“And I want people to feel that even as the show ends, we see Booth and Brennan walking off, and they’re changed people, but you want to have that feeling that yes, they’re still going to be out there, and they’re still going to be solving cases and making the world a better place, even if you’re not going to see them anymore. They’re still joking and laughing in the car, having their differences and having those playful fights they have. You really hope that’s still going on when you don’t see it. It’s certainly bittersweet not to be able to see them again, but just to feel that they’re all in a good place and they’re going to be okay. And you as a viewer are going to be okay, too.” - Michael Peterson

because she allowed me to post (ノ≧ڡ≦) 
and i’m more than happy to share it 
she made fanart too for @im-toxicixy ‘s AU X3c
yes we both love it okay 
long time no see ART like real art man! 

Ok so

As someone affected by Jen’s con cancellation, I gotta say this to others in the same place.

Please do not hate on Jen. She loves us, and she even said she was gonna try to juggle everything so she could be there. But it’s not her play and she doesn’t make the rules. She tried and it didn’t work. Acting is her job. And her passion. And something she fell in love with came up and she landed it! That’s so great for her! And I’m so proud and happy for her.

That doesn’t mean I’m not absolutely heart broken. I am devastated. I so wanted to meet this precious ray of sunlight and I SO was looking forward to it. Like. So much… :(

But I’m not for a second angry at Jen, nor blame her. She took an amazing career opportunity. Yeah the cons suck for not offering refunds on the day she was headlining but Colin is (at this time) still attending.


I mean I’m hella excited to meet this amazing person.

So please, be sad and upset. I am. But never ever for a second think it’s ok to express anger towards Jen! Especially on social media! It’s NOT ok! She’s living her life. And I’m sure she’s sad that a lot of people are sad. Do not spew negativity her way. Just don’t. Don’t.

I’ve been reblogging and fangirling on my FB all day about this but…


They are OTP.   Sarah attests to it, David has given interviews for eons about how he knows they end up together and now even Joss admits it’s the greatest love story he’s ever written.



Also, it should be noted that David has maintained for years that he doesn’t do reunions – OF ANY KIND.   He hates them - he prefers to move forward to new projects.   He’s been maintaining this mantra since at least 2003 – FOURTEEN YEARS AGO.

That’s also another concept that makes this so interesting – you could tell DB was a bit uncomfortable/anxious – yet when it comes to SMG, there’s this camaraderie and closeness that they have…it’s unlike any other.   I think he went back on his anti-reunions mantra because of SMG and their mutual adoration for one another, not to mention this ship.   He still goes on record to this day and thanks her for a lot of the great successes in his career, and that RL friendship and their fictional pairing is still the ONE thing that he looks back on when he refers to the Whedonverse.



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So. It’s been quite the day. I’m gonna vent a bit, guys, if that’s alright.

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Eren loves to build blanket forts, they bring him comfort and bring back memories because he used to do it a lot as a kid. He usually sleeps in them for a couple of days to almost a whole week (depending on how he’s feeling) before someone either makes him take it down or he realizes it’s taking up too much space and he takes it down reluctantly. 

Sometimes he invites Armin inside and they read books and things together. He’ll invite Mikasa in on occasion too. Jean never lets Eren hear the end of it when he finds out, and Eren defends his blanket fort from Jean relentlessly.

If Eren has an S/O he’ll end up trying to convince them to join him too, and it tends to result in snuggle parties and pillow fights, and sometimes they watch Netflix and play video games in there. 

Wtf am I doing and yes I totally got this from kid Eren hiding under that sheet in his flashback 

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You don't have to publish this but I just wanna say that I know it super hard not to feel like you've let yourself down when mental health gets in the way of education but making any kind of stride in recovery is so much more important. A similar thing happened to me and I've been putting so much pressure on myself and being egregiously hard on myself so to even see someone else going through this when everyone else seems to be livin the dream is so helpful. Thanks.

ahhHH thank you for this bc i feel the same way and its rly comforting to know im not alone (i mean i hate that other ppl r goin thru it but like. u kno what i mean)!!  like i keep finding myself being super bitter/jealous when i see ppl achieving their dreams and i HAte that bc i used to b totally different and like literally i would sometimes cry bc i was so happy and proud of ppl but like since this stuff happened ive been like. so upset/angry when i see it so im Really Trying to make an effort to b #thankful and #supportive

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Lin!! i'm here with The Angst: what if on ep 19 alex says i love you but maggie panics and then alex gets hurt and maggie thinks she's never gonna get to say it back!! Also feel better, you're awesome 💜

okay but consider:

“you don’t get to almost die before i get to say i love you back, danvers.”


“you heard me, danvers.”

“was that you saying it back, because it kind of sounded like you love me”