“You’ve Made Us Conscious”

the band’s single off their first record “Controversy Loves Company”, and probably the band’s most known song. this is most likely the first song most fans had ever heard from the band and started their love for them. 

and upbeat, energy-filled song that states the band doesn’t want to be a part of the “cookie cutters” out in the scene right now. and with lyrics like “look at what we’ve all tried not to become; another fabricated self-portrait” it’s easy for fans to take the song and use it as their own “I don’t want to fit in” anthem… and if you check out the video for this song here, it portrays the song’s message pretty well

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You've Made Us Conscious
The Audition
You've Made Us Conscious

You’ve made us conscious - The Audition

The first song I ever heard by the Audition many years ago, when life was a much simpler time haha. I love The Audition and I love their new stuff, but  Controversy loves company, in my opinion is still their best album. 6 years on and this is still probably one of my favourite audition songs.

Look at what we’re all trying not to become, another fabricated self-portrait