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Can you build muscle and lose fat at the same time?

Hey anon, if you’re a beginner you might build muscle while being on a caloric deficit; build muscle while losing fat. However, if you’re more advanced it’s a bit more complex.

Instead, I highly recommend you to do a clean bulk: build muscle while minimizing fat gains. So you can build a strong foundation, which will help you lose weight on the long run.

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Intermittent Fasting

I have officially started my intermittent fasting. I am doing the 20hour fasting process. The way this works out is that you have your last meal by 8pm as of after 8pm you are fasting, with the 20hr process you fast from 8pm to 4pm the next day. In between 4pm and 8pm you have 2+ meals meeting the exact calories for your diet plan and after 8pm fasting process begins again. This fasting process is healthier and allows you to burn more fat. Therefore you’re burning fat just by fasting, and working out will speed up the process. I will try to keep this up to date. And if you can’t fully fast you cam totally try it! If you do, Good Luck! We can reach our goals together.

i’m still thinking about one of those asks that said “even if you consider yourself fat you’re still pretty cute”


what the hell does “if you consider yourself fat” even mean

what is there to consider

i don’t have a say in this, i’ve been bullied for being fat most of my school life and i still get hate for being fat online and when someone says shit like this it kinda invalidates things i’ve been and still going through? it doesn’t matter what i consider myself lol

@extilia ok first the idea that fat ppl can’t be healthy is a fatphobic myth and i want u to completely erase that entire concept from ur mind. yes, there are unhealthy fat ppl, i am one, so now i’m going to tell u that health doesn’t have anything to do with worth

wanting hunk to be muscular and buff rather than fat says a lot about what you think of fat people and whether or not we’re deserving of representation, and it’s kind of shitty to take away what little even kind of good representation we have

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Please don't ever let the hate anons get to you because you are not fat or ugly what so ever!! you are a beautiful, smart, caring person that doesn't need that kind of negativity in life! Stay strong Jen and just know that you are an angel ❤

I appreciate you so much, wow thank you 💞

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Why did jeffrey gain so much weight in prison

Sincerely I don’t know, but I think that food in prison isn’t very health, it’s full of fat and it has not vitamins and minerals… But Jeffrey used to eat at McDonald’s before his arrest, so I don’t know it exactly. Maybe in prison he was nervous or stressed and this makes you fat, it is not good for health.

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Hi, I'm 14, 5'11'', and 167lbs. What do I do? I'm fat, my parents don't care about me, no one does. Please help! Any tips?

With this weight you aren’t fat. I am pretty sure Your parents care Ablut you.

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Flavio with a tubby, insecure S/O?

“I don’t know what you’re so insecure about, dear…” Flavio’s arm wrapped around your back and you cuddled into his chest, a sharp feeling in your throat. “You aren’t fat, you’re chubby. And chubby is a whole hell of a lot better than skinny. I mean, think about it! Do you think a super skinny girl could rock a bikini as much as you do? And what about sweaters? Don’t get me started on sweaters.” You nodded quietly, a tension from your chest lifting. “Besides, there’s more of you to love! I don’t think I could ever survive without my daily dosage of you thunder thighs, amore.” You smiled, nodding once more. “Now c'mon, let’s go out for diner.”


Pregnancy sentence starters from another source (but not lesbian friendly as the sentences where father instead of father/mother.) Some other sentences added and two new sections. This meme is not to be used to RP MPREG under any circumstances as it is for M/F, F/F couples and brotps of both genders as well as grandparents, aunts and uncles and friends.

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today I said that my favorite programming language is C because it makes  you use your brain and Java is like a cute little chicken that you add 20 lbs of tumors to and someone tried to argue against what I was saying (bc for C you have to program to the processor and you can do one line of python for 20 lines of C… I digress) but like

how can you argue about an opinion on what someone’s favorite thing is. I don’t tell you you can’t like pizza as your favorite food bc it makes you fat. 

I just wanna like things yall, no I am not going to program Android in C bc I like C that much and will only program stuff in C

i think one of the reasons taako is so recognizable despite all the different interpretations of him is that he can really be summed up by “that one goofy elf”. and like, goofy isn’t really a character trait you see a lot in interpretations of elves. up until he came along the traits “goofy” and “elf” were just kinda mutually exclusive in media. so whether or not you draw him fat or thin, couture or a faux pas, soft or sharp, it all works as long as you capture that really distinct personality of his