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Can I Stay?

   Harry doesn’t hate Y/N.

   He’s sure of it, he thinks, because hate is such a strong word and that whenever it comes out from his lips, it’s damn serious and nowhere near petty (maybe except that time he said that he hates physical activity, which he maybe slightly does up until now) and that someone he’s mad with needed to get things right.

   Doesn’t hate you at all because if he did, he would’ve probably told you off majorly or made a snide remark behind your back, that he really didn’t mind with you knowing about — and that was only if he hated you.

   Jeff would like to think otherwise. Then Nick, then Mitch, then the whole band and Niall think the opposite too.

   Then you’d like to think otherwise, same as they all do.

   You weren’t a stranger at all to when he becomes snippy-snappy for no reason at all or when he completely quiets down whenever you’re in his vicinity, even more when you’re only an arm’s reach away from him at times.

   Couldn’t count on both hands the times that the both of you seen each other from being in the same friend group and in the same interest mostly, that he’s never greeted you properly just as he does with everyone else, always wondered what was it like to be given a hug by him and even a peck on the cheek sometimes.

   It’s the odd, awkward, tensioned silence you simmer yourself in whenever you approach him, in which he sometimes just replied with a pointed look that looks bored and offended at the same time.

   “Probably just tired, y’know.”

   Sarah says with a fry in her mouth and you don’t really know when they’d be tired of trying to make excuses for Harry to make you feel a little bit better with his actuations, sometimes a pang of guilt in their stomach whenever they try to apologize for him.

   You’d heard the excuse made up for him, all composed with casualty, for probably more than a hundred times now, eyes training to him who’s only a couple of feet away sat in a large booth surrounded by some friends, and he doesn’t look tired at all.

   He’s glowing and buzzing while you aren’t because you’re becoming a little hell-bent wondering on what you must’ve done — or maybe that you didn’t have any fault at all.

   “Yeah, you’re right.”

   Sarah hears you involuntary mumble under your breath, a fry from her tray being popped to your mouth lazily while she sees you rubbing your hands up and down your arms, a little slouch to her shoulders to know that you’re cold and doesn’t have a jacket to spare; and the fact too that she’s sorry for you.

   “Harry’s probably just knackered.”

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study w/ me (and sebastian stan!)

Today I’ve declared my official study buddy to be Sebastian Stan of Bucky Barnes fame. He’s going to be here as moral support, cheering us on as we crush our goals, as he has crushed many villains’ faces in the Marvel franchise.

See? He’s like, “You need help studying? No, it’s cool. I’ll stop being half naked and get out of this pool right now.” He knows what’s important: you getting your sh*t done today. Let’s not let him down. So, do share what you’re working on with us. Be sure to specify if you’re talking to me or Seb, of course. 

Sorry but this is the best part of the book (well, ok, is just my favourite):

Anathema narrowed her eyes. So much for Mrs. Henderson poking around.
“Some people might say so,” she said. “Actually, I’m an occultist.”
“Oh. Well. That’s all right, then,” said Adam, cheering up.
She looked him up and down.
“You know what an occultist is, do you?” she said.
“Oh, yes,” said Adam confidently.
“Well, so long as you’re happier now,” said Anathema. “Come on in. I could do with a drink myself.
And … Adam Young?”
“You were thinking ‘Nothin’ wrong with my eyes, they don’t need examining,’ weren’t you?”
“Who, me?” said Adam guiltily.

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IM SO SORRY! This is my fault... Is there something I can do? We saw a little of what he's seeing and it's no wonder he doesn't talk about his first few travels... Does he need a paper bag to help control breathing? Maybe a Fluffy Bunny plushie? An action figure? I'm sorry... I just wanted to help...





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Oh! I see hahaha (u know I’m so bad at English 😅) anyway.. U mean him right?

I thinks this question u should ask my friend @sema-the-fox not me. She draw him very often more than me, I didn’t draw him for a long time now. I like to draw original one more than AU thing.

But u just need to do a curve line for his hair ( ah.. it’s so weird for me to call that thing is hair (^_ ^ ;; ) ) it’s easy way.

fall prompts!

hey everyone! since it’s finally spooky season, i wanted to celebrate with some fall themed prompts! send me asks with your choice of prompt and character. these are mostly fluffy, btw.

characters & people i write for (bolded ones are preferred):

peter parker

eddie brock

steve rogers

tony stark

scott lang

ava starr

tom holland

  • “is fall supposed to be this cold?”
  • “it’s snowing… in october.”
  • “trick or treat!”
  • “i do not take halloween too seriously!”
  • “let’s make our own diy ugly fall sweaters.”
  • “would it be acceptable to jump into a pile of leaves right now?” “it’s always acceptable”
  • “cocoa and a warm blanket — what else could i need right now?”
  • “tea is way better than cocoa, by the way.”
  • “grab the blankets, we’re going stargazing.”
  • “i think i need to put on a few more sweaters.”
  • “you’re beautiful. uh, u-um i mean the weather. it’s beautiful. not that you’re not beautiful, because you are. i’m just gonna shut up.”
  • “i just think it’s unfair to carve your pumpkin on both sides. it’s cheating.” “it’s not cheating, it’s creativity. you should try it.”
  • “do you think this sweater is too big?” “a sweater can never be too big.”
  • “quick! fix my pixie wings before anyone notices they’re not even.”
  • “yes, we’re wearing matching costumes. don’t we look cute together?”
  • “excuse me? my decorations are not excessive! they’re… decorative!”
  • “cuddling always help combat cold weather.”
  • “i made four different types of soup. is that over-doing it?”
  • “are you trying to tell me i have an obsession with pumpkins?”
  • “you’re costume is ridiculous. and awesome. but mostly ridiculous.”
  • “let’s watch a scary movie.”
  • “is pumpkin spice tea even a thing?”
  • “don’t ask how much i spent on my costume. just appreciate it.”
  • “i think my fangs are coming loose, ugh.”
  • “join me for some cocoa. please.”
  • “now, are you gonna join me in the 24-hour movie marathon or not? it’s only five hours in.”
  • “get the flashlight, we’re telling spooky stories.”
  • “there’s a leaf in your hair.”
  • “my pumpkin looks way better than yours.”
  • “wait, am i getting this right? you don’t carve pumpkins for halloween?”
  • “i’m so happy it’s autumn!”
  • “at least we’re cozy now.”
  • “i love you almost as much as i love this weather.”

Green eyes

Tony: Peter didn’t you have brown eyes before.

Peter:what are you talking about?

Tony: They changed! You had big brown doe eyes and now they’re green and glowey.

Peter: ohh! You mean my night vision. Its awesome right?

Tony: Your what?

Peter:My night vision. I mean, New York is bright and all but I work in the shadows most of the time so having eyes that catch more light is useful. Spiders are nocturnal so they need to be able to see in the dark.

Tony: Ok,but do spiders have green eyes? Unfortunately I’ve never stared longingly into the eyes of one to find out.

Peter: No they don’t, they are most definitely black. But hey night vision! Also these emerald bad boys can get me whatever I want. I get free yarn at the crafts store.

Tony: why do you need yarn?

Peter:Why do you ask so many questions esa?


As many of you all know, I am currently busy doing pre-production of my Web Show, Defenders of Tomorrow, based on my Leakira fanfic. For the past two months, me and my co-producers have been casting, writing, composing, and storyboarding galore. However, a key component of our team is missing- art and animation. This department is probably one of the most important ones in our entire project and we need some ASAP!

So I am happy and excited to announce that we are holding art and animation applications RIGHT NOW! YES! If you or someone you know/follow is talented in the areas of storyboarding, digital art, and animation, this might be for you! Being on our team opens up a lot of opportunities for an artist.

Through our team, you will be guaranteed to get:

1) recognition/exposure

2) creative control

3) valuable experience 4) an animation/art credit to your name

and more!

You will be working besides many accomplished writers, actors, directors, and fellow artists whose mission is to make you and everyone on the team a better creator. It’s a great experience to have and something cool to add to your resume, so why not?

If interested, please contact me through email (, Tumblr (elizathe-creator), or instagram (leakiradefendersoftomorrow). From there, I will send you the link to the portfolio guidelines/submission details and everything we will need to evaluate your art. If you get in, you will receive a message as early as late October/mid November. I can’t wait to see your art and hopefully welcome you onto the project!

-Eliza Murray, Writer and Producer of DoT

(PSA: Tumblr, please reblog this message to your respective followers! There is so much talent and inspiration on this platform and it would be lovely if we could involve some of that into his show! Thank you so much💕)


scout: okay dad, now you gotta try something on.

oliver: eh, i don’t know. i don’t wanna buy anything, and i feel bad trying something on without the intention of buying it.

scout: daaaaaad, c’mon! you need to try this outfit on right here! do it for me! the light of your life!

oliver: i don’t know what you want, but the answer is no.

scout: just try this one on, please!

oliver: okay, fine. you win, but just this one! then we are buying the perfume and heading to lunch.

scout: deal.

It’s when you realize, perfection is an illusion, and you’re never gonna get there, but once you start trying your best and loving yourself for who you are—the idea that you are already enough. What you are right now is already enough. You can do more, and you can push things, and you can be more ambitious and reach new horizons for sure, but who you are right now in this moment, is absolutely enough. It is good enough right now for who you are. And that is your base plate, that’s where you start stepping off, when you realize that you are enough, perfection is an illusion, and you just start trying your best, start loving yourself and taking care of yourself, then you can start loving the world as a whole. You can start loving others a whole lot more, because when you love yourself, loving everything else is easy. Loving yourself is one of the hardest things to do. Like, genuine love for yourself, not this narcissistic egotistical love, where you think you’re hot shit and think you’re amazing, but actual self love, where you think, “You know what? I’m doing good. I’m doing my best, and I am enough.” 

—Seán McLoughlin
I am going to remain imperfect. Why? Because we’re all imperfect. That’s what humanity is. That's what existence is. There’s no such thing as perfect. It doesn't exist. It’s a thing you make up, thinking that you know what perfect is, but when you actually think about it- Like think about it right now: What is perfect to you? What do you want right now that you think would make you perfect? And I bet there’s a bunch of it in there that you have no idea and the thing is that the fallacy in this is that whatever you think makes you perfect, whatever you think in your head is going to make you perfect - all the attributes that you could say right now like ‘if I just had this, I would be perfect’ - but then other people would start looking at you differently. Other people would look at you in a way that doesn’t make you perfect. And that’s the problem with it. Is that someone out there somewhere is going to dislike you no matter what you do in life. Anything you do. You could go out there and save millions and billions of people and someone out there is still going to be 'oh, well, yeah, they just did it for the glory’ or something like that. Someone is always going to poke at something you do, or you as a person, regardless of what it is. And that in and of itself makes you not perfect. To you, you may be, but how long will that last? Like in ten years will you still consider that version of yourself to be perfect? Perfection is an always moving goal post. So I’ll choose to remain imperfect because that’s what I like about myself. I like that I’m not perfect. I like that I’m just out here having as much fun as I can and trying the absolute best with what I have in the moment and I will constantly be trying to do that. And that to me is what’s perfect to me. You know what it’s not even perfect. You know what it is? It’s PMA. Trying my best with what I have in the moment every day. And sometimes it might not even work and you know what? That’s fine. And it’s when you start realising that as well - I’m going to go off on a psychological tangent here - it’s when you realise that perfection is an illusion and you’re never ever going to get there but once you start trying your best and start loving yourself for who you are, the idea that you are already enough. What you are right now is already enough. You can do more and you can push things and you can be more ambitious and reach new horizons, for sure, but who you are right now in this moment is absolutely enough. It is good enough right now for who you are and that is your base plate. That’s where you start stepping off when you realise that you are enough. Perfection is an illusion and you just start trying your best, start loving yourself and taking care of yourself, then you can start loving the world as a whole and you can start loving others a whole lot more. Because when you love yourself, loving everything else is easy. Loving yourself is one of the hardest things to do. And like genuine love for yourself, not this narcissistic egotistical love where you think you’re hot shit and that you’re amazing but actual self-love where you think: You know what? I’m doing good. I’m doing my best and  I am enough. Outside of that to me is perfection.

@therealjacksepticeye in 3 SCARY GAMES, 1 VIDEO #7 (x)

For those of you who struggle with wanting to be perfect and loving yourself, this made me smile so I wanted to transcribe it for you.

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hi sam! i have a save question. when you play with damien, does the whole world you’re playing with still have the ugly ea houses or do you just bulldoze those and then put in a specific lot for him? i hope this makes sense fkdlalla for some reason i can’t play my game knowing its full of ugly ea houses

Omg well!!! I actually have Damien in @jenba ‘s save right now. She made over most of the houses and lots and it’s absolutely amazing! Definitely check her stuff out.

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😱😱😱😱😱 WHAAAAT wasn't there an ask earlier today about a World Tour? And now Jeongin said he wants to do one? Coincidence?? 🧐🧐🧐

Hmmmm you right, I see where you’re going with this 🤔(Jeongin, or any Skz member, if you’re on Tumblr just hit us up with your url asgkhlsjt). I’m kidding. All jokes aside, I’d be so excited for a World Tour. I think that they just first need to establish themselves, because it has only been a year (not even a year actually like… ¾ of a year ?)! Maybe in another year or so they’ll go on a world tour. How cool would that be? :D (they better alL AROUND THe world ya know)

-admin m

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Longest rant you can about your girlfriend, I need your adorableness right now

hey bubb! where do i start? my girlfriend makes me feel safe and sane and warm and loved; she’s the only person i feel like i can open up to because with her, there isn’t any judgements. this is cliche as heck but she lifts me up when i feel like i’m sinking to the bottom of the ocean; when times get tough, she’s there for me and i too am there for her ksdkmdkw she’s the only one who actually loves my name and think it’s beautiful even though i still think my name is ugly as heck. she’s so supportive of my dreams and decisions and for the first time i feel like i can actually achieve it without feeling bad for doing something for myself. i love love love love talking to her like i’m on the phone with her right now and it’s been hours but i just can’t get enough of her voice, her laugh, her everything; she has like the warmest and sweetest voice ever and i feel like i’m melting every time i hear her talk 😍😍😍 i love it when she rambles, it’s the cutest thing ever because she gets excited and lost in things she’s talking about and i’m here like “YES QUEEN YESSSSSSSSS” i just love her so much; she makes me so giddy and warm and i just wanna lay in her arms bcwjdjwdn 72 days is a long time but i know it’s worth the wait because i’ve spent 23 million years being lonely and sad as shit and if i can wait that long to find my girlfriend; the one person i know i wanna be with for a long time then i can wait 72 days to finally meet her 


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There's one thing that's been annoying me, it's regarding Priya's route and how it's been managed. They said they wanted us to prove that we like her route, I do like it, but they're totally not trying good enough with her, right now I look at Priya more as a side character who you can have some images with rather than possible love interest, she doesn't really appear as often as Rayan or Hyun, which are characters that they are seemingly forcing us to like, which means it's hard to do her route

I do agree that of the love interests, it feels like she’s around the least :/

With Rayan and Hyun, ignoring that we’re often pushed towards them, with Rayan being our teacher and Hyun being our co-worker, it’s hard to not run into them so I’m not surprised we see them the most.

I mentioned before, but UL doesn’t feel as “special” with the dates and illustrations.

It feels a lot like Episode 12–where you go through and have a chance to earn all the illustrations if your LoM is high enough.

But UL is a lot less forgiving between not only all the different outfits (Which makes things… silly when you can see the scenes anyway half the time), but also then locking it behind only being able to get one or the other with certain choices. 

But there’s nothing special at the end. It’s all just the same story and the moments feel less special because everyone sees them (and in some cases, some feel more awkward because some people would rather not see them at all). 

The closest we had was the concert outing and even that was mixed. Otherwise, just Priya or Hyun helping out at the cafe. 

There’s so few changes and differences that it just feels kind of bland and less special time to really get closer with the love interests.

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i.. i tried to commit suicide today and it wasn’t successful

oh baby baby baby im so sorry so so sorry are u ok? i mean thats a stupid question obviously you arent but are you alright for right now? please please think before you do anything stupid ok? you deserve to be here ok? you are important and loved and so many people would miss you. there is a whole future out there waiting for you and i think you should try and go for it! you still have so much love to give and so many people still to help and so much love and support to receive. you need to stay alive ok? please please message me. you dont have to talk if you want to but i just want to know that youre safe.