Pedreiras, carne de dioses Joaquín Bérchez

In the exhibition ‘Pedreiras, carne de dioses’, Joaquín Bérchez pictures show us the bowels of earth, the quarries’ depths. He went to quarries which were in the process of extraction and he to other which were abandoned. The exhibition transmit us the emotion of the ancient shine, that shining which took the Greeks to name this stone marmâiro. text via

I found out about this exhibition in the magazine Cosentino (last image of the set is the magazine cover). You can also check the tumblr for the exhibition.

I’m finally catching up on worlds united and

no offense but A$AP was great and talented and on top of that, a really sweet guy and I loved seeing josh and tyler perform with him and if you’re hating on him rn feel free to unfollow

thoughts-from-alex asked:

What's the most obscure fact about the One era that you know?

Don’t know if this is obscure but we really laugh at the fact that in ‘Dalek Invasion of Earth’ they chose the location for the bridge based on the fact it was the closest bridge to a hospital so that when the Dalek goes in the Thames if the actor needed his stomach pumped because he swallowed dirty water then he’d be right next to a hospital at least lol!

My tumblr looks like such a Nicki stan blog atm lol but you know what, I don’t care. Nicki may have related her experiences to what she was saying but she was speaking on so much more than just herself, she was speaking about things Black women everywhere in entertainment deal with, and even women not in entertainment. We have to work hard and do twice as much to get half as much recognition or even none at all and some of you don’t get how much courage it must have taken on her end to voice those thoughts publicly, to directly call out a snub.

I’m here for any and all Black women who speak up while in the middle of the same system that enables them to survive, as well as those who can’t or don’t. Black women are honestly the bravest women on this earth and celeb or no, I’m here for them, I’m here for us and if you don’t like it.. ✌🏾️✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾

I’m BACK after a whirlwind week that started at 10pm last Wednesday night and ended yesterday evening. I think in total we may have gotten about 15hrs of sleep so needless to say I’m a zombie today. BUT I’D DO IT AGAIN IN A HEARTBEAT.

So I got to attend both the Cleveland and Detroit show. Initially I was going to spend that money and go to the UK, but it was proving to be quite a hassle so I settled on going to Liam’s birthday and getting to see 2 states/cities that I’ve never been to.  No regrets.

Cleveland was perfect. If you don’t know by now, I was upgraded from having some good seats to having the BEST seats ever by the lovely appreciatetommo and her friend Julie. I don’t know many people on earth who would do that for me, and so I am forever thankful for this, Cristina. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

Anyway, these seats rocked. We ended up row 6, in the section next to the catwalk (lilo little things side), but at the end of the aisle. I knew I had little shot of actually seeing the catwalk because I’m fun sized and I didn’t bring my heels (I WASN’T READY), but it wasn’t that bad. Anyway, I could see the screens and my side of the stage perfectly, and one I realized that, I got to work. I didn’t bring a sign, but I had eyeliner and my old ticket printed so I used it to make a really quick sign for Liam. (he never saw it, lmao but I had to try). And then I sat and waited and tried to wrap my head around the whole situation.

Boys came out late by their standards, but they made up for it with the show they put on. I’ll probably go into detail a little later but just in case I dont. That Harry fixing the bra moment that was going around was the funniest bit of the night. That girl was across from me being very extra the entire show, but I guess it paid off because she got his attention. Even if it was to call her out. 

After Cleveland, did some sight seeing, picked up a friend, and then headed to Detroit. Didnt explore the city at all, but I got to see the show and it was incredible. I was lucky enough to see Liam last year on his 21st birthday, and it was definitely a different experience than this year. Last year, the hype was about turning 21 and also Liam celebrating his birthday on a stage for the first time. It was unchartered territory, so there wasn’t anything to really compare it to.  This year tho, it was more chill in terms of production, but I feel the crowd was even more LIAM AF than anticipated. (and I say this after being sat in front of a row of obnoxious fans who were shit talking Liam before the show started. They promptly stfu when he came on stage tho.) 

Liam seemed so moved by the reactions. I’ve never heard the audience scream for him the way they did when they showed his face for his Clouds solo. I actually started to shake. It was incredible. He was soaking all that love up and throwing it back to us with even more love. 

Harry must’ve mentioned that it was Liam’s birthday every time he got on the mic. He was proper hype about it too. My lirry heart couldn’t even handle that, lol. Niall talked about it a few times as well, while Louis took care of making sure Liam was being celebrated by allowing Liam to harass him first before finally retaliating. And fond facing. That is love. Liam’s FACE when the boys were walking to him. OMG. I THINK WE ALL DIED? AND THEN HE ASKED FOR THE GROUP HUG. BECAUSE LIAM GIVES BACK WHAT HE GETS. HE IS THE HUG DEALER. ALL HE WANTED WAS HIS BOYS AND THEY HUGGED AND I’M STILL EMOTIONAL. and then he went on about feelin awkward when all that attention is on him, because he’s not sure what to do with himself. color me endeared.

iDK, I just really loved Detroit because it felt so natural and genuine. They were all in great moods. Actually both shows were great because of that. Lots of group interaction, lots of fan interation, and lots of love.  I don’t know how to explain this era of them, but they just seem commited to it all. They seem really happy too. I’m so sad that this is probably my last show for this tour (never say never said the wise Beiber) because I could watch them in this element forever.

BTW the very last thing Harry said in Cleveland was along the lines of ‘we hope to see you very very soon’. I figured some people would want to know that :D

I’m kinda all over the place and I didn’t really talk about the boys individually, but just know that Liam is still king of that stage and of my 1D heart. His voice was on another level in Cleveland, his stage presence and charisma were at an all time high both nights, AND HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL. Unreal. .And that the other boys have also leveled up and I’m not sure if I can handle more levelling up from any of them.

okay gtg find more coffee. LATER.

Also I still have videos I might put up and they might be repeats from other vids out there, so I apologize. I just need space on my phone, lmao.


(‘Your love is ultra magnetic
and it’s taking over
this is hardcore
and I’m indestructible’
- Robyn)

You say you looked for me
from the moment I was born.
I have felt you tug at the edges
of my spine and ribcage since
I had eyes to look down at earth

and trace our footprints’ course.
Your voice is the voice of now,

of pulses from my shadow heart
that thuds with the kind of urge
only at hand for someone etched
in deep sigils into your bones.
The ache left with your arrival,

I am sleepless from fulfillment,
night shining white over my mind

whenever I open my living eyes.
The past is my orbit and your road,
our path runs to a dark flame storm:
we revolve in the eye, so blinding
to each other we can barely look,

speaking the same language
since the day words were made.

i’m drinking my coffee in the sunlight about to get ready for work and i’ve got sunspots in my eyes and i’m just smiling so wide and laughing to myself because my heart!! is so full!! i’m giving my two weeks notice today i’m turning 25 on wednesday and a few weeks after that i’m moving to a new city into a space with one of my favorite people on earth!!!!!!! and starting a new adventure!! and a little bit after that i’m finally visiting arlie!!! and i’m just!!!!! exploding at all the gentleness and fullness flowing into my life like i’ve just got the greatest friends and the greatest girl and it feels like this year is just going to be so fucking good so healing and transformative i’m blooming in warm light like i can’t believe it and i’m so incredibly thankful the past … years have been so fucking hard and now it feels like all the work i’ve been putting in with a loving heart is returning and i wanna give it away more and more and more i’m so thankful to be here 💛


This blog gets a lot of traffic, so I will shamelessly use that to spread some love~

Earth Flight is hella small, but hella cute and nice. 
Fire Flight, you guys had a awesome raffle, don’t let whiners get you down.
Wind Flight is my home, and while I have problems with the Skype group, it is so perfectly laid back and artsy. 
Water Flight, I don’t know much about the community, but you guys are hella lucky to have a perfect shade of blue for your dragons’ eyes. 
Shadow Flight is cool, and I have never met a rude or bad Shadow member. 
Ice Flight has one of my best FR friends in there, plus a user who’s lore I may or may not stalk because it is fucking awesome.
Lightning Flight has a couple of my sweethearts from other sites and I am so happy that they decided to come over to FR.
Light Flight, I love every single member I have ever met and its my second home.
Nature Flight has such pretty art for their Flight and I want like, a million Nature Sprites, those flower babs.
Plague Flight, you guys are so badmouthed, it makes my heart hurt because I think all the Plaguelings I’ve met are sweet little baaboos.
Arcane Flight, you guys do you, Starfall Isles are gorgeous!

Spread the love around, guys! Every Flight has its cons, but they also have their pros! Flight Pride and Flight Love!

White skin is not correlated with ignorance. I have always stood for showing love and respect to all people, but tumblr makes it really hard to stand with that movement when the site is riddled with hate towards white people.

Yes, there are ignorant a-hole white people who appropriate elements of other cultures, bring their racism into politics, and show complete disrespect towards human life. Those people are the scum of the Earth.

But when tumblr attacks “white people” for that behavior, they are also attacking people who are standing beside them in the fight to make a change. It’s really difficult to be an ally when the people on my team are constantly grouping me with that scum just because I have the same skin.

If you are being racist during your plight to end racism, you’re doing it wrong.

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Absolutely HILARIOUS to me that people continuously go around making assumptions and outright calling people liars about shit they have no idea about.

For example: “I claim to be a twin” according to some geniuses on this website. I’ve never laughed so hard in my life as I did when I saw that message.

Another example: “I don’t believe you played sports.” That one is just ridiculous, should I provide you with every team photo I have growing up? Should I recite to you every coach I had while I demonstrate proper free throw form? How about you tell me I didn’t play rugby while I show you exactly how a tackle should be executed? What on earth would make you say you don’t believe someone who is outright telling you a very believable thing.

One last example: “I’m gonna make some bold ass claim about your relationship that I am sure as hell not a part of because I want attention” I hope someone hugs you today anon, you need it.

This is not what I signed up for

Kill the Moon and In the Forest of the Night aren’t so scientifically inaccurate by accident. They are both meant to be parables about Faith defying Science.

  • Kill the Moon
    Science says that the moon “hatching” is going to have disastrous gravitational consequences on Earth: floods, tsunamis, earthquakes.
    Faith says that if you save the alien turkey, everything will be okay.
    And Faith wins.
  • In the Forest of the Night
    Science says solar flares produce electromagnetic radiations, not firestorms, and trees can do absolutely nothing to stop them.
    Faith says that if you believe in tiny fairies, everything will be okay.
    And Faith wins again.

So, if you love these two episodes, you basically want Doctor Who to be about Faith defying Science, and people solving problems by believing in miracles.

That’s not what I signed up for.