you cant keep your hands to yourself

To all my writers out there, particularly fanfic writers because I am one and I’m feelin this hardcore

  • It’s okay that you haven’t written for a while, you can take breaks.
  • You can start writing again whenever you want, you don’t need an excuse.
  • If you would still like an excuse, here it is: I want you to start again, you should totally do it.
  • It’s ok if you’re out of practice, you’ll pick up traction again.
  • We’re all learners and its good to have role models, but try to be better than the writer were before, and try less to be ‘as good as’ someone else.
  • It’s alright to abandon a piece if you have no enthusiasm or passion left for it.
  • It’s okay to be needlessly dramatic.
  • It’s okay to be needlessly ridiculous.
  • Write the crackfic, write the rarepair, or write the popular pair. Write what you want to write.
  • Yes someone has probably written this scene before.
  • Write it anyway if you want to write it.
  • Yeah that trope has probably been done a million times.
  • Use it anyway if you want to use it.
  • Probably there are people who are tired of reading about that AU.
  • Write it anyway, they don’t have to read it.
  • Respect your audience, but don’t let other people dictate what you create.
  • Reblog your own work. Be proud of it. You deserve to pat yourself on the back.
  • I’m proud of you, you’re doing great.
  • Keep writing, keep making stuff. People will care. 
  • Future you will especially care.

living with an abuser is so ridiculous, no matter how many good points you make or how eloquent you are or how calm or how quiet you keep your voice you cant /win/ because the abuser always has the upper hand and when you rise to their level or shout back or defend yourself youre “just as bad as them” or “youre their abuser too!!” you just.. can never win.

Genre: Romance, Angst, very very very light smut (it’s not even smut lol but idk what else to call it)

Word count: A whopping self indulgent 17.1k (don’t let it deter you though)

Enemies to Lovers! AU


You like your best friend’s boyfriend Yoongi, with whom she has always had a tumultuous relationship. You can’t keep a single relationship because your heart aches for Yoongi, the one man you can’t have. So your best friend Ah Reum sets you up on a date with Jeon Jeongguk, your one true enemy and Yoongi’s best friend as a punishment of sorts for your self-destructive behaviour. What follows are a series of events culminating up to one moment of gross realization which makes you wonder just when did everything change?


A/N: Holy fuck. Okay I am finally posting this as I promised. It took me about two weeks to write this so i really hope you guys like it. If you read this long ass beast of a piece, then I thank you 😊 Let me know your thoughts!

.  .  .

Min Yoongi comes into your life like a hurricane in the middle of summer. He waltzes into your perfect life and turns everything upside down. He’s not even anything special in the beginning. He is your best friend’s annoyingly hot boyfriend. You are determined to hate him from the get go. You are determined to ignore his existence. But when he is dating your best friend, and when he accompanies you everywhere it’s hard to do so.

At first you don’t even acknowledge it. You go on with life, going through the cycles of dating and breaking up until a core shattering realization dawns on you. Since the moment you have met him, none of your relationships have been stable. You have always managed to find flaws your partner — an excuse really to not be bound by anyone, whose name isn’t Yoongi.

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The Fabled Masterlist

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Yes, yes I know you’re not supposed to eat anything when you’re fasting and for those who full water fast I am in awe. Kudos to y’all, idk how you do it. In order to make it a lifestyle for me personally, I had to bend the rules a little bit. So I do consume things (mostly soups) during my weekly fasts and if I’m really in dire need of it fruits and vegetables. 

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Episode 4 was a fandom wide callout post.

all you fools too busy being pissed bc Coran went all show crazy and basically re-characterized the paladins to what the masses found entertaining, to notice that the entire episode was literally a fandom wide call out post. they literally called us out guys. 

lets go over the list of things Coran said/did in ep 4 and compare them shall we?

let me preface this by saying he literally wasn’t himself and i still love him just as much as before, my gorgeous man.

”I worked up very specific personas for each of you. This is going to help the audience connect on a much deeper level with each team member.” 

as if they didn’t already have defining personalities that make them very likable and awesome? sounds familiar right? its one thing to speculate and theorize based on what we know about a character especially if we don’t know a lot about said character. the writers put a lot of time and effort into developing these characters and even said during an interview once that one of the things that bugged them about og Voltron was that the only properly developed character was Keith. the other guys didn’t get a chance to be loved. and that was what they aimed to do, to give every paladin and character the chance to be loved. since the beginning the fandom has been bad at this. taking one teeny trait from each character and twisting them so that the only thing that matters is that trait. 

         “lover-boy lance”

throughout the series lance is known  to flirt with…pretty much every cute alien girl. of course. hes handsome, charming, girls love him. Coran wipes away all of the actually relatable things about his personality in favor of this charming flirt who would win over girls. Lance is insecure, he’s witty, he is the freaking sharpshooter, the teams sniper and their glue. he’s voltrons right hand now for a reason. he got into the garrison which is a military space exploration base, not just anyone gets in. hes incredibly intelligent and a great pilot. amazing really. bc simulations are always absolutely terrible and rarely help. oh yea, and hes charming.but god forbid anyone forget that hes a flirt. who cares about the other stuff that will actually help the audience connect with him. 

        “science wiz pidge” 

its no secret that pidge is incredibly intelligent. she is one of the characters who haven’t gotten their developing points until this season. in one of the first flashbacks we learned she nearly gave up studying because some kid decided to be a dick and bully her. Matt pulled her out of it and encouraged her to work hard. later on in ep 4 coran says that her science doesn’t need to be factually correct because noone will understand her either way. he undermined her intelligence because . well. noone cares what she says as long as it sounds smart. fanfic writers do this a lot. like. a lot. i understand that you may not have the same knowledge that the girl who hacked herself into a military school base undercover at he age of 14-15 (if the theory that the garrison is a high school program is correct) because she had gotten banned for sneaking in and hacking into the computer system, but if you really do insist on focusing her on her smarts, do some research. no to mention. pidge may be the youngest, but she really is more than science and calculations. shes intelligent yes, but she can hold her own in battle (at the age range of 15-17 with no prior battle training), shes afraid of the possible reality that all her efforts are wasted and Matt and Sam are dead, she is actually pretty social with the paladins (she can even be seen hanging out in the kitchen while hunk makes glass cookies.) and beyond her intelligence, shes wise. shes not just random science facts, she knows how to hold her own in situations outside of battle and books. shes street smart. 

       “lone wolf keith”

now i know this was said to allura, and ill get to that. but if the keith vlog showed us anything, its that  hes not just a moody loner teenager.  i am very guilty of this myself. i portray keith as a human disaster. we don’t know hen he was left alone, we don’t really know much of his story. i head canon that his dad left him to fend for himself but every month woul drop off food or money or something. i head canon hes terrible about taking care of his body. but at least i don’t call him moody and move on.  i give him a background to fill in the blank space, but sometimes i forget and focus too much on his folded arms and  pouty face. he smiles. he laughs. hes an actual precious bean.  but hes also afraid of being pushed away. hes guarded and does his best to be strong. he hides his feelings and protects his heart with everything he has. (geez boi who hurt you). he is not the human embodiment of “teenagers” by mcr. aka he has feelings too. not to mention he also got into the garrison, and was the top pilot regardless of how he got in, if it happened to be by recommendation like most people think. 

      “humourous hunk”

as a hunk stan this one annoys me the most. throughout the episode hunk is consistently embarrassed, and even protests the fart noises, fart jokes, etc. he is purposely tripped for laughs. the fandom forgets that hes not just the fat funny guy, or just the personal chef. hes overcome so much since babies first lion flight, he used to get sick, constantly had to be the voice of reason to keep his teammates out of trouble,  he is just as intelligent as pidge and is actually one of the only people that can keep up with her science stuff. keith and lance even stated that they didnt understand anything they’d said. hes a fantastic engineer even if he had a few tummy mishaps. hes an amazing pilot too, and extremely sassy. he and pidge probably rigged the game console to work in space, And hes pretty friendly and cautious. he is NOT meant to be the comic relief. (say it louder for people in the back)

     “shiro the hero”

a lot of the fandom has taken to calling shiro daddy, sexualizing him (”now put on this tight shirt”) and focusing on shiro and only shiro (shiros the “favorite character” of corans little show). hes great. he really is. and the man needs a break. voltron is a kids show. he isnt meant to  be sexualized, none of them are. hes more than his arms and his leadership abilities. the biggest issue i have with the whole shiro thing. regardless of if hes a clone, when shiro returned he cut his hair differently, and wore short sleeves. everyone i know, including me, said they’d be fine with the clone if he had kept his hair long and “as much as i love the arm view” and didnt change his outfit. its a kid show. his body shouldn’t matter.i am also guilty of this, and ep 4 opened my eyes to it. coran lifted shiros arm as if to prove that thats what the audience really wanted. he treats shiro differently bc hes the real star here and everyone should know it. ofc, hes the black paladin. (i wonder where the whole “the black paladin is the only one who really matters here” mindset came from. looking @ u ‘84). shiros may have ptsd, and hes constantly trying to hold himself together for his team, and its obviously not easy. maybe thats why hes got a cute white floof. the stress. 

      alluras erasure  

another point that always bugged me. the fandom either forgets allura exists, or that she is just stealing lances place temporarily. Allura is the blue paladin. while keith is gone, she is not filling in. shes a paladin now too. for coran to call her keith, and constantly call her keith, even though she obviously has a few choice words to say about it, its distrespectful. she says his plan is working and he replies with “why thank you keith…i like to keep you in character” once again, erasing her existence. now im not as well versed in this particular topic, but id like you to keep in mind that he talks to his princess with that mouth, and that she IS the princess and not a fill in while keith leads. feel free to elaborate on this more. 

     coran “fires “ team voltron. 

this. i find extremely entertaining. remember that legal trouble last year bc of the leaks? and right around that time the klance shipper started threatening them if they didn’t make it gayer and put keith and lance together? the  fandom, who wanted all of this to happen their way, were threatening to get it cancelled and such just because things didnt go their way. shiro, the leader, disagreed with coran and tries to shut him down. and coran in fit of rage says:

you’re a bunch of quitters! quitters! i’m a visionary! i have thoughts, ideas, i dont need you anyway. ill rewrite the show, get rid of the whole lot of you, replace you with new paladins! and the show will be better than ever before!…except for you shiro, ill never get rid of you, you’re our most popular character!

this is essentially what the fandom was saying. now, was this definitely their plan, to call us out with this bit, in not sure, but honestly, its almost too coincidental.

the writers have made it clear that they heard us, and have always been listening. and really, thats why i love ep4. you’re angry because you know you got called out but haven’t admitted it to yourself. the writers do their best to bring us the best show possible, but they cant satisfy everyone. why cant we just be happy about Actual Meme ™ Matt, and look forward to season five instead of fighting them because we got our shit handed right back to us. weve gotten a  taste of our own medicine, so chill. i enjoy them keeping us on our toes, surprising us with every turn, theyre great writers.who cares if one or two things pissed you off? we both know youre not gonna stop watching.

the signs as lyrics from reputation

aries: “he can be my jailor, burton to this taylor”

taurus: “*cackle* I cant even say it with a straight face”

gemini: “hold on to the memories they will hold on to you”

cancer: “I once was poison ivy but now I’m your daisy”

leo: “they’re burning all the witches even if you aren’t one”

virgo: “I’m a mess but I’m the mess that you wanted”

libra: “the ties were black the lies were white”

scorpio: “all the liars are calling me one”

sagittarius: “you’ve ruined my life by not being mine”

capricorn: “salute to me I’m your American queen”

aquarius: “radididididididididada”

pisces: “I bury hatchets but I keep maps of where I put them”

I hate you? (Richie Tozier x Reader)

Author’s Note: Ooh look it’s Zoe back at it again with the cringy titles! Anyway, what’s up you guys? How are you? I’m pretty okay if I’m being completely honest with you. Life is kinda ehhh right now): so I hope you’re all better than I am (: Please send in some requests, or asks! I want to get to know you guys, and I want you all to get to know me too. I hope you enjoy this imagine, feedback is appreciated!

Ship: Richie x reader

Warnings: Nothing other than the usual, cursing and Richie’s jokes lol, oh and Henry Bowers being a jerk, but whats new?

Description: You and Richie absolutely hated each other, but what happens when one day you see Henry beating him up?


Richie Tozier was the person you hated most in the world. You absolutely loathed his entire being, his stupidly large glasses, his dumb Hawaiian button ups, and most of all his loud trashmouth. Ever since what felt like forever, you and Richie had been at a constant war with each other, always nagging on one another and pulling out all the jokes in the book. To the other losers, it was a pain in the ass, but no matter how much they bugged you guys to “just shut the fuck up.” you and Richie just kept going, the endless stream of insults poured out of the both of you like waterfalls. It was a Friday night so the other losers and you were all at the quarry, swimming the afternoon away.

“Richie what the fuck, put that down! You dont know what kind of bacteria is on that!” Eddie screamed standing up in the water trying to get as far away from Richie as possible as he held up a random turtle he found floating around.

Fed up with Eddie’s screaming you yelled, “Richie, could you for once listen to something someone is telling you and put that poor turtle down?” 

“Now why in the world would I do that sweetheart?” he replied.

Oh I dont know Richie I was just thinking that for once you could be a decent person, but that’s obviously not happening.” 

“Whoa wait a second! The (y/n) (y/l/n) was thinking? Holy hell, are you okay? That must be so hard for you!”

“Oh Richie, stop trying to be a smart ass, you’re just an ass!”

Oh (y/n)” he mimicked, “Keep talking maybe you’ll finally say something intelligent!” 

“You know, some babies were dropped on their heads, you were clearly thrown at a wall.” You sneered, hoping this would end soon.

“Well-” Richie was cut off by Bill splashing him, “C- c- c- can y-you gu-guys stop argu-ing f-for one m-m-inute?”

“Bill’s right, we cant do anything all together without you guys arguing or insulting each other the whole time!” Eddie sighed, clearly annoyed.

You and Richie looked at each other before shaking your heads. “Richie and I have been like this forever, you guys know this…” You trailed off, looking at all your friends.

“Well yeah, but why? Do you guys seriously hate each other that much?” Ben replied, as the other losers nodded their heads.

“Well I speak for (y/n) when I say this, but I know she is totally in love with me! Aren’t you (y/n)? We fight because you cant handle the sexual tension you feel when we’re together?” Richie smirked nudging your shoulder with his.

You looked up from the water, and replied, “No Richie, that’s not it.” 

“Really? Because that’s not what you had to say that time back in third grade.” He smirked as he continued, intimating your voice. “Oh Richie, you’re just the best! I love you so much!” 

“Yeah well that was before you turned into a complete dick, Rich.” You said standing up from the water and began to walk up the trail where your clothes were, pulling them on yourself and getting ready to leave the quarry, done with all this drama. Before you could leave you heard multiple voices telling Richie to go after you.

“Richie seriously, you cant just keep insulting her to hide the way you really feel about her.” Mike said, putting a hand on Richie’s shoulder, but you began to walk away, not wanting to hear the slew of insults Richie would say as his reply.

The next day your mother wanted you to go to the pharmacy for her and pick up some cough medicine for your younger sister who had fallen Ill through the night. As you rounded the corner leading to the pharmacy you heard three voices you were all too familiar with: The Bowers Gang. As you walked passed the alleyway you tried your best not to look in and see who had become the new victim of Henry and his goons, you really did, but your eyes averted after hearing yet another familiar voice.

“Eat shit Bowers!” Richie yelled as he took a hit to the stomach by Henry, you gasped when Henry punched his face, knocking his glasses off his face.

“Henry, get the hell away from him.” You said gaping at the scene in front of you. Richie was layed on the ground, blood covering his entire face, dripping onto the stupid Hawaiian button up you loathed so much, but as your stared down at him you felt your heart sting. What the hell?  you thought, but you were pulled out of your thoughts when another voice spoke.

“Well looky here boys, bucky beaver’s girlfriend is here to save the day! What kind of damage are you going to do short stacks? Kick me in the shin? Oh im so scared!” Henry glared as he pretended to shake in fear.

“No, but I will make a personal call to your father and make it clear what you were just doing if you dont leave.” you retorted, grinning when you saw the color drain from his face.

“You’re lucky your little girlfriend was here to protect you bucky beaver, but one day you wont get so lucky.” Henry spat, giving him one last kick to the stomach as he, Victor, and Belch left the alleyway.

“Oh my god Rich, are you alright?” You murmured, grabbing his bloody face in your hands as you began to wipe some away with the corner of your sweater.

“Why would you care, im just a dick remember? Why’d you even stand up for me if you hate me so much anyway?” He retorted, hissing as he began to sit up mumbling something about his glasses. You stood up, walking over to where his glasses lay, one lens was cracked, but you still slid them up and onto the bridge of his nose.

“Why wouldn’t I defend you Rich? You’re a dick sometimes, but no matter what you’re still my dick. Wait that didn’t come out right.” You giggled and Richie smirked as he said, “You know if laughter really is the best medicine, your face must be curing the world.”

You frowned down at him in disbelief, “Are you being serious right now Richard Tozier, I just saved your ass from Henry Bowers and you’re seriously still insulting me?”

Richie sighed, looking down at the ground before lifting his gaze to your eyes, “(y/n), the truth is I know you dont hate me, and as for me, there hasn’t been a single time where I’ve hated you even if I said I did. I’m sorry for being a dick and insulting you 24/7, I just dont know how to act around you, you know? You’re so beautiful and fuck I dont know, I just started feeling weird around you so I started being mean to try and hide the fact I liked you. Which is stupid, god fuck I know it is, but I just knew you’d never like me back, so I tried everything to not like you, but it was so fucking hard because you’re so likable and shit. So I started insulting you, and I just, im sorry (y/n). im sorry for being a dick, and I’m sorry for liking you and ruining our friendship because of it.”

“Rich…” you began looking down at him with tears in your eyes. “You are such an idiot sometimes, you know that?” You smiled putting your hands on his face, ignoring the fact that there was probably blood all over your palms. You looked into his eyes as if asking for permission and he just nodded as you leaned down and pressed your lips against his.

“Guess I was right yesterday when I said you loved me huh?” He smirked

“Dont push it Richie…” You cautioned, but your smile was a dead give away that he was right.

“Dont worry (y/n/n) I love you too.”

A Million Reasons

Archie x Reader

Summary: Archie had been going through a lot lately with school, football, and now his father being shot. He has been dating Y/N through all of it but Y/N feels they are being pushed aside and disregarded. So Archie and Y/N get into a huge fight and Y/N has to figure out if Archie is worth fighting for.

Warnings: Yelling, Cursing, PDA, and Crying.

“I’ve got a hundred million reasons to walk away, but baby I just need one good one to stay.“

You walk up the street to your boyfriend Archie Andrews house. As you approach the house you stand in front of it and stare at it. You remember all the times you snuck in with Archie. All the times you snuck out the next morning. All the times you had movie marathons because you were too tired to go out and do anything. All the times you cried on his couch because of your family. All the times you screamed at each other. All the times he made you cry. All the times you slammed his door on your way out in anger.

You take a deep breath and bite your lip as you walk forward towards the door. You walk up the stairs and knock on the door lightly. You hear Vegas start barking as you wait for your boyfriend. You stare at the door and feel your breath hitch as you see the door open and you are face to face.

“Hey Y/N, what are you doing here?” He asks you. You lightly scoff.

“Nice to see you too. I want to talk” You say. He slowly nods as he lets you in and shuts the door behind you. You lightly smile as you pet Vegas.

“What do you want to talk about?” Archie asks as he crosses his arms over his chest. You turn to face him and sigh as you look at him.

“Arch, I just…this isn’t working out” You tell him. “We haven’t talked in days. You avoid eye contact with me, you ignore me in school. I just. I can’t keep standing around wondering what I could have possibly done wrong. I am trying to be there for you but it feels as if your just pushing me away” You tell him. Archie looks at you and slowly nods.

“So you’re willing to just end this all? Forget about everything we have?” Archie asks defensively. You can tell he is going to try and make this your fault.

“End what Archie?” You laugh. “There isn’t exactly much here except for silence.”

“Come on Y/N. It’s just been tough with my dad. And football. And School” He points out. You roll your eyes.

“Those aren’t reasons Arch. Those are excuses.”

“Really? Give me one reason on why this isn’t going to work” He tells you.

“Archie, I’ve got a hundred million reasons to walk away.” You tell him. You start to feel yourself breaking. You had this whole speech planned. You told yourself no matter what he said you would leave him for good. But here you were. Trying to leave and you couldn’t finish your speech.

“Is being with me that bad? I thought we were better than this Y/N!” He starts to yell. You feel your eyes water with tears at his voice. You can hear his voice breaking. You can see him breaking.

“I thought we were too! How hard is it to ask me how my day is? To touch me? To at least fucking acknowledge me!” You scream back at him. “You cant put this on me! It’s not just me!” You snap at him and wipe away your tears. He slowly takes a step towards you. Archie reaches his hand up to wipe them away. You quickly swat his hand away.

“Your right. I’m sorry Y/N” Archie whispers. “This isn’t working. It’s not fair to you and it’s not fair to me.” He tells you just wanting you to be happy. You slowly reach out and hug him trying to keep yourself from fully crying.

“I wish things were different” You tell him not sure of what else to say to him.

“Me too. I really wish I was better to you. I wish you didn’t have so many reasons to walk away” Archie says. You see his eyes get red and you watch him look down.

“Unless you can give me one good one to stay” You tell him. Archie’s head quickly pops back up and looks at you. You hear quiet and you take that as your answer. You slowly nodded and walk out the door. You walk out to the porch ready to leave then Archie grabs your wrist, yanking you back. You look at him and gulp.

“I love you. I love you Y/N. If that’s not a good enough reason to make you stay then I don’t kn-” He starts. You quickly cut him off and kiss him passionately. He quickly wraps his arms around your waist tightly pulling you closer as if he is terrified you’re going to be ripped out of his arms. You wrap your arms around his neck and slowly pull away.

“That’s all I needed to hear” You tell him with a light smile and you wipe away his tears. Archie looks up and sees Alice staring at them. He sighs and looks down at you.

“Let’s head inside before Alice loses her shit over PDA” He tells you causing you to chuckle and you walk inside the house. You two sit on the couch and talk everything out and open up to get an understanding of where the other is. It was a nice night and it only proved that Archie Andrews was the love of your life.

got7 reacts to you being needy

a/n: (requested by girlwhojustloveskpopHey! love your work! i wanted to request a got7 reaction, to them reacting to you being needy and not being too subtle about it. Like OC pushes his hand that’s sat on top of their thigh to between them and looks up at them needy eyes, bitting bottom lip, etc… thank you for all your hard work it’s really appreciated ❤️💪🏻)

↝ mark: eyebrows are lifted. the gears are turning in his head. this kid was lowkey a fuckboy. so he knows what to do. hes not going to play coy with you. if youve made yourself appear that needy hes gonna get right to it. but surprisingly he may be a little bit of a tease. but this depends on you. if you the type to act like this a lot then he knows its just your way of asking for some sexy time and he will be more than happy to oblige you. if this is rare behavior from you then of course he is really going to tease you for it. what happened to my good girl? why cant she keep her hands to herself? he is going to get you all worked up for him. things are going to get hot and heavy real quick. fasten your seat belt.

↝ jaebum: tbh this can go one of two ways. firstly if its just the two of you jaebum will turn into the biggest flirt. oh you need me huh? let me take care of that for you. expect him to be nothing short of ravenous for you now. youve pushed the right button. he prides himself on self control but thats out the window now. he will pretend he is going out of his way to take care of you but secretly he needs you just as badly. on the other hand if you do this and there are other people in the vicinity you are in big trouble. you little brat. how could you be so bold? youre going to be teased now. because truth be told youve still turned him on. so hes not going to abandon you. but he is going to make you suffer. expect a lot of begging and edging on your part.

↝ jackson: congratulations you have just activated the launch sequence. its no secret that jacks gets off to being needed. hes pretty needy in love himself. so for you to be like this toward him will excite him real good. he will pounce on you immediately. he wants to play. more importantly he wants to reward you. he is going to have his hands all over you. and though he feels rushed and impatient. because we know he doesnt have any self control when hes excited. hes actually not going to resort to a quickie. you better clear your schedule for the rest of the afternoon. will not stop talking either. says whatever he can think of to rile you up more until youre just as amped up as he is. will egg you on to get a rise out of you. may get a little rough because hes too worked up.

↝ jinyoung: have you no self control he asks. listen here. jinyoungie lives to tease. he loves to go between hot and cold. expect him to take full advantage of the situation you have presented to him. he will play along and then suddenly withdraw. will bluntly scold you. then will give you a small taste of the affection you want. only to stop abruptly again. is totally all about the foreplay. loves to build up the tension. he has some dominant tendencies. theres more than enough evidence to support that. so expect him to rile you up with his actions while he does the complete opposite with his words. its so like him to have his hands all over you and his lips on your neck all the while scolding you for misbehaving. dont be surprised if he whispers in your ear. look what you made me do.

↝ youngjae: oh boy. what to do. youre really going to have to be blunt and bold to get his attention. youngjae isnt as innocent as he leads people to believe. but he is also somewhat scared of misreading the situation. you need to be rather obvious with what you want. the moment you slide his hand further up your thigh his eyes will be on you. whoa are you in that kind of mood? expect him to blank for a second or two. hes gonna be debating on what he needs to do to make you feel good. he will probably settle for a kiss while his hands begin to roam. he may straight up ask you what you want him to do. pleasing you will be his priority. he is going to want to do what makes you happy.

↝ bambam: he is a mess. expect him to cover you in kisses. you have just made his day. he the type to spend an entire afternoon on the couch fooling around with you. so he is a big fan of your behavior. which means of course he will not shut up. this kid will not know what to do with his hands either. you will think they are everywhere at once. things might start off a little hurried and chaotic. bam will not be able to control how stoked he is. there will be some laughing and bumped noses. then he will slow it down. you will both quiet somewhat as the mood turns serious. he may lean toward a quickie. unless he has time off. then he will just wanna spend the day in bed afterwards anyway.

↝ yugyeom: the tension is thick. there wont be a shy bone in his body. expect him to opt for a slow burn. hes the sensual type so he will want to enjoy it. especially since you were the one to instigate this and not him. he might pull his hands away and instead focus on leaving kisses on your neck. surprisingly he will say very little and let his actions do the talking. he will be very responsive to any cues you send him as well. specifically any sounds or noises you make. he will kiss you like theres no tomorrow. hes going to be focused on giving you what you want and will be hyper aware of your every move. let him know exactly what you want him to do and he will jump at the chance to please you in any way he can.

~ admin regen ^.^

{ disclaimer : this is purely fictional and meant for entertainment purposes only }


Happy x Reader

Request by the beautiful @homicidalteenagedream

Song: Contraband; SoMo

Warning: SMUT!! 18+ Only!

Hope you like it! <3

“Fuck little girl..” Happy rasped out, his eyes never leaving your body. He watched as you moved your hips, riding him so good, he felt like he could barly last. That never happened to him. He watched as the tattooed beauty moved on him, gripping your hips tightly, he threw his head back. “Fuck, I cant last..” He felt himself cum, you smiled down to him, gently kissing his lips. You rolled off of him, standing up, walking to the bathroom. You cleaned yourself up, grabbing your clothes. Walking to the night stand you put your gun in your belt loop and your switchblade in your pocket. “See yuh killa!” You smiled to Happy, walking out.

*Next Morning*

“One! One, Two!” your boxing coach yelled. Your fists making contact with the pad. Sweat glisteded your body. “Your tired today.” Your coached smirked, you replied with the roll of your eyes. “That biker you love so much is here. Seems like you let him stick around a bit.” “Shush!” Your coach winked at you, walking away. Happy seen the wink and growled in his general direction. “Whats up killer” You looked to him as you took off the boxing bandages, wrapping them in a neat ball. “Come over tonight.” “Ok, a please would be nice..” “Please..” Happy whispered. He tilted your chin gently. “There is a party first at SAMCRO be there.” He smirked walking back out. “Ass..” You whispered.

Happy arrived to the club house, The door shutting behind him. He looked around the room, seeing her laughing next to Juice. She was dangerous to him.. She was poison to him. She was his kryptonite. What was suppose to be a one night stand turned into over a year of hot sex and constant flirting. She was so different. Never squirmed at the sight of blood, could take a punch and yet when kids came around she was so gentle. Fuck she made Gemma look like a damn angel. Happy thought as he walked over to her. Tig smiled to her kissing her cheek. “Hey doll” “Hey Tig.” She smiled to him. “Y/N!” Lyla ran over jumping in y/n’s arms. y/n lifted her with ease. Laughing as she held her. “God, girl gain some weight. I bench more than you.” You smirked at Lyla. “She is a little tipsy.” Opie chuckled walking over. You set Lyla down grabbing your drink off the table. “I am getting there.” You smiled.

Everyone chilling, you sat next to Happy, Lyla with Opie, Tara with Jax. “I love this song!” Your screamed starting to dance in your seat. Happy felt your hips move, hitting the side of his leg. He sucked in his breath a bit, feeling his face get warm. You stood up moving your body to the music. Lyla whistled. You hopped up on the pool table “I had a couple dreams about you” You sang the song, swaying your hips. You had high heeled leather combat boots on, ripped up jeans, a black tank top and a flannel over it. “Because baby I was down for you..” “Baby does he even make round two?” Happy watched you moved with hungry eyes. He took a deep breath again trying to calm himself. “Hmmhmm..” Happy looked over to see Chibs eyeing the club. He knew how Happy felt about y/n. Happy looked around the club. All eyes were on her. HE growled standing up, He grabbed your hand, pulling you towards him. You smiled at him and nodded your head. “Whats wrong killa? Want to join me?” You danced against him. You swore you felt him shiver. Happy kissed your neck in front of the club, making sure they knew who you belonged too, even if you didn’t know. “Dorm, now.” Happy whispered in your ear. You walked ahead of him. He smacked your ass hard, you knew you were in for it, he was going to fuck you good. You opened the door and he slammed it shut. His eyes where primal. He pulled off your flannel, using to to tie your hands behind you back. He ripped up your tanked top, discarding it. He pushed you against the wall, he pulled down your pants and panties, taking off his shirt and jeans. “Happy…” You squirmed, feeling his tongue licking down your back, he spreaded your legs farther apart. His lips attached to your already wet pussy. He twirled his tongue up and down your slit. He sucked and gently scrapped his teeth against your clit. “Cum..” He demanded up at you. “Going.. to need to do more than that..” You loved pushing his buttons, making him work for every orgasm he gave you. Happy smirked pushing two fingers in. He licked and sucked your clit, you felt your body quiver, your orgasm pulsating threw you. “That’s it… cum on my fingers..” Happy licked his fingers clean, so not a drop was wasted. He stood up throwing you against the wall. “Open that devlish mouth of yours..” you smirked “Open..” He growled. You opened your mouth, he slid down his boxers, slowly gliding his erect cock into your mouth. He groaned at how warm your mouth was. He held the side of your head, pushing himself in and out of your mouth. “Fuck you know how to be mouth fucked…” Happy looked down at you, not even a tear came out of your eyes as he fucked your mouth hard. You where his girl, not matter what you thought. He slid out pushing you against the bed, your body bouncing slightly. He bit down on your shoulder, shoving himself deep in your pussy. Your eyes rolling back at the fullness. Grunting Happy pulled out and slammed back in. He grabbed your hair, shoving himself deep in you “Scream my name… who do you belong too?” You moaned loudly, trying hard to calm yourself. “Happy!…” You screamed loudly as an orgasm rolled threw you. Your body shaking against Happys. “Two orgasms already. I owed you those.. since you made me cum last night.” Happy flipped you so you where on your back. He untied your flanned around your hands, kissing your lips deeply. “I love you… We keep doing this… but I love you, even if you don’t want to admit it…” Happy spoke, looking into your eyes. “ I love you too Happy…” You moaned out. “I cant hold it… your too tight baby…” He hissed thrusting his hips hard into you, you grumbled feeling him fill you. “You mean what you said?” “Yes y/n.. your my kryptonite..” He smirked. “I shouldn’t want you as bad as I do y/n.. I have never felt like this before.. your so bad, but so good for me..” Happy rarely spoke his feelings. He kissed you possessively before nodding off to sleep. 

The Vampire Diaries Preferences: First kiss

        Your pulse was off the charts, and you were so frightened that every time you tried to speak, it came out as a mere squeak of air. The Vampire slowly marching toward you was hungry, and you were his pit stop. But as he got closer you seemed to gather some more strength, and you screeched for help at the top of your lungs, hoping that someone would hear- preferably one of your other blood-sucking friends.

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reminder that the road to recovery, healing, and self-love is never-ending and is not, never has been, nor will it ever be linear

i truly believe healing is a lifelong process so dont feel discouraged if its taking a “long time” or whatever for you to get to where you want to be. we are all constantly learning, growing, and healing, and the pace youre going at is just fine

it’s ok to go through dips it happens to the best of us!! dont beat yourself up about them tho bc you can’t control your emotions!! however you can control how you deal with your emotions so if you sit there and allow yourself to wallow in self-pity, that’s your own fault. you’ve gotta get back up and youve gotta keep trying and keep moving forward

recovery is worth it but your recovery is in your hands and your hands alone and its really hard believe me i know this but you can and you will recover and heal if you are willing to put in the work and change the toxic mindsets you have of yourself and your being bc youre strong as fuck and youve survived up to this point, even if you dont know how you managed to, so theres no reason you cant keep going from here

youre doin good. keep goin.


Requested by a very considerate Nonnie

Pre-serum Steve Rogers x Plus size!reader

Word Count: 623

Warnings: there’s nothing here hun

     Summary: Steve is insecure and the reader assures him that he’s wrong, and he does the same for her Your name: submit What is this?

Read Part 2 here 

Read Part 3 here 


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raevenlywrites  asked:

Do you have any advice for avoiding slant when you're NOT drawing digitally and cant just flip the canvas?

Unlike digital art where we can simply refresh our eyes by flipping the canvas, we need to take more time to refresh our eyes when drawing analogue art. 

This can mean sometimes leaving your piece for five minutes.
 ( Which is actually rather healthy, think of the possibilities: you could go enjoy the daylight for a minute, restore your electrolyte - balance by drinking a glass of water. Stretch your overworked artist -hand, shove a snack in your face or do yourself a set of push-ups to keep that artist-bod in tune for peak performance ) 

Sometimes for a quick-check, it can help to take some 3-5 steps back and look at your art from a distance. You ‘ll get a much better overview this way and might be able to pick out errors easier when not standing or sitting smack against your canvas. 

You can also flip the picture on its head. This might not reveal any minute errors, but can alert you to any major shapes or faulty guidelines, remember to step back for this one too. 

For something a little more rudimentary you can use rulers to measure that you’re on the right track. But be aware that the excessive use of such a tool can make your composition look a little stiff. 

On top of that use a ton of guidelines to keep you on track, and draw them back up if you accidentally erase them. They are your most trusty weapon against slanting and lopsidedness. 

- mod wackart ( ko-fi

Sometimes Rain Falls

A BTS Fanfiction

Type: AU/Alternative Universe

Summary: Sometimes a normal life is a good one to lead; its nice…its easy…
But sometimes, normal isn’t the way that things were meant to be. And when you’re chosen as a possible candidate for one of the kingdom’s 7 princes, life isn’t as nice and easy as you always presumed it to be…especially when you catch the eye of more than one of them…

A/N: Prepare yourself for some serious confusion…but i promise its worth it! ;) Its almost time for the big reveal…



Part 8

What did you do Hoseok?’

‘It was the only way to keep her safe! I-‘

‘She would have found out eventually. You know that the whole point of this is to-‘

‘She wasn’t ready! Namjoon! I wasn’t ready. Taehyung-‘

‘We were dealing with-‘

‘NO! We weren’t dealing with him. He’d already decided what he was doing. This was the only way-‘

‘So what? We go back to before when everything was ‘fine’, and nothing had happened? You know that your gift doesn’t affect death, Hoseok-‘

‘I know! …but its done now. …All we can do is see how it plays out, and hopefully, this time…I can keep her safe…’

‘Safe, and ignorant… those two things don’t go hand in hand, Hoseok…just remember that…

…at least you and I will be the only ones who remember what has happened…’

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thetallbeans  asked:

Can you do a fic where Cheryl and Toni and the (female!) reader are all dating and for their one year anniversary Cheryl buys them all lingerie (maybe Cheryl in red, Toni in pink, and reader in black?) and it gets smuttyyyyyyyy

I’m not very good at the smut but there’s always hope.

You were sat in the student lounge with Toni and the rest of the guys, even Jughead was there after he finally took his damn jacket off.

“So, Y/N you know what today is right?” Toni turned to you from the other side of the couch.

“Of course, it’s our anniversary. Cheryl text saying to make sure we’re free tonight.” You grabbed Toni’s hand gliding your thumb against the back of her hand.

“Bitches, I got gifts!” As if on cue Cheryl walks through the door, carrying a bag full things, overflowing with pink tissue paper. You saw Jughead give Cheryl a glance then turned back to you and Toni with a smirk.

“Oh god Cheryl what did you get this time?” you asked. She reached her hand into the bag pulling out a pink lingerie set, throwing it at Toni. 

“Cheryl?!? Oh My God” Toni whispered, throwing the set into her bag. “I’ve got one for you too Y/N!” Cheryl reached back into the bag. Before she could pull anything out, you shouted: “Stop, Cheryl, We’re in school.” you jumped up to grab her arm but it was too late she’d already thrown the black set into your arms.

“Sorry baby, I just love when you get embarrassed.” she walked towards you as Jug and Sweet Pea were chuckling in the background. “I love the way your cheeks go red, the way you cant keep eye contact, the way you retreat back into yourself. I love you Y/n, and I love you, Toni.”

You stuffed the lingerie set into your bag, glaring at Cheryl. Toni stood up behind you placing a hand on your waist.The boys still enjoying what they just saw, in the back. Cheryl steps forward, kissing you on the cheek. “Come to my house tonight at 6. Don’t be late and you’ll be happy you weren’t.” She turned on her heel and headed to where ever she ends up going.

“So that's what she was planning?” Toni says in shock.

“Wow Y/N, so you’ll have fun tonight, no longer the little virgin by tomorrow?” A deep voice, belonging to Sweet Pea. You slap his arm. “How did you know?!?!” you shout.

“Hey, blame one of your girlfriends, Toni talks to me. I know a lot, little one” Sweet Pea chuckled.


You rang the doorbell at Cheryl’s house, dead on 6. Shuffling came from behind the door, there stood one of the most beautiful girls you had ever seen, Cheryl. She invited you in and up the stairs to her room, where Toni already lay on her bed in the pink lingerie set. you smiled at her and turned to Cheryl, taking her hand. “I think we should, umm, start?” you blush not knowing what to say.

Cheryl took her red dress off to show her new red underwear, turning you to face Toni, she pulled down the zip on the back of your dress. “you're gorgeous Y/N.” she whispered into your ear. Your dress fell to the floor, you stepped out only to be pushed onto the bed next to Toni. 

“You’re going to love this.” Toni purred in your ear, her hands trailing your sides lightly. Cheryl crawled onto you, her hands are now rested on your thighs sending a smile to your lips. Toni moved behind you so you sat between her legs, her hands moving up your sides to your back, unclasping your bra, pulling it down your arms, letting it go to the floor. “Y/N just relax it’s our anniversary, we’ll take care of you,” Cheryl whispered.You nodded letting out a deep breath. Allowing your two favourite people to take control. Toni’s hands running through your hair as Cheryl pulled down your only article of clothing left. You let her hands travel up your thighs and onto your clit, you leaned your head back onto Toni as her hands moved down to join Cheryl’s. Toni took over working your clit as Cheryl moved down putting her head between your legs. She kissed your upper thigh, you were soaking and her tongue glid over you wiping the wetness away. Her lipstick now covering you as her tongue darted into you. You pushed backwards into Toni once again, letting out a loud moan, Toni pinched your clit making you quiver in the pleasure, making you get louder and louder.Cheryl’s tongue working magic on you, Toni started to kiss your neck, nibble on your ear and eventually she found your sweet spot, she began sucking making your head tilt.

Cheryl removed her tongue, you whined wanting more. She quickly pushed a finger into you, Toni pushed harder onto your clit making you shake and arch your back more. Cheryl added another finger. Faster and faster. “I’m - I’m nearly” Toni put her finger to your lips. “Baby I know just let it go. Cum baby. It’s ok.” Toni whispered then nibbled on your ear once more.

You released the knot in your stomach, with a moan louder than ever. 

“Y/N wasn’t that good baby girl?” Cheryl asked. All you could do was nod.

“Next time it’s my go,” Toni stated with a smirk. 

“And I pick the outfits.” You added kissing them both one at a time.