“That’s not-” Ryan sputtered, dropping their intertwined hands to swing between them as they walked. “I can handle spice very well! I like it hot!”

“I don’t know, it really doesn’t sound like it,” Trevor said skeptically, squinting up at him quizzically.

“There is hot and then there’s hot,” Ryan explained, waving his free hand about. “And this time it leaned towards too hot on the scale.”

“Ooh, baby, you can burn my world anytime,” Trevor sing-songed, a shit-eating grin on his face.

“Yeah? You think I’m hot?” Ryan teased him, pulling on his hand until they stood chest to chest.

“Leaning towards too hot sometimes, as you would say,” Trevor agreed jokingly, poking his chest with his free hand and making a hissing noise like he got burned. Ryan chuckled, pulling him closer and capturing his mouth in a kiss.

The Replacement - Trevyan date scene

You mean everything to me. I love you with all of my heart. You are everything I think about and everything I want. There will never be enough time to show you or enough words to tell you that you mean everything to me.
—  Leohearts
I think I learned from a young age I was attracted to toxic things ;
When I was four years old my favorite place was my grandmas country house, I loved the way the trees seemed to stretch on forever and the stars covered the entirety of the horizon; however the trip there made me sick - yet I loved it all the same.
11 years later and I’m staring into a pair of blue green eyes and I see the same stars I did back then. And just the same he made me heartsick -yet I loved him all the same
—  this time my stars are falling (a.j.)

I can’t breathe when I say your name

You are the source to my happiness.
—  Poets Love Her