i present to you, babe scuola! after rafael’s school of athens: another take on plato & aristotle and their fanboys. this piece was my second assignment in workshop III back in may, i messed up bc i wanted it to be Big so i projected it, and it ended up being a terrible idea. but hey! the drawing is still wonderful and i absolutely loved doing it! i remember the original idea was to color it, but in the end the sketch Owned it so i left it as it was!

Disgusting, filthy, golden, glamorous crustacean PART 6

You had no idea how the crab did it. Every single night, thousands of years…sleeping on gold just seemed impossible to you! You’ve been tossing and turning around for an eternity now, not finding a single comfortable place to sleep at.
“Tamatoa, you don’t happen to have a golden cuishon or a blanket of some sort in your treasure, do you?”, you yelled over to the entrance. It now was almost as dark as outside, so you couldn’t really make out anything in the cave anymore.
The crab just grumbled and you heard him shuffle uncomfortable in his sleep.
Wait! He was sleeping? That’s it, your perfect chance to slip away!
As quiet as possible, you got up and tiptoed towards the crustacean. Your left food kicked a single coin towards him, but except for mumbling a little bit, he didn’t react. When you got nearer, you noticed a little, pulsating light from under his shell, it was a bright blue, maybe cyan…
You shook your head. No time for that now.
You carefully sneaked around the big shell, your eyes fixated on tje way, but you also managed to look out for his big claws. Out of the corner of your eye you saw that the blue was getting brighter now, it started to enlighten the scenery a bit, but you saw that Tamatoa’s eyes were still closed, so you carried on.
Then, you did it.
You stepped outside of the cave and where now finally out of Tamatoa’s reach.
Remembering the lizard monster, you decided to postpone your little dance of joy about your freedom for later and sneaked off into the surroundings.
Just moments later you truly realized what it meant to be stuck in Lalotai.
Unforgiving darkness engulfed you, leaving you with nothing but the monstrous sounds and your imagination.
You were just crossing a little path, when a long fish with numerous tentacles and a wide, red mouth filled with small white teeth, floated by. It seemed quite untouched by your presence and just unfolded some wing-like fins. It slowly started to glow on those wing’s rims, and when it propellered upwards, it lighted the scenery a bit for you.
You were almost thankful for that weird encounter, but then you looked upwards.
There was the ocean.
You’ve seen how the water had stopped at Tamatoa’s Lair and formed the ceiling where you’ve come through. But out here, the water was incredibly far away, it seemed to be higher than anything you’ve ever seen, not even Tamatoa would be able to leave Lalotai out here.
“How did the demigod leave then?”, you murmured as quiet as possible. There must have been a way, not even demigods could fly…
Could they? You remembered some kind of tale about shapeshifting, but couldn’t remember exactly.
Ugh, this was just great. Now you’ve even risked your life by sneaking out of Tomatoa’s watch, and would have to get back with empty hands.
You quickly halted your thinking.
Why were you going back to the self-centered crab, again?
A rustle in a bush behind you made you remember.
There’s no way you’d survive out here. With Tamatoa you could at least talk…
Walking as quiet and fast as possible, you retraced your way back to the shiny cave.
Weirdly enough, you could see it’s outlines clearer as before… When you turned around it, you saw what caused it:
Tamatoa was glowing! A bright blue was emitting from his claws and you could even see some fainted pink in there…You squinted. It looked like it was pulsating, but you weren’t really sure…
You looked at the crab with a concerned look on your face. He seemed rather unhappy all the time you’d talked with him, except for the part where he was talking about his treasure…
When you left, if you ever left, there’d be no way you could leave him like that. You’d have to somehow keep a plan B at hand for him, so that you could be sure he’d be able to get back up again…But he’d have to need your help for it, or he’d finish you as fast as the lizard.
You shivered.
That monster definetly was going to kill you, but to be killed by being crushed in the fangs of Tamatoa?
Would he crush you?
He’d already had a chance to eat you, but instead, he’d just…been as gentle as possible… You blushed slightly when you thought about the disturbingly soft feeling of his tongue on your arms and shook your head. That experience has just been disgusting, nothing else!
Suddenly, you saw one of Tamatoa’s feet shift a little bit and you stopped thinking anything. If you wanted to survive this night by spendin it in the giant ceab’s cave, you’d have to get back in there soon.
You were just about to move towards him, when you saw a dead palm tree not far from the cave. Maybe you could use ‘looking for a way to help Tamatoa’ as an excuse in case he found out about your nightly walk outside.
You quickly went over to the palm and checked if it was going to be strong enough for its purpose. It…looked healthy, but there was no way you could tell if it would withstand Tamatoa’s weight.
You took your Pahoa, a small wooden dagger that was almost only good for carving purposes. It would’ve been able to cut even better, but when you made it, you chose the wrong wood, so this had to suffice. Carefully, you cut into the palm tree’s base, slowly making it more and more possible to break off. Fifteen minutes later the job was almost done, you put down your Pahoa and slowly pushed the tree down. When it cracked loudly, you winced and looked over to the crustacean, who wonderously still seemed to be fast asleep, although he was glowing brightly now, his face impossible to see from your point of view.
You breathed out, exhausted by the job. Then you lifted the palm tree on one end and pulled it closer to Tamatoa, so that when he was going to promise you to not harm you as soon as he got back rightside down, you could help hi out.
Your plan seemed pretty good, but it was also very late at night and there was no way to tell if you just thought so because of the tiredness or if it really was a good plan.
You didn’t want to think about it anymore, you were just…very…tired…
Not quite as careful as before, you walked towards Tamatoa and sneaked around him. His glowing was clearly brighter than before now, but his face was hidden behind his big claws.
A little irritated by the blue glow, you stumbled into the promising blackness of the cave.

Your eyes already shut, you didn’t see the claw.

Tamatoa aggressively grabbed you and threw you in front of his face.
Immediately awake again, you stared at the torn grimace before you. Tamatoa seemed really angry with you, plus his glow seemed to pulsate crazily now.
His eyes changed from cyan to pink and back to cyan again, his face was adorned with a bright pink pattern and the barnacles on his chin, as his teeth, glowed even white. His antannas even looked like they were moving forward, since bright pink stripes glowed like they were growing out of the beast’s head, at such a rushing speed that it was hard to follow the motions.
“I knew that it was you! What do you think you were doing out there, you worthless little water flea??“, he shouted at you, his bellowed words blowing any thoughts out of your head.
He pushed you down on your knees and pinched your neck with his claw, so that you were unable to look away from him, neck trapped in a deadly grasp.
“And what made you think you could just come back, like you weren’t even gone?”, he growled.
You started tearing up and tried to explain yourself.
“I…I was tired…and you were asleep! So I, I thought I could…search for something to h-help you, and…I found some-uhm, something that I could use to…to help you!“ Damn, articulating was hard when you were scared, but, to be fair, a huge, angry, gigantic crab was staring down at you while you were trying to save yourself.
“I heard how you cut down that palm tree over there.”, he commented motionless. “If you’d only done that, you’d’ve been back sooner.”
You went pale.
“Well, of course I was trying to escape…”, you whispered, afraid.
“Then why did you come back?”
You did not know how to answer that. You would have eventually found a safe place without going back to the golden crab, so why…?
You stayed silent.
Tamatoa sighed, his bioluminescent glow slowly ebbing down.
Then, he picked you up by one leg (ouch! Careful!) and placed you on the place between his shell and his clawed arm, onto a soft spot of skin where he could easily watch over you.
A bit confused, you looked at him.
His eyes fixated on you again and he sighed dramatically.
“What? I’m not going to let you get away again, and tomorrow you’re going to help me get back on my feet. You’ll need sleep, babe. So sleep.”

anonymous asked:

(cont.) So to my questions, what is your favorite universe to write in? Do you also write any fan fiction? Finally, I enjoy making graphics in my free time and would love to make some gifts for you. Are there any graphics you would like? Icons, backgrounds, aesthetics, etc. I look forward to hearing from you. - Secret Santa

hey-o secret santa!!! ( just a lil note i don’t think the first part of your message went through? shakes fist @ tumblr ).  but anyways!!!

i guess my favorite universe to write in ( if we’re speaking fandom wise ) is the hunger games ( because @hclywcrs, @wroughtwar, and @ofmockingashes have really helped me explore so many different sides of jo.  esp. reese who basically lets me throw any and every au out there and who lets me explore jo in ways that i really wouldn’t be able to with any other muse so – big huge thank you to those three for making it such a welcoming fandom and a great experience ).

i guess as far as my favorite verse in general that i have?  it has to be the somewhat canon-divergent verse i’ve got going on w/ @sovietperil. because allison has helped me develop solo SO MUCH, and really dig into what makes him tick.  i guess you could call it just extended canon, since i don’t think we really divert that much from the man from uncle universe, but!!! i call it what i want to.

as far as fan fiction – i guess the closest i could come is with the drabbles i occasionally write on here?  but those are more so used to help me analyze a specific character trait or something that i can’t really get down in threads.

!!! you really don’t have to make anything ( but since you’re offering, i’m always down for aesthetics and stuff – i love seeing what people pair with johanna, since it can be very varied based on the person! )

hope you’re having a WONDERFUL day!!!!!

I refuse not to be a part of Pocky day

the struggles of going for another route
  • zen: so you don't like my photo?
  • me, clutching my chest and cringing in pain:
  • zen: hmph.
  • me:
  • me, whispering to myself: my heart is breaking