I was watching our Oslo vlog when I noticed your face here and I just omg you look so disgusted babe I had to gif it

this is literally my face when i have to interact with straight cis boys tho


after thinking/talking about it. I had a negative confession sent in about my blog about how I needed to be treated like glass because i was a minor at the time because someone was rping porn and didn’t tag it and my friend got in trouble when i came up on her dash for another rpers stupidity. I brought it to attention and i got shit for it.

Now I’m 18. Nothing has changed. I think porn gifs are fucking disgusting and you need to tag your shit. News flash, minor or not, some people are genuinly not comfortable around the ideas of sex. People don’t like thinking about it, some don’t like seeing it. If you’re not going to tag your triggers or porn, you’re a shit rper.

It’s like protocol. Everyone knows to tag nsfw things for the safety of others in the community. It’s the internet, so nothing is private. Stop acting like it doesn’t effect them. It does. Some can get in trouble because they are minors who follow you or you rp with. Also, some people don’t like to feel awkward in their own comfort zone.

Therefor, I didn’t need to be treated like glass. I was aware of others feelings and situations, I was also aware of the law.

It’s been 6 months, and I’m bringing this up now because it still happens with some people, and ya’ll don’t seem to get it.

I’m 18 now. I still feel the same. I guess I’m just a decent human being.

sakurayixing asked:

hey i just wanted to know where you got the gif of baek looking absolutely disgusted? xD (cant wait for chapter 3 of your fanfic btw ^.^)

If I’m thinking of the right gif, then I’m pretty sure it’s from Immortal Song. :3 xo