you can stop using that as an excuse


“C’mon Edward, you can’t seriously be this slow at running.” You tease your mate as your gazes falls back to where he stood.

“Slow?” He questioned, faking a hurt look. “No, love, I’m just letting you win. After all, it would be cheating if I used my normal speed and if I did, I wouldn’t hear the end of it from your part.”

Clutching the hems of your dress, you laughed whole-heartedly, earning a chuckle from Edward. You turned on your heel and continued to run from him.

“Still doesn’t give you the excuse to stop chasing me!”

I don’t know why but this imagine made me laugh!

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“So, you’re like an inventor then?” It was hard not to get too distracted from the task at hand, but how could he not be interested? “Is it hard? Why animals? Do you use them for something or is it for fun- ”

He stopped, staring intently at a bush. “…That can’t have just been me. Did you see that?”

like its so condescending to have people be like “its not depression, its just capitalism” like okay well until you find a way to make communism happen tomorrow, excuse me for making the personal decision to fucking take medications that have made me stop feeling numb and let me feel like a human being for the first time since i was like 12! definitely nothing chemical going on there at all!!

i swear people are so fucking close minded, like how can you truly honestly think that “we live in a depressing and anxiety inducing world” is mutually exclusive with “neurotransmitter deficiencies can make you depressed”??????? the fact that the world around us can so greatly impact and rewire and fuck up the actual physical construction of our brain is why its so potent and difficult to deal with!

Museum Ninja


Requested: Not really. This is something me and @epickimmie Came up with and had to do. You can find her part on @soepicsokim

Word Count: 300+

Keys: (F/n) First Name

Warnings: A cuss word or two.

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To Fox/PSA/Intervention

Look, I didn’t really answer any of your asks or messages because you kept forcing yourself on my muse and I see that you weren’t doing this only to mine, but also fellow IZ RPers and it’s getting so very out of hand that lots of people are getting involved.

I’m here to stop this.

Look, you can’t be treating fictional characters/muses/RPers like this, and making excuses that you’re new or whatever. We’re all telling you to stop and actually listen to what we’re saying. You’re causing many muns and their muses to be very uncomfortable and have muns questioning their muses own well being/safety/personal space.

You need to listen to other’s concerns.

Fictional characters/muses are fucking people too and they matter to us more than you know.

They’re not just something you can fucking walk all over and not listen to their fucking feelings too.

So I’m telling you to cut the shit because people are getting pissed and you’re causing a disturbance in this area of the RP universe.

I won’t give a fucking shit what excuse you’ll give next, but back up.

You also don’t come between a relationship with muses. That’s where I’m fucking putting my foot down. That’s like destroying somebody’s happiness because you’re fucking jealous or some shit.

I’m not giving any more fucks after this.

Mess with my precious fellow RPers and their muses like this again, Imma take action.

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Are you aware you can block the anon? I know you said you mostly use the app, but haven't you been on the computer once in all this time? That is, unless you like the drama and validation the anon is bringing...

yes i do know that I can, I just figured it’ll stop. besides when I try on the computer, the page usually freezes and some pop up comes up and like I said before I don’t see it on the app. im not trying to make excuses but I have been trying to figure it out in my spare time. but please know i don’t like any of this, I honestly hate having any attention towards me at all, it just gives me anxiety… I’m sorry everyone…

Actually, can we like? Stop? Putting these shitty Luke theories in his tag?

I promise you that no one who’s actively browsing for Luke content wants to keep stumbling across posts about how Luke will be “evil” or an “asshole” or will be revealed as Rey’s parents’ murderer who Rey will hate and turn against. And look, I hate to be harsh, but I don’t care if you use the excuse, “But I mentioned Luke in the post! It’s relevant to tag him!” No. No one’s forcing you to keep putting Luke-bashing comments in his tag. No one’s forcing you to force his fans to look at that crap. You can survive with not putting posts that paint people’s favorite characters in a terrible light in the characters’ tags. It’s not that hard. 

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Did you know prophets wife Aisha (ra) requested to be buried at night in fear of non mahrum men staring at her? Its THAT deep in Islam for a Muslim girl to be in hijab. Every eye that falls upon you, you double in sin than the guy or man whos gaze fell upon your thigh or hair etc cus you made that sin a possibility. I respect your pov in no one can judge but stop making these facts a light matter making excuses for sisters who don't wear a hijab, you're making a mockery .

May الله grant us a modesty at least close to the otherwise unattainable status of Aisha (ra).
I am not making excuses for anyone. Please understand if I wanted to, I would’ve been just like her but unfortunately we are in difficult times esp me I didn’t claim any piety no one has claimed it. If you took my argument as an excuse for other women to not wear hijab then you’ve sorely misunderstood me. In that case, someone can look at the disgusting attitude others have towards non hijabis and take that as a non hijabis excuse to not gradually make her way towards wearing hijab.
It’s for that reason, I am not making excuses for them but I will defend them if someone else dare have the audacity to label them and disregard the struggle they face because I certainly face it too. Yes. The struggle too is “THAT deep”.

Mariam stop ducking complaining all the time you are becoming pathetic nothing is stopping you from ranting here , nothing is stopping you from emailing your therapist, nothing is stopping you from saying no to people and telling them you can’t make it
But wait a damn second you said yes and now you have to take responsibility for your action stop complaining someone people said you shouldn’t try to use your mental illness as an excuse for how you behave and even if you aren’t this is the same situation okay
You are so disgusting Mariam really you make me sick look at all that you’ve done lately
Really ducked up big time haven’t you
You fucked up everything

Love is the beginning

We read about people dying every single day. Orlando, Florida, Kashmir, Paris, Syria and many other places have been victims to gun violence. Gun violence, is nothing but an expression of hate. We read about those gunshots penetrating into people’s body and ending their life forever, just because they were were at the wrong place at the wrong time. This is what what we see and listen to every single day but little can we do, that’s our excuse for practically everything. We can do more than just sitting and waiting for another article to pop up about man slaughter. We can’t prevent natural disasters from wiping out our entire population, but this we can prevent.

The things you hear about everday start from a small scale. Us. We are the cause but now is the time we be the solution. We hate so much, so many, without even realising the long term effects of this. We need to stop hating people, no matter who they are or which cast they belong to. Let’s spread love for a change. Compliment strangers. Make them smile, it might make their day a little easier. Why do we choose to stab people with our awful words, instead we could make their day by speaking the words they want to hear. Love starts by a single smile.

There is a reason why if two human hearts are put together they make the symbol of love.We were made to love, not to hate. The next time you see someone going through a rough day just tell them that they will get through it. Just tell the girl struggling with her hair that she looks good. We need to stop fighting. We need to stop war but first we need to stop hate. Start with the person standing in the mirror.

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Hey, can I just say, that I am kin and have DIDs (diagnosed), and how how that person was wrong??? Ive had an alter go off/attack someone before. But you dont get to write it off with "oops i have alters not my fault~" no it is. Its /your/ fault if your alter does something. Because you can control it in that you can stop them from fronting. Its bullshit people use it as an excuse.

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//whispers: 'Let's make a baby.'

send ‘let’s make a baby’ for my muse’s reaction // @blackincantation

                  “We will both get enough of teasing the gods like this. I’ve been much better about my teasing but you on the other hand, continue to tempt fate. A stork could very well leave us a little present someday. Are you sure you are ready for that?” He leaned in as if he were about to kiss him, but stopped short, letting lips hover against his fiance’s own. “Besides, have you not already had your way with me with such vigor already this week? I daresay this baby thing is becoming an excuse to get me naked. I can’t help but feel you’re more interested in the act of making one than actually having one.” He pecked his lips. “Or am I way off base here?” 

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I'm a friend of your sister's. She showed us your blog. Lose fucking weight. Stop whining all the time. Go put on some headphones and go for a walk for an hour. In fact, go watch the entire Penguins game on a treadmill. Stop making excuses, or just kill yourself. You are a drain on the family. And you need to die.

If you were actually a friend of my sister’s you wouldn’t be saying any of that. And I can’t do that, medically. But don’t worry, I can be dead to you if you want. Just stop visiting my blog.

It’s 1:45 I can’t sleep. I can’t stop sweating. Crying every once and a while. I don’t know how to feel, or deal with my emotions, or even comprehend what they are anymore. I spent the first 10 ½ months loving you so much I was ready just be done and propose. You had my heart. You took all of that compassion, and of that hope for us, and threw it in the fucking garbage. There’s no excuses on why you shouldn’t tell your boyfriend that you are pregnant. Especially with how serious I thought it was getting. Maybe you weren’t taking it as serious as I was 🤷🏼‍♀️ we’ll never know. Back tracking before I knew about this. About to get on a plane to go home from deployment. I disagreed with you on Facebook over something political. Shouldn’t have done that. You left me without hesitation. My friends got me all hyped up about being single. I thought I was gonna have so much fun with new people when I got back. Got off the plane to see my mom. Happy as hell but crying. Not tears of joy that I’m alive with my mom. But that I lost the love of my life and she wasn’t there. Spent a whole day and a half with my mom trying to get you off my mind. Told my mom I needed to sleep and sent her home before she planned. Shortly after I went up to my new room I started crying and thinking. Walked downstairs to meet a friend and saw my mom crying in her rental because all the wanted to do was see her son and I abandoned her so I could go cry about my girlfriend who just left me. I sat in my room and thought if you were feeling the same way. Nope turns out you were about to have a kid and was simultaneously fucking the “friend” you always talked shit about. But I don’t know that. Fast Foward thanksgiving. My whole family is in town. I’m happy but still hurt. You’re all I think about. I text you. We get back together. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. Fast Foward you visit me in co. Things get even better. I get to see the love of my life again. Have a great time. She’s great, I’m great, everything’s great. I have no idea what’s really going on but after you leave I started getting suspicious on social media. Fast Foward Christmas leave. I’m so happy to be home. Has a great time with everyone. Everything is perfect. Talked to pops about marrying you. We separate to go back to work. Nick 100% blows your cover. Inside I know you’re cheating but you keep convincing me and guilting me I’m wrong. I used herters phone to call nick because i need the truth. He tells me he thought we were broken up and he’s been fucking you since November 12. Hell yeah I believe it. Things start to make sense. I call you. You drop the kid bomb on me. Still lying about cheating. You did it to distract me from that. Not the end of the world. You had a kid. So what. Call nick back for more questions. Now I know you’re hiding. You finally admit it. You fucked him the night you left me. Easy right. I could never have sex or even kiss anyone else. Boom. I liked trump. Let’s fuck Nick. Then go see my “boyfriend” I’m CO, then go back to fucking him right after I get back. You have no morals if thats ok. It bothers the fuck out of me that you could show face and act like everything is fine with us and I’m reality you’re cheating on me. Then face my family and me. Still cheating. But everything was cool right? What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. You even asked me if you could move into a house with this guy?!?! lol that’s commitment to cheating. I go into a depression like shock right there in Herters room. He’s about to call an ambulance because I’m not breathing right. I get my shit together and start chugging booze. I’m throwing up everywhere. Crying. Hitting things. I don’t know what to do. I want to leave you so bad. I’m my heart I knew I should’ve. But I couldn’t. For once in my life, I genuinely loved someone. That’s why it hurt so much. I thought that same level of love went both way. It did not. So I told you I wanted to stay together and you just kept apologizing and crying like I wasn’t the one who was really hurt. I tried going out with friends but I couldn’t focus on a damn other thing. I hated you. But I loved you. Worse week of my life. Time passes. You told me you’d do anything to help me trust you again. For a while that’s what happened. But then you started doing sketchy shit on social media again. Wtf else am I supposed to think. You start gradually involving me in your life less and less. And you’re hanging out with the same group of friends as the guy you cheated on me with. Red flags were everywhere. Fast Foward a little. There is zero trust still. Nothing’s gotten better. Every night I lay awake thinking in detail of everything that happened and everything you might still not be telling me. I can’t trust you when you say you’ve told me everything. I just can’t. I want to. But I can’t. So many lies. Fast Foward. I was camping with my friends. I know you’re going out to the club with that group of friends. Don’t have a lot of details as usual. You’d think someone who has done what you’ve done would want to make me feel as secure as possible. But no. You want snap me back. You’re with them. You don’t want them to know you’re still with me. That’s fucked. Big fight. You have no thought of how I feel anymore. You think after 2 months that I should trust you again. Hell no. My life sucks. I literally avoid my friends and when I don’t, I spend all of my time with them thinking about you and what happened. Nothing can get my mind off you. Fast Foward, you meet ryan. This dude hits on you. Sure let’s hang out with him. 2 nights later he’s in your room with you. What am I supposed to think? You go out with him one day. Ignoring me like usually. My mind starts racing as I see you’re Snapchat stories and you won’t respond. I freak the absolute fuck out. Anxiety attack for like 4 straight hours in my rental. Talking to Trey the whole time. He’s trying to help. I knew you were going to leave me again. It’s easy for you. That night it happened. Changed your relationship status before you even told me you were leaving me. “But social media doesn’t mean anything” ok sure. You delete everything with us. Everything. Boom. Right back to ground zero for me. You don’t love me. I said some mean things yeah, but place yourself in my shoes. Who wouldn’t. You no longer care about my feelings like you did the first two weeks after you came “clean” I beg and beg for you to come back. You kinda agree. All I can think about is you fucking ryan the night you left me again. Probably happened. You’ll never tell me. You need “space.” Or a “break” if that doesn’t scream “ I want to go fuck other dudes for a while and see if I can get someone better” than I don’t know what does. I start losing my mind. I talked to myself at work. Cried in formation. Tied a noose and put it in my closet. Random room inspection. Tried to play it off as a joke. Behavioral health. Therapy. Shit doesn’t help. Just makes me think more. We fight constantly. I always end up apologizing begging you not to leave me. Pins and needles. Leaving out lots of details because it’s now 2:31 and I have to be at work in 2 hours. We argue, you make me feel like shit, I apologize, rinse and repeat. You think everything should be ok now. I should trust you. No. I’m an asshole for everything I say. Sorry. Things kinda start to get a little better with the exception of some nights. Mostly weekends because that’s when you are busy with ryan and don’t talk to me. Every night I’m up thinking about something new that upsets me with you. Done with lies. I finally meet a friend outside the army. She’s a girl. She comes to my room to watch a show with me so I have
Something in common with my girlfriend. She’s feels somewhat like I do everyday for 1 night. But it’s funny because she was just getting drunk with Ryan. And I know how you get when you’re drunk and lonely trust me. I know. I’ve never even had the desire to cheat on you. I love you. Don’t know why but I do. Another argument. You end up apologizing but I FaceTime you and I can tell you’re mad. I apologize. Everything is gonna be ok. The biggest thing still bothering me is social media. You’ve told me why you don’t want me on there. But you go great lengths to keep me off. It’s heart breaking. It’s 2017. That social media validation actually means something. Especially to someone who was hid off of it so their girlfriend could cheat. What is the first thing you did when you left me? Remove relationship status. It means something . If you’d just post a picture of us, or a relationship status, or not delete the only way I can publicly show my love to you, this would be so much easier. My heart hurts so bad. Idk if you read my blog or not but if you read this. I’m sorry. It probably upset you but I have no one else that will listen to me. So I’ve resorted to this. Vent over. I have one hour to sleep. But I won’t. I love you so much.

Work is honestly draining the crap out of me. I can’t bring myself to be polite anymore when people are more than willing to step over someone else just to look good or take the credit for someone else’s work. 

This one kid loves to play dumb and be babied and have everything spelled out for them and they hate me cause I don’t like babying people. We’re the same rank, we’re paid the same amount of money, so carry your weight and stop using “I’m new” as an excuse when you’ve been here 3 months now, you’ve been taught the same thing over and over. I don’t care if you have someone in the army, I don’t care if they’re a captain or a major or an e-8, it has no relevance to the job. I don’t care if your mom deployed to afghanistan. That’s no excuse for you to not grow up and do your job. 

Binding safety things.
  • “I can bind as much as I like, I’m having top surgery soon so that’ll just get rid of any problems it causes-” nope. NOPE NOPE NOPE. Not only does soft tissue damage make surgery both more difficult and risky, binding too much, for too long, over even just a year or two can weaken muscles supporting your ribcage so when you stop binding after surgery, you’re at risk of things like hairline fractures- and worse, up to and including a couple horror stories that include punctured lungs. Do not use “but top surgery!” as an excuse to bind while sleeping, for more than 8-10 hours a day maximum, or 365 days a year without one single break. Not binding sucks- but we all gotta do things that suck for our health sometimes, grit your teeth and do not fuck up your lungs and ribcage.
  • Nonetheless, your risk assessment needs to be different if your timescale is less “five years til top surgery” and more “binding for the rest of my life”. I understand some women bind for reasons of gender presentation and such without plans to get surgey, plus of course there’s some AFAB trans people who either don’t want or can’t get top surgery who plan to bind indefinitely. Understand that this means you need to plan ahead for a lot of possible risks and complications that are less prominent for people using binding as a short-term gap, that the effects of very long-term binding are barely known and potentially severe, and that thirty years on, if you are still doing it, there are going to have been consequences for your body. This is NOT to say, “don’t do it”. Do it with a full, informed, adult understanding of what the risks are or might be, and be prepared to take those on. Keep a sharp eye on your body’s well being. Do it carefully. Be prepared for the risks, because yes, they exist. You can take them, that’s fine, but don’t pretend they aren’t real and serious.
  • Don’t wear a binder that is a size too small because the correctly sized one “shows too much”. Lung capacity is fucking important and you will crack a damn rib one of these days if you’re not careful. Do not overexert yourself in any binder; if it hurts or you feel faint or whatever then STOP, IMMEDIATELY. If you exercise in one, wear one at least a size up and throw baggy shirts on over it. Wear a velcro one if you can for working out so you can undo that shit ASAP if there’s an issue. If you go swimming in a binder, have someone spotting for you, make sure there’s a lifeguard at the pool, etc. You aren’t going to enjoy your wonderful transition very much if you, god forbid, wind up being in a serious accident because you’re suffocating yourself slowly.
  • You can bind safely. That is to say, you can bind while minimizing the risks as much as possible, til you reach a point where it’s reasonable for a well-informed, sensible person to weigh them up and take said risks. You cannot bind 100% consequence free. That’s all.
  • And look, just to get a bit tough-love for a second: “but if I don’t do all those things, my dysphoria is so bad I can’t cope” is something I fully, entirely sympathize with. It also means you gotta start working on management techniques so that ceases to be the case, NOT that you should just accept totally batshit levels of risk for the sake of your mental health. The solution to “my dysphoria is so bad that it destroys my life if I don’t bind in my sleep and wear it two sizes too tight” is not and should never be, “so I do it because it’s all right if I know accept the risk”. That’s not responsible, mature behaviour. It’s fully, entirely understandable. But you need, NEED to instead take the longer, more difficult path to finding healthy management techniques to improve your mental health and wellbeing so this is no longer the case, or else it’s going to bite you in the arse. You want to reach the end of your transition with the body you deserve, so you can finally feel right in it? Then look after it. Transition doesn’t give you a new body, it makes the one you’re in right now fit better, so look after the one you’re in.

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Hi excuse me I'm going to need to know what you and 2moms are working on because she said something and now I can't stop thinking about it .... Please tell us what heavenly thing your two are doing I beg you

Sorry, anon, I’m not telling either! ;) But as @2moms-0fucks said - you won’t be able to miss it. We’re gonna promote the hell out of it.

I’m happy you’re excited for it! We are too. 2moms is fabulously talented & I’m just honored to be writing with her.


1. Stop trying to be someone you’re not.
2. Stop trying to impress people who mean nothing to you.
3. Stop putting your needs to the side.
4. Stop holding on to the past.
5. Stop hanging around with people who drain your energy.
6. Stop letting other people’s opinions become your beliefs.
7. Stop letting people bring you down to their level.
8. Stop making excuses for why you can’t get things done.
9. Stop trying to love others before loving yourself.
10. Stop being ungrateful.
11. Stop believing that you can’t do it.
12. Stop using lack of time as an excuse.
13. Stop comparing your life and yourself to others.
14. Stop holding grudges.
15. Stop chasing relationships based on looks.
16. Stop complaining and feeling sorry for yourself.
17. Stop being lazy.
18. Stop rejecting new relationships because of old ones.
19. Stop running from your problems.
20. Stop worrying and being fearful.
21. Stop punishing yourself for mistakes.
22. Stop focusing on the things you don’t want.
23. Stop trying to look for happiness or buy it.
24. Stop being hateful, judgemental and rude.
25. Stop explaining yourself to people who aren’t interested.
26. Stop trying to satisfy everyone.
27. Stop blaming others for your actions.

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hey I'm having a bit of an internal battle at the moment and i need to share so: I'm thinking about quitting smoking. i deal with mild psychosis and and there is evidence that nicotine contributes to psychosis and it interferes with my meds and i really really should stop, but I am a very self destructive person and smoking is my last outlet for this. I'm afraid that if i stop i will fall back into self harm or my eating disorder. any advice?

Hello anon,

Continuing with a bad coping mechanism to prevent using other bad coping mechanisms is like putting a band-aid over gaping wound. It is a temporary fix and it is neither effective nor helpful in the long run. If smoking is contributing to your psychosis then it would be ideal to stop smoking, but if you don’t think you can do that without reverting to other forms of harmful (smoking is harmful and that is a scientific fact) coping mechanisms you need to seek out help. Using your lack of coping mechanisms as an excuse to continue to do things that harm you is neither helpful nor effective. If you cannot do it on your own, and it is okay if you cannot, then you need to find someone who can help you manage.

Good Luck,