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You are so insanely defensive of Joseph. Do you ever chill out?

Of course I am defensive of Joseph. I still actively get people who message me in private because they are too afraid to post positive Joseph content due to the amount people there are out there that actively shit all over any and all Joseph content/send nasty anons to the people who like him.

You are allowed to judge me for defending him, but I think you may need to judge those who have made it so I have to defend him, first.

Out of Context Group Chat sentence starters
  • "May the dancing chicken watch out for us all."
  • "I'm pretty sure her only thoughts are - I hate you, I hate you, I must hump my brother, I hate you, but she'll allow it."
  • "Netflix is judging me."
  • "My mom asked me to explain 'basic' to her because I told her my sister is basic."
  • "Vagina worth dying for."
  • "Dick worth being shamed for."
  • "Yes, I locked him in a cage for a year."
  • "She is a strong, independent woman who pays for her own nachos."
  • "What's the etiquette on tipping a stripper for talking World of Warcraft with you?"
  • "I'll get you neutered if you do that."
  • "Pick your fetishes carefully."
  • "I'm on a fetish wiki for you."
  • "Welcome back, we're talking about fetishes."
  • "I am sexually turned on by sandwiches."
  • "Only best friends offer to help you wax your junk."
  • "Let's mom the shit out of this place."
  • "Who gets to raise your spawn when you die? She'd rad as fuck."
  • "You can be the royal dog petter."
  • "Apparently it's not nice to tell my husband I'm going to name a fat ginger cat after him when he dies."
  • "Bro, you can court my gay vote any day, but in the most heterosexual way."
  • "I was just taught the art of taking a selfie by my teenage sister."
  • "Does throwing up on an altar get you excommunicated?"
  • "I can also beatbox 70's porno music if that will help."

I know there are horrible things happening but I can barely keep myself going when everything is okay let alone when it’s not so if I just watch stupid home improvement shows and read all night you’re not allowed to judge me because at least I’m alive.

Call Me Maybe

(you are of course allowed to judge me for this. This basically came about thanks to watching Sing yesterday and this song being in it. Briefly. And yet it’s been stuck in my head all day, and this might work and get it to leave?):

A good night selling flowers; so many customers. The sky was pretty clear for MIdgar for a change. Not too warm, not too cold - even at elven o'clock at night. And something put the blond, blue-eyed SOLDIER in her path. He seemed entranced by her flowers, staring at them as he walked past. When he walked up to inquire about them, she all but blurted they were only one gil.

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Quick summary of my life since February

Waking up in the morning, going on Tumblr to look at the Aaron Tveit hashtag. Then I see adorable shit like this:

First reaction : 

Then I go to school to explore more of the hashtag, because who gives a fucking fuck about my education? With my friends, I'm using Aaron’s name in every conversation like it’s fucking punctuation. Them :

I go back home and GUESS WHAT I DO? I go back on the goddamn hashtag.

The program for every evening :

Me, going to bed :