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ik its old but when dnp slow danced in the live of the BRITS 2015, was it staged ? u probably dont know but do u think it was ?

“you probably don’t know” jdskjfn is there actually people who think it wasn’t staged?

omg. of course it was u silly goose. it was a gag, a bit, a Sketch. dan said it in the next liveshow (”we thought it would be funny”). 

as if they had been actually slowdancing in front of the camera / studio just for fun and a technicall difficulty exposed them. you’re all so silly.

the jokee was that we “caught” them slowdancing, which is a bit meta if you ask me, but obviously it was planned. 

im sorry to ruin u <3

I want all young Autistic people on this site to know that they should never have to change themselves to satisfy neurotypicals.

That’s what society wants you to do. And there will be many, MANY instances where you feel obligated to do so. And maybe you will. You might stop stimming for a while because that girl gave you an irritated look, and even though you know you should stand up for yourself you feel so embarrassed and silly that you put your stim toys away.

Believe me, trying to change yourself to make neurotypicals more comfortable is a mistake. All those weird Autistic things you’re embarrassed of may become useful in the real world where clones don’t get far. Don’t look back in five years without any idea who you are because your one goal is to blend in with society.

Being Autistic is beautiful. There is NOTHING wrong with being Autistic. Please don’t change to make some neurotypical kid you won’t even remember happy.

Allistics/neurotypical allies who want to help, REBLOG THIS LIKE CRAZY so maybe an Autistic kid/youth can feel better about themselves.

Autistic people struggling with self-image or anything, feel free to message me 😘

he definitely likes you
  • Draco: *wanking in his bed* Potterrrrr
  • Harry: What?
  • Draco: *jumps* OH MY GOD WHAT?!!?
  • Harry: *taking off the invisibility cloak* How did you know I was here??? I was so quiet???
  • Draco: *furiously scrambling to protect his modesty* I- I didn't know you were there!?
  • Harry: Oh... so you didn't notice me?
  • Draco:
  • Harry: Whew, good. Alright then, please carry on *slips back under the cloak*
  • Draco: *confusedly resumes wanking*
  • Draco in his head: I wonder if Potter likes me
  • Harry in his head: I wonder if Malfoy likes me


-the moment you sleepily purred out his petname, his eyes would go wide with shock as the other stared at him; “Daddy?” - 

“That’s what she calls me, it’s cute.” 
*cuddles you, and sweetly kisses your forehead* 
“Don’t listen to them babygirl, just sleep- Daddy’s got you.” 

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-he’d have a huge dorky smile on his face as your sleepiness brought out your littleness; not giving a shit about his Hyung’s teasing him- 

“Oh my sweet little babygirl.” 
*protectively holds you in his arms, kissing you all over your face*  
“Let’s get you to bed, hm?”

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-his cheeks would go bright red as his Hyung’s curiously stared at the two of you- 

*commences his shy boxy grin as he walks you to bed* 
“Jagi, you’re so silly- the others heard” 
“They’re gonna tease us about it, you know that right?”

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-gives his friends this ‘yeah that’s right she calls me Daddy’ look before they can even say anything as he pulls you down onto the couch beside him- 

*kissing the nape of your neck, he tenderly massaged your side*
“If you’re sleepy then just take a nap, okay little one?”
“Do you want Daddy to sing to you?” 

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-he’d automatically hid his face in the crook of your neck as you cuddled against him; his friends just jokingly calling him the petname- 

*you’d sleepily pout as you tried apologising* 
“Sh, sh- it’s okay you didn’t do anything wrong, princess” 
“Don’t listen to them they’re stupid, just rest my love.”

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-as soon as you’d tell him you’re sleepy, he’d pay no mind to the maknaes poking fun at him and his nickname; he’d just want to make sure you were comfortable- 

*as you crawl into his lap, he’d gently rock you* 
“My little princess is so sleepy..” “Do you need Daddy to get you anything?” 

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-the others would try to pick on him but he’d just shrug it off as he gently laid your head on his lap- 

“Princess, you can’t sleep yet, you know that.” 
*you’d sleepily huff in protest as he played with your hair* 
“No, no don’t give me attitude, you still have to take a bath.” “You know what, come on- Daddy will get you ready for bed.” 

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You love me, right?

A/N: Maybe not exactly what you had in mind, but I hope you enjoy. 

“Don’t touch me!” you giggled. But Harry didn’t listen as he continued to reach for you, narrowly avoiding the bicycle kicks you were sending his way.

“Oh, come off it, m’hands aren’t that cold,” he said with an eye roll as he finally got you to settle beneath him. His hands rested on your sides, and while your flesh was protected from his chilly fingers by the thick fabric of your sweater, you could feel the coldness hovering above.

“They are freezing, Harry.” You looked around best you could with Harry keeping you still, trying to find some way to escape. But you were trapped in the middle of the bed like a raft out to sea with no sight of shore.

“Fine, fine. Won’t touch you.” His shoulders slumped in dejection, bottom lip protruding pathetically. You looked for signs of movement; you’d been in this relationship long enough to know Harry never gave up without a fight. “But yeh know, love, cold hands mean ‘ve got a warm heart.”

Your eyebrows raised, mouth in a hard line. “That is the biggest load—”

The words hardly left your mouth before Harry’s hands infiltrated your warm sweater. He roamed the expanse of your warm body, squeezing and tickling all the spots that made you squeal. Maybe it wasn’t his cold hands, but the sound of your laugh echoing throughout his bedroom did make Harry swell with warmth.

“Harry…Harry, please,” you pleaded through heavy breaths, tears leaking from the corners of your eyes. “My tummy hurts…think you’ve given me a cramp.”

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Sweet Creature

You had spent the whole day watching Harry doing radio shows, sitting with Jeff in silence, your own set of headphones sitting atop of your recently straightened hair. One piece of which, slightly curved at the end where you had been playing with it. Your lip sore from chewing on the corner, something you do when you are anxious. In a usual situation like this, your cheeks would ache from smiling too much and your dimple would stand proud on the left side of your face, very much like Harry’s. However, this wasn’t a usual situation, this was the day of Harry’s debut album being released for the whole world to hear. You were so unbelievably proud of Harry and you were still trying to figure out a way to tell him. Still, you couldn’t stop the pang to your heart as you listened to Grimmy and Harry hinting at who a particular song was about. Sitting there whilst they talked about Carolina and Two Ghosts while Jeff placed his hand in yours and squeezed, his own face mirroring yours. Exactly mirroring, making you lift your lips into a smile as you couldn’t bare Harry seeing you like that. That look, that unmistakable look… The look that would let everyone know that you, Harry Styles’ girlfriend, isn’t ready for the media and the paps to start talking about how Harry Styles writes songs about his ex-lovers but not the one who he is currently with.

Despite this, you still smiled and hugged Harry when he finished. Him placing a firm kiss on your cheek, before moving to let Nick greet you. Nick pulled you into a very tight hug, longer than usual so he could whisper in your ear.

“I’m sorry love, had to ask those questions, its my job” he said pulling back as you nodded and mouthed a “I know” before smiling and mouthing “I understand” 

“What are you two so gloomy about?” Harry said, wrapping an arm around your waist and placing another kiss on your cheek.

“Nothing.. Nothing at all. I’m so proud of you H. You did it” you said pulling Harry into a tight hug.

“Thank you so much my love” Harry said, smiling a real, huge and full smile at Nick as you stood fake smiling at Jeff.

Harry said his thank you’s to everyone before the both of you left. Going to another radio show at BBC radio 2 before wrapping that up and finally heading home. 

You walked through the door, Harry followed closely behind, talking about how he was so proud of the album and how he couldn’t have done it without the support from everyone, especially you. 

“Love?” he said, as you took your shoes off.

“Hmm?” you said, coming down from your thoughts.

“Is everything okay? You seem a bit off” he said, as you walked into your living room.

“Hmm” you said, still not really listening, being too distracted.

“They’re sounds love, not words” Harry said, teasing you as he lightly pinched your waist, trying to make you giggle, not succeeding in doing so, of course.

“Yeah… sorry. Been a long day an all” you said, smiling softly at him.

“Sure that’s it?” Harry said, placing a hand on your thigh.

“Of course. Just tired s’all” you said, leaning in to place a kiss on his pink lips.

“Hmm. Don’t believe it though. I saw the way you’ve been acting all day. All smiley but quiet. Love, I know ya. Known yer for 4 years now, been in love with yer for 4 years now. Been together for 1… Sommat’s up” he said.

You sighed deeply, preparing for what you were about to say.

“I am so proud of you H, I am. So proud. S’just… I dunno… Guess I’m jealous s’all” you said, making Harry chuckle.

“Jealous of what love?” He said, his eyebrows furrowing.

“The other girls” you said, making Harry’s forehead crinkle, his eyes looking deeply into yours as he tries processing the words you spoke.

“What other girls?” Harry said, confusion spreading across his features.

“The ones you write about” you said, closing your eyes and placing your forehead against his chin as a tear ran down your cheek. Before you continued, “I don’t want to be the jealous girlfriend, I’ve never have been that kind of girl H. I have been in love with you for 4 years H. I’ve been in love with you since I was 19 and you have been with other women in those 4 years, and I have been with other men in those years. All whilst being in love with you… Those are facts… and I have never been the jealous type, that too is a fact. So I don’t know what is different now but it hurts” you said, sobbing throughout.

“Baby, they are nothing. Nothing. They are the past, it is a fact that I find it easy writing about experiences, past ones… They are the past and they are nothing. You are very much the present and everything. I hate that I’m hurting you, I hate it. And you know me Lou, I’m crap with words and what not… I’m good at writing about things though… S’why I wrote woman about you and sweet creature about you ” Harry said, placing his fingers under your chin and tilting your head up slowly, a smirk placed on his face as he took in your initial reaction, your eyebrows were now furrowed, like his were slightly earlier.

“Wh-what? About- there- me? what?” you said, become incoherent. Harry giggled before saying “I love you so much” as he placed a kiss against your lips.

“You wrote them - about me” you said, as he continued to kiss you. He slowly pulled away, laughing as soon as he saw the shocked expression still on your face.

“I wrote them about you love” Harry said , taking your small hand into his much larger one.

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” you said, genuinely smiling for the first time that day.

“I thought it was obvious. I’m in love with yeh pet. Wanna spend the rest of me life with you” Harry said, placing a kiss against your lips.

“I love you so much H. I’m so proud of you and I’m so silly” you said, making him shake his head.

“Maybe a lil’. But I’m silly in love with you. Besides, you aint wrote no songs about me just yet” Harry said, making you giggle.

“You mad? Wrote just about a whole album about you” you said, making Harry nod his head.

“Yeah. Jus’ wanted to hear you say it” he said, making you pull him in to a long kiss.

  • 4 year old boy 2000: Look, Mommy! I'm wearing your shoes!
  • Mother: Oh you are so silly, honey! Let's take a picture to show Daddy later :)
  • 4 year old boy 2015: Look, Mommy! I'm wearing your shoes!
  • Mother with a tumblr account: OMG! You're obviously trans!!! Let's buy you nothing but dresses from now on! Please know that your genderless parental figure and I fully support you during this transition period! I'll start making plans for the surgery immediately!!!
Shit, it’s father’s day ! - Bruce Wayne x Reader

So, I’m not close from my father. Like, not at all. We’re mostly strangers. So I completely forgot that it was Father’s day today…I actually realized it was that specific day thanks to Hugh Jackman and his instagram account where he posted a picture of his dad and him…ANYWAY, I wrote something for Batman, I feel like I HAVE TO write something for Batdaddy to yo. LITERALLY WROTE IT IN TWENTY MINUTES THOUGH, cause I got things to do today but felt inspired. So here it is, hope you’ll like it : 

Sorry for spamming you with two “stories” in the span of like an hour but I felt super inspired and boom. My masterlist blog by the way :


-Bruce. Bruce. Bruce ?!

Alarmed by the emptiness next to you in bed, you sit up. It’s not like your husband to leave your shared bed without telling you, without a kiss or hell, without making love to you. 

It’s not like him indeed, as he didn’t really leave the bed. He’s sitting on the edge of it, looking out the window of your bedroom. Worries fill your voice when you ask, a bit unsure : 

-Bruce…My heart, are you alright honey ? 

Bruce grumbles back an answer you don’t hear, and you crawl to him. Your tempted to hug him from behind, wrap your arms around his torso, your legs around his waist, your head resting on his back (he’s too tall for you to reach anything else but the middle of his back with your head)…But you feel like something is off. 

It’s pretty obvious really. The way he groaned at you. The fact he isn’t in bed anymore. The way his back is hunched and…just the fact he’s not in your arms right now. He doesn’t even look at you when you approach him, so you decide to drop the hug from behind, and sit next to him. 

He still doesn’t look at you, and you panic a little. It’s so unlike him…

-Bruce ? Please, say something…Did I do something wrong ? 

He quickly raises his head and his eyes lock with yours. Is it…is it sadness you can see in his deep blue orbs ? 

-No, no you didn’t do anything. It’s quite the opposite really. It’s just…It’s just that it’s…The day and…I’m being stupid and childish. Sorry. 

He’s about to stand up and go to the bathroom, but you suddenly understand and hold him back. This time, you hug him from behind, because you know he needs it. There isn’t a problem with you. Oh nope. 

It’s father’s day, almost 4 pm, and no trace of your boys. When it was mother’s day, they woke you up early with a magnificent breakfast, and took you out all day…

As you wrap your arms and legs around him, he sighs sadly (and makes you hurt drop, seeing him sad always break you a little, and you just have to do something about it) and the grip he has on your thigh is a bit stronger than his usual soft one. 

Yes. He needs you. 

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GOT7 reaction to their s/o not being able to use chopsticks


he’d panic seeing your struggling state and quickly grab a napkin to wipe up the sauce you’d flicked onto your chin.
“y/n, come here, let me give you a hand.”
he continued by grabbing your hand with the chopsticks and feeding you himself.

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he would quickly smile at your battle with the chopsticks before leaning over and silently re-positioning your fingers properly, not saying a word so he wouldn’t cause any embarrassment for either one of you. you blushed at the gesture, but he gave you a reassuring smile to make you feel better.

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as soon as he saw you making a mess of the noodle dish you were eating, he couldn’t help but snicker at how badly you were doing. as soon as you noticed him laughing, you’d glare up at him, causing him to shut right up. then, because he felt bad, he’d demonstrate how to do it for you.

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when he saw you barely picking up the noodles from the bowl with a defeated face, he immediately stepped in to very thoroughly guide you on how to use chopsticks, making sure every mouthful was done well. after seeing you eat your food perfectly, he’d smile like a  proud mum.

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watching you struggle was painful to jinyoung, he couldn’t bare watching the noodles repeatedly fall off the chopsticks. it was slowly driving him insane
“c'mere,” he’d sigh jokingly and pick up his own chopsticks. he’d start feeding you himself, finally no longer having to painfully watch you.

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he’d burst out laughing as soon as he saw you. he couldn’t help it, but you just looked so cute and silly he thought it was so sweet. i doubt he’d really help you, just show you how he does it and let you learn. af course afterwards there would be nonstop teasing about it.

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although he’s a little on the shy side, yugyeom would still find it entertaining to watch you mess up each mouthful. he’d giggle at you, but eventually give you a hand, he couldn’t bare watching you struggle for too long.

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Anti-social // Cole Sprouse

Hi ^^ I love your writing and I was wondering if I could request a cole x reader. Like the reader and cole are together for a long time now and she’s like super shy and stuff bc maybe there was something in her past.And cole takes her with him to the riverdale set and all the cast members are super nice but to much for the reader and cole is like really protective about the reader and the others ask him if they did something wrong and cole explains that the reader is just a very shy person. 

 Warnings: N/A

Word Count: 1,554

Characters: Cole Sprouse, KJ Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Madelaine Petsch, Casey Cott, Trevor Stines, Skeet Ulrich, Luke Perry.

 — —

Socialising wasn’t exactly your forte. You preferred to hide away in the shadows and keep to yourself. Your parents didn’t exactly like you socialising with kids that they didn’t know, so you rarely had friends that stuck around.

Your boyfriend, Cole, on the other hand, was much more social than you were. He loved to go out with his friends, but you preferred to sit on the couch with a book and spend the night in. That was half of the reason you hadn’t met his co-stars just yet. But today, he forced you out of the house.

The car ride from the apartment you two were staying at consisted mostly of ‘Cole, seriously. I don’t want to go’, ‘(Y/N), you’re already in the car. Get over it.’, ‘I could jump out the car, you know.’ ‘Don’t be silly.’ So here you were, sitting in the car out the front of Cole’s trailer, your arms crossed over your chest and a pout on your lips.

“Come on, grumpy,” Cole grinned, leaning over to plant a kiss on your cheek, to which you complied with him and got out the car, closing the door and following him into his trailer, which was surprisingly decent. (You mostly paid attention to the Polaroids on the wall, which you and Dylan appeared in most of them). You sat on the double bed that was in the corner of the trailer, frowning a little. “How do you not miss your own bed or mine compared to this? You always say you’re comfortable here.” You put your phone down, falling back onto the bed and staring at the ceiling, which had fairy lights strung across the roof. “You’re so Tumblr, oh my gosh.”

“Do not judge my hipster aesthetic. The rest of the cast love it.” He grabbed your phone from next to you, putting it on charge since you were complaining about not having a charger and your phone was on 7%.

“So, you’ve had all of the cast here, huh? How many times have you and KJ made out on this bed?” You smirk, sitting back up to look at him and biting your lip. Cole turned to look at you, his eyebrow raised as he stalked towards you, leaning forward, his hands on either side of your hips. You had started to lean back, teasing him as his lips tried to attach themselves to yours.

Once your back hit the cold wall of the trailer, his lips had immediately started at your collarbone, sucking on it gently and then he started to kiss up your neck. Your fingers tangled in his hair, tugging lightly at it, but as soon as the both of you started to get into the swing of things, you were both interrupted by someone banging on the trailer door. “Dinner is ready!”

“C’mon. Time for you to meet the cast.” Cole pulled you up with him, making you become a little stiff and frown a bit. “You can always like, I don’t know. Bring the food here?” You suggested, watching him shrug on a coat, since it was a bit chilly outside. “You’re going to need a jumper, babe. It’s going to snow tonight.” Cole ignored what you had said, grabbing his spare jacket and slipping it over your shoulders, letting you slip your arms through.

Following him out of the trailer, you slowly walked next to him, hoping to waste as much time as you can. “Come on,” Cole muttered, his arm slinging over your shoulder and pulling you along, making you move a bit faster. “I love you.”

“I love you…” You muttered back, chewing on your lip. Once the pair of you reached the huge tent where the food was prepared and served, your heart started to beat a bit faster, making your breath hitch. If only your parents hadn’t been so stupid…

“Cole, mate!” You heard KJ call out. You looked up at Cole, seeing the grin on his face as he led you over to a huge round table, where the cast of Riverdale was sat at. There were two seats, obviously where you and Cole would be sitting.

“I’m going to put you next to Trev. He’s more chilled out, rather than KJ. You’ll probably swoon over his accent and leave me for him.” Cole held your shoulders, pushing you in front of him and making you sit down. “What makes you say I won’t leave you for Trev?” You looked at him, raising an eyebrow. Cole looked at you with a glare, but a small smirk was on his lips.

“Guys, this is (Y/N). You all know about her, but this is her. In the flesh.” Cole announced loudly, making your heart beat quickly and your face go red.

There was a chorus of ‘nice to meet you!’, ‘you’re so much prettier than the photo’s!’, and ‘glad you finally decided to bring her’. You smiled, waving a little bit and taking a deep breath, trying to calm down. “Let me guess. Cole forced you here, didn’t he?” You heard Trev whisper into your left ear, making you look at him and nod a little. You could probably become really good friends with Trevor. He seemed really calm and chilled out.

Cole had left you at the table as he, KJ and a few others left to go get food. You bit your lip, fiddling with your thumbs and hoping that Cole would be quick and be back at your side.

“So, (Y/N)! Cole has told us so much about you, but now that you’re here, we can finally get a bit more details!” Camila started, a huge grin on her lips. You picked at your nails, a quiet ‘what do you want to know?’ coming from your lips as you looked up at her, shyly.

“Okay! So Cole never told us how you two met!” Madelaine asked, excited to hear the wacky story of how the two of you got together. You swallowed a lump in your throat looking over your shoulder, seeing KJ and Cole messing around together, still waiting in line for food. You turned back to see two older men, sitting across from you, looking at you with worried faces. “Kids, why don’t you let her settle in first, you’ve probably frightened the poor girl.” You know that Skeet and Cole spent a lot of time together, so they’re on screen relationship wasn’t as awkward, so you smiled softly at him.

“Nonsense! She’s fine! Right, (Y/N)? You’re fine! See, Skeet!” Camila grinned, to which Madelaine and Lili nodded along with, all three looking at you like you were a piece of meat. “Actually. I-uh, I need to go.” You quickly got up, pulling the sleeves of Cole’s jacket over your hands as you turned towards Cole’s trailer, walking as quickly as you can.

-Cole’s POV-

Cole saw you move quickly across the grass area, headed towards the pavement and the cluster of trailers. He looked at the cast, who were all a bit shocked due to your sudden exit. Cole had two foam takeaway containers in his hand, eyebrows furrowed as he walked back towards the round table, setting the containers down.

“Was it something we did?” Casey asked Cole, making Cole furrow. “Uh, well, the girls, mostly. You all shouldn’t have scared her like that. It would’ve been better to ease her into the conversation,” Luke added, looking at Camila, Madelaine and Lili, who all looked guilty,

“Oh, no. Absolutely not. She’s just very shy. Her parents didn’t really let her socialise much, so she’s a bit… fragile.” Cole started, sitting down and taking a deep breath. “Nothing that happened tonight is your fault. I think I protect her a little too much, which is also kind of bad. I want her to socialise with all of you guys. Because, I don’t want her going through life and just talking to people who are very close to her, you know?” Cole finished, grabbing some plastic cutlery and taking a deep breath. “I think I’ll go and take this into her. I’ll see you all for filming after.”

­-(Y/N)’s POV­-

You sat on the bed in Cole’s trailer, leaning against the wall and taking deep breaths. You felt so stupid. Running off like a little kid. You should’ve sucked it up and stayed there. They’re all probably laughing at your stupidity. Cole too.

“Babe?” You heard Cole’s voice break you from your thoughts. “In here,” you murmured, picking at your nails. You looked up, seeing him in all his beauty, carrying in two takeaway containers and placing them on the bed.

“You alright?” He asked you, pushing some of your hair behind your ear and smiling softly. “Luke and Skeet told me what happened. I want to apologise for their behaviour. They never usually act like this. They were just really excited to finally meet my amazing and beautiful girlfriend.”

You smiled, a small blush appearing on your cheeks as you picked up a container, bringing it to your lap and opening it. “Butter Chicken. You remembered.” You looked up at him, grabbing a fork and blowing a kiss.

“Can’t forget what my girlfriend likes, can I?” He winked, making you shake your head laughing.

“You’re an idiot.”

“Yeah, but I’m your idiot.”