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I’ve barely left the couch, other than this morning, when I cut up the 17lb pork shoulder to seal and freeze.  Don’t ask. Love sausage.  Hate additives.  

I’m having one of those days where the words I’m editing turn to gold and everything comes out just right.  Making a ton of progress.  

And then I wrote this one line.  Just a throwaway Veronica-aside for comedic  purpose.  Nothing at all to do with the story.  In fact, the client will correct V in the next paragraph.  

But it’s one of THOSE lines, and I laughed, because surely that line will spark a plot bunny in somebody, and I hope it does, because I’d love to read it.  

Plugging away on my story.  Five minutes.  Ten minutes.  Twenty.  

Uh oh.  


I mean, you know what happens next.  

So after thirty minutes of staring out the window while the scenes and dialogue played out in my head, I manage to produce an outline in fifteen minutes.  For someday.  Not anytime soon.  Honestly.  

So I should probably get back to the one I was editing.  

anonymous asked:

hi!! i was hoping i could ask for some fic recs? specifically fitz hurt/comfort or whump!! im a sucker for that stuff

lol saaame buddy - I feel like half of the fic I write is hurt/comfort. (also, I’m assuming you mean FitzSimmons shipping…?)

I’m gonna direct you to fitzsimmonsfic first, because I am actually sort of a bad person to ask for fic recs - I’m picky for a variety of reasons, but mostly I just don’t have time to read very much these days (I spend what little extra time I have fic writing, haha). (you should see my “marked for later” list on AO3! paaaaages.) anyway, I’m almost certain that they have a hurt/comfort tag!

off the top of my head, I can think of The Universe We Hold Inside and keeping empty beds elsewhere (although this one is more Simmons-hurt focused than Fitz), and Murder By Mistake does have a couple lovely hurt/comfort scenes at the end. you can also always check out my #fic rec tag, although of course that’s general rather than topic specific!

happy hunting!

If you love your girl, whether it’s after 2 weeks or 2 months. Show her. Show her off to everyone you know. Lavish her with affection and all of the things money can’t buy. Take random pictures of each other and show people just how in love you both are. Hold hands at the dinner table because you can’t stand being so close without touching each other. Kiss your girls hand. Play with her hair. Let her sit on your lap even when other chairs are available. Wake her up at 5am to watch the sunrise even though you’ll be staring at her the whole time because she’s so much more enchanting. Drive her to the doctors even when she’s convinced it’s nothing serious. Make her breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the same day just because. Take her to her favourite places. Make her smile and laugh everyday. Love your girl. Appreciate your girl. And never let a day go by without letting her know just how much you love her.
—  She is your world.