MIXED FEELINGS- Sebastian Stan

(Again, this is from my phone so sorry. Thanks for the request and im so sorry this tooks me 84 years, ily💘)

You look at him and bit your lip. How can he look so handsome? He’s not even trying. Without realizing it, you sigh heavily.

“Are you okay?” Sebastian’s beautiful voice is full of concern and you snap out of your thoughts to smile at him.

“Yes, just tired.”

“(Y/N) I told you a thousand times, you need more sleep!”

“Seb I’m fine, stop worrying.”

He gives you a small smile and looks down at his new script. Your eyes fill with sadness as you watch his concentrated look. You met Sebastian seventeen years ago. When you were 8, he started to babysit you. He babysitted you for years and he ended up becoming your friend. Of course, you’ve always wanted him to be more than a friend, but you know that’s not going to happen. You are not a little girl anymore, you’re 25 years old, but still Sebastian sees you as the child he used to babysit. Or at least that’s what you think.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” You snap out of your thoughts and look into Sebastian’s eyes.

“I already told you! I’m fine, Seb. You don’t have to babysit me anymore, remember?” You smirk at him, earning a smile from him.

“I know I’m not your babysitter anymore, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t care about you, (Y/N).” You feel your cheeks becoming red at his comment and you look down to continue reading your book.

You really try to read the book, but with Sebastian’s presence next to you it’s really hard to concentrate. Closing the book with a sigh, you get up and walk towards your room. Sebastian’s hand grabs your wrist before you can leave, turning you around.

“Okay, something’s up. What is it?”

“Just…” You sigh, the touch of his fingers around your wrist making your heart flutter. “It’s been a hard week, that’s all. I haven’t had a good sleep in days and I have a new boss and he is an ass. But it’s okay, I can handle it.”

“I know you can, but if you need anything, I’m here for you (Y/N).” Sebastian approaches you, planting a soft kiss to your forehead.

You thank him and leave to your room. If only you could tell him what is this all really about. If only you could tell him about your feelings, about how you wish to make him yours. But that’s never going to happen because it’s impossible that Sebastian likes a little girl like you. He is much older and he is anything but interested in you in a romantic you. It’s better to leave it alone.

But, oh, if only you knew what Sebastian really thought about you.

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Apollo: *sees a laurel tree* HONEY??? IS THAT YOU???!?!?!

Aphrodite: ★Sees a tree★ oh so you are too huh bitch?
Echo: ★Sees a narcisus★ Wow he is so handsome~
Any greek:★Sees an apple★ YES YES A THOUSAND TIME YES!!

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« I want to be Jin hyung's roomate forever. » « Yoongi, you are my one and only roomate, the only one in the world. » « He's so handsome even guys can't stop staring. » « You're dazzling. » « I understood the meaning of happiness by eating sashimi with him. » « You are our pride. » « Jin hyung makes me feel at ease » « Happy birthday, I love you » Jungkook wonders if they know how cheesy they sound. They don't seem to. His second parents are as ridiculous than the real ones..

Girl Meets A Long Walk To Los Angeles: Part 2 “Acting & Feeling”

Continuation of a mainly Riarkle fic. You can read part one here.

“Oh my god, Farkle, I love you so much! You are just the perfect mix of cute and handsome! Oh Farkle you’re so smart! I love the way you do that science stuff! Oh Farkle look at me again with those beautiful blue eyes!” Maya mocks Riley at the bay window, breathing heavy and pretending to fan herself with her hand. 

“I don’t sound like that,” Riley rolls her eyes and tries not smile, but the right side of her mouth won’t stop twitching.

“Yeah you do,” Maya grins and then in an overly deep voice pretends to be Farkle, “And then Farkle is all like ‘oh Riley you’re so pretty and goofy and fun and you care about your friends so much that I just wanna make out with you, you gorgeous ray of sunshine’.”

“His voice isn’t that deep- wait you really thinks he wants to make out with me?” Riley grins.

“Riles…” Maya says tilting her her head, trying her best not to make Riley feel bad. 

“I know you think we’re being unfair to Lucas and Smackle, but we’re just friends, Maya. Today was like the first time we’ve made physical contact in weeks. We aren’t doing anything wrong.” Riley frowns. She’s trying to convince herself as she tries to convince Maya.

“You don’t think I know that he sneaks in here through your window every night? I heard you guys that time I slept over.” Maya stares Riley down.

“All we do is talk, Maya. What’s so bad about that?” Riley bites her lip.

“All you do is talk, but I know all you think about is something else,” Maya raises her eyebrows suggestively.

“How do you know what I think?”

“We share a brain,” Maya smiles at her best friend.

“So what if I think things?” Riley says, defensively crossing her arms across her chest.

“Lucas and Smackle are good people, they love you guys and they deserved to be loved back.” Maya explains. Riley open her mouth to reply but before any words come out Maya adds in one more important word “Fully.”

“I do love Lucas fully. It’s possible to love two people at the same time, you would know.” Riley looks at Maya knowingly.

“Oh don’t pull that on me! That’s completely different!” Maya looks at Riley with half hearted anger.

“Oh Josh you’re so dreamy and mature and you understand me! Oh Zay you’re so cute and hilarious and you get me! Oh I love you both! I can’t decide! Kiss me!” Riley imitates her best friend and makes kissing noises.

“That is not how I sound, I’m gonna kill you!” Now it’s Maya’s turn to try and not smile.

Farkle swoops in through the window and sits next to Maya. “Don’t kill her! She’s innocent!” he jokes.

“Why because you’re so in looooooove with her,” Maya sings.

“Uh…” Farkle’s dumbfounded, which doesn’t happen that often.

“Maya!” Riley looks at her, eyes wide.

“I’ll leave you two alone. I’m gettin’ me a chimichanga.” Maya takes one last sad look at Riley before leaving and shutting the door.

“What’s up, mamacita?” Farkle smiles at Riley. Neither of them has yet to move and fill the gap between them that Maya left.

“Thought we were done with flirty nicknames.” Riley looks down at her hands.

“I’ve always called you mamacita. It makes you laugh,” Farkle says, staring at her.

“Farkle…today earlier…with the science project, it was too much. We need to tone it down…stop.” Riley finally looks up at him to see his reaction.

“What? With the fighting and the marker? We were just playing around.” Farkle’s voice cracks. 

“I heard your heart pounding, Farkle, and I wanted to kiss you.” Riley admits and Farkle bites his lip avoiding her gaze.

“We’ve been good at this, though. Being normal. We’ve been acting normal,” Farkle forces himself to look at her, trying to ignore the fact that she just said she wanted to kiss him.

“Yeah we’ve been acting normal, but we haven’t been feeling normal…at all. And I think the only way to feel normal is for you to stop coming through my window late at night. We never used to do that…before. So, we should stop. Maybe some of our feelings will go away then,” Riley suggests.

i don’t want the feelings to go away, Farkle thinks to himself, but instead he says “I’ll have trouble sleeping.”

“Me too…but we’ll get better at it, call Smackle as you try to go to sleep and I’ll text Lucas.”

Farkle mulls it over. He can see the pain in Riley’s face, so he agrees to her plan “Okay, you got it mamacita.”

“You’re the best, Farkle,” Riley hugs him tight, she buries her head in his shoulder. They stay like that for a while until a cell phone chimes. Farkle takes out his phone and looks at it.

“I have to go. My dad says he has something important to tell me,” He stares at Riley, studying her, trying to make sure she’s okay.

“Maybe it’s that he can finally be around more for you. Stop working as much.” 

“I hope so,” Farkle looks nervous.

“I hope so, too. I want you to be happy,” Riley smiles.

“I am happy,” Farkle assures her. He grabs her hand, squeezes it and let’s go.

“Good,” she says staring down at the hand he just squeezed,

“I’ll see you tonigh- I mean tomorrow at school.” Farkle turns to leave.

“Tomorrow at school,” Riley calls after him.

Part 3

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Imagine mike confessing that he's not that confident with his body and you spend the rest of the night telling him all the things you love about him and showering him in love and he's crying but with you he feels so handsome and loved

and then he would cuddle you all night and he’d be the little spoon and you would drape your arms around his waist and every now and then poke his tum tum and he’d let out a really cute high pitched giggle ahhhh

Just a bit of lovin for my best friend

I love you dude. And it hurts me so much to see you being so,hated. You deserve better. You are like,one of the best people I know. I love you like a brother. I wouldn’t trade you for a billion dollars,the world,or even the most beautiful gems in the world. I love you to bits. Never change. Don’t let them get to you cause you are so handsome,intelligent,and talented. I think you are so special and you are such a huge page of my life. I love you dude.

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Hey Shiro! Can you tell me what's so interesting about Mystic Messenger except handsome guys? :> I haven't played it yet but it's spreading everywhere XD

Let’s just say that these guys act like real people => they joke around and act serious when needed. The story is just… *inhales. A FUDGIN FEELS TRIP BRUH. Especially 707 (havent played his route yet qwq) and its basically a new twist to the otome game using a messenger app instead of well…. Boring visual novel styled…story things that needs tickets to progress. For catfish sake!! Just give mm a try. OwO (ive been staring at my phone all day waiting for a new chatroom to pop up x’D)