you know people sing along with him now

Kim Hansol ━ val-notif

❝What happened was Kim Hansol of Topp Dogg did an instagram live where he had tears in his eyes and was talking about wanting to kill himself and wasn’t being careful next to a busy road and kept like going on and off the road and not really paying attention to any cars and his friend commented genuinely scared because Hansol wasn’t answering his phone at all
a few of his friends are saying they’ve gotten a hold of him and he’s okay now but still

If you don’t know Kim Hansol he is truly an amazing person not only is he a very talented dancer and singer he is very funny, he has an adorable laugh and smile, he’s an amazing writer and artist, and he supports the lgbt+ community and has ranted to homophobic comments on his instagram before about needing to accept people no matter who they love. He also is very woke about poc issues, is a huge fan of Rhianna and knows better than to say the ‘n’ word and actually got offended once when people thought he was going to say it when he was singing along to a song. He also wears the butterfly bracelet showing support for the Japanese victims of sex slavery during WW2.
Also butterflies are attracted to him and if ur a somewhat spiritual person like I am then u know what that means.

All in all he’s an amazing rare type of person and he deserves to live a long and happy life and even if you don’t stan him or Topp Dogg please support him now in his time of need. His instagram is official_marykiko if you want to send him kind messages, he is obviously fluent in Korean, knows a fair amount of English, and is studying Mandarin for those of you that do send him messages.


The With You Project can be found here 

━ @val-notif

Harry is kinda with Y/N, Y/N is kinda young.

or, Y/n and Harry are friends with benefits, but they both crave something more. Harry makes a lot of mistakes and Y/N drinks a lot. 

Pairings: Harry Styles x Reader

Word Count: 3.1k

Requested: yes sis

Warnings: angst, mentions of doing the dirty?? mostly fluffy and angsty, oh and some underage drinking

A/N: ahhhh I’m back!!! I’m sorry, college has been kicking my ass lately. I’m happy to get this out though! I had to get myself back in the game and thank you guys so much for being patient, I hope that you guys love it, and thank you lovely anons for requesting young!y/n

Harry’s first mistake was getting too comfortable with you. You both didn’t mind it at first, but he could feel himself almost not being able to last a day without you in his presence for at least an hour. You were his best friend on tour, he didn’t mind being himself around you and that’s what made it so easy for him to be attached to you.

Being friends with benefits with you was his second mistake, he’ll admit that. You were young, you just turned 19 a couple days prior when it begun. You both couldn’t help it though. Since your relationship was good enough to talk about anything, you guys didn’t mind talking about the sexual pleasure that you guys were missing.

The next day after that conversation is where he found himself not concentrating on the movie in front of the both of you, but focusing himself on you instead. You were on the opposite side of the couch, feet propped up on his legs. Your wearing comfy shorts with a oversized hoodie, hair up in a messy bun with no makeup on.

Not that you cared how you looked in front of him, but you kind of wish that when Harry finally decided to make a move you looked more decent than your usual pajamas. You had no problem voicing that to Harry as you guys talked about your first time as you were getting ready to open his show for him, where he rolled his eyes and got up to lock the door, eating you out in one of your best outfits just the same as he did that first night in response to your complaining.

It’s been months since that first time, and Harry cursed the gods above, (and your parents) on the day that he realized he was in love with you. It was when he flew his mum in for one of his shows, and when he introduced you two is when his true feelings came out.

He’s never nervous when introducing people to his mum, knowing that 98% of the time she’ll accept them with open arms. He found himself waiting till the absolute last minute to introduce you to her.

There were a few hours before you had to open for Harry, which meant that you were in the process of getting ready. He heard the music blasting from down the hallway, “Kiwi” to be exact, and he smirked to himself, liking that it was his music you were listening to.

He walked in, Anne right on his tail and he let out a laugh, watching you sing into your hairbrush as you were dancing, back faced him.

“I’m having your baby, it’s none your bus- oh!” You said, only a bit startled as you paused the music, laughing along with them.

“Hi! I’m Y/N, the opening act for your son and his biggest fan, how are you?” Was your opening line, walking up to Anne.

Now, most people go for the awkward hand shake, not knowing how comfortable the other person is with hugs.

You weren’t most people. You proved that as you opened your arms to embrace Anne in a hug, squeezing her just as tight as Anne was squeezing you. You both pulled away and you gave her a soft smile.

“It’s so nice meeting you! I’m just getting ready,” You said, pointing to the makeup that has been barely placed on your face, “You guys are more than welcome to sit and chat with me if you’d like!” You finished, pointing to the couch.

“That would be lovely.” Anne said with a smile on her face. They sit down, watching Y/N apply her makeup while making some small talk.

Harry always does a small test with his girlfriends, that if he’s able to leave the room and his mum and girlfriend are still making small talk, he would feel more comfortable seeing the said girl because he knows his mum is comfortable.

“‘M jus’ gonna go to the loo, be back in’a bit.” He smiles innocently, to which the two women nod in response. He walks out the room and then down the hallway, waiting a bit before returning. A couple minutes go by before he decides to return. Peeking his head in, curiosity creeps upon him when he sees what you guys are doing.

You’re not at your makeup station anymore, instead you brought everything with you to the couch and you’re doing Anne’s makeup, talking softly amongst yourselves.

He makes his presence known, (accidentally) when Y/N leans down to reach for a different makeup product, noticing his tall frame since he didn’t move quick enough. You raise your eyebrows at him, and a small blush rises to his face as he slowly walks in.

“Wha’s goin’ on in here?” He asks, and you just giggle before responding.

“Your mum said that she liked the way I did my makeup after she saw it on my instagram, so I offered to do hers for her.” You reply, and Anne looks at him with a bright smile.

He would smile back, but he’s too busy smiling softly at the girl who is applying the makeup on his mum, heart skipping a beat when you catch his eye, giving him an even brighter smile. You should be getting ready for your own show, and yet here you are making his mum happy without being asked to do so, and that’s when he knew.

It was only a few weeks ago where he felt like his mum was more sad about leaving you than him, you and her were practically attached at the hip after his show, and he swore his cheeks hurt from smiling so much since he was so happy.

Harry’s third mistake was telling management that it was okay for Camille to come to the show, she needed some more publicity since they haven’t been pictured with each other for quite some time. That resulted into them going to a restaurant, eating outside may he add, in order for the paps to get some good pics.

So he guesses his fourth mistake was letting Camille kiss him straight on his mouth, even though it was a small peck, the pictures make it look like much more than it really is.

All he could think about is you, wondering if you’re hurt by seeing these pictures, if you even saw them yet.

He had to spend the night at the same hotel as Camille, staying in different rooms of course, he lost track of time the next day, not leaving until evening, causing him to be late for your performance.

He walks in backstage and hears a familiar tune being played on a piano, but then he realizes that it isn’t one of your songs.

He gets a better listen when he isn’t in the earshot of people, and he soon realizes it’s the piano version of “Girl Crush” that you’re singing along to, which catches him by surprise since this song isn’t on your setlist. He drifts out of his thoughts when he hears you singing the chorus, and he takes a look at you and he feels the way his stomach clenches and the way the heat runs through his body.

Your eyes are closed as you let the emotion of the song take over you, both hands grasping the mic stand.

“I want her long blonde hair, I want that magic touch. Yeah ‘cause maybe then, you’d want me just as much.” You take a second to catch your breath and look to the side stage where you feel his eyes staring into you.

“I got a girl crush.” You sing, eyes boring into his, tearing your eyes away as you get into the next part of the song.

He feels terrible, stomach dropping in a way that it hasn’t before since you guys have started your fling.

You finish the song and he walks away, going to get ready. It’s when you’re rushing off stage that he feels the absolute worst, noticing your teary eyes as you run past him, he himself turning around so quick he feels dizzy.

He doesn’t bother catching up to you, instead just watches your every movement. He watches you get to the table where all the drinks are, prop yourself against it as your breathing heavily. You then harshly bring your hands up to under your eyes and wipe the tears that must’ve feel in your frantic state.

It’s when you grab a vodka bottle and some juice and proceed to walk away to your dressing room he gets worried. You’re about to shut the door when he forces it back open, causing you to groan and roll your eyes.

Walking to the couch and opening up the bottle to take a swig, you grimace at the taste, opening up your juice and using it as a chaser to get rid of the bitter taste in your mouth.

“What’re yeh doin’, love?” He asks, you chuckling bitterly in response.

“Drinking to stupidity and feelings.” You tell him, frowning now.

He’s frowning too, not wanting to be the cause of you drinking.

“You’re gonna get sick.” He tells you, reaching for the bottle. But you’re faster, grabbing it and standing up just as quick.

“Hopefully I’ll be so sick you can’t fuck me later.” You tell him, taking another sip from the bottle. He notices that you didn’t need as big as a sip of your juice this time, worrying him even more because he knows that with the rate you’re going, you’re not going to need the chaser.

“Don’t be like tha’.” He tells you sternly. You roll your eyes yet again, “Can’t tell me what to do, ‘m not your girlfriend.” You spit out at him.

“You know it was for publicity.”

“No I don’t.”

“Yeh do, Y/N, told yeh that from the beginning.” He tries reasoning with you, earning a scoff in response.

“Never kissed her until last night, or stayed at the same hotel with her until last night.” You shot right back. “Fucked her too, I bet. I know how you get since we haven’t fucked in a couple days, you were probably desperate for it.” You shouted, even though you know for a fact he didn’t have sex with her.

“Really?” He questioned you sarcastically, you just nodding in response.

“You’re right,” he begins, walking towards the door, “wasn’t for publicity. Fucked her righ’ into the mattress, just like yeh said. She made me cum so hard, felt better than yeh ever did!” He yelled, slamming the door as he walked out, wasting no time to go to his own dressing room, slamming the door there too.

He didn’t have much time to cool off before Jeff was banging on his door telling him that he needed to go on stage and to, “drop the attitude,” Jeff gaining the finger and a forced smile in response.

As he’s walking towards the stage, he hears your words all slurred together. He looks for you, and finds you chatting someone up who was part of the backstage crew, but he knows that by your smile and the way you’re standing extremely close to him, that it’s not just “chatting.”

“Oi!” He warned, “She’s drunk. Doesn’t know wha’ she’s doin’ mate, maybe another time.” He tells him, making eye contact with you the whole time.

“Really, Harry?” You ask, anger laced into your voice. He opens his mouth in response, but quickly feels himself being dragged in the opposite direction of you, which mean he’s going to the stage.

The whole time he was performing, he brought an energy that he never did before. He was definitely taking his anger out on stage, helped him with his best performances yet.

He calms down a lot more as the night progresses, doesn’t really have time to think when there are thousands of people staring at you.

He notices you watching from the side stage, which is good he thinks, means you stopped drinking for the time being. He stopped giving you his side glances though, still mad at the fact that you think he would fuck anyone else. He can’t even think about having anybody else wrapped around him besides you.

It’s when he goes backstage for a break before his encore that he realizes his fifth mistake, which is that Camille needed to be seen walking into the arena, so of course while he was performing is when she decided to do it, where Y/N was drunk and already not having the strongest feelings towards her.

Walking offstage he sees you immediately, eyes locked on Camille’s movements as she’s talking to Jeff while his eyes stay locked on you.

Camille notices Harry and decides to greet him with a hug and kiss on the cheek, his eyes are still on Y/N and since hers are locked on Camille’s body, she meets his eyes on accident. She rolls hers and gets up, grabbing her purse and walking away.

He feels the pit in his stomach again, pulling away from Camille, feet already moving to catch up with you when he realizes that he has to finish his show.

He sucks in a breath and braces himself for the crowd, wishing that it was already over with so he could just be with you, wanting to apologize and make everything right.

The concert ends and all he’s thinking about is you. He changes quickly and makes his way outside, walking the brief 2 minutes it takes to get to the hotel, knocking on your door, hoping you’re in there. He stands there for 5 minutes, just waiting, but getting no answer.

He decides to go to his room and to shower, hopefully giving you some space before he goes to find you again.

Walking into his hotel room, having a text typed out to you saying, “are you safe?”, ready to hit send when he realizes you’re in his room, rummaging through his fridge, opening one of the travel size bottles of alcohol.

“You know,” you begin, “they overcharge the price of alcohol in here for these small bottles, oh well.” You shrugged, loosening the cap and taking a large gulp, getting halfway down the bottle.

“Y/N, yeh need t’stop now.” He says, wanting to take care of you but feeling so angry all over again. He shuts the door and sits on the bed, moving all of your bags that you placed on it before reaching down to start untying his shoes.

“No, the night’s just begun Harry! C’mon, we’re friends! Let’s talk about the night you had last night!” You exclaimed, reaching into his luggage to grab one of his shirts while he’s slipping off his shoes.

“Nothin’ happened!” He groaned out in frustration, watching you pull his t-shirt over your naked frame.

“Yeah, okay.” You mutter out, feeling the tears brim your eyes as you drunken haze takes over.

“Y/N. We need to talk about this when you’re sober.”

“Wanna talk now.” You tell him, crossing your arms over your chest.

“Yeh sang Girl Crush tonight.” He states, not in an accusing matter but stating it as a fact. You roll your eyes, obviously knowing what you sang.

“Yeah, and?” You ask, eyebrows raised.

“Tha’ song is about being jealous of the girl that’s with the man yeh love.” He says, standing up and pointing his finger at you, definitely accusing you now.

You shrug again, “So maybe it is, what’s the point?”

“Yeh sang it after I was with Camille.” He accuses again, hands on his hips now.

You don’t have anything to say. What can you say when someone is absolutely right? You realized he wasn’t there halfway through your show, so you thought you could get away with singing about how you felt about him when he wasn’t there, but of course he showed up right at the chorus.

After seeing those pictures, it broke you. All you wanted was to get your show over with and to get drunk, which you did. You realized you loved Harry after his mum gushed to you about how much he talked about you to her, your own heart dancing around the thought of being with Harry officially.

“What do you want me to say?” You question, walking past him to go brush your teeth.

“Tell me how you feel!” He yells, walking into the bathroom behind you.

“I feel like I’m too young for this! I’m too young and-and inexperienced to be falling in love with someone who has done stuff like this before!” You yell right back, covering your mouth as you realized what you said.

“Yeh love me?” He asks you softly, you just nodding in confirmation.

“I love yeh,” he tells you, bringing his hand to your waist, “I can’t think ‘bout anyone else when your pretty self is occupying m’brain, love” He says, sincerity in his voice.

“Seeing those pictures I just-”

“I know.” He murmurs, bringing your body close to his and kissing your forehead.

“I didn’t know it was happening ‘till it was already too late. Thought of yeh right after.” He says, pulling away to look at you.

“Harry I don’t know what I’m doing.” You tell him honestly. “I want you but I’m young, tour is going to end soon and then I won’t see you because then I go back home but I just want you all the time.”

“Listen t’me-”

“And I love your mom!” You sob, Harry looking at you with a bit of amusement in his eyes as he realizes now all the alcohol is settling in.

“She’s so sweet and she told me how much you talk about me and she’s like my best friend, I talk to her all the time, H! Don’t wanna lose her or you.” You continue to cry.

“She told yeh I talk about yeh? And yeh text her everyday? Little schemers.” He says, helping you wash off your makeup and then to brush your teeth. He listens to the little babbles that you’re going on about as he brushes his own teeth, you patiently waiting for him to finish before going to lay in bed.

“H, I have decided to be your girlfriend. We’ll make it work as we always do, right?” You ask, cuddling into his chest.

He chuckles, kissing your head and wrapping his arms around you tightly, letting out consent sigh.

“Yeah, love. We’re going to work it out.”

Car singing - Tom Holland Headcanon

request: hc on singing (badly) in the car with tom? i feel like he’d listen like to listen to 80s pop rock jams lol luv youuu :))

tag list

  • as i think most of us know, tom doesn't sing in front of people unless he’s comfortable around them
  • a shame truly
  • anyway
  • so now you two have been seeing each other for a few months
  • and you still haven’t heard him sing
  • not fucking once
  • he hums to his music if he’s making dinner or working out but that’s it
  • but now you’re on a long road trip
  • and what fun are road trips if you’re not singing along to music?
  • okay
  • so he’s driving but his phone is connected to the car
  • ya know gps so y’all don’t get lost
  • but that’s chill because road trip rule: shotgun controls music
  • you end up turning on older classic rock songs
  • that are just a must
  • like if you don’t sing to them, get out of the car. you gotta walk the rest of the way
  • the first song you pick is It’s The End Of The World by REM
  • and you might have googled the lyrics to make sure you could sing every word
  • all while tom laughs beside you
  • and lip syncs
  • so after that song
  • Don’t Stop Believing blares through his car speakers
  • and you start dancing with the song from your seat
  • and literally singing to him
    • “Commeeee onnnnnnnn, you know you wanna.” you’d say when there’s a short break
    • and tom glances to you with a smirk
    • lip syncing the next lyrics
    • as if taunting you
    • because he’s a little shit
    • “it’s fffunnnnnn.” you’d pout
  • and once that bridge hit
  • honestly, he couldn’t help himself
  • he glanced at you as the both of you sang together
  • you laughing, happy to finally get him to sing
  • even it was basically just obnoxious yelling
  • from there
  • you both take turns picking songs
  • and your singing just gets louder and funnier
  • he picked Should I Stay Or Should I Go
  • while you followed it with Wannabe by The Spice Girls
  • now that was something you never thought you’d witness
  • tom cheered
  • and was dramatic af when you put that song on
  • like hand gestures
  • facial expressions to you
  • the boy got into it
  • and you happily went along with it
  • you both making the same expressions and knowing exactly when to look at each other
  • literally
  • a mini, two-person concert right there in his car
  • and you two might have gone a little hoarse by the time you reached your destination
  • but it’s totally worth it
  • there’s actually nothing better than singing terribly with someone you care about
  • which that only lead to the two of making a playlist
  • equally divided
  • so you both could continue on the way home
  • and it was most definitely tom’s idea

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You Were The One

Originally posted by mvssmedia

“Oh my god look over there.” Your friend and fellow trainee, Yoora, pointed in the direction where B.I. and the rest of IKON were. “Isn’t Hanbin just the most handsome guy you have ever seen?” Yoora waited for your reaction.

“He is” you sighed knowing you could never tell him. 

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  • would rather have you come over and stay with him in the recording room from dusk till dawn then actually go out with you on a proper date 
  • is very relieved when you tell him you’d rather do that too although you end up dragging him out every four hours or so for some fresh air and some packaged ramyun from the convince store
  • usually he keeps his ideas a secret since as a producer he feels like it’s his responsibilty to make sure it’s good before he shows it to anyone but you are the exception
  • actually really values your opinion and when your eyes light up and you compliment him like; “jihoon! this sounds great!” he gets really giddy and proud but tries to control his expression like “oh really? that’s good..phew….” (actually internally screaming)
  • when you’re not in the recording studio with him, but he still has to be there he’ll sometimes call you at ungodly hours like 4 in the morning and be like “hey guess what i forgot my name and i haven’t slept in twenty seven hours” and you’ll be like “babe - take a nap. even if you have to sleep on the floor take a nap or i will go over there and force you to take a nap.” he enjoys your support very much
  • his laugh is even more highpitched when it’s late at night and that’s how you can tell he’s losing it and you need to contact jeonghan or joshua to get him out of the recording room and to the dorm for some rest
  • he once called you at like midnight and was like “hey seungcheol whats our schedule tomorrow” and you were like “jihoon, it’s me. not seungcheol” and he was like “oh sorry ‘leader’ and ‘love of my life’ are really close to each other in the contacts and im tired so..” and you got blushy because serIOUSLY your name in his phone is love of my life gOD jihoon can u be even more cute
  • makes you watch x-men with him and other superhero movies because he’s a big fan of those
  • argues with you over which x-men is the best 
  • actually you two get into lots of petty little fights and arguments but it’s mostly because jihoon is very opinionated without knowing it but like it never turns into anything big because you end up laughing at yourselves like twenty minutes in
  • his aggressiveness only comes out toward people that are rude to you or that have harmed you. he has a zero percent tolerance for people making you uncomfortable or posing a threat to you. he’ll literally step in front of you and be like “is there a problem? because we can clear it up right now.”
  • sometimes you’ll catch him playing the piano softly to himself and singing along to ballads and you’ll watch him secretly but when he turns around he’ll get supER embarrassed like HOW lonG have YOU beeN THERE
  • is a big fan of goodluck/congratulatory kisses
  • when he finishes producing a song what does he want? kisses. when he actually gets 8 hours of sleep what does he want? kisses. when he’s about to go perform on a music show what does he want? kISSEs. 
  • “it’s because you’re like……my goodluck charm” & “i think i did well so maybe you should give me a prize………….” (he asking for a kiss basically without saying it because it would make him super nervous and shy” 
  •  public skinship tho = blushing jihoon who cannot look at you in the eyes
  • you grab his hand on the train and he is just a steaming mess of ?!?!?!??!?
  • all the members think it’s hilarious that jihoon can’t even hug you in their presence like when you have to leave after practice he literally waits for everyone to leave the room to give you a goodbye kiss even though like they’re all obviously hiding behind the door and watching 
  • his phone background is a picture of you attempting to play his old clarinet and he thinks your confused expression is the cutest 
  •  he didn’t want to tell the members he was dating but then seungkwan saw the selfie of yours that was jihoon’s background and basically was like jiHOON HYUNG ISNT SINglE EVERYONE 
  • when you two are watching a movie together at home or just TV, he has the habit of leaning his cheek against your shoulder and yawning very cutely 
  • the smile he does where he looks like a cute little otter is your favorite thing and he does it whenever he sees you waving at him from across the street but like he’s smiling but he’s also dying and trying not to turn red because yes you’ve been waving at him since the light turned red and now everyone is staring at him 
  • jealous jihoon is real. jealous jihoon who gives you the icy shoulder for a while after you keep hanging out with jun and minghao. jealous jihoon who only let’s you off the hook after you make him laugh with a story about how you tripped over the carpet this morning because your hair was in your face and the first thing you could think of was “is this how jeonghan feels?”
  • likes receiving CD’s from you as presents, that and also notebooks for lyric and song writing. 
  • likes giving you CD’s as presents of artists he knows you like. even if you don’t have a CD player, he thinks owning the CD is special
  • got really embarrassed when you confessed you bought like five copies of 17′s album to support them
  • got really jealous when seungcheol hugged you after you said that 
  • the clothes he wears are usually oversized, especially the sweaters and when you wear them they’re big too and he just melts because no……you’re too much………… 
  • but in secret likes it when you wear his sweater outside because the other members come up to him and are like “isn’t that your sweater??” and he just kind of shrugs like “maybe……..more like yes it is and none of you are allowed to let them borrow any of your clothes. they can only wear mine. got it.”
  • drops his head into your lap when he’s very tired and it surprises you because he’s not the one to usually initiate skinship like this
  • always asks if you have any snacks on you. you start to bring over little buns and candies since you never know when’s the last time he’s eaten.
  • he likes sports so going to the gym together is fun!!!! 
  • he likes sports but seeing you in shorts is h e  l l h e i s  g o n e…….
  • there are two sides of jihoon when it comes to kissing
  • shy, nervous, gentle, lots of pausing and lots of breathing and looking away 
  • passionate, needy, impatient and hard…….attacking your neck and shoulders with kisses and affection because he’s missed touching you for so long…….
  • laughed the first time you claimed you wanted to learn the lyrics to adore u but when he saw you were really trying he was secretly very proud
  • when you do something and you’re proud of it, jihoon is literally the most supportive boyfriend ever he’ll go to great lengths to attend any of your events even if it means sacrificing practice or even sleep
  • he’ll never talk about his problems with you in front of the other members or any one else. he has to wait till you’re alone to open up fully about how he’s been feelings and afterwords he’ll feel bad that he burdened you with it
  • you’ve told him like a million times that it isn’t a burden, that you’re here to keep him steady too and each time he hears it he really feels blessed to have you by his side
  • when you’re upset, he can jump to conclusions and get riled up and angry with whoever upset you, but if it’s not that you end up having to calm him down and explain what is is that’s really hurting you 
  • he holds you close and tangles his fingers in your hair and whispers over and over again that you’re the best, that you’re perfect, that you don’t deserve any of the harm that comes your way
  • texts you pictures of seungkwan and dk doing funny things in order to get you to smile
  • seungkwan and dk text you random pictures of jihoon usually with the caption: “he’d kill us if he knew we were doing this!! hehe”
  • when you brought over water bottles for everyone during practice, jihoon got really proud and even looped his arm around your waist which shocked everyone - even you 
  • kept asking you if you thought his bubblegum hair was childish but you assured him it was perfect
  • says he hates it when you put clips in his hair and things like that but still let’s you do it
  • mingyu once gave you a piggyback ride and jihoon didn’t talk to him for like 3 days 
  • he has this habit of slicking his hair back when he’s going out with you just because he doesn’t like the bangs getting in his eyes and he keeps running his fingers through his hair and licking his lips when he’s talking and you’re like jihoon i gonna need you to s TO P 
  • kisses the side of your cheek when you were ranting on and on about how frustrated you are with work and told you that he knows you’re gonna get through it and you almost choked on your words because when did he get this cute and romantic who let h i m…….
  • saying ‘i love you’ made jihoon nervous and sweaty and scared, but when it came out it was natural and real and you’ve never seen jihoon’s eyes glisten the way they did in that moment 
  • likes the cute little phone straps you got for the two of you although he will never admit it
  • when he almost lost you in the streets he panicked so much he ended up running around the block 5 times until you two bumped into each other again and he clutched you so tightly to his chest you thought he’d leave bruises 
  • pretends to be calm and chill but is actually always worried about if he’s being a good enough of boyfriend for you
  • jihoon probably once said that you deserved better than him and you got made at him for a whole week that he wrote a song as an apology 
  • sometimes he can get ticked off at the smallest of things but you and him are perfect puzzle pieces and he’d protect you with his life 

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Talent- Tyler Joseph

Pairing: Tyler Joseph/Reader
Rating: PG
Warnings: fluffy fluff.
Request: One where reader is tylers new neighbor when tyler is still a teenager and plays piano in his basement. The reader would hear it from her/his basement und would go in there to listen to him for hours every day. They meet in the hallway and stuff and the reader tells him how much she/he likes his music. I can’t think of an ending sorry??

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High School Band AU: Chapter 16


But not completely dark. The moonlight invades the hallway, allowing you to at least sense the figures standing there.  Yoosung is still next to you. Jumin and Zen are close to the hallway entrance, Saeyoung is a few steps ahead, so is Jaehee. Rika is behind you, standing at the door of hat must be her room, and V is with her.

“Did you just say you fucked with the boyfriend of Yoosung’s cousin?”

“I… I did.” You lower your gaze, but nobody can see how bad you feel.

“So you’re saying YOU fucked my boyfriend?” Unless Yoosung has some other cousin… no, but you still fucked V, this wouldn’t make sense. Ah, what are you thinking? It’s a rhetorical question.

“Yes. I said that, and look, I…”

“ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME, JIHYUN?” she shouts again, but her voice is not coming towards you.

“Rika, calm down… we…” V says in a quiet voice.

“Calm down!? I can’t believe you could do such a thing to me, Jihyun! Are you fucking out of your mind? TELL ME IF YOU’RE OUT OF YOUR DAMN MIND SO I KNOW WHAT SHOULD I DO RIGHT NOW! Oh my God, Jihyun… Oh my God!”

Nobody is seeing you frowning, but that’s what you’re doing. Why is she yelling to him only? Why is she…?

“Rika, I can explain, I…”

“You shut up, MC! I’m talking to him right now!” she mutters. Whoa! Did she just tell you to shut up?

“Excuse me?”

“I said I’m talking to him right now! This is adult stuff, nothing a petty child like you would understand.”

“Ch-child? A petty child that fucked your boyfriend!” you hear some “uuhs” probably coming from Saeyoung. What are you doing?

“Yes, exactly, a petty sneaky child that I could expect to do something like this. But my boyfriend… no… my expectations are low with you considering how you act, MC, but not from my boyfriend.”

What the hell is this bitch saying right now? She’s no mad at you for fucking her boyfriend because… she saw it coming? She expected you to be this kind of girl? Considering how you act? WHAT THE FUCK?

“How I act? What are you talking about?”

“I can’t believe you will have the guts to keep playing innocent even now, MC. I just… no, this is not about you, this is about you, Jihyun. What the fuck were you thinking?”

“I wasn’t, really. I was just so… frustrated and mad at you, Rika.”

“You said we were cool, Jihyun.”

“Ah, yes, because I always say we’re cool. We’re always cool, Rika, yes, we’re always cool until you start acting behind my back again! And dragging Jumin this time, I mean…”

“Jihyun, I don’t know what you heard, but…” Jumin’s voice rises from down the hallway.

“I didn’t hear, I just know, Jumin! Okay? I know about everything!”

Wait, V knows? He… knows Rika and Jumin are cheating on him? Wait, you knew about that too. And so does Zen, right?

“Jihyun, you have to understand that things are more complicated that they seem…”

“No, Jumin! Whya re you trying to explain yourself? This is about how Jihyun fucked a freshman just to get revenge on me!”

Was that really what happened? You were… used as revenge?

“I didn’t do it to take revenge on you, Rika! I would never do that to an innocent girl! Come on! Do you really think I am this kind of guy?”

You don’t think he would be this kind of guy. You… don’t want him to be this guy…

“Oh, so what is the reasonable explanation for you cheating on me with her, Jihyun?”

“There is no reasonable explanation, MC and I were on my car, talking, I was already frustrated with you and all your… bullshit! And she was… she was being sweet and funny… and… I… I kissed her, she just went along.” Thank god nobody can see you blushing right now.

“Of course she was being sweet and funny, of course, Jihyun…” Rika mutters.

“What is that suppose to mean?” you ask, realizing she’s still saying nonsense about you.

“MC, I swear to God that if you try to make this about yourself one more time…”

“But this is about me! This is about me if you keep throwing dubious comments about me like I’m not part of the situation, Rika. I… am trying to take my guilt, why are you not letting me?”

“Because I don’t believe your act. There, I said it.”

“My act?”

“Yes, your goddamn act! I read you from the moment I saw you on that shithole of record store. You play quirky and weird to get people to like you. And of course all this band full of… fucked up people would take you and welcome you, because you’re sweet and funny, yay! But me? Uh-huh, you don’t fool me, MC! I see you as the sneaky manipulative little bitch you are!”

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU EVEN SAYING?” now it’s your time to yell. “Manipulative? What have I done?”

“First it’s Zen there, you listen to him, say you want to get to know him. Then it’s Yoosung, you give him some guts to speak up a little more. Jaehee, you sing with her, pay attention to her and make her feel normal. Then Saeyoung, you play along with his antics. Then you make Jumin fall for your talent so he won’t see your terrible personality. And finally Saeran… but spare of the details on what you did in that closet and let’s just imagine why was he so mad that he left.”

“How do you…? You…?”

“I’ve been paying attention to you for a while because I didn’t trust you from the beginning. And it seems to me I was right to.”

You’re confused, angry, scared, and sad. And when things get this overwhelming, there’s only one thing to do.


You give this big baffled nervous laugh, trying to imagine if everybody is looking at you in puzzlement, while Rika is probably drooling from rage.

“You… you don’t trust me? Well, it’s good we’re on the same page, Rika, because I never trusted you either, ever since you cornered me at Yoosung’s house and… hit on me or threatened me, I… what the fuck were you trying to do, anyway?”

“I was testing the limits of this act of yours. And color me impressed, bitch, I almost believed you for a second. Yeah, I almost fell your… denseness was real, but then again, you don’t fool me, MC. No, you can seduce everyone in this room with this salty and cutie attitude, but not me.”

“Se-seduce? Are you saying I tried to seduce everyone?”

“Rika, I think this already went too far…” V almost whispers.

“Shut up, V!” you and her say at the same time.

“Are you saying I seduced everyone?”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying! I don’t know what you gain out of this, but from the moment you showed up, all you did was make these people falling for you.”

“Fall for me?” you feel like laughing. “Fall for me? You’re crazy, bitch! You’re saying everybody in this room have… romantic feelings for me, and that makes absolute no sense! No, I was talking to Zen a few moments ago and he said he sees me as a little sister. Right, Zen?”

“I… yes, I did. But I…”


“I thought that’s what I should say after realizing you like somebody else. But…”


“I… really want to see you happy, MC, even if it’s not with me.” Oh…

“You’re kidding me, right?”

“This is not the kind of thing I would do, MC. No, I decided to back out the minute you said you liked Yoosung at that senior’s party.”

“W-wait, what?” Yoosung is still next to you, and you see him jumping. “You like me?”

“What? No, I… I didn’t say that! I said that I was going to get close to Yoosung to give you and Jaehee some space because she likes you, Zen!”

“Liked, MC. I told you that I used to like him, but that was two years ago! No, I don’t like Zen anymore, I don’t… I’m not even sure if I like men anymore…”

“Jaehee…? You…?” you look at who you think it’s her in the shadows. “You… were trying to come out that day?”

“I… was, MC. I thought you would understand me… but I wasn’t sure, you can be so… ambiguous… I mean, I don’t know what Zen is saying, but it seems you implied you might have feelings for Yoosung…”

“But I don’t! I mean, I may have felt a minor crush, but I backed out as soon as I realized he had feelings for Rika!”

“WHAT? I DON’T… I-I… I don’t have feelings for Rika, MC.”

“You don’t!? But what about that talk on wanting to impress a girl and…?” The girl was you, you don’t really need him to answer.

“Yoosung… I…”

“Alright! This is taking a weird turn, y’all! Why don’t we all go to bed since there’s no light? Yeah, we can go on with this discussion later, maybe tomorrow or… never, preferably?” Saeyoung chimes with his usual chill tone, but you have to ask.

“Am I the drums for you, Saeyoung?”


“Am I the drums? Did you give up on playing the drums because it would be beneficial for your brother?”


“Or am I asking the wrong person again? Saeyoung… when I tried to kiss you…”

“I found some Saeran’s compositions in his bedroom . I had no idea they were about you, at least not until that afternoon we spent together… but no, you are not the drums. You are… more important, actually.”

“Because Saeran… loved me, right?”

“He loves you.”

“No, he hates me now. He hates me for trying to act natural after what V and I did… he thinks… I was playing with his feelings.”

Like Rika said you were doing. It crosses you like a stake, Rika thinks you’re a sneaky manipulative bitch playing with these fucked up people’s feelings just because.

Are you?

“See, MC? I told you could not fool me, and I was going to take your mask off sooner or later, but you did it yourself. I would feel pity, but I think this is what you want, right? That’s what you wanted from Jihyun so he would become a cheater.”

A cheater.

“A cheater…” you mutter. “Who are you to talk about cheating, Rika?”

“Excuse me?”

“For your information, I just met V that night because I was looking for Zen.”

“F-for me? Why?”

“Because I wanted to apologize for not listening your warnings about Jumin, he was really doing something wrong with Rika, he was… cheating on his best friend with her girlfriend.”

“I was what?”

“He was what?” V, Rika and Zen ask at the same time.

“You all heard me! Yeah, I wanted to talk to Jumin at the professions fair and saw him behid a tent, I want to him but didn’t notice there was someone else. I just noticed when I was already too close and listened to a conversation.”

“MC…” Jumin sighs.

“Are you going to deny you were talking about wanting to stop before V would find out, Jumin? Are you going to deny you were hugging her because you are lovers?”

“I’m not going to deny there were a conversation and a hug, but I am going to deny the lovers part, since it’s not true.”

“What you mean ‘it’s not true’? You were talking about being in trouble if V found about what was happening and she said she wouldn’t be worried thanks to Jumin, because…”

“He’s a fool who didn’t learn to say ‘no’ to a junky.” V states, you’ve never heard him so serious with such a deep tone.

“Jihyun…” now Rika’s voice is small, completely different from when she was playing a detective pointing out all your crimes.

“You know, I can pretend I don’t see you lying here and there about going on studio with Taylor Swift or Joe Jonas…”

“Nick Jonas.” You correct him. Not the point, but still…

“I can put up with that bullshit to not let people know you’re going to rehab appointments.”

“You’re going to rehab!?” you ask and listen Zen’s groaning. Oh… that’s why he thought you were too young to deal with this, right?

“She goes, matter of fact. My dad had to pull out some strings  for her to go to weekly appointments instead of being locked in some institution assigned by court so she wouldn’t miss classes and repeat the grade. And I felt like an idiot when I found not only she was missing the appointments, but also doing drugs again, because Jumin was getting them.”

“Jumin…?” you look in his direction, is he… lowering his head.

“I was trying to convince her on quitting, Jihyun. But she kept coming to me, saying she needed my help.”

“Because you’ve always helped me with everything, Jumin. You were such a good manager, protecting me and shielding me even when we lost the winter festival last year…”

“That we lost sue to your cracked voice from drugs.” V mutters.

“And you never forgave me, did you? But Jumin did, that’s why I felt safer around him…”

“And Jumin would do everything for you back then, since he liked you. But now he wanted to stop because things are changing, I couldn’t pretend anymore I’m not seeing what’s happening, Rika. Yes, you’ve been attacking this poor girl, but didn’t you realize you are doing exactly the same?”

“Don’t compare us! I had a goal in mind, she doesn’t! She just does for fun!”

Do you? You really played with these people’s feelings to have fun? But how…? How did you not notice you were doing this? And why isn’t it fun at all, if that’s the case? It’s not fun, it’s… cruel.

Are you… cruel?

And as you just got enlightened, the power is back on. The lights are on in the hallway and now you can see everybody. Now you can see the effects of this painful conversation, as nobody dares to raise their gazes, nobody wants to face you, and you don’t want to face anybody, but you already faced the truth, so… is it enough?

It’s not, you realize as Saeran shows up next to the bedrooms.

“Bro! Where were you?” Saeyoung asks.

“Trying to fix this. It wasn’t snowing that much for us to end in a blackout, so I thought it could be something wrong with the fuse.”

“Ah yes, I should tell my father to send someone and fix it, the power can be a little unstable after the last time it got renovated. Thank you, Saeran.”

“It’s cool. It was nice since I could cool off my head a little.”

“Literally? Because there is snow in your hair, bro.”

“Well, yeah, it’s snowing a little, I needed to check the wiring outside too. But it should be fine by now. What is going on here?”

“An emotional orgy.” Saeyoung says.

“I’m not sure I want to know what this means.” You wish you didn’t either.

But you do. And you know what’s worst? Not the fact that you just found you hurt all these people’s feeling. What saddens you the most is seeing Saeran shivering due to being out in the cold, he preferred that rather than staying here to see this mess.

Because, as Rika, he already realized how terrible you are. And being the selfish bastard you are, that’s what saddens you the most. Because you suddenly thought you liked this guy, and hurt him as fast as you decided you like him.

But maybe it’s not personal, since you hurt everyone else, even Rika, who you don’t like… so maybe it was just for fun.

“That sure was… a lot to process.” Jumin says as passing next to you when everybody awkwardly starts getting ready to sleep.

“Yeah… Jumin, I’m sor…”

“But I trust you will figure out what to do.” He says coldly, having his back on you as he heads towards his bedroom.

“I already do.” You say firmly.

“You… you do?”

“Yeah…” he turns to look at you and raises his eyebrows, probably surprised by seeing you fighting your tears. “I’ll quit the band.”

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BTS reaction to you getting married to someone else and they sing truth untold at your wedding rehearsal confessing to you.


It broke his heart when he learned that you were getting married… to someone else. He’s always loved you but he didn’t have the courage to tell you now he deeply regretted. Suddenly he had a bright idea he asked if he could go to your wedding rehearsal and you agreed. “Hey Namjoon!” You greeted him with the brightest smile “hey.. Y/N.” God he loved your smile it meant everything to him, “Y/N you know I can probably sing something for you and your.. partner..” he glared at them for a bit “sure!” You agreed quickly. He began to sing truth untold at first you thought it meant nothing but then you realized Namjoon.. was telling you HIS feelings you began to cry he jumped down stage to you “Namjoon..” he gently grabbed your hand “let’s run away together Y/N..” At first you didn’t respond looking at your partner but then you slowly nodded smiling “hey! Y/P/N!” They looked at you “sorry but I.. finally found the one for me.” Everyone gasped you and Namjoon run out the church together hands in hands.


He cried so much when he learned that you were getting married. He was mad at himself for not telling you sooner so many people told him that he’d lose you if he didn’t tell you soon, they were right. “Hyung.” Said Jungkook looking at him “I-its nothing Jungkook don’t worry.” He said ruffling up his hair. “H-how about you sing truth untold at her wedding!” Jungkook said smiling “kookie.. you know.. Y/N is getting married I-“ He smiled “there’s a reason why the priest say “say now or forever hold your peace.” He was right so he agreed to do it. He was very nervous at first but slowly he began to sing everyone turned to you realizing what he was saying “Seokjin.. I..” You blushed looking down “ you too.” Everyone gasped at your response “i-I’m sorry but the wedding is over..” you looked over at Jin.


He silently growled at the person you were about to marry. He was mad but mostly at himself for never telling you how he felt, “Yoongi!” That voice.. it always made him smile “Y/N.. hey.” He gave you the most gently smile ever “so I was wondering if you could do a song at my wedding rehearsal.” At first he was going to deny the offer seeing you with someone else that isn’t him hurt him. Suddenly an idea popped in his head “sure Y/N I have the perfect song.” It was the day of the rehearsal and he was NERVOUS like he was going to confess to you.. finally “now introducing Suga!” You happily Said he smiled at you he began to sing along to truth untold you don’t know why.. but you began to cry and everyone stared at you “Y/N.. if it’s not too late.. will you please be mine?” He said smiling “of course!” Everyone gasped but slowly a clap began.


“Why then?..” he said in annoyance “what?” You asked confused but all he did was give you his biggest smile ever “oh nothing, I’m happy for you Y/N.” It was a lie he was completely heartbroken people always told him to go after you yet.. he never did now he truly regretted it. “So will you do it?” Shit he did it again “huh?” He said lifting up his eyebrow “gosh Hoseok, will you sing at my wedding rehearsal?” He clicked his tongue “why s-I mean totally Y/N anything for you.” That part was true.. he’d do ANYTHING for you. It was a total surprise to himself he didn’t expect for himself to confess I mean he probably got deep into the song not realizing it. “Hoseok.. I..can’t..” his eyes sadden “I understand I-“ when he was about to leave you gently grabbed onto his hand “I..won’t forgive you for telling me late.. but I accept.. I want to be with you..” you begin to cry into his shoulder.


“Hey Jimin Y/N would look so great in this..” he stopped listening to that person, he chuckled and agreed “haha yea..” even tho he wasn’t hearing the full story he knew that you looked beautiful in anything, “Jimin! What do you think?” You showed him your rehearsal dress all he did was blush “it’s beautiful..” you smiled “hey Jimin.. I was wondering maybe you could perform a song at my wedding rehearsal.” At first he was going to laugh and say no it was already hurtful to see you post pics of your fiancé but a idea popped in his head he knew that it might of been too late but never say never right? He got all dressed ready to go you saw Jimin before the wedding rehearsal started “wow Jimin! So fancy.” You smiled complimented him “yea thanks.. almost like I’m the groom right?” He chuckled “yea..” you said blushing you wished him good luck and went to go sit with your fiancé slowly a soft voice began it was jimin’s everyone was so amazed but.. why did it sound like a confession? You rise to your feet blushing “Y/N if it’s not too late.. will you please be with me?” At first it was hard for you to answer but then you nodded “I’m sorry Y/F/N but.. I love Jimin.. I can’t be with someone I’m not in love with.” Jimin went by your side.


He didn’t cry, he wasn’t mad. He pretty much didn’t have any emotions after he heard that you got engaged to someone, everyone was concerned for him but he smiled and said “don’t worry about it I’ll be fine.” It broke everyone hearts to see him that way God knows how long he liked you for but never had the courage to tell you. “Tae!” You said happily running up to him great he thought, it hurts to see you but he didn’t let his emotions show “so I was wondering maybe you could sing at my wedding rehearsal?” He felt himself almost about to glare at you but he stops himself “I don’t know Y/N.” You grabbed his hand “Please Tae?” He almost yanks his hand out of your grip but he smiles? “Sure Y/N anything for you.” It was now or never he was going to confess to you in a song slowly he began to sing he was staring you right in the eyes, it was weird it felt like there was a connection between you to.. “Y/N.” You jolted your head up “I know It’s late but be mine please?”


He growled every single time he saw you get close to your fiancé he shouldn’t be like that but he can’t help it, you’re happy with someone else.. that isn’t him. He was about to get up from his seat when he heard you call him name, of course he could never ignore you or push you aside “hello Y/N what’s wrong?” You swayed back and fourth not knowing how to tell him “well since I’m having my wedding rehearsal I was wondering if you could sing?” He scuffed “sorry Y/N I’m busy.” You looked at him as he walked away confused later he texted you apologizing and agreeing to do it at first you told him he didn’t have to but he said it was fine later on he arrived to your wedding rehearsal “jungkook! I’m so glad you made it!” He smiled “anything for you Y/N excuse me I have to go set up.” Your guest settle down and so do you waiting for Jungkook’s song to began with his deep voice he begins to sing truth untold “to Y/N and Y/F/N I’m sorry but officially Y/N will become mine now.” You blushed after hearing that “Jungkook..”

When the wolf met the vampire

Part 1

Sam’s younger sibling,also a Shifter Reader x Emmet

Anon request -“I was wondering if you could do a imagine or something where the reader is Sam’s little sister and shifter. She imprints on Emmet , and when the time comes she joins Jacob’s pack?” 

Im gonna do this as a series thing as i’ve gotten carried away with Sam and the reader, in the next part i will focus more with the reader and Emmett. I’m also thinking of adding Emmett’s POV. I’ve written it so that the reader imprints before they have their first phase, but I’m not sure if it’s correct like if they can’t imprint until they’ve changed or if it matters.  Enjoy 


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anonymous asked:

I do so love to see your headcanon posts, so how about the RFA (plus V?) with an MC who is dealing with a devil persistantly after their soul? They have no interest in actually selling and that devil is constantly sending 'free samples' of what they'd get like diamonds and expensive things that MC just gifts or sells. This has been going on for years and that devil has no chance.

Hi there! I’m glad you like my headcanons(*^▽^*) this looks exciting omg poor mc 

hope you like this one too!


  • so mc had…a lot of different kinds of materials and random stuff
  • like ‘how did they get those things’ kind of stuff
  • at first, he thought mc was rich
  • but…they weren’t? well, they kind of were, but they had no interest in these things 
  • then zen had a dream 
  • mc was in his dream and there was some sort of..figure? who kept offering them these things?? and asking for mc’s soul??? 
  • so he tells mc about his dream
  • they’re like “aw man, is he coming back again?”
  • excuse me?
  • as if on cue, there he is dat boiiii
  • mc sighs and shakes their head. “listen. i’ve told you many times that you’re not going to get my soul, alright”
  • meanwhile, zen is freaking out “mc what the heck is going on-” 
  • mc turns to him, “this guy here has been trying to get my soul for years. and it ain’t gonna happen” 
  • “but-” “no, listen, i’ve told you already. no.”
  • zen is still freaking out
  • “i could give you anything! everything!” “i have all I need already. go a w ay”
  • so it leaves 
  • “…do i want to know?” “no, just cuddle me again” “alright..”


  • actually yelled so loud the first time he saw it 
  • mc just shakes their head and crosses their arms, looking at this devil
  • “seriously? how many times do I have to reject you?” 
  • yoosung is in fetal position on the floor and looks up at mc 
  • “…what?” they turn back to yoosung, “sorry hun, this thing has been bothering me for a while now”
  • yoosung suddenly realizes that this changes a lot
  • like that’s how they got all those things to sell when they needed money..
  • he’s trying to process all this while mc is yelling at this devil and it’s trying to reason with them
  • …maybe he shouldn’t have drank all that milk before bed…
  • or maybe this was real life
  • “leave. now” mc says before kneeling down and touching yoosung’s shoulder
  • real life, then 
  • doesn’t really know what to make of it and just…forgets it happened


  • honestly thank god it wasn’t in the cafe
  • i put the cafe through enough tbh
  • it did happen during a movie marathon, however
  • right in the middle of jaehee’s favorite song too
  • they were both singing along and the devil pops up and is like
  • “i could get you tickets to his next show, you know?”
  • jaehee screams and mc just rolls their eyes
  • “we’re friends with him. he can get us tickets. and we’ll pay for it, too. like responsible people. and no, you can’t have my soul”
  • jaehee is actually speechless
  • the devil tries to offer something else
  • mc shuts it down again
  • when it disappears, jaehee finally gets her words back, but barely
  • “mc…what-” “don’t worry about it, love. it’s been bothering me for a while now. but i think it’ll stop with you here”
  • …at least that comforts her 


  • puts his book down
  • “…i didn’t think that was real”
  • mc sighs, “i told you it was, dear. now if you would please excuse me”
  • they turn around and gestures around them “you can’t even try to tempt me with anything anymore! i don’t need anything. i don’t want anything. you gave me none of this and you still won’t get my soul. leave me alone!’
  • jumin actually thinks that was so cool omg
  • mc just stood up to a devil, he picked the most amazing spouse wow 
  • the devil looks around and admits defeat
  • then disappears
  • “…I think i need to stop reading those supernatural books, mc” he says
  • “no, i think you’ll be fine, jumin” 
  • he still does, just in case 

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • he thinks he’s having one of those days
  • where like, he thought he saw it all and then this happens
  • isn’t that surprised, but more like “and i thought it couldn’t get any weirder 
  • probably thinks its because he doesn’t sleep enough
  • this might actually make him sleep more
  • but mc is totally mc and he knows he’s not dreaming
  • so he’s just sitting there, watching mc tell an actual devil off 
  • oh, the devil is offering them diamonds
  • ah, they’ve had their fair share of diamonds 
  • the devil wants their soul?
  • mc says no to that
  • and it disappears
  • “…that was cool” “saeyoung, really?”

v / jihyun

  • probably isn’t surprised
  • lets be real, if this happened to mc, it probably also happened to jihyun
  • it pops up in front of mc and they start apologizing to v because this is weird
  • but he just shrugs and tilts his head
  • “i thought i was the only one who had one of these”
  • then his pops up
  • now both of them are so irritated 
  • they manage to chase them away and continue on with their day
  • and later they sit with tea and literally just trash talk their devils
  • “one time, he offered me a round trip to america. but i had already been to america” mc says 
  • “seriously? when i was in america, he offered me lottery numbers. that’s cheating” v says
  • their respective devils are so offended 


These boys- no. These men, continually find new ways to blow me away. I am inspired and empowered by their strength.

Absolutely no one would blame them for dropping it all, but when it comes down to it they know it’s not what Jonghyun would have wanted. His own mother told them they had to continue when they all said they weren’t going to. Why? Because they make people happy. Because SHINee isn’t just the name of their group, it’s who they are.

And SHAWOL owe it to them to stand tall and go to those concerts, and let them feel every ounce of the love we have for them. We owe it to Jonghyun to continue supporting 4 of the most important people in his life. We owe it to him to be the fandom everyone know us to be: strong and passionate. We protect SHINee. Plain and simple. That is our purpose. It’s always been our purpose. And right now they need us more than ever.

So buy tickets if you can, go to the shows, smile and scream and sing along. Now is our chance to repay them for all of the times they’ve been there for us, by being there for them.

Timeless 2x01 - A Study in Lyatt

It has been a long time since I was inspired to write a blog, partly out of my inability to consume large amounts of media on loop due to three adorable children, two jobs, a doting husband, and the other demands of life. The other part is that in all of that writing is restricted to the wee hours of the night when heads best lay upon pillows, eyes shut in peaceful sleep. Or, if you’re me, nursing a baby, propped up on a mountain of pillows with your husband snoring into his CPAP.

Nevertheless, Lyatt has brought me out of hibernation. No, I did not name this ship, but this seems to be the most widely accepted name for the relationship between Wyatt Logan (portrayed by one of my favorite actors in my generation, Matt Lanter) and Lucy Preston (played by the elegant Abigail Spencer) on the critically acclaimed—but panned by Nielsen Families—television show Timeless. This is my interpretation of the episode as it played out—of the character choices and moments. I could be completely off-base. I could be mental (well, we know I am, but that doesn’t come into play here). It’s interpretation at its finest, so if you disagree, I take no offense. But I wanted to write tonight because I was moved by the performances, and it’s been a while since I felt this distinct tug. This will not be comprehensive because I’ve only seen the episode once, and things with lots of guns and fighting tend to wake the little lady who sleeps in her crib to my right just a while longer before moving to her own room.

I used to write reviews like this for Castle and even Bones on my LiveJournal back in the day. Yes, I am that old. But, we old married folk still like to watch good acting—especially when love is on the line.

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2017 DCI Show Idea:  Phantom Regiment “Bonfire”

As requested by @drumcorpshero​ (who provided this image above, damn son.) and since someone in DCI apparently listens to my ideas, a concept pitch for a Phantom Regiment show.  Based loosely on the graphic novel/movie V for Vendetta, this show would see the Regiment in a familiar role of an oppressed population that suffers under a ruler’s iron fist, but starts an uprising and overthrows the regime.  (Think Spartacus, Animal Farm, Propaganda, and RISE all wrapped into one.)

Reps include:

Fourth Ballet Suite by Shostakovich

Hellfire (from Hunchback of Notre Dame) by Menken and Schwartz

Fire of Eternal Glory by Shostakovich

Do You Hear The People Sing? (from Les Mis) by Claude-Michel Schoenberg

Fifth Symphony, Fourth Movement by Shostakovich

1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky 

Now that you have the basic idea, follow along with me as I lay this out one in detail.

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lmao let’s do it

S. Coups

  • daddy is gonna nut 
  • he would b very shook at first real life mr krabs and then gradually he’d turn into a red hot mush he can’t even talk
  • OR when you start dancing he’s like oohhyeaahh but then you do a step wrong and he’s like hUH gets up himself and 1ups u rip. now u r the mushy hot mess how the tables have TURNED SON
  • tbh afterwards it wouldn’t be a big deal

Originally posted by sassyminghao

i have been SAVING THIS GIF for a request like this lmaooooo i plan ahead B)


  • would do his coil little smile u this little shit probably films it 
  • sometimes he adds the song to a playlist twice when you guys are alone “lets have fun and dance jagiya!11!!1!! oh wow! playboy by exo is playing!!!”
  • lowkey would brag about it to the boys bc lets be real he’s that kind of guy. but only to scoups and joshua bc the others are too young for SEXUAL CONTENT.
  • rip joshua and seungcheol. when they compliment u jeonghan gets mad, when they say they r uncomfortable jeonghan gets mad, when they dont comment at all jeonghan gETS MAD its a catch 22

Originally posted by infinitblaq


  • i know that most people depict him as this holy catholic Jisoos but like! he is a boy! who would really really like! his girlfriend to! dance to playboy by exo! more often!
  • has a really big grin on this face and probably sings or claps along omgthismarshmallow 
  • but like one time it played in the car when you guys were w the other boys and they have never seen joshua move so fast to literally slam down on the radio button lmao you weren’t even doing anything but now this song makes him feel a certain way
  • has daydreams about it

Originally posted by jaemln


  • has no idea what’s happening? doesn’t even know that it’s playboy by exo? because he’s too busy looking at u :’)
  • he’s just watching at the start and then his pants get tight and he gets up to pin you against the wall and that’s all folks this is not an nsfw post no no but lowkey would feel you up and get really hot and bothered. do you guys have sex? probably
  • sexy dances all the time no, sexy dancing is your thing u guys r unstoppable no one wants to hang out with you guys anymore
  • but dont worry yall aint ott with the whole dirty dancing classy on the streets, nasty in the sheets

Originally posted by withjunhui


  • he’s actually so pure he would make the :o face and then he would make the face he makes when he watches other idols perform - you know the one
  • blushes a lot and probably wants to ask you to stop but it’s lowkey not even a sexy dance and he double thinks and then comes to a conclusion that he’s just a pervert like rip hoshi 2kSVT
  • he wouldn’t tell anyone about it bless his heart
  • next time you guys are hyped and dancing he’d probably play a shinee song and hope u dance to it the way you do to exo

Originally posted by svnteen-idiots


  • leaves the room but comes back but goes to the bathroom and doesn’t come out for a very long time lmao
  • when he’s back your dancing to a different song but still dancing so he puts it back to playboy and youre like what ??? but this boy is like shrugshrug idk i like the song shrugshrugshrug
  • but youre tired so you take a seat and he’s lowkey salty that you’re not dancing
  • because he really wants to see it again but he doesn’t wanna seem like that guy so he holds it in and sheds a tear

Originally posted by jeonsquared


  • stares the whole time kinda shamelessly but then when it’s over he looks away to hide his blush because he is a child inside
  • he probably swears a lot under his breath because he doesn’t want think of having sex w you bc he’s similar to wonwoo in the sense that he doesn’t want to seem like that guy
  • deletes playboy from his phone afterwards but then changes his mind and puts it back
  • considers writing a song with a similar mood because he is now digging this concept self-consciencely

Originally posted by 17-gif


  • sunshine that doesn’t hide his emotions like thank god we have one son who can express his emotions shamelessly
  • ur number one fan “wooo!!1 shake it!! that’s it! you got this!! damn gguurrrlll!!!”
  • sings along to it but in an exaggerated hyper way although sometimes he’ll sing it in ways that make u melt while your dancing literally turns into some kind of angry memeing cause both of you are hyping each other up rip ur neighbours they just want one quiet night
  • the boys are scared to ride the same car as you two justin case playboy starts playing and that says a lot more than words can

Originally posted by 17-gif


  • you don’t know what you’re doing to him
  • he’s so excited like omg he’s the same as joshua as in he just wants you to sexy dance sometimes and he claps along
  • watches open mouthed but also a bit sheepishl. loves that it makes him feel scandalous lol
  • that one time someone actually walked in mingyu started screaming and standing and it literally scared the shit out of everyone because he’s a walking lamp post. really embarrassed about it and probably scarred and never wants to hear playboy again

Originally posted by seokmin---s

been saving this gif too


  • rip minghao doesn’t know what hit him so he is in total shock mode this is not a drill you don’t even notice he’s in shock mode
  • My Story: My Girlfriend Was A Sexy Dancer In Her Previous Life???
  • im sorry but i cant see minghao 100% enjoying it because he’s pure and tries to hide behind something, like he’d catch himself enjoying it and just be like ohmygod i have lost touch with Jisoos (im sorry its just such a spendable joke)
  • jun probably tells him its okay to like it bc u look hot and minghao becomes thughao like bro thats my girl you cant say shes hot u pervert

Originally posted by performanceunit

that camera is the something he hides behind lmao


  • like DK but toned down because he would be half terrified
  • not because it’s too sexy or he’s too turnt but that he immediately thinks HOW DO I TOP THAT because divaboo is just as sexy as u and can sing the song a whole octave higher
  • when he joins in you don’t laugh, i mean you laugh but in a relaly good way that makes him happy and it makes him like youu 100x more because you don’t judge him and you get his humour and at the same time you make him feel happy
  • hhhhhhhh i just want him to be happy and loved

Originally posted by s-lay-ing


  • kinda like minghao he doesn’t know what to do
  • might started uncontrollably smiling because he’s kind of flustered and kind of happy and kind of embarrassed
  • mouths the lyrics to the song and doesn’t take his eyes off you + maybe films it
  • uses the video he filmed of you to make a lit edit and you’re waiting to see it but it’s a crack video because we can’t trust this meme i can’t trust him you shouldn’t trust him - with videos of you dancing that is

Originally posted by sneezes


  • this might count as nsfw so i won’t do him lmao
  • but im a shit so i’ll leave this because i can really see him saying this “oh my god, waaa, that’s my girl”

Originally posted by swagplusderp

lmao is this nsfw? no it’s not. but is it?
should just leave thesse to mod velvet lmao

mod kimchi!!

spiritedopal  asked:

Hey! *waves hand* So... *shrugs* well, I thought about a High School Musical AU XD With Bill as Troy, I guess? I don't know XD It's weird, but, it couuuuuld be something, I guess? Like, the cliché situation where they're forced to sing together and end up in the same class the next year XD or something.^^

So… here’s the thing. I’ve never seen High School Musical and I avoided it like the plague as a child. So I wouldn’t know the first thing about a High School Musical AU. I’m honestly not even sure which character Troy is. 

So I made you a karaoke thing instead. I know it’s not exactly what you asked for but is still has to do with singing. I really hope you like it anyway. I tried. Also it’s super long because It’s not exactly what you asked for.

Words: 1935

Requests are open

Dipper let himself be pulled by the arm into the building by his sister. He didn’t really want to be here but Mabel said he doesn’t get out enough and he lost a bet. So now here he is tagging along with his sister and her friends to a freaking karaoke bar for a night of forced and hopefully drunk fun. 

Mabel made Dipper sit at the table in front of the karaoke stage then went to buy everyone drinks. A quick glance around showed there were only a few people here. There were a couple groups of girls and one table in the corner had two guys and two girls. Poor guys probably got dragged here with their girlfriends. Mabel came back with two tequila sunrises which she placed in front of Dipper.

“More’s on the way. I just wanted to get Dip dop his first so he’ll calm the fuck down. Now I’m going to pick out a song for him to preform.”
“Mabel, please be kind to me.”
Dipper pleaded.
“Oh you’ll be fine ya big baby.”

Mabel went off to look for a song to properly torture her brother with. Dipper had aa terrible feeing about this and decided to drown that feeling with alcohol, managing to drown his first drink in under 3 minutes. Mabel came back with a grin and grabbed his arm. 

He took a big gulp of his second drink before he was pulled away and pushed on stage. Mabel handed him a mic and winked and Dipper knew he was going to hate this. The music started and Dipper recognized it as one of the songs Mabel was playing in the car. Boom Boom Boom by Vengaboys.

“Mabel, no. I’m not doing this one!”
“You lost a bet you have to.”
She yelled back.
“I’ll pay for all your drinks.”
Dipper mulled it over.

Dipper agreed and Mabel told the DJ to start it over. The music started again and Dipper forced himself to sing.

If you’re alone and you need a friend. Someone to make you forget your problems. Just come along baby take my hand. I’ll be your lover tonight.”

Dipper managed to get on tune rather quickly. He wasn’t a bad singer he just didn’t like doing it in front of people. The song wasn’t bad until Dipper got to the chorus. He really didn’t want to sing the chorus and his voice wavered a bit as he forced himself to, knowing if he didn’t Mabel would make him start over.

Boom boom boom boom. I want you in my room. Let’s spend the night together From now until forever. Boom boom boom boom. I wanna go boom boom. Let’s spend the night together. Together in my room.”

By the end Dipper was red in the face. He was relived to get off the stage, especially since that blond guy from the table in the corner kept watching him with more interest than Dipper felt he was deserving of. When he sat back down Mabel pat him on the back and slid him two more drinks.

“Get as drunk as you want bro.”
“With pleasure.”

As Dipper brought his drink to his lips he noticed the blond get up from his table and got request a song then got on stage. EVOL started playing. He was frankly an amazing singer and a real performer. The way he moved was so fluid. Dipper would have watched more directly but the guy kept looking at him. Even mabel noticed which resulted in teasing.

“I think you have an admirer bro-bro.”
“S-shut up.”

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harry styles

hey people not sure what this is hope u enjoy 

like you know when people in books whisper its kinda weird like how does everyone realistically react?


The crowd is so loud. You smile happily and sing along with them. 

“I had a few, got drunk on you and now I’m wasted…” It’s your favourite song. Medicine by your extremely hot boyfriend, Harry Styles. 

You had been trying to get him to release a studio version of the song. However, he had been holding off for SOME REASON. 

Standing right next to the stage, you can see him swagger in his expensive-ass gucci suit, energising the crowd. His deep sexy voice croons into the microphone. 

“You get me dizzy, oh, you get me dizzy, oh..” You literally cannot stop thinking about that night. 

An hour later and the show is finished. Harry gives you a smile and you start to run towards him. 

Suddenly, you trip on your shoelace. AIYA! You had forgotten to tie it up. 

Tumbling to the ground, you let out a stupid giggle. Harry is immediately by your side, helping you up. 

“Are you alright, Y/N?” He asks intensely, scanning you for any visible injuries. What a goddamn gentleman. 

“Yes, I’m alright.” You whisper. Harry glances at you in confusion. 

“Sorry? What did you say?” He whispers back to you. You giggle again and notice that your throat hurts from singing so much. 

You try to speak up a little. 

“I’m OK.” Seeing the still confuzzled expression on his face, you sigh and nod. 

Harry instantly gets the message and nods in return. 

“Come on, let’s go to our hotel room. I’ve got tacos and bananas waiting.” 

bro this is so stupid im sorry like i said i write bad fan fics :) 

Drabble #14

Pairing: Josh Dun x Reader

Warnings: Mention of injury

Word Count: 1005

Drabble: “I’m ok. Everything is going to be ok.”

Author’s Note: Got a little bit carried away again…this is more like a one shot than a drabble!

You watched as Josh climbed on top of the piano. Music was blasting throughout the stadium, and the voices of hundreds of fans were coming together as they sang along to the music. Josh positioned himself on the edge of the piano and jumped off. You knew something was off the second that his foot left the piano.

Thousands of eyes watched as Josh didn’t make his backflip, instead landing on his arm and crumpling to the ground. There was an audible gasp as the entire crowd registered what was going on. Tyler was at his side in seconds, waving medics over from backstage. Lyricless music continued to play, but nobody was singing along anymore.

You stood frozen for a few seconds before the adrenaline kicked in. People stared at you as you pushed your way along the aisle away from your seat. The only thing on your mind was getting to him right now.

A security guard stopped you at the door that led to the boys’ dressing rooms, asking for identification. You huffily pulled out your pass and showed it to him, muttering something along the lines of “I’m with the band.” You had been to so many shows that the guards should know your face by now, though they never seemed to quite understand who you were.

You found the boys and a couple medics in Josh’s dressing room. He was laying on the couch, his arm bent at a weirder angle than it should have been. His eyes were squeezed shut, and you could tell he was in a lot of pain. You rushed forward to see him, but Tyler grabbed your arm before you got to him.

“They don’t want people around him right now, something about his arm really easily getting bumped even more out of place,” Tyler explained.

“What went wrong?” you asked, nervously playing with the hem of your shirt.

“The piano was wet which he didn’t expect. When he went to jump, his feet slipped and he lost his footing. As a result, he jumped funny and wasn’t able to make the landing, obviously. They said he landed on his arm and their best guess without an x-ray is that it’s broken in a few places. The ambulance is on its way now.”

“At least it’s just a broken arm. Things could have ended way worse.”

“No kidding.”

“Is that Y/N?” Josh asked, his eyes suddenly opening.

You stepped to a spot where he could see you more easily, “Yeah, it’s me, love.”

His face instantly brightened upon seeing you, “I’m so glad you’re here.”

“How are you doing?” you asked, trying to put on a brave face.

“I’m ok. Everything is going to be ok,” he reassured you.

“The ambulance is here, it’s time to get you out of here,” one of the medics said.

“Y/N and I will be over to the hospital as soon as possible, Josh. Hang in there,” Tyler said.

You watched as the two medics carefully put Josh on a stretcher and took him out of the room. Tyler turned to you.

“Now if you excuse me, I have an entire stadium of worried fans to address. If you want to wait down here, I’ll be back in fifteen minutes tops,” Tyler explained.

“Alright, good luck out there,” you said, giving him a pat on the back.

“Thanks, I think I’m going to need it.”

Once Tyler returned from addressing the situation, you two drove over to the hospital. A nurse informed you that Josh was still being examined and treated, so there would be a bit of a wait before you could see him.

“So if his arm really is broken, what does this mean for the tour?” you asked.

Tyler sighed and shook his head, “We might have to cancel and reschedule. A lot of people are going to be angry about it, but Josh can’t play with a broken arm.”

You nodded, “As much as you two would hate to admit it, this might be a good break for the both of you. Life has been pretty hectic for everyone lately.”

“No kidding,” Tyler answered. “I just want to play for everyone, you know? It doesn’t really feel like we can stop touring or working on music, even for a month or two.”

The same nurse from earlier walked over, interrupting your conversation.

“You guys are free to see him now.”

You practically shot out of the chair. The nurse quickly led you through some double doors back to the room where Josh was being kept. Tyler followed close behind.

“Hey,” Josh smiled as you walked into the room.

He was sitting upright in the bed, wearing a hospital gown. His right arm had been put in a cast and a sling, and the parts of his arm that weren’t wrapped up were covered in bruises. You rushed over to his good side and took hold of his hand.

“I’m so glad you’re ok,” you smiled.

He squeezed your hand, “Just like I said, everything is going to be ok.”

The nurse explained all of his injuries. You and Tyler both listened closely, though neither of you fully understood all of the medical lingo she was using. You managed to get the gist of it, however.

“How did the fans react?” Josh asked. Typical, he was always worried about other people no matter what was happening to him.

“They were disappointed that we had to end the show early, but they understood why.”

Josh nodded, “I feel awful that we might have to cancel shows. I don’t want to let anyone down.”

You reached over and brushed his hair back from his forehead, “You don’t need to worry about them right now, love. What matters right now is that you heal your arm entirely so that you can get to doing what you love as soon as possible.”

“I know. You’re right, as always,” he smiled.

“Now let’s get you home so you can rest.”

Bughead AU:  Take Me Out Tonight

Written for the Bughead Summer Hiatus project.

Prompt:  And unpredictable moment.

Title:  Take Me Out Tonight

Summary:  Jughead and Betty meet at a frat party.

Betty never thought of herself as the type of girl who would end up at a frat party, but then she met her roommate Veronica Lodge and she suddenly found herself in a lot of situations she would not have previously thought likely. Veronica was the sort of fearless that, frankly, used to terrify her.  Betty enjoyed order.  She liked knowing what came next and, if possible, what came after that, as well. Chalk it up to an upbringing structured with rules and expectations, but Betty found comfort in the expected. Veronica did not.  She lived for the spontaneous moment, and, as freshman year fate would have it, now routinely took her careful roommate along with her for the ride.

           “Where did you even hear about this party?” Betty asked Veronica, looking warily up at the large frat house.  The Greek letters plastered to the front of the house were slightly askew.

           “Some girls were talking about it in the bathroom.”

           Betty gaped at her.  “You heard about this party in the bathroom?”

           “Yes, I did,” Veronica returned easily.

           “What if they won’t let us in?  Maybe it’s a private party?”

           Veroncia tilted her head to the side and said, “It’s a frat party and we’re two hot and intelligent women.  I don’t think we’ll have any problem getting in.”

           Betty looked from Veronica’s leather mini dress to her own yellow dress and cardigan, and thought to herself that Veronica’s logic may only be accurate for one of them.  She slipped off her cardigan and tucked it into her purse.  

           “Look at you taking off your cardigan,” Veronica said with an exaggerated waggle of her eyebrows.  “I’d almost say you’re getting yourself party-ready, B.”

           “This will be fun,” Betty said with more pep than she felt.

           “I’m really proud of you right now, Betty,” Veronica said, walking to the door and knocking twice.  She looked back at her roommate and said, “I almost believe that you want to be here.”

           “I do want to be here,” Betty assured her.  “I’m just not entirely sure what here is. This is my first frat party.”

           Veronica pulled Betty forward and linked her arm with hers.  “I will be your frat party sensei.  Just stick with me and you’ll be golden, okay?”

           Betty nodded.  “Okay.”

           The door opened to reveal a large male in a shirt nearly unbuttoned to his belly button.  He swayed a bit in the doorway.

           “What’s the secret password?” he slurred.

           “Do you even know it right now?”  Veronica asked pointedly.  

           The guy considered this for a moment and then stepped back.  “Welcome to Omega Chi.  If you barf on it, you pay for it.”

           “Charming,” Veronica sing-songed, stepping past him and bringing Betty along behind her.  The house looked nice from the outside, but the inside smelled strongly of jock straps and stale beer.  It was clear the men attempted to do some tidying, but the remnants of errant socks and wrappers poked out from underneath the living room furniture.  People were strewn drunkenly around the house, limbs loose like spaghetti.  There was a loud roar back behind the house.  

           “I think the real party is out back,” Veronica said.

           They reached a set of double doors and walked out into what had to be one of the most crowded backyards Betty had ever been in. People were on top of each other, red Solo cups held high and heads thrown back in laughter.  Betty couldn’t help but smile.  It was total and complete chaos, and part of her was anxious to experience it.

           “Well, Betty, welcome to your first frat party.”

Read the rest (and Jughead’s introduction!) HERE.