Spell Loopholes

Wording a spell correctly is extremely important! We’ve all heard the stories of someone who cast a spell and technically had it come true, but in a way that wasn’t what they actually wanted at all! Here’s a list of common “loopholes” spells will take to get the job done, and how to make sure you get what you want!

🕯Taking its time- “I want money,” you tell the Universe, hoping to get some help with rent. Well, rent comes and there’s no extra cash in sight! Then, two weeks later, a surprise wad of cash all but lands in your lap. The spell came true, but not in time for when it mattered. This is easily fixed by adding “…by the end of the month,” or specifying what the money is for, which in this case was this month’s rent.

🕯No help needed- “I want money,” you say again. Magic will often take the path of least resistance, so if you’ve already got a paycheck on the way, the spell might not do much besides make sure it doesn’t get lost. There. Money. It can be good to specify that you want your spell to work in addition to everything you’re already doing!

🕯 Bare minimum- This time from your money spell, it arrives on time from an unexpected source! But it’s a quarter you found on the ground. Maybe three quarters. Not much help! If your intent would require the money to be close to a certain amount or any other specific like that, let it be known! The universe isn’t there to make assumptions.

🕯 For the worst- Let’s say you have two friends that have been flirting, so you cast a nice little spell to let any mutual interest between them blossom into a relationship and save them some trouble. It happens, but it turns out they do NOT work well with each other. They are interested in each other, but argue constantly and bring out the worst in each other. The relationship is hurting them both. You had the absolute best of intentions, but there was no way of knowing that would happen! This is why a lot of witches include the phrase, “for the highest good” in their spells, as a failsafe for any unexpected pitfalls like this that may be lurking. The universe will see them but doesn’t know to care unless you specify.

🕯Another layer- Once I made a dream bear to bring me more dreams. Well, I had lots more dreams, but couldn’t remember any of them! I didn’t think that was something I needed to specify. Make sure you hit every point you need to be satisfied with a result.

As a general rule, if my spell includes a prayer or petition of any sort, I take a few minutes and comb through it for stuff like this beforehand. What am I specifying? What am I leaving up to interpretation? Could any of that manifest in a way I would be unhappy with? Take a little time before you start casting to smooth out all those wrinkles! Best of wishes!

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Malec: Harry and Matt are good friends, they are both huge dorks, they both are super cool and funny. They both ship Malec, don’t even get me started on who is the biggest Malec suppoter *cough* Matthew *cough*

Philkas: They became best friends, they LITERALLY live so close to each other. ALSO HUGE DORKS. Every night after the episode they do livestream. They are so cute with each other. Even Tyler’s girlfriend ships them. LIKE WHAAAT!!!?? + THEY FUVKING MADE PHILKAS PLAYLIST TOGETHER??!!! They understand how we feel, they make funny content for us. And again biggest supporter, if you didn’t know already is TUM TUDU DUM James Paxton everybody!!


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Happy Friday, Pauline! I hope you had a good week! Or at least will get to relax a bit this weekend. <3 Talk to me about Sam's haircare routine. Do you think he takes a little quiet pride in his hair looking good? How does he keep it so deliciously soft and tousled?

Sam’s hair care routine is actually quite simple. He washes his hair, not often, and after a hasty towel dry, he quickly combs through it after his shower. It’s a rush job so he can just get through the day but it’s all helped to maintain healthy looking hair.

Honestly, Sam doesn’t have to try hard get his hair look amazing.

But as for the soft and silky feeling? The real secret is baby shampoo.

Sam and Dean were on their way out of town after a vamp hunt when they decided to pick up a few supplies and the giant bottle of baby shampoo labeled ‘tear-free’ was on sale. Sam picked up the bottle, his soap-stung eyes still sore from scrubbing the blood off his face the night before, intending to use it on the next hunt.

But he didn’t wait until the next hunt to use it. Instead, he took a shower after his morning run and decided to try out the baby shampoo. It was like any other shampoo he used, he didn’t notice any difference until afterward when he was in the middle of researching.

He was perplexed enough to ruffle a hand through his hair in frustration, only to get distracted by the sudden softness of his locks. His fingertips slowly dragging through to feel the gentle curl at the ends.

Sam takes a pride in his long hair, especially for how it feels to him.

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Have you read any of the other arcs of MGRP? I just finished the second arc and OMG so much suffering! It was really good though. I think the characters were developed extremely well which made me care for each of them way more than in the first arc. It had unique setting and most importantly it introduced me to my new favorite magical girl Lapis Lazuline! Thank you to you and Platfeece for introducing me to this franchise. It's quickly become one of my favorites!


Really happy that you like Magical Girl Raising Project so much because it has become one of my favourite franchises as well. 

The light novels are amazing (I’m in the middle of reading JOKERS and I swear that these light novels keep getting better and better), the anime is flawless as well and it’s clearly my favourite anime of 2016.

I’m really glad that I found about this franchise, that I could share it with you sis and that you end up loving it as much as I do,

The fandom keeps growing each day with new awesome people and I love it ❤️.

Of course, as with every MGRP post, we need to thank our king PlatFleece for his iconic and selfless work of translating everything MGRP related (the light novels, extra stories, and even the character songs!). We wouldn’t have all this material available for us to enjoy if it weren’t for him so I believe that our precious babe Plat needs to be reminded how much we love and appreciate him for being such a good and selfless soul.

As always, if you like MGRP (or want to check it out for the first time) here’s some helpful links to share:

🌟 MGRP Translation Tumblr
🌟 MGRP Wikia
🌟 MGRP direct link to the light novels
🌟 MGRP TV Tropes page

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i don’t know what pronouns you use but you are beautiful and wonderful and nice and you deserve so much better than this!!!!!

i hope every follow you have sees how great you are and the ant man i think you said you date tells you like a THOUSAND times a day how thankful they are to know you and see you and be part of your journey!!!!

you’re sharing a SUPER special part of yourself with us okay!!!! it’s like a magical girl transformation except WICKED slower like that’s not making the glitter and end outfit any less cute and don’t let ANYONE knock you down!!!!!

She/her pronouns are perfect with me, Mapel. 

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How does your sky look like that? It’s so beautiful.

MY FRIEND! Let me introduce you to these magical animated skies! There are a bunch of different options you can mix and match to create really cool skies. I like to see the stars from the Maxis sky, so I’m pretty sure I’m only using the animated neighborhood clouds (no lot sky/cloud object). It’s a complete game changer. :D

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Imagine you're a man who hates children. While on a walk you pass a playground where a kid bumps into you. You berate him loudly, letting him know exactly about your distaste. A witch observes the whole event and decides to punish you by magically making you pregnant with a child of your own. Once you realize, you try to abort it but the witch has made that impossible. Pregnancy progressing, you desperately search for a way to reverse the curse before you're forced to face your worst nightmare.

“It’s about damn time! You had us all worried. I thought we were gonna have to take you to some Magic Mike-type place or something like that.”

OK, well now I want a fic where the guys on the team (minus Blip and Mike of course) take Ginny to a male strip club and they all get drunk enough to get on stage and strip themselves. Bonus points if Mike finds out and turns into the surly grump he is.