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I have a request! Its completely fine if you decide you dont want to do it, I just cant stop thinking about it and was hoping to get the idea off my mind. It would fall along the atypical lines of Modern!Reader falls into the world. They travel w/ Geralt & Jaskier, & sing songs while they are on the road from their world. I love the idea of Jaskier constantly asking questions bc the music style is so different from the normal. (And Geralt possibly being interested in Readers answers as well!)

A/N: This sorta devolved from what you asked and kinda got away from me, I’m sorry. I’ve also decided to split it into two parts so here’s the first!

Warnings: Geralt is a bit of a brute, Geralt is jealous, food and insults get thrown around. Also someone tries to hit the reader but nothing actually happens.

Word count: 2,235

Serendipity (1)

You didn’t know where you were.

You’d been walking home from your bus stop, earbuds in and not a care in the world. You were following your usual shortcut through the woods behind your apartment when everything got……strange.

The world seemed to blur and tilt and condense all at once so you had no sense of direction and could scarcely breathe as everything blurred and you wondered if you were perhaps dying.

Then your back slammed into the ground, knocking the wind from you.

Wheezing, you slowly sat up, pulling an earbud out and looking around you in confusion. You were just starting to get your bearings, studying the unfamiliar forest around you, when an arrow whistled past your face close enough to graze your cheek. You flinched and scrambled back with a yelp, taking cover behind a tree.

“Geralt wait! I think it’s a girl, what if she needs our help you brute?”

“What if it’s a trap laid out to lure us in and rob us blind?” a gruff, surly voice (Geralt,you supposed, based on the other’s words) replied.

The first voice tutted. “Always such a pessimist.”

“It’s the only reason I’m still alive, Jaskier.”

The first voice (the one you thought was Geralt had called him Jaskier) didn’t answer, but after a moment a young man leaned around the tree you hid behind, blue eyes bright and smiling warmly. “Sorry about that, are you alright?”

“I'm….fine,” you said slowly, staring at him. He looked like he was headed for a Renaissance Faire, dressed flamboyantly in an olive green and yellow doublet and brown trousers. He was likewise gawking at you, and you self-consciously ran a hand through your hair and straightened your jacket.

“What strange attire,” he seemed to marvel as he looked you up and down. “Geralt, come here,” he called over his shoulder. Turning back to you he added, “Are you alright? It looks like his arrow nicked you.”

“I’m fine,” you repeated. “Just a bit….lost, I suppose. And very confused. Where are we?”

“Not too far from Oxenfurt,” Jaskier replied cheerfully. Your head began to hurt. Was this some kind of LARPing situation?

“Where is that? And how did I get here?”

Jaskier tilted his head, but Geralt spoke before he could, standing and glaring at you suspiciously.

“What is this?” He held your phone and earbuds in his fist, shaking it at you in an accusatory manner. “Some sort of spying equipment? Who do you work for?”

You looked at him in bewilderment and irritation. “That’s my phone. And why are you accusing me? You’re the one who almost shot me, I’m not the dangerous one here. In fact give me that back.” You held out your hand. Geralt narrowed his eyes at you.

“What do you mean "phone”?“ he demanded, making no move to return it to you.

"My cell phone,” you snapped, exasperated. “That I use to call and listen to music and play games like everybody else does.”

Jaskier snatched the phone from Geralt, turning it this way and that curiously. “This odd little contraption can do all that?” he asked you earnestly.

…….this was surely a joke. “Look, I don’t know what kind of game you’re playing, but I’m going home.” You snagged your phone from Jaskier, winding your earbuds around it and tucking it safely in your pocket.

Geralt grabbed your arm in a bruising grip, startling a yelp out of you. “You reek of magic,” he growled. “You’re going nowhere until you explain–”

You’d had enough. Geralt swore nastily when your knee connected with his groin and you swiftly wrenched your arm free, but Jaskier jumped in front of you before you could run, hands held up in a pacifying manner.

“Wait! I’m sorry for him, but please don’t run away. I have so many questions for you,” he pleaded.

“Jaskier,” Geralt growled.

“Trust me, Geralt, I’ve got a good feeling. Please?” He smiled at you as you hesitated. “We’ll walk to town, I’ll buy you a drink in the tavern, and then we can part ways after if that’s what you want.”

You crossed your arms. “A drink and a meal.”

Jaskier beamed. “Done. Let us be off!” He offered his arm to you. You shook your head, but followed him as he led the way, presumably into town. 

You could hear the quiet rustle of the underbrush as Geralt stalked behind the two of you, making the hairs on the back of your neck prickle.


The tavern was dim and filthy and smelled faintly of piss. You wrinkled your nose and considered walking right back out. But Jaskier was already speaking to the barkeep while Geralt went and claimed a table in the corner, choosing the seat that put his back to the wall.

You pursed your lips before reluctantly walking over and sitting across from him. He leveled a glare at you, which you returned in kind as you began to comb your fingers through your hair, trying to work out the twigs and leaves tangled in it. He pulled his hood up and glowered at the wall, arms crossed over his chest.

The two of you sat in silence thick with tension and animosity until Jaskier bounded over and slid into the chair next to you.

“Come now, why the sour faces? It’s exciting, meeting new friends!” he declared, setting tankards down in front of each of you.

“She’s not my friend,” Geralt muttered, at the same instant you snapped, “He’s no friend of mine.”

The two of you levelled a startled look at each other before going right back to glaring.

You grabbed your drink and took a large gulp, letting out a pleasantly surprised hum at the taste. It wasn’t as cold as you usually took your drinks, but the slightly fruity taste made up for it. You sipped it more slowly and Jaskier winked at you.

“This place may not look like much, but they do brew a very fine ale,” he told you, lifting his own cup in a toast before taking a drink. He twisted so he sat sideways facing you, one arm slung along the back of his chair and the other resting on the table. “So, first things first. Julian Alfred Pankratz, at your service, but call me Jaskier.” He winked before inclining his head towards his companion. “That’s Geralt of Rivia. And you are?”

Despite your general unease at this whole situation, and your irritation at Geralt specifically, you were having a hard time not being charmed by the oddly dressed man.

You allowed a small smile. “I’m Y/N L/N.”

“Interesting, I’ve never heard a name quite like it. And where do you hail from, dear lady?”

You told them the name of your town. Jaskier raised his brows and Geralt’s eyes narrowed. “I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of it,” Jaskier said thoughtfully. “And here I thought I’d visited everywhere worthwhile the Continent had to offer.”

A young lady dressed as a barmaid brought out bowls of stew that….didn’t look too appetizing, brown and mushy. But the promising scent of spices wafted up to you, so you tentatively picked up a spoon. The first bite melted on your tongue, savory and tender.

Jaskier watched you expectantly, eyes bright. You swallowed and licked your lips. “It’s good. Thank you.”

Jaskier clapped his hands together. “You clearly have impeccable taste, my lady.” A quiet laugh slipped out, you couldn’t help it.

Jaskier asked you many questions about your home, your life, and your interests, and you did your best to answer. He was oddly enraptured by what you considered fairly commonplace information, but being the focus of his attention was a bit flattering. 

He bought you drink after drink, strummed on his lute and hummed a bit and shamelessly flirted, but you didn’t take him too seriously, he was just having a good time, you were fairly certain. He was fairly good with the lute, you had to admit, and he effortlessly lifted your spirits as the afternoon wore on, all the troubles you carried slipping from your mind.


Except for Geralt, silently watching the two of you with a glower.

You turned to him sharply when Jaskier went to refill your drinks yet again. “What is your problem?” you demanded.

You are my problem. You reek of magic and other things I can’t identify, and the things you tell Jaskier make very little sense. I can only assume you’re lying to gain his trust, but that won’t work with me.”

You looked at him in indignation. “I’m not lying. And I have no intention of harming Jaskier, because he’s been very kind to me.” You opened your mouth to say more but you realized something suddenly and gave him an odd look.

Geralt somehow managed to scowl harder. “What?”

“You care for him. That’s why you’re acting this way.” Geralt’s eyes narrowed at you, but you noticed he didn’t deny it. “You’re trying to protect him because he’s important to you.” The tight feeling in your chest eased as understanding washed through you. “I’m not going to hurt him, Geralt.”

“So you’ve already said,” he growled, jaw tight. You watched him carefully and felt an amused grin start to tug at your lips.

“I’m not going to take him from you, either.”

Geralt’s face froze and you knew you were right. “He’s sweet, and charming. And I like him. But I’m no threat to him, or to you. So you can relax.”

“…..I don’t–” Whatever denial he had ready was cut off by Jaskier plopping another round of drinks on the table. You took a drink to hide your amused grin as Geralt snapped his mouth shut. At least he’d stopped glaring at you, gaze now directed at the table.

Jaskier looked between the two of you. “What did I miss?”

Geralt’s jaw flexed and he shot you a don’t you dare sort of look. You quirked a brow at him, all of your previous irritation having melted away. “Not a thing,” you assured Jaskier without breaking Geralt’s gaze. You caught the barely-perceptible droop of his shoulders as he exhaled a breath.

Jaskier looked between the two of you before shrugging and plopping down again, offering you a charming grin. “In that case–”

“Enough of your antics, Jaskier,” Geralt suddenly sighed. You bit your lip to hide a smirk. “We should find accommodations for the night before it gets dark–”

He was interrupted by a chunk of stew hitting his face with a wet smack. He froze, and you stared before twisting around to look at the other patrons. A lot of them were staring at your little group. One man had his eyes fixed on Geralt with a sneer.

When he saw you looking at him, he spat on the floor. “We don’t want his kind ‘round these parts,” he announced nastily. Quiet murmurs broke out all over the room, none seeming to disagree. Geralt sighed roughly and you looked back at him. He’d swiped the food glob off his cheek and was making to stand, looking resigned.

“Geralt, no–” Jaskier protested.

“It’s not worth looking for trouble, Jaskier,” Geralt muttered. The two of them were so busy arguing, they didn’t notice you slipping away, carrying your bowl of stew and walking to the man sat at the bar.

He looked at you with a lecherous smile that made your stomach turn. “Glad you’ve seen sense. Best for a lovely lady like you to not keep company with the likes of them–” He was cut off when you dumped the entire bowl over his head. There were a lot of gasps before silence filled the tavern.

“I’d rather loiter with them than with a beast like you,” you declared quietly. His stunned look swiftly twisted into one of rage and he raised his fist.

You braced yourself, but before it connected the man’s wrist was grabbed by a hand wrapped in black leather. The man froze and you tensed slightly as you felt a warm presence at your back.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Geralt’s voice was low and dangerous; you felt the rumbles vibrate through your back.

The silence stretched as Geralt and the man stared each other down with you stood in between them, heart pounding. You huffed and twisted to look at Geralt. “Enough. If these are the kinds of people that frequent this place then I want nothing to do with it.” You placed a hand on his chest, pushing lightly, which caused him to finally break his staring contest to look down at you. Your breath caught – you hadn’t noticed before, but this close you could see the shocking gold of his irises, burning with anger. Those had to be contacts, right? Some really cool contacts, but nobody had eyes like that.

You cleared your throat, pushed again. “Let’s go.”

He nodded sharply, flung the man’s arm away and stepped to the side. You walked past him to where Jaskier was gaping at the two of you like a fish.

“I can’t believe you just–” he began.

“We’re leaving,” you interrupted. He blinked and broke into a wide grin.

“Quite right. Lead the way my good lady.” You huffed and stomped out of the tavern. You heard Jaskier behind you, presumably speaking to Geralt.

“I am absolutely going to put this in a ballad!”


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so tomorrow is the 10 year anniversary of the day my father was killed and i want to tell you a story

a little while after he died my little brother and i got cell phones. i got a sparkly new phone number but my little brother basically received a hand me down number- that is to say, the phone number that used to be attached to the spray foam business my dad owned. apparently, for YEARS, my little brother would regularly receive phone calls from interested customers looking for spray foam installation. we are from a small area and things aren’t updated all that often there, so it really did take about 6 years for the business to be removed from local advertisements/newspapers/phone books/etc. my little brother, being a responsible young man, would alert the interested customer that the business was defunct, and he would cordially hang up. 

i wasnt aware of this until he told me about 6 years into this happening. when he told me i remember absolutely ROASTING him because uhm CLEARLY that is such a good OPPORTUNITY to clown people? the possibilities are endless!!! and he was just wasting them!!! he could set up fake meetings with people!! im talking give em quotes and everything and at the end be like “oh…wait…sorry…i just remembered that our spray foam guy died a couple years ago. maybe try again tomorrow? he might be back?” burst into tears on the phone and confuse them!! conduct the entire phone call acting as if spray foam is a food product and not a portion of home construction!! the POSSIBILITIES THAT WERE BEING PASSED UP!

and that’s when my mother, who was witnessing this entire conversation, looked at me and said “taylor…there is a reason your brother got the business phone number and not you.”

anyways shoutout to my mother for keeping my chaotic tendencies in check for decades. the world is likely a better place because of her valiant efforts

Written by @justyourproblemuniverse

Who are you really?

(I haven’t written in a while but your AU got my creative juices going. Thank you so much for it. So here’s what I wrote on my phone. Sorry for the errors that will be in it)

When it was first announced that the traitor of U.A. was discovered,  Aizawa was relieved. When his friend and roommate Hizashi first suggested it,  no one really wanted to believe him. Now with that open and the culprit caught in police custody, Aizawa had no doubt that Hizashi will be bragging about this for a while.

“Aizawa-san, may I have a word?” Nedzu, the principal of U.A. asked after the conference meeting he had so he could break the news of the traitor being caught.

“What is it?” Aizawa asked. He wanted to go home already and beat Hizashi home. The voice hero was on patrol right now for his hero work but Aizawa doesn’t doubt that he knows of the traitor being caught already.

“In my office if you don’t mind,” Nedzu cheerfully stated.

Shrugging,  Aizawa followed the animal to his office where he was offered tea. Aizawa declined and sat on the couch for visitors, almost tempted to pull out his sleeping bag right there and sleep the rest of the day away.

“I know you and Yamada-san are quite close,  roommates even correct?” Nedzu asked. Aizawa raised an eyebrow in answer which the principal took. “I won’t beat around the bush with this then. Did you know that Yamada-san was the traitor?”

Aizawa looked at Nedzu as if he had grown two extra heads. Hizashi? He’s the traitor?

“No,” Aizawa answered,  unsure though if that was a true answer or if he was in denial.

Nedzu continued to speak some more but Aizawa couldn’t hear him. Hizashi was the most pure hearted and loving person he knows. He has put his life on the line for so many people,  himself included. Hizashi was a hero through and through! Or so he thought.

“Aizawa-san?” Nedzu asked the fifth time when he noticed the eraser hero was focusing more on his hands than his words.

“You said that the traitor is in police custody?” Aizawa asked.

“He is,” Nedzu answered.

“Excuse me then,” Aizawa said.

Without any other warning,  Aizawa left the office and jogged towards the parking lot. He was still in denial as he ran to Hizashi’s car. Even though Aizawa has enough money himself,  he never thought about buying a car. There was too much traffic and it was simply much easier to take the bullet train. Hizashi was too caring though and hid his spear key just for Aizawa. He knelt down and reached under the car,  feeling for the duct tape. Once he found it, he ripped it off and grabbed the key. Starting the car, he opened his phone and called Hizashi’s cell.

“Hey there listener! Sorry I couldn’t come to the phone right now, but just leave me you’re name and number and I’ll get back to you. And remember, go Plus Ultra!” Hizashi’s voicemail greeted with the same hyper energy that was known to him.

“Hizashi, I just got told that you’re the traitor of the school and I’m on the way to the police station. If this is your way of a joke, I’m taking your vinyls and letting my students use them as target practice. This is not funny,” Aizawa threatened.

After hanging up,  Aizawa threw his phone in the passenger seat and book it out of the parking lot. He drove as fast as legally possible with only running one red light. Once he got to the police station,  he saw some ambulance there and a couple of people coming out, clinching their ears. Cursing, Aizawa didn’t turn off the car as he booked it out and went to the first police officer he saw.

“Where is the U.A. traitor?” Aizawa demanded.

The man looked at Aizawa with confusion as he kept rubbing his ears. A paramedic asked Aizawa to step aside just as another police officer called to him.

“Eraserhead,” Detective Tsukauchi called for him as he came out with a cat officer. “I didn’t think you’d be here so fast.”

“Where is the U.A. traitor?” Aizawa asked once more as he went to the officer.

“Yamada-san has-” Detective Tsukauchi started.

“Is he the U.A. traitor?” Aizawa asked.

Tsukauchi gave Aizawa an apologetic look as he nodded. “Yes. We were able to take him to the station but just ten minutes ago, he used his quirk even with us taking his directional speakers away. Everyone was hurt and have some balancing issues which Yamada-san took advantage of. He grabbed his speaker and ran off before we could do much more.”

Aizawa took a small step back then as if someone hit him and in a way,  someone had. Hizashi was so against using his quirk against civilians, always worried that he’ll cause them some permit damage. Hell,  when they did the exam tests he went easy on the two students and didn’t try to fight them in hope that they would just give up. Or at least that’s what Hizashi told him when Aizawa made fun of him for fainting.

“Most of the officers are out of commission, could you please help us track him down?” Tsukauchi asked.

Aizawa only nodded before going back to Hizashi’s car. He turned it off,  paid the meter fee, and then used his capture weapon to get to the tall buildings. If Hizashi was missing for only ten minutes,  then Aizawa will catch him and demand why he lied to him for so long.

At least,  Aizawa thought it would be easy. It was the busy day and no one had caught anything about Hizashi. The media was even already dragging his name through the mud,  calling the once loved hero Present Mic a traitor to his own kind. That made Aizawa want to have a stern talking to the media for shaming Present Mic and calling him guilty without a proper trial,  but he couldn’t. They were already saying that he must have changed his appearance. Hints were even there for after an hour after his grand escape, a hotel room was burned and Present Mic’s speaker was the only item they could really identify.

Now after searching for his friend for the last twenty four hours,  Aizawa was heading back to Hizashi’s car. He hoped that his phone was still in the passenger seat and that it held some charge. He wanted to call Hizashi again or his family to see if they heard from him. Just as he turned a corner, he bumped into a tall man wearing a hat.

“Sorry,” Aizawa absentmindedly said as he continued on his way,  not caring for the stranger.

“No,  I’m sorry Shouta,” a very familiar voice said softly.

Aizawa’s eyes widen as he looked behind him for the man he bumped into but he was already gone. “Hizashi!” Aizawa called as he ran around the corner. He began to fight the crowd looking for the missing hero.  “HIZASHI!” Struggle as he could though, Aizawa couldn’t find his friend and he wouldn’t answer him. In the end, Aizawa gave up and went back to the car. Unknowing to him that there was a black hair fellow sipping on some tea, watching him underneath a mole theme hat and dark sunglasses as Aizawa struggled to find his lost friend even though he was right there.

Female golf course employee

Ok, so our POS system does not allow refunds if someone slides their card. Like LITERALLY DOES NOT ALLOW IT. There’s no button for me to push. No tab to click on. I can’t do it.

So this man comes in, buys tokens for the driving range and a soda. I tell him everything he needs to know about the range and then off he goes.

We also allow 2 middle schools and the high school to use our facilities, so their golf teams can practice. 99.9% they never tell me what they are doing that day and I can’t spend my time looking out the windows to see, because I’m busy doing my job.

So the man comes back in.

“You didn’t tell me the range was full.”

I lean over the counter to look out the window. Sure enough, packed full of kids.
I say, “Uhhh… Give me a minute and I’ll tell them to move.”

The reason I asked for a minute was because I had a line of customers to deal with, and since I’m the only employee, I have to lock up the building when I leave.

He says, “Nah, never mind. Just give me a refund.” and places his tokens and drink on the counter.

I tell him, “I’m sorry, but since you ran your card, I can’t issue a refund.”

Then he replies, “Ok, just give me a refund.”

I stood there for a good second, thinking my brain had crashed or something. So I say again, “I apologize for this, but since you used your card, I am unable to do a refund. The system won’t allow it.”

He stares at me and then says, “Yes you can. Give me my money back.”

I sigh and resist the urge to roll my eyes. “Let me call my boss and see what I can do.”

I picked up my cell phone, because my boss’s number is programmed into it and it is much less hassle than trying to get our shop phone to dial out. I call him and tell him what has transpired so far. He reiterates the ‘no refund ability’ to me and tells me to ask if the man is local, so he can hang onto the tokens and use them another day if he so chooses.

I put the phone down on the counter behind the till, still connected to my boss.

“Sir, are you from the area?” I ask.

He sneers and says “I’m from *town literally 10 minutes away*.”

I reply, “Ok, great! My boss says that we can NOT do refunds, but since you’re in the area, go ahead and hang onto the tokens and use them next time you’re here. I apologize for the range being full, but the tokens don’t expire so no worries!”

He leans in across the counter, and hisses “don’t be a fucking bitch.”, grabs his tokens and drink and storms off.

I can hear my boss saying ‘hello? hello?’ through my phone so I pick it back up.

My boss says, “Did he just leave?”


“Did he say what I think he said?”


“I’ll pull the transaction details tomorrow, get his name from the card and deal with this at a higher level. I’m so sorry.”

“Thanks. I have to go! Customers waiting!”

I hung up the phone and carried on with my job. Like, strangely enough, being called a fucking bitch didn’t ruin anything. I was in a pretty good mood the rest of the day!


What we learn in school:

あなた you - formal, used by females, best to avoid using this and call the person by their name instead

きみ you - colloquial, used by males only, rude to use when you don’t know the person well (too direct)

What we hear in dramas/anime:

Male character: きみが好きだ I like you

Female character: あなたが好きです I like you

What I noticed suddenly the other day at home with my Japanese husband:

Me: ケイタイはどこ? Where is my cell phone? (Note: You will hear this a lot at my house)

Husband: あなたのカバンの中にあるよ。 It’s inside your bag.

I noticed he used あなた and it suddenly occurred to me that I’d been trained my whole Japanese-learning life that guys say きみ and girls say あなた (in casual situations). So I asked him why he used あなた with me instead of きみ. His answer was that きみ feels like it has too much space (between me and him). Because we have a close relationship, あなた feels more comfortable.

I think this is interesting because I hadn’t noticed this before, but when I thought about it, it’s different than what I’d learned from textbooks and teachers, but it makes sense in this particular situation.

eastofthemoon  asked:

A veterinarian AU

0) Veterinarian AU?  More like Veteran-arian AU.  As in, Old Dogs Senior Sanctuary AU

I) Shiro needs a dog

That much is true.  Pidge knows that from the bottom of her heart.  She’s seen how he is with Baebae, who still goes nuts whenever he comes over for dinner, even when pushing 14.  More importantly, she sees how Shiro gets when Baebae runs and greets him.  

When Shiro starts looking tired and too distant, Pidge calls Mom and has her text him with an invitation that evening.  He has more trouble saying no when it’s Colleen asking, and Pidge isn’t above using it.  It means he gets a good meal in him, and he’ll join Mom on the couch for a glass of wine and bad TV shows while Pidge plays games on her DS.  Baebae curls up between them both, content to have someone petting him at all times.

Then Mom will start, just before it goes to dark, and announce that she’s forgotten to take Baebae on his walk today, what a shame.  Shiro always, always perks and immediately offers to do it for her, too quick to be purely polite.  Mom puts on a show of telling him he doesn’t have to, but gives him the harness and smiles as he sets off with Baebae at a jog.

When he comes back, usually about half an hour later, his eyes are brighter and his smile is wider.  When Baebae leans against his side, panting, Shiro beams.

A dog is exactly what Shiro needs.  

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list of dumbass things momota has done:

-used dish detergent in the washing machine because he ran outta soap and figured it’d work the same
-swallowed listerine because Shit i gotta clean my throat too right??
- started a fruit only diet because he thought if he ate enough fruits he would start tasting like one and he’s gotta be ready if anyone ever Suddenly kisses him am i right ladies? ……ladies?
-was looking for his cell phone while talking to someone in a phone call. “shuichi!!! i cant find my damn phone!” “momota what are you calling me on right now???” “….my phone! ahh shuichi you’re the best! that’s my detective!”
-what do you MEAN i cant use vinegar in my taco? how else do i get the right flavor???
-thought he would Actually Die if he didnt drink exactly 8 cups of water every day. he cried every day in the hangar for kokichi to bring him water. “p plea s,,e ,, i need to stay hydrated kokic h i,,,, dont do this to me..,.,”
-feel free to add on 

Wolves, Imprints, Babies! Oh My! (1) Paul Lahote

Summary: Melissa Black grew up knowing that the Legends are true but what happens if they happen during her generation! Is she safe? What happens when she gets imprinted on by The Hothead of the Pack

Melissa Black is played by Victoria Justice and Nina Dobrev for Gif purposes. I know they’re not tan but please go with it. You can picture Melissa how ever you want!

Tags: @supernova1737 , @anjana-fandoms28

Warnings: Cussing

**=indicates Pack thoughts

- - = indicates sign language


La Push Washington. Home to 372 people. What other people don’t know about La Push is that its home to the Spirit Warriors. Our tribe, the Quileute Tribe, believe that the Spirit Warriors are just legends that my father tells. That is not the case. My great grandfather, Ephraim, was the Alpha of his pack and pasted down the knowledge to his son who pasted it to my father, Billy. We keep it secret from the family. So my younger sisters, who moved away last year, and my little brother Jacob don’t know. The only reason I know is because my dad told me since my brother is suppose to be alpha I had to watch for signs. I noticed it was true one day when my best friend Sam Uley phases last year, right in front of me! We were at his girlfriend, Leah’s, house and Sam got a call from his father saying he was coming to town and wanted to see Sam. Leah said he should. Sam and I disagree with her.

Flash Back

“No Leah! He has years to try and see me! Just because I graduated last week doesn’t mean I should become his perfect son! He didn’t want me!” Sam snaps at her.

“Your mom just left you! You need someone else to help you besides me!” Leah yells.

“Leah! Just because his mom left doesn’t mean he’s alone! He does have me and you! His dad shouldn’t try to come around after so many years!” I snap taking Sams side.

Leah wasn’t there every time Joshua tried to come into Sam’s life then suddenly left.

“Shut your fucking mouth Melissa! No one is talking to you!” Leah yells at me.

“Hey! Just because she’s agreeing with me doesn’t mean you can yell at her,” Sam snaps loudly. His body starts to shake.

“The only reasons she’s agreeing with you is because she wants to sleep with you!” Leah yells. “She’s a no good slut!”

Sam starts shaking more.

I look over at him, “Sam, we need to leave.”


I grab his arm and pull him outside and into the woods.

“You’re my best friend! You were there for me for years! How dare she say anything bad about you!” Sam snaps as he paces. He shakes even harder. I take a few steps back and grab my cell phone to call my dad. Sam suddenly explodes and is a black wolf.

“Oh my God,” I whisper.

Sam looks at me then down and jumps, seeing his paws. I call my dad and he and Harry, Leah’s dad, help him phase back. It takes a few days but he does phase back. I never leave his side. My dad explains everything to us. We join the council since we’re of age and Sams the Alpha.

Flash Back Over

I’ve been on a trip to visit a friend in a another town. I’ve been gone for a month so as i drive back I call Sam.


“Sammy” I say smiling.

“Melissa! Hey! When are you coming home?” he asks excitedly. “You’re not allowed to leave anymore!”

“Why not?” I laugh, “Did you miss me?”

“Yes actually. Emily can’t cook and 2 guys phases since you’ve been gone” Sam says laughing.

“Really? 2 guys?” I asked shocked.

“Yeah. Jared Cameron and Paul Lahote” he says.

“They hung out in the same group we did, didn’t they?” I ask.

“Jared did. Paul was more into sports,” Sam says. “They just graduated. They phased because the Cullen’s are back in town.”

“Of course they are,” I sigh. “Well did you talk to them?”

“Yes ma’am,” Sam says sarcastically.

I giggle, “I’m almost to your house so i’ll make lunch when i get there.”

“You’re in town!! Emily! Get out of the kitchen! Melissa’s almost here!” Sam yells to her.

“Really? Finally!! I don’t see how she can cook all the time! It’s exhausting!” Emily yells to him with relief.

“I’ll see you soon.” I giggle and hang up.

10 minutes later I pull into Sams driveway. I hear running and I step out of my car laughing when Sam runs out.

“Mel!” he yells.

“Sammy!” I yell back.

He runs to me and hugs me, picking me up.


I laugh harder.

“I missed you too Sam,” I smile.

He puts me down.

“I missed your cooking. Please make lunch, we’re starving.” he says desperately.

“You wolves and your appetites.” I nod laughing, “Alright, alright!”

I walk inside and straight into the kitchen.

“Hey Emily!” I say happily.

“Mel!” she runs over and hugs me tightly.”

“Okay Em, go sit down. I’ll cook,” I giggle and start cooking fried chicken.

2 hours later, I hear male laughter and foot steps coming inside.

“Jared, Paul,” Sam says. “This is Melissa Black.”

I turn around.

Paul’s Point of View

I look over to the kitchen and I see a beautiful girl turn around and walk over.


“Hi, I’m Jared,” Jared says putting his hand out for her to shake.

“Hi, you guys can call me Mel,” She says.

Wow, her voice is angelic. Wait why am I thinking this? She turns to me.

“You must be Paul,” she says putting her hand out.

I step forward and shake her hand and I look her in the eye and suddenly everything changes. Gravity doesn’t hold me to earth anymore. She does. I see our first kiss, us walking on the beach holding hands, me proposing, getting married, her pregnant. Woah, she’s so beautiful.

I snap out of it and she’s staring at me, “are you okay?” she asks.

I look over at Sam and he sighs and looks down. I look at Emily and i see her scars. What if I do that to Mel? I can’t do this.

“Excuse me,” I say to Melissa and I run outside.

I hear Sam say, “i’ll be back,” and I run into the forest and phases.

I hear Sam phase.

*Paul? What’s wrong?!* Sam thinks.

*I imprinted Sam!* I think.

*I know, just-* I cut him off.

*Sam! I have a horrible temper! I don’t wanna accidentally hurt her! Look what happened with Emily!* I picture Emily.

Sam sighs, *I know Paul, but you can’t fight it! She’s my best friend! I don’t want her hurt! Just be careful She’s your imprint!*

*Just Sam,* I sigh, *Im gonna reject it! I don’t wanna hurt her!* I run to my house and phase back. I feel a sad pinch in my chest. I know it’s Mel, but I don’t wanna risk hurting her.

Melissa’s Point of View

I see Sam walking back inside.

-Paul did imprint on you- Sam signs to me.

-Then why isn’t he here?- I sign.

-He doesn’t want to accidentally hurt you. Like I did. To Emily- He signs while sighing.

I sign and keep cooking. A few days later I’m physically in pain, my chest feels like it’s caving in. I try not to act like it bothers me while I cook in my kitchen. The pack started hanging out at my house now since it’s closer to the forest and the beach but still close to my dads house. The pain suddenly lessens a bit when I hear, “Melissa.”

I turn around and see Paul.


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He looks like he hasn’t slept in days. No wonder i feel exhausted.

“Can we talk?” He asks.

“Um, yeah sure.” I say and we sit at my kitchen table.

“I’m so sorry,” he says looking down. “I just don’t wanna hurt you. I have the worst temper imaginable. I’m afraid i’ll scar you like Sam did Emily,” He says.

“Paul,” I say grabbing his hand. The pain in our chests goes right away. “I’m here for you. I trust you and know you’ll never hurt me. You’re my soul mate,” I smile.

Paul smiles,” You were made for me,” he says.

“Technically, you were made for me. I am older,” i joke.

He starts laughing, “Im the wolf here, you were made for me, he just made sure I was perfect before he released me.”

We both laugh and I hear his stomach growl so I stand up and start making chocolate chip muffins. The whole time Im baking Paul and I are getting to know each other.

“It’s almost time for me to relieve Sam,” Paul says standing up.

I never realized how tall he was. Wow! I’m only 5’3”. He must be at least 6’0”.

“You coming back after?” I ask.

“Of course,” he smiles.

One Brain-cell

A/N: I wrote a random drabble cause Im bored an dodging responsibilities sooooo enjoy the stupidity and chaos.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, mention of Sam and Natasha

Warning: None


Not my gif

Five times, you called Bucky five times and no answer. Your anxiety was through the roof and pacing back and forth was not helping. He was suppose to meet you at your apartment after his training session with Sam two hours ago and it wasnt like him to stand you up like this.

You called for a cab to take you to the compound, it felt like the longest ride of your life even though you only lived 20 minutes away. So many emotions were going through your mind but you were mostly fearful. What if they were taken hostage, injured ….. or worse.

Stepping out of the cab as it arrived right infront of the compound you took a deep breath trying to calm your nervous and keep your composure to not alarm anyone. You pressed your hand to the scanner and a loud *ping* sounded granting you access to the building. As soon as you stepped inside F.R.I.D.A.Y announced your presents and Natasha came rushing towards you pulling you into a warm hug.

“Hey Nat have you seen Bucky? He was suppose to meet me at my place 2 hours ago” you said worry very evident in your voice

“Yea hes in the Med-bay theres been an accident, I figured someone would have contacted you” Wanada said walking in the direction Bucky was

You turned the corner to find Bucky laying on a cushioned hospital bed with his right arm covered in bandages and Sam sitting in a chair to the left of him. You ran towards him immediately cupping his face in your hands and sitting on the bed.

“Bucky what happened” you said staring into his eyes.

His face turned a bright red in embarrassment and he turned his head to avoid your gaze.

“See it’s kind of a long story you wouldn’t want to hear about it” he said, his voice trailing off at the last words

“Actually you missed our date … so I have plenty of time” you said kind of feeling bad about how mean that came out.

“Ok..You know how Sam and I go out to train every morning? ” you nodded and Bucky continued explaining

“Well Sam bet me $20 that I couldn’t fly with his wings and you know I never back down from a bet so we went to the roof of the compound and I…just.. jumped and ended up landing on my right arm spraining it and now I’m down $20.”

Bucky let out an awkward laugh hopping you’d find it amusing and not be so mad at him. You let out a deep breath you didnt even know you were holding and all your worry fell off your shoulders.

“You had me scared to death why didnt you call me?.” You asked

“Well I cant use my right hand cause my arm is sprained and ever since Tony got me a smart phone I can’t use my metal hand on the touch screen” Bucky said plainly and you shook your head not even realizing that it would have been impossible for him to call.

You got up and kissed Bucky on the lips and turned to leave Med-bay with Natasha following behind you.

“HEY!! You’re not gunna stay so I could finally get out of here? I’m getting tired of hearing Bucky moan and complain” Sam said raising his arms in the air

“No I think you should stick together seeing that you two are currently sharing one brain cell” you said laughing and walking out of the room.

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Rapping- Mitch Marner

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Ok so I had fun with this one and you know… Mitch! So let me know what you guys think! Enjoy!

Warning: Cusses



              Hotline Bling was calling your name from your iPod, so you blared it throughout the apartment as you started making dinner.

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Fuck my bosses

I work for a health/homecare company (let’s call them ServiceGivers) while I save up to move in with my boyfriend a few states away. I’ve been working there for almost 6 months now. We use this call service to clock in and out on after every consumer.
I was with a consumer (on 10/10/18) that I’ve had for two months, and I use the husband’s cell phone to clock in/out on every visit. The week before their time was pushed back 2 hours later than normal, and I had to call my office bc the husband had work and I couldn’t clock out since the wife’s (my actual consumer) phone number wasn’t listed as primary and my head boss (I have 4 bosses) said they’d change the number so I could clock out and then switch it back right afterward. Yeah well they didn’t. So I went to clock in on his phone this week and couldn’t.
So I call the office, and the boss everyone hates (both everyone in the office and aides alike) answers. I tell her, let’s call her C, what happened last week and this is how the conversation went:
Me: *explains last week and says how [head boss] did that instead of having me do a paper time sheet*
C: well we can’t be switching phone numbers back and forth constantly, you shouldn’t have done that last week.
Me: it was the first time I’ve ever had that happen, and I don’t know why she did it. I wouldn’t have had an issue if they weren’t pushed back to where the husband had to leave for work with me still there.
C: anyway, what’s the phone number so we can switch it over again, and this is the last time we’re doing it.
Me: 555-552-5555 (the only important part is the middle with the 2)
C: 552? That’s a landline not a cellphone. Our office is 552 and we only have landlines. They must have a home phone that they haven’t told you about.
Me: I’ve been using that number since I started these consumers, they only have two cells. There’s no house phone
C: there must be, 552 isn’t a cell number.
Me: *asks consumer’s husband who’s listening the whole time*
Husband: yeah it’s 552, I may be old but I know my phone number.
Me: it’s 552. He confirmed it.
(At this point its 10 minutes after I got there and I can hear C telling my boss that both of us are lying and that it’s not a cell)
C: well hang up and call us from that number so we can save it.
So instead the husband asks if I can call his cell to prove it’s right. So I block my number and dial it. It’s right.
So I call the office back, again. This time I get my headboss, V.
Me: hi me again, I called his cell phone that was right in front of us and it’s the 552 number. He was right.
V: well that’s weird, let me change it so you can clock in.
And then all was suddenly well. There was no apologies for them insisting I and the consumer were lying, and I ended clocking in 15 minutes late for something that should’ve only taken 2.
I hate this job so much and it’s almost made me have two mental breakdowns on the clock. Fuck this job and fuck this company

Imagine being Crowley’s Daughter

Part one


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- Whenever Crowley was angry with you, he would hiss that you reminded him of your filthy Mortal mother, whom had died over 200 years ago.

-you felt the same way about her, and Crowley knew it, so you took it as a great insult and would turn around and hiss back, “Well at least I know who my mummy is. Tell me Fergus, do you know who your daddy is?”

-You only called him Fergus when you wanted to get under his skin.

-When you talk about the boys, you have to use the nicknames your father gave them, because he can’t tell who is who when you use your nicknames.

-The boys know when Crowley calls you on your cell…. mostly because his ringtone is Mr. Crowley, and his name in your phone was This Is Your Father.

-All the demons know when you were calling cause his ringtone for you was Kryptonite, cause you were his Kryptonite.

-There was one day where a demon instructed you to get off your father’s throne, with a snap you turned them into black goo, and once he was done melting you smiled up from your clipboard and asked, “Anyone else wanna add anything? No? Good, now will someone please clean this up, and get me my wine?”

-you were never a crossroad Demon, your father would have rather had you working as one of Lucifer’s paper pushers, or as the caretaker to the Hell Hounds.

-they only listened to you, including Lucifer’s. It was one of the reasons he was conceived you were his soulmate, and that you should procreate with Samuel.

- when your father went paling around with Demon Dean, you were the only one who knew there exact location. No other Demon was allowed the information, but everyone knew that you would take off to drink with them and convince your father to change him back.


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-When Sam was torturing a Demon they screamed, “why don’t you go ask your precious Princess!” Once the Demon was disposed of, he wondered why he had never asked before.

-Your ringtone for Sam was the moose song (yes the children’s song), you ignored the call. Demon Dean questioned you on the call but you snapped and said, “Don’t you have some bimbo you should be screwing in my father’s bed right now?”

-Sam’s ringtone for you was Angel of Darkness. He ran to the phone as soon as he hearded it and gasped a hello. You told him the exact location.

- Dean called you after he was cured, since you couldn’t step foot in the bunker (thanks to all the Warding) and thanked you for your help. However he was unaware that as he spoke to you, you were out looking for a cure to get that thing off his arm.

-Your father was furious the next time he saw you, however you just looked at him and said, “Please you are just upset that Moose doesn’t know you thought of that move first, but were too chicken to go through with it.”

-when Sam ended up in the cage, you tried to contact Dean. However it went to voicemail. You wanted to get Sam out, soul and all, but you needed Dean’s help.

-You didn’t know Sam was out of the cage, however once you did, and learned of Crowley’s and Cas’s arrangement you were furious that they left you out.


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- While the three of you worked hard to collect all the souls from Purgatory, you and Cas formed an odd companionship. It was to the point where you would both watch movies together on a bed in the warehouse and fall asleep on each other’s shoulders.

- You never really got over the fact that Cas saved Sam’s vessel but not his soul, and you tried many times to get Lucifer to give it to you, so that you could repair it. However he refused.

-You recorded your own ringtone for the angel, and set it up. Every time you would call or text his phone would vibrate and moan. You also changed your name to My Demon Bestie

-Your ringtone for him was Send Me an Angel.

- When Lucifer took over Cas he tried to sleep with you, however at the first moment he leaned in for a kiss you harshly whispered at him, “Where is my Raven you serepent?”

-The first time the boys took your father prisoner you showed up and began pounding on the door, causing the Men of Letters and their stupid warding.

- “DEAN AND SAMUEL WINCHESTER YOU TURN OFF THAT WARDING IMMEDIATELY SO I DON’T HAVE TO KICK YOUR ASSES TWICE! LET ME IN!!!!!!” Your voice carried through the forested area as your pounds filled the bunker.

-Your father smirked when Dean came to tell Sammy that they had to alter the warding, “told ya she would come.” He slyly responded as Sam sighed.


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- Dean went outside to talk to you, he seemed to be the only one who could talk you down when you were like this.

- “Sweetheart…”

“Don’t you sweetheart me! I demand you release my father, and I demand you to it now.”

“No can do sweet cheeks.”

- Dean was the only person who could call you pet names other then your father, however the primary one he always called you was….

- “listen Princess I can’t let you in the Bunker if you are standing out here screaming your pretty little head off and flashing those red eyes.”

- When he called you princess you would roll your eyes and sarcastically reply, “Listen Prince Charming.”

-On your phone He was labeled as Impala67 and his ringtone was Eye of the Tiger

- on his phone your name was just 🖤👑 and your ringtone was Cherry Pie.

- You were the one that told Rowena where to find the cure. You held Charlie and Rowena translate and once it was casted you zapped yourself to wherever Dean and Sam were, so that you could confirm that it worked.

-Dean was the one who admired your work with any weapon, his favorite to watch you handle however was the Angel blade. He once asked you how you were so good, and you just laughed and said you learned from the king of the most torturagey torture.


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Secretly in Love - Seth Clearwater x Lahote!Reader

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Fandom: Twilight

Pairing: Seth x Lahote!Reader

World: Slight AU

Word Count: 3,345 (about 7 pages)

Warning(s): N/A? (If you think there are any, please tell me!)

 Sitting in the bed of Paul’s pickup truck, I lean against the cooler, my knee drawn to my chest as I watch my brother and my best friend rough house. Seth tackles Paul, before my brother switches it around so that Seth is put into a headlock, Paul tugs on Seth’s long hair as the younger boy squirms and yelps as he attempts to wrestle out of my brother’s wolf-like grip. Paul, despite being part of Sam’s pack, still makes time to chaperon Seth and I’s hang out sessions, or as Paul likes to call them, my ogling sessions. Yeah yeah, so I have a crush on my best friend, but, it’s hard not to like Seth. He’s kinda, and cute, and strong, though not as strong as my brother and the other wolves, he’s friendly to everyone, and even though it makes me jealous, he can never leave a crying girl alone. I bite my lip as I slide forward on the bed of the truck, hopping down as I grab Paul by the back of his hair, and tug his head up. “Alright, you’ve made your point. Let’s eat.” I release him as he lets Seth go, and the two of them smirk at each other as I pull he folded picnic blanket and the cooler off he back of the truck.

 “What’d you make this time?” Seth asks as he takes the cooler from my arms, we walk side by side along the shore of First Beach, Paul stayed behind at the truck under the pretense of finding a closer place to park.

 “I brought a thermos of cocoa, some of my homemade pita chips and guacamole, a bowl of my potato and broccoli cheese soup, and a plate of deviled eggs, along with a plate of my Irish cheddar potato bites. I also brought your favorite sandwich, tomato, avocado, bacon, and cheese, along with some homemade steak jerky.” I state, cause Seth to get that adorable little hop in his step.

 “Oooh, that sounds good!” Seth says, grinning as I smile a him, tolling my eyes at his lovable puppy dog demeanor.

 “I’m glad you approve.” I state as I unfold the blanket as we come to a stop in the same place as always, flinging the blanket across the ground to sit down as Seth sits down, placing the cooler between us. “I also brought sodas.” I state, pulling a Dr. Pepper out for him, and a Sprite out for me, just as Seth pops the tab on his, my cell phone rings in my pocket, causing me to shift off my knees to pull the flip phone free of my shorts. “Hello?”

 “Mary, Sam called for emergency patrol. Stay on the beach with Seth, and don’t tell Dad that I left you with a boy.” Paul urges from the other side of the phone.

 “I never do. Hey… Be safe.” I murmur, cause him to chuckle.

 “I will squirt.” He answers, before hanging up as I turn to Seth, who looks at me worried.

 “That was Paul, his lordship beckons.” I wave the phone for a second, before I flip it shut, slipping the phone into my pocket once more.

 “Man, I don’t know why your brother always runs whenever Sam calls him. Do you have to go home now?” I shake my head, causing Seth to pump his fist triumphantly. “Great! We can hang out for a while now!” After we talk and eat, he and I walk up and down along the sea shore, his arm wrapped around my shoulder as the sun starts to set.

 “Okay, so we’ve talked about physically everything, from diapers, save for relationship stuff.” Seth finally brings up the touchy subject we’ve avoided. “Last I knew, you were dating that Lance kid. How’s he feel about you hanging out with me every day.” I turn to look at him to a raised eyebrow.

 “Jealous Sethy? You know you’re my number one guy.” I tease, and Seth shakes his head as I sigh, and frown, falling back into step with him. “I wouldn’t kiss him, so he dumped me.”

 “Wait, what?” Seth look at me in surprise.

 “He kept pressuring me about not kissing him, but see, I didn’t want my first kiss to just be like nothing, I wanted it to be special.” I wince, realizing what I had just inadvertently admitted my long time crush and best friend.

 “Wait, he dumped you cause he kept pressuring you for your first kiss, when you weren’t ready?” Seth asks, looking at me, a frown on his face, and a furrow in his brows. “That’s messed up.” He reaches out, tucking dark brown, almost black, lock behind my ear as he looks into my eyes, and I duck my head as I blush, before I smirk as I shove him back into the water, causing him to gape up at me. “You asked for it!” He shouts, causing me to shriek as I dash down the beach, he jumps up to chase after me, I kick off my shoes, stopping to pull my top outfit off as Seth lets me, and throw it towards the blanket as I dash past it, leaving me in my two piece swimwear as Seth dashes after me again. I let out a shriek as his arm wraps around my middle as he lifts me from my feet, he stumbles over the added weight of my body, and we go falling into the shallows, when we surface for air the two of us are laughing, our legs are tangled as I splash him in the face, and he chuckles, splashing me back. I shove a great big wave back in his face, when he sputters on the water, causing me to giggle, shifting to get up when his arm tightens around my middle, and I look at him.

 “What?” I ask, he doesn’t answer, just searches my eyes for something as he moves a wet strand of hair from my cheek to around my ear, and I still under his touch when his leans in closer, his lips hover over mine, and I jolt free. “What’re you doing?!”

 “What?!” Seth asks, seeming to break free from whatever hold was on him. “I wasn’t doing anything! What were you doing?!” He denies angrily, my heart aches and pounds in my chest at the same time, and I climb to my feet, hugging my arms to my chest from the cold that suddenly encroaches my body and bones without his body heat.

 “I-I have to go.” I hurry away, realizing the signs that have been starting to appear.

   <3 days later>

 Seth stands shivering, shaking, on my front doorstep, his body caked with sweat, and wrapped in five different sweater, tears in his eyes. Paul is trying to direct him away as I hide in the kitchen, knowing that there’s a possibility that he could phase from anger, and I don’t want to be near that- Paul could heal, I can’t. “She’s my best friend, Paul. Just… Let me see her, please.” Seth begs, it’s agony to hear the pain in his voice, and when I finally step out, Seth’s expression is on of elation, causing Paul to turn, eyeing me as I nod to him, and slowly take a few steps forward, stopping.

 “Seth, you’re sick, you need to be at home, resting.” I plead, causing his face to crumple as Paul leave the room, staying close for my sake, and for Seth’s. He’s already starting to get the muscles that come with the shift, I can tell.

 “I’m fine.” Even as he says this, he double overs in agony as I feel a gasp rip out of my throat as I rush to his side, worried hands hovering over his back, afraid of my touch setting him off.

 “Seth, please, go home. Get some rest. You’re so sick, you should be in bed, if not for your sake, then for mine. I worry for you!” I attempt to plead with him once more, and he looks at me with pain filled eyes once more. “Sethy, please, I- Please, you need to go home. You can’t keep pushing yourself,” I caress his face. “for me.”

 “Walk home with me, at least?” He asks, and I bite my lip, shooting a worried look over my should at Paul, who nods in understanding, before I look back at Seth, and nod.

 “Alright Seth, I’ll walk you home.” With that, I grab my jacket from the hook by the door, tugging it on over my outfit as we leave, walking down the path of the woods, towards his house.

 “Sorry, we haven’t been able to hang out.” Seth apologizes, sounding somewhat like a kicked puppy, and I frown with a sigh.

 “Seth, you’ve been sick. You don’t have to apologize. If anyone should apologize, it should be me- I know how clingy we both are when we’re sick, and I hadn’t come to visit you in the past few days.” I let out another sigh.

 “Dad says that’s a good thing. I actually snuck out today.” I look at him in surprise.


 “Seth stay back!” Sue shouts from the house, we both turn in time to see Leah whirl around, shaking and shivering, quivering in anger, rage rolling off her as her skin splits and suddenly a large gray wolf is standing in her place, and my breath hitches in my chest as my head snaps over at Seth, who’s body jolts as agonizing screams rips from him, and his flesh rips away, and in his place is a tall, gangly wolf with sandy colored fur, and over-sized fur, my head snaps over to Sue, and her eyes are yelling for me to run for help. Turning on my heels, I dash back through the trees towards my house, screaming for Paul and for Sam, and as if Paul could hear me from miles away, which is likely, a big gray wolf dashes past me as I fall against a tree, catching myself as I let out a breath, sniffling in relief. Brushing tears from my eyes, I take a deep breath, a shakily step up to the house, closing the door, and falling against it, burying my head in my knees as I resign myself too the fact that I have lost my brother and now, I’ve love my best friend and love to the shift.

 My breath catches in my throat, my eyes widening at that. Was I in love with Seth? Was it more than a crush? Dammit Mary, leave it to you to fall in love in the most pathetic way. With someone who’s probably got an imprint out there, just waiting for his love. I let out a sigh, standing as I move to my room, lying in my bed with tears trailing down my face, fearful and tearful. Things were never going to be the same.

   <Six Months>

 It is six months to the day, from Seth and Leah’s shift, that I finally find myself standing on Sam and Emily’s front step, a week and a half after some vampire battle that involve the Cullen’s and their human Bella. I was tasked with sitting with the imprints Emily, Kim, and Emily’s niece, Claire, for protection. Sighing, I run my fingers through my hair, before tugging and readjusting my outfit, and open the screen door, before entering the kitchen to see Emily look up from the pots and pans on the stove. “Hi Mary!’ She calls with a grin.

 “Hi Emily, how’s it going? Where are the boys and Leah?” I ask.

 “It’s going good, just cooking for when they all get back from patrol.” She says, causing me to look at her in surprise as I hop up on the counter, grabbing an apple from the bowl on the table before hand.

 “All of them at once?” I ask, she smiles at me.

 “Wanted to make sure that they got all of the newborns that Victoria had made.” Emily explains. “They’ll be back soon.” As if on cue, Paul and Jacob come bursting into the door, rough housing, Jared following with Quil dragged along behind him in a headlock, before Sam comes in, walking up to Emily, and wraps his arms around her waist, peppering kisses across her lips and down her scars, causing Emily to blush and giggle before Sam looks at me.

 “Nice to see ya back, Mary. Planning on sticking around long?” Sam asks as I shrug, biting into my apple. Leah walks in as Sam presses another kiss to Emily’s lips, and rolls her eyes, I kick my legs as I munch on my apple, waiting for my best friend, knowing that he’s more than likely angry at me.

 “Sam, hey, how long do you think-” Seth stops the minute he enters the kitchen, and I look up, our eyes meeting, his eyes widen, his knees giving out as I blush as look away, my heart kicking into over drive, suddenly I hear Paul from the front room.

 “SETH!!” And Paul is barreling out of the living room, towards Seth, who snaps out of his reverie with a yelp, scrambling to his feet to make a mad dash for the door, and I pitch my apple at Paul’s head as I hop off the counter, causing Paul to freeze, on hand on the dinner table that he was able to jump, and everyone in the kitchen looks at me in shock.

 “What is going on in here? Why would you just attack my best friend for no reason?!” I scream at Paul, and Seth hesitantly raises his hand at that, causing me to frown. “Seth?”

 “Well, I-I-it’s cause I sorta… maybe… kinda… imprinted on you?”Seth clears his throat as a blush engulfs my cheeks, and I swallow thickly, looking away.

 “Oh.” I choke out, I hold up a finger as I tilt my head, opening my mouth, then my mouth snaps shut, and I start out the door, snatching Seth’s ear on the way past. Tugging the young wolf out to the yard, I let go off his ear, pretty much tossing him away as I run my tongue along the outside of the bottom teeth in annoyance, rounding on the boy as he catches himself on the red sticks and dirt, standing to smile at me at I clench my fists, crossing my arms at him. “Is what Paul said true?”

 “What?” Seth’s smile falls.

 “You’re imprinted on me?” I demand, causing his brow to furrow as he runs his fingers through his hair, and looks at the house, then back at me.

 “I mean, I dunno. It just sorta… happened. Look, it doesn’t matter- where have you been?” Seth tries changing the subject, causing me to frown.

 “No, this is way more important than my disappearance, Seth!” I state in exasperation.

 “No, it’s not! You were gone. Disappeared. My sister shifted. I shifted. My dad died. And my best friend, aka you were nowhere to be found.” Seth snap, causing me to growl, my fingers finding purchase in my hair.

 “Seth you’re no getting it!  You’re bound to me, in some Supernatural tie that means that in one way or another, we are destined to be together. Be it like family, friends, or lovers. We’re stuck together, and… and… and-”

 “And what, Mary?!” Seth finally yells.

 “AND I KNOW YOU AREN’T IN LOVE WITH ME LIKE I AM WITH YOU!” My voice echos through the clearing, resounding with a clap as tears burn as my eyes, stunning Seth as Emily, Sam, Paul, Leah, and the other members of the pack step out on the back porch, staring at us in shock as my breathing quickens, and I turn away, hiding my face as a heated blend indignation and embarrassment floods my cheeks.

 “Mar-” I take of running, my heart aching as tears well over their prisons in my eyes, I sniffle as I duck branches, jump over logs, feeling loose twigs cut and rip at my skin, tearing my loose clothes, and leafs come loose in my hair, pulling my bun free, running and running until my legs finally give out. I fall to the forest floor, curling up for warm as I start to shiver, realizing that it’s raining, it’s also darker now, that I’ve probably running for a good half an hour to an hour, and to top it all off, I am completely and horribly lost. Squeezing my eyes shut tight, I sniffle and curl even tighter into a ball, sobbing as tears streak down my dirty face, my wetness seeps into my bones alone with my shiver, causing an ache to burn in my bones and muscles, making me wish that I had never ran in the first place, that I had just stayed, and talked, but I was so mortified that I didn’t wanted to even be in Seth’s presence anymore. The walls of trees seems to breath, every crow of a bird, or call of an animal seems to be a carnivorous predator just looming in the dark, waiting to strike and eat my entire being whole. “Mary!” I jolt up into a sitting position, wiping ears from my face as Seth bursts from the treeline, on to stop a few feet from me, his smile vanishing when he sees my state.

 “S-Seth.” I stammer through my cold.

 “Oh, Mary, you had me so worried!” He finally comes forward, crossing to pull me into his arms, and I curl into a ball, huddling against his warmth as he lifts me into his arms. “You didn’t even let me say anything.”

 “Y-Y-You d-didn’t have to.” I stammer out, shivering as he shifts so he’s holding me closer. “I-I-I don’t want you to love me because I love you, because of the Imprint bond. I want you to love me because, you love me without the imprint bond.” I sniffle, a few tears running down my dirty cheeks. “I-I-I’ve always loved you Sethy, t-that’s why I’ve never wanted to kiss anyone else. I’ve always wanted you to want me. I’ve always wanted you to be my first kiss.” I confess as he sets me down, reaching out to cup my face, brushing ears away from my face.

 “Mary, it’s not just the Imprint bond that made me drawn to you- you know that. You and I, we’ve always been impossible to describe.” Seth chuckles, leaning down to butt his forehead softly against mine. “We play video games together, we cook together, we go to see movies together, we’re inseparable. You came to me with heartbreaks, and I came to you with heartaches, and we had dinner with each other’s families. We’d sleepover at each other’s houses, we shared our childhoods together, hell- I remember getting the chickenpox together. We’d sneak away under the kitchen table, and scratch eachother’s backs, you remember that?” I laugh tearfully at that. “You’re my best friend. You’re my only friend. You’re more than my whole life, and I wanted to tell you, that day when you ran away from me at the beach, that, imprint or not, I love you.” My breath hitches in my throat, and tears star to fall down my my cheeks as he smiles at me, leaning down to press his lips passionately to my own, my eyes fluttering shut as I kiss back, my arms winding around his neck, fingers twisting him his hair.

 “I love you too, Seth.” I breath as we pull back, my eyes flutter open, and his brown gaze holds a mischievous glint to them. “What?”

 “Special enough for ya?” He tease.

 “You’re impossible!” With that, he stoops down, sealing his lips over my own once more, kissing me again, as he picks me up, spinning me around while we kiss, and I giggle as I pull away, the two of us smiling and grinning like buffoons. “But yes, very special indeed.”

Rambling Reply

Dearest Anonymous,

I’m not certain as to where your missive went, between the cell phone and the computer, but thank you for your concerns about whether I’m a real dominant or not.  I’ll try to briefly address your concerns.

I only call myself dominant because it’s a common community term here, which gives a short-cut to communication.  Mostly I use the term because others have accused me of the behavior.  If I’m not a real one, that doesn’t particularly bother me - my identity isn’t defined by silly labels, so what I’m called, and by whom, is immaterial.

I lament you find my posts weak and revealing, as that is rather the point.  Many put their “best foot forward” on the internet.  I’m just me, strengths, weaknesses, wisdom, depression, warts and all.  Having nothing to prove to anyone on earth, frees me to be honest about who I am, on or off the internet.  Oddly, my “weak submissive posts on depression” I see as a strength.  I want others to understand that they aren’t alone, that feelings can lie, and that something is a weakness only if allowed to be perceived as one.

Others, such as the inestimable @instructor144, admit to enduring depression, and I completely agree that his exercising to overcome is an example and inspiration to us all.  But consider, not everyone is physically able to run, or even walk a long distance.  This will undoubtedly convince you that I’m not a real dominant, but my military experience left me 90% disabled, and fighting NOT to be rated 100% - I want to work.   Yes, another public admission of weakness.

Who is stronger?  The one who admits a weakness, doesn’t try to hide it, and publicly seeks to overcome, accepting the help and support of others, or someone who hides behind “Anonymous”?

I’m So Scared

Words: 1,085

Summary: Peter is scared that he won’t be able to keep you safe.

Author’s Note: Even though I am sure this has been done before, I wanted write it! I hope you guys enjoy it! REQUESTS ARE OPEN


Originally posted by sumerlynxd

The loud patter of rain cascaded against the window in my room as I waited for it to stop. I checked the time and saw that it was around the time where Peter and  I would meet up at the sandwich shop. It didn’t seem like it was going to stop anytime soon so I grabbed a rain jacket and umbrella. 

I made my way out of the apartment and down the stairs. I opened the umbrella and started to walk towards the shop as it began raining harder. I saw Delmar’s and made sure to knock off the excess water droplets before I entered. I saw Peter sitting at one of the tables near the window.

“Hey babe,” Peter said as he stood up and gave me a hug. I quickly pressed a kiss to his cheek and took my jacket off, “This weather came out of nowhere,” he said as we sat down.

“I know, I was going to come sooner but I didn’t think the rain would stop anytime soon. How long have you been waiting?” I asked as I stole a sip from Peter’s drink.

“Not that long. I would wait an eternity for you,” he said as he began eating the sandwich he ordered as he smiled.

“Aren’t you a gentleman,” I said as I admired him, “you know I love you Peter,” I continued as I wore my heart on my sleeve. 

“I mean who can resist me?” he said as I threw a fry at him and made a look that showed him I was serious,”I love you too.” Peter and I talked about how school was and how awful Flash was to Peter today.

Peter looked down at his phone and saw that it was nearly seven and almost dark outside. 

“Oh, (Y/N), I hate to say this but I have a meeting with Mr. Stark that I can’t miss,” Peter said as he grabbed his jacket and kissed me on the forehead, “Bye I love you.” He said as he was almost out the door.

“Be safe Peter, on the way there too,” I said as I knew what goes on in the night. I knew he was Spider-Man and I’m glad he could tell me.If anything I believe it brought us closer even though I don’t see him as often. I decided that it was time for me to go. I grabbed my jacket with my umbrella and thanked Mr. Delmar on the way out.

I put the umbrella away as it stopped raining and decided to go the short way home. I knew I should have thought about where the shortcut went but all I wanted was to get home.

“Hey sugar, where do you think you’re going?” the deranged man said but I just kept walking and ignored him. Another man suddenly got in front of me.

“Come on little lady, don’t be like that, we just want to have some fun. That’s all.” the other one said as I kept on walking backwards before the first man wrapped his arms around me. I screamed bloody murder before they pinned me up against the wall holding my mouth shut. 

“No screaming. I thought you would know that.” He slammed me against the wall again and this time I thought I was going to pass out.

“Please, don’t hurt me,” I said as the tears flowed down my cheeks. The men looked at each other and then back at me.

“I think we know exactly what we’re going to do,” he said as he brought out a knife, “We’re going to have a little fun.” Before he could do anything to me a web wrapped around the man’s hand and brought it backwards hitting the two men in the face. I soon recognized it to be Spider-Man, or should I say Peter Parker.

He webbed the two men against the wall and used a nearby cell phone to call nine one one. Peter soon came over to me and wrapped me in his arms. 

“Oh my gosh (Y/N), are you okay? Are you hurt?” he said as he pulled back to look at me. I broke out into uncontrollable sobs.

“Just take me home please,” I said in between sobs and pulled Peter closer to me. He wrapped his hand around my waist and started swinging around the city to take me home. We eventually reached my bedroom window and he made sure I got in okay. 

“Are you okay here by yourself?” He asked as he placed his hands on the sides of my face. I simply nodded as he kissed my forehead and nodded his head, “i will be right back okay?” I nodded again as he exited my room through the window. 

I waited patiently for Peter to come back but decided that I should probably change my clothes and seek the comfort of my pajamas. It wasn’t long after before I heard another knock but this time coming from the apartment door. I made my way over and opened the door to see a disheveled Peter standing outside the door. He had tears in his eyes and I had never seen him so upset.

“Peter, please, come in,” I said as I opened the door even more and he came in slowly. He turned around and gave me a long hug. I eventually pulled back and placed my hands on the side of his face. “Peter, why are you so upset?” I asked as I wiped his tears away.

“I am so scared (Y/N), what if I was a second later today? What would have happened to you? I want to keep you safe.” he said as he cried even harder. 

“Peter come with me,” I grabbed his hand and made him follow me so we could sit on my bed, “This all could have been avoided if I went the other way home. You did nothing wrong don’t feel guilty. I love you,” I said as I pressed a kiss to his lips. 

“I am so sorry (Y/N). I will try to be there for you. I love you too.” He said as he kissed me back. I decided that it was probably good if Peter slept over with me so that he wasn’t alone. I brushed his hair back and turned off the lights. I pulled back the covers and snuggled up for him making sure that I was there for him and he was there for me.

not-mardo  asked:

I recently read I fic called call me Neil and it was about how Andrew accidentally called a wrong number a d it was Neil and they both never meet but talk to each other on the phone for years until Neil needs help and Andrew comes to him. I wanted to ask if they’re re similar fic with this kind of premise where they’re kind of pen pals like don’t meet but communicate with each other for years and become friends and kind of meet for the first time some thing like this? Thank you all for ur work

Yes, wrong number fics! the best place to look is probably our social media tag and our neighbors tag. they have similar vibes

you used to call me on my cell phone by OneSweetMelody (T | 20,337 | 20/20)

Neil needs a ride home. Matt isn’t answering his texts.

Wrong Number AU

Wrong Number by AsfaHan (Not Rated | 4,903 | 1/?)

Neil needs help, so he calls someone. It wasn’t the one he wanted, but the one he needed.
A Phone Booth AU, not the movie.

Call Me Neil by BakaDoll (M | 16,678 | 1/1)

Andrew is 13 and his life is already a living hell. He decides to call a crisis hotline, but ends up dialing the wrong number. Instead, he is on the phone to a boy his age who calls himself Neil. They become friends and talk regularly, until one day Neil needs Andrew’s help.

The Parent Trap - Part Eleven

Character: Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 954

Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five - Part Six - Part Seven - Part Eight - Part Nine - Part Ten

Summary: When Dean shows up in the middle of the night unexpectedly, the reader learns that he knows more than he lets on and has a similar secret.


   The only time anyone ever knocked on your door at two AM was when you hunted. They never came bearing good news; it was either inconvenient or a trap. You never answered the door weaponless, especially at two in the morning, so when rapping wakes you from sleep at quarter past, you snatch up the pistol you keep hidden on a top shelf and prepare to use it. Small as it is, even small silver bullets will slow down most things.

   But you don’t need it, as it turns out. The knocker is only Dean. His presence is both a relief and a surprise, and he confuses you further by entering your house without a word.

   “What the hell?” you hiss.

   “Why do you have a gun?”

   “Because someone was knocking on my door in the middle of the night!”

   “You’re expecting me.”

   “What? Why would I be expecting you at this hour?”

   Dean furrows his eyebrows and crosses his arms. “Ramona called me like half an hour ago. Said she was homesick and to please come get her.”

   “Nobody called anybody.”

   “She used your cell, and I have the call history.”

   “Dean, the kids have been asleep for hours. Ramona is just fine, and I have no idea … oh, son of a bitch, he did not.” Pursing your lips, you check your purse for your phone, but you find it missing. “Mitchell.”

Keep reading

It’s me (Sam/Dean X Sister/brother reader)

Request: By @bartallenisbae

“Please write a Dean and Sam Winchester x reader about the reader claiming she is their half-sister and her running from home to meet them and later telling them she ran away because her mother is abusive.

Pronouns: Non-specific

Warnings: Abuse(I’ll put a warning around the abusive scene.) running away, alcohol

Words: 1043

You were home alone that night because your mother was out working late. Due to it being a Friday night she was probably going to be out most, if not all, night. You fixed some dinner and just messed around on your computer. It was about 3 am and you were just about to head off to bed when the doorknob stopped moving. She was going to be pissed when she finds out you are still up. You ran upstairs and quietly shut your door. You didn’t even turn on the lights. After putting your laptop down you slid into bed hoping she wouldn’t notice.

She knew you were up, due to the lights being on and shadows moving around. After Adam died, she became an angry alcoholic. Sadly enough she took it out on you. She seemed fine when she was sober, but when she wasn’t she was evil.  I mean it was only the two of you in the house, but you were tired of it and you were ready to leave. You contemplated leaving multiple times but never could find the courage to. Not until tonight, when she stormed into your room and slammed the door. Knocking the picture of you and Adam off of the wall. It shattered into a million pieces.


“All you do is sit around! I don’t understand why it couldn’t have been you instead! He was the perfect child, you were always a brat. I should have given you away when I had the chance, but nobody wanted you! Why don’t you go find and live with your dad! Oh, wait, you can’t, because he’s dead.” She screamed.

“Mom. Stop yelling. Please.” You begged. Which only made her angrier.

“Why you don’t like it, then leave.” She spat and stormed out.


You sat there, tears streaming down your face. That’s when you decided it was time to go. You flipped on your little lamp and pulled out your duffle bag. You threw in some clothes and a few pictures of you and Adam. You got out your jar of cash you had saved and the number and address Sam gave you when the whole thing with Adam happened. You slipped on a pair of jeans and a flannel and your shoes and quietly slipped out your door. You noticed your mom was already passed out on the couch. Pulling a blanket over her figure, you walked out the front door. Never to be seen again.

You walked a few miles to the train station and sat there waiting for the train that was luckily headed straight to Lebanon, Kansas. You had a half hour wait, so you decided to call Sam and give him a heads up. You found a payphone in the corner and walked over to it. You would have used your cell, but you left that at home, so your mom couldn’t try tracking it to find you.

You looked at the little paper and dialed the number that Sam gave you. The phone started ringing.

“Hello?” Someone answered.

“Is this Sam?” You quietly asked.

“Yes. Can I help you? Who is this?” He asked.

“It’s me, Y/N. Adam’s was my brother.” You explained anxiously.

“Y/N, is everything alright? You sound stressed.” Sam asked. You could hear the concern in his voice.

“I’m going to Lebanon, Kansas. Will you guys meet me at the train station there? I’ll explain everything. I should be there around 8 a.m. I’m sorry to wake you.” You apologize suddenly realizing the time.

“Hey, it’s alright. We will be there.” Sam confirmed just as the speakers announcing that you should board the train.

“Well, I gotta go, see you soon. Also, if you get a call from my mom don’t tell her where I’m going.” You said and hung up. Picking up your bag, you headed to your train. The train was relatively empty, besides a guy probably in his 20’s who seemed to be traveling, and an older lady who looked like she was going somewhere fancy. You sat next to the window and watched as the train started moving. You started to feel guilty and anxious, but this was for the best. You also felt a sense of relief.

You soon drifted off to sleep. It was suddenly day and you were still on the train. Someone cleared their throat next to you. You looked over to see Adam sitting there.

“Adam?” You whispered.

“Yeah. It’s me. Sort of. Well, I’m dream Adam.” He explained.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t have nowhere else to run. They are the safest place for me right now. I feel like I betrayed you.” You softly explained.

“Y/N, you never had betrayed me and never will. The only person who’s been betrayed around here is you. And that’s by mom. I came to tell you that you are doing the right thing. As much as you hate to believe it, Sam and Dean are good people. You can trust them and you should trust them. Now, I hate to go now, but you know how long dream world is compared to the real world. So, I’m going to go and when I leave you should wake up and you’ll be there. Remember, Y/N, I love you so much. You’ll be okay. I believe in you.” He said and disappeared.

“I love you too.” You said to nothing. Then you woke up. You’re in the train again, but this time it’s real life. You noticed as the train just came to a stop right at your stop. You grabbed your bag and stood up. Looking back at your seat to make sure you didn’t drop anything, you walked off of the train.

You stepped into the station and noticed Sam first. Your brothers walked over to you and smiled.

“Ready to go?” Dean asked and you nodded. You followed them out to their car.

As Dean began to drive off they started asking questions.

What happened? Is anything chasing you? Did you come into contact with Demons? Etc. Etc.

You explained the basics of what happened and they asked no more questions and you spent the rest of the ride in silence.