to kick off summer next year, mr. mystery hosts a huge karaoke party.

stan and ford sing their sea shanties (…i love this headcanon ok) and the crowd loves it. dipper is more comfortable and sings his heart out to BABBA and other top 40 songs, much to mabel’s delight, who joins in. the teens and stan and ford join him for a couple of songs as well. mabel and the girls turn it into a mini Sev’ral Timez concert, they even manage to get the boys on stage.

and for the finale, mabel brings love patrol alpha back together again with a new member, the nerd (as lovingly named by stan). their rendition of taking over midnight is a huge hit with the town.

and then stan asks for one more song, to end off the night properly. everyone wholeheartedly agrees.

he asks for all-star.

  • sherlock: do you want to come over and eat what I made?
  • molly: sure. what did you make?
  • sherlock: *dramatic* I made ME



Oh, he recorded lots of little messages for me before he died. Loved it. Did you know his brother was a station master? I think he was always jealous.
—  Eurus talking about Moriarty, who apparently had a brother?? Who worked with trains???

I decided to turn that “making bets until they make out with each other” fic into a multichapter fic and I’m getting impatient because the first chapter’s not done yet but I want to show you guuuuyyysss

/bounces impatiently

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morality is SAD he can hear you tho tell him something nice hes SAD that poor cinnamon roll

@morality-sanders if you can hear me. And I’m not just talking to an empty room cause an anon wants me to look bad. Then, hi I guess. Um here’s a pun to make you feel better what do you call a bear with no teeth?… a gummy bear


my friends whenever they watch the loud house with me: Leni is so you! haha

fuck-rand replied to your photo “WHILE I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU ON SHEER PRINCIPLE, Bug-san is,…”

My cat loves hunting bugs. Which is a good thing, because spiders always seem to find their way into my bathroom and my sister is TERRIFIED of them.


The last cat I lived with was, like, the most energetic little thing but also the stupidest little thing and couldn’t catch anything to save it’s life. 

My solution was to hold it up as high as I could so it could reach the corners of the corridor ceiling and catch the tiny spiders that hid up there. 

It was very good teamwork.