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I love your blog and i feel bad for pestering but can you do a imagine where MC gets into a pretty bad car accident, and though she doesn't die she gets pretty badly injured. Preferably if you make it the other drivers fault i would love the angst if they just drove away without thinking to help? Thanks so much!

ahh thank you so much! i wrote all of this while walking to school so they’re probably bad lolol I tried


- as soon as he hears about it he sprints to the nearest hospital, he doesn’t even think to call a taxi
- he’s calling you nonstop on his phone while running and you’re not picking up
- sobbing already and praying that you’re okay
- when he sees you he just breaks down
- he wants to hug you really tight but doesn’t want to hurt you
- so he just holds on to your hand as tightly as he can and whispers sweet things to you
- when the doctors explain what happened, and that it was a hit and run, he’s outraged
- he silently curses whoever did this
- stays by your side all night and while you’re sleeping he talks to you and god
- he wasn’t very religious but he really wanted you to be okay
- “i can’t lose anyone else… please, mc, please be okay…”
- blames himself for every petty little fight you two had but forces himself to focus on all the good times
- holds your hand as tightly as possible when you cross the road from now on


- he was walking with you downtown when it happened
- you two crossed the street and a car slammed into you then sped off
- he screamed as tried to chase after the car but it was long gone
- rushed you to the nearest hospital
- you were bleeding so much and he could barely breathe from how many sobs were trapped in his chest
- he got hurt too, but he doesn’t care at all
- all he wants is to see your smiling face
- he literally won’t do anything but worry about you for weeks
- doesn’t go to work at all and doesn’t give an explanation
- when you’re finally recover he’s so happy he can barely speak, he just holds you


- she couldn’t stand the sight of you in a hospital bed but she needed to be with you
- got a call from the hospital while at work late, and she didn’t see it until the next day
- both of your legs were broken and they were unsure if you would be able to walk again
- she just can’t believe somebody would do this to you
- gets you everything you need and stays with you whispering encouragement
- even when you’re on so many pain pills that you can barely even move
- she takes off work for the next four weeks to take care of you
- prays for you every single night, you’re literally all she can think about
- when you’re recovered and in a wheelchair she takes you to your favorite restaurant, then to a park, then home to do all your favorite things
- the whole situation makes her put how much she works into perspective now and she’s rationed it out more healthily
- you do wheelie tricks on ur chair which make her worry and laugh at the same time


- he’s convinced whoever injured you did it on purpose
- gets all the lawyers he can to sue whoever it was who just drove off after hitting you
- the doctors tell him you’re not going to make it
- he won’t believe them and refuses to accept that
- has a breakdown and screams at all the doctors to get out, pushing them away from you and throwing things everywhere
- reluctantly they give you two your privacy
- he can still hear your soft, labored breaths. he can still see your chest rising and falling. he can still feel your slow pulse.
- he talks to you even though you’re not conscious, tells you to wake up and that you’ll be fine
- he tells you he will give you anything you want if you wake up, he will give you all of his money if you wake up, he will buy the world for you and kill whoever did this to you if you just open your eyes for him
- after three straight nights of him not sleeping and staying with you while you’re in your coma, you gently squeeze his hand
- his eyes have never been wider
- yells at the doctors, “she’s here”
- and you were.
- and with tired eyes greeting pale white light, he holds on to you as tight as possible and will never let go again


- he must have heard the call wrong
- he must have. he must have, he keeps telling himself
- but there you are, pale, unmoving, and covered in bandages
- tear stains and bruises covering your body
- he doesn’t sleep, he doesn’t eat, he doesn’t drink anything. he will not do anything until he knows you are okay
- “i don’t want to live in a world without you.. so, please… don’t leave”
- crying all the time
- every night he sings your favorite songs to you, even the ones he used to tease you for liking
- when your heart monitor gets dangerously fast he calls in the doctors frantically
- you’re twitching but the doctors say you’re dying
- but that can’t be right
- it can’t be
- when the heart monitor goes to steady beep, he screeches out a loud and bloodcurdling cry
- he’s banging on the walls and holding on tight to his head because he’s afraid it’ll explode
- the doctors try to restrain him but he refuses to leave the room
- he watches as they try to restart your heartbeat and he’s not listening to them anymore, he is praying so hard that he feels like he’s in another world
- it’s been an hour, and they’re still trying. tears run down his face and by now he’s just disassociating
- he doesn’t want this to be real he doesn’t know where he is he’s convinced it’s a nightmare
- but when he hears you take a deep breath he shoots up and runs to your side
- your breathing is heavy and you’re coughing specks of blood but you’re breathing and that’s all that matters
- and you’re alive.
- and he loves you so much
- he passes out later while they’re getting you ready to leave, just too exhausted
- but when you two leave he believes in miracles and he’s never letting you out of his sight ever again


Aigoo, like koreans say, I’m sorry so much time has passed since I last uploaded something here but I’ve been studying Photoshop like crazy for the last week and finally I can show you the result! :D

I’ve been working on this new style that has more paintin and less lineart.

Basically I drop the shades in grayscale and then color them on another layer. It’s a pretty efficent technique and I’ll keep working on it.

I decided to draw the beautiful moms because I love them a lot! <3

I also had 2 sketches of Widowmaker and D.VA BUT, I made the terrible mistake of overwriting the file I was working on and before I could press Ctrl-Z my Photoshop crashed! ARGH!!! SOB SOB LE CRY!!
I’m still trying to recover from this accident…

Anyway, let me know what you think about this new style! I hope you like it! :)

Art © Blueem

Overwatch © Blizzard

Things teachers tell their students and their cats.

Ready, set, GO.

“How many times do I have to tell you, get off that!”

“Don’t act like it was an accident, you were staring straight at me when you did it.”

“It’s 3 in the morning, go to bed.”

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hi! Could you make a headcanon about Yuuri suffers an accident at the ice rink and wakes up temporarily amnesiac?How Viktor will feel and what would he do?

Of course!

  • First thing that I’d say is that Yuuri would not forget who Viktor is- not after spending over half of his life fangirling over him. I think he’d forget that Viktor was now his coach, and possibly the embarrassing “do you want a photo” incident from episode 1, depending on how far back the amnesia goes.
  • Because of this, I think that when Yuuri wakes up- Viktor would naturally be holding his hand or something- he’d squeak in shock and retract his hand so fast he’d hit himself in the face. Viktor would laugh, completely enamoured by Yuuri, but Yuuri would go bright red.
  • “Vi-Viktor… Wh-what are you doing here!?”
    Viktor would probably chuckle again. “Isn’t it natural for your coach to be there for you when you get injured?”
    “Coach!?” Yuuri would suddenly sit up before slowly melting back into the bed. “This must be a dream…”
  • Viktor is quite frankly terrified when he realises Yuuri doesn’t remember the past couple of months, but tries not to visibly panic as he doesn’t want to distress Yuuri, who would be mumbling something about his posters coming to life.
  • Yuuri would then proceed to do something embarrassing like kiss Viktor- it’s a “dream” so he can do that- before falling back asleep. Viktor would have a mild panic attack, freaking out about the whole ordeal, but would calm down when the doctors said it was normal and Yuuri would be fine after a rest.
  • Yuuri would wake up and remember everything about forgetting Viktor as his coach (including the kiss) and apologise constantly until Viktor takes matters into his own hands and kisses him himself.
  • “You gave me a heart attack when you couldn’t remember, Yuuri…” He’d whisper, hugging Yuuri close, “although, you’re kind of cute when you’re out of it.”

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*curtsies* hi! what does this quote from romeo and juliet mean? "I should kill thee with much cherishing"?

*Curtsies* OH MAN okay so I can’t read this line without laughing anymore because in Romeo and/or Juliet it’s paraphrased as “I’d literally pet you to death,” and what makes that so funny is that it’s actually totally accurate. Basically what she’s saying is that if he were her pet bird she’d love him and caress him so much she might smother him by accident. Or, “I’d literally pet you to death.” It’s a weird sentiment, but you gotta give her a break. She’s like 13.

After Life/Ghost (2) Masterlist

part one

Bury the Dead Beneath You (ao3) - pinkieprimpotter

Summary: It was a car accident. A car had rammed into Dan, as he was texting Phil that he was just down the street. He was trapped behind heat and metal, and he felt so much pain he thought he would be ripped apart.

Ghosts Like Riding Elevators, It Raises Their Spirits (ao3) - abriata

Summary: Phil has a ghost, a roommate agreement, and a deliberately willful blindness to the practicalities of Life.

Ghost, Or Spirit Satyr? (ao3) - cuddlepuss

Summary: Phil moves into a new flat, but is haunted by a young male poltergeist that he finds both amusing and attractive.

Ghost Train (ao3) - maetaurus

Summary: Stacy is at the train station in Manchester in the year 3012 when she spots two ghosts that she knows she’s seen somewhere before.

Here By The Settled Shadows - literaryphan

Summary: ghosts linger.

Never Trust A Ouija Board - phansomedevil

Summary: In which Dan and Phil have a ghost.

Push Away the Unimaginable (ao3) - ges_who

Summary: Phil has been haunting his childhood home ever since he committed suicide over a broken heart over 100 years ago. He had long since settled in to the monotonous routine of crowds flooding in and out and tour guides yammering on about his “tragic” life, when a young man walks in and breaks the chains binding him to his eternal resting place. This young man is Dan Howell, a youtuber with a wonderful life: loads of friends and millions of fans, but something is still missing. This something seems to like to clean his flat without his consent and steal his neighbors housplants…

The Haunted Nightmare - jilliancares

Summary: Dan doesn’t know what to do when a ghost by the name of Phil starts haunting him.

You Are Not Trivial - phanimist

Summary: Dan being a ghost doesn’t once hinder the friendship between him and phil. the two are constantly there for each other, despite their various differences in problems, and they never let the concepts of what’s ‘real’ and what isn’t define them and the relationship they have.

You’re Warm - phanqueray

Summary: Dan is a ghost that’s always alone. Phil can see ghosts and is worried about the boy that doesn’t wear a jacket during winter.

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Weapons? Like knives perhaps?

I think my answer here is going to be pretty obvious.

No, you cannot safely fuck a knife, because it’s sharp and it’ll cut you all up.

(Don’t fuck a gun either.  Basic gun safety rules: all guns are real, all guns are loaded, and never point at gun at anything you do not want to destroy.  Many, many terrible accidents have happened after the words “I’m absolutely sure it’s not loaded.”)


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Not really a pairing, but just imagine the relationship between Daichi and Yachi. In the light novels, it said that he was worried about her because she is so accident-prone. I bet you Daichi goes on full parental mode with Yachi.

totally agree!!

Daichi tries really hard to rein in the more ahem boisterous team members of Karasuno when she first started out as manager, and he always asks Yachi about her day and makes sure she’s calm about what’s doing

Having friends who are woke is so important and I will never stress this enough, it’s a relieving feeling to know that your friends will understand whenever you’re mad about something, or whenever a new shocking accident occurs. You learn so much from each other and it creates some sort of solidarity. Discuss, learn and most importantly…fight.

You’ve Never Been So Wrong - four.
  • Baekhyun x Reader (Chanyeol & Kyungsoo)
  • Angst - Thriller(?)
  • Word Count: 1854

Description: You wake up from the car accident trying to remember everything that happened, especially the man you saw when you first woke up. Your memory failing you completely, little do you know that your answers are waiting for you at home.

A/N: I wrote this in literally like an hour or so. I didn’t proofread it and I’ll probably regret that later. This chapter isn’t quite as long as the others, but the plot is starting to reveal itself a little bit more. Thank you to the anon that reminded me to update this series~

one. // two. // three. // four. // five. (in the works)

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

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Hiya! May I please request a follow-up to your fic "accident"?! I love soulmate AUs so much and this one is no exception! <3 Please and thank you~

accident (You’ll want to read that first.)

“She needs time,” Ward whispers. He has to know the bunk walls are far too thin to keep out his words, no matter how quiet he tries to be, but he does try and her cruel, traitorous heart warms for his efforts. She presses her face into the pillow, but the sound of her own movement isn’t enough to block out Garrett’s answer.

“Well she doesn’t have any,” he snaps, making no attempt at all to keep quiet. “You said she agreed to work on the GH-325. You said she begged.”

Jemma flinches. She wasn’t there for whatever conversation Ward had with Garrett to explain her continued presence on board. She only knows Garrett ordered her put to death for Fitz’s attempt on his life and, as such, the situation required some smoothing over.

“And then she watched her best friend die,” Ward says just as meanly. “How’d you expect her to react to that?”

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“You have to accept that it’s not an accident that you’ve dedicated your life to getting better at this thing. The people who do that can’t help it. And that’s why they become writers and actors and painters. Because they can’t help but comment on existence.’”

Pic originally posted in Rolling Stone (courtesy of Oscar Isaac) and quote given to GQ.

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Is it possible to have a certain reputation with spirits? Like you may have been rude to them in one location so the spirits will always be rude back, but you have been very nice in a different location so you end up with a good reputation with those spirits? If it's possible, could you gain one by accident without even knowing it, using a ouija board or not?

You won’t get one by accident. But you can get reputations. I am the best example of this, as I’ve told many spirits to fuck off, and I’ve seen spirits recognize me and flee. I am a bitch to spirits and they know it.

I was tagged in this a couple times, most recently by writer extraordinaire  @whotheeffisbucky !

  • Countries I’ve lived in: U-S-A! U-S-A!
  • Favourite fandom: Star Wars (Sorry marvel)
  • Languages I speak: English, español (un poco)
  • Favourite film of 2016: Captain America: Civil War
  • Last article I read: Something about HOW STUPID VOTING FOR A THIRD PARTY IS IN AMERICA
  • Shuffle 3 songs:
    RHCP - Dani California
    - Frank Sinatra - The Best is Yet to Come
    - 4 Non Blondes - What’s Up?
  • Last thing I bought online:  Digital dl of Cinderella (2015)
  • Phobias or fears: spiders, getting hurt, car accidents, cancer
  • How would friends describe you: I’m a dork!
  • How would enemies describe you: I’m also a loser!
  • Who would you take a bullet for: bullets are scary. but probably my family and friends. and actually probably any good person. That knocks out a lot of people though.
  • If you had money to spare what would you buy first: a new house for me and a new house for my mom

I tag @re2d2 @curiouswildi @germanladybug1980 @buckysglow @caplanbuckybarnes @sebastianstancanfightme @asirenscalling @austinamelio @lilakennedy @alrightrey @buckybarnesismypreciousplum @thenightmarebeforesam @thenightmarebeforebucky @callamint @nickywritesimagines @fandomyfeely @veronicahobbes @thisbeautifulemptiness @unpredictable-firecracker @poemwriter98 @cinnamonrollpavelchekov

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I just realised I accidently unfollowed you and almost cried lol xx - lets-imagine-fanfics

Oh no, that’s no fun! Tumblr is such a fart.

brief twin flame encounter 💚💓💚

so, i forgot to inform you all of this, but guess who i saw Sunday!! i was driving to breakfast with my parents & lo & behold i see a black pickup truck with tinted windows & a smallish arm clothed in a leather jacket… i asked Sol if he had been in the area & he said that he was driving around & that he thought he saw me. we confirmed together that we had seen each other.
fast forward to today, aka a mere two days later, i was driving to school with my mom in her van & i passed seven eleven & i see a black pickup pulling out of the lot, & i was looking directly at the driver (accidently) & he WAVED. i think you guys all know who it was. i asked my pendulums three different times if it was Sol who waved & each time i received a resounding yes.
SO… THIS IS MANIFESTING IN THE PHYSICAL NOW & FOR ONCE HE ACKNOWLEDGED ME & IM PROUD OF HIM FOR SAYING HELLO. because he was always so afraid to talk to me & now he is comfortable with our mutual recognition. it feels… very, very, fucking NICE