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I've read all the posts in your toe walking tag, but what I haven't been able to understand is WHY it's a thing? What is it that makes us want to do this? My brother and I both do or have done it in the past (I have ADHD and he has Tourette's and ADHD). He's had a few of the other signs of dyspraxia that you mentioned, but I haven't.

I don’t know. Little kids usually start off toe walking, but then they learn to shift their balance in a different way in order to walk heel-toe. I think people with dyspraxia and other issues maybe just never get to that step or get to it late. (Similarly, I, and other people with dyspraxia, never really crawled as a child. I flopped around and scooted on my bottom, and then I eventually learned to walk. Missing developmental steps is a big part of dyspraxia and other neurodevelopmental disorders.)

actuallydyspraxic, can you offer any insight into why people toe-walk?


clueless sentence meme
  • “actually, i have a way normal life for a teenage girl/boy.”
  • “even our maid is terrified of him/her.”
  • “he/she fights with me for free because i’m his/her daughter/son.”
  • “and don’t try sneaking out of the office.”
  • “we’re friends because we both know what it’s like to have people be jealous of us.”
  • “i totally paused.”
  • “why do you put up with it? you could do so much better.”
  • “i do not wear polyester hair, okay?”
  • “ew! get off of me! ugh! as if!”
  • “and in conclusion, may i please remind you, that it does not say rsvp on the statue of liberty.”
  • “i’ll call you, okay?”
  • “98 in geometry! pretty groovy, huh?”
  • “i have direction.”
  • “did you write that?”
  • “tardiness is something you cannot do on your own.”
  • “a licensed driver with nothing to do. where would i find such a loser?”
  • “what’s the point? everywhere you go has valet.”
  • “would you call me selfish?”
  • “you have such pretty eyes. don’t hide them.”
  • “well, there goes your social life.”
  • “she/he’s so incredibly clueless.”
  • “don’t you want to use your popularity for a good cause?”
  • “i don’t wanna do this anymore!”
  • “and i noticed him/her scoping you out.”
  • “it means he/she thought you were sweet.”
  • “_____’s got a picture of you hanging up in his/her locker!”
  • “do you prefer ‘fashion victim’ or ‘ensemble-y challenged?’”
  • “why do you care what he/she thinks? i’m the one that has to look at you!”
  • “you wanna play games? i’m calling your mother!”
  • “rollin’ with the homies.”
  • “your happiness means a lot to me.”
  • “i knew. i knew when you kissed me.”
  • “you could do so much better.”
  • “you’re a virgin?”
  • “i’m just not interested in doing it until i find the right person. you see how picky i am about my shoes and they only go on my feet.”
  • “you think i’d give alcohol to teenage drivers taking my daughter/son out?”
  • “if anything happens to my daughter/son, i’ve got a .45 and a shovel.”
  • “he/she’s like a monet. from far away, it’s okay. but up close, it’s a big old mess.”
  • “his/her whole idea of acting like a family is to criticize me.”
  • “i can’t believe i’m taking advice from someone that watches cartoons.”
  • “i’m here with you.”
  • “you’re a virgin who can’t drive.”
  • “oh my god. i love _____.”
  • “obviously this boy/girl is a complete moron. you’re the most beautiful boy/girl in _____.”
  • “i haven’t seen such good-doing since your mother.”
  • “let’s never fight again, okay?”
  • “you don’t need to be doing this.”
  • “you think that’s all i do? i’m just a ditz with a credit card?”
  • “you’re young and beautiful.”
  • “you think i’m beautiful?”
  • “are you saying you care about me?”
  • “they’re planning out weddings already.”
  • “it’s in the bag!”

no offense but i’m still pissed off that the tent scene happened off screen. how tf are you just not gonna show a moment that changed the relationship between the two characters? we already had hints that jude liked connor, all they had to do was show us the moment where we saw that this little crush wasn’t one sided. hayden and gavin are both amazing actors, especially during non speaking parts, and they really could’ve made this scene so powerful and intense. I love their first on screen kiss but it wasn’t as powerful to me knowing that it wasn’t the first time they’d done it. i’m trying to have a little faith in the writers but it’s a little hard when you feel that they’re pushing such a beautiful storyline like jonnor aside for more “GROUNDBREAKING” moments of callie making out with a foster brother again or callie not getting adopted again. rant over

So I watched Ep 7 of Hannibal last night.

And here’s the thing- I am not a Hannigram shipper. Or I mean, I recognize the fact that it’s canon, but I never shipped it. They seemed to swing between blatantly manipulating and abusing each other and confusing the shit out of me- I couldn’t tell when they were being genuine and when they were playing the other. I knew what they said they saw in each other, but I didn’t see it myself, you know? I had no idea what their motivations were, I found the whole dynamic unappealing, and I spent every episode waiting for Will to come to his goddamn senses.

And on the one hand, none of that’s changed. But on the other hand, I think this may have been the first genuine interaction they’ve had? There was no deception, no over the top metaphors, no fuckery, just. And they were both DONE. And Hannibal, who in the logic of the show is the literal actual devil, expresses genuine fucking remorse for his actions. Because he loves Will, and he’s sorry, and there is nothing that can fix what they’ve done. And I’m just slightly destroyed by this?

And the fucking flannel. Season 1 Will was all about that flannel and mismatched clothes and it was only in Season 2 when he decided to (for lack of a better word) seduce Hannibal that he started dressing stylishly, and even in Season 3 when there are fewer costume changes and he’s a little more subdued, he’s definitely distinct in outfits from Season 1. And when Hannibal carries him home, he takes off the suit Mason put him in, the one that looks exactly like something Hannibal would wear, and he doesn’t put him in the clothes that appeal to Hannibal’s taste that Will assumably still has hanging in his closet, he puts him in the fucking flannel, trying to turn back time, to undo his influence on Will, and I’m JUST.

And then he turns himself IN so that he can keep his relationship with Will. Fucking GOD I don’t even ship it, I just can’t get over the fact that love was so strong it MADE LITERAL SATAN REPENT.

Sherlolly... from a five year old’s POV

So my five year old son wanted to write a story.  I just assumed he meant something he liked (My Little Pony, TMNT, something Disney) but no.  He said he wanted to write something about Sherlock and Molly.  All I did was type it and explain a couple of British terms; lounge rather than living room, telly rather than TV.  That’s all folks… here’s what he came up with. I added my comments in parentheses. You know me… I can’t keep my mouth shut.

Sherlock and Molly were sitting in the lounge, watching the telly.  They were watching pirates fight, blue verses red. When they were done watching the show they went outside to go to work.  They took Molly’s car. Molly drove because Sherlock was mad, he didn’t feel like driving.

When they got to work they talk to a couple of their friends.  When they were done talking, they both had to go to the potty.

They went home at the end of their work day.  Then they had dinner, eggs and pancakes. Then they went out to see Molly’s brother. Molly’s brother was John! (Oh, plot twist! Didn’t see that coming, did you?)

The next day they went out for a dinner date. Then they went home and went to bed.

The next day they had a party! All their friends came. Geoff (not lying he actually said this) and Jerry and John. They ate potatoes, pancakes and eggs.  Oh, and ice cream. Geoff got beaten up with a carrot. After that, everyone left. (understandably so)

Molly and Sherlock took Geoff to the doctor. The carrot was still sticking in his chest. The doctor turned into a rabbit and ate the carrot.

Sherlock and Molly left Geoff there.  Sherlock drove home this time.

Molly and Sherlock went to bed.

The next day was Sherlock’s birthday they ate pancakes and eggs! (I’m sensing a pattern) They went to Bob Evens for a birthday party. (woot – woot) Sherlock ate a cake and cupcakes at Bob Evens (hey non Yanks… it’s a home-style restaurant)  After the party they had to go home.  They went to bed.

The next morning, they went outside Molly jumped on a trampoline and Sherlock played on the swings. (evidently their back yard resembles ours ; ) When they were done playing in the backyard, they went bowling. Molly won! Sherlock wasn’t happy about that. They bowled again, Sherlock won that time.  He was a sore winner. When they were done they went home and sat in the lounge and watched telly. They watched a show about dragons fighting dinosaurs. (um… hello? I want to see that!)

The End

PSA For Gentiles on Antisemitism in Movies & TV Shows

Many times when pointing out antisemitism in movies and tv shows non-Jews tend to get really upset at you for doing that. Especially if it a more subtle form of antisemitism and something that they might not pick up on.

They will tell you what is the harm and they will decided they get to decide what is and is not antisemitism even though they are not Jewish.

Particularly when it is a more subtle antisemitism and when it is something that someone who is not Jewish is not really going to see/pick up on they will say ‘well there is no harm done’

You know what there is harm done and it that harm comes on many levels.

When I was pointing out the antisemitism in the Tv series Hannibal I was many times told there was no harm because the antisemitism was usually a subtle kind and one that you either had to be Jewish or very learned of Jewish history to see.

Because of both the antisemitism in the show and from statements from the people in charge and the many cruel and painful and lots of times antisemitic comments from the fandom I can’t even see anything to do with the show without becoming extremely nauseous, my heart racing, my hands shaking, and I have little panic attacks.

Even though I black listed it and even though I unfollowed many blogs with anything to do with the show things to slip through the cracks. 

This is not a case of no harm no foul because there was harm done and it is foul.

Just because the antisemitism is subtle or it is something you as a non-Jew don’t see doesn’t mean it isn’t there and if a Jew says it’s there don’t tell them no it’s not because that just makes it worse.

Does it mean you can’t like it anymore or enjoy it, no. It means that you should acknowledge the problematic elements and combat them. Tweet the people in charge let them know that hey that is not okay. 

Just something. It is already quite lonely being a Jew on this website so a little support really goes a long way.

When I met you, I had a feeling I had found something I didn’t even know I was looking for. I stumbled upon something worth keeping without even trying hard to look for it. And that’s what terrifies me. That I could lose you anytime. That I could lose you as easily as I have found you. I was terrified nothing like this would ever happen again. That I would never meet someone as amazing and beautiful as you ever again. I had all these wonderfully ideal pictures in my head about the person I wanted to be with, and the funny thing is when I met you, I forgot everything I thought about being ideal. What I know is that I wanted you. Right there and then. Like you said, fate has dealt us a crappy hand, how we have to be so far apart from each other, but maybe we are each other’s lucky charms and in the end we’ll both be just fine. I was done looking, done searching for that one thing we all seemed to be looking for. So maybe this time it’s the other way around—you found me. And I’ve never felt more at home with you than with anywhere else.
—  Letters to heroedelsol, half a world away

I am bisexual. I have been running away from this as if it is something to be afraid of. It is not. I have been trying to figure out who I am all the while running away with what is inside of me. I know that bisexuality isn’t really accepted by people because I guess it’s the best of both worlds? I never really had a type I just like the way I vibe with certain people. Regardless, I just want you all to know that when my poems pronouns switch that it isn’t me faking it. I am so done faking it. It feels so so good to say and I’m sorry I didn’t say it sooner. I just really want to be happy. I hope you all can understand. Thank you.

Love Jacqueline

“If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you. Remember what I told you: ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also. If they obeyed my teaching, they will obey yours also. They will treat you this way because of my name, for they do not know the one who sent me. If I had not come and spoken to them, they would not be guilty of sin; but now they have no excuse for their sin. Whoever hates me hates my Father as well. If I had not done among them the works no one else did, they would not be guilty of sin. As it is, they have seen, and yet they have hated both me and my Father. But this is to fulfill what is written in their Law: ‘They hated me without reason.’ (‭John‬ ‭15‬:‭18-25‬ NIV)

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I've always said both Tom and Ben were terrible riders in War Horse! I feel bad because I know they worked so hard but I laugh every time. I'm glad others agree.

You’re certainly not the only one, dear anon. Far from it. I think most people who have done a bit of riding see it. ;)

They both did great for the things that were asked of them for the movie though. They’ve done things that I’d never have the chuzpe to do. They might be far from being good riders, but they can stay on horseback, when others can’t. They did great in those volatile scenes. I have to admit though, that especially in the behind the scenes footage I feel a bit bad for the horses. They had to be very tolerant. xD

I think Tom picked up the bad habbit of pushing his hips too much and a bad sitting position very early on and now has problems to get rid of it. While Ben looks like he has never ridden before (not sure he has).

Where Ben is too stiff and tries to hard, Tom is too loose and pushes his hips too much. 

I don’t think that either of them will aspire to become an equestrian though, so the horses should be safe. ;) They have other assets that were more important. Even in that movie.

Imagine you and Chris are attending Comic Con together because you are both presenting your own latest movie. Since you’re practically working all day you can’t really spend lots of time together, so you ask a reporter to give a message to Chris.

‘I just met Y/N, she wants me to tell you that she’s hoping you’re having a blast!’

‘Thank you, that’s really sweet!’

‘She also wants you to know that you still haven’t repaired the door to the shed, as you promised. Let me quote her here: “Men, eh? Takes ‘em ages to get things done.”‘

‘She had to bring that up, didn’t she. She’s gonna get it for that.’

For Anon ;)

*not my gif, let me credit you*

Let's Make Like Jake And Put Some Hope On This Page

Been awhile since I’ve done one of these.

I know everyone’s kinda upset about this latest upd8, and I can get where you’re coming from. It looks like two characters we all wanted some serious closure on (Davesprite and nepeta) just had their character arcs brought to an abrupt end for the sake of a joke.

But there are ways this can go well. For one thing this sprite isn’t as nonsensical as one might think, there’s a symmetry to it. Now both meowrails have been fused with a “fake"Strider. This could actually be leading up to a really touching and/or badass bromance/moiralship between davepeta and GO!Arquius (because I think this timeline’s Arquius is destined for Lord English). Which, actually wouldn’t be all that bad for those characters. Davesprite had already started bonding with Arquius over being the fake Strider after all. It’s clear those two characters could do a lot of good for each other, and adding Nepeta into the mix can only be helpful for the Equius half.

It’d be a weird end for these characters to be sure, but also fitting. Background characters who had always struggled to find relevance finding happiness together in their own little wacky way.

There’s also the alternative possiblilty, that davepeta is the final ingrediant to making an anti-Lord English. LE was made using ½ Gamzee, a Meowrail, a fake!Strider and a Cherub, it’d be fitting for his nemesis to be made using the same ingrediants. In other words

Davesprite+Nepeta+Gamzee’s good half+ Calliope=anti-Lord English

Just as

AR + Equius + Gamzee’s evil half + Caliborn= Lord English

Wouldn’t that be nifty, Davesprite not Dave would be the one to fulfill the prophecy that he’s supposed to defeat Lord English (which adds to the theme Hussie has going about relevance). And it’d also allow some version of Callie and some version of Dave to defeat LE, since both seem prophesized to do so. That and the fan prediction that Nepeta would help appeal to the Equius part of LE would also come true.

Regardless of what happens though, I think we can all agree that minus the funky colors (though the pumpkin color scheme is satisfying in it’s own right)


This is probably one of the longest one shots I’ve done and it may seemed rushed, but I hope you enjoy it and thanks for reading. :)

*Narrator POV*

You know something was wrong the moment he didn’t pick up is phone or answer your texts. You’ve known him for your entire life, you knew the ups and downs of Jungkooks life since you were both 7 years old. You had a feeling it was his girlfriend that you were jealous of. You watched them on reality shows and live performances looking like they had the best time of their lives, but when the camera turns off it was a one sided relationship, meaning Jungkook was pouring everything he had into the relationship while the girl did absolutely nothing to return his favours. Being a shy boy all his life he doesn’t know how to stand up to her. And you felt like today was the day.

You felt the need to drive to jungkooks apartment and try to piece the boy back together.

As you arrived to his door you took a deep breath, reaching for his spare key and slowly unlocked the door. When you entered you found Jungkook sitting against the wall with his head in his hands completely sobbing. You closed the door and set your things down, trying to be as quiet as you could.
He didn’t notice you yet, but you bent down to his level took his hands away from his face. His cheeks were wet and red, his eyes were pink and glossy with tears, staining his black hoodie.
“My poor, Jungkookie” you said, with a toned down voice. You almost lost your balance when Jungkook fell to you, you wrapped him in your arms and settled against the wall as well, brushing his bangs out of his face while he continued to quietly cry.
“I loved her so much.” He shook as he lost it again.
“I know you did, but…it’s better if you don’t go back to her.” You persuaded him, you bit your lip to hold back how much better of a person you would be if you were with him.
“J-Jungkook…” You stuttered, you had to confess to him how you really felt. Even thought it might have seemed like the wrong time for him.
“What is it.” He answered, sniffling and looking up at you.
“I know this might be a horrible time to do this but…I…I love you, Jungkook… I want you to know that I can give you so much more than any previous relationship.” You said. Jungkook sat up, looking directly at your blushing cheeks, feeling like he was about to reject you, you started to cry as well.
“Please don’t cry too, y/n.” He said, while wiping your tears with the back of his fingers, ever so gently. He sat back with a small smile, tears lightly dropping from his cheeks. He leaned in closer at the same time as you, and for the first time you two kissed. His lips trembled nervously as you rested your hand on his neck, below his ear. Breaking the kiss up, you stood helping him to his feet too, giving him another hug before you two walked to his bed to sleep. You let him rest his head on your chest as you brushed his bangs out his face. To take his mind off of everything you told him all the things you love about him, from inside out.

“I love you, y/n.” He said, before drifting off to sleep with you, where he knew that the two of you will love each other unconditionally, forever.

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okay so I hc that Spain and Romano have a rule about never going to bed upset/angry. So if they get in a fight they have to resolve it before they both go to bed :D

Omg thank you for sharing this gem with me - I never actually thought about it until you mentioned it and I really think these two dorks would do such a thing

Like even when the fights get kind of serious and (for example) Romano kicks Spain out of the bedroom, neither would be able to sleep knowing that the other is probably lying awake and thinking about what they had done wrong. :D

talk spamano to me

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Travis or Connor hiding because they made the mistake of pranking Clarisse?

When Chris saw his two brothers running towards him, panting, he knew they had done something stupid. 

“Dude,” Travis started. 

“You need to help us!” Connor finished. 

Chris raised an eyebrow, “What did you do to Clarisse?” 

“Nothing that bad,” Connor promised. 

“But you know how she is,” Travis explained. 

Chris took a deep breath. “If you want my help, you probably shouldn’t start by insulting my girlfriend.” 

Both of them perked up when they heard him say ‘help.’ “So you’ll help us?” They said at the same time. 

Chris scoffed, “Hell no. I still have itching powder in my underwear from you two. You’re on your own.”

Imagine #4 - “What are you gonna do?”

For poisonouswolvesbane

Request: hey my name is Emily can I please have a imagine I am 5"4 and I have short black hair and I would like Isaac. I’m wondering we both go out and my brother is Scott and he doesn’t agree but we stay together anyway. Thank Luv….

Word count: 1,295

Pairing: Isaac x Emily

Warnings: slight swearing? making out? over protective alpha werewolves?

a/n: Hi!! So I honestly don’t know how I feel about this because I’m terrible at 3rd person but here ya go!! I hope you guys like it!! I’m slowly working on getting requests done so yeah!  Thanks for reading and Emily, I hope you like this! 

Emily wasn’t the type to keep secrets. It’s not that she couldn’t, she just preferred to have everything out in the open. After her brother Scott had told her he was a werewolf, they had both promised not to keep anything from each other.  It made things easier, and safer, for the both of them. But there are always exceptions to promises like those, and Emily dating Isaac was definitely an exception to the “tell Scott everything” promise.

At first Emily and Isaac were just hook up buddies, in a sense, they were there for each other when they needed to be.  Whether what they needed was a movie night and cuddles or a steamy make out session, well that depended on the day.  But gradually Isaac had developed feelings for the Alpha’s younger sister and Emily developed feelings for the beta. This made things a lot more complicated as the two of them tried to hide their feelings in fear of ruining their “friends with benefits” relationship.

It didn’t last very long though when Isaac accidentally blurted out, “I love you,” during one of their more heated make out sessions. The two of them stopping dead in their tracks.  An awkward silence filled the room for what seemed like an eternity until Emily quietly replied, “I love you too,” and pulled Isaac in for the most passionate kiss they had ever shared.

So, in spite of dating Isaac for 3 months, Emily had yet to tell her older brother about her relationship with Isaac and it was getting harder to keep the secret by the day.  There were only so many times she could pretend Isaac needed help with psychology before Scott would realize that Isaac didn’t even take psychology.  

Scott and Kira were going to be out all day so Emily figured that her and Isaac would be okay for at least a few hours without having to worry about Scott bursting through the door at any second.

“Hey babe, I’m on my way with the movies,” Isaac’s voice rang through the phone.

“Awesome! Text me when you get here! I’m just finishing the set up and stuff,” Emily responded resting her phone between her ear and shoulder while trying to finish the makeshift bed out of comforters and pillows.

“Alright, I’m literally seconds away.  See you soon, love you.”

“Love you too,” Emily chuckled and hung up the phone.  She had just finished setting up the last of the pillows and making sure that the dvd player wouldn’t jam like last time when the doorbell rang.  She bolted to the front of the house, sliding on her socks and opening the front door. Isaac stood there in sweatpants and a grey t-shirt, holding an abundance of movies ranging from Harry Potter to Teen Beach Movie.  He smiled and pulled Emily in for a hug, his 6’2 body towering over her petite 5’4 one.  

“Hi love,” Isaac said planting a small kiss on your forehead before moving into the living room and setting the movies down, “did you set up all this by yourself?”

“No, I asked Scott to help,” you responded sarcastically, “yes I did this all by myself.  It took like 5 minutes considering all I did was throw pillows and blankets on the floor.”

Isaac rolled his eyes at his girlfriend and teasingly pulled her down onto the fluffy mess.  He lightly brushed his lips against hers, a goofy smirk behind his eyes. Isaac rolled over so that he was now hovering over Emily.  Leaning down he brushed his nose against her small one and looked into her warm eyes.

“Are you going to kiss me or are you going to just stare at me like a lost puppy?” Emily whispered, the tension growing with every second.

Isaac’s gaze shifted down to her lips and he slowly leaned in connecting his lips to hers. The familiar feeling of kissing Isaac sent a fire through Emily’s body as she cupped his face in her hands.  She lightly bit Isaac’s bottom lip and flipped them over so that she was now dominating the kiss. Isaac’s hands found their way to Emily’s waist and underneath her shirt, lightly rubbing small circles on her hip bones.

“Hey Em!  Have you seen my wallet? Kira and I got all the way to restaurant before I realized it wasn’t in my pocket and I don’t want to make her pay on our second real date,” you heard Scott yell through the house but it was already too late, “Holy shit.”  Scott stopped in the entry way to the living room, shock evident on his face, “When? How? Why?”  he stuttered out, “Isaac I swear to God I will kill you!”

Emily’s head shot up and she quickly removed herself from Isaac, “Okay Scott calm down, I was gonna tell you eventually,” she said trying to calm down her fuming brother.

“Oh yeah and when was that gonna happen?” Scott practically yelled.

“I don’t know! We didn’t want you to get mad!” Emily was in some serious trouble if she couldn’t figure out a way to fix this, now.

“How long has this been going on?” Scott gestured between the couple, anger evident in his voice.

“Um, if you count the hook ups before the dating, 5 months?” Isaac answered in a question, his voice shaking.

“Emily, I can’t believe you didn’t tell me.  What happened to us telling each other everything? That didn’t just apply to weird supernatural shit, I meant everything.”

“I’m sorry Scott, I just didn’t want you freaking out and going all over protective on me! I’m 16 and I can make my own decisions.  I didn’t think your approval on my choice of boyfriend was necessary,” Emily replied with confidence.  She loved Scott but she didn’t need his okay before she did everything.

Isaac grabbed her hand and laced his fingers with hers, “I know I’m not the ideal guy you have in mind but, I love Emily and I’d do anything for her,”  he smiled down at his girlfriend before sending a confident look in Scott’s direction.

“Hey Scott! What’s taking so long?” Kira said entering the house, “oh.”  she let out an “awwwwww” as she saw Emily and Isaac’s hands and the loving smiles, “oh my gosh are you guys together?” Emily nodded shyly in response, “Oh my god that is so cute!”  Kira said grabbing Scott’s arm giddily.

“No, my little sister dating Isaac is not cute! I’m not okay with this.” Scott glared at Isaac.

“Oh come on Scott, what are you gonna do? Forbid Em to see Isaac and lock her in a tower for all eternity?” Kira joked.

“Yes. That’s exactly what I’ll do! And no, not for eternity just until she graduates high school.” Scott said with the most serious expression.

Kira, Emily and Isaac all looked at each other for a few seconds before bursting out into laughter.

“What? I’m dead serious,” Scott tried to say through the laughter of his girlfriend and little sister.

“Okay Scott. Why don’t we just grab your wallet, which is sitting in the middle of the kitchen table, and go back to the restaurant,” Kira took her boyfriend and lead him to the kitchen and then out the door, “Have fun you too!”  she yelled before shutting the door.

Emily and Isaac let out a simultaneous sigh and looked at each other.  

“If I die at your brother’s hand just know it’s all your fault,” Isaac half joked.

“Oh shut up and kiss me Lahey,” Emily hooked her arms around Isaac’s lower back and pulled him closer.

“Gladly,” Isaac leaned down and Emily stood on her tiptoes as Isaac closed the remaining space between them.  


gif credit (x)

After a hard trading with derek where you totally kicked his ass (your human but just a great fighter) you two go to bed and you find out that he loves it when you touch him (in a non sexual way) and cuddle with him. Thank you😇

Derek laughed, raising his hands.
“Enough, enough… I thought training with you would be a lot easier, you know…” You smiled as well, stepping back. It had been enough for today, Derek was right about that.
“Serves you right for underestimating someone just because they’re human.” You raised an eyebrow, and Derek just smirked.
“Probably a good lesson. One I could have done without, to be honest.” You shrugged, pulling the sweaty shirt over your head while you were heading towards the shower. Not long after that you found yourself cleaned up, just like Derek and in bed. It had been late, a long day, and the both of you were tired. When you turned around, you noticed that your hand brushed past his hip, and you withdrew it immediately. You didn’t know how he was thinking about that, if you were ready for it. You were just here because you had no other place to go… But then he grabbed your hand, putting it back there.
“Don’t take if off… I like it, Y/N…” You smiled.
“Me too…” You moved a bit closer to him, feeling how his arms closed around you, his hand tangling in your hair.
“I think I’ve had enough of being alone…”

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how can thorin & bilbo grow old together?? these are real questions?? even if both of them live to there life expectancy, the life expectancy difference between dwarves & hobbits is like a lot??? i was looking at your blog and then I thought about it.. so I havent done any math. I just immediately sent this to you. maybe it's possible (biologically). I love these dorks. biology thrown to the wind AU

I’m sure a lot of people are confused by this so I’m gonna try and explain it in a way that supports both the book and the films. I know it’s a huge mind fuck but Thorin is the oldest dwarf in the book, older than Balin. He’s 195, and the average lifespan for Dwarves is around 250 years. So according to Tolkien he still had around 50 years left at least. Thorin appears a lot younger in the films, but let’s just say that he happened to age really well, some people just do. Bilbo was 50 when they started the quest, and the lifespan of Hobbits is pretty much the same as humans. So yeah Bilbo would have died at least 20 years before Thorin if he hadn’t kept the ring. But he does keep it. Ideally, in LOTR Bilbo would look pretty much exactly the same as he did in The Hobbit, the only reason he looks older in the films is because it’s Ian Holm not Martin. So yeah he would basically look the same as he did when he met Thorin, only ageing slightly, maybe a bit greyer, more worn out, but nothing really. Remember when Gandalf sees Bilbo 60 years later he tells him that he hasn’t aged a day. So he looks pretty damn good for a 111 year old. Thorin would look similar to how he appeared in the films only greyer, a bit chubbier, his nose would’ve gotten bigger, but still gorgeous as usual. So yeah they look absolutely adorable together, but it’s all because of the ring. We know that when Bilbo was 111, Thorin would have been 256. Even though Bilbo gives the ring to Frodo at this age, he still lives another 20 years after that before leaving Middle-earth. So really, there is a possibility that Thorin could have died first, either that or he exceeded life expectancy and died a few years after Bilbo’s passing. Thorin would have aged gradually, whereas Bilbo would have remained quite youthful, only catching up with ageing in his remaining years without the ring. So yes, there would have been a period of 20 or so years where they were both old, grumpy and in love. And I think if Thorin did survive, part of Bilbo’s unwillingness to give up the ring would have been due to him knowing that it gave long life, and him keeping it meant that his ageing was delayed, so that they could grow old together, and Thorin wouldn’t be left a widower for the remaining 20 years of his life

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wonwoo jealousy

rated: w for what have i done to myself.

-Admin Gen

You see him clenching his fist and jaw. You knew Wonwoo was the jealous type! He just won’t admit it. You continue to talk to Mingyu and sometimes you would occasionally slap his arms and laugh at his jokes. You then feel Wonwoo pull you closer. Mingyu gets the point and turns to talk to Vernon.

“Is someone maybe jealous?”

“Why would I be?”

“You seem like it.”

“Well I’m not.”

You both know that he is though. He has also been the jealous and you had to get it out of him, eventually.

Ficlet: Scary Uncle Alec

Fourteen Days of Ficlets, Day 8

Today’s Featured Prompter: thedoctorofsteel, who asked for wee Fred and Alec Hardy  : )

Rating: All

Characters: Fred Miller, Alec Hardy, Ellie Miller

Summary: Fred’s had just about enough with people disappearing from his life. And now his mum wants to leave him with Scary Uncle Alec? Absolutely Not.

“Now Fred, you be good for your Uncle Alec while mummy gets her hair done, okay?” mum cooed at him and kissed both his cheeks.

Wait. No. “Mum!” he called. Absolutely not.

“Oh, you’re alright. I’ll be back before you know it! You and your Uncle Alec have a fun time. Make him ride the teacups with you!” mum offered.

No way was this going to be a thing. Where was Auntie? Or Tom? He’d settle for Tom for once, not that anybody needed to know it. Dad wasn’t coming back. Okay. But to be left with scary Uncle Alec? What did he do wrong? So he might have shredded somebody’s important paperwork. It wasn’t his fault that nobody appreciated his confetti art. He could be considered reasonably innocent. So why was he being left with one of his nightmares? This was turning out to be a nightmare itself.

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