Enouement- 8

Summary: Told in reverse-chronological order, Enouement is the story of love and loss, telling the journey that led you to your ultimate destination: a life full of happiness and regret, mistakes and laughter- and the man who gave you it all. Bucky x Reader

Words: 801

Warnings: Just plain sadness.

Author’s Note: Someday, there will come a time when you all stop hating me. Now is not that time.

Master   Part 7

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There was a void, somewhere between the irreparable pain of loss and the mass of anger settled in your gut. It was an emptiness, a crevice somewhere that had gone untouched for months. It was not difficult to pinpoint the source, because every time you looked at Bucky, you could feel an ache beneath your ribs.

He was standing at the bathroom sink, brushing his teeth. The sound of the running faucet was calming as you tugged off your sweatpants, tossing them toward the overstuffed hamper. You moved slowly, pulling the covers back from the bed. The bathroom door was open, Bucky’s figure barely visible as you passed by to dig through the pile of dirty clothes in search of a shirt to wear to sleep. Sighing, you crawled up onto the mattress and stuck your feet beneath the sheets, drawing the covers up to your shoulder and turning on your side so that your back was to the bathroom door.

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Hey guys,
 this competition got wildly out of hand to the point where it’s become too difficult to seriously judge it!
 Not to mention, I was always going to surprise you all by revealing it had been a joke/troll the whole time but some of you got so passionate I wasn’t sure how!

 Really, I just wanted to know more about you because I love interacting with all of you followers so much! You’re inspiring!
 And really, how can there be one OTP for TF2? There’s so many amazing OTP/OT3/OTmores in this fandom you can’t put one over the others…
 All TF2 ships are valid!

 Even THIS ONE… (technically)…


Falling In Reverse - Nine

Two parts today, as tomorrow is wanker Wednesday and whenever I get hate, it’s always a Wednesday.

Y/N grimaced and rubbed her lower back. At seven months pregnant she was definitely feeling the strain of carrying this baby. She gently lowered herself into the chair behind the counter at work and exhaled heavily.

“You okay sweetie?” Sal overheard her and came rushing over.

“Yeah yeah, I’m good. Just…. I feel like I’m having mega menstrual cramps or something.”

Sal’s eyebrows raised in concern. “How long have you been having them for?”

Y/N frowned as she thought back. The cramps themselves were just today but she had been feeling strange for the past few days. Something she couldn’t quite put her finger on. Spencer had been away on a case for the the last three days so she’d put it down to her hormones, the baby inside her missing its Daddy’s presence.

“Y/N, I want you to go to the hospital and get yourself checked out,” Sal didn’t need to wait for her employee and friend to answer. The look on the girls face told her that something was definitely up.

“Sal, it’s fine. It’s probably just the baby lying in an awkward position or something,” she winced as she felt another cramp in her lower back.

“So you can feel it moving around still?”

“Yeah yeah, of course…. ” Although even as she was saying it Y/N was now beginning to doubt it. The baby hadn’t been as active recently, but she’d still been able to feel it moving around. Hadn’t she?

“Y/N, is there anyone who can go with you? I really think you should go, just to make sure. You’re seven months pregnant, cramps like this could mean early labour. It’s probably just braxton hicks but I’d rather you go.”

Sally didn’t want to worry Y/N and it probably was just braxton hicks. But she wanted to be on the safe side. She’d take her herself but Josie had an appointment this afternoon so couldn’t come in to cover, and she was waiting for an important shipment to arrive.

“Erm… Okay, yeah I’ll go. I’ll call Penelope,” although Y/N had other friends in the city, she didn’t want to bother any of them with a hospital trip that would probably be for nothing.

Y/N did call the technical goddess and her new friend, who of course assured her that it was no problem and that she’d meet her at the hospital.

Garcia technically shouldn’t have left the office, but the team had who they firmly believed was the unsub in custody and were questioning him. She sweet talked Kevin into manning her office and grabbed her laptop. She could work from the hospital if need be.

When she met up with Y/N she could see how pale her friend was, sitting in the waiting room and rubbing her lower back as furiously as she could.

“Honeypie, let’s get you seen! Have you called Spencer yet?”

Y/N shook her head, “I didn’t want to worry him. It’s probably just braxton hicks. If this is any indication of the actual thing though, then I am NOT looking forward to it.”

Penelope nodded, wondering if she should call Spencer herself but deciding to wait until they had information first. Like Y/N said, it was probably just a false alarm.

“Alright, let’s go see why the little peanut is causing you so much bother then.”

Spencer was weary. He and Morgan had been questioning the suspect for the past three hours and they weren’t getting anywhere. He sat back in his chair as Derek changed tracks with the suspect again.

“Reid.” The door to the interview room opened and David Rossi walked in. “Hotch needs you outside.”

Changing of the interrogator was a tactic the team often used when a suspect wasn’t cooperating so Spencer left without questioning it, wandering over to the office that the team were using as a base. He paused outside of the open door, hearing Hotch and JJ talking heatedly.

“Jennifer, I understand your concern for him but I cannot have two of my Agents leaving this case. I need you here with the rest of us.”

“Hotch, you can’t be serious!? You heard Garcia. Are you really going to make him drive all the way home alone?”

“I did hear Garcia. And I heard exactly what you did. We don’t know yet what’s happening. Everything could be fine.”

“Aaron….,” Reid could hear the tone of JJ’s voice.

“Agent Jareau, I don’t have any other choice here. Our technical analyst has already abandoned her post without my authority. Spencer needs to go, but you cannot go with him.”

Spencer decided it was time he showed his face.

“Go where sir?” he stepped into the office, Hotch and JJ turning to him in surprise. JJ looked at him and then quickly glanced away, not meeting his eyes.

“Home Spencer. Penelope has called in, Y/N has been admitted to hospital. Garcia is staying with her until you can get there, Kevin has taken over from her back at the BAU.”

Reid felt his heart drop into his stomach and looked at JJ again, trying to read her. She again wouldn’t meet his gaze.

“Hospital? Did she say what’s wrong?”

Aaron shook his head and handed over the keys to one of the SUVS. The case hadn’t been far enough to warrant taking the jet, although it would take Spencer at least three hours to get home.

“They don’t know yet. But you need to go now.”

Reid gulped back the lump that was forming in his throat and took the keys, hurrying out of the room. He’d called Penelope when he was in the car.

Aaron sighed and looked over at Jennifer.

“I know you think I’m an ogre right now but we have jobs to do. I can’t have us all forgetting about that and abandoning our posts. I want to be there for him too, and we will be. When the case is over.”

“You realise he’s just going to call Penelope?”

“She’s under strict instruction to not answer to him. And given the scenario, the hospital are very unlikely to give him any information until he arrives.”

JJ sniffed and wiped at her eyes. Both she and Aaron had heard the same conversation and although she knew her boss was trying to be positive, m she could sense that this wasn’t going to end well.

“I can’t believe we’ve sent him off alone to deal with this.”

“Jennifer, he’s going to his wife. This is something they will deal with together. And once we know the definite outcome we can support him them. Now I need you to put your personal relationship with him aside for now, we have a case to solve.”


A/N: I’m aware you all hate me right now, so I’m prepared for it. I’m sure you all thought “Yay, two chapters!” but really, I’m posting today for selfish reasons (if I get hate, it’s always a Wednesday.)

I’m not gonna lie to you either, it doesn’t get better. What you probably think has has happened, has happened. So if I lose readers I also understand that.

When I started writing this, it was honestly meant to be fluffy and cute. And then suddenly my brain went “what if this happened?” and once it had made that decision, it couldn’t reverse it. I’m not one to shy away from controversial or upsetting topics and in genuinely not trying to upset anyone with this. As a writer though, I liked to challenge myself to try to write how people would react to different situations. So this story became that challenge to me.

I’m sorry. I’ll be…. hiding.


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this is a little something i call “how to make an avatar the last airbender fan tearbend”

Hate Me

Summary: The entire team is woken up when Bucky and Y/N are arguing loudly in the middle of the night. The story behind the screaming goes much deeper than any of them would have thought.

Bucky x Reader. HURT/COMFORT, FLUFF (not super fluffy though). Word count: 2.3 k.

TW: yelling, bruising, mentions of violence, holes being punched in walls

A/N: I’m not sure how I feel about this one. It’s a little darker than I usually write. Inspired in part by the song “Hate Me” by Blue October I hope you enjoy it though!

Hate me so you can finally see what’s good for you.” - Blue October

“I said, GET OUT!” Bucky’s deep voice echoed down the hall as he shouted. It was late and he was probably waking up the rest of the team, but that was the last thought running through his mind. Y/N stood in front of him with tears in her eyes. “NO! BUCKY! Just listen to me! I just need you to listen to me! C’mon! BUCKY, PLEASE!” He was drenched in sweat and breathing rapidly, as if he had just finished a marathon. He went to open the door, but she took a step to her left, putting herself between him and the door. Bucky clenched his jaw with frustration. He bent over, gently picked up Y/N, and put her over his shoulder. “Don’t you dare. PUT ME BACK DOWN!” she hollered as he proceeded to carry her out of his room. He set her down in the hallway and stormed back into his room, slamming the door behind him. Y/N growled in angst as she heard the click of the lock. She stood in front of his door and yelled “THIS ISN’T OVER BUCKY! YOU CAN’T AVOID ME FOREVER!”

Y/N walked over to the lounge. She didn’t want to go back to her room. She really only used that room to store her stuff—she always spent the night in Bucky’s room. There was no way she’d be able to fall asleep in that bed. Plus, from the lounge, she would be able to hear Bucky’s door open when he eventually came out of his room. She plopped down on the couch and started sobbing. She heard footsteps coming from down the hall—two sets. One was too light to be Bucky, and the other person was dragging their feet, which Bucky never did.

Y/N peeked over the back of the couch to see Natasha and Tony walking into the lounge. “Go away. I’m fine,” said Y/N through quiet sobs. Nat sat down on the couch next to her while Tony pulled over a chair. Nat wrapped her arms around Y/N in a comforting hug, and Tony asked “What’s going on, kid?” She and Tony had always had a very father-daughter type of relationship. She was the youngest member of the team, and not battle-hardened like the rest of them. Y/N worked as their public relations coordinator and never went out on missions, so she technically wasn’t even an Avenger, but everyone loved her so much they treated her the same as they treated each other. She had viewed Tony as a father-figure ever since he hired her, and he was very protective of her. “Nothing. Don’t worry about it,” she replied.

Nat placed her hand under Y/N’s chin and guided her face up so Y/N was looking at her and Tony. Nat smiled and said “It’s okay girl, you can tell us. Maybe we can help.” Y/N wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. “Yeah, ok, it’s—it’s—“ she struggled to get the words out. Tony got up and draped a blanket over her. All she was wearing were some little booty-short pajama bottoms and a spaghetti-strap cami, and was clearly getting cold. She looked up and said “Thanks. It’s just that Bucky and I are having some problems.” Tony leaned in and said “Uh, kid—we kinda figured out that much by the yelling. C’mon now, what happened?” Y/N sighed. “So Buck’s nightmares are still something we’re working through and some nights are better than others. Tonight was not a good night. He was tensing up and making these awful little screaming noises. Usually, I can just wake him up and talk him down and everything’s ok but tonight—“ she stopped speaking when Nat reached behind her to turn on a lamp. Nat and Tony both noticed that there were bits of plaster in Y/N’s hair and a softball-sized bruise developing on her arm.

Tony’s eyes widened as he asked, “Did he do that?!” Y/N sniffled and said “Yeah, but it was an accident. He was asleep and—“ Tony stood up before she could explain any further. “I’M GONNA KILL THAT GUY!” Tony shouted with conviction. “Whoa! Hold on here. Everybody just calm down for a second,” Nat said in an attempt to diffuse the situation. Tony ran over to Bucky’s door and pounded on it as hard as he could. “BARNES! GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE OR I SWEAR TO GOD I’LL BREAK THIS FUCKING DOOR DOWN!” Y/N tried to get up to go stop him, but Nat wouldn’t let her go. Natasha knew that letting a civilian put herself between Iron Man and a super soldier wouldn’t end well for anybody. “PISS OFF, TONY! JUST GO BACK TO BED!” yelled Bucky from the other side of the door. Tony tapped on his watch, triggering it to transform into a glove like the hand of his suit. Tony shot a repulsor beam at the door, causing it to fly off the hinges and into the room.

Tony walked in the room to see Bucky sitting on the bed rocking back and forth, staring at a fist-sized hole in the wall. Bucky had clearly been crying, but Tony was so angry that he didn’t even pay attention. “BARNES! WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE?!” hollered Tony. When Bucky didn’t turn to look at him, Tony back-handed Bucky across the face, but Bucky didn’t react outside of a small wince. Tony bent down and got right up in Bucky’s face, and sternly said “C’mon Barnes, stand up. Fight. If you don’t, I’m just gonna keep on wailing on you because nobody treats Y/N like that.” From the lounge, Y/N screamed “Please don’t hurt him, it’s not his fault!” Tony shot another beam in Bucky’s direction, which Bucky deflected with his metal arm, causing it to hit the window. The sound of the breaking glass caught the attention of everyone on the team, and one by one they started wandering out of their rooms.

While everyone else lingered in the hallway outside of their doors, Steve came running down the hallway to see what was going on. Steve always had a tendency to be the peacekeeper when there was conflict amongst members of the team, and he had a strong hunch he would have to intervene. Steve put himself between Tony and Bucky and asserted “Everybody. Lounge. Now.” As Bucky and Tony worked their way over to the lounge, where Y/N remained crying in Nat’s arms, Steve turned to the rest of the team. “Go back to bed folks,” he instructed them, “we don’t want to make things any worse than they already are by pulling more people into it. Everything’s gonna be fine so just go get some sleep.” They all went back into their rooms, and Steve walked out to the lounge.

In the lounge, everyone found a place on the furniture while Steve stood at the front of the room, arms crossed. “Does somebody wanna tell me what’s going on here?” he asked, in what Nat had always referred to as his “dad voice.” Nat looked up and replied “Steve, I’m not so sure anybody in this room knows the whole story.” Tony stiffened in his seat like a dog getting ready to attack. He stared directly at Bucky while he spoke, explaining that “We know enough. We know that there was some kind of fight between Y/N and Bucky, and that there’s a hole in the wall and a bruise on her arm, courtesy of Barnes.” Bucky sat in his chair with his elbows on his knees, and his hands covering his face. His words were muffled when he said “I know, I’m a piece of shit. Don’t worry—I’ll be gone in the morning.”

Y/N was still crying—she had always been one of those people who, once they start crying, have a difficult time stopping. Nat was rubbing small circles on her back in an attempt to comfort her, but it wasn’t helping. Steve turned to Y/N and gently asked, “Can I hear your side of the story, Y/N?” She looked up and took a deep breath, trying to find some composure and began speaking, quietly at first but louder as she was able to collect herself a little bit more. “Okay, here’s what actually happened—Bucky was having a nightmare. His nightmares are still pretty frequent, but we’re working on it. Usually, when he has a bad one, I’ll wake him up an we’ll talk about it for a while until he can calm down and go back to sleep. What happened tonight was that when I tried to wake him up, he smacked my arm and it knocked me off the bed. He was still asleep when it happened—the dream must have been vivid enough to cause him to lash out physically, even though he wasn’t awake. He woke up when I hit the floor. He was so upset that he hit me that he punched a hole in the wall. I’ve been trying to tell him that it wasn’t his fault that he hit me, and we just need to find another way to deal with the nightmares, but he’s convinced that I can’t ever be safe around him, which is totally not true. I never feel safer than when I’m with Buck, but I can’t convince him otherwise. Maybe you can, Steve. Please—I don’t wanna lose him.”

Steve nodded, and asked “So what was all this nonsense between Bucky and Tony that woke up the entire floor?” “Tony saw my bruise and I think he assumed that Bucky did it intentionally and he kinda just lost it. I think he was trying to protect me, but he didn’t have the whole story yet. I don’t need to be protected from Bucky, and he didn’t do anything wrong. He was asleep—it’s not his fault.” “Is she right?” Steve asked Tony. Tony sighed and said “I may have overreacted a bit, but I’m not apologizing.”

Bucky sat up and looked at Tony. “I don’t deserve an apology. I definitely don’t. Just like how I don’t deserve a place on this team or a room in this tower or friends, and I sure as HELL don’t deserve Y/N, and she deserves better than me. Seriously, you should all hate me right now. It’s what’s best for everyone. That’s why I should go.” Steve turned to Nat and Tony. “Thanks guys, but I’ll take it from here. Go back to bed.” The two of them went back to their rooms and Steve took a seat on an ottoman. Y/N reached out and grabbed Bucky’s wrist. He could have easily pulled it away, but he wanted to treasure the warmth of her soft hand one last time before he left, since he had no plans to return. “Bucky,” she began softly, “I can’t imagine how you’re feeling right now, but it’s important that you know this wasn’t your fault and I’m not mad at you. That wasn’t the real you. That was a dream. I know that the real you would NEVER hurt me. I know that the real you would take a bullet before you let any harm come my way, and I know that you are not bringing harm my way.” She paused, and Steve took the opportunity to speak up. “Bucky, this is something that can be worked on. The two of you can find a way to get through this. I know you can. You’re not the bad guy here, Bucky. You just need a little help, and that’s okay. You say that you’re not deserving of all of this, but you are. You might not feel like it right now, but you really are.” Y/N gripped Bucky’s wrist a little tighter and said “We just have to sort this out together, Buck. You and I can do anything if we’re together. We just need to try something different with the dreams. Maybe from now on, if you’re having a nightmare I’ll just scoot over and wait until you wake up on your own, and then we can talk it out. That way you don’t have to worry about hurting me. We can move your stuff into my room until your window gets fixed, along with the hole in the wall. Hell, maybe we can fix them ourselves and make a day out of it. I love you Bucky, with all of my heart, and I don’t want to lose you because you’re blaming yourself for something that isn’t your fault.”

Bucky pulled his wrist out of Y/N’s grip and grabbed her hand, softly intertwining his fingers with hers. “I love you too, Y/N. It just kills me that I hurt you. I just want you to be safe and happy, not hurting because I smacked you off of a bed. I’m so sorry.” Y/N smiled and leaned in close to him. “Buck, as long as I’m with you I know I’ll be safe, and you make me happier than anything in the world. Tonight was just a hurdle—we can still finish the race. C’mon, let’s go get some sleep.” He nodded affirmatively with a shy smile and kissed the back of her hand. She stood up and Bucky followed as she walked toward her room, still holding his hand. “Thanks Steve!” she said with a giggle as they exited the lounge.

They stopped by Bucky’s room just long enough to cover up the broken window with a sheet, and then moved up the hall to Y/N’s room. As they passed Tony’s door, they could hear him shout, “Glad things are okay, but you’re paying for that window, the hole in the wall, and for the door too!” The two of them laughed while they made their way into Y/N’s room. They crawled into her bed and spent the night sleeping peacefully in each other’s arms, both knowing that they were exactly where they should be—together.

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you're mutuals as school students?

Heh Heh I’m gonna let them figure this shit out themselves

This probably what you weren’t expecting Anon soorryyyyy BUT I HAD LOTS OF FUN WITH THIS HEH HEH

Plus one of them is like a joke, but based off of my friend irl cuz like we’re mutuals on here too. (Hi Anthony @ Anthony) 



They Don’t Eat Breakfast Club: @lai-gvanlin @perkwoojin @defdaniksgf @ilyjs @sejunbabe @hyeongseobbie @baejln @bae-jin-young @nieltrash @ching-a-langlang @wannabl @laiguanlin @dearestguanlin @wannasseu@panwinkxjinhwi @pinksausageduo @alliwannado-w1 @daidoushoui @wannaoneioi (Hi we haven’t talked yet, but Hi I LITERALLY JUST BASED YOURS ON WHAT I’VE SEEN SORRY, IF YOU’RE OFFENDED PLS LET ME KNOW OMFG TT ^ TT I’LL DELETE IT) Probably not the best way to make friends :’)

1♡ The hoe. Jk. She knows everyone. Gives out so much love it’s suffocating. Everyone loves her. Nice. Outgoing. Voted for “most spirited.” Senior. Held back for a year b/c she just “lOveS hIGh ScHOoL”  Visits the school all the time after she graduates, mainly because she’s attached to this one underclassmen.

2♡ Sweet heart. On the dance team. (probably secretly in choir) Fan girl # 2 

3♡ Her inner circle is wild af. The crazy kids, but they’re also the fun cool kids. She hangs with them all the time. 

4♡ Part of the poetry club. Takes creative writing for all 4 years. Wins contests and sponsorship’s b/c of their writing is just that great. 

5♡ Gorgeous rich girl, but she’s super nice af. Minds her own business. The hot banging senior that everyone wants. Girls can’t even be mad at her BECAUSE SHE JUST SUPER NICE. Ppl think she’s the “cool kid” but she’s super lowkey

6♡ Hears their name all the time but no one knows what they look like. The “mysterious student” idk sits in the back of the class. 

7♡   Loud freshmen, BUT LITERALLY IS CONSIDERED TO BE EVERYONE’S CHILD. Wild. Parties every weekend.


9♡ Not a freshmen but everyone think she is. Dabs to everything. You think she’s super sweet but she the one that savage af. Dates every Seniors, b/c she a heeaarrtt breeaakkerrr and a player GET IT jfk. Dances and sings. On the Dance team. 

10♡ Stressed from freshmen year to graduation day. Graduates early. Takes college classes while she’s a sophomore. Cries b/c she didn’t even want to graduate early. Mom says all her guy friends are her boyfriend, eventually starts saying her girl friend are her actual girlfriends.

11♡ Quiet, but will speak up at times. Sweet af. No one bothers her. Fan girls over her seniors. Fan girl #1 AESTHETICS. Part of the Photography club.

12♡ Dabs when no one is watching. President of DBC (Dabbing for a Better Cause)

13♡ No one knows but she’s Vice President of DBC. In the shadows. Late to class. 

14♡ Does art, but she’s low key about it. Art class is her second home. bfjaofbjda Quiet. 

15♡ Immature Senior. Probably the druggy. Wild and uncontrollable. Probably thinks about s3X all the time. 

16♡ That friend/student that is obsessed about her friend’s relationship (in a good way) Hype woman about their relationship. Cries more about their break up more than the couples. Runs a fan blog about them. 

17♡ Drives their friends everywhere. Likes pretending their life is in their hands. “NoOn-NiM We”Re GOnNA dIE” Obsessed with Boba drinks so you’ll always see them snapchatting about it. Ppl get confused about their sexuality, but pulls ppl in left to right. Gammmeee. Dresses nice.

18♡ Goes to every concert send them to her poor friends who can’t go. Doesn’t know what sleep is. Nice senior. idk probably a science nerd lover. Tutors everyone.

19♡ Love animals. Got her spirit animal wrong. Send animal pics in group chats instead of her selfie when her friends asked her to send them her selfies for their group project. Everyone thinks she’s highkey evil. 

20♡ The clumsy freshmen. Probably almost gets herself killed because of it. Her pets even attacks her at times. But she’s a good person & friend. Decent student. Everyone needs to protect her tbvh.

Ya know, I will be very attacked bc of this, but… Anyway. I love Kieran (he’s my fav), and I love Cristina, and I like Mark, and I absolutely love Cassie but… Kierarktina is like… They’re so overly sexualized (I mean, on the actual books) and this is serious annoying me now that I stoped to think about that.

If we see Herongraystairs, it was all about love. And if you see Kierarktina, is kinda all about desire. Seriously, Kierarktina, to me of course, doesn’t seem to be even a little bit about love. It kinda seems like, there’s these two dudes, and I like to see them making out ‘cause is hot, so I wouldn’t mind being in the middle. And there’s this girl, and she’s hot, and she likes to see us making out, so I think we should invite her to join us ‘cause why not?!

Of course I’m not talking about the separate aspects of them (Kierark, Marktina or Kiertina or whatever). I’m talking about the three of them together. Literally almost every scene of them revolves around wanting physical things, and like, this is Cassie’s fault. I love her, but it is. And lately is annoying the hell out of me. I don’t see them really loving each other (at least now), like we can see Herongraystairs for example. I merely see them wanting a threesome and this is so sad and… Anyway.

This is basically just me venting my feelings, and I’m a little depressed so maybe is this too. Who knows. But I’m so off the vibe for Kierark(tina) at the moment, and I kinda needed to say it, even if is just for the sake of saying it.

That’s it, you can all hate me now. Sorry.


quite honestly, i’m not even sorry about having done this. you can all proceed to hate me now. honestly, this might be my best work ever.

Restless Nights

Minho x Reader


 “Minho!” you gasped in a voice full of pleasure, letting out a moan as soft lips closed around the rosy peak of your breast; a strong, rough hand massaging the other. Minho, continued torturing you with his tongue, causing pleasure to shoot down to your core. He paused only to switch over to your other breast, circling his tongue around your nipple, making you moan softly again.

All too soon he stopped, raising his head up and looking at you with a devilish smirk.

“You’re so shucking beautiful, Y/N.” he said.

Then he started trailing kisses from the valley of your breast down to your stomach, dipping his tongue into your navel and making you giggle. Your breathing quickened as his head continued its descent, coming to a stop when he was where you needed him the most. You felt his hot breath against your core and it made you grab the sheets as you felt yourself becoming wet already. He chuckled quietly before slowly tracing his tongue along your slit. One of your hands reached out to grip onto his unruly raven locks as he lapped at your clit. You moaned loudly, unable to help yourself. Before you knew it, you felt yourself reaching your peak, and you gripped his hair tighter. He slowly slid a finger into you, pumping as he continued licking, and your climax hit you hard as your back arched off the bed and you came with a cry of his name.


You awoke with a gasp, sitting up and trying to catch your breath and calm your racing heart. You were covered in a sheen of sweat, and you could feel that your panties were soaked through.

“Shuck it, not again,” you groaned to yourself, rubbing your face in exasperation. You had been having these not so innocent dreams for about a week now. Every night you would dream of Minho touching you, tasting you, making love to you; it was driving you absolutely crazy. He had been one of your closest friends since you came to the Glade, and in all the time you had been there you hadn’t had these dreams until now.

Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that he was being less than appropriate lately. He had taken to sitting extra close to you at dinner, to the point that his muscular thigh was pressed against yours, making it hard to concentrate on anything else. Every time he walked by you he brushed up against you, mumbling a quick half-hearted apology after. The other day you were trying to put supplies away on a shelf in the Homestead, but you were just barely too short to reach. He had walked in and noticed your struggle and nonchalantly walked up behind you, with his chest to your back and his hand on your waist and reached up and placed the item on the shelf. You had to stop yourself from melting into his warmth, and his manly scent overcame you and caused heat to flood your belly and build up between your legs. You squeaked out a pathetic ‘thank you’ and he chuckled lowly in your ear before turning and walking out.

All of these little moments had your mind going haywire. You were just friends, right? No, friends didn’t rub up against each other and trigger wet dreams every night. Friends didn’t make it hard to think about anything other than how good it would feel to bring these dreams to life. It really didn’t help that you shared a room with him, something you two decided pretty quickly after you arrived. He was your closest friend and he had wanted to look out for you. He had chivalrously let you take the bed as he claimed the hammock. Now, as you glanced over at his peaceful face, you thought maybe being in such close quarters with him was a bad idea.

You slid out of bed quietly and grabbed your shower supplies and clean clothes. You headed towards the showers, knowing it wouldn’t be long before Minho and the other Runners were up preparing to head out for the day. You turned the water all the way on hot, letting it wash away all evidence of the dream. You knew showering in the morning was counterproductive since you would be out sweating in the sun all day, but you didn’t care. Once you were finished you slipped on your clothes and fixed your still-wet hair into a braid. Then, you proceeded to the Map Room to wait on the other Runners.

Ben and the other guys came in as you were getting your running gear prepared. Minho walked in behind them, and you felt yourself become heated at the mere sight of him. ‘Get it together, Y/N’ you scolded yourself silently. Usually Minho would be the first to greet you and make some sort of sarcastic remark at your expense, however today he walked straight past you to gather his own gear. He assigned sections to each of you, not even batting an eye as he gave you yours. You were taken aback by this strange behavior, but you didn’t question it. You were especially surprised when he assigned you your own section, stating that he needed to help Ben take a closer look at his. You and Minho had always been running partners, and it hurt that he was being so cold to you. You decided to ask him about it as you walked to the Doors.

“Hey, what’s up Min? Is everything all right?” you asked with genuine concern.

“Everything’s fine,” he replied coldly, not looking you in the eye.

“I mean, it’s just… we usually run together, you know?” you stated.

“You don’t think you can handle running alone?” he asked, his tone making you flinch slightly.

You looked away from him, hurt. “Of course I can, it’s just-,”

“Good,” he interrupted, and with that he took off, surprising Ben who had to hurry and catch up with him. You blinked a few times and then began running to your own section.

The day was long and hot, but extremely uneventful. You memorized your section, not noticing anything out of the ordinary, and when you made it back to the Glade you proceeded straight to the Map Room to map it. Minho and Ben had beat you back, and were exiting the Map Room as you entered.

“Hey Y/N, good run today?” Ben asked. Minho didn’t even glance at you. You smiled and nodded at Ben, and then went inside and mapped your section. When you were done you went straight to the Homestead, wanting to change out of your sweaty clothes. You stripped down to your bra and panties and stood in front of the dirty mirror in the corner of your room. It was the only mirror in the Glade. Apparently the Creators thought that since you were a girl you needed one. You couldn’t complain though, it was helpful at times.

Now, you undid your braid as you stood in front of it and took in your appearance, wondering if something was wrong with you. Minho had never treated you like that before, and it hurt. You heard footsteps behind you and glanced up, seeing none other than Minho himself in the reflection.

“Minho, what are you doing?” you asked as you crossed your arms around your midsection, trying and failing to cover yourself. He walked up behind you and stopped when his chest was against your back. You held your breath as you looked at him in the mirror, your eyes locking with his. He looked dirty, sweaty, and oh so hot. You watched as he reached up to move your hair off your shoulder, and then begin to plant kisses along it. You gasped, “What are you doing? You act like you hate me all day and now you’re doing this?” you questioned in a frustrated tone. You’re body betrayed your voice though as you stayed put and let him continue. His hands came around your midsection and began stroking along your stomach, making your back arch slightly.

“I don’t hate you, Y/N. But the fact that you’ve taken to moaning my name night after night is starting to drive me shucking crazy. You think I don’t hear you?” he says, his voice laced with lust and hunger. You were affected by his words, heat starting to pool in your belly as his lips moved up your neck, stopping when he reached your ear. “I don’t hate you,” he repeated with a whisper. “I want to fuck you.” You gasped as his hand slipped into your panties, not even noticing that it had slid down your stomach and was resting on your panty line. His fingers ghosted over your clit as his other hand slipped between your bodies to unlatch your bra. You let it fall to the floor as his hand slid back around to the front to grope your breasts. “That’s what you want too, isn’t it? That’s why you’ve been moaning and gasping my name every night.”

“Yes,” you replied breathily, giving a small moan as his finger slid along your already wet folds. You felt him grow hard against your bottom, and you reached between your bodies to rub against him. He grunted and you glanced up at the mirror to see him close his eyes, his hand still working between your legs, which had begun shaking slightly. “Minho, bed,” you groaned out. He opened his eyes and gazed into yours in the mirror, nodding slightly.

The next thing you knew you were on your back on a soft surface. He was on top of you resting on his elbows. You pulled him down for a searing kiss, your tongues immediately battling for dominance. You moaned into the kiss as you began unbuttoning his blue shirt, running your hands over his muscular physique before traveling lower and unbuckling his belt. Once you had his pants unzipped and unbuttoned, he slipped them off. You took note of the generous erection that was visible in his boxers, and wasted no time as you reached down and slid them off as well. Your hand wrapped around him, causing him to suck in a breath between his teeth. He buried his face in your neck as you began pumping his length, groaning with pleasure. You loved the feel of him: smooth, hot, and hard.

He eventually grabbed your wrist to stop you, and then lowered his head so that he could take your nipple into his mouth. You moaned at the feeling, pleasure shooting down to your core. He switched his mouth over to the other one, and then after a few moments he sat up to slide your panties down.

“Shuck it, Y/N you’re so wet,” he breathed as he slid his fingers along your slit once again, making more waves of pleasure wash over you.

Minho, take me,” you begged. His eyes seared into yours, so intense and full of need. He wasted no time as he lined himself up with your entrance and sank into you slowly, letting out a low groan. You clenched your teeth and closed your eyes, overcome with both pain and pleasure. He placed his lips against yours, kissing you tenderly as he picked up a slow and rhythmic pace. Eventually, the pain subsided and you wrapped your legs around his waist, begging him to go faster, deeper. He complied, planting opened mouth kisses along your neck as he drove himself into you.

“Oh! Minho,” you moaned out as you felt yourself reaching orgasm. He noticed how your walls began to clench around him, making you unbelievably tight as he slid into you.

“Yes, Y/N. Moan for me just like that,” he growled out. “I want to feel you come.”

His words were your undoing as you climaxed around him, crying out his name. He cursed at the feeling of you tightening around him, and he reached his own peak inside you with a groan of your name. When he was finished he pulled out of you and plopped onto his back, lying beside you as you both tried to catch your breath.

“That was shucking amazing,” he panted.

“Good that,” you agreed with a smile. He sat up on his elbow and gazed down at you.

“I like you,” you said, looking up into his dark eyes.

“Well that’s good, considering you just ravished me senseless,” he replied with an eye roll. You giggled and then pulled him down and planted a sweet kiss on his lips.

“I think you ravished me, not the other way around,” you said. He chuckled as he laid back down and pulled you so that you were laying on his chest.

“Well, you should probably get some rest since I’ll probably keep you up all night again,” he said.

“You think I’ll still have dreams about you after that?” you asked, raising an eyebrow.

A cocky smirk formed on his face.

“I didn’t say anything about dreaming.”

A/N: Hello beautiful readers! Here is the smut I promised you. Oh gosh, I’m blushing right now as I post this… I’M A GOOD PERSON I SWEAR. Let me know what you thought of it! Feel free to reassure me that I’m not the only freak here. Also, keep sending me suggestions! I’m still making a list of things to write! Until next time!


Happy Endings~(707)

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Anywhoooo~ as an apology for being a terrible blogger for so long, I wrote this little ficlet for you. Based on a request that I had gotten. 
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From the first time he had laid eyes on her, he knew that she was the one. Talking to her in the chat rooms only attracted him to her more.

He didn’t think of it too much, convincing him self that it was a fleeting emotion, nothing too deep. If anything it was simply lust, at the most a tiny crush because she understood his sense of humor and could dish it back to him just as easily.

He slowly found himself dialing your number, craving to hear the sound of your voice. He had your number memorized, but that was because he was a hacker, right? He had to be smart or else he would get any of his work done.

But how could he explain the ungodly amount of time he spent watching you. Surveillance, right? Then how could he explain how fast his heart raced when he was watching you, how he seemed captivated by every little thing you seemed to do. How he craved to see you smile and laugh.

How could he explain how his heart clenched, every time he saw Zen flirting with you or even little Yoosung. He felt so aggravated that he couldn’t help tease Yoosung, for trying to flirt with what was his.

His? No, that would be ridiculous, so it seemed he had a little crush, something that he had to get over immediately. Seven knew that you deserved so much better. You needed to be with someone that didn’t have three different alter egos, someone who didn’t have such a dark past, someone who could keep you safe, someone good.

You were quite persistent though, pushing your way into his heart. In fact, you may have already claimed part of it when he first laid eyes on you. You seemed to expand and completely take over his thoughts, all of his being.

He couldn’t have that. He pushed you away and it was for your own good. He couldn’t have you getting near him, especially now that you knew about Saeran. But you did.

You were always there for him, talking to him, making him feel better. In front of you, he could be himself, his façade falling away effortlessly. He found solace in your smile and a home in your embrace.  

Life was seemingly coming together for him. He had a girl that he loved and his brother was now living with him. The three of you often hung out together. Saeran was quite fond of you and it made his heart swell. He still hadn’t told you how he felt yet but he knew he would soon. It was like a dam, all the emotions were threatening to spill and he couldn’t be happier.

He had planned to surprise you that day when he had come home. He went out shopping, picked up some food, a bouquet of roses, classic cliché romantic moves that he saw in the movies.

His heart was pounding against his chest in anticipation. He was so excited to tell you how he felt, he had never loved someone so dearly before. He pulled out to text you when he notices that your shoes were already here by the door.

He felt a smile spread across his face, gleefully as he realized you would become his sooner than he expected. He truly was impatient.

He went to look for you, when he heard your laughter come out of Saeran’s room and he nervously made his way over. Hoping that his smile would not give him away, ruining the surprise for you.

The door was cracked and he was about to knock and walk in, when he saw the scene unfurl in front of him. It wasn’t like he was in his own body. It was like his spirit had flown out of his body and he was standing in the room witnessing everything happen before his very eyes.

You sitting on the bed in front of Saeran and were laughing, probably at something that Saeran said. His twin had a soft smile on his face one full of affection. He brushed some hair from your face and behind your ear.

Pink flushed your cheeks as you looked up to him, he leaned in to press his lips against yours. Expecting the kiss, you closed your eyes returning it gratefully. He grabbed you by the back of your neck, pulling you to him even more, deepening the kiss considerably.

You looked happy, in love. Unfortunately for Seven, you weren’t in love with him. He watched the scene, physically flinching as he saw his brother deepen the kiss.

He felt his heart shatter, utterly and completely. He was finding it difficult to breathe. He had never experienced this kind of pain before. He felt tears sting his eyes, as he roughly attempted to swipe them away.

He felt anger surge through him or rather jealously. Here he was, planning to profess the immeasurable amount of love that he had for you and you were here, with another man.

Not just another man, but his brother, his twin brother.

He wanted to break something,. He wanted to scream. How could the world be so cruel? He had never had wanted something so badly before and he still couldn’t obtain it.

You were in love with his brother.

He flinched once again. How could he choose? Between his brother and you. Saeran obviously had feelings for you, as clearly as you did for him. Luckily, you made that decision easy for him. You didn’t choose him.

He felt laughter beginning to bubble in the back of his throat. Perhaps this is his retribution for everything. Having the love of his life in love with his brother. He felt foolish for thinking that you were his happy ending. Perhaps, there were no happy endings in this world, especially not for Seven.

He gathered himself, putting on his 707 persona flawlessly. He couldn’t have you catching on this time, as he burst into Saeran’s room, embarrassing the newly made couple. You didn’t notice the façade, not when you were completely enamored with Saeran.  

You saw his smile and left it at that. Seven was grateful because if you hadn’t then you surely would have seen his heart breaking in his eyes.    

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( for anon’s question about how i’d write season three of the 100. i posted the last one too early in my excitement and had to delete it! )

*inhales dramatically* *sips a glass of cherry soda in a scotch glass* *spins around in a leather chair in front of a fire* It’s story time. You all know that I like to send messages about human instinct and the tragedy of human nature, so there would be tons of that. You all also know that I’m all about short sagas that pack a big punch and quitting while you’re ahead, so my season three of The 100 would be the final season, turning it into a short epic saga.

Disclaimer: This is a scribbled, scrambled stream of consciousness, and I might be missing a few things, and this might be a mess, but I’m not perfect. This is just a little glimpse into my fangirl mind. Also, this is very sad. You have been warned.

The final chapter begins with a girl running through the woods, leaves engulfed in metal flames, a cracked shell of earth that erupts silver from green. It’s at the brink of modernity: pods that hang from leaning oak trees, buildings swallowed by ivy, an arc glistening yesterday’s shine in the distance. It’s a monument now, a center of operations. Men and women in silver suits work from open glass offices above. The girl ducks into a hovel made of fallen metal, a workshop on the grounds. She tries to creep up on its inhabitant, an elder woman shot in shadows and the burns on her skin. She’s faceless at first. You can only see her smile when she catches the mischief-maker.

“Hey there, Little Mouse,” the woman’s voice croaks with one million battle cries.

“You always get me,” the little girl harrumphs. She is marked in some places with black-ink designs, but her hair is primly cut, and her dress is lined with tin. When the woman just shakes her head and remains hunched over her work desk, the girl swoops to her other side, taps her on the shoulder.

“You won’t let up,” the older woman sighs. “What do you want today? Another story?”

The girl smiles, gestures to a book she has in her hands. “You never read me this one.”

Time stops. The woman’s breath goes ragged as she palms the cover of the leather book, made entirely of sketches and scribbled words, stories slanted in different handwritings, torn in some places, noted in others.

The little girl persists, realizes that she’s stumbled upon something special, and flips it open to the first page, sitting now on the woman’s lap. “What’s it about?”

“It’s a war story.”

The girl frowns. “What’s that?”

A single tear falls to the space between the portraits of a boy with wild eyes and olive skin, hair hanging low in his face and fists in the air - “Bellamy” - and a blonde girl, cold in the eyes, walking like rain.


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