you've really let yourself go

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Wow hate!sans you let nightmare!sans boss u around, and now you LIKE someone, you've really let yourself go, haven't u hate!sans?

and then ill get people asking how can he like someone if hes made of pure hatred–

Society and Women
  • Society: you're a slut if you let a guy touch your breasts
  • Society: you owe it to guys to let them touch your breasts if you've been flirting
  • Society: makeup is deceitful
  • Society: going outside without makeup? Wow you've really let yourself go
  • Society: it's a man's right to party and get drunk
  • Society: a woman who parties and gets drunk is asking to be raped
  • Society: women belong in the home
  • Society: women shouldn't be paid for maternity leave
  • Society: save the tatas!
  • Society: abortion shouldn't be legal even in the case of life of the mother
  • Society: pregnant teens are failures
  • Society: health insurance providers shouldn't have to cover birth control
  • Society: single dads are heroes. Poor widowers
  • Society: single women are failures. Obviously she chose the wrong man to have babies with

the dashboard melted, but we still have the radio  (x)


Was there something I had wrenched beyond repair? At thirty-three thousand feet a slightly strenuous physical effort can strain the heart muscles. A heart is a frail thing. It has to go on working a long time. It is silly to endanger it for such coarse work. As if one burnt diamonds in order to bake an apple. (x)