“Do you hear the people sing
Lost in the valley of the night
It is a music of a people who are climbing to the light
For the wretched of the earth, there is a flame that never dies
Even darkest nights will end and the sun will rise”
- Les Misérables (musical), finale



HIS face…. so cute

He has freeking cute panda eyes

Chubby cheeks

He makes the cutest stupid faces

sad face :(

HE has cute lips

He has the cutes smile on earth

Im telling you HE HAS THE Freeking cutest smile

his smiling face

I told you, You cant resist.

he has cute kiss face too


He is cute when he is eating

His tong too

His panda tummy is cute too

he has cute  round panda butt

GD can confirm

BONUS - naughty but cute

his hands are so cute too ———-Im obsessed with it

cute pinkie


soo cute

◎ - finds the other injured (w/ vampire!yoongi)

If you were being honest with your perceptions of how a vampire’s being works, you’d think they were indestructible. Walking on the realms of earth with no fear of stubbing their toe and clutching onto it with a prayer it doesn’t hurt, yes, you thought it was like that.

But that’s very unlikely when you enter the bar to see him laying on the floor, no one else to be seen and your heart stops. It feels like an eternity passes before you react, five seconds in and you’re running to tend to whatever he needs but the gush of wind that gets to him first makes you lightheaded. Jimin’s voice eases into your ears and you can’t process he’s trying to hold you back when your arms are restrained by your side because you have - need to reach him. 

Someway, somehow, you had to… listen to Jimin and stay calm because - “Hyung’ll get things covered. He isn’t badly injured,”

Jungkook comes by with a glass of water, because he’s been around enough to know humans could try to feel better by staying hydrated. He doesn’t budge until you down the whole hundred and fifty millilitres and you’re not sure if it’s scarily accurate to the time Yoongi’s - “Y/N,”

Your eyes seal tight and the words that you’ve been wanting to say gets clogged up in your throat, refusing to let up as they trap themselves there. Not even his hand brushing up your arm can get you to speak, let alone open your eyes.


The first thing you say as you open your eyes is: “So that’s how it feels like, huh?”

Yoongi only looks at you, his hand still stroking over your forearm. He stops when you lift yourself from your seat, to the sofa he’s on where hie arms automatically rest upon and it’s like where they belong and the familiarity and-”Y/N, don’t just go silent on me-”

“The torment of waiting for you to wake up and… the thoughts that come to mind while you haven’t,” Yoongi raises a brow when your hands rest on his chest, hitting him there, “It sucks,”

He scoffs a laugh, attempting to sit up after laying down for a moment to come closer to you. He grunts but manages, his hand touches your cheek and stays over your shoulder, “Are you saying you don’t like how it feels?”

“I’m saying I thought you weren’t going to wake up,” Yoongi knows you know his injuries weren’t as drastic as you thought it was but he understands how it must’ve made you feel. Nevertheless, he welcomes you to rest your head on his shoulder, careful as you hug him and you sigh when he catches on - “Your heartbeat’s really fast now,”

“I was scared,” You mumble, squeezing him a bit, “Still scared,”

You can tell he’s about to ask why even though he feels it but the answer comes anyway.

“I keep thinking you’ll never get hurt so I won’t know how it feels like to process things in the event you’re actually gone and now that I’ve experienced this I’m-”you pull back to narrow your eyes at him”-you’re never leaving my sight,”

He chuckles, out to humor you when you yourself know that’s impossible. But he plays along.

“Of course, my little bartender.”

Podcasts and genre weird, or, what the everloving fuck is Greater Boston

So podcasts are this quirky little medium in that most of the time, you have no visual in what you are consuming. Because of this, I feel that the bounds of genre are a little bit blurred because you can’t see some of the defining characteristics of what makes a certain genre, like you can’t see the magic wand, or the starship, or the monster lurking in the shadows. Now obviously there are other ways than visuals to get this across from the obvious “hey look at the dragon over there”, to the more subtle hum of a spaceship locked on some beautiful sound scapes, and things like horror use the lack of visuals for there very purpose. This works for some of the more “high” genres, like sci-fi and fantasy, but what about the more down to earth “slice of life” podcasts? Especially difficult in that a lot of pods are non-fiction, and some audio dramas like to use the “mockumentary” style storytelling (hello the black tapes).

I’m talking, of course, about greater Boston.

When I first started listening, I thought greater Boston was pretty sturdy magical realism, mostly normal but with a few weird quirks like Leon Stametes ghost and the redline, but then I remember back to many hours I spent researching that same genre for when I had to do a paper on chronicle of a death foretold. One of the main characteristics of magical realism was that people saw “magic” as normal and seemingly mundane things as fantastical or sublime. By that metric, welcome to night vale would be magical realism! But I think that show has enough what-the-fuckery that’s off the walls enough to be considered surrealism or something. And the citizens of greater Boston don’t think things like the referendum to make a city on a train are normal, but they aren’t completely shocked by it either, same with Leon and the writing tree, so what does that make it? And it’s not like the “magic” isn’t a part of the overarching world, I mean the situation of redline even takes into account racial housing issues and other social factors! (Which I am thoroughly enjoying by the way, it feels very refreshing and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a media, especially one with fantasy elements, tackle these issues so head on before, but I digress). But like, it’s not realism so

What is greater Boston? Id love to hear some thoughts or the genre-weirdness of other podcasts, due to the medium or not!

anonymous asked:

Hey! Okie so I got a head cannon ask for you: So I guess it's widely accepted in the fandom that Lance is the "pretty boy" as in he spends I guess "a lot" of time on his appearance/wears face masks etc. what you do you think his personal beauty care collection (that he undoubtedly has) is worth? Is it drug store, or some "revolutionary" goo sold on 3am commercials, or expensive crap with gold flakes in it? How do you think he manages in space? Do him and the princess share beauty secrets?

All good questions which I will attempt to answer and then add on more headcanons~

  • All the stuff he has back on Earth comes from a bunch of different places and everything he buys has a specific use. He mostly buys stuff based off of recommendations but he’s also tired enough in the morning to fall for said 3 AM commercials. 
    • He typically leaves the drug store purchases for travel and emergency purposes.
    • Lance is also very prone to buying a face mask just because it looks pretty, he’s done it before and he will do it again.
    • He also has a couple organic face masks but he rarely ever uses them because they smell awful.
  • He has ten different shades of blue nail polish under his bed at home, each are designated for specific events and seasons.
  • I’m willing to bet that Lance searches every alien market and space mall for face masks.
    • Keith won’t admit it but he always keeps an eye out for them as well.
  • He takes such good care of himself because he can’t get anything done if he feels tired and gross.
  • He was having a rough time without his daily cleaning routine until he offhandedly mentioned it to Allura and she immediately started talking about all of the skin care routines that were popular back on Altea.
    • So yes, they absolutely do share beauty secrets.
    • They’ll sit back with face masks and talk about either their respective crushes or battle plans. There is no in between. 
  • Lance and Allura are an inspiration for the rest of the crew regarding skincare and everyone secretly aspires to reach their level.
    • When Keith and Lance start spending more time together Lance convinces him (it isn’t that hard) to try a face mask and this becomes a weekly occurrence.
    • Allura convinces Shiro to relax and they do each others nails (which is significantly easier for Allura since she’s good at it and Shiro only has one hand).
    • Hunk and Lance try out organic face masks made from alien plants all the time due to in part both beauty and science.
    • Pidge will never admit it but she steals Allura’s nail polish and tries it on when no one’s around. She wears gloves for the next week until she can scratch it off.
    • Coran buys Allura (and eventually everyone else) skincare products all the time and he’s not ashamed to admit that he takes care of his hair to an impressive degree.

anonymous asked:

wait how did he react? I thought he was like oh no guy deserves Alex so it would have to be you

he said “no man on earth is good enough for alex danvers so it’d have to be someone like you.”

1) it grossly implies that alex being a lesbian has anything to do with men at all
2) i can’t even express in words how uncomfortable i am with his use of “someone like you”

xix | cooing at the devil

i. so this is how a river dries
to reveal a cracked, sad earth
too chalky to bury the dead in—
the sun takes it.

ii. i’m on the verge of knowing him well
his tendencies float into my lap
and nestle in: it feels like love.
this i must handle with care—

iii. if i brush against his thoughts
he snaps turtle doves at the neck,
tossing them leaking into my arms
leaving me dirty with dark blood.

iv. witch! he says, if you continue
to slather me with this shit,

i will certainly explode,

you’ll kill me—

v. doves cry when strangled;
they actually shed tears—
did you know?

penpal-olive  asked:

Hi! I've got to say, your blog is amazing, and seeing this many Sterek fics in an organised manner really helps a person out when searching for the perfect fic. Anyway, I was wondering if you could update the genderbend tag, specifically Derek being female (whether turned or as in "always a girl", both works). Thanks. :)

thank you so much

Eat, Drink, and be Scary by Marishna (1/1 | 2,287 | PG13)

The stockings part of his Little Red Riding Hood costume were going to be a bitch, it seemed.

“The road to hell,” Stiles muttered to himself.

Waiting for Superman by LogicIsGod327 (1/1 | 2,796 | PG13)

In the months following Metropolis’ destruction, Lorcan Lane pursued his relationship with Superman, and, despite their efforts, the veil of secrecy they worked so hard to maintain is ripped away, with potentially Earth-shattering consequences.

Love is the key by Coffeegirl84 (6/6 | 7,859 | NR)

The pack is hunting a witch.
She transform Stiles into a girl. And the trouble begins….

It´s a Sterek FF and it is after Season 2.

My Sourwolf, Always by PolarisTheYoungWolf (1/1 | 3,825 | NC17)

Prompt: WerewolfStiles & FemDerek. Go nuts!

There’s a meeting between different packs being held in another state, Derek and Stiles go as the representatives of the Beacon Hills Pack. Everything starts out okay…so of course things go to hell soon after. The meeting is ambushed, Stiles is bitten, and Derek gets turned into a woman. While Stiles tries to control his inner wolf, Derek’s jealous and insecure. Stiles’ natural sense of control is praised and noted by many as he helps in any way he can to regain calm, though newly turned, and some of the visiting, mate-less, wolves have taken too keen an interest in him, much to Derek’s displeasure. Derek knew that Stiles was attracted to him when he was male, and as male he knew he was hot. As a woman now…well, it was new and weird and he wasn’t 100% sure if Stiles liked him like this…

Stiles reassures Derek that regardless of gender, he will always be attracted to his Sourwolf.

Wow…  I’m-
1k+ Followers?!? 
That’s huge! I wanna thank each and everyone of you for following me! I really appreciate all the love! You guys are the best :) I hope to talk/meet more you wonderful people down the road!!. I’m glad we can all fangirl about Sanvers and Supergirl, and here’s to many more! THANK YOU <3 Making Tumblr has been such an amazing experience, I’ve met and talked to so many amazing, wonderful individuals, that I can now call my closest friends and I love them dearly… 

The amazing Ren <3 My Baby 

@danverstrash - I literally can’t do anything without you. You are so special to mee <3 Meeting you was honestly so amazing, we clicked instantly. You’re so hilarious, sweet, caring, and such a down to earth to person, we relate so much, I cant even. We were meant to be. Ren you’ve helped me in so many things, there aren't enough words to thank you :) from editing, to making me icons, to making me laugh on Snopchot ;3 Basically Everything!! Thanking you for making cry over your amazing editing skills, and lovely face. U kill me honeyyyy… you mean a lot to me and I don’t want to imagine my life without you in it.. hahah sanvers yo ;)  I’m trying my best not to make this long, but short and sweet… heyyy two things that you are!! mwahah I’m so mean..sorry <3 LOVE YOU SO MUCH BBY  

Ahhh this lil munchkin Jaida <3 Babee

@jaidatnycgirl2017 - Jaida.. OII. HAHA woo where do I start?! Babe, I’m so glad I got the chance to meet you <3 You’re such a sweet, amazing friend, and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH I- We talk everyday, and I want to thank you for that, keeping me company and just being you. We have such amazing memories together, we’re so special.. the connection we have is unbreakable. You mean so much to me, Funny, smart, cute as hell, and hot hahah girll Ur snaps are the death of me. I will get always get emo over you xD I love watching Supergirl with you and most importantly face timing, seeing that precious face.. why am I cheesy?? Hahah babe thank you for everything. LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH! 



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anonymous asked:

Any thoughts on who might have bubbled the Rose Quartzes?

That… is actually a really good question.

The colors of the bubbles are definitely pink, so it was either Pink Diamond (pre-shattering) or our Rose Quartz.

It’s definitely possible that Pink detained and bubbled all the Rose Quartz she could in the time period between Rose beginning the rebellion and being shattered. It’s sensible to do that, really. The most logical reasoning, I feel. It would also feed into Blue Diamond’s confusion over what to do with the bubbled Gems– Pink was keeping them on hold until things got settled, so Blue doesn’t know what she wanted.

And if our Rose bubbled all her kin? Well. I can’t quite place where an event like that would happen on the rebellion’s timeline, or even why she would do it. Perhaps an agreement? “Homeworld can have every Rose Quartz if you promise to leave Earth” or something of the sort. But no, I believe the Homeworld mass recall was nearly immediately after the shattering of Pink Diamond.

“I’ll always have my memories of other worlds. But now I’m here. On Earth.”

To a species used to space travel, being on Earth for hundreds of years must really suck. You spend years travelling the universe then you’re stuck on a relatively small planet. And it really seems to be affecting Pearl.