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For the anon meme ! Your art is literally an inspiration to me and pretty much all of us. Your graphics are always top-notch and you're always so kind to everyone. I've always admired the effort you put into olympia and how muich love you have for her and all of your muses. It's really nice to see other muns who care about their muses a lot, y'know. I can tell you're having fun doing what you do and I hope you never stop. You deserve to be happy. Never forget :)



My first thought when I saw this number was “is this how much you spent on otomes.” But i remembered you said it was only..300…400..maybe less, 200ish idk, that’s still a lot but not as bad as 4,856 is it even possible to spend that much oh god. You’re so sweet and talented in many things ahh. You’re smart, and i think you are doing amazing and i see all your calc snapchats and in the school year it inspired me to do homework tbh.  Even if you feel a little sad on grades or how you’re doing, it really is amazing. You’re also pretty and very kind. You always listen to my various rambles on anything which bc i’m 2 hours ahead come v early in the morning and we can talk about other things too haha. You are dragging me into otome hell i have a folder now on my phone so thanks for that. Your graphics also are really nice omg idk how you do it. If anyone sends you hate they can answer to me tbh bc you’re amazing and don’t deserve all the hate you get like??? Fuck off anons??? You’re one of good friends from tumblr and I hope we can keep talking more and what not bc we’ve grown close since we first began talking and it makes me really happy omg. I still find it weird in a good way how it went from pokemon fanfiction and reading your stories and others when i was in middle school to now on tumblr crying about otomes and watching money fly out the window omg. But yes, stay amazing<3