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Leo Valdez Headcanons
  • For some reason he’s really self conscious of his elf ears. If anyone mentions them he covers his ears with his hands like a dork.

  • They also catch on fire when he’s embarrassed.

  • He eventually grows to about Percy’s height and for some reason Percy is upset about this because Nico is also growing rather fast and he’s scared that he will be the shortest dude in the group.

  • He is the best a getting presents for his friends.

  • Eventually he apologizes to Frank for being such a jerk and is like “I’m sorry idk why I was so rude to you.” And then Frank gives him a big hug.

  • He HATES the cold and complains all winter about the weather where as Frank walks around in a t-shirt

  • One time Hazel comes to visit camp half blood and Frank is a little worried that Leo will try to make a move on her but when Hazel returns she tells Frank how some guy wouldn’t leave her alone and was making her feel really uncomfortable. So Leo set him fire.

  • Him and Piper are always pulling pranks on Percy and Jason.

  • One day he’s super depressed, is just avoiding everyone and won’t tell anyone what’s wrong. So Nico shadow travels to the bunker, where he’s locked himself inside and demands that Leo tell him what’s wrong.

  • Leo won’t for a while but caves and just starts sobbing to Nico about how that his Mom died today.

  • The next day, Nico summons Esperanza and Leo is so happy when his Mom tells him she loves him no matter what.

  • Of course Nico still has to be there when him and his mother talk so Esperanza takes this time to embarrass her baby boy and tells Nico a bunch of embarrassing stories about Leo.

  • Like the time Leo was a lion in the school play when he was four years old and ended up peeing himself on stage.

  • Afterwards, Leo and Nico become really good friends (and date if you are valdangelo trash like me)

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awww that was so sweet T_T i loved all the little interactions with other members too kaixing and sulay ;; the china line part whyyy?/ =(( 


when will everyone on tumblr stop picking fights over anything u could literally say u don’t like beans and someone will be like “what the fuck? beans are delicious you asshole. stop being so rude i love beans”

I honestly don’t understand why people don’t understand simple manners and courtesy. if your dog is barking for a solid five minutes, bring her back inside, especially if it’s dark out. just do it. I know you can hear her. so can the rest of the neighborhood. fuckin rude.

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Ok, first off let me start by saying I am Asian. What chi is doing by having Japanese characters on her blog is fine. If I see someone who has my native language on their blog it doesn't make me mad or disgusted or anything like that. It make me feel the opposite! I am very happy if someone if interested in my culture! As long as they don't try/wish to be my ethnicity/are creepily obsessed, I don't care! Chi can do wtvr and its her blog so u have no right to tell her what to do, bye rude anon.

thank you so much sweetie! this means soooo much to me :~)

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I don't mean to be rude or anything, but why do you always say no one reads your story, yet you're getting fanart and plenty of people saying it's good?

Because I’m paranoid and occasionally feel like everybody are just faking their interest because they want to get on my good side.

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Ok so I hope this isn't rude or terribly intrusive or anything but I was wondering if you're exclusive with the two Buffys I usually see you write with? Do you have an exclusives list at all or any portrayals that you're attached to? Mostly any other btvs/angel canons.

( oh please, you’re totally fine! not rude at all. i definitely have main Buffys and I’m rather particular about Spuffy even though it’s my OTP, so I guess I tend to cling to my Buffys that I’m comfortable with (especially since my portrayal of Spike kinda flips the bird to canon). buffyannesxmmers, deathishergift, and destinyfree are my main baes, but I’m not exclusive with them. I will write anything with other Buffys if they’re interested, but I will probably be a bit more picky about shippy things? I try not to do repeats of plots so that every ship is different, and sometimes it’s hard for me to come up with things. I’m always open to writing shippy things with other Buffys, I just ask for patience with me and a willingness to talk ooc. I feel uncomfortable shipping with people I feel don’t want to talk with me ooc?? idk I’m wEIRD I KNOW.

As for other portrayals, I love all of the btvs baes, but I’m always super excited when more show up! amianything and thexcouncil‘s Dawns are some I’m particularly attached to, and ofvampiresandvisions, ofvampsouls, and honedbroodingskills are also some of the characters I interact with a lot, but yes I’m always up for interacting with btvs/angel canons!! P.S. somebody make me a harem of Drusillas just sayin’.