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What is it about girls that makes them so much better than men? 😍

You say that as though it could possibly just be one thing. Gosh, they’re so soft and curvy, and their voices are smooth and light. When they’re in love they look at you like you’re the whole world and then some, like a small part of the galaxy, and when you love them back you look at them the same way. They make you feel safe, so secure that your pulse slows just a bit in the presence of them, but gets confused when they smile or laugh and suddenly it’s racing again, beating at full speed with your heart. Even at their roughest, their angriest, their most scared, their most panicked, their most sad, there’s something about them that is full of healing and love. Girls are, women are, amazing.

((((what do you mean this ask isn’t about my girlfriend?? lmao))))

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More like, how did you learn to hate lesbians so much? Btw, there's a difference between "not being attracted to someone once you learn that they are trans" and "deciding that, despite the mutual attraction, the two of you are probably incompatible because dating (and possibly) having sex with an AMAB person is absolutely impossible for you". I still suspect you might be quite young/lack experience because you absolutely refuse to see nuance. Shit doesn't work like that irl, I hope you know that

I’m a legal adult, so kindly go fuck yourself. You just wanna think I’m a minor so you can believe I’m a child and think I’m worth less than you. Minors aren’t worth less than adults, you need to treat them better, so stop being a fucking asshole.
I don’t hate lesbians. Good try though lmao
If you won’t date someone because they are trans, you’re transphobic it’s honestly that simple. If a lesbian won’t date a trans women because she might have a penis, they’re transphobic. If a lesbian willingly dates a trans man, because he has a vagina, then she isn’t a lesbian because she’s dating A MAN.
You’re a transphobe. You’re probably a lesbophobe. And you’re definitely an asshole.


The Baudelaire’s refusal to be grateful for their unfortunate events seemed like such a good message for kids - so I made a thing.


“Who needs romance when you can have bromance”

2017 is exactly the year where racist, antisemitic, just allround bigoted “”“humor”“” has to stop.
It does nothing but normalize the things you “”“joke”“” about. You wonder why hate groups support your “”“comedy”“”, its because youre fucking helping them.
With every “”“joke”“” about killing minorities, about hurting them, them being worth less, you give the people who want those things a platform.

And if you support people who make these “”“jokes”“”, youre no better than them.

people with STDs are used as a punchline and most people dont realize how dehumanizing that is.

“haha would you ever date someone with herpes? what if theres a really hot guy with AIDS would you date them”

people with STDs are still desirable. theyre not gross, theyre not dirty. they are not joke fodder. theres also more to them than their disease

so please stop making jokes of people with STDs. you really are no better than them or more valuable as a person than them simply because you are living without a sexually transmitted disease


There you go ! thanks for the 100+ followers again, this was really fun to make ! I might do some again but I don’t have much ideas, don’t be afraid of submitting or sending in asks my friends !

You should not look at what the person used to do, rather you should look at what kind of person they are today. The one who gets bogged down about people’s pasts, is just like Iblees who said to Allah, “You created me from fire and you created him from clay.
—  Ibn Taymiyyah Rahimahullahu. [al-Minhaaj volume 2 page 430]
Just stop rereading the old texts. Stop spending your days scrolling through your old pictures. She isn’t coming back so just stop. You deserve to realize you are better than that. Delete the old texts and burn all of your pictures. Erase her from your life but don’t forget how she treated you. You deserve to heal and you can’t do that if you continue to hold on to her. So let go.
—  Let go because you deserve so much better

He’s fast and she’s weird.

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my favorite argument from antis is: but Keith said he likes Shiro as a brother. i wanna scream and smack my head on the table. if i tell my best friend i love her like a sister, it makes legal sisters from us?

no, anon-tan, actually Shiro is Keith’s father from another dimension and Slav is their mom, while Hunk is a transformer, and Allura is a mice, because she slept 3 000 000 years in stasis. Lance is time traveler - he hunts evil genius Pidge who wants to kill sheith’s baby because of judgment day. Coran is the writer.
you are too innocent, marry your best friend.