Imagine thinking you're not good enough for Sam and him telling you otherwise.

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“Can I ask you something?" 


You looked up at your boyfriend, chin resting on his sternum. “What do you see in me? I mean, you’re Sam fucking Winchester, you can have any girl you want. Why me?”

“Because it’s you,” he answered simply. 

“Sam, come on,” you scoffed. “You’ve saved the world more times than I could care to count. You’ve beaten the freaking devil. You’re insanely smart and so handsome. I’m just…”

“You’re amazing,” he sat up, taking your face in his hands. “Don’t ever think less of yourself. You’ve saved me in more ways that you’d know. If it weren’t for you, I don’t know how I would still be here. You’re braver than I am, by a landslide.”


“No, it’s true,” he pressed a kiss to your forehead. “You’re the most beautiful, wonderful person. If anyone should be asking ‘why me?’ then it should be me.”

Before you could respond, he pressed his mouth to yours in a passionate kiss. 


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Summary: During a Block B concert, Zico throws a water bottle out into the audience and hits you right in the head, knocking you out unconscious, but he makes it up to you backstage. 

Genre: comedy/smut

Length: 1846

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You screamed as you watched Block B perform before your eyes. You managed to win front row seats to the concert, so the handsome boys were up close and personal. So many girls were shrieking behind you, fangirling over their favorite members as the men danced their hearts out on stage, but your eyes were only on one person. Zico licked his lips as he moved to the front, unleashing a powerful rap that was so fast you could hardly understand what he was saying. Afterwards, he did some fancy footwork, gave his fans a sexy, over-the-shoulder look, and then walked to the back of the stage, swaying his shoulders like he owned the world.

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You're all so pretty/handsome/gorgeous

((thank you so much!!! Ur so sweet aaaa I completely agree, everyone on this blog is so gorgeous and they’re all so nice aaaaaaaa I love this blog.-rae/dave-mun))

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chanyeol you're so handsome~ it makes me so shy. i don't mean to ask for too much, but could you please play the piano and sing for me? you're voice is so entrancing, i can never get enough of it~

*looks at you with a big smile*

Aww you don’t have to be so shy, you can ask me anything, Jagiya! And of course I’ll do that for you. I can show you my new songs hehe~ *starts playing the piano while singing, trying to be as concentrate as possible, to do his best for you*

…I’ve made this song for you, my love. And you are the handsome one here~ *comes to you and kisses you neck*

Ofc gifs are not mine

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Breehn’s Parrot

A friend told me that Joshua Rush, the voice of Breehn in Clarence, have a pet bird. When I found about that, the Hey Arnold! episode Helga’s Parrot came up in my head. That the reason I drew this.

Breehn said a poem about Jeff and the parrot heard every word of it.

Breehn’s poem:
Jeff, you’re beautiful in every way.
How I love you, yet I can’t say.
Oh, you are so perfect, handsome, smart, and clean.
I’ll tell you someday, my love, if my name isn’t Breehn.

I hope you like this.

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In that last photo it looks like you've got a halo over your head and it's so fitting. 😍 Bless you handsome toaster man.

Thank you….

( The lamp created an halo on the ceiling and I couldn’t resist , ahaha )