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Took me way too long, but it was worth it

Not only is Damian is saying thank you, but I am saying thank you as well. All of you guys characters, all of you guys yourself, thank you. You guys inspire me everyday to make art, to improve my characters and you have help me become a bit more confident of myself. I used to be a bit lonely, sad and didn’t have much of a good start last year in summer. Since I started using Tumblr, I have met a lot of great people and amazing artists that inspire me everyday. I started to slowly making friends and meeting amazing characters and I hope I keep meeting more. A lot have change this past few months and they have been the most amazing months and weeks and days I had in 2015 and now 2016. I don’t know what I would do without their support, because I want them to now that they are amazing at everything single thing they do, thank you. Always remember that I love you all, no matter what. I love you, very much. 

This might be a special thank you to Sierra, Tera, Mac, Alex, Steph, and Luke, but its true! All of the people that I still haven’t thank or that are following my blog and this blog are amazing! Never give up, a single loving that that you can do for someone will change that persons world forever. Believe me. ;3

Hearth and Furcifer by @nix-nox/ @flariplier.

Tenta and Disiac by @ali-omniscient/ @lovescentedtentacles.

Coal and Sylva by @punkcat/ @coaliplier.

Zelena, Gadget, Julius, Shadow, Moonlight, Marionette and Ray (accidentally forgot him, sorry)  by @princessunifairy528.

Charlie by @zombellestrikesagain/ @beeplier.

Liam and Mandy are my characters.

Luke is @friendsforall. (And you will meet his character too, be prepared for that :D )

Tera (character and person), Soul, Koshima, and Gornax by @tera-toma/ @spirit-render.

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I just wanted to say how awesome you are - I think you're one of the few, (if the only artist!) I follow the posts stuff practially everyday, on top of all the work you have to do, and it's always such high quality. You're an inspiration to me and my work, and your enthusiasm is contagious! Please don't work too hard, take care of yourself :) You're a shining star on my dash <3

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG anon~ This is too sweet!!! >////< I’m so happy that my work and posts brightens your dash, it’s one of the reasons I love what I do, brightening things even if it’s just a little ^____^ I will try not to work too hard, but I suffer from feeling like if I have a break or a moment to myself that I’m being a lazy no good artist who doesn’t WANT IT ENOUGH, so I do have to work on being less overworked ahah ^_^;; And EEP high quality?? AWW >////////<

I can’t word well enough to explain how special it is to hear this, all the work, it’s going to brighten dashes and days, and that’s what keeps me going when it gets crazy ^_^

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! *Note: picture is accurate :P That is totally me right now **

RP memes || pet peeve.

Okay I never thought I would have to say something about this. Cause I’ve seen a dozen posts about this already. But it really isn’t fair at all. 


Not one RP blog has ever rebloged a rp meme without the desire for people to send said meme to them. That’s the point of RP memes! 

And I’m getting sick and tired of it being treated otherwise. 

RP memes also are used for interaction between muses. You see that blog that you’ve been wanting to rp with for ages and they just rebloged a meme you like. What do you do? YOU FUCKING SEND THEM THAT MEME. They will love you forever for it. 

You see that blog that you always send memes to, but you have a thousand threads. You send that fucking meme anyhow. Not all memes have to be turned into threads. Sometimes it’s good for character development. Or even just to see how far your character’s relationship between each other has come. 

But I’m getting sick and tired of being treated like an meme archive. I have had rebloged plenty of memes before. And on occasion I even get three or more people rebloging the same meme from me, but I get nothing in my inbox. And it tends to hurt even more when I find that the person that reblogged it from me has gotten more then one person sending it too them. Yet I’m still stuck with nothing. 

And really. Really. If you are following my RP blog. I am only assuming you want to rp with me. Even if you’re only here to read my threads, I can see no reason for you to reblog a meme from me without sending it to me. So either reblog from the source or don’t take it from me without sending me it first. 

You want asks so bad, but you’re not willing to give them out yourself. Then you’re just a hypocrite. 

And if you keep planning on only taking my memes and not rping with me at all, then you might as well unfollow me. 

Because I don’t care if it’s out of character for yours to send that particular meme to me. Sometimes that’s half the fun, seeing their reaction. Some of the best threads are started that way. They could be something wrong with them to get them to act that way all I know. It could be simply an new AU. You can have lots of fun with memes that don’t make sense. 

But don’t make me miss out on that fun just because you want others to send you that meme. 

You’re scared of me, so that’s why you don’t send me the meme. That’s what’s anon is for. I won’t judge you. It still could give my character some development. You can still see a side of my muse you haven’t before. And that might spark something, it still might give you an idea. 

And if you still don’t want to send them to me, you find the source. And yes even on mobile that tends to be possible. It tends to be on the bottom of the post, unless the original poster deleted their blog. In that case you find someone who reblogged it that you will send it to or don’t reblog at all. Or repost it if you’re really that desperate. 

Cause I try my best to send asks to people. Because RPing is supposed to be fun. Not leaving you with a feeling of being unwanted. Or that your writing is no good. Or that your character sucks. Cause why follow any RP blog if you’re not going to RP with them? (unless you’re a personal blog, then you should totally send anons asking about your fave thread) 

And I’m just sick and tired of seeing this and not saying anything. And it’s really getting on my nerves. And I know I repeated myself a lot. But if that’s how I’m going to have to get it through your thick skulls then so be it. 

Chester Bennington taught me that pain is temporary, its okay to have a bad past because all that ever matter is what you’ve always wanted and achieve on in life and never be afraid of people who hurt you .

Jared Leto always gives speeches of Following and keep chasing and work hard on the dream you always want because nothing is ever impossible

Gerard Way taught me that with art , nothing is ever impossible, you can create just anything with art .

Oliver Sykes tells us that it is okay to fight depression
And it is okay if all you see is dark now because you have to face darkness in order to see the beautiful light

And on the other hand
Theres Tom Hiddleston who is fuckin good looking and have mad love with Language and Shakespeare shit and that is sexy and always saying things about respecting a woman .

How can I not love them …


I wrote about looking back on a lost love and understanding that nothing good comes without loss and hardship and constant struggle. There is no ‘riding off into the sunset,’ like I used to imagine. We are never out of the woods, because we are always going to be fighting for something. I wrote about love that comes back to you just when you thought it was lost forever, and how some feelings never go out of style. I wrote about an important lesson I learned recently…That people can say whatever they want about me, but they can’t make me lose my mind. I’ve learned how to shake things off. I’ve told you my stories for years now. Some have been about coming of age. Some have been about coming undone. This is a story about coming into your own, and as a result…Coming alive.

okay but I think Luke would call you something really cute like little bear and in return you’d call him big bear, and it’d eventually become a casual thing you always called each other like in the mornings he would come up to your room with two cups of coffee and hand you one saying good morning little bear, sleep well? or when he’s sitting on the couch playing small melodies on his guitar and jotting some ideas down you’d come up behind him and rub his shoulders and softly say hey there big bear, how’s it going? and you’d think nothing of it and when you found out you were pregnant there was nothing more you loved than when Luke crouched in front of your growing belly and press soft kisses on it before saying hey baby bear, we can’t wait to meet you 

One line promts
  1. “I trusted you!”
  2. “Please, just don’t leave me”
  3. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”
  4. “I almost lost you”
  5. “I’d wait forever, as long as I could be with you in the end”
  6. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”
  7. “Just, do one last thing. Kiss me”
  8. “Hey, I’m with you okay? Always”
  9. “We need to talk”
  10. “Are you jealous”
  11. “Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”
  12. “Promise me”
  13. “I thought you loved me”
  14. “You don’t have any right to say that”
  15. “I swear it was an accident.”
  16. “You’re the only one I trust to do this”
  17. “You think you’re the only one that’s suffering here?”
  18. “Just do it!”
  19. “It looks good on you”
  20. “I thought you were dead”
  21. “It’s not what it looks like…”
  22. “I think I’m in love with you, and I’m terrified”
  23. “Have you lost your damn mind!?”
  24. “Maybe you weren’t worth the effort”
  25. “Are you sure about that?”
  26. “Just say it, once more”
  27. “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go  to such extremes..
  28. “No one has ever made me feel more special than you have”
  29. “Stop complaining, you know you love it”
  30. “Will you just accept that I am hopelessly in love with you, and there’s nothing you can do that will change that”
  31. “I’ll get you back for that”
  32. “I can’t believe we’re actually doing this”
  33. “There’s something I need to tell you”
  34. “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.”
  35. “Who did this to you?”
  36. “Why is it always you?”
  37. “I can’t believe you talked me into this.”
  38. “I told you this would happen”
  39. “It’s not my fault!”
  40. “I didn’t do it!”
  41. “Why are you looking at me like that?”
  42. “Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…”
  43. “Just shut up and kiss me”
  44. “That’s it, I can’t do this anymore”
  45. “I hate you so much”
  46. “Because I love you god damn it!”
  47. “If you die, I’m gonna kill you.”
  48. “We’re getting too old for this” 
  49. “You’re not who I thought you were”

Please send in the number of the line you want, a fandom and a character. I will write a drabble based on that line then! 

Insperation from @alpha-imagines xx

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Help! A friend of mine hasn't ever read a tsukkiyama fic ever and I need to fix this travesty, do you have some good (ideally long) fic recs that are like, relationship/getting together/mutual pining/miscommunication sort of things because I don't wanna just like start with the NSFW you know, and they like long fics a lot more than short ones so?? Help, you know all the good yama fics

Always glad to help~ 

Because, Friends Hug: It’s NSFW, but – but! – it’s a getting together/awkward firsts fic, and I really loved and still do love it. 

Just say “no” to parties: A oneshot, but it’s 2,000+ words, and it’s really cute! Comforting Tadashi and nervous kissing is my favorite. 

Feels like the real thing: Another oneshot, but it’s a longer one! Fake dating is my weakness, ok? 

Your voice is my favorite color: Ongoing and really quite angsty, but it’s really good, and so is the writing style! Also, it has one of my favorite Tsukki HC’s; synthesia!

Cupid is blind: Really really cute, and even though it’s a oneshot (again), it’s a getting together fic! Also, Kagehina, if you like that ship. 

I love you either way: Another in-progress fic, and I think it gets a little NSFW in later chapters, I know it’s angsty as hell, but it’s another getting together one and from what I’ve read so far, it’s really good! 

I don’t read many longer/chaptered fics, but here’s a few I hope your friend likes! 

I know you all love Ben/Kylo pining over Poe since before he was able to understand what a crush is, but heard your local trash dealer: Poe is the one with the crush.

  • He sees Ben for the first time when his mother takes him to say hi to an old friend in Naboo. The woman is kind and beautiful, and her son is incredibly cute, too skinny and too pale, but cute, and he smiles at Poe with a shy expression. It’s one Poe’s favorite memories.
  • So once they become friends, Poe vows to stay at his side and always have his back, Ben vows it too and things are good while growing up. Ben has to go with the other jedi kids and Poe misses him dearly every day, his dad always mocking him with “don’t worry, your boyfriend will be back soon!” and his abuelo is like “mijo, you like them too tall for you and too pálido”. He tries not to think about it, he tries not to think about how his heart jumps every time he gets an holocall from Ben and when someone just mentions him.
  • Poe keeps all the gifts and little things Ben has given to him. He has the tickets of that one time they went to see an holovideo together and alone for the first time, he has a memory full with Ben’s texts and holopictures, an old school notebook his abuelo give him filled with little verses about how much he likes Ben, he has a rock Ben give him when they were too young, and the wrapper of the mint Ben was eating the day he kissed him for the first time.
  • And even when Ben looked at him with surprise and didn’t say anything, Poe remembers his first kiss being wonderful because it was Ben’s too. His friend may not see him the same way he does, but at least he could have this.
  • Once Ben is gone, he feels like if air can’t get to his lungs, like when his mother died. He is 17 years old, he has just entered the republic academy for pilots, his family is proud of him, they gifted BB-8 to him, and his first love has gone to a path he could never follow and their vows are now broken.
  • Leia gives him Ben’s green kyber crystal and he keeps it in the box for the longest time. Once he leaves the Republic to join the Resistance, Poe puts it on a chain and uses it as a good luck amulet.
  • Kylo Ren sees it during his interrogation, he hestiants for a moment and Poe’s heart jumps again like it used to and he can’t believe himself, he can’t believe how stupid he is in front of the smallest hint of good on this man who’s face he may not know now. Yet, it all happens anyway and when he has passed, he doesn’t see when the force user takes off his helmet and looks at him with those deep brown eyes full of sorrow, he doesn’t see when the dark jedi steps in front on him and touches his lips with a gloved hand, he doesn’t see the despair in his eyes and they way he sighs and looks at the ceiling as if asking for help, he doesn’t see when the man puts the helmet back and walks to his quarters to cry.
  • Poe does cry after Starkiller Base is destroyed. He looks at the crystal and asks himself if he had have enough or if he needs Ben, no, Kylo Ren to kill him to understand there is no hope in there anymore. He takes off the chain and puts it in the box, he closes it and gives it to General Organa, he can’t have it anymore. He wishes he could put his feelings on a box and throw it away too.

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My not shipping Lucaya is less about me think they wouldn't be a good couple so much as I think they bring out the worst in each other in some ways and I think Maya needs someone who brings out the best in her that she can really count on even before they get together (like Josh). I don't really have anyone in mind for Lucas. Someone in between Riley and Maya would be good. So she brings out the new not the troublemaker Lucas, but isn't too similar that she is basically the new Lucas.

Well I always say, you ship what you ship. I’ve also stated I love hearing different opinions and interpretations. And it’s true, I’ll say it here again: if you have diverging views/takes on stuff I post, notice other things, you are welcome to my ask box to express your analysis. I love to discuss.

Another thing I’d like to make clear is this: I am not, in any way, shape, or form, trying to convince anyone to ship Lucas/Maya, or Riley/Farkle. Yes, those are the two pairings I *personally* can get behind, based on my understanding of the show, its characters, and that illusive, unquantifiable thing we like to call chemistry. Those are also the two pairings I believe the show is building toward (I’m more sure of Riarkle as an “endgame”, but Lucaya is 100% happening). The primary purpose of this blog, however, is to analyze the show. It’s to look at it in its entirety - gather the evidence and formulate impressions - in an attempt to gain a better, deeper appreciation for the show and its characters (and if it highlights and heightens the shipping experience for some readers or myself, bonus!). I missed the brilliance of this show on first watch, and I’m really enjoying discovering all its subtleties. Now that that’s out the way…

I would be curious to see what exactly you’re basing this statement on: “I think they bring out the worst in each other”. Because there is nothing in show canon that I have so far observed leading to that assessment of Lucas and Maya.

Maya offers Lucas acceptance - she sees him for who he is, and lets him know that’s okay (SOL). She also allows him to let loose, have some fun and not have to worry about checking off expectations (Rules). There’s a reason he cracks jokes, and is more playful with her: he’s free to be himself without judgement. When she sees that he’s ready to cross a line and beat up the bully in Flaws, she jumps on his back to stop him, and ground him. Indirectly, in Yearbook, when she momentarily loses herself in the game of being someone else, she forces him, the guy “who’s okay with everything” to step up and take a stance.

As for what Lucas does for Maya: she CAN count on him. She can count on him to stop her when she might go too far: Flaws, containment in C+T, no-need-for-but-there-and-ready containment in Rileytown. She can count on him to help her in protecting her friends, Riley and Farkle, who have likely been the butt of many jokes for a long time and she’s always been the “tough” chick there to have their back (Mr. Squirrels); now she’s got backup. She can count on him to know what she needs before she knows it: muffling Farkle’s words in Maya’s Mother. She can count on him to fight for her and her happiness even when she’s not ready to (Creativity). She can count on him to suggest, but not push, things she might try and that could help her grow (Forgiveness, and Belief), and to be there to comfort her if it doesn’t work out. She includes him with Riley in the people who help her dream.

And that’s a non-exhaustive, off the top of my head list of examples.

I think a lot of this is rooted in a very problematic conception of Lucas as a dual character: “troublemaker”/”Mr. Perfect”. Yes, he got expelled, and we do not know exactly what he did yet, but we know that it was all done with the intent of protecting his friends. There is no “new” Lucas or “troublemaker”/”Texas Lucas” in the literal sense. THEY ARE THE SAME PERSON. Lucas does not have Dissociative Identity Disorder; this is not Jekyll and Hyde. And his actions are actually never outright condemned in canon: he’s not boiling, flying off the handle, left and right, but he does need to work on controlling his impulse to resort to violence in the specific situations that provoke him (his friends in danger). He does manage to do that, maintain control, in SOL; even Cory stands by and just lets him handle it, because he’s got it. Moreover, using violence for the right reasons, when you are at a certain limit, is never categorically portrayed as wrong. MJ has covered righteous indignation and violence as an instrument multiple times in BMW, and it has NEVER been demonized. So, not only is this idea of Lucas “excising” a part of himself, a character trait, a potential flaw (that’s actually a double-edged sword because sometimes it’s a quality to have, to be able to come to the physical defense of your friends; we all have those), completely unhealthy from a psychological and character development point of view, it’s also not in line with the Jacobs-universe, the one Lucas inhabits.

made in the a.m.

Genre: fluff

Words: 4k

Warnings: mentions of alcohol

Summary: Dan and Phil’s favorite conversations through the years have one thing in common: sometimes they don’t make sense, and they’re always in the early hours in the morning.

A/N: It’s 2 AM. Guess you could say this fic was made in the AM. Also that album is good, kinda regretting not jumping in the 1D bandwagon earlier. Sidenote, this might be my last fic for a while. School’s coming back in like, 2 weeks. Time to suffer. 

AO3 link

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This is a special gift for a very good friend of mine, @brocksnuckel. I know yesterday wasn’t a very good day for her, and @bananabuslover and I both thought that a little surprise might help make her feel better. The BBS Space AU technically isn’t romantic, but I think, for just this one occasion, it’s alright to make a small exception. So, please take this Vanoo doodle for the space AU as my way of saying that I love you, Caora, and that we’re always here for you, even if you think we’re not. I’m not expecting for this to make your problems go away, but I hope that this will at the very least make you smile just a bit. I hope things get better for you, and if you ever want to talk, don’t be afraid to ask. I’ll always have an ear ready to listen, and I may not be able to do much, but I’ll help in whatever way I can to make sure that you’re happy. Please enjoy this drawing that was MADE for YOU, and I love you. ❤️❤️❤️

Also the last ova really stuck with me like. When Genos said “words will come from the heart” that was some massive insight to his character like that explains why he is the way he is with words. This is something that has never been broached in the manga or the webcomic even its always just been a running jokes that he babbles and over states things.

But I think this ova came before the meteor arc and anyone who has followed me for more than a week knows I think the meteor scene is when Genos realized he was in love with Saitama

That’s also when (in the anime at least) he says his “you are the most amazing person I have ever met, I will always follow you” lines

What if to Genos… That just IS how he would tell a person how he feels? He feels such intense emotions and he isn’t good at simplifying, he states things for what they are. (He fuckin corrected an armed criminal on his singing, Genos doesn’t fuck around with half truths when he says something he means it)

So of course he wouldn’t ever say “Sensei I like you” or “Sensei I’m in love with you” cause one that’s about himself and two that’s not what he /feels/ what he /feels/ is that 1) Saitama is amazing in every aspect and 2) he will always be there for Saitama no matter what

So what does he say?? Exactly that. Because words come from the heart. He doesn’t think before he fights, he doesn’t think before he speaks. He just reacts to how he feels and what he feels is an over whelming sense of admiration and concern and warmth and caring and desire all directed at Saitama.

Going back to the meteor scene, I think there is a reason the manga added the core bit. There’s a reason Genos literally put his whole heart into it and failed and yet Saitama swooped in and saved the day anyway.

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Bonny, nuts, seeds, avocado and coconut are also delicious in their natural, raw state and can be eaten just as easily as consumed as fruit. Yet, they're high in fat. How does it make sense to say hclf is better for you than a normal vegan diet if both are - by that logic - meant to be eaten abundantly? Isn't it more like as long as you eat whole foods, you're fine?

Okay so if we are going to get all technical haha

Have you ever eaten a nut straight from the tree? It’s not always an easy process. Actually a lot of nuts are poisonous in their natural state, like cashews for example… And without the roasting and the salting I personally don’t think they taste very good! Nothing sounds worse then sitting down and eating a bag of almonds. So drying…but that’s just be personally. Coconuts I love and are actually considered a fruit! But similar thing… If you have ever seen them in the wild they are usually VERY high up, and extremely difficult to open, you would need about 20 coconuts to fill you up, and would probably burn more calories opening them then you would eating them. 😂

Avocados, are amazing!! But eat a whole meal of them and see how you feel. That alone tells you they should be eaten in smaller amounts then most other fruits !! They are also very seasonal, so we would go most of the year with out them.

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Could you mention some flaws about aqua's, other than them being detached. bcc sometimes I wonder if the things I do and feel are flaws. I also barely see bad things about aquas, idk why

i think aquarius give advice when it isnt wanted. we always want to give our 2 cents and yea we mean good but sometimes people just want you to listen and not say anything. we’re know it alls and we have a hard time admitting we’re wrong  and a hard time asking for help. we do not like feeling stupid. aquas also can be hypocrites. we love to preach and give people advice but when someone gives it back to us we turn rebellious. also, we can hurt people and not even realize we did. 

Hey, I just want to say THANK YOU to all the kind people who sent me really lovely and supportive anon messages regarding the, um, not particularly nice anon message I replied to yesterday. I really appreciate your words and you’ve made me super happy <3 <3 <3

Please don’t worry about me, I won’t let homophobic anons get me down! (I have developed a very thick skin about this sort of stuff over the past few months XD) I will work hard and do my best to make Always Human as good and gay as possible :D

Thank you for enjoying and connecting with my silly comic. Thank you for making me feel like I belong. I love you all :’)

You said ‘I love you.’ Why is it that the most unoriginal thing we can say to one another is still the thing we long to hear? ‘I love you’ is always a quotation. You did not say it first and neither did I, yet when you say it and when I say it we speak like savages who have found three words and worship them. … Love demands expression. It will not stay still, stay silent, be good, be modest, be seen and not heard, no. It will break out in tongues of praise, the high note that smashes the glass and spills the liquid.
—  Jeanette Winterson, from ‘Written on the Body’

First off, I would like to say that over the short time period that I have been following you, I have fallen in love with your blog. You do an incredible job, and I always look forward to updates from you!

And now, for the submission itself. I am sorry for spamming you, since I have already shared a couple of Dragon Age confessions - but I am getting quite desperate.

A good friend of mine and a fellow Dragon Age fan is in dire need of prayers right now. I know that prayer requests are a touchy subject and may be deemed ridiculous and even offensive by some, but I would never have come forward with this if I wasn’t at a complete loss what to do. The two of us live too far apart, and I can’t in any way physically influence my friend’s situation, but I am so sick and tired of watching helplessly on the sidelines while bad things keep piling up on them. If only there was a Cole in real life that I could send their way… And my way as well, because the thought of anything happening to the person I care greatly about causes me such pain that sometimes I wonder how I will pull through to the end of the day.

So please, please, if you can, spread the word. Call me crazy or stupid if you must, but for those who believe, this can actually mean a lot. By keeping my friend in your thoughts and prayers, you and your followers would be providing a source of great solace and hope to both of us. Thank you so very, very much in advance!

Of course!  Prayers, well-wishes, good vibes from the universe!  Hope things start looking up!

Saw this on fb and found it to be highly relevant.

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Male romanceable companions reaction when FSS calls them Nate by accident?

Danse: He’s upset, he knows Sole still loves Nate but he feels like he will never be good enough for Sole, not like Nate was, he acts very cold towards them for the next few days, he doesn’t know how to feel, Sole eventually is able to sit down with him and he tells them everything, they’re upset that he even thinks that way but they can understand, “It’s true, I really miss him but it’s you I love, everything that’s happened, you have always been there to comfort me, I wouldn’t want anyone else by my side” Sole says, Danse smiles, he feels like a weight has been lifted from his shoulders, he’s still feeling insecure but he also feels a lot better, Sole loves him and he loves Sole, they’ll work things out, eventually.

MacCready: He understands more than anyone else, he lost Lucy, he misses her like crazy, Sole apologises a lot for it and gets very upset “Hey, it’s ok, I can’t expect you to just forget Nate, you loved him, just like I loved Lucy, I’m still missing her, I still love her, we’ll work through this together, me and you” MacCready says, Sole looks up at him, he’s got a big smile on his face and he brings them in for a sweet hug, things will get better, slowly but surely.

Preston: He doesn’t say much, he’s not sure what he could say to help, Sole apologises, they’re afraid he’ll leave, thinking they’ve screwed things up between them, Preston just stands there for a moment thinking, Sole turns to leave, they want to give him time to think, before they can walk away they can feel Prestons hand around their wrist, they turn to look at him, he’s smiling “Things aren’t easy, it’s not easy to forget the one you love, I don’t expect you to just forget Nate, I’ll never think less of you, I’m always here for you babe” he pulls them into a hug and kisses their forehead, he’s not leaving them, not ever.

Hancock: He is hurt, he feels like he’ll never live up to what Nate was because he’s a ghoul, no one wants to have to wake up to his mug, he wants to drown his sorrows in jet, just forget this day ever happened, “I’m not surprised you still think of him, I would too if I had to look at a face like mine everyday, he’s about to walk away when Sole says wait “Look I know I hurt you, I’m sorry, but whatever you do don’t ever say that about yourself, I didn’t fall in love with what you are, it’s who you are, caring, protective and loving, I’d understand if you didn’t want to see me right now, I’ll head home, you know where to find me” Sole says, they turn to walk away but before they can Hancock grabs them, puts his arms around their waist and whispers in Soles ear “You’re not going anywhere, you and me are a team, I need you here beside me, you’re my sunshine after all” he covers their neck in sweet kisses, he still hurt but he doesn’t want to lose Sole they’re the best damn thing he’s got, they’ll work through it, together.