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I've been naturally skinny all of my life and I've been told that I'm way too skinny and that i look sickly, etc etc. I understand what you mean by saying fat shaming is horrible but I wouldn't say its worse then shaming someone for being naturally skinny. They're both horrible in an equally way.

you get called names for being skinny which is bad, yes and im truly sorry!! I’ve been there too and let me tell you firsthand i understand how annoying it is!


as a skinny girl, there aren’t million-dollar companies made solely to make you feel unwanted because of your size. you don’t turn on a comedy show or watch a #1 comedy movie and see people reducing you to nothing more than a punchline every single sentence. you don’t feel alone as a result of not seeing anyone as large as you in popular media . you aren’t told that your only job in life is to please men, only to experience extreme dissonance because you don’t fit the archetype. you don’t constantly get denied jobs and due respect simply for being fat.

being called names for being skinny is unpleasant, 100% agree. but being told that you’re a failure in life for being fat is much worse and it’s selfish to say the two of them are anywhere near the same.

this tea might get too hot but i don’t even give a single shit? listen to me yall are saying how zayn stans are the meanest and just horrible and we don’t see any ignorant things zayn have done which is so untrue ? because zayn stans despite being happy he dropped shahid were all horribly and utterly disappointed when he fat shamed him BUT ot4 stans all jumped back on his dick he gained so many followers back that day and yall were ‘’why are you getting mad he finally did something right and we’re supporting him’’ and if you think fat shaming is right than you honestly should rethink your life decisions and when louis threw n word for the first time yall were defending his ass and zayn stans were one of few people that called him out but ofc now we’re the most horrible and gross human beings on this planet?  and now lilo was racist and yall are defending their asses again? listen to me you can still love your favs but it’s important to explain to them and others who stan em why what they did was wrong… because IT WAS FUCKING WRONG… and that’s what’s so different about zayn stans vs ot4. because yall will always be so far up their anus and will defend them to death even when they’re madly wrong. but sure do you. 

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hey crimeman I'd totally love to hang w/ you and smoke fat blunts. there would, however, be weird sexual tension in the air cause i think you hot.

I dont engage in sexual intercourse but i would gladly smoke your weed and shake your hand and we could talk about how sonic adventure 1 and 2 are both works of art but at the same time deeply flawed 

Here’s the problem with Tumblr - no matter what you say, someone will be an asshole.

  • If you say you’re not a feminist, someone will tell you that you don’t believe in gender equality or call you a sexist.
  • If you say you are a feminist, someone will tell you that you don’t care about men or that you think you’re oppressed. 
  • If you say that women aren’t oppressed in the first world, someone will tell you your opinion doesn’t matter. 
  • If you say that you don’t believe in affirmative action, someone will tell you that you don’t care about minorities or the poor. 
  • If you say that you think poor people are disadvantaged in comparison to rich people, someone will tell you that you expect handouts. 
  • If you say that you think men deserve rights, someone will call you a sexist. 
  • If you say that you think women should be supported, someone will tell you that you think men shouldn’t be supported. 
  • If you say that being fat isn’t healthy, someone will tell you that you hate fat people. 
  • If you say that people shouldn’t insult others for their weight, someone will tell you that you’re glorifying obesity and expect everyone to bend over backwards to compliment fat people. 
  • If you say that you shouldn’t diagnose yourself with mental illnesses or disabilities because you are not a trained mental health professional, someone will tell you that you’re ableist and hate mentally ill people. 
  • If you say that you believe the latest “black person shot by police” committed a crime based on what you’ve read, someone will call you a racist.
  • If you say that you believe the latest “black person shot by police” was wrongfully murdered based on what you’ve read, someone will call you a whiny idiot. 
  • If you say that you shouldn’t say offensive things about white people, someone will tell you that “white people try so hard to be oppressed.” 
  • If you say that you shouldn’t say offensive things about black people, someone will tell you that you’re suppressing their freedom of speech. 

And that’s just to name a few. 

Here’s an idea - how about you all learn to hear people out before jumping to outlandish accusations of who they are or what they believe? I know I’m guilty of having done some of this shit in the past, and I KNOW a lot of other people are guilty too. 

If you see someone being a total asshole, genuinely being offensive, spreading lies, or spreading a bad message, sure, call them on their shit. 

I mean, I’m sure this is going to either be ignored or someone will reblog this and make some outlandish comment on my personality or something, or turn it into a joke, and maybe people won’t even think twice on their behavior if they exhibit any of the aforementioned characteristics or something similar. But I just really wanted to get it off my chest. 

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Do you have to lose weight before you start lifting or is it okay because I want to build muscle not muscle on top of fat so do I have to lose weight before

Building muscle will help you burn fat.

Do both while focusing most of your trainings on cardio exercises

But keep in mind that most of your results will come by fixing your nutrition:

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Why turn everything into race? I saw the post about beautiful fuller 'fat' girls, and you drop the card. The post was about allllllllll beautiful women. Grow up, and stop furthering your 'agenda' by making someone else look ignorant. There was nothing racist about the post. As a chubby women of color, your disappointing me.

Bitch does it honestly look like I give a fuck? Literally does it look like I care? And chubby women of color my ass. Please unfollow and block me. I really dont care honestly.  Because if you act like the fat community dont have racism in it, you’re full of shit. 

One again fuck off and

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fat adjective 1. (of a person or animal) having a large amount of excess flesh. So thick that everybody else in the room is so uncomfortable. (more…)

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Of course you can't pull all the dudes, you're fat :/

There’s nothing wrong with being fat fucking idiot and fat babes are just as likable as skinny babes so shut up wtf

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I've seen your Tumblr, and i was thinking, you say you are ugly and short, so i just wanna know, you think you can love a fat girl?

Of course I would

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Hey guys. I'm 5'4" and weigh 133. I've been on T for a couple months. I'm not overweight, but my thighs are pretty big and female looking. I hate hate hate the gym. If I do nothing more than eat healthily--not go to the gym--will my thighs ever get smaller like guy-legs? Will my arms gets muscles if I don't lift weights? Thank you for reading my question.

Zak: My thighs are also pretty big, and I don’t think they’ve changed much on testosterone. A lot of this depends, though. Fat will redistribute, and you will gain muscle more easily. If your thighs are larger because that’s where you store fat, that might naturally redistribute on T (keep in mind, though, that this is a slow process). Exercise can help speed things along, but even without exercise you’ll have redistribution of fat. If your thighs are larger because of your bone and/or muscular structure, you’re not going to see as much change. Testosterone also makes it easier to gain muscle, but you won’t necessarily get significantly more muscular if you aren’t doing anything to help that process along. All of this, of course, is going to depend on the person. Some people build muscle easier than others. For the most part, though, you’ll see some changes regardless of your work out routine, though. 

  • Me:Hey mom, I'm still a little hungry. I'm just going to drink a glass of chocolate milk to keep my strength up-
  • Me:*is having a bad day and just wants to be left alone*
  • Me:*tries to briefly explain my interests*
  • Me:*wears a t-shirt and sweatpants with no makeup*
  • Me:*wears a dress with makeup*
  • Me:Mom, may you please stop yelling at me for what I like and what I need?
  • Mom:WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU SAY THAT WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU?!!!!1!!1!1!1!1!11!1!1!!11!1!??1!1?1?1?1?1
  • Me:*looks at camera as if I'm on the office.
Pink Floyd Personality Types

The Myers Briggs Personality Types as Pink Floyd Songs:

ESTJ ~ “Money”
ENTJ ~ “Another Brick in the Wall”

ESFJ ~ “Have a Cigar”
ENFJ ~ “Welcome to the Machine” 

ESTP ~ “Breathe”
ENTP ~ “Time”

ESFP ~ “Fearless”
ENFP ~ “Wish You Were Here”

ISTJ ~ “If”
INTJ ~ “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun”

ISFJ ~ “Brain Damage”
INFJ ~ “Comfortably Numb”

ISTP ~ “Echoes”
INTP ~ “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”  

ISFP ~ “Fat Old Sun”
INFP ~ “Remember A Day”