian and co-founder of CAKE Literary. She is the author of Tiny Pretty Things with Sona Charaipotra, and her new fantasy series The Belles hits shelves soon from Disney/Hyperion.

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HEY!!! So my friends and I are going to plan a picnic soon :) & ur always talking about picnics and I would rlly like some advice/help!! i was wondering what's the best food to being to a picnic?? I was thinking banana bread,, or berries(but I don't kno, I don't really have anything to keep the berries fresh) any ideas?? Thank you :))!!

Both of those foods!!! So good! Or tiny blueberry muffins, a fruit salad or a big watermelon, nice cheeses and yummy crackers like triscuits 😮😮 or those fancy Costco ones, juice, apples and peanut butter, banana chips, any snackles 🎉🍄

Snacks for the road! I’m heading to Oakland and San Fran today☀️💃✌️These are my two ✨favorite✨ Clif Bars because they contain caffeine 😬 (other flavors do not). Clif Bars are vegan, high carb, low fat, and taste like a cookie 🍪 They are the best tasting vegan energy/snack bars I’ve tried. I buy Clif Bars from Trader Joe’s because they are only $0.99 per bar and you can choose from all flavors, like chocolate chip, blueberry crisp, banana nut bread, crunch peanut butter crunch, oatmeal raisin walnut…Clif Bar has over a dozen different flavors (and seasonal ones too!). I kinda want to buy one of each, do a taste-test, and rank them 😋 If you shop at Costco you can buy Clif Bars in a box for cheaper, but you only get chocolate chip and crunchy peanut butter bars in the box. If you want to try different flavors, swing by a Trader Joe’s. I’ve also seen them for sale in most grocery stores 👍
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ACTUAL "Meals Under $10"

I see all these posts for good meals under $10, then when I go to the link it’s things like “pineapple salsa” and “apple chutney”. THAT’S NOT A MEAL. Alright, my fellow broke friends, listen up. Go buy a bag of flour, eggs, milk, Butter, sugar, salt, olive oil, yeast, baking soda, and baking powder. Sure, that’s about $20, but most of it will last you months. You can make pasta, biscuits, tortillas, bread, Flatbread, pizza dough, scones, muffins, pop overs, pie crusts, cookies, cake, ETC ETC ETC! Slowly add some herbs to your cupboard, or better yet, grow your own! Container gardens are cheap and easy to maintain. I recommend basil, sage, thyme, rosemary, and oregano. They go in the most dishes. THEN add a protein that you can break up and freeze in portions, like hamburger. A pound can last a week. Buy a roaster chicken! Even the organic ones are around $4!! Once you’ve eaten the meat, put the leftover bones in a crockpot and cook it for a day. BOOM! Chicken soup! Eat for days! You can add noodles which are easy to make or rice which is also super cheap. Guess what else you can make with rice? RISOTTO! FRICKIN RICE PUDDING! Ya! You can eat fancy as shit on a budget! Beans are your friend! You can have white bean puree, hummus, refried beans, and bean soup. Make sure you eventually add lots of veggies (canned tomatoes, frozen spinach and broccoli, fresh onions and celery) and then look at you, you balanced diet devil. Don’t let the Internet think that because you can’t afford to eat well, you don’t deserve to eat well. And if you need a recipe, don’t hesitate to ask me. (Obviously this is not paleo, but u do have suggestions for that.)

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Do you have any advice for a collegiate runner starting their first year without a dining hall meal plan? I want to eat healthy, of course, but as cheaply as possible and I'm really nervous for grocery shopping/meal planning because of my limited finances.

absolutely!  during the summer im also shopping on a budget, so i have decent experience in eating healthy for cheap.  

some staples to have in the kitchen always:

bagels+bread (generic brand is generally really cheap! especially if you buy them frozen)
bulk rice/quinoa/pasta
some cereal to satisfy ur cravings, grocery stores are getting really good at making cheaper generic versions of the basic cereals
popping corn for stovetop popcorn!

eggs!!!!!!!!!!(my favorite cheap source of complete protein)
canned beans
big bags of frozen chicken (trader joes sells like pounds of it for $7 or $8 its great)
whatever veggie burgers and hummus are on sale
giant jars of peanut butter


fresh - carrots, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes.  avoid buying fresh veggies in massive quantities or you’ll just waste it! produce is definitely where i spend most of my grocery money because its worth it to spend the extra bucks.  

frozen - broccoli, brussel sprouts, stir fry veggie blends, spinach. these are easier to buy in large amounts and frozen so they’ll last as long as you want them to and there’s no pressure to finish them off

fruit: apples, bananas, oranges, and whatevers on sale.  i find that most other things go bad too quickly or bruise too easily or are too expensive to be worth it.  buy seasonally! in the summer, watermelon and nectarines are on sale by me and i love buying those.  

olive oil
some italian vinaigrette i like
dry roasted peanuts (during the summer most of my “nut” consumption is peanuts and almonds bc theyre less pricey)

i generally like to buy my local grocery store brand’s “churn style” ice cream
also i buy chocolate sry

soooo yeah now onto how to make these things edible!!

packed-lunch ideas:
-peanut butter and jelly sandwich, carrots and hummus, piece of fruit
-make a giant batch of grain salad (cook a bunch of quinoa/rice, beans, peppers/onions/tomatoes, and toss em all together with some vinaigrette and spices) and take some of that along with fruit and nuts and maybe a sandwich
-a couple pieces of chicken, some cucumbers and carrots and hummus, piece of fruit, and a half a pb sandwich

dinner ideas: 
-big veggie omelette with spinach, mushrooms, salsa, and some tortilla chips
-grilled chicken with broccoli and a baked sweet potato
-big stir fry with veggies, rice, chicken
-veggie burger with toast, salsa, and veggies

i promise you can eat healthy on a budget!! i mean im definitely not perfect lol but in general id say im ok health-wise. just embrace coupons, buying on sale, and eggs lololol(unless ur vegan then embrace beans)

anonymous asked:

What would your shopping list look like if you were to go to whole foods? pretend you didn't have any groceries at home. What would you buy?

Hey!!! I don’t go to Whole Foods all that much! I usually go to other grocery stores around my town. Some staples in my groceries include:

FRUITS (bananas, grapes, apples, watermelon, berries, etc)
CEREAL (any plant-based options)
NUTS + NUT BUTTERS (almond butter, peanut butter, sunflower butter)
NON-DAIRY MILKS (coconut milk, soy milk, almond milk)
VEGGIES (carrots, broccoli, kale, spinach, cauliflower, peas, etc)
POTATOES (sweet potatoes + regular potatoes)
CONDIMENTS (ketchup, etc)

etc…Hope that helps!

I’d be a liar if I said it wasn’t part of the decisions I’ve been making,” he agrees. “But having said that, I don’t see it lasting forever. I can see that going for another couple of years perhaps and then coming back. By that point my kids will be through the early part of their school life; actually Ava will probably be nearly finished – I know, can you believe it? – because she’s turning 13 next month. So in a few years’ time she’ll be past secondary education, going into further education for whatever she wants to do. Pearce will be starting to go into secondary. My first boy, Harvey, he’s the one in the middle; he’ll be caught between the two worlds… But my bread and butter has always been here, and by the time I come back, hopefully I’ll have made a bit of money and that will afford me the opportunity to do the low-budget films I love.

Robert Carlyle

This pretty much confirms that Bobby is going to stay until ONCE ends……..yay!!!

College students act like grandparents.

Friend comes to our apartment we’re like

‘Have you eaten today?’

‘Are you hungry?’

‘You want anything to drink?’

and they’re like, I’m ok, unless… do you have bread?


Hungry College Students have to stick together.

And always have bread. 

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what are some of your favourite specific meals atm (eg green curry with pumpkin and rice or whatever)? I need inspiration and your food always sounds or looks so yummmmm

Hmmm. Some favs I’ve eaten lately off the top of my head:

Black rice salad with purple edamame, corn, tomatoes and avocado

Raw Spaghetti

Sweet potato sushi

Vanilla nana icecream with caramel drizzle

Fruit cereal (any fruits you have-nanas dates and strawberries) with granola and coconut milk

Passion fruit drizzled watermelon

Overnight oats soaked in almond milk with vanilla, agave nectar, cashew butter, bananas, goji berries, and coconut flakes

Ezekiel bread toast with nut butters and fruit

Any and every imaginable coffee flavored raw food (bars, nicecream, shakes, “cheesecake”)

I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread. - JRR Tolkien

A few friends have asked me about my experiences as a business owner with social media, so I’m going to tell you.  Again, these are my opinions.  If Tumblr is your thing, awesome.  And I realize that I’m going to be posting some not nice things about social media outlets WHILE POSTING THEM ON SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLETS.  I’ll cover that.  And I get the irony.  Thank you.  :D


A few months ago, I closed my Little Fox Tarot  account on Facebook.  I had like - 3000? - friends?  Maybe?  Anyway, I noticed that the number of reading requests I’d gotten from all of that work and interaction equaled a small percentage of the time I spent on it.  So I deleted it.  I have a Facebook business page that didn’t have a lot of traffic until I closed my LFT account.  Turns out, you have to spend time with something before it does anything.  Ain’t that some shit?  I got more requests for a hot dates from dashing strangers from overseas than I did for readings.  Since I’m taken, it really wasn’t worth my time.  

The thing I noticed most about closing my account?  My business increased.  A lot.  I have a theory about this.  Keep reading.


Twitter is my favorite.  I’ve only been trolled once, and they were questioning my knowledge of the cards.  Bitch, please.  The handy dandy block button took care of that.  I like the warmth of the community.  I like that I found Little Red Tarot and Theresa Reed and Catherine Chapman and Suzi Dronzek on there.  I like the quick interaction.  Again, it depends on how much time you’ve spent with it.  I would guess I’ve had a few dozen reading requests from Twitter, but I gotta tell you, the best part is the community.  The more time I spend with Twitter, the more readings I give.  


Oh, Tumblr.  When I first joined, I realized immediately why it was called tumblr.  I went down, down, down the rabbit hole.  Just like Alice, I saw some strange and beautiful shit.  Just like Alice, on occasion it felt like a hallucination.  After noticing that I was IGNORING MY LIFE to surf Tumblr, I deleted my account.  I deleted my blog because I think that Tumblr is like a drunken uncle. It makes sense at first and then devolves into crazy murmurings and uncomfortable porn references. After I did this, my business increased.  See?  Theory.  I’ll get to that.

But I’m back on a limited basis.  I have found a wee baby tarot community on Tumblr.  I love teaching cards and the tarot community in St. Louis is a bit spread out.  So, I’ve cut back the people I’m following to tarot people only (and Shooter Jennings, Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman because duh) and I’m going to spend 10 minutes on Tumblr a day.  That’s it.  That’s all I need.  I welcome any tarot connections I make there, and will remember that it’s supposed to be for my BUSINESS, not for my LIFE.


I have no fuckin clue what I’m doing on Instagram.  It’s for photography, and although my sweetheart is a photographer, I am not.  I do have these cool Tarot Memes that I’m putting out, but other than that, I got nothin’.  I think I’m going to post all of the tarot memes when they’re finished and then just let them hang out to be found if they’re needed.  

The Point:

Social media is a tool and should be treated like one.  There is no one way to handle it to run your business, because if you do something that isn’t right for you, it’s not going to be genuine and it’s not going to work.  I think that my experiences with Tumblr and Instagram and Facebook have helped me (through trial and lots of error) figure out how much of me I want out there.

The Theory:

Here we go.  I think that when you spread yourself out across the internet, it diminishes your energy.  I think that there is a part of me in every word I type (it’s called a SPELL for a reason) and every interaction I have.  3000 people who don’t know me, don’t love me and don’t need me reading my words?  Looking at my pictures?  That’s a lot of energy to put out there for nothing.  I think the reason that my business increased when I closed those accounts was because I was more fully present and more focused.  I had my little bits of energy back, and I could put them to better use. 

I feel that by controlling the amount of myself I invest in social media, I am controlling my focus, attention and energy, as well.  So - for me - 10 minutes per day on Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook = 40 minutes per day investing in my business.  Most of my readings come from word of mouth or this blog, so I’m going to put the rest of my free time into making sure I give amazing readings and writing my ass off.  Those things pay off.

To Michelle who just started her business - try everything and keep the things that serve you, sweetheart.  Remember that you are the wizard of everything.  Pick the right tool and get to work. 

xoxo LFT


Oooo yay bread with peanut butter , my favorite .

My boyfriend loves them too . I don’t understand you seriously .

Who can not love bread with peanut butter ?!? It’s like the most delicious thing ever .

*laugh* I’m hamburger freak .

I see . *laugh*

What do you want to become later ?

The Mad Scientist . *both laugh* No , it’s true I want to become a scientist I think it’s an amazing job . My dad was scientist he let me some of his projects and since that time I love science more than anything .

That sounds great .

And what about you ?

My mom sees me as musician and my dad as bussineswoman . I’ve chosen doctor .

*laugh* Totally another way than your parents expected .

*laugh* True , but it’s my life not their .

List 6 random facts about yourself and then pass it on to 10 of your favorite followers

I was tagged by the fabulous hellolecter! thank you–i feel honored!

1) I love buttered bread.

2) I’m vegetarian.  

3) I have a really wicked-sounding laugh. Its reminiscent of a hyena.

4) My preferred mode of dress is pajamas.

5) I have had the same glasses since sixth grade.

6) I am one inch shorter than Gillian Anderson. 

Okay, I LOVE ALL MY FOLLOWERS, so here are 10 of them: pandapaw5160, kandidlyrandom, leavethosedamnkidsalone, a-little-counter-esperanto, id-rather-be-introverting, scullyjpg, hazelgracetfios, letsescapetofiction, a-day-dreamed-library, and mickey-mikayla.

anonymous asked:

I've been trying to overcome BED for about four years now, have been a vegetarian for two years and just went vegan in an attempt to finally kick my BED. Even though during the day I eat a lot whenever I feel hungry and I always make good filling meals for dinner, I still fall into binge eating most nights. Luckily it's healthier foods like nut butters, trail mix, granola, breads, or fruit but I cannot seem to stay away from excessive late night snacking. Have any suggestions?

I used to be in the same place as you. What I found really helped was to really fill up during the day, which I understand you are trying to do, but eat more high carb foods and less fattier foods (which can make you feel sicker and more like crap). Instead of nut butters, trail mix, granola, etc…. have a big bowl of rice and try to just eat that until you are absolutely full (sweet chili sauce is bomb with rice and you can also add veggies). And I know the struggle of waiting for food to cook is difficult with BED so try to snack on some carrots or a veggie/fruit that you love while you wait for the rice!

Another thing that I found really kicked my binge mindset was to go on a banana island (AKA only eating bananas for a period of time). It may seem like a bit of a crazy thing, but for me it really helped my relationship with food and helped me see food as more of something I needed to fuel myself than as something just to eat/restrict/binge on. When you only eat one thing (I did mine for about a week), it takes away the meal planning and stress about food because you know exactly what your next meal is going to be. You can also do islands of other fruits/foods, but I would recommend bananas :)

anonymous asked:

Do you mind posting an intake? What is your workout routine like? Also around how many calories do you think you eat

Today I had chocolate oats with rasberries, blueberries and 7 nut butter and a coconut milk latte for breakfast, a kiwi banana smoothie for a snack, a huge kale salad for lunch,  2 Moms In The Raw bar and some dates for a snack, pesto rice noodles for dinner, a cacao chia bowl with banana for desert, and will probably have some ezekial bread with apricot jam with my tea before bed!

I don’t count calories but 2500+ is a good estimate. Workout routine is in my FAQ!

anonymous asked:

Could you share how you make your meal plans? I'm trying to put one together but I don't know where to start

I don’t plan out a week’s worth of meals or anything! If I decide to plan my meals, I do it the evening before or morning of. I can give you an idea of things I like to eat that are also easy to make.

egg white omelette with veggies, avocado, and flax bread
Greek yogurt with Special K protein cereal, cinnamon, and fruit
Oatmeal with nut butter
Mug cake (see aubernutter’s blog for recipe)

Salad with avocado, chicken/shrimp/falafel/veggie burger patty, tons of veggies, yogurt dressing or oil and vinegar
Veggie/turkey burger on flax bread or whole wheat bun with roasted vegetables/corn on side
Salmon (grilled/baked) with sweet potato and veggie on side

Veggies with hummus/guac
Turkey w/ cottage cheese roll ups
Cereal (look for low sugar, high fiber or protein options)
Green smoothie
Brown Rice cake with nut butter
Almond milk latte
Frozen yogurt (weakness)

Hope this helps!