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What I learned about confidence? Well, actually, my soon-to-be sister-in-law, Priyanka, she taught me — I asked her: ‘where do you get all this confidence from?’ And she said ‘well, you know, I’m insecure about bits and bobs, but if you want to a reaction that you want to get, you have to walk into that room and be confident and own it, and make people feel welcome and loved and happy to be there with you.’ So that’s what I learned about confidence. I think nobody really has that much, but if you kind of own it and you pretend to be that person, you’ll get a much warmer response, so I’m trying to do that as well. — Sophie Turner for Harper’s Bazaar UK, May 2019





Little White

(Thank you very much @sawthatwink ! I hope you like it  ❤)

Harry was walking back to the Gryffindor tower when he saw it, a corn snake, the thickest part of it was about as round as his thumb and it was only about a foot long. It was pale almost white, an albino, but the pale yellow-orange markings along it’s back had been charmed to a vibrant green.

Harry glanced around for the owner but the hallway was empty, there wasn’t even the sound of retreating footsteps.

He dropped into a crouch next to the snake doggedly slithering along the stones and hissed a quiet greeting, “Hello, little one, are you lost?

The snake lifted its head, looking as startled as a snake can to be talked to by a human. The snake seemed to think a great while before she answered in a prim tone, “No. I am certain of my way but I am cold. I would warm myself with your heat.

Harry held out his hand and the little snake slid into it, her small little body was chilled from the stone floor. He stood and leaned back against the wall, cupping the snake in both hands, “Where are you going?” he asked.

The snake flicked her tongue, “You would know my business without even asking my name or offering your own? Are all humans so rude?”

Harry blinked and then grinned, “No, just me probably,” he hissed apologetically, “May I ask what your name is?

You may,” the snake said bobbing her head slightly in something like a nod, “Among my own I was known as Little White. My human calls me something like Morning, it is not a name I recognize or could pronounce in the proper tongue.

A pleasure to meet you, Little White. I am Harry Potter but you may call me what you like,” Harry said.

Little White raised her head higher, turning her head this way and that to get a better look at him.

Would you like any help?” Harry asked again now that the introductions were complete.

Little White flicked her tongue out furiously, “It appears I require no more help as it was you I was looking for, Hairy Pot-Maker.”

Harry winced, he really did not like the literal representation of his name in parsel tongue.

I was headed to your nest,” Little White said, “I thought perhaps I could do something, as hopeless as it is to try and do anything with most of your kind. You are all intolerably stupid. I am pleased to know you can at least manage the true tongue.

Thank you?” Harry said, grinning in something between amusement and disbelief at this little snake’s cheek.

Little White regally dipped her head again, “You are most welcome, Hairy Pot-Maker.

Harry winced again, “I would rather you didn’t call me that. Really, anything else would be better.

Then should I call you raven-locked or emerald eye or perhaps hearts-desire?” Little White asked archly.

What?” Harry blinked in surprise.

Little White shifted in his palms to a spot with more warmth, “My human calls you those things, amongst others in the silence of his den. I do not understand ‘love’ and 'desire’. It makes little sense to me. A snake seeks the company of other snakes only to mate and then they separate. Yet you humans seem drawn to one another often.” she cocked her head slightly, “Perhaps it is your warmth, I can understand that. Human warmth is very desirable, a pair of humans might share warmth together.

“…So you wanted to help your human?” Harry asked, feeling a little flushed that someone, a Slytherin someone, had a crush on him.

Yes. He is heart-sick for wanting you yet he will not speak his desire. He believes you would be opposed, to the point of anger or even violence.” Little White said, watching him intently.

I wouldn’t do that,” Harry hurriedly assure her.

I believe this of you,” Little White said, thoroughly unimpressed with him, “Despite his wanting of you I find it unlikely that you are worthy. My human is very warm and provides fine mice for me. He calls me beautiful. I would not share his warmth.

Harry’s brow furrowed, “but weren’t you coming to try and help him?

I have changed my mind,” Little White said. “Put me down.

I could take you back to him?” Harry offered, mostly out of politeness.

Little White turned her head away, “I would not have him look upon you, ever again.

Harry felt a little dumbstruck. He was about to kneel and put the little snake when he heard running footsteps and turned to look. Malfoy was running down the hallway, his robes flapping around him, his swept back hair falling down around his face. He had his wand in his hand, doing what appeared to be a point me spell.

Malfoy zeroed in on Harry and his cupped hands immediately and stomped over as if he wasn’t a flustered, faintly flushed mess, “Did you find a snake, a white snake with green markings?”

Harry silently lowered his hands so Malfoy could better see.

“Morgana!” Malfoy cried in relief, he reached out to take her and then pulled back as if he didn’t want to touch Harry.

Before Harry would have interpreted that action in an entirely different way. He felt a little dizzy.

Malfoy held his hand out, “My snake, if you please, Potter.”

Little White was flicking her tongue furiously at Harry, “You do not look at my human like that! I have decided and will not share!

Harry glanced down at her, feeling a smile on his lips. He looked back up, Malfoy was looking rather cute. He dropped his cupped hands onto Malfoy’s warm palm, letting Little White slip down and wrap around securely around Malfoy’s wrist. Harry curled one hand around Malfoy’s tracing his fingers over the back of Malfoy’s hand. He watched Malfoy’s face flush faintly, a shiver going through his hand, the rest of him seemed to be frozen in place.

Harry said, “I was was thinking-”

Little White lunged out, biting Harry’s thumb.

Harry jerked his hand back, mostly out of shock. The little snake couldn’t really hurt him.

She pulled back, her body still raised high in warning, “I said No!

“Morgana! Why did you-! Don’t do that!” Malfoy hissed looking a little panicked and telling Harry, “She’s never done that before. You must have just startled her.”

“I’m sure,” Harry said glaring at her. He smiled at Malfoy, “As I was going to say, do you want to go out sometime?”

Malfoy flushed even pinker, “What?”

“On a date,” Harry said, tempted to reach out and touch Malfoy again but deciding against it, “I thought maybe we could share some warmth together.”

Malfoy searched his expression and then hesitantly nodded.

Little White muttered, “I’m going to shit in your shoes.

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Hi, I really like your blog! I was wondering since you're an editor, how do you do dialogue with quotes. I always get confused where its a comma or not.

Thank you so much, anon! There are tons of guides online for dialogue punctuation (try here or here for full explanations), but here’s a quick refresher:

Bob said, “If your dialogue tag—’Bob said’ in this example—comes at the beginning, it should look like this.”

“If you’re using a dialogue tag at the end, end with a comma, and don’t capitalize your dialogue tag,” Bob said.  

“If you split up the quoted sentence around the tag,” Bob said, “it should be punctuated like this.”

“Unless your quote is two separate sentences,” Bob said. “In that case, there is a period after the tag.”

“You can also leave out the dialogue tag completely, if you know for sure who’s talking.”

“What about question marks?” Bob said. “Shouldn’t we capitalize the tag after a question mark or exclamation point?”

“Nope!” said Bob. “You don’t need to unless the tag is naturally capitalized (as with I or a proper noun like a name like Bob).”

“Is it Bob said or said Bob?” asked Bob. 

“It can be either,” Bob said, “but we don’t use ‘said she’ or ‘said I’ often anymore, so it is best to avoid those constructions with pronouns and use ‘I said’ and ‘they said’ unless you wish to sound archaic.”

Bob took a sip of coffee. “You can even include action, but as it is not a dialogue tag, put a period at the end of the action.”

“Really?” Bob leaned closer. “There are so many rules.”

I think that should cover most situations you might come across, but if you have anything specific I’m happy to help. Remember, you can always grab any fiction book off your shelves and find an example that’s a similar construction to what you’re writing. Or, just rewrite it to a construction you’re familiar with.

Happy writing!

From The Dialogue List

“ Can I have 60 with Jack x reader and Mark saying it? Thanks in advance!”

60: “Why don’t they kiss already?”


Originally posted by treblegirl

Mark had invited you all to dinner.
But before hand; You, Jack, Bob and Wade were to meet up at his hotel room. Just so it was easier for all of you to get to the restaurant together and chat a little since you’ve all been busy with PAX. 
You were the last to get there. And as you approached the door with the door-number Mark texted you, you could already hear the mayhem inside. 
Mark was being teased, you knew by his laughing rage tone that echoed down the hallway. 
Jack’s laugh followed Bob’s hysterical chuckle while Wade was speaking, slightly muffled by the walls that separated you from them. 
You knocked loudly, so you were able to be heard over the ruckus.
“Oh! So the you finally grace us with your presence!”  Jack yelled as Mark let you into the apartment.
“Bite me, Irishman,” You joked back. “Traffic was hectic around my hotel.”
“That’s no excuse!” Jack said, “There’s traffic everywhere!” 
You poked your tongue at him as you embraced Mark in a hug. Wade and Bob greeted you the same way, but Jack of course had to be the different one. 
He wrapped his arms around you, spinning you slightly and then toppling both of you onto the couch where you pushed his off, laughing. 
“Dammit, boy! You’re going to ruin my hair!” You exclaimed with a pout. 
“You’re hair is fine.” Jack chuckled. 
Mark shook his head, glancing at Bob with a shared expression, a silent conversation passing between them. 
“Alright, we’ll head out soon.” Mark told everyone. “I’ll just call two Ubers, because we all wouldn’t fit in one car, and we’ll be off.” 
Once the drivers was called, you all made your way down to the lobby.
You followed Jack through the doors, giving him a smile when he opened it for you, stepping aside to let you through. 
“Aww, such a gentleman.” You lightly teased. 
“My Lady,” He responded with a small bow of his head. 
Behind the two of you, Bob face palmed himself while Wade chuckled. Mark was growing increasingly frustrated with the two of you. 
When the two Uber drivers arrived outside, Mark had to restrain himself from slapping the Irish guy when he opened the car door for you, complimenting your outfit as he slid in next to you. 
“Why don’t they kiss already?” Mark hissed angrily to Bob. 
Bob chuckled and patted his friend’s shoulder. “I got this.” 
As Bob set himself in the front passenger seat, Mark and Wade moved to the other car. He already had his plan and as you and Jack were chatting, giggling, in the backseat, he began to unfold it. 
“So, (Y/N),” Bob started. “I’ve been seeing a lot of fan-art of you and Jack.” 
You blushed a little, nodding, “I get hundreds of messages with fan-art. They’re really cool.” 
“Even the ones that are, you know, a little graphic.” Bob said with a knowing smile. 
Your flush glowed against your cheeks, and you half glared at Bob. “What are you getting at?” 
“Nothing, it’s just, well, Mark and I were thinking the people were getting onto something.” Bob shrugged, his voice coated with amusement. “I mean, you two would make an awesome couple.” 
Jack shifted beside you, laughing a little uneasily. “Bob, since when did you decide who makes a good couple?” 
Then the driver spoke up, “To be honest, I thought you two were a couple.” 
Bob pointed at your driver, “See! Even strangers see it.” 
You sighed, a blushing mess as you turned to Jack. He was bright red as well, chuckling nervously. 
“Alright, I’ll admit I’ve had some feeling for you since our last few videos.” Jack said with a smile. “So, how about it? Go on a little date? See what happens?” 
You nodded, “Sounds good to me.” 
While the two of you tried to organize your date, Bob sent the recording to Mark. And as the drivers pulled up at the restaurant, Mark flew out of the car and yelled 
“FINALLY!” At you and Jack.

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But did Jack say yes? 😍

Ask and you shall receive. I think this is actually longer than the original post.

“Bits, what are my parents doing here?”

Jack looked down at the screen of his phone, after ending the call with the doorman.

“We didn’t make plans with them, did we?”

“Um, yes, actually,” Bitty said, still peeling potatoes. “Didn’t I tell you? I talked to your dad when you were in Winnipeg, and mentioned that we were doing Thanksgiving, and he said he and your mom would like to come. You don’t mind, do you?”

“No, I don’t mind but – wait, you talked to my dad? Did he call you or –”

“Hello, and happy Thanksgiving!” Alicia was stepping through the door, arms already extended to embrace Jack. Bob was following with a cooler bag with wine. There was also a bottle of champagne, but Jack wasn’t to see that. Yet.

“How’re you boys doing?” Alicia said, deftly stepping into the living room and bringing Jack’s attention with her so Bob could stow the wine (and champagne) in the kitchen.  “Jack, did I tell you about the work the foundation is doing to bring hockey to underserved communities in the greater New York area? We’re starting with street hockey there, but …”

In the kitchen, Bitty put the last of the potatoes in the colander to rinse before putting them on to boil.

“Everything under control?” Bob said. “It’s a go?”

Bitty nodded. “The turkey’s cooking already, and I have a pan of stuffing to slide in for the last 45 minutes,” he said. “Once I get these on the stove, I have to roll out the dough for the tourtière – can you grab it from the fridge? Bottom shelf on the right – and fill it and put it in. to bake. Rolls are rising, pies are done, green beans and salad and gravy get done once the the turkey comes out. This is really so easy with a double oven.”

“You know that’s not what I meant,” Bob said. “We all have confidence in your ability to get a stunning dinner on the table. Are you going to pop the question?”

Bitty wiped his hands on his apron before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a blue velvet ring box. “When I serve dessert,” he said.

“Want to try it out?”

“Sure,” Bitty said. “Ve–

“Bits –” Jack was coming around the corner. “Try what?”

“Your dad saw a recipe for pumpkin squares,” Bitty said. “But not today, because dessert is done. Maybe next time.”

Bob, now behind Jack, was mouthing at Bitty, “Pumpkin squares?”

“Papa doesn’t like pumpkin,” Jack said, an adorable furrow in his brow. Lord, Bitty was gone on him, “Do you, Papa?”

“If anyone could make me like it, it would be Eric,” Bob said with a shrug.

“Oh,” Jack said. “Maman wanted a glass of wine.”

Bob reached into the fridge and brought out a bottle of sauvignon blanc. He poured a glass and handed it to Jack. “One for you, too?”

“No, thanks,” Jack said. “I’ll have one with dinner. Bits might want one, though.”


“Sure, Bob. Thanks. Jack, honey, after you take that to your mother, could you see if you can find the rust colored napkins in the linen closet? They weren’t in the drawer in here.”

“But we have napkins on the table already.”

“I know, but those are just placeholders until I find the rust ones. Please?” Bitty said.

“Only to make you happy,” Jack said with a faux grumble before leaving to deliver his mother’s wine.

“Okay, we’ve got a minute or two before he finds the napkins,” Bob said.

“Longer than that,” Bitty said. “They don’t exist. We always use white. Now here goes. Veux-tu m’épouser?”

He almost had a heart attack when he realized there was someone in the doorway, but it was Alicia, holding her wine.

“Did you just ask my husband to marry you?” she said, laughing. “I thought it was my son you wanted. You can’t have Bob. He’s mine.”

“Hush, you,” Bitty said. “Of course it’s your son I want. How did I do?”

“Great,” Bob said. “I promise he won’t laugh.”

“You mean that?”

“I mean that, yes, I can still hear your accent, but it’s better than most Americans do, so stop worrying.”

Once dinner was over and Bob and Jack had cleared the table and Alicia made coffee – regular and decaf – they gathered in the living room with the pies – a tarte au sucre and an apple – on the coffee table.

“We never said what we were thankful for,” Jack said. “Let’s do it before dessert.”

“Good idea,” Bitty said. “Let me start. Since this is Thanksgiving in Canada, let me say how thankful I am for the custom of having Thanksgiving on a Monday, with two whole days to prepare. I’m also thankful that y’all introduced me to a new cuisine, and a new culture, even if I didn’t do so well learning French. I’ve been working hard and I did learn one thing.”

He turned to face Jack fully and pulled the ring box out of his pocket.

“Jack, veux-tu m’épouser?”

Jack stared, mouth open, then started to giggle. His giggle turned into a laugh, until he saw the way Bitty’s face had fallen.

“Non, lapinou,” he said. “I wasn’t laughing at you. Of course I’ll marry you.”

Bitty started to look up at that.

“Was it that bad?” he said.

“Bad? Was what bad?” Jack asked. “I really wasn’t laughing at you.”

He pulled a ring box from his pocket.

“It’s just, I was going to ask you when it was my turn to talk.”

Drag Me To Death, Part 52

I just want to say that this is not the chapter I had planned, like, at all. But oops. I love you all! xo 

Chapter 52: And the moonlight, like molten silver -

Words: 3500 (oops) 


The moon lit up the world, her pale brilliance illuminating the night and casting a cool glow on every creature who was still up and alive in the dark, sharing her radiance with them. Like molten silver, she ran like warm blood, and flooded into every open space to awaken those within them and offer her a part of herself. 

Dracula listened to her calm breaths and the slow beating of her heart as he watched her sleep, observing how her skin was illuminated by the pale moonlight streaming in from the window as the shirt she was wearing had twisted itself around her. It was a cool, cold light that made her pale as death, and more beautiful than ever as her blue veins - her life - shone prominently through her skin. He moved back slightly to raise his hand away from her arm and gently move it to her neck, feeling her warm, soft skin against his fingertips as he moved them along, tracing the nape of her neck, and her shoulder, and her collarbone, feeling all the variations in texture and touch in her, all of her so warm and still and quiet. 

He smiled to himself as he heard her inhale sharply and felt her awaken with a jolt, her heart taking a leap in her chest before quickly calming down as he placed his hand more firmly on the side of her neck and tilted his head forward. “Scared of something?” he whispered in a content, amused, low tone to her. 

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Small brain: Ryan is super suave and a master at flirtiness

Medium brain: Ryan would flub every pick up line he knows and constantly be flustered

Big brain: Ryan would entirely skip flirtiness and go straight into being bluntly vulgar but it would somehow work

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to start by thanking you for sharing your beautiful mind with us! Could we get one where you're inexperienced with sexual stuff and H is being really sweet about it, taking care of you and making sure you feel ok with everything that's happening? Hope you have a good day!

Oh my god! Thank you, love, you’re so sweet ah. I hope you have a good day as well.


Originally posted by pinkharold

“I just haven’t been with a lot of people or one’s that cared about me enough to wanna make me feel comfortable.” He nods and you continue. “I know what I’m doing like I can carry my weight, I just don’t think I’m as experienced as you are.” He lets out a laugh that makes face drop. “Baby, I am not like some pornstar…I don’ care if you’ve been with no one or a hundred.” You two sat on the bed with your hands intertwined, and your heart pounding because you were worried your first time with him would be horrible. “I wanna fuck you so bad, but I’m scared you’ll think I’m like this young girl who can’t fulfill your—“ He cuts you off with a kiss, his tongue dipping in to deepen the reassurance. “Don’ worry angel, I know ya’ gonna be fine and make me feel incredible.” You look up at him with furrowed brows. “If ya’ want we can take it slow and jus’ let you get comfortable.” You bite your lip and straddle his waist. “I am comfortable with you H, just worried my mouth isn’t as good as you think.” He shakes his head with a smirk. “I can assure you tha’ I know you’ll do good if tha’s what you’re worried ‘bout.”

“Can I put my mouth on your cock?” Your voice was sweet as you met his eyes—his heart was pounding at the sweetness and how he was desperate for your mouth. “O-okay…ya’ wanna start there?” You nod with a lip bite and move off of him. “I don’t really know what the best position is, like I don’t wanna have no leverage because I might not be quick—“ He cuts you off with another kiss. “Stop, jus’ lay on your stomach between my legs and—“ You palm his bulge, making him pause due to your ounce of confidence. You lick your lips when your hand slips into his underwear, feeling the weight of his cock and the way it fits perfectly in your hand.

He lifts his hips to pull down his pants along with his underwear, your face covered in a small smile as your gaze meets his. “Baby…we don’t have to—“ You spit on his cock, his mouth hanging open at your newfound confidence. “Shit.” He spews when your thumb grazes over the spit to move it down his length. And he watches as you smile before you let his tip slip in your mouth, his eyes dazed and your lips wrapped around him. “Baby, take your tim—“ You cut him off with the way you let him fill your mouth, not even gagging and not letting yourself get anxious; your face was hot and your mouth wasn’t as wet as you wished. So you came off of him with a lick of the lips, moving your tongue up his length with a smile as he looked at you; panting through his pearly whites at the sight of you. “I thought ya’ said you didn’t think ya’ mouth was good.” You shrug and bob your head on him, your pace slowly but surely picking up, his hands moving your hair back as you maintained eye contact. “Fuck—tha’s so fucking good, yes angel.”

You felt good, you felt good because his mouth was filled with pants as you quickened your pace. He nods when you come off him a bit to get some air. Your mouth leaving him with a suck of a breath. “Fuck.” He hisses seconds after you wrap your mouth around him once more, your pace the quickest it’s been as you felt his cock twitch in your mouth. “Tha’s—fuck—keep doing tha’.” And in some swirl of your tongue as you got more comfortable he was filled with pleasure as his head was thrown against the pillow. You came off of him with a pop after swallowing his pleasure; his eyes darting to your wet mouth and the way your tongue was cleaning your lips. “You are—shit, tha’ was.” You giggle and he smiles through a pant.

“Harry, I want you in me.” He shakes his head and you dance your fingers down your heat. “I said I want you in me H.” He rolls over on you as your eyes dart to his hand moving your underwear down your thighs. “Not yet.” He says with a smirk as he lowers himself between your thighs—you were trying to not squirm, you were dying to feel his tongue on you. “Harry—“ His fingers graze over you bud cutting you off. “Jus’ lay there and watch me, don’ worry ‘bout anything love.” And you were too busy moaning his name and gripping his hair to worry about anything. His tongue met your bud with urgency to hear your moans—something he was dying to hear. “Fuck.” You said with a breath as you watched his tongue dance on your bud. “Shit, that’s—ugh.” You threw your head back with a moan and an arch of the back, his hand wrapping around your waist to keep your hips down. He came off of you and let his thumb do work so he could talk to you with a smile. “Ya’ feel comfortable angel?” You looked down at him and his smile glistened with the wetness from you. You couldn’t help but roll your head on your shoulder as you lifted yourself up with your elbows.

“Harry, yes, please—“ You started with a gasp only for him to make you cut it off with a moan as he met your bud once more, his fingers moving inside of you. You threw your head back as you still rest on your elbows, “Fucking shit H.” You said with a breathy moan as he picked up his pace and you were nearing the end. “You make me feel so good.” You admitted with a moan as he smiled into you, his tongue now leading you to the erotic moan that filled his ears when you finished. “Harry, fuck, fuck.” You gasped as you rode out the pleasure of him, his tongue swirling one last time as you gripped the sheets and his head now came from between your thighs.

“In me.” You said through a pant that made him furrow his brows and question with a laugh. “Wha’?” You looked up at him, grabbing his cock and moving it to your wetness. “I want you in me please no one ever made me feel that good. I want you, Harry.” He brought your lips to his as you moved his cock inside of you; he kept it slow to help you adjust to his size, since he didn’t know the sizes of the men before—nor did he care. You sucked in a breath when you felt him make his presence known. “Are you okay.” He asked sweetly, making your heart jump, his hand moved your thigh to move in deeper, your breath getting caught. “I’m okay—fuck that feels so good.” And it did, incredibly, maybe because of the foreplay that commenced and the fact he cared and you were actually begging for his cock. “You feel so goddamn good H.” You said through a breath when he began picking up his pace, thrusting into you with absolute love and utter awe at your words.

His hand was gripping your thigh and his other found yours, intertwining it as your bodies were colliding with each other. Many moans left your mouth before he cut them off with a kiss, when it broke you whimpered into his mouth when he thrusted even deeper. You wrapped your arm around his shoulders, keeping him close as you were getting close. “Fuckbaby—Harry.” You groaned when you felt his hand press your thigh to the mattress as he got quicker, making you feel absolute bliss.  “Harry.” You gasped and he knew you were close and he was too, the warmth of you about to accompanied by the warmth of him. “Yes, ohfuck.” You said through a breathy moan when you came once more, both your ends even better than the foreplay. “Fuck.” He groaned into your ear with a gasp, making you whimper at the sound of him and the feeling of his cock filling you with warmth.

“Goddamn.” He said through a breath in your ear. “You are—shit.” You couldn’t help but smile, your worries had gone out like his cock a few seconds later. “I wasn’t bad?” He shook his head abruptly and kissed your lips. “Fuck no.”


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Drag Me To Death, Part 49

Hi my loves!! Sorry for the wait, and thank you for all the love! This chapter was completely different until I was like “Hmmm, I want him to ask her something,” and geez, it just spiralled from there. I can’t tell if this is soft, intimate, or just creepy. I love you all! xo 

Daydream pt. 2: Daylight 

Words: 2846


You smiled to yourself as you felt Dracula’s soft, crisp shirt on your naked skin, getting the fabric now covering your shoulders slightly wet from the small beads of water still on you from the warm shower. 

You walked out of the massive bathroom and strolled around his apartment, through the open areas, inspecting the various things he had filled his home with - not that there were too many - wondering if he had truly made it his home or if it was simply where he lived for now. Something told you that, despite the small details around the apartment that felt somewhat like him, the latter was the truth. It had touches of him, but it wasn’t him entirely. 

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Four Bedrooms


Based on this story told at Jibcon 2017
3.7k words

The thing is, Misha’s a liar.

He stretches the truth when he knows it’ll be to his advantage. He flatout lies when he thinks the truth will upset someone more than he’s willing to deal with.

So when he offhandedly invites Jensen and Jared to his rented house for the duration of filming the season 12 finale, he doesn’t expect them to take him up on the offer until after he’s already told them it’s a four-bedroom house.

It’s not a four-bedroom house.

The downstairs consists of a cramped living room with a flat-screen TV mounted on the wall, a small kitchen with enough counter space for exactly one cutting board and a sitting area with a wooden table and three chairs instead of four. The upstairs is one hallway with a master bedroom on one end and a much smaller bedroom on the other end. The spare bedroom barely has enough space for a full-sized bed. There’s one bathroom upstairs, between the bedrooms.

“Uh, you sure this is the right place?” Jensen asks as he sets his duffel bag down on the small couch in the living room.

“I might’ve…stretched the truth a bit,” Misha replies sheepishly.

Jensen turns to him, hands planted on his hips, unimpressed glare on his face. “I’m not sleeping on the couch.”

As Misha opens his mouth to respond, the door bangs open and Jared comes in with a whistle.

“Wow, Misha,” Jared says as he looks around the small room. “This is as awesome as you hyped it up to be.”

“I never said it was glamorous.”

“You also didn’t say it was the size of a broom closet,” Jared replies as he throws his stuff on top of Jensen’s. “Where are we sleeping?”

Jensen and Misha share a look before both turning back toward Jared. Misha says, “We can worry about that after work tonight I guess.”

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Robert “Bob” Gray/Pennywise x F!Reader: I’m A Good Clown


Love In The Eyes by Ramin Djawadi 

See You For What You Are by Ramin Djawadi 

Truth by Ramin Djawadi 

Warning(s): Implied smut but not too graphic and or detailed I hope, nudity (Relationship somewhat based on Dany and Khal Drogos.)


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  Your father arranged a marriage between a man you have never met. All your father wanted was money and Robert “Bob” Gray was willing to give it him once your marriage became official. “I don’t want to marry him, father.” You told your father, who was a large, hefty man. Who chopped lumber for a living to keep his family afloat. “It is not up to you, (Y/N).” He snaps.


  You were an only child and whatever your father says, goes. You wore the most beautiful dress you had sown yourself. Your mother had taught you how to sow until she died when you were fourteen years old. You had sold some of your work to some of the locals but your father said it wasn’t enough to keep your house.

  Your father had heard from a friend of the traveling circus and the clown, Robert Gray. Who had money from his acts in the circus.


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Pairing: Will Byers x Reader

Warnings: none!

A/N:  YES REQUESTS ARE OPEN!! MY FIRST WILL IMAGINE YAYYY AND ILY THANK YOU FOR SENDING THIS IN! SORRY IF IT WASNT EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANTED I THINK I CHANGED IT A BIT (he’s so cute khsdjshdhsjdh the GIF) im so sorry if this sucks because i was distracted by watching B99 *cough* @its-called-being-spontaneous *cough*

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“Can I walk you to class?” 

“I think I’m capable enough of walking by myself. Thanks for the offer though.” 

“See?” Will looked dejected, watching that whole encounter. “She turned him down. What makes you think she’ll say yes to me?”

“Yeah.” Lucas scoffed. “She turned him down ‘cause he’s an asshole.” 

“Definitely.” Dustin agreed, snickering. “No way Y/N would ever walk to class with a guy like Troy.”

“I don’t know.. I’m just saying-”

“Hey Will!”

“Um..” Stuttering, Will tried not to wince as his friends jabbed and poked and nudged him urgently. “Hey Y/N!”

“I like your shirt.” Y/N smiled.

“Th-Thanks. My mom made it for me.” Will blurted, hearing someone groan and slap their forehead quietly.

“It’s nice!” Y/N giggled. “Anyways, I’ll see you guys later.”

“Bye Y/N.” They chorused before turning to Will.

“Why’d you tell her your mom made it for you?” Mike laughed, not unkindly. 

“It just came out!” Will said embarrassedly, tugging at his sleeves.

“I mean, it is a nice shirt..”

“Yeah. Your mom really made that?”

“Shut up.” Will grinned, as they all laughed.

“Mom? What do you like about Bob?”

Slightly startled, Joyce turned to her son.

“Well, he’s nice. And he’s funny, and I just think he’s a good guy to be with.” Joyce said simply. “Why? I thought you liked Bob?” She asked worriedly.

“What? No! It’s not like that. I do like Bob.” Will explained hurriedly. “It was just a question.”

“Hmm.” Joyce sat down next to Will, smiling, raising her eyebrows. “Do you like someone?” 

Sighing, Will nodded. “Is it that obvious?” 

“No, honey. I’m your mom, I can sense this stuff.” Joyce teased, poking Will who smiled. “Who is it?” 

Stop…” Will giggled. “Her name’s Y/N. I don’t know what to do.”

“What’s going on?” 

Jonathan stepped into the kitchen, dropping his bag on the table next to Will’s.

“Will has a crush on someone named Y/N!” 


“Hey, it’s nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about.” Jonathan smiled as Will flushed. “Tell us about her.”

“She’s really kind. She always talks to me and never makes fun of me when I get nervous and say something weird.” Will went on, explaining, thinking of Y/N, beaming.

Joyce and Jonathan smiled at each other, then at Will. 

“We can’t wait to meet her.”

“Hey Y/N.”

“Hey Will!” Y/N turned, smiling at Will, slightly surprised. Will always seemed nervous around everyone, but here today, he seemed confident. 

“I, uh, I like your hair.” He smiled, his nervous persona breaking through.

“Thanks!“ Y/N flushed. 

“Um..” Will rocked back and forth on his heels. Glancing at his friends, he felt his confidence boost as they flashed him thumbs up. “Do you maybe wanna walk to class together?” 

“Yeah.” Y/N smiled. 

“I’d like that.” 

Go Away ~Pennywise Imagine~

Summary: You fell in love with Pennywise and he fell for you. Howeverm you met him when he was in his human form. When you find out he’s the child eating monster, you feel conflicted. 

Author’s Note: Two imagines in one night. I’m on a roll. Now, I just need to update fanfiction. This may or may not be inspired from American Horror Story: Murder House. Also, this might suck but I thought of this. 

Part Two


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It all started when you moved to Derry. It was an odd and strange place. But you loved it. You started to get close to the Loser’s Club. You would protect them from Henry Bowers and his gang. You started to be a big sister or mother to them. That was because you didn’t like it when people would make you feel small. 

Then you met him. Bob Gray. He was perfect to you. Brown slick hair, memorizing green eyes, tall and lean. You fell for him and he fell for you. But every perfect boy has a deep dark secret. 

You babysat for Georgie when their parents needed to go out. You would help Bill take care of his younger brother. You were devastated when he went missing. You would cry to your boyfriend who was there for you. 

“I can’t believe he’s gone,” You cried. Your head in your hand as you cried. You heard a knock from your window, making you walk over and open it. Bob was there on the tree next you your window. 

“I thought you might needed the comfort,” He said. You nodded and let him in. He pulled you into a hug and you cried onto his chest. 

Normally, the clown would eat kids. But you were different. He saw your beauty and fell for you. So he turned into a human to be with you. 

You were currently walking home until Henry Bowers and his gang found you alone. 

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t the mother of the Loser’s Club,” Henry said. 

“You know, Henry, one day, you’re going to live all alone in an apartment full of drugs wondering why no one loves you and you’ll remember that it’s because you were such a dick,” You snapped at him. 

“That’s it!” Henry said. He and his gang started to chase you. You ran to the nearest place near you which was the sewers. You climbed in and they followed you inside. You hid by a wall, hoping they would leave. 

“Come out, Y/N,” Henry said.

You felt someone cover your mouth making you jump a little. You looked to see Bob there, holding his index finger to his lips. He was signalling you to stay quiet. You nodded and he walked over to the gang. 

“Hey, what the hell are you doing here?” Henry asked. 

“Go away,” Bob said. 

“Or what?” You looked over to see what was happening. 

The next thing you knew, Bob was changing into something horrifying. You stared in shock as he turned into a clown with fangs. Henry and his gang ran out making you scream. The clown turned over to you making you run. 

“Y/N! Wait!” You heard. You ran away from the clown, hoping to get out somehow. 

“Y/N!” You felt someone grab your wrist making you cry. 

“Let go of me!” You screamed. 

“Y/N, stop,” The clown said. 

“Who are you?” You asked him.

“It’s me Bob,” The clown told you.

“You’re not Bob. What the hell are you?” You asked, struggling to get away. 

“Stop struggling,” He said. You did as he said, hoping he would let you live. 

“Please don’t hurt me,” You begged. 

“I’m not going to hurt you. I should’ve been honest with you. I’m known as Pennywise,” The clown said. 

“What?” You asked, still confused and scared. Pennywise leaned in close and smelled you neck, making you more scared. 

“You shouldn’t be afraid Y/N. I’m still me,” He said, changing into his human form. You were terrified. 

“What the hell are you?” You ask him, shaking in fear.

“I’m an alien. I eat and then hibernate for 27 years,” Pennywise tells you. 

“What do you eat?” You asked him. Pennywise hesitated for a bit. 

“Children. I eat children,” He tells you. You stared at him in shock.

“Did you get close to me so you could eat me?” You asked in horror.

“No. No. I would never do that. I love you,” Pennywise said, coming up to you. You backed up as he got closer. 

“Please don’t be scared,” He said. You stood there staring at the thing you were with for the past three months. 

“You eat children? Was it you who killed Georgie?” You asked him. Pennywise hesitated again. 


“Answer me!” You yelled. 

“Yes. It was me,” He tells you. You felt more tears run down your face. 

“You murdered my best friend’s innocent brother,” You said. 

“Y/N, I need to eat-”

“You knew how much Georgie meant to me. He was a little brother to me!” You yelled angrily now. 


“No. Stay away from me. Please,” You said. 

“What? Y/N, please don’t leave me,” Pennywise said, growing sad now. He loved you and you loved him. Or used to now. 

“Go away, Pennywise,” You tell him.

“You’re all I want now. You’re all I have,” Pennywise tells you. 

“Go away!” You scream at him, shutting you eyes. 

When you opened them, Pennywise was gone. You started to get out of the sewers. When you finally got out, it was almost dark. You ran home and went straight to your room. You found a red balloon by your window with the words, I’m sorry. 

You grabbed the balloon and popped it. You ran outside to your backyard and threw the balloon over your fence. You ran back inside and locked your doors. 

Pennywise, stood nearby, watching you throw away the balloon, locking your doors, and getting rid of things that involved him. He stared in sadness before going back into the sewers.