Imagine having the last day of university and there is this one guy, you always look at him while you should listen, even if he never looks at you. He is just so handsome! Pale, culry haired, tall… And if he says something it always sounds intelligent, and surely it is also right. And the voice… You just swoon when you see or hear him. Since the day you saw him you wanted to speak with him, but how? Not knowing how to talk to him, about what you should speak, you just don’t. Even though today is your last chance you don’t know what to say, so, it will be like always: You never talked to him, but there is a left possibility that he could have liked you! At least that’s what you tell yourself as you leave the room to drive home. “Hey! Wait!”, you hear a well known voice in your back. As you turn around you see him: “Sorry, I always wanted to ask if you’d like to drink a coffee with me, and because of the looks you gave me I believe you will say yes, right?”, and without giving you the oppotunity to say a word he goes on: “Great! Come on, I know a coffee shop just three minutes from here!”, and he storms forward, turns around to see if you follow and smiles: “Oh, and,  by the way: My name is Sherlock! And I am not even in your cours, I just wanted to see you again and again!”

Butterfly Heartbeat

Ok so I just finished Dragon Games yesterday, and I loved the interactions between Raven and Apple and Darling, and was struck with an idea last night that ended up turning into something much longer than I intended. I don’t know if there’s a name for their ship, but I’m calling it Poison Apple in Shining Armor in my tags, so that’s what I’ll tag this fanfic as. It starts in the enchanted forest just as Apple begins to choke from the Evil Queen’s spell.

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I was tagged by @jungkooks-white-shirt to post 6 pictures of my bias. I don’t really have a bias in bangtan, so I’m going to just pick some of my favorite pics of maknae line.

You can’t even see his whole face, and yet Jimin looks so handsome. These airport pics were all so lovely

Jimin + sweater + squishiness = true happiness

This picture of Taehyung is just… words can not even begin to describe this. His eyes are all sparkly and he looks two seconds away from one of his beautiful smiles. He makes my heart hurt

This is honestly one of my favorite pictures of tae ever. I had this set as my lock screen for a long time and just looking at this pic makes me all *heart eyes*

Jungkook has been dressing so nicely lately, and he just looks comfortable and handsome in this picture so…

Yet another example of the gorgeous Jeon Jungkook. He has grown up so much since bangtan’s debut *sighs*


It was so hard to choose only six pictures after I started looking through my photos. None of these pictures are mine.

I’ll tag @bulletproof-bad-wolf, @kimbtstaehyung, @lulayme, @1cypher, @thesugababy, and @pinkpandaigot7