Easy to Learn Korean 1340 – Compliments (part two).


[GALLERY] MBC Idol Star Athletics Championships 2016 (Lunar New Year Special) - NU’EST, SEVENTEEN P4
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Special notes: 

  • Caption 1 used Minhyun’s nickname ‘Minyeo’, literally translated to ‘Beauty’, followed by lyrics from ‘Hello’.
  • Caption 2 used Aron’s line from the screencap convo between him and Seungkwan

Source: MBC Entertainment Lab Twitter

anonymous asked:

You look so handsome as a guy!!! 😍😍 It's hard to believe you were a girl.

thanks! believe it or not, I was female for 19 years. Though personally I think that beauty transcends gender, and that the lines of feminine and masculine are slowly becoming more and more blurred. 


Wiehle: Well well well isn’t it the paper boy!

Brazen: What did you just call me?

Wiehle: The paper boy? That’s what you are right? The “hansdome” and “dashing” son of the founder of The Sun newspaper? I’ve been expecting you…I wanted to see just how “handsome” and “dashing” you really are.

Brazen: So what’s the verdict then? *smirk*

Wiehle: Why do you want my opinion? Kalora’s is the only one that matters. And before you ask, I’m her sister…and before you mention it I know we look different.

Brazen: Oh that didn’t cross my mind at all hon…

Wiehle: Hmm…what you got going on in that perverted little mind of yours, eh?

catboyezreal asked:

For positivity : afremovink, askdragonbladetalon, and code-thief



Hi bb, we haven’t interacted BUT U SAID NICE THINGS ABOUT ME

aside from that though, we should talk! hmu! i love OCs so much and i dont interact with enough of them. Plus omg tat artist, pls gimme him. He’s so handsome wtf-

But I see you around, and you seem super nice and friendly, which is always a plus.


So, I still just watch from afar, but DL always says really good things about you, so I have this fondness for you by default. That’s not accounting for my huge bias towards Talons in general. Or the fact that I love reading all your work and research. Because I can appreciate that effort so very much. I can’t stress how much I genuinely love when people put passion and work and their hearts into their writing. Your Talon is so very vivid, and you yourself are always so kind and patient with the people here. ALSO U SENT ME MUSIC RECS WTF THATS PRECIOUS- YOU PRECIOUS BB


InK BB, yes hello I am a huge fan this baby nerd. You’re such a sweet bab- You and your muses always bring me genuine amusement. If it’s not obvious, I love divergent lore, and getting a neat twist on (heh) Twisted Fate is always welcoming considering how much I love that shitty man.

You’ve been encouraging and supporting me for so long, and ILU. Ink and Luis were the two that actually got me interested in following more League OCs when I first started.