Ah old art but I’m still actually pretty dang proud of how I drew the clothes n junk
I kinda made it mostly for CC back when her icon was Luciel.
Here’s the thing I made when I posted it to my page
“I mentioned on the MWSIH Christmas Stream that Maverick was pretty much Unknown (edgy, mysterious, generally just a sinnamon roll that just wants freedom and icecream), so I drew them clothes swapped.
Not sure if you can tell, but Maverick’s tryna copy Unknown’s pose bc he’s “cool”
Anyways I was kinda hesitant to make this bc spoilers, but if you take the right turns you can see Unknown in the prologue, soo…
Ye but I hope you like it I spent loads of time on it. (I hope I got Maverick’s clothes right…)“


I think it’s fair to post now but I’ll tag Mystic Messenger spoilers just in case.

Don’t know very much about Mystic Messenger. CC got into it a while back so I have osmosis-style absorbed some info about it.


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Could you give me a list of the most horror/gore animes you know

I love Horror Anime so Sure!

Vampire Hunter D (OVA/Bloodlust)

Wicked City

Demon City Shinjuku

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Battle Royal High School


(apparently no gifs exist of this anime! might need to change that soon)


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Devilman (The Birth/ Demon Bird/ Amon)

The Curse of Kazuo Umezu

3x3 Eyes

Violence Jack

Lily C.A.T.

Guy: Double Target

Blood Reign: Curse of the Yoma

Legend of the Overfiend

Doomed Megalopolis

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Ogre Slayer

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Twilight of the Dark Master 

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I hope you like these!

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may I just say I fell into the nuclear throne fandom hard and there's almost nothing in it so I was delighted to look through your entire NT art tag. I like your style and your lil hunter is great aaah. That's all, I hope you keep it up, but only if you want to, have a nice day

thanks! No matter what I always seem to come back to this game one way or another so it’s likely I’ll be here for a while XD
glad you’re liking my NT stuff

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Have been trying to sleep but keep having sleep paralysis instead. Your mafia update is the one bright spot tonight lol.

Oh no O_O
That doesn’t sound fun at all DX
Glad that this update was able to make your night a little better ^^;;;
Hope you can sleep well soon!!!

hey dude i made a drawing of you as a pokemon trainer with a bunch of purple gassy pokemon it took like 7 hours also:

why do you like gengars so much they’ve scared me since i was a little kid

and I hope you like this im tired

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For Rodney... this isnt a fuck anyone just I wanted to say thanks I guess for saying that a girl raped you which is an awful thing to happen and I'm so so sorry it happened to you but I was raped by a girl too and I denied it for a long time because I'd never heard of a girl raping anyone I thought that only (cis)men did that and idk I wish it didnt happen to anyone but reading that made me feel less alone. You're not alone either, I hope you know that. Thank you, and I wish you all the best

No you’re not alone. I hope you at least talk to someone to get some closure. Just remember you didn’t do anything wrong. When it happened to me I got people that said “guys can’t be raped” then there are the “hey! Don’t complain you got lucky” or “most guys would have killed to have sex” and so on. But any unwanted sex is rape. Whether its peer pressure, force, or in my case Rohypnol.


Sorry for changing the topic on this one. Back to the regular stupid customer stories.

Artwork (Negan x Female)

Summary: Negan gives her a gift for her birthday.

Characters: Negan x Female

Word Count: 1,219

Warnings: NSFW, Smut, Fluff

Author’s Note:  @illysamorgan asked me to write her a birthday fic, so here you go! I hope this little drabble is to your liking and I hope you have a happy birthday, dear!

I am always happy to hear what you think! Shoot me a message and tell me what you thought! If you want to be on my tag list, let me know!

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On the Jehan and Enjolras bodyswap thing, I just realised it could be even more interesting if Enj had to give a speech at a rally in Jehan's body.

Oops I accidentally changed it to Jehan giving a speech in Enjolras’ body by misreading, I hope you don’t mind

Jehan is known to be pretty shy. After all Jehan “ha[s] an awkward air, blushe[s] at a mere nothing, and [is] very timid.”

But Jehan is also intrepid. Jean Prouvaire’s bravery hides in plain side, bubbling just at the surface. They’re shy, but they still soar on stage during slam open mics nights. Though, granted, a massive angry crowd is diffferent from a nice dim-lit café atmosphere.

Enjolras writes the speech, but it just won’t stick in Jehan’s mind. Those are not their words. They’re not their style! Not that Enjolras’ style is bad, it’s just different. Terrified to do poorly, Jehan rewrites the whole thing at the last minute, even using Courfeyrac’s back as a desk, piercing little holes in the paper…

The crowd cheers as they see Enjolras’ body climbing up the statue on the Place de la République. Enjolras has made a name for himself over the years. Charismatic leader, brilliant orator, fervent advocate for social progress… All of that pushes into Jehan as they look down at the crowd and over the skyline. Their hands shake a little as they lift the megaphone to their lips. Enjolras’ lips.

“Er…. I-…”

At the foot of the monument, Bahorel, Bossuet and Grantaire cheer for them, whistle. Adrenaline tickles in Jehan’s fingers. Their grip gets steadier.

“Esteemed people of France, and dear citizens of the world, those to whom borders are bridges rather than walls…”

Jehan is fierce, eloquent and charismatic up there. Their style is different, people can tell, even though they can’t quite pinpoint why. Jehan’s speech ends in an cheerful uproar and revolutionary chants. Jehan’s heart beats so hard it may actually bruise Enjolras’ chest.

Cuddling (Logicality)

Written quickly for my good friend @mylasagnaisraw because she read angst and wanted fluff, and nothing is better than sleepy cuddling Logicality. I hope you guys like this!!

Cuddling is a surprisingly nice activity, Logic has found. Calming. Relaxing. Peaceful. Warm and sweet. He liked it.

Luckily, Morality did too.

Before they had struck up a romantic relationship, Logan had never really had the opportunity to cuddle. There was simply no occasion! The only time he was ever cuddled was on the random opportunity that Roman would fall sleep with his head on Logic’s shoulder whilst they watched a Disney movie, for that boy was a natural cuddler. But that rarely happened, and Logan often moved away pretty quickly.

Anxiety had never hugged or cuddled him.

Morality had always been more comfortable around him, often giving him hugs or pats on the back, but proper cuddling still was a rare occurence.

And now they were dating, and Logic got to wake up most mornings in a large comfy bed, long legs tangled with his own, fingers intertwined, soft puffs of breath a warm rhythm against the back of his neck. He got to wake up with the warm feeling of arms looped around his waist, tugging him closer and tightening securely, pulling him against a soft body and keeping him safe and comfortable. He got to feel Patton’s head resting on his shoulder, soft hair tickling his neck, got to hear his sleepy mumbling. He was able to experience being hugged and cuddled and snuggled, Logic was allowed to feel loved and warm and protected whenever he wanted. That was a blessing. He was extremely lucky to have Morality.

And now, as Logan awoke cradled in his boyfriend’s arms, he was sure he had never felt so happy or content. Shifting slowly so he wouldn’t disturb the sleeping boy, he gently rolled over so he was facing Morality’s front. Logic shuffled closer and snuggled tighter, fingers idly playing with the hem of Patton’s pyjama shirt, feeling the comfortably warm skin beneath. He tucked himself further into Morality’s arms, pressing himself close to the sleeping trait’s chest and sighing happily. Patton’s arms tightened gently against Logic, sighing peacefully in his sleep. A rush of adoration shot through Logan as he gazed at his boyfriend’s face; his eyelashes were thick and cast soft shadows on his cheeks, the tiniest peaceful smile lingering on his lips, his faint freckles looking as adorable as ever. Logan couldn’t resist leaning up to press a kiss to Patton’s jaw, then his cheek, then a soft one to his lips. It was gentle and quick, sweet and love filled and innocent. It made Morality shift in his sleep, mumbling incoherently as his eyelids fluttered. Logan cuddled down further into the blankets, tucking his chin over Patton’s shoulder and humming contentedly as his boyfriend slowly woke up.

 After a minute a hand moved from Logan’s waist and clumsily reached up to gently stroke his hair. Logic flickered his gaze upwards, meeting Morality’s sleepy yet adoring gaze and smiling.

“G’morning love.” Patton yawned, pressing his face into Logan’s hair.

“Good morning.” Logic replied.

“Mmm. Do we have to get up?” Morality asked, sounding reluctant. Logan thought about it for a moment, but the idea of moving out of the warm bed and embrace of his boyfriend, of disrupting this peaceful moment, of ending the cuddling, was one he was not at all fond of.

“Well, we have nothing on. I suppose we could stay here for a bit longer.” Logan told him quietly.

“Great, I don’t wanna get up, I’m enjoying snuggling with you.” Patton noted casually, making a tiny blush and a pleased smile form on Logic’s face.

“I- I am enjoying this too.” 

“That’s good.”

“It’s nice. I like cuddling you.” Logic admitted, making Morality laugh quietly.

“I’m glad, I like cuddling you too. You’re adorable.” He cooed. Logan huffed and hid his face back in Patton’s shoulder, who continued hugging him with one arm and stroking his hair with the other. Logic couldn’t get the soft smile off his face though.

And maybe he didn’t need to. After all, this was his happy place. Snuggling peacefully with his boyfriend, happy and warm and content and comfortable.

Yes, Logan really loved cuddling.

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Prompts of what is written on an asylum wall?

Sure thing! I am kind of tired of the same old, same old, horror game styled asylum walls with death threats and weird symbols and dymonic, scary stuff. There are endless opprotunities, but most people choose to just write ‘help’ in scratchy blood letters. So, I tried to think a little more outside the box for these. Hope you like them: 

1.”Are those tally marks? Have you been counting the days? Wait, that’s impossible, you havent been in here that long.” 

“I am not the one whose counting.” 

2. “What… What is this?” 

“A prophecy..” 

3. “I didnt know you wrote poetry.. It’s a shame its of wall and chalk, and not pen and paper..” 

4. “Is this a map? Its beautiful and it’s so detailed…”

“…Would you like to know where it leads?” 

5. “Riddles.. So many riddles.. Why?” 

“Don’t you see? This whole room, my whole life, this whole world. They are all riddles..” 

I hope you find these useful, and I wish you luck with whatever you are working on! If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me!