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Dear Overwatch Fandom

“Oh you can’t ship that because _____ is actually gay/lesbian” “That’s hetero and boring!” “You can’t because I have a differing opinion which is OBVIOUSLY fact because I say it is!” “I don’t like it, so it can’t be a ship.” “Your ship conflicts with my ship so you can’t ship that!” Screw you. I ship what I want, when I want, and in whatever way I want. So I’m gonna be here with my heterosexual ships and not give a rat’s ass what you think about them. And yes, I’m heterosexual. Doesn’t make me a bad person for being one and doesn’t make me a bad person for shipping hetero ships.

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  • Jimin: *breathes*
  • BTS: are ya'll seeing this?????? he literally just converted oxygen into carbon dioxide???? he's so fuckin talented
Imagine, if you will:

Geeking out about the Tempest and the Nomad with Kallo Jath, taking time to tell each other all about hobbies and listening to one another fully. Eventually it becomes normal, having each other to talk to, rant with, and bounce ideas off of.

Grabbing light drinks with Vetra, who is extremely curious about your background and your family. You spend hours talking about your life, and hers in turn. The familial support each needed and found in one another.

Sitting with Jaal and learning about his people, his culture, his world and their ideals. In turn, telling him all about Earth, the Milky Way, the place you left behind. Learning everything you can about one another through pure curiosity.

War stories with Drack while burning the midnight oil; it’s a quiet thing, but always welcomed in getting tips from someone as old and well-traveled as that Krogan is. Over time, his protective watch over you becomes as normal as the stars in the night sky.

Jokes and laughter with Liam, and a long-running competition for who can create the worst puns. Bonus points for it being in the middle of combat. The entire crew has thought about strangling them more than once. Neither dares to back down from such a daring challenge.

Morning coffee with Cora, talking about… well, anything and everything. The ship, the crew, the Andromeda Galaxy. Neither of you would dare to call it gossiping out loud. Once in awhile you go with her to the shooting range on the Nexus.

Discussing lost treasures and vaults with Peebee, taking time to divulge the things each always wanted to do in life, their “bucket lists”, and how you hope to accomplish it in a Galaxy you hardly understand yet.

Just… talking with your crew. Bonds with your friends in the down time, the quiet moments that seem so fleeting yet are so damn important. Imagine it =D