• learning a romance language for the first few months:calm, steady, easy
  • learning a romance language when you get introduced to the subjunctive:death, destruction, mortality, the earth is collapsing, suck me into the void now

What if there was technology that would erase a certain someone’s face/name/presence from your mind completely, from the past AND future.
Like even if you see them in other people’s photos or videos or anything of the sort, you wouldn’t even be able to see them.
As if they disappeared off the face of the earth right before your eyes, and you’re the only one that really knows.

Meet the Manhattan Schist

Have you ever noticed that the high-rise buildings in New York City cluster into two areas; near Midtown and the Financial District? Turns out the reason for this clustering isn’t just “money”, it’s also bedrock.

Skyscrapers in New York are cheaper and easier to build when there is solid bedrock to support them. There is some topography to the bedrock unit and it pretty well matches where the skyscrapers are. That rock unit underlies much of the island, including a number of outcrops in Central Park. It shows up behind this worker of the NY Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and is known as the Manhattan Schist.

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She was and will always be the only friend you could go to. High? No problem, she loves to hear about your day. If it’s grey, repeat after her. You are loved. Sad? I’ve got a bone to pick with you. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Woodpeck. Woodpeck, who? I woodpeck your heart out of many. The cheesy jokes are always the best. Genuine and heartwarming, you can feel her smile seas apart. She was and will always be your mountain, I don’t have to move the masses as long as I can make her feel. These kind of souls you don’t get to meet everyday. These kind of hearts you don’t get to love in your insignificant life, she’s not a needle in a haystack– she’s the earth’s goldilocks zone. She’s not one in a million, she’s the last grain of sand in the hourglass. Some tears are too heavy. Hers? Well, there’s only more to love.
—  jokes.smiles.feels.

so because i’m a masochist apparently, i was thinking about how lance and keith would start making plans for all the things they’re gonna do after the whole voltron business is over and whenever one of them is in mortal danger or in some gravely situation, the other, in a fit of panic, will remind him of those plans like:

  • “remember how i made fun of you for falling off my hoverbike last week? when you get out of there i’ll teach you how to drive it properly. i’ll even let you drive my old bike from earth, just. be. ok.”
  • “hey buddy, hey pal just shut up okay. you’re gonna be fine, you hear me? we still got that table tennis match to carry out so i can beat your ass - and you’re gonna be there for it, alright?!”
  • “- and then we can go to that run in you mentioned the other day. it’d be like a proper earthly date, you know? god, isn’t it sort of supposed to sound boring after all of this? after the lions and all these planets…. but it doesn’t? it sounds perfect. i’d like that. a normal date with you. just wake up soon, please.”
  • “look my guy i’ve already made up my mind to introduce you to my family first thing we’re back, so i’m actually gonna be pissed if you don’t drag your sorry mullet out of this alive, because let me tell you i do not care for th-”

and they say things like this more out of the need to make each other feel better than anything else so in the end when the battle is won and they can return to earth they have this?? physically crushing sensation of relief and they both may or may not be openly crying at the realization that holy shit we’re alive and i love you and we can actually go and do all these things

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any placements that could make someone reaally good at maths and physics?

Hmmm, interesting question! I’ll thoroughly answer this one.

  • Prominent Neptune/Pisces influence - Not in the actual work, but in figuring out ways to solve complex problems creatively + imagining scenarios in their heads (perfect for word problems)
  • Prominent Air/Earth dominance, notably in Virgo, Capricorn, and in my opinion, Aquarius - Math requires logic (Virgo) and practicality (Capricorn), but also an openness to possibilities (Aquarius)
  • Positive Mercury-Saturn aspects
  • Positive Mercury-Uranus aspects
  • STRICTLY positive Mercury-Neptune aspects - If not aspected positively, I feel like a person can easily get confused conceptually in math.

Please add more if you can think of any!


Torchwood Fest: Day 12 aka HAPPPY BIRTHDAY TORCHWOOD!
↳ Do-Whatever-You-Want-Day: Same-sex kisses

I’m sure this is true for a huge number of people in the fandom, but one of the key things that makes Torchwood really special to me is the way it portrays same-sex relationships. I first watched Torchwood when Children of Earth was on in 2009, and Jack and Ianto’s relationship was the first same-sex relationship I’d ever seen on TV or in film and that included the first same-sex kiss I’d seen on-screen (that I can remember). Seven years later, I return to Torchwood and finally watch Series 1 and 2 and am blown away. Same-sex relationships are shown as being just as complex, just as diverse, and just as important as heterosexual ones, and I can’t think of any other show like it. I love the Hub, I love that it’s set in Cardiff, I love all of the characters, I love the Sci-Fi and the aliens, but this is the point at which I can say Torchwood has most directly had an influence on me.

Oh yeah I almost forgot about this!

So basically, the reason why the Gardeners haven’t left the Mundanli yet is because:

  • They’re illiterate
  • They’re uneducated/very ignorant of the outside world
  • They don’t get paid (the Nobles believe that them getting food and shelter is more than enough)
  • They grow up on a system of fear, one specifically designed to make them fearful of leaving the Mundanli and ‘grateful’ towards the Nobles for letting them stay within the Mundanli walls
  • Many of them are slaves who were ‘gifted’ to the Mundanli by other Clans

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sorry but i dont remember if i send it to you or if i was just thinking about send this to you but i want the reaction of rfa members and v kissing a mc with tongue piercing, and ... do you have any request about a tatto mc? i dont remember send it to you

considering how old this is,,, u probs already saw the tattoo request, but in case you haven’t, here it is

Zen and 707 would be really into having a partner with a tongue piercing. If their partner is comfortable, they’d experiment with the barbell a lot; during make-out sessions, they’d either tenderly swirl or cautiously tug their tongue around it. They’d even prompt their partner to try different forms of jewellery, suggestions ranging from captive tongue rings to textured barbells.

would probably buy his s/o some rather quirky piercings, and he wouldn’t tell them where on Earth he bought them. He’d also get them one that resembles a cross, just so he could randomly ruin the mood and exclaim that they’re sinning. On the other hand, Zen would be fond of piercings that look aesthetically pleasing and/or tasteful, since those aspects remind him of his partner.

would also love teasing his partner using the piercing, since seeing his s/o get frustrated and bothered is a huge turn-on for him. During the kissing session, the only area that his tongue would be feeling up would be the piercing and nothing else (until he eventually decides that enough is enough). Zen would exploit the piercing as a way to simply amplify the experience, never failing to have his tongue gently stroke the area around the piercing. Sometimes, he’d let his s/o take over, since he shivers from elation that overwhelms him whenever they run their piercing over his oral mucosa. 

Jaehee, Jumin, and Yoosung would be startled and alarmed when they sensed the piercing when kissing for the first time, misinterpreting it as swelling or some other medical emergency. Once their partner informs them that it’s just a tongue piercing, they’ll be surprised and slightly turned off. Jaehee and Jumin would view it as unprofessional and disfiguring, whereas Yoosung would believe that its presence is simply unnecessary. However, during the next kissing session, they’ll have an epiphany; realising that hey, that piercing is quite attractive.

Jaehee bank account is… pretty impressive, to say the least. That being said, she would invest in elegant and simple piercings for her s/o, but would also buy some more… provocative ones for those times when she knows things will get heated. Jaehee would really, really love it when her partner uses their piercing to their advantage, gliding it around in her mouth during make-outs.

favourite piercings on you would be - you guessed it - cat-related (and of course, some fancy ones as well). Jumin would use the piercing as another way to further enforce dominance, his tongue always pushing the piercing downwards (although he wouldn’t do this roughly - he’s aware of tears and such). He’ll also lightly take it between teeth.

Yoosung would be similar to Zen in terms of permitting his partner to establish their dominance; having the piercing rubbing against the folds, smooth walls, and rough surfaces within his mouth is something he’s keen on experiencing while kissing (besides the fact that he’s kissing and making out with them). To put it simply, Yoosung becomes very submissive when they use that piercing on him. When they want to weaken him even further, they’d wear star-shaped piercings, and maybe even ones that look cute and colourful

Similarly to the previous three, V would panic upon feeling a bump on his partner’s tongue. However, unlike their initial reactions, V would be pleased about the fact that his s/o’s tongue is pierced. It’s not that he’d be overly delighted, nor would he be repulsed - he’d be neutral about the piercing, but pleased regardless. V’s a fan of self-expression, and he’d offer to help them pick out some piercings the next time they shop for new ones. He has a liking for black and white piercings, especially when they possess a unique shape

V thinks that the oral piercing actually enhances kisses between him and his s/o; irrespective of whoever seizes the dominant role. He’d be a bit apprehensive when kissing, though - since he’s worried about accidentally tearing it or hurting them. They’d have to reassure V for a while, until his concern regarding this fades away. 


When you realize that not only did Jean Grey ask Magneto how much does he love Charles Xavier, but there was also a big red heart between their faces as Magneto sacrificed his dreams of ruling the earth and jeopardized his own life in order to save Charles. X men the Animated Series takes shipping to some extremes.

“Though you are three times more beautiful than angels,
Though you are the sister of the river willows,
I will kill you with my singing,
Without spilling your blood on the ground.
Not touching you with my hand,
Not giving you one glance, I will stop loving you,
But with your unimaginable groans
I will finally slake my thirst.
From her, who wandered the earth before me,
Crueler than ice, more fiery than flame,
From her, who still exists in the ether—
From her you will set me free.”
Anna Akhmatova, The Complete Poems of Anna Akhmatova

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is it too soon to figure out the ship name for Hatman & Cait? cause I'm guessing he could have a name that may or may not be Harrison Wells but if he does turn out to be Harrison Wells from Earth-3 and we already have Snowells and Snowharry, do we go with... Snowhat? or just wait and see what Tues gives us first... like maybe another nickname for him! :p

Lol, @airsay58259 suggested “Snowhat” to me as well. Love it! I’m still hoping that he’s called something other than Harrison Wells, or at least will have a canon nickname like you said.

I mean, broadly we’ll probably still go by Snowells to keep all the TomCharacter/Caitlin stuff under one umbrella, but it’s totally useful to be able to say Snowharry, ReverseFrost, and so on when we need to keep things straight. And also there are people who ship one version but not another, of course.

Ahhh I need Hatman to debut so we can figure out all this stuff.

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With regards to the idea that if there were only two people left on earth, they'd need to repopulate it (which we know is not exactly possible), how many people would it take to be left of earth to actually repopulate it?

Minimum of 50 genetically different animals.

You need 50-100 genetically different pairs to successfully repopulate any species.