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I went up to the north of Italy with my family to escape the heat of the summer, and I decided to take you with me- it was a fun couple of days :D

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This is Maximus, a 2-year, 2-month old Basenji & German Shepherd mix that I rescued at the end of September 2014. He can be found on at or 

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anonymous asked:

hey! was just wondering if you could check out an Instagram acc called danslefthand. they posted your art, and another persons art who's blog im not sure about.

: ) sigh. ty for telling i guess

anonymous asked:

do you plan on posting on your instagram acc anytime soon ;)

I don’t even know what I’m supposed to post on there tbh haha, but possibly.

anonymous asked:

I saw u answered a comment on your Instagram saying you use VSCO to edit your pictures. I was wondering you'd be willing to share exactly what filter and or editing tools you use on the app. You pictures are truly beautifully taken and enhanced. You and your friends have much natural beauty as well.

Thank you so much! It means a lot tbh especially because I’ve no idea what I am doing nor have i have ever taken a photography course so I wing through each shoot HAHAH.

I prefer to use A6 (when I want clearer pics), A7 (has a vintage green tint), A8 (a blue vintage tint), E5 (warmer vintage tint haha),or J1 (when my pics are saturated for my feed it kinda tones the colors down n stuff). Sometimes I lower exposure by like 1-2 points if my picture has too much light. But yeah that’s it! Thanks again:) I can’t wait to see how good my pics will be once I learn what my fcamera means hahaha

anonymous asked:

Can i repost ur edits on instgram with credit :) ?! ... Just tell u I've seen a lot of people who use ur coloring and make edits ( and this just my opinion u don't have to be angry bc u put ur watermark isn't!!! And bc ur coloring really cool that why people repost it )

if you come off anon (don’t worry I answer most of my mails privately) and you give me your instagram account name I will consider it. Yeah I know and I’m pretty unhappy about that :( There are only two people on instagram who I gave the permission to do so.

The problem with watermarks is that many people are not actually looking for it. You know if you work on something for hours and put a lot of effort into it, it’s kinda upsetting to see someone take it from you and claiming it as their own. When I just started colouring, I did a Gajevy edit. Immediately after I posted it, someone reposted it (on tumblr) and it got more notes that my original … even with watermarks. At that point I even considered to quit colouring all together. While now I’m not as bothered about it anymore, I don’t want that to happen to talented people who just started out with art. Besides tumblr has reblogging for a reason. As for other websites, asking the person first is just the considerate way to do it because it shows that you respect the artists feelings and hard work. And it’s their decision whether to allow or not allow it.

In real life you don’t just go and grab some strangers cake and eat it in front of them, right? (tho that’d be kinda funny) Cuz in a way that’s what it feels like … at least to a cake addict like me haha

I’m really glad you think my edits are cool :D And it’s fine to have your own opinion on the topic. At this point I got so used to it that I grew kinda indifferent when it comes to myself, but for the sake of the people who are trying their best and just started their blogs … I just wish it would stop.

anonymous asked:

Would you ever post any of your art?

nope thats instagram exclusive and i never share half of my stuff on there anyways because im terrible 

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YOU ARE SO AMAZING! - The girl who just spammed your Instagram ;)


anonymous asked:

you/your instagram are goals af


IM SO HAPPY YOU LIKE MY INSTAGRAM I WORK HARD TO MAKE IT ALL MATCH!! i get frustrated because even if colors are just a tiny bit off i delete the picture and have to redo it later but ilysm