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Okay @danisnotonfire and @amazingphil are watching Avatar the Last Airbender and I just wanted to say:

To any of you who have yet to watch that show, PLEASE watch it. The characters are beautifully diverse and have depth, the plot is lighthearted but also serious, it has a lot of cultural influence, and it deals with themes many people can relate to.

It is my favorite TV show and has been since I was a little kid. I cannot stress to you how amazing of a universe it is. You get lost in it, which is why I believe it is so good.

PLUS you can also watch The Legend of Korra afterwards which is special in that of itself.

This is far more than just a show for children…it’s a show for everyone.

Do yourself a favorite and watch it ^.^

[!] Vote for MONSTA X’s team on Heroes of Remix!

You can click this link to vote for Monsta X’s team, Phoenix Legend (the yellow one).

When you click on the yellow button to vote, you will be prompted with two options. Click “关闭” and then press the yellow button again.
You can keep voting until you get another message telling you you’ve reached the daily limit.

People were flipping out at the #RollForRob Civil Providence event last weekend! (As is typically the case when good people get together to do good things.) 

If you couldn’t make it out to @RollForRob you can still lend a hand to friend/father/husband/ripper/legend Rob Pontes with his battle against ALS by going to

David Lafreniere aka @mongo_rider flip 

🎥: Jamie Hart

let’s take a moment to imagine Hercules!Ashton though because it would be so funny?? and like what if he comes across Luke after saving him from something and Luke asks what Ashton’s name is and Ashton proudly tells him and Luke is like ???? and says “no offense but you’re kind of… small…” because everyone knows the legend of Ashton but they all assume he’s this huge buff guy who is like 7 feet tall and has a mountain of facial hair, instead of this cute curly headed boy with big doe eyes & dimples 

breetheraven  asked:

Hi Spacehamster, im in the process of making pillows for youtubers i look up to, and i wanted to make you one, would you like one and if so would you like to be pokemon fabric or legend of zelda fabric?

Hmmm, I proooobably prefer Zelda. =)