you were the chosen one


Oh I’m sorry,” he sneered, eyes flaring with his anger. “I forgot you were the golden boy, the chosen one who could do no wrong! Should I bend the knee, then? You’d love that wouldn’t you.”

“I may as well have never been born. Always running behind you in your shadow, always believing that my purpose was to help the great Illidan Stormrage reach his fabled destiny! Well, no-more ‘brother’. I did all that for you and more, being ignored by everyone around us, and how do you repay me? With prison and scathing words.”

“I do hope you come down off your high horse before you fall and break your neck.”

Illidan looked as if he had been slapped, Malfurion’s word striking a nerve with the druid.

“ Really now, did Tyrande ignore you? When she picked you over me or when she decided to make me lock both my brother and my childhood friend down in some dark barrow den. But no price I have to pay will ever be enough for you will it?!” 

“Why don’t you just kill me now I’m sure no one will think less of you for offing a blind man and running our people into the ground.”