Astronaut Chris Hadfield recently wrote a post for Mashable about what it’s like to orbit the earth.

In just 92 minutes we go all the way around, incredulously gazing on place after place, barely known and only dreamed of. The colors and textures pour underneath, a refilling kaleidoscope of delight. Over the months in space that followed, I took thousands of photos to capture and remember it. My book You Are Here is the best of those photos — my guided tour of our planet, as if we were floating and looking out the spaceship window together. Here are a few.



Kyle Baker 1999: You Are Here

Baker sets the scene and immediately flips our expectations

You Are Here was a turning point for Baker and marks a departure from his previous graphic novels. Unlike the Cowboy Wally Show and You Are Here,

  • Baker had full ownership and creative control of the book
  • Its rich color departed from it’s monochromatic precedents
  • Its tight plotting departed from the episodic structure of the previous novels
  • Its story illicited a range of emotions beyond the laughs.
  • and, not for nothing, it sold well.