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Fun fact:  everyone knows about the letter-writing campaign that got OV-101’s name changed from Constitution to Enterprise, but did you know there was another letter writing campaign by sci-fi fans to name OV-102? But NASA put its foot down and named her Columbia instead of the name that the letter writing campaign wanted, which was…Discovery, after Discovery One from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

occupations to consider:
  • stay-at-home cat mom who takes afternoon naps in the sun and reads a lot
  • a beekeeper in france that owns lavender fields and makes lavender honey
  • isolated writer with a fireplace and a big picture window overlooking snowy mountains
  • widow of a rich man who died of suspicious causes but still left everything to her, villas and vineyards and beach houses and all
  • mysterious village witch who is rarely ever seen, never seems to age, and is known for curses and helping women in need
  • crazed maenad following Dionysus to participate in rituals that may or may not include animalistic murder and orgies
  • remote but beautiful goddess who scorns all men that dare look upon her radiance and hangs out with a lot of nymphs

I propose a new fandom term.

Fanon characterization + Flanderization = Fanonization

When fanon interpretation of a character becomes widespread, and mutates into an accepted version that has little to do with the real deal

Some of the Reasons I loved Black Panther:

  • Healthy family relationships
  • Complex female characters centre-stage, and not given forced/awkward dialogue to draw attention to their gender
  • Male characters expressing emotions, men crying on-screen, not shown as weakness
  • The costume design holy shit
  • Shuri
  • M’Baku
  • “When she wants to”

Dating a Ravenclaw

  • They will sit quietly with you and give random facts from the article they are reading
  • They want attention but also don’t want to be bothered
  • They won’t make any definite choice for what to have for dinner
  • Or for plans in general
  • Great gift givers
  • They will over think everything, so they need reassurance that they are still loved
  • Flirting equals sarcasm?!
  • They will talk your ear off about their lastest obsession
  • They can be a bit clingy
  • Overall they make for very caring S/Os, even if they don’t always show it

I’d been meaning to draw that Kiri design since I first saw it… 


Bayek, kittens and big kittens. 

 I wanted to tame a lion… I spent all my ability points….. 

… was worth it. (I regret NOTHING)

I love this game


this was just. what i saw 
great issue tho, you should check it out ! Detective comics #617. 

And it starts with Bat’s monologue about how bad he wants the Joker. I mean it.