you dont love me

  • peter, getting a b- on his geography test: why wont god just kill me
  • confused dad tony: ..
  • confused dad tony: you wanna talk about anything, kid?
  • ---
  • peter, getting punched by Bad Guy of the Week: your mom hit me harder than this!
  • vaguely embarrassed dad steve: ...peter!
  • ---
  • peter, getting stabbed: well, this is a cause for minor concern
  • confused and worried uncle clint: dude..?
  • ---
  • peter, getting hit by something: what the fuck, richard!
  • internet fluent natasha who knows exactly whats going on: now is not the time, peter!

When we were together, I heard music all the time. I thought we were a perfect symphony, you were a musician who who played strings, and quickly mastered those of my heart.

When you left, I realized you had no part in that music, and the sound rang bitter, as I realized the only thing you did play, was me.



Prompt: @kaleidoscopeoftrainwrecks

*lesbian couple walks by*

Mom: ew


Mom: you’re not gay right?


bts: *steals jungkook’s food*

jungkook: hyung are you kidding me?? im starving and that was my last piece, you have your own why are you taking mine i stg im gonna burn this house down and put shavjng cream in your shampoo if you even come near my food again youre so fucking annoying jfc leave me alone dont ever speak to me again you old wrinkley hags tf i hate yall

jimin: *skips over innocently and takes a bite*

jungkook: 😍😍❤️💞💙✨💝💞💓💗💙💙💛🙈💫✨☀️🌈🧡💝💛💜🖤💓❤️💘💗💚💝❣️💓💘💛💘🧡💖💝💚💘😍🧡💜🙈💛😍🌈😂🧡😭💜💗🧡😍☀️🙈❤️🙈🤧💝❣️💫😭🙈🤧❣️🤧❣️❤️🌈💫💜💙💝💔💛😷🙈🙈💫💜✨💞💫💚☀️💗💙💫🌈💗❣️😭🙈💛🌈💜🙈😍💗🧡😭🙈☀️😍💗🌈😭💖💗🙈🙈🙈🧡💝🧡❣️😭🙈💗

Even though I know I will slowly move on, I will always love you. Even when we are grown up with a family and a life and we live thousands of miles apart, I will still wonder what we could’ve been and I will still feel the hole in my chest that only you can fill. Even when you have forgotten about me and everything between us, I will still love you. I always will.