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FFXV AU and Goblin AU

the signs at Hogwarts
  • Aries: riding those stairs like there's no tomorrow, has found even more secret passages than Fred and George
  • Taurus: getting cooking tips from the house elves and enchanting knitting needles
  • Gemini: becomes an enormous nerd. Loves learning all about history of magic and potions but still manages to be the most popular kid in their house
  • Cancer: proud member of S.P.E.W. spends lots of time pretending to study, staring out at the lake, wondering about all the creatures under the surface
  • Leo: loves Quidditch and wants to be the next headmaster. secretly writes advice column for witch weekly and has a hidden portkey to a pub in Diagon Alley
  • Virgo: sews enchanted robes, favorite class is runes. like gemini, manages to have friends while having perfect grades. seeker on the Quidditch team,
  • Libra: obsessed with potions. has tons of tiny, adorable magical pets that they hide with clever spells in their dorm. secretly liked Umbridge's curriculum
  • Scorpio: writes crazy, amazing spells that create beautiful fireworks. uniform is always immaculate, secretly wishes they went to Durmstrang. loves dragons, dreams beautiful, incredible dreams and saves them in a secret pensieve
  • Sagittarius: constantly in headmaster's office for inventing magical sex toys and leaving them on teachers' desks. best beater on the Quidditch team. has horrible grades in everything but Care of Magical Creatures, Potions, and Astronomy. has friends in all different houses
  • Capricorn: can even make the strictest teacher smile with their witty comebacks. has 3 cats, co-teaches runes class, gets parents to send them muggle science textbooks so they can laugh at them in the common room
  • Aquarius: changes hair color every day, secretly an animagus. loves hogsmeade, how it's different every day and there's always interesting characters. has the best broom in their year and flies it over the school every day after classes
  • Pisces: best at divination in the whole school, but secretly hates it. sometimes just smiles out of the blue just because they can't believe they're literally living their dream, when anything is possible and all things are beautiful.
  • **I know lots of people make things similar to this, so if it's too much like something you've made or seen let me know and I'll take it down!

i think we’re all a little threatened by that tooth dog.

You've seen too much Sherlock when...

…every time someone says or writes “surprisingly okay” you can hear it in Sherlock’s voice and you instantly think of eyeballs and tea (and you wonder if they might be Sherlock fans as well.)

youcanlovethem-away  asked:

Marc, from what I've seen I think you've spoiled too much on Felicity's father. So far we know he's a man and is a character of some sorts. If you say much more you might actually spoil something.

Hah!  I should tread carefully then…