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alrighty, i know i was only asked about supercorp fics but this quickly turned into my end all be all list of recs. this got long and i’m not even sorry. disclaimer that i am Soft and don’t like Angst or smut

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YA contemporary book recommendations for no other reason than me feeling like shouting out these awesome books (mc stands for main character)

  • if i was your girl by meredith russo (trans mc + awesome friendships + it’s so lovely and overall so happy and adorable, while being important and educational, also own voices!)
  • the sun is also a star by nicola yoon (jamaican mc, whose family is about to be deported and a korean-american mc + the most believable and shippable insta-love ever)
  • the female of the species by mindy mcginnis (amazing discussion on rape culture + awesome female friendships (trigger warning for talk of rape and attempted sexual assault, some violence))
  • the upside of unrequited by becky albertalli (fat mc struggling with anxiety and unrequited love (also, her entire story is not about being fat nor does she lose weight in order to find love) + has two moms + side f/f relationship + multiple pocs + the mc’s family is jewish + it is the most relatable, honest, positive book i have read)
  • queens of geek by jen wilde (bisexual and asian mc and a plus-size mc who deals with severe anxiety (which is explained so well) and has autism spectrum disorder + discussion on sexism and sexuality, anxiety + amazing friendships + so much fandom love)
  • the inexplicable logic of my life by benjamin alire saenz (mc adopted into a mexican-american family by a gay man + so much talk on family, not just the mc’s but also families of his friends + amazing friendships + amazing family dynamics + overall a beautiful coming of age story)

Reminder: Kakashi loves you.

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Link to your fanfics?

i hardly ever promote my fics on here but it doesn’t hurt, i guess!

[M-rated - Recently Completed - 265k] Trouvaille

To prized swimmer at Drexler University in Philadelphia, Emily Fields, everything is like clockwork. That is, until she bumps into Alison DiLaurentis, the “It” girl she went to high school with. Back then, Alison was the most malicious girl in Rosewood, tormenting everyone and anyone that stood against her. However, due to events in her past, she has made a complete 180. Time after time, the two cannot seem to stop running into each other. Being described as a literature RomCom, within this slight au, we watch Emison bloom their relationship from merely strangers to something beautiful.

[M-rated - Just Started - 64k] Sinner’s Lullaby

Coming from a small town in Rosewood, Pennsylvania, after graduating from the Stanford University, Emily Fields joins into the Army similarly as her now veteran father did before she was born. A highly anticipated tour in Afghanistan brings Emily back to the States in not only a peculiar circumstance but with life-changing options left in the palm of her hand. From rethinking where she stood in her life, Emily goes from an Army Ranger to a thriving entrepreneur in the sunny city of Miami, Florida within five years of her last stint of being a part of the US military. During this time she comes across a daring, unapologetic blonde named Alison DiLaurentis who Emily merely sees as another notch under her well-studded belt of women. But when Alison proves herself to be not just any girl that Emily can have, Emily makes it her mission to make her crack. Nobody says no to Emily Fields without eventually caving in. Things heat up between the two when Alison realizes that Emily has an audacious personality of her own, prompting the constant game of cat and mouse to ensue. Will she give into Emily’s persistent charm or will Emily burn her hand attempting to capture Alison? 

[M-rated - Soon to be completed - 151k] Different Gazes

Different from Emison, this is a Sparia fic. Living in the dorms of UPenn, Spencer and Aria meet each other in a interesting way during the crazy week of winter finals. From comedy to romance, Sparia makes the most of their college experience together before they start realizing that the presence of each other’s company is being cherished more than friends. But the question is: how do they act on it?

these three stories are my absolute babies and i hope you enjoy them if you happen to read them!

Imagine you and bestfriend!Woozi getting to the point in your relationship where you guys can now tell what the other is thinking and feeling, without any exchange of words.

I’m most likely never going to complete this and I wasn’t happy with how it was going, but I’m going to post it just for the sake of it. <:

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WHAT WHY ARE YOU STOPPING YOUR BLOG? sorry i just really love it. It's so cute and nice luv you

oh man thank you sm <333 i wanna archive the blog once it reaches 1000 prompts because 1. 1000 is a nice number to end off on and 2. its pretty hard to come up with prompts man!! like when i first started this blog i had SOOO many ideas, it wasn’t till around #500 that i really started relying on submissions. maybe i’ll keep with the blog after 1000 prompts, who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ for now, the game plan is 1000 prompts and then bam im done.

(maybe i’ll make this into a different kind of blog after 1000 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

Queenie Goldstein is an empathe

Do you ever stop and think about it ? She can hear people’s thoughts ofc, but she can also hear their heart, aka know their past and their deepest fears and desires. Still she didn’t turn bitter and hateful. How amazing ?! So now, the headcanons :

  • It was a conscious decision to keep an open-mind towards anyone, in hope people would be the same with her

  • She inherited her powers from her mother, who got it from her mother before her etc. - much like Parseltongue in the Gaunt family comes from Salazar Slytherin, except she doesn’t know who it originally comes from
  • Her parents died when she was very young, before her powers really revealed their entire potentials
  • She had to teach herself how to control them. Tina helpedby supportign her and  letting her experiment with her mind as much as she needed
  • When she was at school, she suffered from chronical insomnia because she just couldn’t shut other people’s brains out
  • When it happened, she would go into Tina’s dormitory and they would talk for as long as was needed
  • Now she’s very good at speaking so softly that no one can hear her if she doesn’t want them to
  • Tina can organise her thoughts so that Queenie will hear them clearly
  • Sometimes she speaks to Queenie through M.A.C.U.S.A. this way
  • Queenie still had lots of sleep issues as an adult but it’s not as bad. However on days she feels poorly she has more trouble keeping control of her powers and NYC can be overwhelming very fast, so she learned spells to isolate the apartment

  • When she entered puberty she could hear men’s thoughts about her body and it terrified her for a while, then she learned how she could use it against them
  • That’s why she teased Jacob at first
  • She knew how sweet he could be, but she also reminded both of them she had to deal with other men before him and she wasn’t just a pretty face he could fantasize about
  • She fell in love with Jacob just minutes later when he stopped thinking about her naked and started imagining her working with him in his bakery, as his friend and his equal and his lover (in this order)

  • Her powers are potentially terrifying, she could break people’s minds if she wanted
  • She doesn’t want it though
  • But she still could
  • That’s why when she takes the decision to go look for Jacob she doesn’t hesitate for a second or even imagine that someone could stop her
  • She’s a force of nature, but really she’s such a nice person that she never becomes a threat to anyone
  • Except if you threaten people she loves
  • One of Tina’s exes-turned-bully from school will have awful nightmares all of their lifes

Other headcanons :

Credence  Newt  Tina  Jacob  Graves

Friendly reminder that any writer, whether you write 100k word multichaptered stories or 50 word drabbles, have 5000 hits or only 50, you’re all amazing and creative and inspirational and i hope you never stop what you’re doing 👍❤❤❤

my drug is attention
and i am an addict
—  art is dead, bo burnham

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[1/2] sorry this is more of a fic find: I don't know if you've read them but if you have I've been looking for these two fics for WEEKS. 1) a fic which was about Viktor's relationship to Yurio, in which he'd actually been funding himself and Yurio all along, and Yurio finds the papers when he's looking for Viktor and Yuuri's marriage certificate for a present. 2) a pretty recent stripper/pole AU in which Ice Castle closed when Yuuri was a child and he took up pole dancing in college and loved it

Thanks to @fantasticbeasts-credencebarebone the first one has been found! 

It’s Lessons In Speaking Family by phlintandsteel and you can read it here!

The second one still hasn’t been found…

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If you've read them, what's your favourite Regis scene from the books? Personally, my favourite is when the group discovers Regis is a vampire. Particularly how he leaves after being threatened by Geralt c':

Ohhh there’s so many of them! But one of my favorites is that sass-off between Fringilla and him.

”The witcher,” she [Fringillo Vigo, talking about Geralt] finally said, “should not leave Toussaint. And no one who is well disposed towards him should persuade him to leave. Where could he go that is better than here? He swims in luxury. He has his monsters, which he hunts, earning quite a bit of money. His friend and companion is the favourite of the ruling Princess here, and the Princess herself also values him. Mainly because of the succubus that had plagued the alcoves. Yes, yes, gentlemen. Anarietta and all the well-born ladies of Toussaint are extremely pleased with the witcher. Because the succubus has indeed stopped its visits, as if cut off. The ladies of Toussaint have also put together a special bonus that will be deposited into the witcher’s account with the Cianfanelli Bank in the near future. And multiply the small fortune that he already has there.”
“A very nice gesture on the part of the ladies.” Regis did not lower his eyes. “And the reward is well deserved. It is not easy to cause a succubus to stop its visits. Trust me, Miss Fringilla.”
”Oh, I believe you. Speaking of which, are you aware that one of the palace guards claims he saw the succubus. At night, on the battlements of the Karoberta Tower. In the company of another ghost. Probably a vampire. Both demons were walking there, swears the guard, and they seemed friendly. Perhaps you know something of it, Mr. Regis? Can you explain it?”
“No.” Regis did not flinch. “I cannot. There are things between the heavens and earth that even philosophers cannot dream of.”


[170203 XPORTS NEWS INTERVIEW] The reason to wait for a new Yang Se Jong.




 Q: ‘Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim’ just finished airing, the currently airing drama ‘Saimdang: Light’s Diary’ has already finished filming. You’re resting for quite a long time at the moment, right? 

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@zioncanyon, I didn’t want to add this directly to your posts about Dishonored because it’s sort of a tangent, but I think you’d really like the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett if you haven’t read it yet. It’s one of those rare fantasy series that (in later books) takes a critical view of kingship as a whole. One of the characters starts out as your standard unaware-prince-raised-by-commoners-destined-for-the-throne, but he realizes that the best thing he can do for the city is to not become king.

And one of the best characters in the entire series, who hates kings with a passion, has this to say:

Vimes had never got on with any game much more complex than darts. Chess in particular had always annoyed him. It was the dumb way the pawns went off and slaughtered their fellow pawns while the kings lounged about doing nothing that always got to him; if only the pawns united, maybe talked the rooks round, the whole board could’ve been a republic in a dozen moves.

  • alex: you're being such a hufflepuff right now, maggie.
  • maggie: what's a hufflepuff?
  • kara: did you just.... did she just...???
  • alex: maggie, have you not seen harry potter?
  • maggie: no.
  • kara: but you've read them, right?????
  • maggie: nope.
  • alex and kara: oh dear god.
  • kara: alex is breaking up with you.
  • maggie: no she's not!
  • alex: no, i definitely am.

real talk tho why do people on tumblr feel the need to police other’s portrayals of a character they chose to play and you did not. and if you did, hey good job but your portrayal is not their portrayal so sit your saggy arse back down and get in your lane. ty.