Getting the Girl

Request:  Can you write #48, “Is there a special reason, as to why you’re wearing my shirt?” And #32 “I’m so stupid to make the mistake of falling in love with my best friend.” With Liam Dunbar please. Thank you!

For: @do-not-worry-just-be-happy

Word Count: 1998

A/N: This went a lot farther than I had ever meant it to go…I was gonna go some cliche route and then my mind was like BOI YOU BETTER NOT.

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Liam was…protective of you.

And by protective I mean he’ll rip someone’s throat out with their teeth if they were mean to you or looked at you the wrong way.

And that was before he became a werewolf.

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[This fic was requested by @justcausewereoutlaws a little while ago. Enjoy!]

There is something about ice cream that just makes everything better. [Insert preferred ice cream flavor here] was my favourite, I always made sure to have some in the flat and when we didn’t have any I got Frosty to grab some. However there was that one time when Puddin’ brought me back a tub after evading The Bat, it was completely melted by the time he gave it to me but it’s the thought that counts. 
  The man tied to the chair screamed around his gag but I was so into my cone that I was barely paying attention. Puddin’ was doing a mighty fine number on him but I was in my own little world even though I just love watchin’ Mister J play with his toys.
  “Can you stop that,” I heard him growl, but I ignored it thinking he was talking to the big stupid in the chair.

***Mister J’s P.O.V***

  Y/N didn’t even acknowledge me which was equal parts annoying and arousing. Her eyes were almost always on me, she almost always obeyed me, but she wasn’t tonight. She sat on the edge of the island with her leg extended and her gold pump resting on the back of my old pal’s chair. She was sitting there all oblivious like the brat didn’t know what she was doing. She was leaning back with the straps of her dress hanging off both of her shoulders while that sinful tongue of hers swirled around her ice cream.
  “Oh look, this is all wrong,” I groaned.
  She remained completely oblivious and I kept getting distracted by that pretty little mouth of hers. I wanted to take her over my knee for ruining the moment, John and I were building a relationship here, torturer to the tortured. Does she realise how much progress she has ruined? We’ll have to start completely from the top. Fuck it.

***Y/N’s P.O.V***

  I jumped, narrowly saving my cone and I watched, unable to help the giggle that escaped me when Mister J cut the ropes and the mans body hit the floor with a thud.
  “Look what you did,” he growled.
  I looked up at Mister J innocently, “What do you mean? I wasn’t doing anything!”
  He glared at the ice cream in my hand and a light bulb went off in my head. There was a body in our flat and if I wasn’t careful there would be two, but it was too tempting to pass up. Ever so slowly I trailed my tongue across the icy goodness, never taking my eyes off of him for a second.
  His eyes narrowed, a sound building in his chest as he moved toward me. With a squeal I tried to scramble away but he grabbed my leg and yanked me back across the island to him. He gripped my hair, and I gasped as he pulled my face to his. 
  “This little mouth of yours is gonna’ get you hurt,” he growled, his tongue grazing the corner of my mouth where some ice cream had been and I squirmed. 
  “Not my favourite flavor,” 
  I began to unbutton his shirt, “No? What’s your favourite flavor Mister J?” I whispered.
  His fingers dug into my thighs as he slowly spread my legs. 
  “You’re not mad about him?” I let out a shaky breath.
  “I didn’t say that, Y/N,”
  In an instant he had me bent over the island with one hand around my throat while the other tore my undies. 
  He purred, his hand coming down hard on my rear, “I scream,”
  Another smack, “You scream,”
  I felt him ready himself at my entrance, another smack, “We all scream for-”
  “Ice cream,” I moaned.

oh mechanic dva would be so good bc imagine someone tries to act like she’s “just a pilot” or something stupid like that - “you probably don’t even know how that thing WORKS, kid” - and she just gets so fucking insulted, like, how dare you? how dare you? this is hana fucking song? you think I don’t know my own goddamn meka inside and out,

Danganronpa characters at the airport. Part 3.
  • Warning:I haven't been to an airport. Ever.
  • 1. Komaeda- Only came to see the others off. Not because he's not coming, he just doesn't mix well with planes.
  • Komaeda:See you guys there!
  • Hiyoko:How come you're not taking the plane again?
  • Komaeda:They tend to... crash. So I'll be going by boat.
  • 2. Hiyoko- Has trouble with her id. Mostly because she looks like an adult but her ID is that of a child.
  • Security:Er miss you are a lot older than the person in this photo.
  • Hiyoko:Stupid growth spurt not giving me time to get a new passport.
  • 3. Fuyuhiko- Has trouble with his id because he just doesn't look his age.
  • Security:Kid if you're clearly 12 but you're id says your 16 it's not going to work.
  • Fuyuhiko:Who are you calling a kid? Huh?
  • 4. Peko- Is annoyed she can't take her sword on the plane.
  • Peko:It fits in the "does your carry-on luggage fit in this box?" box. What is the problem.
  • Security:It's a sword.
  • Peko:Yes a bamboo sword. I am aware of this.
  • 5. Souda- Get's caught fixing stuff.
  • Security 1:Is that kid supposed to be fiddling with all the machines.
  • Security 2:No, should we stop him?
  • Management:Let him, he just fixed a plane.
  • Security:Why did he fix a plane?
  • Management:Also tighten up security around the broken planes.
  • 6. Teruteru- Is visibly disappointed that security didn't question his luggage. It's all porn.
  • Teruteru:I guess they see some pretty weird stuff.
  • Security 1:Does that guy have a kangaroo?
  • Security 2:Yeah and a bear and- is that a hamster in his scarf?
  • Security 1:He has 4 hamsters in his scarf. What.
  • Teruteru:Or maybe my classmates are weirder than 2 suitcases of porn...
  • 7. Gundam- Security spends more time being confused about his animals than they do actually clearing him for boarding.
  • Security 1:Dude look a hippo!
  • Security 2:Seriously why does he have so many animals.
  • 8. Mahiru- Confuses security with her id.
  • Security 1:It's amazing!
  • Security 2:How did you do it?
  • Mahiru:How did I do what?
  • Security 1+2:You have a good photo on your passport!
  • Mahiru:Oh that.

Read something on a friend’s blog about how nobody had written this scene from episodes 4-5 from Lance’s POV and I love pain sO. Here you go.

It was funny, how reality liked to crash into you when you seemed to be getting a little too comfortable.

Sure, being a defender of the universe was a dangerous job, Lance hadn’t been stupid enough to doubt that. Just stupid enough to forget that it was a possibility.

The explosion had taken him completely off guard. The idea of the Galra attacking inside of the castle, in their safe space, it hadn’t even occurred to Lance. He was just glad that he’d realized in time to push Coran out of the way, to keep the casualties to a minimum.

In the end, he guessed he’d rather it be him than anyone else.

Lance was only somewhat conscious as the dust began to clear, his ears ringing and skin tingling as he tried to urge his eyes open. He wasn’t sure if he’d blacked out entirely or just for a handful of seconds, but all he was aware of was the intense, searing pain. In the back of his mind, he wondered if Coran had gotten out okay, if he was injured, but he was in so much agony that he couldn’t focus on one thought for too long.

Lance wondered if he was going to die.

In reality, he had no idea where the others were, or if the attack had been confined to one space or if it was widespread. For all he knew, the Galra troops were coming to kill him, and the others were too busy fighting to come to his aide. Lance was in no shape to fight. He wasn’t even entirely sure he could move.

Thundering footsteps alerted an approaching group of people, but the steps were too uncoordinated to be the Galra. Through his muddled mind, he heard voices, calling for Coran, and then someone shouted his name, and he was being pulled into someone’s arms.

Pain shot through his body, but he didn’t even have the energy to open his eyes or speak. He managed a low, agonized groan as one of the Paladin’s moved him, feeling his consciousness waver. Through his muddled thoughts, Lance couldn’t really keep up with any of the voices. They were frantic, though, and before he knew it, most of the noise was gone.

Then, he was being moved again, the pain flaring up so badly that Lance was sure he’d blacked out, if only for a second. His mind was going a thousand miles an hour, and while he still couldn’t find the strength to open his eyes, he managed another weak groan, loud enough for whoever was carrying him to hear.

This time, the voice was clear. “Hang on, buddy. Help is on the way.”

Shrio. Of course it was Shiro.

The castle must have been in various levers of chaos, because everyone else had been pretty quick to flee the scene. Lance didn’t take it personally, he knew that protecting the universe was way more important than his own life. That’s what it all boiled down to. If Lance died, the paladins would fine another paladin to pilot Blue, and they’d move on. It wasn’t as if Blue was picky–she’d bonded with him, after all.

When Lance really thought about it, he figured they might be better off with someone who was a little more put together. He knew just as well as everyone else that he was seen as the weak link. He was the weak link.

Lance heard Shiro say something again, but he was pretty sure it wasn’t directed at him. His voice sounded _____ and far away, like Lance was listening through water.

Painfully, he was reminded of how much he was hurting when he was pulled away from the solid, warm body that had been carrying him until now. Lance couldn’t blame Shiro. He was sure carting his semi-conscious ass around was getting tiring. If he couldn’t even open his eyes, what good was he for?

Still, the hands lowering him to the ground were undeniably gentle, careful that he wasn’t jostled on the way down. He’d have to thank Shiro for that later.

If there was a later, that is.

Lance was pretty sure he actually blacked out after that. He’d tried valiantly to listen to the evident fight, to hone in on the voices, but he was so tired that he couldn’t resist just… letting himself go. He wanted to help Shiro, he wanted to so badly, but he knew there was no way. He wasn’t good for anything, not like this. Even if he tried to help, he knew he’d probably just screw things up.

Jolted awake by something grabbing him around his waist, he cried out, though it came out strangled and weak. He was thrown to the ground, and he couldn’t even brace himself as he went down. His body still wasn’t responding, and at this point, it hurt so much that he was sure if he was even a little bit conscious, he’d throw up.

Now, Lance could hear Shiro again, shouting and fighting and trying too hard. Why? To protect Lance? Probably just to keep the castle safe. It would be idiotic for the leader of the team, for the pilot of the Black Lion to be risking his life to protect Lance.

There was movement, then, and the pain had gotten so intense that Lance couldn’t even think. He just let his body go limp, let whoever was carrying him do the work. What was the point? He was probably going to die here anyways.

Lance was hit by the sudden realization that dying meant his mom would never see him again. Sure, they all knew what their families must have thought. That they were dead, gone, kidnapped, never coming back again. Up until now, though, seeing them all again had been a possibility. A dream of sorts, that maybe once the universe got its shit together, maybe he’d be able to go home and tell his mom about it.

Now she’d never know.

By the time they were dropped to the ground in another room, Lance was sure he’d be crying if he could do anything at all. Selfishly, he found himself relived that Shiro was still there, still with him, scrambling over to his side and propping him up against something once they were left alone.

Lance slumped heavily against whatever he’d been propped up against, his consciousness coming back to him in slow, uneven waves of agony. His breaths were slow and shallow, his chest aching with every inhale. He was beginning to wonder exactly how badly he’d been hurt. Was it even possible to come back from this? Surely not if he’d waited so long for any sort of treatment.

“It’s gonna be okay, buddy, we’re going to get help soon.” Shiro’s voice was much closer than he’d anticipated, and Lance’s breath hitched suddenly at the feeling of a hand on his shoulder. The touch was so gentle that he was sure the Black Paladin was being conscious of every aching part of Lance’s body. Lance managed to move his head, just slightly, letting out another breathy groan. “Hey, Lance, hey–are you with me, buddy? Can you hear me?”

Getting his voice to work was hard, harder than anything he’d ever done, but he somehow managed a strangled sounding, ‘hey,’ that was barely audible and only just discernable enough for Shrio to hear.

“Hey, hey..” Shiro’s voice flooded with relief, and while Lance still couldn’t get his eyes to open up, he could practically hear the relieved smile. “How’re you doing, kid? We’re going to be okay, Allura and Keith and Pidge, they’re gonna be back soon, and Coran and Hunk are getting something to power the ship back up-“

“I… I d’nno, Shiro…” Lance croaked, relieved when Shiro was the one to help reposition him against whatever he was leaning on. Talking was taking up all of his energy, and the last thing he wanted to do now was pass out. Not when things were getting so bad. “It’s bad, Shi..Shiro..”

“Don’t talk like that, Lance… The healing pods-“

“They’re not e-even… Even powered on, now… S’gonna be too late, probably…” Lance croaked, exhaling shakily as he tried to corral his thoughts again. “Shiro, I don’t want to die…” His voice was barely above a whisper, shaking so badly that he was sure the other paladin wasn’t going to understand.

“Lance, come on…” Shiro whispered, voice gentle. “You’re not going to die, okay? We’re going to be fine, Keith and Allura-“

“They might not e-even be okay themselves…” Lance muttered, voice catching. “I don’t want my mom to t-think… I just want her to know.

“You can tell her Lance, okay? Your… Your injuries probably aren’t life threatening, and if you can just hang on-

“Shiro… if you ever go back to earth…” Lance breathed, feeling his consciousness waver. “Tell my-… Tell my mom, okay? Please…”

“Lance, stop, it isn’t funny. You’re going to be-“

Somewhere in the distance, Lance heard doors opening, and heavy footsteps into the room.

There was a voice, Sendak’s, and Lance knew that had to mean bad news. No sooner than he’d thought it did he feel Shiro disappear from his side, and then he was saying something, and he was pretty sure he’d heard Pidge’s name, but then Shiro was screaming and he was feeling completely and utterly useless.

Thankfully, it didn’t last long, and Shiro was dropped back to the ground with him. There weren’t any retreating footsteps, this time, but Lance didn’t really care, now. Maybe they were all going to die here.

“Pidge is in here, Lance…” Shiro whispered, breathlessly. “It’s going to be okay, Keith and Allura and… We’re going to be fine.” He insisted, though his own voice had begun shaking now.

“Shiro, I c-can’t…” Lance’s consciousness was beginning to fade, again, and oxygen was getting increasingly hard to get, now. “I don’t think I can…”

“Lance, please.” Shiro said, voice soft.

Sendak laughed maliciously, the sound sending a jolt of unease through Lance as he clung onto his last strand of consciousness.

“Lance, buddy, just hang on, okay? Just stay with me.” Shiro’s voice was desperate, his hands on Lance’s cheek.

With his last ounce of strength, Lance managed to pry his eyes open, his vision spotty as he tried to focus on the blurry outline of Shiro’s face. He was just about to give up, to stop trying to keep himself awake, when the doors slid open and a familiar looking green blob stood in the center of it all.

After that, Lance didn’t remember much. Shit hit the fan, there were voices, there was yelling. His memories were only halfway there. He knew Keith and Allura had shown up, but he wasn’t sure how. He knew they were in danger, but he didn’t know what he’d done to stop it all.

His thoughts didn’t really catch up to him until after it was all over. Keith was in front of him, suddenly, taking his arm and sitting him up slowly and carefully.

“Lance, are you okay?” He asked, close to his face, his voice gentler than he’d ever heard it before.

“We did it.” Lance croaked, half delirious with pain. “We are a good team.”

When he listed to the side, too weak, too injured to hold himself up anymore, Keith caught him and pulled him against his chest, carefully supporting his head as he shouted at Allura to prepare a healing pod.

Lance was only vaguely aware of being carried after that, Allura’s voice soft and sweet, sweeping over him in a way that sent calming waves over his body, soothing him into unconsciousness.

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you stupid bitch this is what you get. the shadowhunters fandom only likes you because you were the only person who made art but now we have toher people so we dont need you. you can just bye out of here and just die just freaking die somewhere. im cis and even I know youre being a cunt. you uneducated whore please just die and please take kanye with you to hell

kanye did NOTHING wrong

Another redeco of these ones which satisfies me for another season

for Lupe, I thought it would be cool if she and TB were like enemy wrestling empires since TB’s underlings wear lucha masks and the wolf pack was originally located in the South America analog where TB is now, so I’d just make them neighbors again. i gave her like decorated arm and leg guards and she’d fight without a weapon other than her sharp claws since lol even cream the rabbit’s hair can shred metal and yet lupe’s society is fighting with dinky little wood and stone spears for some reason, that seems odd when you consider that most mobian can make a robot explode just by throwing themselves at it. unless those are like actually double-reinforced hyperdiamond spears painted to look otherwise in order to lower the enemy’s guard or something stupid like that. she has a mono-eye and curled ears like fang and shagwolf because she just looks a bit like a blue sally in the comic as of now so this is to make her look more wolfy

sally is just a simplification of her previous redesign i did that leaves her knees and stomach covered. I made her boots and bracelets a bit different and softened the colors a bit. she has ricky ears and a chipmunk tail. i think her laser weapons should be created by nicole instead of just randomly she fights with laser weapons for nothing

“Sorry Earl, but I’m not longer the 14th you used to know…”


Ok ok ok, enjoy my D.Gray-man phase while you can because I have no idea how longer I’ll be into this AU.

I said before that I have a shiton of headcannons so let me explain, we just can’t lose Allen because he’s the main character, right? It would be stupid for him to totally disappear so I foresee two possible options in the future, either 1) Allen’s self is totally engulfed by Nea’s memory and it is up to his friend to somehow come over and rescue him from oblivion, or 2) the only choice left for him is to assimilate Nea and his memory, thus finally becoming a complete Noah and the 14th himself.

Well, in this picture I illustrated my vision of the second option. I haven’t read the most recent chapters yet, however this scene happens in my AU (yes, this is my fem!Allen that I have been playing with if you’re asking why he looks a bit more girlish than usual).

You’re free to adopt the headcannon if you like, I’m doing this AU just for fun.

Started just with me doodling around again:

Yo! look at it in my dA page!

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23, 133 winteriron please?

23. Please shut up, I can’t stand how appealing your voice is.

I decided to go with this one, I hope you don’t mind, because I thought it would be a cute one to do. Plus I just imagine how annoyed Tony would be! XD

There were a lot of things that Tony couldn’t stand about Bucky. He was just an overall annoying person who didn’t have any respect for other people. 

How dare he march into his tower with those stupid blue eyes, soft brown hair, irritating grin and that damn muscular physique…

How dare he?!

But if there was one thing that Tony couldn’t stand, it was that voice of his. It was so disgustingly beautiful that Tony hated him for it. Bucky’s voice was deep and had that Brooklyn accent that always got Tony hot under the collar. It was definitely pleasing to the ear and Tony would never admit it but he really liked hearing Bucky speak. 

It was soothing in a way and Tony wouldn’t mind Bucky talking him to sleep because that was how calming it was to him.

But Tony also imagined hearing that voice whispered dirty things into his ear as Bucky ruthlessly fucked him into a wall, holding him up with that super soldier strength and-


Tony was immediately removed from his fantasy and he let out a small ‘hmm?’ as he willed the warmth in his cheeks to fade. Steve looked at him strangely while Bucky almost seemed amused, his lips curled in a half-grin. 

Tony had never felt such anger in his life. 

“Are you okay?” Steve asked, concerned and Tony quickly nodded before waving him off. “I’m okay, Cap.” He said, smiling halfheartedly. “I was just thinking about…something.” 

Steve eyed him for a moment and Tony hoped he’d just leave it at that before giving a quiet sigh of relief as Steve bought it. 

“So, what were you saying, Buck?” Steve asked, looking back at Bucky and Bucky parted his lips to speak. 

Oh no. 

“Yeah, so I’ve been thinkin’ about all of us gettin’ together and-” Bucky started but he didn’t get to finish his sentence. 

“Please shut up!” Tony suddenly shouted, not being able to stand it anymore. “I can’t stand how appealing your voice is!” 

Silence was the initial response and Tony realized what he had done. Steve stared at him with wide eyes and a gaping mouth while Bucky’s expression was unreadable. 

That was it. 

He’d done.

He’d gone and fucked up a-

“You think my voice is appealin’?” Bucky suddenly asked, those blue eyes staring straight into his own, and a light but hopeful smile at his lips. 

Tony stared back to him before finally realizing one thing. 

All those things that he found annoying about Bucky weren’t annoying. They were endearing and beautiful. He loved the color of Bucky’s eyes, the softness of his hair and the grin that he gave. He loved how Bucky curled up on the couch and took naps there like a cat, he loved Bucky wandering into the workshop to keep his company, he loved..

Tony then smiled before giving a nod of his head. 

“Yeah, I do.” 

None of them noticed Steve’s little grin as he quietly got up from his chair and left the two alone, a new possible relationship blooming. 


I have this eighth year Headcanon that Draco would always complain about Harrys hair so Harrys like, right you little shit, and goes to a hairdresser and he comes back and everyone’s swooning and then Draco storms over demanding what Harry has done with his hair and just drags him off into an empty classroom and Harrys like, dude wtf is there anything you like? And Draco just sighs, looks Harry in the eye and says ‘you.’ And then the door pretty much falls open and half of Gryffindor and Slytherin and some Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaw just fall through the door, obviously eavesdropping and everyone looks slightly guilty apart from Pansy who’s just GRINNING and Ron who’s just giving Harry the look and Draco just squeaks.

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I was just surfing the webs when i thought of uSHIKURO!!! Ushijima being oblivious to Kuroo's shameless flirting until Kuroo just walks straight up to him and says "Dude, Im gay for u" or something stupid and Ushijima just stares at him for a moment before he blushes intensely. Them going on coffee shop dates cuz they're cliche. Them sleeping in in the morning, bathed in the soft sunlight through the window, cuddling. Im dragging u guys to UshiKuro hell with me. -flower anon 🌸✨

oh my god you can’t drag me down anon, i’m already there (and so is admin maelle who HAPPENS to be possibly writing a fic for the ship ;) ) but oh my godd yes ALL OF THIS thank you for reminding me why this ship is so great oh goshhh. i want /all/ the ushikuro fluff

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Hi! I love your blog :) and I'm really sorry but I really need to have a rant right now. See I was reading the Bane Chronicles and I just so happened to mention that Magnus found a boy hot. My mother then said she wasn't sure she should be letting me read the book JUST BECAUSE MAGNUS IS BISEXUAL. I MYSELF AM PANSEXUAL(but closeted) AND I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW STUPID THE WORLD CAN BE. HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH IT??? Thank you very much for letting me do this. I feel a lot better. Malec rules :)

Hello! Thank you hun. :D

Oh dear. I’m sorry to hear that.

My Mom, I would say, is open-minded (but nowhere near as much as me) but when I first came out to her she was a little weirded out about it, I feel. That was years ago, and I remember watching Brokeback Mountain and she was cringing/turning when they kissed/had sex and she couldn’t comprehend why I wanted to see the movie so bad.

Now, she hardly even flinches when there are gay couples on TV, and she’s all about asking LGBTQ+ related questions in attempts to try and better understand. She thinks everyone deserves love. Men and men, woman and woman, and I can even show her things involving/about LGBTQ+ couples/characters and she’s cool with it. (I was watching a gay couple on YouTube, Christian and Syed and she even admitted to one of their kisses being pretty hot (if you choose to watch, which I reccomend, it’s the one where Chris takes Syed into an alley to talk to him and ends up pushing him up against a wall and kissing him. Yum!).

Sorry, I went on a little bit there. But what I was going for is that some people can learn to accept and eventually see being LGBTQ+ as no big deal. Just takes some time. I hope your mother will end up being one of them when you do come out, m’dear. :D I don’t understand how people in the world can be so against love, either. Baffles me that a lot of people still think that it’s only okay if one person is male and the other is female. Ridiculous.

Fortunately I have an awesome Mum on my side (my dad and his side of the family are for the most part very homophobic, so they’ll take a while - especially since I’m not a big fan of my father so we don’t talk too much therefore I haven’t much worked on bettering him so he’s more informed about my being pansexual and the LGBTQ+ community), awesome friends (I came out as bisexual to my best friend when I was like 14 but didn’t realize that pan. was more accurate until later) and a wonderful boyfriend who accepts every part of me.

You are so welcome to rant all you want. I’m a good listener (fortunately, because I have social anxiety so I sure as hell better be, otherwise it’d be even more wretched talking to me. haha.)



I’m turning full savage because these children need to stop with their next level stupidity…

Just because we didn’t like the ending and SOME of us are coping with adultery comic/fics does NOT mean that majority of us condone it in real life???? Was that too complicated for you or do you want me to dumb it down a bit???

Learn the difference between reality and fictional kids because apparently since the ending y'all been so balls deep into your ‘canon’ pairing that you are all losing your shit over FANFIC WRITERS and ARTISTS who don’t have the smidgen of the power to change the last chapter.

Enjoy your failed ending…

We can make our own.

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i can just imagine coming home upset, and seeing luke laying on the bed on this phone. He looks up at you and you just sign and flop onto the bed. Then moving up until you're actually laying right on top of him, and he just wraps his arms around you and says something dumb like "i know your sad, but today i learned shrimps hearts are in their heads :D"

stOP that’s so cute i would love this so much right now he’d probably laugh at your eye roll and then you’d crack a smile and he’d laugh more and you’d laugh and it’d be cute lil giggles at his stupid facts but he’s rapt cause he cheered you up if only for a sec

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Not really MBTI related, just a question from one ENTP to somebody who seems to think kinda alike and maybe has more shit figured out - do you have a way to deal with rage? I'm talking mostly about rage at nothing concrete - stuff like ignorance or absurdity of life (and yes, I do realize how pretentious that sounds), as sometimes something relatively minuscule simply causes me to froth at the mouth for the next day or so - any thoughts on dealing with that, even just in waiting it through?

No, don’t worry, it´s not pretentious. I do also get angry over ignorance and stupidity quite often, whenever it´s just about one person, a certain group of people, or humanity in general. 

I would not recommend to keep it inside, though, because it only leads to bitterness. Try instead to channel it into something creative like drawing, painting, or writing (I would recommend to turn it into comedy - it´s a reason why there are so many ENTP comedians). Another (much) easier way is to find ways to ventilate, like talking to friends or creating a blog where you only focus your negativity. 

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I used to think that all EreRi fans were reaalllyyy mean and always ship bashed and never cared about anyone elses ships, but you are so sweet and draw for multiple ships and I wanted to tell you that I really appreciate it!! Thank you so much, I've gone through lots of EreRi shippers who bullied me and my ship and were extremely disgusting and it's nice to see that some people have a heart. This is kinda a stupid ask aha but I just wanted to thank you! ILYSB BB - an EreMika shipper

Every big ship has both amazingly nice followers and the douchebags you’ve encountered sadly ;n; In the end you can never lump a group of people together and assume everyone’s the same. I’m sorry this happened to you and NO, this was not a stupid ask at all. I wish we could all just treat each other kindly but at least I can say for sure that you’re very welcome on my tumblr no matter what you ship <3 *hugs* It’s not just me either, all the ereri fans I follow have this mindset and I know so do many eremika (or any other snk ship) fans!


now to my understanding some of y’all have wanted to see Moria shirtless

well here she is, shirtless :3c


I made her shirt and accessories on their own layers, so you can click between the two and see how seamless it is! When I finished I got a big stupid grin on my face cuz that’s real fuckin neato

the 2nd image is like i never even drew the rest of the dress it’s so awesome isn’t it i’m sorry i just love the functionality of this drawing it’s so simple but cool

it’s always so much fun to draw precious deer cutie

well its the 26th and im 26 years old. i hate birthdays. my family never really bothered with them because they are muslim and they’d say its haram. ive always felt really lonely on my birthdays, its never seen as a positive thing. my grandma always said birthdays are nothing to celebrate because you’re just another foot in the grave. i kinda wish i knew what it would be like to have your birthday celebrated properly and actually do something idk.. ive always felt like ive missed out on something that most people enjoy or celebrate. Even though i feel like i don’t really have much to celebrate in my life and the idea of celebrating my life when its mostly just bean a struggle seems stupid.. i’ve always secretly wanted to. at least i managed to score some weed in time for my birthday so once i get home from work i might go buy something nice for dinner wait til everyones asleep chill out to some music and get really high and eat something nice and forget the day had any significance *plays a tiny violin omw out*