Psychosis Day 8

You gave me so much,

A shoulder,
A smile,
A purpose,

The feelings and emotions I only knew as clichés,
You plucked from some secret Shangri-La
And slipped into my pocket.

Like a canvas gifted paint
You gave my world color.

You gave so much,
So why?

Why is the only thing I have left

You mean everything to me. I love you with all of my heart. You are everything I think about and everything I want. There will never be enough time to show you or enough words to tell you that you mean everything to me.
—  Leohearts
I always think of you when the sun rises and the sky flickers with brilliant colors like the pink of your flushed cheeks. The blue of your cold lips in winter. The yellows of your bright soul and the purples of your dull days. I want every hue that is streaked with a creative finger upon the galaxies and your skin.
When I’m enveloped in the warmth of my bed and the universe rocks me to sleep, I always dream of you at night when the stars are beaming and I am reminded of why I wake to see them scattered across your cheekbones and the curve of your nose. But dreams like those don’t do.
I always glance at you in the afternoon when your laugh roars over my radio and the silence in my head. It casts the shadows of the day away from my face and dusts the corners of my smile to make it feel new again. And I’m thankful for every time that you look back at my way, even if I’m flustered as I am because of your eyes.
They are an embodiment of the ocean, contrast themselves with the warmth they invite you into. Before I met you, blue had always been my favorite color for the wrong reasons. It was chilling, dull, and soul piercing. But you redefined the color into meaningful, serene and free, making me want to build a home in your blue.
And perhaps you would find it peculiar, how I find beauty in your colors. The white in your smile. The gray in your thoughts. The scattered paint on your skin when you try to create something that makes sense out of everything in the world that doesn’t.
I don’t know how to convey how much I adore you, how the skies come closer to watch and listen to you. Sometimes, it hurts how they come to you through all hours of the day while I only find you whilst I’m awake, but do know that I love you more than all the galaxies you are composed of. You are my world, my moon, my stars, and you shine brighter than them all. You are colors too bright and colors too dark, the hue people love to have their homes as and the paintings that take two years to be finished. You are my favorite masterpiece.
I think I learned from a young age I was attracted to toxic things ;
When I was four years old my favorite place was my grandmas country house, I loved the way the trees seemed to stretch on forever and the stars covered the entirety of the horizon; however the trip there made me sick - yet I loved it all the same.
11 years later and I’m staring into a pair of blue green eyes and I see the same stars I did back then. And just the same he made me heartsick -yet I loved him all the same
—  this time my stars are falling (a.j.)
You are the happiness of my life and the key to my heart.
—  Melwowz