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The Infamous Pancake Order (Loki/Reader)

I wanted to write something silly with Loki after watching Thor: Ragnarok because I love him so much, so here you go. Prompt taken from here <3

Warnings: Lots of pancake mix, pregnancy mention (nobody is pregnant though), and Loki being a little shit, as per usual

Words: 945

“… Loki, honey, can you come here real quick?” You look up from your computer, trying to decide whether you should scold him or high five him. Probably scold or he’ll do it again.

“Yes, darling? What’s wr—… I can explain, (Y/N),” he hurriedly says, rushing to try and form an explanation for the credit card activity that was shown on the screen.

$113.67: Pancake Mix, Blueberry (37)

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