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MOD JYUSHI IM GOING TO GIVE YOU A LOT OF COMPLIMENTS TO MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER INCASE YOU'RE SAD/UPSET RN you're super pretty i love your glasses your art style is so cute and i love it you look gr8 with a choker on always wear them please youre super nice youre super funny your s/o loves you sm and i know it i actually look up to you when it comes to personality and art draw jyushi so cute, hell you draw everyone so awesomely im running out of characters but know that ily <3

  • Person A is sad and is down the whole day.
  • Person B:*runs up to them happily while holding something; however, oblivious to the fact that A is sad* Ah, A! There you are! I made this really cute origami of a flower and-! okay?
  • Person A:Ah, y-yes I am. What's up?
  • Person B:You don't look happy... Did someone make you sad? I'll-
  • Person A:*shakes their head* No! I-i mean...
  • Person B:*looks at A before offering them the rose that was on their hand* If I give you this flower, will you be happy?

You know those relaxing cute videos of people cutting paper really slowly or touching goo really soft and delicate and silence or some slow calming music?


like nothing against you if you like them and I can admit for some people they can be relaxing but everytime I see it going so slow I just wanna chop everything super messy and fast or dig my hands on that fucking slime

Request from anon, cons of dating Switzerland, Romano and the Allies and Axis

Haha I like this one, this one comes easy for me instead of the fluffiness. ( I added Canada too because I can)

Switzerland: CHEAP. Like seriously, there’s cheap, and then there’s Switzerland. If you think that’s cute or whatever, that’s your own thing, but I personally would get annoyed by the extremeness of it. Like, being a little cheap is okay, normal even, but then it’s just too much.

Romano: Well, I would have to say his jealousy and temper. Even hanging out with friends would make him upset. I mean, I get it, but still. 


Italy: Okay, now I know not all of you will agree with me on this, this is just what I think. But I think a con would be him ALWAYS being cheerful and hyper. I’m like that sometimes too, but then sometimes I like the quiet and silence, and if people are hyper it gets on my nerves, so yeah.

Germany: Too serious. (gets mad WAY too easily, like I have a temper too, but calm down there Rambo)

Japan: His politeness. I know this seems weird, but what if someone really pisses you off, of course you’re going to be rude. Except for this guy. This guy would somehow manage to STILL be polite. Which I really don’t get. Also, it’s hard to know how he’s feeling.


America: Will treat you more like a friend or brother than an s/o, occasionally. Also, a little oblivious to your feelings.

England: Sometimes treats you like his child. 

France: Too sweet and romantic. (and clingy). Like, woah dude, chill and back off a bit. The sweetness would just make me uncomfortable, I understand if it’s different for you. 

China: Older mentality, so there’s going to be a difference in interests and ways of thinking, even if he looks the same age.

Russia: Very overprotective and is always afraid you’ll get hurt, (treats you like you’re made of porcelain) so he won’t want/let you do certain things.

Canada: Soooooo shy. Speak up boy!(he speaks really quietly) .

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You're such a nice, kind and cute person (´ヮ`) i really love you and your art as well :3 (sorry for my bad english)

omg aaaaaaaaaa thank you very much Anon, you’re really nice /)///a///(\

u ever think abt the different levels of crush that exist?

like. there’s people who you crush on from afar, they’re probably older than you and you’d never have a chance with them and you know that so you don’t let it bother you but. in another reality you’d so be full-on crushing on them…

and then there’s the casual crushes, ones who. they’re super cute and great personality and you kinda rly wanna be friends with them, but then you realise that feeling is actually a crush, but not intensely - more that just, if they asked you out you’d say yes in a heartbeat, but you’re not gonna do anything about it. it’s casual, your heart is fine, for the most part you forget about it!

and then… then there’s Proper Crushes. you think about them all the time, you wonder if maybe they like you too, you daydream about them (and probably actually dream about them too, if you’re a person who gets enough sleep to dream, lmao,). every time you think you’ve got over them, something reminds you and it all starts again. e m o t i o n s ~ ~


happy birthday, mary💕✨

mary! my little and sweet mary. honestly, you’re such an amazing friend, one of my best friends, even though we only know each other since march. you were always so sweet right from the beginning of our friendship and you were always supportive of me; whether it be simple things like helping me with gifs and whatnot, or encouraging me to make BLS. you were there for me when i needed a shoulder to lean on and i hope you know that i’m always here for you, too! whenever you need me. keep being such an amazing, friendly, cute and sweet person that you are, love you! ❤️ i really hope you have the best birthday possible, enjoy your special day! 🎉🎂😘

some nice things to do

1. carry a plastic bag and pick up litter that you see
2. pay for the person behind you
3. put a cute anonymous note in a library book
4. send a kind anon ask to someone you’re following
5. tell your friends and family you love them
6. make cookies for your best friend
7. include someone who looks left out in a conversation
8. hug people tightly
9. say “thank you” to someone you appreciate
10. compliment your friend’s talents
11. have a checklist and challenge yourself to tick everything off
12. stand up, stretch, and drink a glass of water every hour
13. start jogging, don’t feel bad if you’re slow
14. wake up early so you have time for both hobbies and studying
15. look at things with your eyes more than you take photos
16. treat yourself how you would treat your best friend
17. learn how to bake a cake
18. give yourself some time alone
19. read a book
20. try a new hairstyle
21. learn a new language
22. look at things and appreciate their poetry and beauty
23. keep a journal for all the moments you want to remember
24. pay more attention to the good things than the bad things
25. have manners and don’t be aggressive or rude
26. if someone is rude, be the bigger person and walk away
27. but sugar-free chewing gum so you don’t have to give in to junk food cravings
28. write down your favourite quotes
29. if it’s raining, share your umbrella with someone who needs it
30. be nice to kids even if you dislike them
31. keep making your art, writing, and photography. keep doing things even if you think you suck
32. keep doing something you’re passionate about even though no one is being supportive
33. stop changing yourself to fit the standards of other people
34. plant a garden of fruits and flowers
35. stop sitting down so much and go out and see the world
36. be strong. don’t let people walk all over you
37. focus on your studying for 30 minutes and give yourself a 10 minute break
38. look at the moon and the stars
39. look at the clouds, sunrise and sunset
40. stop using your phone at dinner
41. have a bubble bath
42. message someone you haven’t talked to for a while
43. let go of toxic people who don’t deserve you
44. don’t be afraid to say that you were wrong
45. keep yourself busy so you stop overthinking so much
46. don’t assume things about someone you don’t know
47. say kind things behind someone’s back
48. be nice to others even if you feel angry, sad or bitter. it’s not their fault
49. remember that your emotions don’t have to rule your actions
50. stop caring so much about what other people might think
51. wear what you want
52. smile at a stranger
53. don’t worry. worrying about the future is useless. it will be a lot less scary than you imagined
54. stop not caring about important things. care about everything and everyone you love with all your heart.
55. stop checking your notifications every 2 minutes
56. don’t play mind games with people
57. make your resting face more happy
58. think happy thoughts even if it feels fake, and you will turn more positive
59. be confident. fake the confidence until you have natural confidence
60. make every morning a new beginning
61. try to understand people rather than be judgemental
62. educate yourself on societal issues
63. stop blaming other people for your own mistakes
64. swear less and don’t call people mean and derogatory terms
65. either learn or be inspired by everything you see
66. constantly find new ways to improve yourself
67. have little goals every day and feel great when you achieve them
68. your comfort zone is nice but don’t stay in it too much. be brave and try something new, even if you fail it’s not a failure
69. tidy your desk
70. watch all the best films
71. stop saying mean things to yourself
72. be happy for no reason
73. say hi to everyone you know
74. don’t dwell on your past
75. keep doing something you’re passionate about even if people criticise you
76. put your alarm away from your bed so you get out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off
77. let your emotions out, either by talking to someone or letting it out creatively
78. google everything you’re curious about
79. use a dictionary for words you don’t know
80. don’t feel sad about all the unanswerable questions
81. be kind to everyone, everything and yourself.
82. spread love and happiness constantly
83. help people who need it
84. don’t be afraid to cry
85. pick yourself up. you don’t need other people to save you
86. if you don’t have anything kind or constructive to say, don’t say it
87. breathe through your stomach, not your chest
88. sleep earlier!!
89. eat more fruits than chocolate
90. be there when your friend is sad, not just when everything is fine
91. make your bed every morning
92. observe everything and pay attention to what’s around you
93. quit any addictions you have
94. give more attention to all the great things
95. learn, accept your past, and move on
96. write things down to remember them
97. be proud of every little victory
98. be proud of who you are
99. remember that you’re loveable, important and worthy of happiness
100. don’t give up. you’re still young and you have a whole life ahead of you.


Atlus may have not shown him much in game but

RememberGoro2k16, he was the one who brought us news (the real mvp)


Person A has lost their pet and is frantically searching for them, causing destruction on their path and looking in every single gods dam corner they can find. This goes on for hours and finally Person B just quietly comes up to them with the beloved animal in their jacket, which is carrying a rose with a sweet expression on their face. 
You decide what happens next.