you taught me forgiveness

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um just wondering but like isn't @waxversic like a really bad influence? anyway like i went through theyre blog and I really thing you could do better TBH. not that theyre not cool but IDK I dont think they would be as studious and kind and helpful as you, they seem really feisty and hotheaded and abrasive LOL!! anyway gurl love ya, been following you for years! and @waxversic isnt so bad as I just think their a weird match for you!!!!!!

honestly who the fuck are you??? sam is literally staying up at fuckin 3 in the goddamn morning studying for a big ass  exam she has tomorrow, and she wastes time out of her days just to calm me down when im incredibly anxious or depressed, she is one of the kindest and most generous people i know, and tbh i fucking love how feisty she is, i want her to kick my fucking ass and call me names smh i adore her!!! i love her confidence and her passion and her strange sense of humor, i love everything about her!!! so!! fucking!! much!! she’s literally saved me from fucking committing suicide so please dont tell me who you think i should or shouldnt be dating?? like wtf?? shes the perfect match for me cause she fucking gives me a reason to wake up in the morning and not fucking kill myself, and most importantly i love AND WANT to be with her, so stfup ur face im tired and gay and very emotional get out of my face u rude, you know nothing about me, or her, or us at all

we’re getting married in december and ur not invited

2016 taught me...

New year always bring good vibes and new breath, new hope. But nothing will change if we still do the same, darling. So, than write the never checked resolutions, this time I prefer to write what I got in 2016.

  • 2016 taught me that family will always love and forgive you. No matter what. Do not turn away from them.

  • 2016 taught me to be a better listener. The more I quite, the more I learn.

  • 2016 taught me that it’s okay to be mad, bored of being hurt, and leave.

  • 2016 taught me that work with your heart will lead you to something bigger.

  • 2016 taught me that being nice is more important that being right.

  • 2016 taught me that time is the most precious thing than anything.

  • 2016 taught me that nothing is wrong with being single, decide to not marry yet, than end up with the very wrong guy.

  • 2016 taught me that there are many people who has more tragically problem.

  • 2016 taught me that some people better stay as memory.

  • 2016 taught me that it is okay not be friend with everyone.

  • 2016 taught me that forgive doesn’t mean you have put them back in your life.

  • 2016 taught me that sharing your food won’t make you broke.

  • 2016 taught me that loving could be this exhausted. Stop. And move on. I deserve better love.

Thank you, 2016. I learned a lot.

Dear Mom

Dear Mom, I hope you know how important you are.

You taught me to make up songs for everything

Because life is always better with a little music in it

You showed me Disney movies and how to put on makeup

What to do with boys who love me and boys who love my body and how to tell the difference.

Dear Mom, you taught me how to be a lady

With hands folded and legs crossed

But always reminded me to feed the lions in my chest and hold them at the ready.

You taught me to be the type to catch bullets in my teeth

And never to fear the guns pointed in my face

Because I’m a lady, yes, but that doesn’t mean I can’t take my pretty sparkly heels off and send those boys running.

Dear Mom, you taught me things like strength

And the power women could wield

Like sword forged in fire clenched between unwavering palms.

Dear Mom, you taught me to be brave.

You are strong, also because you know how to love.

You taught me passion and forgiveness, when to fight and when it’s okay to walk away

You taught me to always keep laughter in my life.

You taught me that love should build you up and make you stronger

That my heart could handle anything, as long as I never gave up hope

And that this pounding behind my rib cage means that I am alive

That I have a purpose for being here.

Dear Mom,

I don’t have the words.

Thank you.

~A.N.S. (I love you.)

For the past three days my brother has been in a coma and on a life support machine. Today, at 11:02 he passed away. He was my only older brother and the best man I could think of. He would have been a great father to his unborn daughter. I really don’t know what I will do without him.

Scott died because someone decided to drink and drive. His car was crashed into as he was coming home from work and it was upturned. I honestly don’t know how to express the anger and hurt that I feel

Please DO NOT be selfish enough to drink and drive. The consequences hurt so many.

RIP Scott, I promise to look after Mia and tell her how excited he was to meet you and how full of life you were. I promise to look after our little siblings and to teach them how to be brave and honest and forgiving just like you taught me.

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Dear Mother,


I still have your necklace. I know you probably don’t want me to have it, but I can’t just throw away what little I have left to hold on to. I keep hoping maybe one day you and father will contact me, tell me it’s alright. Tell me you forgive me.

You taught me to cook. It’s something I still do. I’ve made so many friends through it, and it’s thanks to you.

You taught me to be kind to people, to understand that I can never fully understand them and forgive their trespasses against me. I still do that too. 

I might not be able to be part of the family, I might be dead to you and father and Misaki, but it’s not the same on my end. You’re all real to me, you all still impact my life. Sometimes, late at night on restless nights, I watch the fire and wonder if this is what you wanted. I know it’s what you and father had to do. I disobeyed, I left, I put you at risk of losing a fourth child. I’m not mad for it. I found… I found many things in the time since you sent me away. I found happiness and sorrow, fear and joy, pain and pleasure. I’ve grown, and I think I finally reached a point in my life. A point where you would be happy for me.

Someday I’ll come home and you’ll see. You won’t be so mad anymore, not when you see the person I’ve become. I miss you, mother. I miss home.


~your little cook

my letters to the signs
  • Aries: You’ve taught me so much about who I am as a person. Forgive me for doing what was best for me. I hope you discover who you really are and aren’t afraid to show it. You deserve so much.
  • Taurus: I will never be able to thank you enough for all you've done for me. Words fail me to describe how truly wonderful you are. You don't get enough credit.
  • Gemini: Your ability to see things from every possible perspective makes you wise beyond your years. You always know exactly what to say to help others. Let others help you more.
  • Cancer: The way you find humor in life is inspiring. You carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, yet you make it seem so simple. I hope you find peace soon.
  • Leo: The adventures with you never stop, and I'm so happy we're in this together. We have each other every step of the way. Just text me back every once in a while.
  • Virgo: Thanks for putting up with all of my bullshit. Your analytical eye is a pain in the ass sometimes, but you always come out on top because of it. Try not to worry so much tho.
  • Libra: I wish I could've gotten to know you better. We could've been pretty good friends but you had 'bigger priorities'. Try not to sell yourself short.
  • Scorpio: I can't really apologize for what I did, especially after how much you manipulated me, but I do wish I never had to hurt you. I hope you've grown from this, somehow.
  • Sagittarius: I can't thank you enough for being my helping hand. You've never steered me in the wrong direction, and I know I can always count on you. Come home more.
  • Capricorn: It's amazing how much you handle each and every day, and yet you still find time to you comfort me and help me at a moment's notice. Don't ever give up when things get hard.
  • Aquarius: Thank you for bringing light and humor into my darkest days. You were a silent leg for me to stand on, waiting in the shadows for the 'ok'. Stay brilliant and magical. Stay you.
  • Pisces: There's so much I want to say to you. I can't wait to explore you, and all that makes you tick. I can't wait for you to finally let me. It's going to be okay. It's going to be incredible.
Others will always inspire you, but can you learn to inspire yourself too? A transcendent brilliant teacher lies within you. It’s the you of the past, it’s the you right now, it’s the you at your best and it’s the you at your worst. So when you look back on some of the times you’ve labeled “bad” days, you can instead remember them as “good” days this inner teacher was providing you. Good days of growth, lessons and evolution. And then you will look at those days and say ‘Thank you for my heartbreak, because it taught me forgiveness. Thank you for my mistakes, because it taught me humility. Thank you for my greed, because it taught me gratitude. Thank you for my flaws, because it taught me acceptance. Thank you for my anger, because it taught me compassion’.
—  Caitlin Japa


How long will you burry me deep inside?
Do you not know I’m the thorn in your side?
You’ve been taught to forgive and forget
Until you acknowledge and release me you’ll live in fret.

I know it happened long ago
But you buried and hid me instead of letting me go.
Now when others get you upset
It’s not them it’s me that’s your biggest threat.

I’m not you enemy I’m your friend
I’m the hurt little child you hid within.
How long will you hide me and bury me away?
I kick, I scream, there must be a better way.

We are not separate we are as one
I’m the part you hate that’s why we don’t have fun.
Embrace me, accept me, and set me free
Once we integrate you will love all of me.

I didn’t enjoy it, it was no fun
It wasn’t my fault, I wasn’t the one.
Yes you was hurt I was too
Why did you disown me? What did I do?

I can help you live and have fun
Just accept me and forgive me so we can become one.
I am a part of your purpose and destiny
Let’s heal each other and set others free.

How often are you going to take the same test?
Fear and insecurity keeps us from being our best.
Please accept me and set me free
When you do you will see how much peace this life can be.


In celebration of my one year anniversary of being on tumblr, I’d like to say thank you to all the people who have made it so fantastic. So much has happened to me in the past year because of this ridiculous website and I’m so grateful for all of it. Not only is it the reason I feel closer to Taylor than I ever have, but it’s the reason I have so many incredible friends (and almost 7k followers??) who mean the absolute world to me. I love you all so much. I don’t know how I got so lucky.

This is going to be a long list but I make no apologies.

@taylorswift - My love. I don’t know what I did to deserve you. You have given me so much happiness over the years, not just through surreal experiences like getting to dance in your kitchen and seeing you pop up in my notifications, but by teaching me how to find it on my own. You’ve taught me how to forgive and that it’s okay to hurt. You are the reason I am who I am, the reason I’m still standing today, and I will spend the rest of my life trying to thank you for that. I love you to the moon and back.

@swiftmeharder - My darling Alice, where would I even be without you? You know everything about me and for some reason still love me anyway. I can talk to you about anything at all, you’re always there for me when I need advice or just anything really. Even if we never get to actually hang out, I’m still so lucky to have such a smart, mature and hilarious friend in my life. Love you always.

@lov-eswift - Sometimes I forget that we’re friends because of tumblr because it feels like I’ve known you for years. Our friendship is completely ridiculous but there is no one I’d rather facetime for hours or have incoherent conversations with about anything (but mostly candy corn). You’re also my only tumblr friend on a texting basis with my mom so there’s that. Lov-e you Sof #bbrb

@innocehnt - Meagan my love, you light up my life. Despite the 14 hour time difference you are one of my closest friends and I don’t know what I would do without you. Whenever I need advice you always make me feel better and you’re one of the funniest people I’ve ever known without ever trying. There is no one I’d rather geek out over our favorite geek with (except maybe @theaustralianswiftie, the other Australian-criminal-minds-obsessed love of my life). Love you babe (and Dani obviously). 

@iknowplacesclean - LEJ! You were my first tumblr friend and a year later you’re still one of my favorite people in the world. You’re always there to make me feel better when I’m upset or nervous or to freak out with me when I’m excited, you are as close to literal sunshine as they come and you deserve nothing but the best. Love you so much.

@givingoutchances - The reason we became friends is because we both think we’re funnier than we are and that pretty much sums up our entire friendship (which is great because it’s really nice when someone else thinks I’m as funny as I do). You are such an amazing, smart, kind person and I’m so lucky to have you in my life. Love you so much Ash.  

@gotdatgoodgirlfaith - Michelle my sweet, you’re easily one of the most humble, kind, thoughtful and adorable people I know and talking to you always makes my day brighter. You are an amazing friend and never fail to put a smile on my face. Never stop being you. Love you so much darling.

@andwellsinghallelujah - Emma dearest, my precious little bundle of sunshine. It’s still crazy to me that if we didn’t have each other’s missing polaroids then I wouldn’t have you in my life to repeatedly make me smile (and Taylor might not have followed you??wtf??) love you so much. 

@un-par-al-leled - You are the one and only person in my life outside of the Taylor Swift fandom that I trust with my blog. I hope you understand what a true honor this is and remember, with great power comes great responsibility. This is my sanctuary, treat it with respect. And also come visit me I’ll buy you chocolate. -Asweckswiss 


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You knew nothing about being a single parent and you knew even less about raising a girl, but you learned and I am forever grateful, in-debt, and proud of you. You taught me how to be strong, independent, loving, and forgiving. You taught me that working hard pays off but most importantly you taught me to love myself. I know it wasn’t easy raising me simple because there were lessons you couldn’t teach me but you made sure I was prepared for them. I will never forget when I first got my period I think you freaked out more then I did. I remember when I told you a white classmate of mine told me I wasn’t Black enough to be Black or Korean enough to be Korean, that was the first time I saw you break down and cry and right after your tears dried you told me that I was enough to be equally both. The day after I found books about Black History and Korean History sitting on my bed. You told me I was a Queen and I should know where I came from, and that even though we had come a long way we have even further to go. So on the day you turn 60 I stand before you proud to call you daddy. Happy Birthday Dad 💙💙💙💙💙

Hi Taylor!
Im Mehmet. Im 16 and i’ve been a fan of yours for 3 years now. I live in Turkey. I tried so long using Tumblr but could only got around to actually using it last summer.

I tried so hard to get noticed by you yesterday, you went online but you didn’t see any of my posts. You liked 15 people’s posts. I’d give everything to be one of them. Im writing songs because of you. You guide me. You taught me to be forgiving, kind and nice to people.

I only have one wish other than that. If you notice me, send me some of the stuff that you sent to your fans last Christmas. Because
does not deliver to our country. I can only buy your albums with my money. And the reason i want those presents are because i’ll never be able to see you or sing along with you in concerts. I hope you see this and make my dreams come true.

Cause im tired of photoshopping people photos with you to make it look like i had a picture with you. But i never get tired of loving you or tring to reach you. I love you with all my heart. Please notice me, please like my photos. Please my my dreams come to life.

When other people are taking pictures with you or sittig next to you in cafès or get into Loft'89 all i can do is photoshop those pictures.

With all best wishes, i really hope not to photoshop any more pictures.