you can stop using that as an excuse

just for him - a forever hold your peace drabble

helloooo! i had a strong urge to write girlfriend!birdy so i decided to pump out my best attempt at something cute and out came this nearly 4K drabble! it’s pointless, self indulgent, and non-canon but i figured why not? hope you all enjoyyy! 

“Could you two please give me some type of help besides eating those sandwiches paid for with my money?” Birdy asked in an aggravated tone, looking between Niall and Liam who were both mid-chew. Neither one stopped, just slowed their chews down before flashing her apologetic glances. Birdy sighed, rubbing her forehead with her palm and wondering why she had friends who cared more about their eating habits than when she had an actual problem. “Harry’s coming back to London in sixteen hours and all you two can do is stuff your faces.”

“Excuse us if we aren’t breaking our backs over the arrival of the prestigious Harry Styles,” Niall said through a swallow. “He isn’t our boyfriend.”

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I need to write more again.

“There’s a difference between us,” she said. “When I love, I love with everything I have. When you love, you give the slightest bit of effort to keep me in your hands.” He looked down. “You blinded me with your words, but you never followed through with anything you promised. I kept my promise, you didn’t.” He tried to come up with an excuse, but she stopped him. “I forgive you.” Looking up into her eyes, he looked like he had a weight lifted off his shoulders just hearing those words but he didn’t know she wasn’t done speaking. “I forgive you, and I will forget you. And I will hate you with everything I have. Because that’s the difference between us. You can’t hate me, because you know I did everything right, you’re the one who fucked up. You lost me.” She turned and walked away with tears running down her face along with a smile, while he stood there in complete silence. You see all along she knew she was better than him, and she didn’t realize it until now. Until her heart was shattered into a million pieces, crying until 3 am, not being able to fall asleep until dawn, and forcing food down because she had no appetite. She learned to walk away from something that only hurt her, and she thanked him for that because she will never be with someone who is less than her. She will find the right one when she’s ready.

I’ve come to learn that life is one big process of accepting what is. I’ve struggled so hard the past 4-5 years with heartache, addictions and depression and I always tried to overcompensate and ignore the truth and I’ve finally learned the only thing one can do is accept what is currently on the table. You can only make the best of what you have right now, in this moment. I’ve lost a lot of things, friends and people I loved and though it used to hurt, I can finally say I’m happy with the person I am today. No more feeling guilty because of who I once was. I stopped making excuses for not only myself but others and the way they treated me. I for once am SO proud of myself and who I am and I’m happy with the person I am. The only thing I want to say to anyone who reads this is, remember who you are deep down and don’t for a second accept a love less than what you deserve. You cannot expect a positive outcome if you are constantly making excuses for people whom hurt you, learn to walk away and accept your decisions with nothing but love. Every single thing you let go of leads to something better. Find your place.

can the “it’s cool and edgy to drag taylor my fave of many years for no LEGITIMATE REASON and use the ~im just trying to prove im not up her ass~ excuse” trend stop??!?!! there is a difference between disagreeing with taylor respectfully and just being straight up mean. and it’s not cool at all it comes across as cold and condescending and the rest of us aren’t really here for it so if you ~hate taylor~ that much then… leave… no ones forcing you to stay…..

You people do realise that We need to talk was a flashback episode right? It happened in the past? Stop using this as an excuse to hate Pearl. Yes, she was horrible to Greg in that episode. But that episode was also about 30 years ago(ish). Believe it or not, people can learn and change.
Greg and Pearl get along fairly well now. In Reformed, we see them getting along fine when they’re fixing the car. They were fine in Ocean Gem. They got along pretty well in Space Race. They’ve been fine in every episode they’ve appeared in together. Not a perfect relationship by any means, but they don’t hate each other, and Pearl has matured a lot since We need to talk.
So yeah, just because Pearl used to be an asshole, doesn’t mean she still is. She’s clearly changed a lot so stop using her mistakes from 30 years ago to hate her.

  • Don’t assume. Don’t speculate. 
  • Take things at face value, take people at face value. 
  • Make excuses; (so long as it does not place you in danger). 
  • Forgive those who may have hurt you. 
  • You can hold on to the memories and let go of the pain.
  • We never know what people are going through and although we should be selfish regarding our feelings, we should also be considerate of others. 
  • The wrongs they may have done to us are wrongs we have done to others; people gave us chances, why not give others chances (not if they continuously harm you though, know when to say NO & STOP & walk away briskly). 
  • Don’t be hasty in your decisions to walk away from people; think objectively. Think critically. 
  • Don’t set fire to a city you can rebuild. 
  • A good friend is difficult in these times; so if you have someone who has erred, let your feelings be known and work on strengthening what you have. 
  • Differences and altercations are part of the deal, how you handle them is what matters. 

Things I learned over the past few days about the past few months. 

Just Like Us - Cross-posted to both and AO3.


He’s oddly nervous, pausing as he reaches her door and considering whether he should simply turn around and go home. It’s one thing to stop by unannounced when they’re in the middle of a case and he’s excited about a theory; it may be a weak excuse even then, but he can usually make it work. But now he has nothing but a small box of comic books and an uncomfortably strong heartbeat and he just needs to knock and get over it. Taking a deep breath, he raps on the door and waits.

For the second time in as many days, the door is answered by a sweaty, breathless Beckett. And for the second time in as many days, he nearly chokes on all the words he wishes he could say. The declaration he so desperately wants to repeat.

“You planning to interrupt all of my workouts now?” For a moment he worries that she’s serious, but then she tugs him forward by his sleeve. “No need to stand there with your jaw on the floor. I’m fully clothed.”

Maybe he’s a terrible person for so obviously confirming her statement, but he can’t help but sweep his eyes over her body. She’s wearing sweatpants that shouldn’t be particularly attractive on anyone, but they’re adorable on her, and her bare feet remind him that she’s at home and comfortable and so totally Kate in this quiet moment. Then there’s the tight white t-shirt that is far too sexy to be considered adorable; the material is thin and the room is cold and the sight is affecting him in ways he’ll only be able to hide for so long. Her hair is pulled back in a low ponytail and he can’t decide if he wants to wrap his hand around it and pull, or whether he’d rather remove the elastic and run his fingers through her hair while he holds her close.

“Castle? You gonna let me know why you’re here, or would you rather join me in some push-ups?”

He startles from his relatively inappropriate reverie and holds up the box he’s brought from the loft. “I went through my comic book stash and pulled some that I thought you might like to have.”

“You didn’t have to do that.” He expected the protest, but she’s smiling and that’s good.

“I know, but you mentioned her and I happened to find these and maybe you already have them…” He trails off, nervous again, but she reaches for the box and peeks inside.

“Elektra,“ she whispers.

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The only excuse I can even think of for your ignorance is that you're younger than 12. Therefore I can only advise you to stop slamming the very movement that has given you the freedom to work as you please, not be 'owned' by a man, gives you independence and the right to vote. Obviously you are not an American otherwise you would have learned by now the pain, suffering, death and violence that it has taken to get us this far to equality. I'm sure you'll appreciate equality when you're older.

I believe so strongly that every single person deserves marriage equality, honestly fuck everyone who doesn’t agree because honestly.

1. Stop using religion as an excuse, you’re choosing to read into the bible specifically to suit your own beliefs. Intolerance is NOT loving everyone. They’re not forcing the “gay lifestyle” on you so stop trying to force your beliefs on them.

2. Same sex marriages won’t produce kids? Well yeah there’s a lot of science to help them make kids, and they can adopt children to help better a child’s life. Each couple deserves that chance to raise a child of their own, and hell yes they’re suitable parents.

3. Gay parents make gay kids? Straight parents don’t make only straight kids.

Why is everyone so afraid of letting people freely love the people they wish to love. Love is a crazy beautiful thing, and intolerance isn’t love. Intolerance is ugly. Nobody wants to force you to agree with the decision to legalize gay marriage, but stop trying to isolate, discriminate, tear down and attack this decision and all the sexualities affected JUST because you don’t agree. Give love a chance, and back off.

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You are the worst kind of person. You put down one one race to boost up another. That's the problem that got us to where we are today, and we don't need people like you making it worse. No excuses, just stop putting down your own race to look cool.

Honestly if you looked at my post about how white supremacy has fucked up the white psyche over generations of privilege and can still only see that as ‘tearing down a race to build up another’, you’re in a terrible whirlpool of irony and you’re also an imbecile. I can only do so much, after that you’re on your own. If a serious and well structured definition of white supremacy and its effects put into plain text doesn’t help you, that’s not my problem.

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Hey. I have finished the first installment of a three part series of books about three months ago and sent that first book to various publishers. So far I have had two publishers turning the book down. I am, despite this, writing the second book already. Do you think it's a bad idea? Should I wait to have all the answers back from the publishers before pursuing down this path? Thanks!

It’s totally up to you and what you’re driven to do. If you want to keep writing, keep writing!

However, bear in mind that publishers and agents are plentiful and it can take people years to get representation and/or a publishing deal. And these days there’s also the whole world of self-publishing, too. 

You shouldn’t use waiting for a response from someone else as an excuse to stop creating your story. Likewise, don’t count each rejection as a rejection of the story. Authors great and small get rejected everyday. It’s just part of the publishing world. Your job as a writer is to keep creating, keep reaching out, keep going with your stories as long as you want to tell them. 

(All that said, if you feel the need to take a break from the story for a while and explore other possibilities or options or focus on making a stronger pitch – or even start a new story – do that, too. It’s your life. Put your energy where you feel most fulfilled and toward what will help you achieve your ultimate goal.)

Hope this helps!

(Who has 2.5 books written out of an indeterminate number in a series and has been looking for representation for book one for three years…)

One of the biggest anti-cloti arguments that really gets under my skin is the whole “Well, Cloud and Tifa aren’t right for each other because Cloud is unable to be the hero that Tifa wanted.” And then I always remember that Aerith wanted him to be her hero too, and he failed her to an even greater degree. 

So, why is it that Cloud can fail Tifa (and not even rly, since he has been her hero more than once and vice versa as well) and not be right for her, but he can fail Aerith and still be the right one for her?

I just don’t understand lol Like if you ship C/A then ship C/A!! No one’s gonna tell you to stop, but when you use excuses that can be applied to your own ship, it doesn’t exactly work. 

Can I just shut something down really quick? 

“KrisHan just used EXO/SM to get popular”

Uh… duh. That’s the fucking point of these companies. You audition or they pick you up and tell you: HEY KID WE’LL MAKE YOU FAMOUS. That is literally the exact fucking point, so please stop using this like it proves they’re crooked. They’re not, they’re using the companies for exactly what they were founded for. Like… honestly…

“EXO is only successful because of their fans”

Excuse me but are you stupid? Having a fanbase is the physical proof that you are successful. If you don’t have fans then you’re irrelevant, like???? That’s literally the point of starting a music career is gaining fans who will buy your shit. You can ask a fucking banker or anyone in retail: Return customers are worth more than people who just come and go. 

EXO Reaction when you go drinking and the other members act recklessly

I can’t stop laughing! Just imagine the 12 of them drunk together!! Please be careful when drinking. Have a beautiful day! Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: *Is drunk with all of them* “Y/N.. why is everything moving?”

Kris: *He is on the floor trying to do push ups because… god knows why*

Sehun: “What’s with these boys.. Excuse them Y/N”

Tao: *None of you remember a thing until he saw the video on his phone* “Did we really do that?”

Kai: *Watches how they dance on the table* “Why is my jagi with you?”

Xiumin: *GIF* “Weeeeeeeeeeeh…..”

Baekhyun: “I’m sorry Y/N!” *Laughs at them*

Luhan: *So drunk he starts taking off his clothes*

Chen: *Isn’t drunk but acts like one* “Gee gee gee”

Kyungsoo: “This was not the date I promised her…”

Lay: *Falls asleep in the middle of the conversation* “Jagy… zzzz. let’s drink more… zzzz.”

Suho: “I can’t… believe it..”

tbh, when people say that a lack of empathy means that someone is violent/a bad person it really freaks me out because…that means that they’re reliant on feeling bad after hurting another person to not do that??? Is the only thing that prevents them from, say, hitting another person is that they’d feel the pain and not that hitting someone is wrong?

…Is that why when allistic people say that they can’t ‘empathize’ with autistic people they use that to excuse otherwise inexcusable behavior?


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I don’t like people using Krystal’s anemia against Sulli. “OMG SHE’S SO LAZY IF KRYSTAL FAINTED ON STAGE COVERING FOR HER HER ASS CAN GET THROUGH A PERFORMANCE SHE’S SO ANNOYING?!?!?!” Like that’s so gross on so many levels against the both of them….



(one of the pictures the adjusting straps got loose so we had to fix it after the picture was taken <3 )

So, I went with my hubby on his truck to avoid fireworks, and spend 4th of July with my hunny punny. While we were on this grand adventure, we stopped at a Love’s to use the bathroom and get some drinks.

Now for those unaware, I have a service dog.

Anyway, as we walk in, a female cashier is standing inside, near the door. I assume she was making her way back to the desk. As we walk past her, in the rudest manner possible, she calls out to us (namely me) and says LOUDLY in front of everyone : “EXCUSE YOU but we don’t ALLOW dogs in here!”

To which such action triggered my Fight or Flight response (I can’t handle random strangers yelling or screaming at me. When I feel I have no where to run, I get in super defense mode) And in those times it happens -instantly-. I turned, and like a bird puffing up their feathers, I said : “Um..this is a SERVICE DOG…” and had Molly (my dog) come closer to me so her side could be viewed, showcasing one side of her vest which in large letters showing the words “SERVICE DOG” among her certified patches.

To this, the (I assume) teenager cocked her hip to the side, loudly smacked her gum, and gave me this dirtiest of looks. When she said nothing, I said : “Do you now know what a service dog is…?” To which my hubby, knowing I was in a defensive mode, cut me offand had me go use the bathroom. We got drinks and after paying I went to the truck. If I had stayed, in that state, I may have gone fully into a rager.

Meanwhile, hubby stayed behind waiting on a manager. Atemu always was the super calm one. As he is waiting, the female cashier kept staring at him and sighing in annoyance. Finally, after a few minutes, she snapped at him and said : “HOW THE FU*K WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW IT WAS A SERVICE DOG?!”

To which he replied in a calm tone . “You could have asked or simply taken a moment to look to see if there was a vest. “

Cutting him off, she retorted with, “I DON’T NEED YOU TO TELL ME HOW TO DO MY FU*KING JOB. “

Nodding, Atemu went outside and talked with a manager. Upon hearing this, the manager went inside to which the cashier started screaming in a fury. Another cashier walked up and confirmed our half of the story to the manager. This only made the girl rage more.

We don’t know what happened after that, as Atemu climbed back in the truck and we left, but we are pretty confident she got fired. =D

I have provided pictures of my service dog to show its kinda hard to miss the labeling.

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can I have a sexy sehun spam????????????????????????????

Certainly dear anonnie, prepare your ovaries cause hot dayum, this noodle is in some hot soup.

I think we can all agree that demon Hun made us all weak inside right??


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I would happily iron my clothes on his abs


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Let’s not, like no stop


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Whoops I’ve sinned


Out of context, this photo is wrong (if you get my vibe), like is he deep throating that ice cream???




Well excuse me sir, do you think this is really okay??? HUh???


I’m sorry but Sehun in glasses makes me feel things  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)




How about no?