you can stop using that as an excuse

“Welcome to the real world sweety, it’s hard here :)))” oh my fucking god don’t you think I know that? I’m fully aware the real world doesn’t take into consideration about anyone’s disabilities or issues, I live in it. People experience it every day. Now why don’t you stop using it as an excuse to be an asshole to people and just admit you’re a horrible person who can’t feel basic compassion for others?


Skintones for POC companions in Dragon Age

Whitewashing is a huge problem in every fandom, and DA is no exception. All of the characters above are whitewashed and have their skin lightened on a daily basis. 

There is no excuse when someone whitewashes a character. Take your appropriate swatches if you must, and make sure you are staying true to the characters actual skin tone. Use these colours if you’d like - they were more meant to prove a point. You are certainly welcome to use them as a base.

Stop whitewashing POC. Stop lightening skin, stop slimming down features, and stop blaming whitewashing on lighting. You know better than that. You can do better than that.

Do not take swatches from the lightest part of the face - all the light colours shown here are meant for highlighting purposes. They are the highlights of the face, to be used to display light bouncing off the surface of one’s skin.

Every image of the characters except Josephine was taken from the dragon age wiki site and was only altered to fit and blend with the pictures. All other graphics are mine. 


We need to discuss. Something serious needs to be done.

I’m so upset and deeply disturbed by this. If you haven’t heard (I found out today) another “joke” was made about Blue Ivy but this time an R. Kelly reference is involved.

The “joke” was made by a woman called Amy Poehler (@smrtgrls) which aired on Hulu for a programme called Difficult People.

You can watch what was said here | placing a trigger warning since an innocent child is involved | read what was said here & here

Making “jokes” about a THREE year old is NOT FUNNY it NEVER has been funny and it NEVER will be funny. Just because her parents are famous doesn’t exclude Blue Ivy from this. She is still a THREE year old who was born into a life beyond her control. You know her name, she doesn’t know yours, so get that through your heads and stop using her as the punchline of your “jokes”, to excuse your racism and ignorance because it doesn’t. This is wrong wrong wrong on so many levels.


  • Person who's pan, ace or bi:finally a word to describe my sexual/or romantic attraction. I can't wait to be accepted by the LGTB community!!!
  • Assholes in LGBT Community:excuse me!! You are pretty much straight. 🚫🚫🚫 you arent part of the lgbt community!! Straight af ❌❌❌❌ Those are just different words for straight. ❗❗❗
Art Tips: Motivation, Style and Life Drawing

I’ve had several requests for art tips so here are a few of my humble advice for studying artists.Depending on how far I get on this, I might make a few more.

Keeping yourself motivated

Artists often improve the most when they are passionate about a topic that gives them motivation to draw. However, certain genre and subject matters can be looked down as ‘not artistic enough’ or 'shallow’ which can cause artists to shy away from drawing what they really want to draw. Remember that any reason is a good reason to want to draw as long as your art doesn’t bear hurtful messages. Whatever the subject matter is, don’t let the others shame you into stop drawing. Try to find subjects or stories that interest you and seize every chance to draw when the motivation is there.

Don’t let style dictate what you can and can’t draw.

Having a personal style is great but it’s very easy to fall into the trap of using style as an excuse to avoid drawing what you’re not comfortable with. Style should be a tool that helps you and not something that restrict you from visually communicating your ideas. For example, if you like drawing in shoujo manga style, that’s completely fine but if that’s all you draw, chances are, you probably can’t draw realistic nose. This will most likely cause lack of structure in your short-handed drawings of a face which will then hinder the appeal of your drawings.  It’s not to say that all your character drawings should be anatomically accurate and be rendered realistically but even the simplest drawings should have a good sense of structure which can be trained by practising and learning the real anatomy.  

Life drawing! Life drawing! Life drawing!

One of the best way of practising everything from anatomy to visual story telling is by doing life drawings. Not just the ones that you do at a studio with a nude model but also doing quick sketches of people in a public space like a cafe or a subway. Try to keep a small drawing tools with you all the time and when you do engage in a life drawing, pick a topic that you want to focus on and practice your drawings around it. Examples of things that you can focus on during life drawing would be things like, gestures, expression, anatomy of clothed figure, folds of clothes, and etc.  

Softer tools like pencil and colour pencil can be great in practising structural drawings while harder tools like pen and markers are great for gestures and short-hands.


Shallura is amazing and they have great canonical chemistry and neither of them are straight so stop fucking using this ‘but they aren’t straight!!!’ Excuse to openly shit on the ship

Allura can still date shiro and be wlw

Shiro can still date allura and be mlm

Just bc u wanna ship shiro with the pasty white boy whos had like 30 seconds of screentime instead of the black woman he has real chemistry with doesn’t mean you get a free pass on the biphobic and racist bullshit you keep spouting

Shut the fuck up

My feelings just changed. I had been waiting for you to realize you couldn’t go another day without me. I had played out every excuse you could of had for putting all that time between us. Missing you had become second nature to me. And somewhere in the last year, when I never got that phone call, and you never showed up at my window, and we never ran into each other, I just stopped feeling like I needed you so much.
Meet Cute: Planes Trains and Automobiles
  • I’m a cabbie and this is the THIRD time you’ve leapt into my taxi and said ‘drive!’, ‘shhhhh’, or ‘follow that car!’ and if you ever want to get in my cab again you had better tell me who you are and what the hell is always going on with you.  
  • In line for the intercity bus, an incredibly creepy person won’t stop talking to someone else (who looks about as uncomfortable as they could possibly be) and so help me if Creeper tries to sit next to them on the bus for the five hour drive I am going to become Uncomfortable’s long lost high school friend who just has to catch up with them right now, please excuse us.
  • My car broke down on the side of the road and my phone, in a spectacular moment of adding insult to injury, is out of battery, so I can’t call to be towed. You, a radiant beam of sunshine, pull over and offer to help. 
  • You and I both agreed to be parent volunteers for our respective kid’s field trip. The field is a two hour trip by school bus. Unless we can find a way to keep these kids entertained, we’re going to be trapped with twenty six aggressively bored kindergarteners. We’re going to have to tag team this. 
  • My life is flashing before my eyes because I packed a suitcase too heavy for me to lift over my head, and a line of people are waiting for me to put my suitcase up into the overhead rack so that they can board the train. Before I can sink into the earth in embarrassment, you appear and lift the suitcase with ease, smiling and starting to tell me a ridiculous story about you and your old suitcase from hell. 
  • The children in the seats in front of us are a Repeater and a Shouter respectively and I can see that you forgot to pack headphones, would you like to borrow my spares? 
  • We are caught in an extreme traffic jam and have been sitting next to each other, parked, for the last five minutes. Your radio is playing my absolute favorite song so I ask you to turn it up. We spend the rest of the slow traffic aggressively singing along to the music at each other. 
  • Sometimes, I get nervous on airplanes because tin cans were never meant to be airborne, I am so so sorry that I instinctually grabbed your hand when the plane took off. 
  • Klandom:“Omg! So many of us have the same headcanon that all of the brown and black characters are ace/aro! What a coincidence!”
  • Me:ur a racist

One of the more baffling arguments of “this character HAS to be white” is “they’re born in [US city], so”

… Guys, I don’t know if you know this… sit down, just in case, I don’t want you to hurt yourself falling down from shock, because this is a biggie…

… America isn’t all white people.

I KNOW, I KNOW. Breathe. It’s okay. But seriously, look around. Americans are made up of every possible skin color imaginable, from every kind of background you can think of. A character was born in Philly? Well good for them, but I have no idea why that makes them automatically white.

So please, for the LOVE of all that is holy, stop using THAT excuse when you’re talking about a character’s race. Because last time I checked, America isn’t all-white all-the-time. And those who aren’t white weren’t automatically born in another country before coming here. That’s now how this works. That’s not how ANY of this works.

Use other reasoning for a character being white all you want, whatever. I don’t know WHY this gets argued so much, it’s not like we’re running low on white characters and you feel the need to defend a dying breed here, but whatever floats your boat. Just… PLEASE stop the “he/she was born in America” as foolproof evidence. You just look ignorant, son.

It’s your beauty that gets me. heart skipping beats, arms shaking, palms sweaty, uncontrollable anxiety. Your eyes are more fierce than fully loaded machine guns. Effortlessly taking shots right at my chest, I find myself unable to breathe and think correctly. It’s difficult to comprehend when you’re the shooter, but as the person in front of the barrel, I feel your intensity at full force. I feel your power, your energy, I feel you. I have tried dodging, and shielding myself, but no bullet proof vest can deflect your shots or stop you from penetrating the depths of my soul. Not sure if I should consider myself a victim, or one of the fortunate few to experience you at full capacity and still survive. It’s rare to come across such divinity and perfection, so excuse me if it takes a while to get used to your beauty.
Yes, violence doesn’t make peace. But what are you telling people when violence is being inflicted on them just for existing?

You perpetuate that it’s our nature to be violent when you tell us to be “nonviolent” in our outrage. When it’s the reaction of violence.

I’m down for nonviolence when the oppressor’s actions are non-violent. But I can’t tell someone to not defend themselves.

You’re telling them to be “nonviolent” and a tank is parked right outside their home. With officers equipped for war on the streets.

When you’re pointing out that “black people need to stop killing each other, first”, you’re excusing the killings from systemic prejudice.

Saying “not all” is redundant. To bring that up to make your point sullies it.

If you don’t wanna talk about it, then don’t talk about it. At all. Not even “I won’t talk about it”. Just don’t.

Riots have not changed, why are people surprised by what happens in the first stages of a riot?

If you feel like what the protesters are doing is wrong, do something about it. Start your own rally, organizations, help out the communities suffering, fundraise, start prayer circles, build a leadership committee and get to the teeth of the problem, etc or stop talking.
—  Dae D. Lee (Daeizm)

hey artists

if you’re going to be one of those people who says “i can’t draw xxx because it’s not my ‘style’”, be it fat people or non-white features or ppl with disabilities or whatever aspect of a person that doesn’t fit in with your “””style”””

then you should stop that

and learn

because you’re being rude and insensitive and also limiting yourself as an artist

learning to be diverse with your body shapes and your character designs is one of the BEST things you can do and i guarantee it will help IMPROVE your style even so

suck it up and give it a try. stop using “”style”” as an excuse to be narrow minded

I'm gonna go ahead and make this really clear for everyone:
  • The only people who get straight privilege are heterosexuals.
  • If you are not heterosexual you can not access heterosexual privilege.
  • Being with someone of a different gender to yourself is not a straight relationship - the only straight relationships are ones that solely involve straight people.

Now can we stop using this as an excuse to be BOPQ-exclusionary biphobic asshats?


Please stop giving Americans shit about celebrating a national holiday representing the freedom many individuals lost their lives to gain. 

If you can’t fucking handle a single day of celebration in tribute to those who serve/served/will serve our country through our display of patriotism, get off Tumblr for the next 24 hours you inconsiderate brat. We don’t give you shit for gaining independence and freedom, why the fuck do you think it’s okay to give us shit?

“Because you’re annoying” is not a good enough excuse.

Headcanon: Heat Source vs. Heat Sink

I have been talking about this for ages now and now I want to share with you all my findings. Here we go, the heat source v. heat sink debate that was not happening anywhere besides my mind and my phone. (I’m not gonna do all of the characters now, but if I miss anyone you want to hear about, please, by all means, request an addition.)

Genji: One of the major benefits of being a cyborg is that he finally gets to regulate his temperature and be perpetually comfortable. No matter what. He can tell whether or not where he is is hot or cold, depending on how much his homeostasis systems are working, but he does not necessarily have to suffer through the discomfort of human body temperatures. Younger!Genji was a heat sink, would always use it as an excuse to touch you and would pout if you tried to get him to stop (of course, that’s not how he would have described it, but you knew that was what he was doing).

McCree: He’s a heat source, but he’s the type of heat source who can generally handle hot weather comfortably. How? Who knows. His cowboy magic. But he definitely takes advantage of the fact that he is very warm and very comfortable when he’s cuddling because how in the hell can anyone resist the excellence that is Jesse McCree, actual human electric blanket?

Pharah: Heat source. She’s just. So warm. And nice. And she will not mind too much if you drape yourself over her when she’s sitting down. Just don’t be a bother with where you put your hands when you’re trying to get warm. Does not always like to hold hands, but if you ask nicely enough and give her that look, you will get what you want.

Reaper: Pre-Swiss headquarters, Gabriel Reyes was a top-notch heat source, though very begrudging about cuddling until a certain point. Afterwards, he became something of a heat sink, though it’s generally low-key. Following the “more souls means more humanity” logic, with more souls he does become more of a heat source, and with fewer souls he’s more of a heat sink.

Soldier 76: Jack Morrison has always been something of a low-key heat sink, with a problem of keeping warmth in his hands (use it as an excuse to hold hands when he’s not wearing gloves, please, he needs warmth). He finds it easy to get warm, though, so he rarely, if ever, made any comments about how cold he feels. When he sleeps though, he always is the one to try to huddle in the blanket. Always.

Tracer: Low-key heat sink. She’s not about to complain about it, though, but she always uses it as an excuse to hold hands, like, Lena please your hands aren’t even cold this time. Doesn’t matter. You will still hold her hand. And be very happy with the experience.

Hanzo: HIGH-KEY HEAT SOURCE. I may have touched lightly on this before but he’s always warm. Like. How??? He’s not even cognizant of how warm he is??? He’s not always that comfortable generally with physical contact, but if you can get him around to the idea of cuddling, do it, you will be so happy with your life. Unless it’s summer. Then you won’t. And neither will he. He is never entirely comfortable when it’s warm.

Widowmaker: High-key heat sink, but she’s never uncomfortable with it and it’s just like okay, I guess. She just casually brushes against your hand and you swear you’ve never been as cold in your life. I mean, you get used to it, eventually, but it was very alarming the first few times (and by the time you’re comfortable enough with it she’s high-key trying to casually sap heat from you despite not really feeling a need to).

D.Va: Low-key heat sink. Wears socks a lot because her feet get cold easily. Very high-key cuddler when she starts actually feeling cold, will obnoxiously drape herself over you no matter what. Like. Hana. Please. Hana I’m trying to do work. Oh my god, Hana…..Fiiiine. Come here.

Zarya: Heat source. Will cuddle with you on request. Or whenever she thinks you look cold. Or whenever she wants, really. Funny how those last two coincide you tell her one day, attempting to sound suspicious, but really you can’t help but enjoy the physical contact.

Lúcio: Low-key heat source. Likes holding your hand anyway, so will obviously do it all the time anyway, even when you aren’t cold, so it just sort of becomes a thing that if you’re cold, just give him a hand. He doesn’t mind.

Mercy: Low-key heat sink. Please. Just. Keep this woman warm. Give her a blanket. Drape yourself over her if you are warm. She doesn’t pay attention enough to know when she is cold. If you can get her to stop working for a bit she would love to cuddle. Just. Pls.

Symmetra: In a surprising turn of events, Satya’s actually a low-key heat source. She generally is quite busy doing things though, and she has something of an aversion to surprise physical contact, so you’re gonna have to wait until she decides to hold your hand or cuddle or the like, or at least gives you permission. She may not always seem like it, but she does like the comfort you offer. Hence why she says yes to your requests so often.

Shut Up: The Power of Understanding what Introversion Actually is in a World of People Who Won’t Stop Using it as an Excuse

Since I’ve started tagging some posts as “shitty introverts” I decided to make this post to serve as a reference without being quite as sarcastic and salty as I have been, though I’m pretty sure I’ve already failed with that title. Will I change any minds? It’s doubtful, but if you ever want to know why I’m tearing into that introvertunites/introvert, dear post, you can look at this.

First, a brief definition of introversion in two different systems.

In MBTI: Introverts are people who have a dominant introverted function. Extroverts are people who have a dominant extroverted function. Ambiversion does not exist in the MBTI system - more on that later.

Outside of MBTI: Introverts are people who are energized more by time alone than by time spent with others. Extroverts are people who are energized more by time spent with other people than by time spent alone. Ambiverts are people who fall close to the middle.

In reality, everyone is somewhere along a spectrum (ie, we all need some alone time and some time with people), so arguably we’re all ambiverts, but it’s commonly used for people who find themselves needing a pretty even balance of the two. 

Now, ambiversion still doesn’t exist within the MBTI system. If you want to call yourself an ANFP* or whatever, then you are making things up and that is not an MBTI type - it is a personal adaptation that uses some concepts from MBTI. Does this mean that MBTI doesn’t acknowledge that some people are non-MBTI ambiverts? No! It just means that MBTI theory uses the introvert and extrovert terms in a particular way, and doesn’t fully explain what social situations energize you, just like it doesn’t explain fully your favorite ice cream flavor or whether you like sports. It’s perfectly fine to say “I’m an ENFP, and I’m pretty ambiverted.”

Okay now that that’s out of the way, what does introversion, outside of MBTI, not mean?

It does not necessarily mean shyness, awkwardness, or lack of social skills. There’s probably a correlation, because people who prefer to spend most of their time alone have less of a vested interest in getting over shyness, awkwardness, or developing social skills, but there are awkward extroverts and socially adept introverts everywhere.

It does not mean misanthropy/hating people in general. I personally think hating people is not a particularly great way to be, as it means you’re closing yourself off to a whole lot of great experiences, and it definitely is going to be more common in introverts as it makes extroversion really hard, but if that’s your deal, fine. Just know that it’s not at all synonymous with introversion. Introversion means needing a good deal of alone time. It doesn’t mean that you hate the time spent with others, just that it’s going to require more energy.

It does not automatically make you smarter, kinder, more creative, or ‘deeper.’ Whatever psych studies may say, they’re going to be based on a subset, so even if introverts are, on average, smarter, it doesn’t mean you, arbitrary introvert, are smarter than an individual arbitrary extrovert. Another way to put it: more Americans have Olympic gold medals than Jamaicans, but I don’t have more gold medals than Usain Bolt. Use your alleged intelligence to learn and understand basic statistics.

Introversion, or for that matter shyness, awkwardness, or whatever do not excuse rudeness or flakiness, and nothing excuses expecting people to understand you without any explanation.

Look. I get that if you’re depressed, or have social anxiety**, you may say yes to a party invite only to find that when the party actually comes, you can’t bring yourself to make it or even to call. That’s okay. But it’s also okay for the host to be upset that you didn’t show up or let them know that you couldn’t come, and it falls to you, when you are up to the task, to explain why.

Is that hard as fuck to do? Yes. Is expecting other people to read your mind and know all the details of your life and mental health and accept all of your actions completely unfair to them? Also yes. Because here’s the thing: you can’t control other people’s reactions, and it’s ridiculous  to think you can.

Which brings us to the shitty introvert. The shitty introvert does the following:

Assumes they are in some way better than extroverts - smarter, more creative, better listeners - and may believe that because they let so few people into their lives, including someone is an honor in itself.

Assumes that having emotional responses is unique to them - that no one else dislikes public humiliation or unpleasant surprises.

Either complains that they’re getting dragged to parties, or complains that they’re no longer getting invitations to the parties that they repeatedly turned down, as if the host has nothing better to do than send you an invite they know you’ll refuse***.

Is rude to others and blames it on being introverted instead of considering that other people also have feelings and either putting in enough effort to maintain civility, or apologizing and taking full responsibility of their actions.

Expects to be understood and accommodated automatically without any explanation, and generally does not put in effort to understand or accommodate others.

Sees introversion as an excuse to never try to improve or challenge themselves. If something is hard for them, they will just give up or avoid it.

In summary, they insist they are more considerate, feeling, and creative while being rude, selfish, and stagnant.

Don’t be a shitty introvert.

*For some reason the example fake MBTI type with Ambiverted is always ANFP. I suspect it’s because Ne both is associated with being towards the middle of the itnrovert/extrovert spectrum and with being like “what if we didn’t follow the rules,” and Fi is associated with “your labels cannot contain me” but that is another post for another day.

**Social anxiety and depression are mental illnesses, and I’m not going to go into them or other mental health issues in this post in more depth, but please note that they are not tied to introversion. Will they often make people withdraw from social situations? Yes. That is a symptom of the illness, not an indicator of extroversion or introversion.

***”I want to be invited, I just don’t want to go!” shitty introverts cry, as if the hosts of the parties are not also human beings with needs and emotions. “Oh, yeah, sorry” the hosts are apparently supposed to tell the person they actually want to invite who would show up and bring a decent bottle of wine, “I’d love to invite you but I have a tiny apartment, so I can’t invite any more than 15 people, and I need to reserve a spot for my friend who not RSVP, ignore my calls, and will most likely either text me with some lame excuse an hour after the party started, or just completely flake. But you see their desires are more important than yours or mine.” Honestly what the host should do is just queue up a few automated invites to nonexistent parties, and on the off chance the shitty introvert does indeed show up without RSVP-ing to one of them, the host should just be like “Oh sorry, I know I said I’d have a party but I’m just not feeling it tonight.” GOLDEN RULE IN ACTION MOTHERFUCKERS.

Another reminder

A transgender person CAN RAPE YOU. Just like a Cis person can.
A transgender person CAN ASSAULT YOU. Just like a Cis person can
A transgender can DEHUMANIZE and BULLY AND HURT YOU. Just like a Cis person can
A transgender can be RACIST, HOMOPHOBIC, ABLEIST AND OVER ALL SHITTY. Like a Cis person can be

Being Transgender does NOT make you a better person or excuse your behavior. You can be just as dangerous as anyone else. Stop using it as a excuse, I’m fucking sick of it.