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My bitterness at what they did to Vanessa and Ethan right now is so real

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shr entry one.

Wow, just wow. A rollercoaster ride of feels indeed. I’m not even kidding, I literally bit down the thumb of my finger the moment I glued my eyes to the tv screen. So much intensity, even I couldn’t cope.

Well, where do I begin?

It’s safe to say that this episode was pivotal and it had to happen. Despite the aftermath filled with direct hits of emotions and the pang of bittersweet feelings, I can’t help but feel victorious after the credits started to roll in. Initially even I was left dumbfounded as to why I’d feel this sense of ‘achievement’ of some sort. Thus I started reflecting a little & then I just knew exactly why I was feeling a certain way. Hear me out on this.

Up until the 10th episode, there were some lingering feelings of hope and trust between Hae Soo and Wang Wook. Since the beginning of SHR, this level of trust was there. Needless to say, this level of trust fluctuates and eventually depletes in each and every episode that happens forth. All the empty promises that Wook initiated with Hae Soo, that he vowed to see it through, was just not happening. For every promise he withheld, he fails Hae Soo over & over again. As a viewer, I felt that even Hae Soo knew she couldn’t trust and hope on him any longer, yet her feelings of ‘love’ towards Wook was what that blinded her. Wook is a man of empty promises, all talk but no play.

The very moment in that iconic scene in which Wook turned his back away from Hae Soo. That was when she knew exactly that Wook wasn’t deserving. That was when all the hope and trust she embedded in him was gone. All along he was not deserving of her trust, her respect and her affection. Funny how it took her this long to realise the harsh truth. It took her the unjust execution of Lady Oh to finally see without the rose-coloured glasses. The realisation that there is truly no one that she should trust or comply with. In the Palace, it truly is cutthroat. Unwillingly, Hae Soo must come in terms with this fact.

Now here is where I get hopeful.

I envision a massive awakening from Hae Soo. She will be different, hopefully different for the better. Less compliance and perhaps an even harsher version of herself. Of course I wouldn’t expect her to be okay straight away. She’s allowed to feel despair, to feel betrayed and to mourn. She’s allowed to fall to her deepest and to hit the very bottom. 

But guess what, from here on out, Hae Soo will only be going up. She’ll be stronger and better than before accompanied with her very own shining soldier. Wang So will hopefully be with her through good, bad and worse. He will shower her with his very own affection, like she rightfully deserves.

Unlike you Wang Wook, unlike you.

9N: You both have done such an amazing job of being able to find other work! You know what I mean? People have accepted you in other roles.
DD: Well, she’s good.

GA: You know, at the beginning we didn’t know whether we were gonna go more than thirteen, we didn’t know – I had no clue what, you know–
DD: Oh, yeah, you don’t think about–
GA: –the impact that it was gonna have on my life. All I knew was that my first paycheck was bigger than anything–
DD: Yeah.
GA: –I think I or my parents had ever seen in my entire life–
DD: Yeah, yeah.
GA: –and that’s what you’re focused on.
DD: [laughing] That’s gonna sound great!

9News, IWTB junkets, July 2008

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How would the nekoma boys + akaashi + moniwa cuddle with their significant other?

((More cuddle talk….. thank u anon))

I already did Yaku over here along with the Karasuno boys and Futakuchi!

Kuroo would have 2 types of cuddles I believe. The first one would be when he’s in his usual playful mood. It would be his most common kind of cuddle, with him being the big spoon. He’d run his hands over his partner’s body very slowly, trying to elicit some sort of sound or reaction from them. He’s also likely to occasionally kiss his partner’s nape or maybe blow some air there just to try to get them irritated. The other type would only occur when he feels vulnerable or upset or when he’s craving for physical contact but doesn’t quite want it to be of sexual nature. He’d lie down facing his partner, with one arm around their waist and the other one bringing his partner’s head to his chest. He’d lightly play with some strands of their hair and place kisses on their cheeks and forehead before nuzzling his head on the crook of their neck. I think that his partner would be confused at the last type of cuddle early on their relationship -since he’s usually very teaseful with showing affection and not that “romantic”- but as time goes on, they’ll get pretty used to it.

Kai’s cuddles would be really comforting and relaxing. He’s usually the big spoon and he really likes to wrap his arms around his partner’s waist and rest his chin on their shoulder. His fingers would rub little circles on their stomach and arms and he’d give them chaste kisses on their temple, cheek and shoulders to show his affection for them. His cuddles would be so relaxing that whenever his partner felt stressed or sad, they’d go and cuddle with him since it eases them every single time. Because of how nice his cuddles are, chances are his partner would fall asleep in his arms -whether they were tired or not- and once he notices, Kai would also join them.

Kenma doesn’t cuddle often since he’s pretty reserved when it comes to physical contact. When he does cuddle with his partner it wouldn’t be your typical cuddling session since there would be little to no contact between them. He would prefer to just lay on his side facing his partner, with no arms around him since he finds that pretty restricting. He might hold hands but that’s as far as he’ll go with affection. It might not seem like much to most people but to him -and his partner- it’s a huge deal since he’s not so keen with letting other people into his personal space; so when he makes that exception solely for his partner, he shows how much he trusts them and how comfortable he is around them.

Yamamoto would be a mess tbh. Cuddling with him would be super stiff at first since he wouldn’t know what to do with his hands and would also be afraid of touching his partner in an inappropriate way. His partner would have to ease his mind and tell him that he won’t mess up and even if he does they won’t mind. When he does loosen up, he’ll hug his partner tightly while facing them and burying his face on the top of their head or on their shoulder. He also really likes to tangle his legs with his partner’s and holding hands and pretty much anything that makes their physical closeness evident.

Fukunaga would be really quiet but also very sweet while cuddling. It makes no real difference to him whether is the big spoon or the small one (if his partner is taller then he’ll be the small spoon whereas if his partner is shorter then he is the big spoon). Because he’s so quiet, his partner might think he’s not really enjoying it but truth is he really likes the closeness between him and his partner -being quiet is just a part of his personality-. He isn’t entirely fond of lip kisses when cuddling since he kind of likes to keep it more innocent but he does leave occassional pecks on their body (their nape or hands depending on who’s the big/small spoon) before pulling himself closer to them and sleeping with the comfort of knowing his partner is there with him.

Inuoka’s cuddles would be really cute and lighthearted. He’d hug his partner really tight -sweet baby gets too excited- before realizing and letting go a bit, keeping them close to him but not in a bone-crushing way. He doesn’t really mind if he’s facing his partner or not but he definitely prefers to hug them from the front. He would shower his partner’s face and shoulders with sweet butterfly kisses and loose his death grip on them so that he can hold their hands and maybe place some kisses there too. It would all be a very fun experience overall, with a nice atmosphere and a room full of giggles and satisfied, happy sighs.

Lev gets surprisingly clingy during cuddle time. His favorite positions would basically be him being the big spoon or his partner laying on top of him, using him as a pillow. Either way, he’d like to keep his partner very close to him by hugging them at their waist and burying his nose in their hair, inhaling the scent of their shampoo in the process -which helps him to relax-. I also think that Lev isn’t very close to people since he can be an annoying person to have around sometimes and because he’s a very touchy-feely guy, he’d really need to have someone to hug occassionally. So his excitement when he and his partner cuddle is extremely evident in his slightly calmer behavior (he doesn’t want to scare his partner away by being too overexcited) and the big, happy smile he tries to hide on the side of his partner’s neck but ultimately fails since his partner feels his smile on their skin.

Cute baby Shibayama would get so flustered omg. Much like Yamamoto, he wouldn’t want to touch his partner in an inappropriate way so he’d be a bit stiff the first times they cuddled. He’d be able to relax a bit easier than Yamamoto however and once he does feel at ease, he’d touch them a bit more freely, still making sure he isn’t crossing any boundaries. Because of his general shyness, he prefers to be the small spoon, with his partner’s arms around him while they hold his hand gently. He would also really enjoy kissing his partners’ hands and gently caressing their arms with his fingertips. He’d mostly just relax in their hug and he might even get sleepy if the atmosphere is comforting and nice.

Akaashi doesn’t cuddle a lot but when he does, it’s really relaxing for both him and his partner. He likes to be the big spoon regardless of his partner’s height but he also tends to change between spooning and hugging his partner from the front from time to time (the type of cuddle would depend on his mood that day). Like Fukunaga, he usually doesn’t kiss his partner’s lips while cuddling but he will press an occassional kiss on the forehead or back of the head. He’s also likely to play with their hair and rub mindless circles on their hips with his hands which, added to the nice atmosphere present in the room, would make his partner fall asleep in this arms -once he realizes that they are asleep he joins them too-.

Moniwa is a bit shy with affection so the first times he cuddles with his partner, he would be really nervous. He would be the big spoon most of the times which is something he’s grateful for, since in this position his partner can’t see his face and the creeping red blush that seemed to consume his entire features. He’d also be pretty still most of the time so if his partner wanted something like a kiss from him, they’d need to take the initiative. Once he gets used to physical contact between he and his partner, he’d be more of a hugger and he’d like to switch positions once in a while (like, cuddling from the front and not just spooning). He also likes to nuzzle his head into his partner’s shoulder or between their shoulder blades while smiling so big that he feels like his face will fall down any moment from now.


First and foremost that video is an extreme invasion of his privacy!!! Not only that but it is extremely disrespectful! Not only am I disgusted, but I am also extremely disappointed with whomever took the video and all those whom are sharing it. You have probably made this poor boy feel violated, unsafe, and uncomfortable. This is harrassment of someone you all say you love and a violation of his human rights. How fucking dare you? Like what the fuck where you thinking?

Anyway, If you shared this video know that I am appalled by you and you are to unfollow me inmediatly.

Also dont you DARE call yourselves an ahgase because if you were you would have never done anything like this.

You disappointed me, you disappointed your fandom, and you showed your true colors today. Congrats. I hope you’re happy with yourselves

to everyone who had me falling apart right in the palm of their hands but still decided to ignore me and acted like they didn’t hear me asking for help, thank you. i can’t thank you all enough. you see, if it wasn’t for the way you all just let me slip away completely when i wanted you to hold me, i think i wouldn’t learn how to not depend my saving to others. thank you all for teaching me the best lesson i have learned so far: to just shut my mouth up instead of asking for help from people who don’t care. this way you saved me from a bunch of disappointments so thank you. thank you for showing me that there is, indeed, peace in silent suffering.
—  i.v.c., Peace In Silent Suffering

Hi American Tumblr person over 18, I come from Europe asking for a favor. Do your job and vote for Hillary Clinton. I don’t really feel like dying in a couple of months because you all voted for Trump and he then sent out a childish tweet to a world leader and it turned into a full blown war because you didn’t do your goddamn job and basically everyone had to start living in caves because the world burned up or ya know, people like me died because I didn’t go to that lecture last week at my local library about “how to survive the apocalypse”. It’s a big fucking deal. The world deserves to see how Game of Thrones will end, don’t fucking take that away from us. And personally, I also need to see who the fuck “A” is on Pretty Little Liars. I spent 7 years on that shit. You should let that show disappoint me one last time. So, do your job. Vote.


What’s wrong with the show “Sexo e as negas”? Plenty of sex but the “negas” don’t go beyond “their place” in Brazilian society

Note from BW of BrazilIt seems that the more you watch this program and hope for the best the more likely you are to be disappointed. Let me offer a few good points of the show that I actually enjoy. 1) I love the bright colors and camera work of the program; the combination offers a very exciting visual. 2) The songs that the women perform at the end of each episode remind me of a number of black American women’s singing quartets from the 1960s to the late 1990s. 3) The women all look great! If a TV show were judged just on these areas Sexo e as negas would surely be a winner. Unfortunately it takes much more than visuals to translate into a well-written show that doesn’t rely so heavily on the expected.

There have now been five episodes and there have been so many depictions of sex that it is sometimes difficult to define one episode from the next. It’s almost as if the show’s creator, Miguel Falabella didn’t fully develop his ideas about the show so he decided to fill in the blanks with sex. Either that or he thought that a show that featured four black women in prominent roles didn’t need much else. The articles below will touch on this as well, but I want to highlight one particular interaction that nearly ended my determination to see the show improve. The interaction in which I speak was probably in the second episode. The character Soraia is a maid that works for a middle class white couple. This is a stereotype of the role that black women represent in Brazilian society and media in itself, but then I noted the look of sexual curiosity of the white male in the house as he set his eyes on his maid when his wife left the room. I already considered what could possibly develop but I didn’t want to jump any conclusions. 

I thought, surely Falabella is quite familiar with the stereotype, in Brazilian life and in its novelas, of the boss having sexual encounters with his black maid. I mean, surely he wouldn’t stoop to using this old cliche. Surely he had more imagination than that, right? Maybe the maid would fight off the boss, tell his wife and then quit, right? Wrong! After initially trying to back away from the boss’s sexual advances, Soraia gives in. I mean, it’s a part of the country’s history, right? Everyone knows that in Brazil, negras and mulatas are made for work and sex, right? Oh well, so much for hoping for the end of stereotypes. I mean, the show IS called “Sex and the negresses”, right? Is this just shameful or is it just me? Let’s see what others have to say….

See the full report here: What’s wrong with the show “Sexo e as negas”? Plenty of sex but the “negas” don’t go beyond “their place” in Brazilian society