Ever since your and Harry’s son turned three years old, he has really been looking up to his dad. He watched every move Harry made and every word he spoke. Your son has been known to just blurt out some not so age appropriate words after hearing Harry saying them. Anytime Harry would let a certain word come out, when your son was around you would glare at him. 

“Sorry, Y/N. I can’t help it!” He groans. 

“Well, you better help it or we’re going to have a cursing three year old on our hands.” You say. 

“Okay. Okay!” He says pretending to zip his mouth and throw away the key. You roll your eyes shaking your head at him with a laugh. 

Later that night, you were standing with your son in your spots at the concert. Harry had just come over to your side and your son was so happy.

“Daddy!” He giggles waving. Harry smiles waving back to him as he sings Better than Words. Niall’s solo comes up and Harry still does his famous little move. As soon as he does it on stage, your son giggles and does the same. 

You groan shaking your head, glaring up at Harry. As soon as he sees you, he removes his hand. “Sorry!” He shouts. 

“What am I going to do with you?” You laugh loudly. 

“I know plenty of things you can do.” He smirks leaning down towards you over the end of the stage. 

“What Daddy mean Mummy?” Your son asks looking up at you with his innocent eyes. 

“Nothing. Nothing.” You say laughing knowing that no matter what you do, you were still going to have mini Harry running around. 

almost unreal

AU: Uni AU (Genji, Lucio and D.Va are in college)
Pairing: Lucio x D.Va, McCree x Hanzo
Collection: (AO3

“I have some major beans to spill,” Genji says, and tosses his bag on the floor. “Except that I’ve probably been banned from going over to my brother’s place for dinner any more. Oh, hi, Hana.”

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Okay, many years later, they've all moved around--for college and stuff--and one night Maya drags Riley to her old home--to their bay window--and proposes to her... and then at their wedding, when they're putting rings on each other's fingers, they say, "thunder" and "lightning" and later on Auggie makes a speech about how he knew it all along, and then Cory makes a speech and says "Riley, you always looked up to me and your mother and our relationship... And now you're in one as strong as ours"


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Really hope you're holding up okay in this time ma girl, you have our full support and love 💓💓💓

Emily my friend, you are so lovely thank you for this message. I am doing okay, I am keeping my head up and taking it one step at a time. And I appreciate you and everyone else on here for your love and support buddy. Now go enjoy the rest of your trip! Your photos look amazing!!

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darling, please, listen to me, you are not pathethic. Every human who born on this world have a purpose, and everyone of them have something that makes them unique. you are not "weak", if you have reached this point, its means that you have being strong enough to keep going, not caring about the pain. If you cry, its okay, tears are the reflect of our souls and when you cry you are leaving a big part of your pain on the fallen tears. You are beloved, because you deserve it. you´re not alone

… I…

But where else can you find a group who asks fans to stop sending expensive gifts and start saving money for themselves? A group that says “it’s okay if you don’t buy our albums, you are still a fan”. A group that never forgets to mention and thank EXO Ls everywhere they go, even putting the name of the fandom in credits for their movies and dramas.

Rarely you can see such a beautiful and strong bound between an idol group and their fans. And I am more than blessed to be able to experience it

Get a Room (Steve Rogers/Avengers x reader)

Hey Bonnie! Can you do a fic or one-shot of Steve taking the reader to meet everyone for the first time? Thank you! ❤

“Okay, remember, our biggest goal tonight is to keep you away from Tony,” Steve cautioned, standing with you on the sidewalk in front of the tower.  Your fingers were intertwined tightly with his, squeezing harder with each step you took closer.  “Hey, you’re shaking.  You okay?”

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Imagine comforting S.Coups when he’s particularly stressed and tired from being the leader of Seventeen.

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Hey have you heard about how our government okayed the use of corexit (a toxic chemical) for oil spill clean ups? I wonder if they'll use it for the Saskatchewan oil spill 😤

Yikes. I hadn’t heard that.

Here’s an article from the National Geographic about it

Canada oks use of Corexit for oil spills—Despite What We’ve Learned in the Gulf


So when Canada’s government approved the use of dispersants in its amended oil-spill response outline last month, environmental advocates were not happy.

“It is sham,” says John Davis, director of ocean-advocacy organization Clean Ocean Action Committee. “[Corexit] doesn’t do anything to clean up an oil spill. It allows the toxicity in the oil to become more biologically available. The last thing you want is for oil to accumulate in the gills of a lobster.”

Before the updated regulations passed, several federal environmental statutes prohibited the use of dispersants to clean up oil spills because of the harm they wreak on wildlife, including the Migratory Birds Convention Act, the Fisheries Act and the ocean disposal provisions of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act.

Safety information on the use of Corexit advises the chemical be kept out of contact with eyes and skin, which it can severely damage. It can cause nausea and vomiting if ingested, as well as chemical pneumonia if it is inhaled into the lungs. Seeing that Corexit, like other oil dispersants, are sprayed, this is a real danger not only for animals but also for humans applying the chemical to the surface of an oil slick after a spill.

oKAY SO. Hogwarts AU headcanons

Link is 10000% a Hufflepuff. The hat took 0.04 seconds to sort him

Rhett, on the other hand, was a harder sort. The hat took some time trying to figure out if Ravenclaw or Gryffindor was a better house for him

Ultimately he gets sorted into Ravenclaw. 

Rhett and L/ink become inseparable within the first week 

Despite the “1st years never make the house team” BS Rhett smooth talked his way onto the team as a beater and tbh the house team has never been better

Link is always trying to help out the house elves as much as he can even tho they CONSTANTLY tell him “Mr. Link, its okay. we like cleaning up after you guys. its our job, go study or take a break and go for  a walk you deserve it”  “BUT I FEEL BAD LEAVING A MESS” “its not a mess mr. link now go”

If hes not in the common room, Link can probably be found chatting with Professor Sprout or the plants. 

Link never misses a quidditch match, especially when its Ravenclaw Vs Hufflepuff

Rhett LOVES to show off and try to impress Link (which it does)

Bc Rhett is besties with all the elves in the kitchen hes able to get food for a picnic whenever he wants to treat Link 

Link feels bad but eats anyways bc hes not one to turn down Peanut butter sandwiches with butterbeers on the sides

Link convincing Rhett to take strolls with him at sunset

The only classes they have together is care of magical creatures and potions so they naturally sit with each other

They both have top marks of their year out of all 4 houses

Study dates become pretty regular 

You rolled over in your sleep, nudging Dean into wakefulness.

“’m up,” he murmured sleepily.

“I’m sorry,” you said.

“What,” he asked, concern overtaking weariness.  “You okay?”

“Today was our anniversary,” you said, feeling guilty for having forgotten.  “I completely forgot.”  Dean immediately relaxed when his tired mind realized there was no immediate threat.  He pulled you against his chest.  “Is it a bad sign that neither of us remembered.”  

“People like us don’t need anniversaries,” he said.

“Because we’re probably going to die before the next one,” you asked with a dark laugh.  Dean’s silence indicated his lack of amusement.

“Because we don’t need a day to remember to appreciate our relationship.  We do it everyday in the little ways we show that we love each other,” he finally said.  You hugged him tighter.

“I love you,” you murmured, drifting off to sleep.  

“Love you,” he murmured.  “You’ve made me so happy these past six years.  I promise to make you happy for the rest of our lives.”


6 years is not a short period of time, 6 years didn’t pass by so easily. Both for ANGEL and TEEN TOP. 

There were ups and there were downs, there were frustrations every time we fail to reach our target for a comeback. But, you made it okay. You appreciated our efforts altogether. 

Thank you for the amazing 6 years of your music career,

I’ll continue to support for you in the future!

((Real Life Conversation and Actions))

Me: Bursts into sisters room. “POKEMON GO IS OUT DOWNLOAD IT!” 

Sister: OKAY! ((Downloads)) 

Me: We have to go be the very best right now. (Its 10pm)

Sister: Shouldnt we put real pants on. 


Sister: OKAY! 

Our mother: “Where are you two going?” 


Mom: What? 

Sister: To catch Pokemon. 

Mom: “It’s dark out and storming.” Looks at me. “And don’t you have to be up at 4am for work?” 

Me: “We are grown ass women who need to go out in that storm to be the very best!” 

Me and sister: In the car giggling like idiots as she catches a pidgey, doduo and paras. 

((I am an adult and so is my sister /o/. Also I am really sad that apparently my galaxy note 2 isnt compatable with pokemon go … but I am getting a new phone in the mail on the 12th that is running android 6 marshmallow.))