Haul! Polishes.

Youv'eGotNail sent me out to an amazing little place in braybrook on my quest for Seche Vite and it also tamed some of my OPI Cravings

1. OPI Steady As She Rose - Pirates of the Caribbean Collection (3 coats) I’ve been lemming this for a while now!
2. Revitinail Coral Cascade (3 coats) - $4 Cheapie from Chemist Warehouse probably throwing a little red in the photo.
3. Revitinail Cosmopolitan Chic (3 Coats) - Another cheapie!
4. OPI The Thrill of Brazil - (2 coats) A girl can never have too many reds right?
5. OPI Skull & Glossbones - (3 coats) Another Pirates Of the Caribbean lemming
6. Australis Freebie in a Hot Pink (2 coats) Part of a three pack gift with purchase from Priceline
7. Australis Freebie in a gel like Purple (2 coats) throws a lot more red than the photo wants to show.
8 Australis Freebie in a Matt Shimmery Green (1 coat!!) so dark it’s almost black I want to do a dark tip french with this and Skull & glossbones when I get better at painting.

I’m still lemming after Deborah lipmann’s Candyshop in a very bad way as well!