Zombie-Jack (Rob?) Head-Canons

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(Because I’ve seen this guy everywhere! I want to fall down the rabbit-hole as well! 
And thank you too @magic-marvin-protection-patrol for inspiring me with the ask I saw on your blog!

I’ve seen that Rob was created by Malvin the Magician? I’m unsure of it, but he was a magic trick gone wrong? Or Malvin tried to revive Jack after Anti killed him?
Not sure! But there’s a semi back story!) 

- The guy has a stomach of steel. He will eat anything and everything. Rotting meat, fresh produce; I’m pretty sure some of the other egos have seen him try to chomp down on a shoe once. 

- He’s constantly hungry, but if he eats too much his stomach will start to swell and then he barfs it back up. You’ll have to hurry him away before he starts trying to eat that too. 

- Despite his Zombie appearance, Rob is actually quite intelligent. But sometimes, when he’s really hungry or sleepy, he’ll start moaning and stare off into the distance. Non-blinking and wide-eyed.

- If he stays like this for too long, he’ll start wandering off aimlessly. Running into things and chasing after bright lights or very noisy objects. 

- Anti found him trying to chase a firefly in the backyard one night. Then proceeded to tease the zombie with a laser-pointer.

- Chase has a harness and a leash so he can take Rob out on walks when he’s hungry. 

- Chase constantly has to pull Rob out of trashcans and pull on the leash to stop him from chasing any animals they come across.

- He bruises almost instantly and can be harmed easily. If he bumps into a particularly sharp corner of a table, his skin will tear. Doctor Sneeplestein is quick to patch him up before Rob makes it worse. 

- Because of his lack of nerve endings and general heart-beat; Rob can’t feel pain. And due to his easily torn skin and ligaments, he can actually tear off his limbs and throw them at people. 

-”Hey Rob, can you give me a hand with this?” 
Pans over to Rob smirking as he twists his wrist and tears off his hand, throwing it at JackaboyMan. 
“Not what I meant!” 

- He gets easily confused though. If you talk too fast or move too quickly, Rob will ask you to repeat yourself. His brain is a little mushy due to, you know, being dead. 

- Anti and Rob have scaring competitions to see who can make the other egos scream the loudest. So far Anti is winning due to his unfair advantage of “Horror Movie Night” and Malvin pretty much use to Rob’s attempts at scaring him.

- After-all, Malvin did create him and the two were stuck with each other until Rob escaped and the other egos discovered him.

- Rob is generally a nice guy. Can sometimes get grumpy due to his hunger, but he likes to joke and laugh just as anyone else.

Giving Loki Laufeyson The Silent Treatment Would Include...

Authors note: i love loki. i cannot wait for him to get a redemption arc. in the meantime: headcanons. This prompt was given to me by @thechillfangirl sO THANK YOU

enjoy some loki fluff 

update it’s kinda not all fluff it’s more funny than fluff but ya know

  • meaning you’re Asgardian and living in the palace you know the drill right?
  • you probably were friends with the boys growing up so naturally love
  • Loki wasn’t quite sure what he did that was wrong.
  • He plays a lot of jokes, and those were fine with you- what could he have possibly done to make you give him the silent treatment?
  • He was scared, honestly. 
  • But would he let on that he was scared? Not a chance.
  • He was scared that you wouldn’t talk to him because you were trying to drop hints you didn’t want to be with him anymore
  • like he was so worried
  • he tried to find ways to suck up but you would just give him confused, sad, and angry looks
  • which only made him angrier and more scared
  • “Thor! (Y/N) will not speak to me. Can you try?”
    • Yep, Loki went to Thor for help. you know they used to be good brothers before everything went to shit
    • “Uhhhhh, okay?”
    • So Thor goes to you and Loki is sneakily watching over
    • “Why are you ignoring Loki?”
    • “I’m angry with him. I thought me not speaking to him made it pretty obvious.”
    • “Yes, but why? He’s worried.”
    • “Are you serious? Loki sent you to find out what he did wrong? Thor, don’t do his dirty work.”
    • thor exits
  • Lemme tell you how fed up Loki is with this no speaking thing
  • he burned his pillow with his magic
  • you and Loki share a room so he was ready to fight
  • You walked in that night and Loki just looked so confused
  • You only smiled.
  • “Why won’t you speak to me?” Loki asks
  • You shrug, making him angry becAUSE PLEASE SPEAK
  • “Fine. you won’t speak to me- I won’t speak to you. Goodnight.” 
  • Loki used his magic to put a barrier around him when he slept so you couldn’t get near him
  • this was all hilarious to you
  • but he was still pissed
  • not hearing your voice made him sad and not talking to you made him sad too
  • bc he loves you or something
  • I don't make the rules sorry
  • you woke up and he was already dressed and blocking the door with magic
  • you aren’t leaving until you talk to him
  • You sit up with a smile on your face and see Loki sitting in a chair reading a book
  • “Good morning, Loki.” You say.
  • He kinda jumps because he didn’t know you were awake and the sudden sound surprised him
  • he is livid
  • and confused
  • and kinda happy
  • but scared
  • what is going on someone save this boy
  • honestly, you were laughing your booty off at his outburst
  • “Loki, you play so many tricks and I don’t have powers to play tricks on you to get you back so I had to try something.” You tell him. “It worked better than planned.”
  • Loki is so confused still
    • “Yeah and since I’m not an all-powerful god like you I had to try…you know, just being annoying.”
    • “I’m not, just trying to mess around with you.”
  • you just kinda laugh
  • he’s adorable
  • you love this man
  • maybe you should play more tricks on him
  • oh but you bet he got his revenge the next day
  • he kept making things disappear out of your hands
  • you were going to eat something? it’s gone.
  • read a book? oh, where could it have gone?
  • carrying a box? it’s missing.
  • but hey, it’s the price of love.


❃ The one that will try to make you laugh as much as possible. He is known for being funny and always making jokes; so naturally, he will try to be extra funny around you. However, the reality would be quite different; Jisung would try very hard, but when he looks at you is like all his thoughts disappear and he can’t let out a single word. He would become too awkward to say jokes and too shy to talk to you. Would probably wait for someone to start a conversation so can jump in and get a chance to speak to you. Him falling in love with you means becoming a lot more protective. The type to always call you to say good night and good morning; and also whenever he sees something that reminds him of you or just a thing that he thinks you will find amusing, he will definitely text you. You would be on his mind 24/7 and somehow I think he won’t be able to work properly because all these thoughts about you would be stuck in his head.


❃ Out of all the boys, he would probably be the most optimistic about and somehow I feel that he won’t be worried at all about falling in love. Rather being worried he is falling for you, he would be anxious about whether you would fall for him as well or not. He would be very outgoing and open-minded about your relationship; he may even give you a cute little nickname made especially for you. Sungwoon would be very respectful though and he will try to find out a lot about you: hobbies, favorite movies, favorite food, bands, any little quirks about you. He will also pick up a lot on the way and notice some habits you have and some of your likes/dislikes and make a mental note about it. He will be very sincere and honest about his feelings; he may confess quite fast while you two are eating lunch or something; on the surface Sungwoon won’t seem affected one bit by saying it, but on the inside he would be dying and he is biting his tongue in fear you may reject him. 


❃ He would care a lot about first impressions and I feel that throughout the whole development of your relationship, Minhyun will try to make a good impression; so that you will end up liking him. He would be a gentleman with such good manners; always opens your door, pays for anything when you go out, sends you good night and good morning messages, lends you his jacket if it’s called. He will do a lot of little things that he believes will make a difference. He would value your opinion a lot and be very attentive you everything you say; Minhyun will also probably put you first before everyone. He would literally treat you like the most precious thing in the whole world once he realizes he is falling for you. 


❃ Extremely confident at the surface; he won’t be shy to flirt with you and be very smooth at it. He is a sweet talker and honestly, this boy knows exactly what to say to make you smile and blush like crazy. Quite protective as well; one that dislikes it if you are friends with too many guys since he can get jealous easily if he think another guy is flirting with you. He would be the one to text you and call at all times and sometimes it can get quite cheesy, but you both enjoy; especially Seongwoo. You two would be hanging out and after he walks you home, he would call you one minute after because he misses you. He would be very spontaneous with his actions as well and sometimes he can hug you out of nowhere; however he won’t go too far, the most is a kiss on the cheek which leaves both of you flustered; but Seongwoo being Seongwoo will just hide his pink cheeks and make a lame joke.


❃ The kind of guy that will serenade you late at night when it’s just the two of you and his guitar watching the stars on top of an empty cliff and everything so romantic and ideal for a confession; which Jaehwan actually intended to do. But then he forgets the lyrics in the middle and starts laughing like an idiot while rolling on the ground. He can be a little tactless and say things without any filter; so he will usually make compliments in the most bizarre and unique ways. When he feels he is falling in love, this boy will go out of his way for you. You can even call him at 3 am saying you need a ride to Busan and he will come as fast as he can even if he has a schedules at 8 am. He will sing for you a lot and it will mostly be love or confession songs through which he is hoping you get the hint that he is falling for you. 


❃ A very kind and loving person, especially to the one he is falling in love with. Daniel will be the one to approach you first all the time; he will be very sincere with his feelings, sometimes even to the point of it being cheesy. Will text you he misses you and that he wants to see you at the most random times. Just like Seongwoo, he would be quite confident in himself, but this little puppy will probably melt when you flash him a smile and tell him his hair looks good today. Even though Daniel doesn’t know your feelings for him, he is sure of his enough to not get jealous and give you space and letting you just do your thing. However, he will probably text you or call you things like: “smile more, you look beautiful” “you can’t see me Daniel” “I don’t have to see you to know”. He would take care of you a lot and baby you so much; basically helping you with everything even if you don’t need it. You have to put your shoes on? Daniel is helping. You have to carry a grocery bag? Daniel is helping. You have to cook dinner? Daniel is helping. You need to buy new clothes? Daniel is helping and paying too.


❃ He would melt and blush everytime he sees you smile or laugh or whenever you look at him. He would be very conscious of himself when falling for someone; I feel that he will spend a lot more time thinking about what outfit to wear and how to do his hair. Sometimes he will even avoid doing a little gesture or some habit because he is afraid you may find it annoying. He would honestly be in awe every single time he sees you because he thinks you look more and more beautiful each time. Very adorable, but equally as shy; he would try to make you compliments and sometimes even try to confess, but no words would come out. And sometimes he is going to be so embarassed, so he won’t be the type to talk too much. He would be more reticent and cautious when approaching you because he is sincerely falling in love for the first time and he doesn’t want to ruin it. 


❃ He would try to be very confident, probably asking his older members for advice about what to say and do in front of you. He will want to look good and try to make you like him. He will look very bold when he will talk to you and use that gorgeous smile of his and those little winks he does everytime he grins in his favor; but throughout the whole conversation you can see how nervous he truly is as his cheeks will always get a shade brighter whenever you smile or touch his arm playfully. I somehow feel that even though Woojin is quite young, he will act very manly when he is falling in love; protecting you and respecting you and a lot of things that someone his age may not think about. If Jaehwan would sing to you, Woojin will always try to show the things he is the most confident about which is dancing. I feel that he will always invite you to the dance studio and prepare especially difficult choreographies so he can show you the cool side of him.


❃ The type that will listen to your problems, your complaints, those stupid funny stories which happened 3 months ago, but you just have to say it again because it was so amusing. When falling for someone, this boy would get attached to you pretty quickly and probably fall hard and all at once. You can notice it quite fast by the fact that whenever you have a problem, Jinyoung magically solves it, how he is always there when you need a shoulder to cry on, how his eyes twinkle whenever you smile or act cute around him and even the blush he gets when you hug him and tell him he is adorable. I feel that he would want to be friends with you at first, but it would feel more like two peas in a pod and he would always be with you whenever he has the chance. The type to be more confident over the phone, rather than in person. He would pay you a lot of compliments over text messages and tell how pretty your outfit was today and how he can’t wait to meet again. However, once you do meet, the poor baby would be blushing and stutter every word. Definitely prefers to listen to you, rather than talking because he is afraid of saying something stupid and you not liking him. 


❃ When falling for someone, he would be the kind of guy that notices every little detail about you. From the way you chew on your lower lip when you feel awkward, to the way you always have your bangs on the left side. He would always point it out whenever there is something changed about you; it would be his way of showing he cares enough to remember all these details about you that won’t matter to anyone else. He would be very sweet and always remember how you like your coffee and what’s your favorite type of cake. And always, but always, make sure to bring them to you whenever you two meet. Very talkative actually, he would try to bond with you over so many things; I feel that even if he doesn’t like a movie or a song, he will just gush over it so he can see your smile when you find out you both like the same thing. Extremely supportive of you and your dreams; you literally got your own personal cheerleader in Daehwi. 


❃ Also a person who likes to listen more than speaking. Between your conversations there would long and calm pauses; but they won’t be awkward. It would feel as if you both take in each other’s presence and enjoy being together even without words. He isn’t very good with words in spite of him being multilingual and when falling in love with someone his actions would definitely speak louder than words. Guan Lin is the type that would get jealous quite easily if you were to hang out with other guys often. He won’t say anything, but have a displeased face and glare at the guy who was patting your head and congratulating you for acing that test. He would be quite possessive and selfish when it comes to sharing you with someone else and he would often ask you to meet alone rather than with friends. It would be quite hard to read him because he would always have a straight face on, but if you were to pick every little thing he does for you and the way he stares at you when you speak or how he always somehow avoids skinship and turns a little shy afterwards; it would make it quite obvious he was falling for you. 

Okay so I already sent this idea to @anti-support-group but I rlly like it so:
What if the egos were all little toy dolls Sean’s mother made while she was pregnant with him? There are six and he named them all by himself. His favorite one is “Jack”, which he wishes was his name, because he can change his clothes and his sisters help him make a ton of tiny outfits for him. His least favorite is one named “Anti” because he’s never where Sean left him. Sean threw him in a toy bin, and decided not to play with him.
His other dolls are named “Chase”, “Marvin”, “Jackieboy Man”, and “Doctor Schneeplestein”. He got each of their names from different events in his life. Chase’s came from the time he and his brothers were playing tag, but they called it “chase” and Sean ended up hiding behind the house with the doll in his hands, panting from running.
Marvin’s came from the day his dad took them to a magic act, and the magician’s name was “Marvin the Magnificent”. It was a perfect name for the little magic doll.
Jackieboy Man’s name was made when he was playing with the toys and his brother pointed out that he looked like a super hero.
Schneep’s was the hardest, cause he always gave him a silly accent that a friend said sounded German. On the rare times he was allowed to use the computer, he looked up names and found the silliest one for his doctor doll.

Feel free to add to this, but please don’t claim the idea as your own! Thank you!

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To this day I’m still really pissed about how the sage class was handled in Path of Radiance. Why would you give a magic based class an option to pick between having staves or knives, a strength based weapon, as a secondary weapon? I hated how every prepromoted sage you got came automatically with knives! Things are made even worse when sages have a str cap of 15 and the stiletto, the strongest knife in the game, has a might of 8. Sure it’s effective against armoured units but why would you send a sage into close quarters against a General or a knight when you’ll barely even chip it’s health?

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Why do you think the marmora blades magically change form? What exactly triggers it? Keith's blade activated when he learned to quit (one of his biggest challenges) so does the knife magically sense when you somehow become marmora material™ by overcoming you challenges???? Explain!

*adjusts glasses* it’s space magic, my dude.

More specifically what I think is going on here is like… so quintessence is given two different descriptions in the show. In one sense it’s raw life energy, and that’s usually how we’ve heard it described.

But in the other we here allusions like Allura’s “The quintessence of the Lion is mirrored in his pilot.” And how specifically Altean energy is needed to make the wormholes work.

We also have the thing of how the Lions can sense their particular paladin, across the void of space, when said paladins aren’t carrying or wearing anything that transmits their location.

And more generally, the druid in s1e10 was able to do that funny owl thing and know right where Keith was- which we’ve also seen Keith do on several occasions, telling someone is there, or sensing Blue and Red.

So what I think is: quintessence is energy but there is basically a “soul frequency” to an individual person’s quintessence that contains information about them, and this kind of… broadcasts out of them.

And this can be picked up on, with varying levels of finesse.

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How did you get magic eye from?

The shapes don’t actually do anything, that bit is more aesthetic, what matters is the fact that the magic is properly connected.

(…I forgot how much fun it is to animate)

“X is as important as Y!!! X deserves the same amount of support/content/exposure Y has!!!”


Then go and do it. Start it yourself.

Give X exposure. Make content for X. Support X. Take care of X. Love X.

If you think X is under-rated for any reason, then go out there and give it what it deserves.

But for the love of god stop using that ^^^^ shitty formula for guilt tripping people and creating a disgusting antagonizing comparison because you know what? Some people might not be interested in X not because of some localized social or moral prejudice, sometimes people are not interested in things just because; and they are neutral about those things, no more no less. Sometimes people can also like both Y and X  but Y more because people happen to like things in different degrees (unbelievable right?).

What you gain from using this mindset ^^^^ is that people who are into Y will now naturally antagonize X to the object of their interest/affection and now they’re not neutral anymore, you just won people that will now actively or passively go against X.

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Being Thors older (Asgardian) sister would include?

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Being Thor’s older (Asgardian) sister would include…

-          Since he’s set to be king, we can guess you either refused the crown or married into a different family when you were old enough.

-          Thor and Loki would have looked up to you on how to be royalty and proper.

-          You’d set a good example, but only in public.

-          In public you’d have your back straight, elegant and seemingly perfect.

-          But when it was just you and your little brothers, you’d run down corridors, yell and be mischievous.

-          But you’re a great big sister to them.

-          When they were little and got hurt, you’d patch them up.

-          Your mother would have taught you some magic, though later Thor and Loki would realise you’d taught yourself with a sword.

-          You would know of Loki’s true origins, been old enough to remember father bringing him home, but he’s still your brother.

-          When Loki found out about his origins, you would attempt to reach out to him, and Loki would be greatful, but also resentful, knowing that you knew.

-          “No matter your blood, you’re still my baby brother, Loki. I will always love you.” “I know, dear sister.”

-          You’d take an interest in the human world, asking Thor about it when he came home.

-          Eventually he’d just take you.

-          “Thor, who’s the pretty Lady?” “My elder sister, so watch your mouth.”

-          Thor would had definitely told them about you beforehand, and it would be obvious to them that he put you on a pedestal and looked up to you.

-          But when they met you, they saw why he did look up to you.

-          It was difficult to not look at you like you were superior due to your wisdom, the way you spoke and how you held yourself. Even when you didn’t and you played with your brother, you still had a powerful feeling about you.

-          They’d like it when you get to visit them.

Hope you like it!

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best films you've ever seen?

practical magic,
the best halloween/autumn film i kno,
-curl up on a cloudy day with a cat and watch
-gather pals on a bed, eat pizza w m&ms on it and scream and whisper rushed conversations about what the age rating was again and gushing over the cute girls

howls moving castle,
-for watching all day every day

spirited away,
-watch when u want to feel just right

my favourite sherlock adaptation,
-watch for old softened sherlock who just wants to tend to his bees in the countryside and develop and friendship with a young boy, will make u feel warm and sad and wholesome

a single man,
straight up the best, most realistic depiction of mental health i have seen, right so pay attention to the colours in the film, notice how they reflect the mood of the main character,
-watch when u want to cry but not in a too sad way, also gay and! colin firth

pride and prejudice,
-for watching if youre prepared to subsequently need to also watch every other adaptation and read the book/listen to the audio book on youtube five times in a row

bridgett jones,
-for watching when ur sad, or when ur feeling gross about yourself, or for when u want to be soppy
~~note: this is an adaptation of pride and prejudice~

makes me feel mushy,
-for when u need to feel the lgbt community but currently feel a bit distanced

a little princess,
sara was my role model as a small, i had this on vhr and would watch every day,
-when u want to feel warm and small and safe and sad and mostly kindness

makes me want to watch other similar films, but other similar films arent quite right bc theyre not this film
-watch in the evening when u feel like u want to walk around the dark streets of a city, listening to the hum of life and seeing the glow of not far off shops

-watch for sad lesbians

kill your darling,
-watch for pretentious beautiful gay boys, important to note that theyre played by dane dehaan and daniel radcliffe

Me, telling my sister about how smurfs are born.

Sister: …That’s bullshit. A blue moon? Storks, REALLY? That’s just what they made up so Papa Smurf doesn’t have to tell them about sex.

Me: …Why won’t you accept magic into your heart?

Dating Mal Would Include...

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•Jay, Carlos, and Evie being super supportive of your relationship but their still protective of Mal at the same time

•Wanting Mal to embrace her villain side, but only to a point where she won’t get yourself into too much trouble

•Your jaw dropping whenever her eyes turn bright green because damn, that’s so freaking cool

•Mal showing you her magic

•Mal being willing to hex anyone for you. You’re protective of her as well even though Mal really doesn’t need you to be

•Being in love with Mal’s purple hair and her allowing you to style it on occasion

•If you’re not from the isle, Mal eventually tells you about her childhood and how things worked while she lived there

•Always encouraging Mal to talk to you when something’s bothering her. She’s not the best at this but she’s getting better

-“Mal I want to be there for you but the only way I can do that is if you talk to me”

•Loving Mal’s sassy sarcastic side but also her sweet and sensitive side that she really only lets you and her friends see

•You absolutely spoiling her by buying her all sorts of cool gifts

•Both of you going to Evie for relationship advice

-“Are you sure about this Evie?”
-“I know what I’m talking about and you know it. You wouldn’t come to me for help if you didn’t believe that”

•Mal being surprisingly good at planning dates for the two of you. Like picnics for example

•You giving Mal random cute little kisses throughout the day

•Being amazed when Mal turns into a dragon

-“Wow I didn’t know you could do that! But that was freaking amazing”

Meeting the Egos

“Okay guys, we need to focus, Signe’s only going to be gone for so long. Chase, stop trying to shoot Anti- the discs are just going through him and making a mess everywhere. Marvin, as much as I love the fact that you’re getting better at magic, I don’t need a colony of rabbits invading my recording room, so please make them disappear for the moment. Jackaboy Man, please don’t practice your costume changes in the middle of the house, I don’t want to walk into the kitchen and see that. And for fuck sakes Henrik, can you wait to stitch Rob’s arm back on him until after this meeting?!” Sean exclaimed, frustrated with the lack of progress they were making. None of the egos were currently listening to him, and trying to gain back control was like trying to corral a bunch of five year olds after recess.


“No Sean!! Zis is a very delicate procedure and must be done immediately!! It cannot vait!!” Dr. Schneeplestein exclaimed, not looking at their creator as he leaned in to examine the severed limb. Rob moaned and slowly nodded his head, which Schneeplestein took as a sign that the zombie agreed with him instead of Sean, and proceeded to stick the sanitized needle through his rotting skin.


Sean sighed and ran his hand through his hair, making it stick up more than usual. As much as he loved the fact that the community had believed in his characters so much that they came to life, it was hard to deal with them at times, especially when the community was in full swing and constantly creating different ideas for the egos. The tulpas (as Sean had discovered they were after some research on the internet) were forced to include whatever was believed about their personalities by the fans due to their nature, and sometimes that meant that they were unable to calm down until the wee hours of the morning when the community was mostly asleep. However, Sean had needed to talk about the next big project he was going to do with them on Youtube, and that required them to all be out when Signe wasn’t around to discover them.


“Wi͏l̸͘l ̨̛y̛o̵̵ų̴͜ ̶̴͘st͜͠҉o̧͢p͡͠ ̡͘t̶̵h́͠a͜͢t͏̢͢ ̷̢̀a҉lr̵e̕àd͝ý̡?͜?̵ ́I҉t͟'s̴̨҉ ̢̕͞g͟e̷̕t̸t̢͏i͡n̶̕ǵ r͘è̵̛a̵̛ļl͏͟y̵̢̨ a͟n͘͘ǹo̢y͝i͏͞n̢g.” Anti glared at Chase as he glitched again, the disc Chase shot at him phasing through his form. Chase just smirked at Anti’s obvious annoyance.


“Why would I dude?? I haven’t gotten this shot yet.”


“Bȩ͟c͠҉͠a̕u̴̡͟se̷ ͠if̶̛ ̧͞y̢͢͞o͞ú d̶͜ơ̴͜n͟'̢ţ̢̨,̴̛͝ ̴̛̕Ì͜'̧l͞͏l̸̢ ̡͠ś̴ki̢͘̕n҉̕͠ ̶yo̵̷u͟͡ ̀͠ìn̶̨ yo̧̧u̡r͟ ҉s̶l͝e̴̴͞e͡p̧ ̨̀an͏d́ ͝w̴̴̢eà́r ́͞͠ỳ̸̷oư͘r̸̵͞ ̶̛͠intè̶s̀̕t̷̢͏iné͢s͘҉͘ a̡͏s̴̢͞ ͞a̴ ̡҉ne͝c̶kl̨̀ac̵҉e!̕!͠”


Chase scoffed. “Bro, you used that same threat last week when Jackaboy Man ate the last cookie, and yet he’s still breathing. Face it Glitch Bitch, you’re not scary anymore. You’re losing your touch.”


Sean decided to intervene before Anti serious maimed Chase, finally fed up with the egos ignoring him.


“Okay, listen up!! We’re going to sit down, shut up, and have this meeting. The faster we finish up, the quicker you guys can get back to what you’re doing, but we need to get this done now!! Signe’s going to be back any minute now and if she finds you, she’ll-”


Sean’s speech stopped short as he heard a knock on the door.


“Sean, are you okay?? Who are you talking to??” Signe’s voice carried through the closed door, instantly silencing the room. Sean’s eyes bugged out, and he frantically hissed at the egos to hide as he cleared his throat, trying to come up with an excuse for the noise.


“I’m fine, Woosher. Just recording a video.” He replied, cringing as Marcin accidentally knocked over one of the lights in his haste to hide, creating a huge racket.


“Sorry, Sean!! I promise I’ll fix it later.” Marvin apologized, wincing behind his mask.


“It’s fine, just hide!!” Sean whispered as he tried to shove Marvin into a nearby closet that was already inhabited by Chase and Dr. Schneeplestein.


“Sean?! I’m coming in!!” Signe announced, already twisting the doorknob before Sean had a chance to reply.


Signe opened the door to a sight she wouldn’t have believed even in a dream. Perfect replicas of the characters Sean on his Youtube channel were spread throughout the room, each one trying to hide in one of several hiding spots. All of them, including Sean, had frozen in place, allowing her to process what was going on as she surveyed the scene. She spotted Jackaboy Man hiding not so secretly behind a lamp post, his red leotard standing out against the thin silver pole. Chase’s and Dr. Schneeplestein’s heads were stuck out of the closet, having been beckoning Marvin to join them in there.


Sean gaped in horror and immediately stopped pushing Marvin, causing the magician to fall to the floor. In his panic, Marvin tried to cast a cushioning charm, but ended up turning himself invisible, his body creating a dull thud as it hit the floor.


Nobody moved for several moments, all trying to process the situation when Anti appeared on Sean’s computer screen and said what they were all thinking.


“W͘̕͡él̕͜ļ,̧ ҉̴s̨h̨i͢͞͠t̸̢͠.͏́”


Hey, I hope you enjoyed this!! This is going to be a two-shot, I’m just having a little bit of Writer’s block on the next part, so I’ll submit it when I’m done. (I’m also going to post this story on my fanfiction accounts after my other JSE story is complete because the fluff will be needed.)

– Ahah! It finally posted! Peter-1 Tumblr mobile-0! I love this and I’m SO eager to read part two!! Thank you so much for this!

danelaverty  asked:

Hi Mark, it's my birthday! Can I get trivia on either of my favorite Ice Age legends, Marton Stromgald or General Jarkeld? Thank you for all you do to make Magic wonderful!

General Jarkeld was original going to be called The Artic Fox, as it was his nickname, but playtesters got confused because he wasn’t actually a fox.

Happy Birthday!

you don’t just magically wake up one day and love yourself. it’s a constant battle against your ‘flaws’ and 'what-would-they-think’ and 'i’m-not-good-pretty-smart-funny-enough’. it’s getting yourself out of bed everyday and whispering to yourself “you can do it.” then letting that whisper turn into a solid “i am enough”. then singing powerful self-empowering cheesy pop songs at the top of your lungs to the mirror. then slowly but surely accepting that you are not perfect, and realising that you are not meant to be perfect; no one is, and that is okay.
—  this is how you love yourself
  • He teaches you magic.
  • So does Frigga, who adores you.
  • You’re his little princes and he prmises no harm will come to you.
  • Refusing to keep your heritage a secret and telling you that you’re part Frost Giant.
  • And that, that’s okay.
  • Thor teaching you how to fight.
  • Odin teaching you the importance of ruling.
  • Loki comforting you when you have nightmares.
  • He makes you wear green.
  • When he falls off the Bifrost he makes sure that you know he’s not really dead but to keep it a secret.
  • Thor taking you to Midgard when Loki tries to take over it hoping that you’ll make him see sense.
  • But you’re too happy to see him and you forget to scold him.
  • When he breaks out of his cell he takes you with him.
  • Growing close to Clint whilst he’s under Loki’s control.
  • The Avengers being told by Thor that no one is to harm his Niece.