I’m pretty disgustingly passionate about this one, so I’m really going to rein it in and try to keep this short and sweet: you sure do see an awful lot of articles that talk about all the selfless sacrifices Clarke Griffin has made for the hundred. Where are all my articles giving kudos to Bellamy Blake for putting his life on the line…?

Bellamy’s unwavering loyalty and dedication to his people is staggering – especially considering where he started in the series but, really, seeing him at such a low moral point shows us that he isn’t infallible and it makes him so much more relatable and interesting. I like flaws in my heroes and this is something The 100 does very, very well. Bellamy isn’t a perfect but he is certainly a character worthy of admiration and acknowledgment.

C’mon, folks: give me some Bellamy love alongside all the well deserved Clarke love and I will be a happy fan.

Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Once - New Guest Role/Season 5 premiere in 2 words

I require information on Once Upon a Time‘s Camelot crowd! –Meredith
This casting notice would seem to apply: For Season 5’s fourth episode, Once is guest-casting the role of a medieval manservant who is devoted to his employer but harbors a deep resentment… that may lead him to do very bad things.

If there’s anything you can tell me about Once Upon a Time, specifically on Emma being the new Dark One? –Sarah
The cast touched on that during our free-wheeling, at-times blush-worthy Comic-Con Q&A, but maybe there is a smidgen more to be gleaned by watching this “deleted scene,” in which everyone teases the Season 5 opener with two words:

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I keep seeing this kind of commentary today and maybe it was exasperated by Harry being singled out in the reviews or just the typical fanfare around Harry, but that kind of attitude is so frustrating to me. Harry puts so much of himself into every performance, is always working the crowd and being as engaging and dynamic as possible. And yet that's not enough for some fans who seem to care more about him chatting with the others rather than putting on a show worthy of a stadium

I’m with you. 


—— it was always his FATE, and he was told that from a young age. looking at him, you wouldn’t even know he was apart of the monarchy, let alone apart of a wealthy family. HUMBLE but STRONG. FEARLESS but NEGLIGENT. often mistaking VENGEANCE for JUSTICE. the young prince matured into a FEARSOME WARRIOR. an HEIR suitable to be crowned. one WORTHY of the title KING. his adventures are ones that were told throughout the years by many – young and old. elves, men, and dwarves alike. fighting alongside his kin, his beloved brother and uncle, GOOD always conquered the evil that emerged from the lands of mordor. 

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Do you think Hannibal will send the Red Dragon after Will's family, and if so do you think Will can forgive him?

Werll, they’ve been very sneaky this season about keeping canon events but switching up whom they happen to – my other candidate, if not Will and Co., is Alana and Margot.

It depends whether they’ve got that Dolarhyde-worthy ‘perfect family’ going on yet or not (we just don’t know!)

It would seem awfully dim of them to keep referencing Hannibal’s promise to murder Alana if her life wasn’t supposed to be on the line at some point. I had been wondering how to organically include her in the season finale (didn’t see her becoming the boss of the BSHCI coming!) and that was one way.

As for whether Will can forgive: well he’s forgiven a fuckload of crazy shit before, so probably yes.

(Just trying to count in my head how many times Hannibal has put Will in danger, actual stabbings and angle-grindings withstanding: GJH, Tobias Budge, Randall Tier. He’s got a terrible habit of sending people after Will just to see if he can handle them. After three years I bet he’d be tempted…)

I think Will has reached a kind of serenity when it comes to Hannibal’s betrayals; being angry at him is pointless, in the same way that it’s pointless being angry with a shark. He sort of automatically absolves Hannibal of every trespass (past present and future) because he understands that he’s just following his nature.

Whether he’d be able to forgive that specific crime all comes down to whether it’s motivated by spite (as Abigail’s murder partially was) or just Hannibal being curious.

Atheist in the Church

This weekend I will be in a Catholic church, reading a passage from the bible, in front of a few hundred people. No, I haven’t become a priest. It is my sister’s wedding, and I will be performing a reading from Saint Paul to the Romans.

My sister knows my thoughts on religion well and was reluctant to ask me to read. However, she couldn’t find anyone to perform the final reading at the ceremony. So I volunteered to speak.

Once being a student of Theology and being raised Catholic, I know the bible well. Now an Atheist, I must confess I found issue with the very first verse.

“Think of God’s mercy, my brothers, and worship him, I beg you, in a way that is worthy of thinking beings, by offering your living bodies as a holy sacrifice, truly pleasing to God.” You could interpret that in many ways, the worst being self sacrifice. But it was the “thinking beings”, that struck me most foul. For it is the thinking being, that certainly wouldn’t think of God’s mercy, worship “him” or offer their living body as a sacrifice.

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I think I'm finally done telling people the world is ending next month.. I'm sorry. I felt foolish today when I think I was proven wrong.

Hey, I know that your intentions were in the right place, so don’t go beating yourself up about it. It’s okay. We need to focus on obedience to God and faith in Christ. We do that for the sake of being close to Him, come what may. If the world ends next month, cool, but I just want to be close to Jesus. So we don’t practice faithful obedience to Christ so that we can avoid some apocalypse, we do it because he is worthy of it and he has saved us from our own personal ruin. So don’t let a thing like this dissuade your faith in him. He still loves you and cares about you. 

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Yo Tom (Mouth on the floor) Wow. Punisher End of Days was so freaking awesome! I am going to find Nathan right now on Twitter and applaud him. That was one of hell of a read. Wish it was an Issue longer but wow Left me hyped up after reading that. Cheering for Frank all the way til the end. Cheers on that book!. That series all together was epic and Hardcover Worthy

Glad you enjoyed it!


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“¦. I hate to say it but judging from the songs, I fear that Taye is…”

You share my thoughts 100%. (I did listen to a livestream of the whole show but I don’t have links to the songs you’re missing. He sounds even worse on the rock numbers).

I just listened to WLTR and fuck no. No no no. What the actual hell? What you said about the vowels is completely correct, and he is drawing parts out in a very weird, cringe worthy way, and I don’t even know why he is doing it. Tommy being depicted as a frat boy is a pet peeve of mine, and I was always talking about how the actor plays him in the spoken parts, but Tommy sounds like a drunken frat boy in Taye’s reprise. I cringed from the first note to the last. Not only was the emotional impact completely thrown off, the song also sounds really bad.

What the hell is happening? Why is he missing the mark with every single song?


chuck and blair positivity challenge  ☆

↳ day 2:  ≡  favourite quote(s).

One thing I’ve learned through my father’s courtship of Lily is the importance of perseverance, that in the face of true love you don’t just give up - even if the object of your affection is begging you to. And one thing I’ve learned from Lily, is the importance of forgiveness. She gave my father the gift of a second chance and in kind I’ve watched him become someone actually worthy of that gift. And one day I hope I’ll be lucky enough to find someone who’ll do the same for me. 

i honestly love love love niall’s voice, i love how distinctive it is, when he sings you just know it is him who’s singing. he’s proven time and time again that he can indeed hold a note. he’s proven that he’s more than worthy to take over zayn’s solos, that he can sing them and that he can sing them very well. i love the raspiness of his voice, i love the light breaks in his voice, when he sings louder. i love how soft it can be, how warm and giddy it sounds when he smiles while he’s singing. and it’s been amazing like that since uan, rmr his a team cover? use somebody?
niall’s voice is what i want to hear when i enter the gates of heaven.

  • person:Cullen is an oppressive asshole and and you dumb fangirls should see the light of my interpretation of his character, because I AM the only one, who gets him right.
  • me:*minute long fartnoise*
  • person:He is not worthy of redemption and doesn't regret anything and blabla chantry blabla templars blabla.
  • me:*hour long fartnoise*
Shaytan will tell you that you’re not worthy, so give up. But his traps are based on lies. When was any of it because of *your* worth? It was all because of His mercy, His generosity, His love of giving, and forgiving. And those qualities don’t change because you’re messing up. Just seek them. Call Him by His mercy, not by your deeds.

Yasmin Mogahed

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Show Me The Money Ep3 | Respect

· Respect to Mino for picking a worthy opponent rather than chewing up someone who has low skills.(Mind you, he chose someone who got an all pass. He didn’t even get an all pass himself.)

· Respect to Seo Chul Gu for putting up with Heo In Chang and not flipping out on him.

· Respect to JaewonxHanhae and BasickxLilboi for working well with one another without troubles. They were up against each other but maintained a healthy friendly competition.

· Respect to Vernon for trying his best.

· Respect to the judges who gave great advice without being rude.

· Respect Loco.

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Can you do the deaged but with phil as the deaged one bc I'm dying at the one you made as Dan being the deaged one

lmao thanks pal!!

dude can you imagine phil as a toddler it would be the sweetest but also most frustrating thing bc i’m pretty sure phil’s favourite word would be ‘no’ and he would refuse to eat everything dan presents to him except fries cut in very specific shapes and dan spends like an hour carving regular chicken nuggets into fun animal shapes which phil then deems worthy of several minutes of animal noises before he puts it in his mouth.

also phil would be the sweetest, sweetest baby when dan brings him with him to go pick up baby stuff from Tesco and all the mums will coo at him and dan’s like ‘oh yeah he’s a sweetheart alright’ with gritted teeth bc phil’s holding onto dan’s hair so tightly dan’s pretty sure he’s going to be bald by the time they get to the diaper aisle.

phil would break all the things. ‘how are you this clumsy even as baby?!’ dan’s so, so terrified all the time so he has to keep phil sitting on his shoulders in case phil gets any bright ideas but phil manages to open the cupboard door whilst dan’s not looking and dan gets a faceful of ikea-processed wood when he turns around and phil just giggles bc phil is a fucking sadist that’s what

and dan’s parents are on vacation so he can’t call them and he has to call Louise who’s like ‘aw i wish phil could be here to see how well you’re taking care of this baby’ and dan’s like oh yeah if only he knew, grimacing as phil draws all over dan’s arms and legs with sharpie.

eventually phil gets tired and falls asleep on dan’s chest after several minutes of doodling - dan’s pretty sure his shirt will never be the same again - and it’s actually really cute so dan takes like fifteen photos and then falls asleep too

in the morning he wakes up unable to breathe bc phil’s back to normal and his entire weight is on dan’s body and he’s being slowly crushed to death. and phil’s a heavy sleeper so dan’s pretty sure he’s going to have to kiss his existence goodbye before phil finally wakes up, but he does eventually, and doesn’t believe dan at ALL when dan tells him the entire story, even tho there’s bits of mashed potato behind phil’s ears and dan has fifteen photos to prove it.

I love you. I love you so much. But this love isn’t enough when the author of your love story has already picked someone for you. I tried to be worthy of your love, care, and time. I tried my hardest to not let you down and meet your demands. I tried my best to convince anyone out there that I can also do the things that the person who has been destined for you can. I can be him; I can even do so much more. I have sacrificed a lot to keep you and I wouldn’t mind sacrificing even more but fate wouldn’t let me. I would’ve chosen to stay and fight for us because I know that this relationship is worth all the hardships but chance isn’t on our side. Maybe our time is up. Maybe I was just sent to prepare you for the man who is meant to be with you. And inasmuch as it hurts to say good bye, to put a period to something that I wanted to go on forever, to leave, I have to do it. You have been happy with me, the wrong person. Think how happier you’ll be when you finally get to be with the man who has been destined for you. Maybe a girl out there is meant for me too. Maybe I could be happier with her or I could love her more than I loved you. But it still saddens me that she has to be another person when I wanted her to be you. However, always remember this: I didn’t leave you because I want to. I left because I need to. And I know it pains you to see me walk away because I feel the same way but still, be strong. The right man will come and pick up all your broken pieces and mend you. You’ll be whole again. There will still be cracks but those are going to be reminders of how bittersweet our love was and why it had to end - so that he’ll find you.
—  This is why I have to let you go (m.b)

I’m just. consistently unimpressed by the show’s treatment of Onion.

how many nonverbal, impulsive, “troublemaking” kids you think learned to hate themselves tonight? that they’re not worthy of basic human respect unless they do something Nice to make up for it?

how many people in the tags right now (don’t check) are saying “omg Onion’s so weird I still don’t trust him O_O”?

how much longer is this brainweird kid gonna get demonized for existing?