Livestream screenshots!

First we have Avi looking so effing content!

Then we have this perfect display of Scomiche’s personalities

And this adorable Scomiche moment!

Look at this adorable bby

Mitch just zoning the out!

Mitch absolutely serving face


Whatever Scott’s doing here


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how do you deal with hate/rude messages? I'm so sensitive, I just crumble

ok well (not flexing but) i get a damn huge amount and out of the 100 or so i get a day, literally 98 are positive and reaffirming. and i sure as shit don’t merit that kind of affection but it is hard to really take strangers on anonymous seriously in the face of all that love. i do publish them generally though because theres nothing i like more than really burning a sexist dipshit. sometimes i get really constructive, if slightly scathing messages but if there is real content, if there is something perceptive or helpful in it, i fuckin think about it. because i have got to grow and everybody has something to offer in terms of helping you come to self realisations. we are all, to an extent, responses to one another. 

  • Family:makes jokes about gay people, black people, Chinese people, basically any minority or ethnic group
  • Me:bites tongue
  • Family:hahahahha we are so very funny!!
  • Me:makes a joke about a rich white boy with a convertible
  • Family:OMG you are SO judgmental, you are in no position to judge him, why would you be so rude????
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:what the actual fuck

On second thought, I’ve accepted that my main emotion is Joy. My mom is insistent in any case and I do dance around and sing far too often for someone whose main emotion is disgust or fear.

And I can be in whatever I choose (“It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”) so I’ll be a Hufflepuff too if I damn well please!!

I can be the happy me I try to be~

  • I may seem nice. I may seem rude.
  • Whichever it is,
  • I guess I seem rude.

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Could you do an imagine where you're on a really bad date and you call Reid to help you get away?

hope you like it! x

Blind dates were never something that appealed to you but after JJ constantly pressed you about it, you agreed to it. According to her, the guy was a friend of Will’s and was very nice. When all you can say about someone is that they’re very nice it’s probably because there are a million strange things about them. And sure enough, you were gonna find out.

His name was Bill, he was thirty years old and worked as a football coach. He talked… a lot. And mostly about himself. In fact, you were pretty sure he had only asked you about your name before introducing himself and going on about his life. You didn’t want to be rude so you just smiled friendly and nodded your head from now and then, trying to look interested in whatever it was he was talking about. But your mind was elsewhere.

Right before you finished work and headed out, the team gathered and discussed their plans for the night. JJ happily announced that you had a date and you silently cursed her for doing so, not really wanting your colleagues to know about something that would could possibly go terribly wrong and embarrass you for the rest of your life. But what caught your attention the most was the frown in Reid’s face and how he grew quiet after JJ’s “announcement”. Morgan seemed to have noticed it too and patted Reid on the shoulders, which left you even more confused.

Bill was talking about new football tactics and championships and you almost lost your mind. Who in their right mind believes that talking about sports is a good topic for a first date? Did he want to scare you away because if so, he was doing a mighty good job at it. But he wouldn’t stop talking, and frankly he didn’t seem to notice you were there. You excused yourself to the bathroom and felt acknowledged for the first time.

Closing the door behind you and pulling out your phone, you dialed the number of the one person you hoped could get you out of this nightmare. After a few rings you heard his voice.

“(Y/N)? Is everything okay? Aren’t you supposed to be on a.. date?” he hesitated at that last part and once more you wondered why he seemed so different.

“Yeah, yeah I am. But I’m kind of.. hiding in the bathroom.“ you laughed nervously.

There were a few moments of silence before Reid spoke up. “What kind of date are you on?” and you couldn’t help but agree.

“It’s just.. the guy is terrible. He asked me for my name and then went on about himself and hasn’t shut up since. He keeps talking about football and his life and career and he never runs out of things to say. I only like rambling when you do it.” you face palmed right after letting out those last words.

“What do you.. what do you need me for?” he asked and you couldn’t decide if he hadn’t heard what you said or just chose to ignore it.

“Could you just.. come pick me up? I’ll tell the guy I’m not feeling well, not like he’ll care anyway.”

“I’ll be right there.” he agreed and you sighed in relief, you couldn’t wait to get out of there. Making your way back to your date, you didn’t even bother sitting back down but gave him a smile.

“I’m not feeling very well so I think I’m gonna head off. It was nice meeting you, though.” you lied and got a reaction you weren’t expecting.

“What? Do you know how hard it was to get a reservation in this place? And you want to leave?” his tone revealed a whole new side of him and you silently thanked yourself for getting out before it was too late.

“I’m sorry but I’m just not feeling well. Maybe some other time.” or never. He scoffed and shook his head.

“Whatever, it’s not like you were actually interesting. You’re just a pretty face, that’s it.” you restrained yourself from slapping him across the face as you got a text from Reid saying he was outside. You’d never admit it but you were hurt. How could he say that? You work so hard, you put your life in risk every day, you tried to please everyone, but all everyone saw was a pretty face.

Spotting Reid outside, you only mumbled a “hi” before storming past him and getting into the car. He got in the driver’s seat not long after and started making his way to your house, driving in silence before he spoken up.

“What did he do?” he questioned quietly, you shook his head but spoke nonetheless.

“He said I’m not interesting and that I’m just a pretty face. It’s stupid that it’s bothering me so much.” Words from a narcissist really shouldn’t affect you so much but way deep down, you were completely different from the confident persona that everyone knew so well. Reid had a deep frown on his face.

“And you believe him?”

You shrugged. “Well, he said it for a reason.”

“Yeah, because you left him.” you didn’t believe his words, deep down you thought Reid felt the same, everyone did. A few more seconds of silence followed and you wished you had never said yes to JJ.

“You’re the single most interesting person I’ve ever met.” Reid said and you turned your head to him in surprise. He glanced back at you. “It’s true. Over the years I’ve gotten to know you, I’ve learned a lot. You have so many stories to tell, I love hearing everything you have to say. You’re a dreamer, an achiever, you have goals for yourself. You’re strong — both physically and emotionally. You’re a great listener and adviser. You put everyone ahead of yourself and sometimes that’s not the best choice, but others’ joy is more important to you than your own. You’re so intelligent and wise, sometimes I feel like you’re the genius. You’re more than a pretty face, (Y/N).”

“You’re amazing, you know that?” You never knew someone could think so greatly about you — especially someone whom you admired so much — and you had to admit, you felt something spark. You reached out and placed your hand on top of Reid’s, keeping it there until he parked outside your house.

“Thanks for saving my night.” you thanked him and he shook his head.

“That’s what I’m here for.” you smiled and leaned in to kiss his cheek, gaining a blush from the young doctor. You giggled and just as you were about to leave, you felt something push you back by the hand and suddenly Reid’s lips were on yours. You kissed back immediately and tangled your hands in his hair, gently pushing him closer to you. When you parted for breath, you didn’t really know what to say because wow, he’s a damn good kisser — add that to his list of abilities. All he did was smile at you and push back a strand of hair that had fallen at your face.

“Do you want to come in?” was the last thing you said before his lips were attached to yours again. What a great ending to such a terrible night.

me: don’t generalize groups of people just because one person happened to be rude
me: the fuck i just say..

ok it’s really rude for some of you guys to tell me that i MUST have been in love at some point after i stated that i have never been. i said ive never been in love so ive never been in love!! none of you guys know me outside of tumblr so it’s rude to accuse me of lying about my own life

The biggest rule of thumb during a Q&A at any con:


Why? It’s rude of me to say that? 

It’s rude of you to do so. Why? Because as an interviewer said to a person at supercon “Look behind you? That line? They all have questions. She has a booth that you can do this at.” 

We all want to ask our favorite actor/celebrity our question, but you wasting their time by making them remember a name or quote to say is so upsetting because it means some of us can’t ask our question.

Not only that, but it’s an insult to the celebrity/actor. They love answering questions! They love hearing what we want to know! You literally could walk back to their booth and do the same exact thing and not interrupt a panel.

I don’t care if it means more because they’re on a stage or if it’s free, it’s really, really not nice. We all are paying to be at the same con and some of us have been waiting to ask this person a question for many years.

Sit down at my desk, just chilling, playing with my computer. Then I see something fall on one of the things on my desk. My first thought was maybe it was a moth those little buggers appear sometimes. I look and it’s a FREAKING SPIDER! I SWEAR THESE FREAKING SPIDERS ARE SO RUDE! Like how dare you drop from the ceiling, why were you even in my room spider! I didn’t invite you! Spiders are so rude.

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Why are you being so rude to lily?

Lily get out of my ask box. I need room for all 0 other asks I’m getting.

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Im very insecure and it was my mom who made me. Shes been pushing me to lose weight and wear clothes I dont wanna wear. She even pushing me towards a thigh gap. Shes even changed my cosplay two sizes down behind my back and says I better lose weight.

That is so f*kin rude. Sorry, but you are 100% perfect whatever body size or body type you are. Stay strong <3 It’s always the hardest when it’s your own family not being supportive of how you look, but trust me when I say that you don’t need to change. Just staying healthy is all that matters. Be confident and maybe keep your cosplay at a friend’s house or something so your mom can’t mess with it.

send me anything! personal stories/thoughts, crazy confessions, or questions for me!