mcdonalds cashier: sorry the flurry machine broke 

me: its fine *goes home* *crying* *opens laptop* *opens tumblr* *new text post* 

I was sensitive, a baby lamb, pink and tender

and You were harsh, sharp, edges and pain

you were broken and you wanted me to break too

your knife against my pale pink skin, deepen the wound

“its fine” 

january 19 2017


Epic night sky timelapse over Vermillion Cliffs National Monument - if you get to the 2nd half you’ll get a thunderstorm, star trails, and really creepy effect from clouds passing in long exposure/timelapse.

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whats the mods opinion on the surge of people believing in flat earth theory? do you believe they these people genuinely think this way, or are they doing it for the jokes? do YOU prescribe to the theory? why or why not? please reply in no less than 500 words and cite your sources for a full grade

Earth flat like pan cake source: wen I stan on house n look at sky I see no curve

  • Jihyo: [As she's walking past] Tzuyu! You and the other maknaes need to clean up your dorm room.
  • Tzuyu: Ugh, Jihyo-unnie can be really annoying sometimes
  • Dahyun: I know right, she's always nagging us
  • {This continues for over an hour}

I honestly feel like Allura gave Lance some telepathic chip to put on and for him to think of something familiar from earth or maybe some dangerous creature and out of everything he chose a cow.

“Lance why is there a cow, cows aren’t dangerous.”

“You didn’t see Bessie maul a wolf Shiro don’t back talk to the warrior queen.”

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Have you heard what Ariana Grande said? She called herself the "hardest working 23 year old" on the planet. Which is really sad because I've gained so much respect for her these past few years.

I don’t really… ? She probably works hard and is just congratulating herself on being young and working hard?

Yeah, there are people who work just as hard for less money but I hardly see what seems to be a throw away hyperbolic statement as her throwing herself down for the official title or disparaging anyone else.

“When you’re cute but you’re also the hardest working 23 year old human being on earth #cute #butalso #CEO #unf–kwitable #haventsleptinyears,”

That was the message and it hardly seems serious. I’m really more concerned with misogynistic responses such as: “Woman! I bet you have never taken part in back breaking physical labor. Like a Marine, a soldier, a sailor, an airman, a policeman, a lineman, a pipeliner, and the rest of the blue collar world. So please keep talking,”.

Because the imaginations of some people are so small they can’t imagine anything that isn’t physical, blue collar work as being difficult.

TL;DR: meh

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It's best that you're aware of what you're feeling, that you have the resources to steady yourself, and that you acknowledge when you're making mistakes. Know that the people who are in your life and reach out to you, they do so because they love you. There's not much space to say all this in one setting, but know that my love goes out to too; you're one of the most sincere people I know, and I know you'll come out of this stronger than before.

You’re one of the most sincere people I know…

Originally posted by meonlyingifs

Way to ruin a girl, @primrooks

I try to be sincere and earnest and genuine, I really do – funny thing is, I think the reason why I try so whole-heartedly to be just that is because I’m so darn worried about being manipulative. 

As for the people who reach out to me (you, everyone on this website who for some reason or other has decided to stay and keep an eye on me and my blog),  I’m torn between being apologetic over the fact that I’m such a mess of a human being, regret that you can’t be with me IRL, and sincere gratitude and appreciation for sticking with me even when I pull such shenanigans, or am at least tempted to pull them…

Thank you for sending this, Rooks, you’re amazing and I’m so lucky to know you <3

Johnny Depp was never convicted as an abuser, so people who are saying that it has been proven are completely irrelevant. Also, the people who are saying that he deserves to die or whatever are the scum of the earth. People who wish death on other people are shit. I don’t care if you claim to be the nicest person on earth, if you wish death on anyone, you’re a piece of shit and should really re-evaluate yourself. Period.

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“Buffyverse tagging meme: this is too good not to do :D I was tagged by…”

IM S4 TRASH OKAY. It’s so happy and relatively light. I love.

OK MY CHILDREN I guess today is the day I spill my love for Season 4

@catty-words you are so right, and one big reason reason I think I found myself returning to S4 again and again is that all my favorite characters are relatively happy; there’s no REAL earth-shattering evil, Buffy doesn’t die, there’s no relationship melodrama I got angry with (sorry oz), and there are more than a few stupid silly episodes I could just enjoy watching my babes bumble through. It’s just a slayer and her pals livin their lives.

BUT it’s also so much more than that? And it’s taken me some time to really gather my thoughts on why I love this season so much (believe me @sunnydaleslut and I have had many wine drunk discussions about this), and I think it’s the themes of transition and uncertainty in this season that continue to resonate with me.

In that tag meme I listed The Freshman as one of my favorite episodes (I KNOW bear with me) because it was the first time the show as an entity REALLY impressed me. (I KNOW I KNOW hold on) The show seasons 1-3 had a well-established ethos: Ordinary Teenage Girl with Extraordinary Powers and high school and secret identities and burden of responsibility and high school as hell allegories and on and on. It was a strong premise, and obviously executed well; I mean there’s a reason people still LOVE those early seasons and wish the show had ended after graduation.

But it didn’t end after graduation. And because of that, a whole slew of questions comes tumbling out. Who is Buffy without high school social strata to struggle against or conform to? What does it mean for a slayer to become an adult? How do these characters stay together and DO they stay together without a 6-period class schedule to unite them? How do ANY of these characters grow beyond this format and these well-defined tropes we’ve laid out for them? 

These are real questions that most kids face when they leave whatever institution for the ‘real’ world and adulthood. And what a brave thing it was for the show to embrace that fear as THEY transitioned into a what some saw as a completely different show. There was a strong possibility the premise wouldn’t translate well outside high school, and season 4 could very well have been their last. AND OH GOD you can just feel it in The Freshman as Buffy’s identity crisis mirrors what the show was no doubt going through also, but when she recaptures that identity as the slayer at the end, it’s almost as if the show itself is saying to you, “Don’t worry, guys. Buffy’s got this, and WE got this.”

And ALL the characters through this season are forced to contend with their roles in the show / Buffy’s life and how they move forward with that. And while some are reaffirmed in their roles, other characters seem to go through a complete evolution, and watching all that change and growth and rededication is WONDERFUL. And you don’t get the true masterpiece of season 5 without them going through this messy, transitional season 4, lemme jus say.

AND YES I KNOW: Adam, Riley, Walsh, Where the Wild Things Are, no Cordy…OK all the reasons people dislike s4 are totally valid I feel you. BUT here’s another smattering of reasons I love this season:

  • TARA and pure af, pre-abuse Twillow
  • the fact that they’re in college and my high school anxiety ridden heart can finally fuckin breathe
  • WHO ARE YOU and the return of Faith???
  • Giles in a lot of sweaters
  • stupid college jokes about partying and psych 101 I can’t
  • Buffy hitting actual-can-of-vienna-sausages Parker WITH A TREE BRANCH
  • buffy x happiness?????
  • spike’s mean girl phase

so there you have it. This has been an S4 defense post.

Morning Cuddles - Jimin

requested by @yoseobs0504jins  : morning cuddle with jimin,fluff pls 😁😁😁

words : 850

Finally a Jimin fluff request. Don’t go hard on me, i’m super weak to him. Thank you !!

Jimin had always made you feel safe, secured, from the beginning of your relationship. He would always hold your hand (no matter how sweaty it was) when you walked down the street, he would always put an arm around your shoulders to protect you from the crowd you would be in, he would always kiss your temple when you’d feel down, sad, or not happy in general. Jimin always made sure to show the love he felt for you, and he tried to protect you from any harm the world could inflict you.

Jimin was the definition of the cutest and perfect boyfriend on earth.

This was even more than confirmed in the morning, when he was the most in the mood for cuddles, when he was the most loving, when he showered you with endless loving kisses and caresses. And these moments were your absolute favorite, above all the time you both shared together : morning cuddles with Jimin were the best.

More often than you would like, he’d wake up earlier than you. He’d take his time to open his eyes, and watch your face, taking in all the details of it. He always liked the way your eyes fluttered when you slept, or your parted lips where some weird noises would escape from your unconscious self. To his eyes, you were the cutest ; and the funniest because these sounds -he had to admit- were very funny to listen to. However, he’d keep these thoughts to himself, and he’d cuddle your side until you would wake up, leaving sweet kisses all other your face, neck and shoulders.

However, this morning was one of the few exceptions. You had woken up before him.

You woke up when started to feel some ticklish bangs over your skin and when you sensed a weight on your chest. Your eyes slowly opened, taking their time to adjust to the low light of this winter Sunday. As you patiently emerged from your sleep, you realized that this inconvenience was nothing else than your cute boyfriend’s head, who seemed deeply and sloppy asleep. One of his arms was wrapped around your low stomach and one of his legs straddled yours. There was absolutely no escape from this lovely trap.

You smiled at the sight of his hair, bringing your hand to stroke it smoothly. You kissed the top of his head and cuddled even more into him, finally able to feel the warmth coming from his body covered by the sheets. You let your head fall back on the pillow, and looked at the ceiling, yet not stopping any of your movements. But when your eyes started to close once again, and your gesture getting sloppy, you heard a small whimper, coming right from Jimin’s mouth.

You laughed lightly at this sound, paying attention not to laugh too loud, fearing to wake him up. However, his head budge a bit, making you stop in your tracks. He whined almost silently, “Y/N”, he murmured with his raspy morning voice that send shivers down your spine. “Please keep going”, he demanded, tightening his hold on you and rocking a bit your body.

You gave in. Of course you would, he had you wrap around his cute and chubby fingers ; and he knew it.

So you stroked his locks again, after leaving a cute kiss on the top of his head. You felt the muscle of his cheek contract on your flesh, giving you the hint that he was smiling -something that also make your lips curve upright even more. He brought his body closer to yours, and he dropped a tender peck above your heart. You smiled at the kind action, and watched him rise his head to look at you.

You continued your loving caresses at the back of his neck as he climbed up your body a bit, to eventually settle his head in the crook of your neck, giving you a better access. He inhale your scent once here, and sighed in pleasure at the smell. He had always loved the mix of cranberry and almond cream you wore on your skin, finding it almost intoxicating -in a good way. The smile plastered on his face grew even bigger, and he started to leave some lazy kisses here and there, allowing his lips to taste your sweet skin. He. Loved. It.

You chuckle under the touch, but suddenly halted when you felt him move and hover you. You look into his eyes, amused by his actions, noticing the smirk he had on contrasting with his still swollen and sleepy eyes. He left an affectionate kiss on your plump lips, and carefully changed the position you both were in. As a result, you found yourself on top of him, your weight flat against his body. His left arm circled your waist and his other hand began to softly made its way under your shirt, caressing random patterns on your back.

You settled even more against his body, also breathing in his natural scent as you were purely pleasured by the stockings of your boyfriend.This was what the best mornings looked like : sleepy kisses, sloppy gestures, endless love.

“We switch again in 5 minutes ?” He asked with a teasing -yet very husky and sexy- voice

“Deal”, you smiled, diving even more onto his body.

last writings : Cafuné - Jungkook, Boss - Yoongi (Mafia AU) please share some love to them too :D

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OMG ANOTHER MEME SIGN ME UP FOR MORE OF YOUR BOUEIBU DRAWINGS! And because I am Traaaaaaaaaash how about A3 with Yumoto and Haruhiko? I feel like I'm the only person on this planet who ships them but I can see Yumoto giving spontaneous cheek kisses. Yus.

I think Yumoto would be very happy to give everyone cheek kisses :D

(not taking requests for this meme anymore, thank you!)

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Hey yuuba! Your artwork is so so stunning! Especially your work on the Earth and the Moon for Naruto and Hinata! I was wondering, is there anyway that I could write a one-shot inspired by your piece, of course crediting you fully?! If I can't that's absolutely fine because I know how important it is for an artist to feel so much for their work! But I thought it was worth at least asking! Hope you're having a beautiful day! Best wishes! xx

thank you♡&Sure go ahead! I would love to read it !!

A drabble: Daryl Dixon, The walking dead

Anonymous said:                                                                                               Hello! Can you make number 5 with Daryl please!! 🙏

Yup, sure :)                                         

5# : “Quick! Pretend that we’re dating”

Living in Alexandria truly had it’s perks. I didn’t have to be in an alarm-mode all the time, I could just chill. I had my job, but other than that, I could do almost everything I wanted to do, as long as it didn’t danger others or myself. All things considered, this was by far the best place that I had been living since the hell broke on earth.

But, like always, annoying things came along with good things. And this time, it came in a form of Steven. He was..well, he was a lot of things. He seemed to be very interested of me, and tried to make a move on me all the time, despite I was not interested of him, and hadn’t given any kind of signals to lead him thinking that I had. Reasons why I wasn’t interested of him was that he wasn’t my type at all: he had blond hair, and hazel eyes. I liked opposite. But this ‘type’ thing is not always carved in stone, I mean he wasn’t ugly or anything. He didn’t have very interesting personality by my perspective, plus he was super clingy.

But the biggest reason for me not being interested of him, was the fact that I was  interested of someone else. That someone was no one else but Daryl Dixon.

Before we came to Alexandria, we were close. We talked all the time, did runs together, and could always rely on each others, and had each other’s backs. We met first time when I was by myself out there, and everyone else in my little group had died. I was in trouble with three walkers, and when I was certain that I was gonna die, Daryl came out of nowhere, and saved me. As tacky as it sounds, he kinda was my knight in a shining armor. Or in a leather vest in this case. Since that day, I had a thing for him, but I was pretty sure that he did not share the feeling.

After a while we had settled in Alexandria, he became distant. I don’t know why, he just stopped talking to me more and more, and we didn’t go to runs together anymore. I tried to ask him about it, and what did I do wrong, but he didn’t tell me. Whenever I brought it up, he just brushed it off. It hurt my feelings, but I didn’t know what to do anymore. I couldn’t make him hang out with me if he didn’t want to or anything. One time I had asked it again, and this time he looked like he would explain himself, but then the damn Steven shouted my name, and he shut his mouth, and looked annoyed. “Your boyfriend is calling you”, he had said. I tried to explain that he wasn’t my boyfriend, but suddenly he said that he didn't’ care, and that he had to go on a run. I wasn’t sure if he was jealous or if he just really didn’t care.

One evening I was walking towards my home, when Daryl walked out of one of the houses that I was passing. He didn’t see me right away, and was keeping his head down like he was in his thoughts. “Hi Daryl”, I greeted. He rose his head and grunted something that could been translated as “Hey”. He tried to walk away from me, but I grabbed his hand. “Are you okay? You want to talk about it?”, I asked him. “Nah, I’m fine. Don’t you have something to do?”, he asked. “No, I just finished my work. I was planning to just go read a book, but if you want, we could hang out?”, I suggested. He looked like he was thinking about it, when I heard Steven shouting my name across the street. “(Y/N), there you are! I have been looking for you for hours”, he shouted excited. “Shit, shit, shit!!”, I hissed. I was so done with him. “What’s wrong?”, Daryl asked. “I don’t want to deal with him today. Or any day actually. He is so clingy!”, I said angrily. “But, I thought..nevermind”, he said then.

All of the sudden, I got an idea. “Quick! Pretend that we’re dating”, I said to Daryl, and stepped closer, like we were in some deep conversation. “W-What?”, he stuttered. “Please, I don’t want to deal with him anymore. Please, pretend that we are dating so he will stop hitting on me”, I pleaded him, and made the best puppy eyes that I could. “Okay then”, he gave in, when Steven was only a few meters away. “(Y/N), didn’t you hear me?”, he asked with a smile. “Oh, I am sorry, I was just so caught up in our little chat, that I didn’t hear you”, I said with a fake smile. I thought that he would get the hint, but no. “What do you say if we would go to my place and eat?”, he asked. I mentally groaned. What do I have to do to make him leave me alone? I had tried saying it to him, but he didn’t listen. “Umm, I don’t think so. Me and my boyfriend already made plans”, I lied to him, with a fake apologetic smile. I kinda felt bad, but he should have listened to me then.

“Oh, I didn’t know that you have a boyfriend”, he said, and tried to keep his smile up. “Well, she has. So what if you scamper away from her, so I don’t have to get angry”, Daryl growled out of the blue, and pulled me close to him. When the poor Steven didn’t realise to go away soon enough for Daryl to like, he kissed me then and there. I was so surprised, but kissed him back. I had been waiting for this so long. Even when I knew that he was pretending, I couldn’t help but give my everything to the kiss.

When we let go of each others, I saw that Steven was long gone. “Wow, it really worked”, I laughed. “Yeah, umm.. I am sorry for that”, he said embarrassed, and scratched the back of his head. “Don’t be”, I said with a smile and blushed. “I didn’t know that you weren’t interested of him. I thought that you were together or something”, he said then quietly. “He did think so, I didn’t. I am interested of someone else”, I said then smiling. His smile dropped, and took a step back, but tried to keep his cool. “Okay. Umm,,I think I’ll go to..fix my bike you know”, he then tried to smile, and walk away. Shit. He was walking away from me again. I decided to put my cards on a table, so I ran up to him, and turned him around.

“It is you that I am interested of”, I said to him, scared that he doesn’t feel the same. “R-Really?”, he asked then with amazed look on his face. I nodded smiling. He kissed me again, now smiling a little in the kiss. When we broke from it, we both had stupid smiles on our faces. “I know that, that out there was a pretend dating, but would you like to come on a real date with me?”, I asked him. “Gladly”, he said then and smiled.


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That Hypable article is forgetting something that's all-too-often forgotten: those kids, locked up for various crimes, would have faced review at eighteen..... DURING AN OXYGEN CRISIS. It's almost certain that they ALL would have been floated. Earth was genuinely a second chance. They even took a year to research, to build comms and monitoring - Sinclair even says it in the pilot: "everything we've given them to PROTECT them". HOW DO YOU SEE DAD KANE AND MAMA GRIFFIN AND THINK THEY DON'T CARE


Get To Know Me

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Rules: Tag ten people you would like to get to know better.

How old are you? 23. Turning 24 this year

What’s your current job? I’m a publicist for consumer lifestyle + tech brands

What are you talented at? Writing. Breaking boy’s hearts. Tripping. Singing in the shower. Fitness. According to my mom: sarcasm.

What’s your aesthetic? Forests, oceans, mountains, etc. I’m all for Earth goddess aesthetics. Add some twinkle lights in the mix and I’m a happy gal. 

Do you collect anything? Mugs and sometimes magnets. I use to collect old books, but my NYC apartment isn’t big enough to keep that habit up at the moment 

What’s a topic you always talk about? Right now, Bachelor. In general, boys, life & work. 

What’s a pet peeve of yours? When people tell me things I have to do that I already know about. It makes me feel dumb and it really pisses me off. 

Good advice to give? Find what makes you happy, don’t worry what others say. And find a job you love, even if it’s not the job itself you like. I’m not crazy about being a publicist. But I love my company and my coworkers and am happy being at work every day!

Three songs you would recommend? I Hope That I Don’t Fall In Love With You, When You Love Someone, Bright 

Tags: @attractiverandomness @thefreshprinceofmirkwood @huffleypuffelycas @kittyquel @deansgoddess @bxccxhxyxs @demonofblackdarkness @12noboundaries13 @cassiebarnes and anyone who else so anyone else who wants to, go ahead. :)