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You've probably done this one before!! If so just yell at me...BUT... Reactions to finding out they have been cheated on after a good time spent with someone?

(Psh, I would never yell at you, dear ;A; )

Mark: He probably wouldn’t know what to think as he is still in denial as to what he just discovered.He would keep questioning himself as to if what he heard was true and if actually happened. He’d also question himself a lot as to why he was cheated on.

JB: Even though he’d probably be confused, his anger would get the best of him in this situation. His face would stiffen up and he’d need to separate himself from people so that he can calm himself down before he yells at someone.

Jackson: He would immediately walk away from the situation and probably punch a wall or an object near him. He would definitely be heartbroken, but he wouldn’t know how to express himself, so tears may stream down his face as he continues his actions.

Jr: He may cry. His feelings would be a mix of anger, jealousy, denial, disappointment, etc. His head would be filled with so many thoughts that he wouldn’t even realize he was crying over this situation.

Youngjae: He wouldn’t cry, but he’d be extremely upset. To himself, he’d probably keep saying, “Ah, that’s how it is.” Separating himself from everyone and everything, he’d just sit down, twiddle his thumbs, and question every single thing that led up to this.

Bam Bam: He would not be able to talk. He would be so speechless that all he could do is gasp and sigh. He probably wouldn’t know what to think in the first place. Where would his thoughts even start? It’s a mix between confusion and heartbreak.

Yoogyeom:  He’d be sad, but he’d mostly be disappointed in himself. He would keep asking himself why he was involved in this if he was cheated on, was this clear from the very beginning. And through it all, he would constantly shake his head as he looks at the ground.

The Signs as Songs You've Probably Heard Before

Aries: RESPECT by Aretha Franklin

Taurus: Imagine by John Lennon

Gemini: Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley

Cancer: You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift

Leo: Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus

Virgo: Walkin’ On Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves

Libra: Gangnam Style by Psy

Scorpio: Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana

Sagittarius: Don’t Stop Believing by Journey

Capricorn: Beat It by Michael Jackson

Aquarius: Toxic by Britney Spears

Pisces: Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice

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HI, I know you've probably answered this question before, but are there maybe articles you could point me towards relating to how the term "sapiosexual" has been used to discriminate against people of color? I've never really heard that before and I'd be interested in knowing more about it, if you could help.

I’m on mobile and in the car so I need to be quick, but basically people of color have always either been portrayed as unintelligent (like how AAVE is considered a sign of lower class and lack of education, especially when actually used by black people), or are fetishized and stereotyped for their intelligence (“Asians are good at math”)

Also, a large portion of our society’s idea of intelligence is SUPER western-oriented. My dad came from a middle eastern family and he bombed the IQ test as a child, because there were questions about things like proper table etiquette - something that varies by country whether the western world will admit it or not. Things like speaking English, knowing the English alphabet, using proper English grammar, and understanding the western concept of etiquette, are all supposed signs of intelligence - no, really, talk to any sapiosexual, it’s not even hidden it’s clear as fuck.

So saying youre sapiosexual is a pretty outright and obvious way of saying you’re a racist

the signs as college experiences
  • aries: jogging at 2 in the morning, beer pong
  • taurus: posters even on your ceiling, meal cards, sneaking a pet into your dorm room
  • gemini: new place = new you, sometimes you love taylor swift, sometimes you hate her, challenging yourself
  • cancer: care packages from mom, setting an alarm for a 17 minute nap
  • leo: realizing you're not alone, kicking yourself in the ass (i mean that figuratively but you probably did it literally too, so)
  • virgo: greek life, protesting human rights, keeping your shit together when no one else can
  • libra: caffeine addiction, finding your happiness, letting your roommate style your hair
  • scorpio: going as far away as possible, poetry club, crushing on your professor
  • sagittarius: learning self love, indie bands you've never heard of, pajama parties
  • capricorn: knowing you're the best kisser in the room, psychology class
  • aquarius: fine arts, eventually finding the library a week before finals
  • pisces: changing your major, realizing long distance relationships are tough, vodka

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You've probably gotten this a lot by now but...I dont know if youve heard of that japanese twitter meme going around lately (idk the official name for it? the umbrella meme? the snow meme? i think the official tag for it is 特別な気分 ) But do you think you could draw a wtnv version of that? OuO It can be any ship you want~

I had never heard of it before, I googled it and i still have no idea what it’s about but, here you go

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I was wondering, you get a lot of comments and asks about the comic and your work, but are there any that you get a lot that you dislike? just want to avoid any pet peeves or words you don't enjoy :'D

What an interesting question! Honestly most of the messages I get are unique and very lovely, and really just anyone taking the time so say a nice thing in whatever way they choose is amazing so I’m always grateful even if I can’t get around to answering them all.

If I really had to pick one thing that people say/have said which irritates me it would be the classic “what kind of drugs were you on when you wrote this/you must have been high to come up with this stuff” comment. It’s not just when people say it about my work either; it gets said about a lot of surreal art and imaginative things in general, and it just makes me incredibly sad to think that a person would suppose you have to be influenced by drugs to come up with anything remotely wild or unusual.

It says more about the commenter than the artist, I know, and I guess it’s largely meant as a joke, but it still sucks the innocent fun out of the work and takes the credit of having an independently functioning brain away from the artist. It also kind of makes me worry that some people really do suppose that the only way they can make something wacky and imaginative is to take something, which is nonsense and for the record I have never taken anything stronger than ibuprofen. Heck I don’t even like the taste of alcohol I am literally a giant goober child- you want to see me high just give me some sherbet and a box set of cartoons that’ll do it.

So yeah TL:DR I ain’t hating on anyone’s lifestyle choices just don’t say that junk it cheeses a lot of us creative types off

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have you seen the new rant video by Sawyer7mage on YouTube? you've been featured! well not really, but I believe he used a post that I remembered you reblogged to give an example about things he hates about the fandom wars (around 2:52, bottom right corner). He gave a previous rant against NaruSaku fans, and this one seems to be against NaruSasuNaru fans. May I ask what is your opinion on this?

First of all, thank you for telling me about this. :) I don’t watch such videos on YouTube, so I’ve never heard of this guy before. I should probably message him and tell him if he’s going to use a screenshot of one’s blog in his videos, he should have the decency to blur out their icon, as well (since my blog can easily be found via the NaruSasu and SasuNaru tag and, well, it’s me on this icon).

I must admit, I watched the first three minutes of the videos, then I closed the tab. I’m incredibly bored by videos of people just talking and giving rants, just so you know, if something I’m going to write doesn’t add up with something this guy said.

To me, the video seems a little (or maybe more than a little) hypocritical. So, his friend had a NaruHina blog with 17.000 followers. She posted “NaruSasu was never an option”, got plenty of messages telling her to kill herself, until she eventually deleted her blog. Umm. Okay. While I won’t discuss the fact that telling someone to kill themselves is highly despicable, there were other options. If you get private messages, block these users. If you get anon messages in your ask box, block the IPs of people sending you hateful messages (it’s usually only a few trolls who send you the same bullshit over and over and over again), turn off the anon option for your ask box, or simply close your ask box. It’s as easy as that. No reason to dramatically delete your blog.

Also, this guy makes the whole SNS fandom look bad by saying his friend got hate messages every single day (supposedly) - not letting us know if it really was the SNS fans (let’s remember the fact that the petition to ban the Naruto manga in the US unless it gets an NaruSaku ending was the work of a trolling NaruHina fan), just some trolls, or whoever. Also, how often is “every single day”? I went to Burger King yesterday, and I went to Burger King today, so I ate at BK for two days every single day. We don’t know if she got a hundred messages, or ten. As I mentioned, telling someone to kill yourself is despicable, but hey, I guess the NaruSaku and SNS shippers who were told to kill themselves because they were “salty” deserved it because they aren’t true fans! Jfc. Anons told me to kill myself, they called me a bitch and I should finally accept NH/SS. But that’s probably not important because I’m not the friend of some YouTuber with +150k subscribers who gives rants, huh? (And I’m not the only non-NH/SS shipper who received such messages. At least be fair and tell the people there’s assholes among EVERY ship.)

But let’s not forget what that person wrote. “NaruSasu was never an option.” Let that sink in. She didn’t say “NaruSasu was never an option for me, because I prefer NaruHina over everything.”, she could have as well said “A homosexual relationship in manga as Naruto was never an option because homosexuality is far away from being seen as normal as heterosexuality.” Having 17.000 followers, OF COURSE you will get hate. Even I with my “only” ~2.000 followers know I will get hate everytime I post something in the anti NaruHina or anti SasuSaku (or anti The Last) tag. It’s just how it is. The more people receive your message, the more will disagree with you; the result is getting hateful messages. If you want to live a peaceful life, don’t state your opinion. I want to state my opinion, I get hate, I can deal with it. And no, disliking a certain heterosexual ship doesn’t make you a heterophobe, as well as disliking a certain homosexal ship doesn’t make you a homophobe. Saying homosexuality isn’t equal to heterosexuality, however, makes you a homophobe, that’s for damn sure.

Besides everything of the above, Naruto is not a fucking shounen manga. Kishimoto himself has stated multiple times Naruto is seinen, not shounen. Seinen is aimed at teens and young adults in general. The fact it was serialised in Weekly Shonen Jump is misleading. Plus, of course it isn’t a yaoi. The term yaoi describes works that focus on sex scenes. Naruto is just an ordinary seinen manga which most popular pairings happen to be slash pairings (source). Also, as you can look up in the databooks, while the main audience for WSJ are high school boys, the readers of Naruto are mainly females aged 14-20 (or something like that, I can’t remember the exact numbers). So much for the “IT’S A FUCKING SHONEN” argument.

Ugh, this has gotten longer than I planned… I hope you don’t mind the rant. Oh, before I forget it:


He described the SNS fandom as “butthurt”. His argument is invalid.

Horoscope for April 7th, 2016
  • Aries: An unexpected financial setback could have you reeling at first. Perhaps an emergency, such as a toothache or car breakdown, requires a substantial expenditure that you hadn't planned for. You can probably find a way to deal with the crisis. You may have resources to draw upon that you aren't aware of now. Go over all your finances and you could be pleasantly surprised. Hang in there!
  • Taurus: You could be feeling restless and frustrated due to a temporary separation from a partner, perhaps a business partner but more likely a romantic one. Phone contact could be difficult as well, because you could both be busy and keep missing each other. Find something fascinating to do that will take your mind off the situation. Get together with friends and have some fun. The time will pass more quickly.
  • Gemini: A rather disconcerting rumor about your job could reach your ears. Perhaps you'll hear that the company is being sold or undergoing a shakeup in the hierarchy. You might get caught up in a frenzy of worry about whether or not you'll stay on. Before jumping to any conclusions, phone someone who knows what's going on and find out the truth. What you've heard is probably just gossip.
  • Cancer: A number of great ideas either for new creative projects or enhancing ongoing ones could pop into your head during the day. If you don't write them down immediately, they could just as easily pop right out again, never to return! With all your responsibilities, you could have a rather frantic day as your mind constantly shifts from one focus to another. Stay with it. You can handle it.
  • Leo: A person with whom you work, probably a woman, could leave suddenly without notice or stated reason. This could be confusing, and you might find yourself wondering if there are changes within the company that you know nothing about. Try to learn exactly why this person left. If you can't ask him or her directly, discreetly ask someone who might know. It's important, if nothing else, for relieving your anxiety.
  • Virgo: Someone you've wanted to hear from for a long time, perhaps an old friend who lives far away, could ring you up today while you're out. You'll be happy to get the message, but it could result in a frustrating game of phone tag throughout the day. Don't get so irritated you give up. Keep trying. You'll eventually touch base, and you'll be glad you did!
  • Libra: A rather upsetting dream could disturb your sleep tonight. When you wake up and focus on the real world, it could seem so bizarre as to not be worthy of serious consideration. Nonetheless, write it down. After some time has passed, go over the symbols and see what they suggest to you. The dream is trying to tell you something about a specific situation in your life, albeit in a weird way!
  • Scorpio: A colleague or possibly a romantic partner could be in a rather touchy mood today. Therefore, you might find this person difficult to deal with. You could get a bit irritated and wonder if this person is worth the aggravation he or she is causing you. Don't do anything foolish. This mood will pass. Try to stay out of your friend's way, if possible. All should be back to normal by tomorrow.
  • Sagittarius: You tend to be very intuitive, but today, you could find your psychic abilities short-circuit. If you give readings, don't schedule any for today. This isn't to say your abilities are blocked, but they aren't as dependable as they usually are. Likewise, your imagination isn't as reliable either. Don't worry. This is just typical writer's or artist's block. You'll be back to normal by tomorrow.
  • Capricorn: Some rather upsetting news about a friend could come to you today, probably over the phone. This could be the truth, but more likely the facts have been distorted in the retelling. In fact, what you're hearing may actually be nothing more than gossip. Phone someone who might know what's really going on, preferably the friend you heard about, and check the facts before driving yourself crazy.
  • Aquarius: Today you could receive a lucky career break of some kind that brings some extra money your way. The downside is that you might have to put in many extra hours. Your good fortune could cause temporary problems in your personal life. Your significant other and family members could be disgruntled. Point out that it may be inconvenient now, but everyone will be better off in the long run.
  • Pisces: An unexpected visit from someone who lives far away is likely to throw your schedule off kilter. Even though you'll be glad to see your friend, the visit could require a lot of calls to break appointments and postpone meetings. Once that's done, however, you'll have a good visit. You and your friend should each have a lot to report. You'll talk for hours. Relax and have some fun!
  • <p> <b>Candela:</b> cooks amazing food, stuff you've probably never heard of before. Puts the spice in spicy but also can make delicious savory food.<p/><b>Blanche:</b> turns an ordinary meal into a feast. Knows how to make 12 different types of mac n cheese and can make desserts that are to die for.<p/><b>Spark:</b> puts cheese and butter on bread and microwaves it.<p/></p>

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Ikon and also got7 reaction to you dressed as the main female character from assasin's creed sisterhood rising (it's a video game) Just search assasin's creed sisterhood rising on the internet and go on google images if you've never heard of the game before (just so you don't get mixed up, the main female character wears a white hood)

A/N: this is how i think they’d react, no harm done (the word “sexy” is overused here)


Mark: When you ask his opinion his mouth will form an ‘o’ and he’ll think that you looked damn sexy but he’ll just say—

“You look nice, babe.” *smiles*

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Jaebum: I picture that jb would be speechless. Not the bad type of speechless but not the good type of speechless either. He’d probably be confused. However, one sentence; TURNED ON BY THE SEXINESS.

“Uh…jagi, what’s this?” *stares you up and down*

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Jinyoung: he gives off this classic aura which leaves me to think that whoever his girlfriend is, she’s going to be sophisticated. So when you wore this costume and twirled in front of him, he was impressed by it but didn’t show much interest. He’ll lowkey be thinking about how sexy the look was on you either way.

“The daggers are a nice touch.” *heart beats rapidly*

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Jackson: I HONESTLY THINK Mr wild and sexy would be all smiles and especially dumbfounded.

“Wha? Y/n what are you wearing…it looks great! You can be mrs wild and sexy.” *winks*

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Youngjae: we all know this boy is a major video game junkie and plays whenever he has even just a few minutes, so it’s most likely that he’ll be all excited and know what your character is right away, he’ll definitely know the name of the game as well. He won’t even care about how alluring you looked because he’ll be too caught up by thinking about how awesome it was to have a girlfriend who also likes video games and does cosplay.

“Jagi omg omg omg!” *screams*

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Kunpimook: I could picture Bambam being all wow and woah can i touch this kinda reaction. He’s probably into the type of fabric used for the costume and blush at the amount of cleavage but whatever because—

“That cape looks damn fineee,”

Originally posted by ohparkjimin

Yugyeom: I’m not sure how he would react but I know that he’ll be flustered by the cleavage and probably die inwardly while he stares at you.

“Uh…hi y/n…”

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Jinhwan: being the eldest and most mature hyung of the group, Jinhwan would not be too happy about your choice of costume. He would pout but shut up when another guy looks at you and thinks about how inappropriate the whole outfit was. But he’ll still love you no matter what :)

“Daggers y/n, seriously?”

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Yunhyeong: this kid is that kind of guy who is more to cute than sexy, so he’ll be pretty chill—he still thinks you look great though. He will smile widely when he sees you and make you turn around in front of him, proceeding to take your hand and compliment you.

“You look awesome, yeobo.”

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Jiwon: since this bunny is a pretty laid back and sexy guy, he would look you up and down like 100 times before actually saying something. The things he would say will, of course, be praises about how great and seductive you look. Jiwon being Jiwon also includes lip bites, long kisses, wows and oh gods.

“You’re hotter than fire, baby girl.”

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Hanbin: appa Hanbin would let his mouth hang open until a fly comes into it and builds a nest before taking your hand and smiling awkwardly. Little do you know, when he holds your hand his heart is exploding! And he’ll also be dumbfounded at the major exposure of your boobs like wat.

“Nice costume.” *smiles and looks away*

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Donghyuk: muffin dong dong would also be like Hanbin, but even more relaxed. He will smile and giggle until your tired of hearing it. Inside he’s a heap of fireworks, nervousness, excitement and many other teenage boy feelings.

“Jagi!” *starts wowing and squeals*

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Junhoe: this ego baby will absolutely gape at your costume, especially at the fake weapons and leather. But, he won’t show it even the tiniest bit. He would look you up and down, fold his arms over his chest and so on.

“Cute.” *sashays away*

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Chanwoo: this lil baby most probably will be a blushing ball of pure cuteness when he sees that it’s you under that hood. He won’t even look up, but only keep his eyes down at your leather boots, tripping and stuttering over his words a whole lot, not to mention no eye contact whatsoever.

“Uh, I-I’ll be over th-there, y/n.” *points towards the toilet and rushes away*

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Ok yeah but imagine like sniper and spy have been like secretly dating for a while now blah blah blah you've heard this before; but like one day they actually get a break or something (it would be at least a couple days I'd assume) so they take the time to go as far away from the war area as possible. But since spy can't say where he lives or whatever and sniper lives with his parents, spy ends up meeting them

Spy’s probably secretly homeless, since he’s never had anywhere he can call home since he started being a Spy. It would be too dangerous and it would tie him down too much. 

So Sniper offers to let him fly to Australia and stay with his parents and of course, Spy accepts. Sniper’s worried that Spy won’t like the way Sniper lives outside of the battlefield, and he stresses about it up until they land. Spy hasn’t been in a normal family situation since, well, ever. Even before being a Spy he had no loving family to speak of, much less an ordinary apple pie life.

So both of them are worried beyond belief and then they just drove in silence to Sniper’s parents’ house.

Instantly, Spy realized he really loved the life he’d been missing out his whole existence. He got along famously with Sniper’s parents, although they didn’t yet know about the whole boyfriends thing, and he stayed surprisingly well in a home. And actual home, with cooking, and people who cared about each other, and had memories there. He loved it. 

And Sniper picked up on that. And he thought that maybe, just maybe, if this whole war sorted itself out and the two of them made it out with their lives, that they could have that together. 

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I've been following you for a looooong time, and every time I see you on my dash, I click and I scroll and I see what you've been doing with you. It's weird, because I feel like we're friends. I feel like I know you. But I've never even spoken to you. I know you've heard it before, but I'll say it again because I mean it. Your writing is the most beautiful thing. I can only dream of writing like that. I am in love with you probably. Probably.

Sweet baby, it’s okay if you’re not in love with me and just my writing. They’re not the same thing. I hope we chill in both our dreams someday and hold hands

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Sheila, you've probably heard this before, but the actress playing Elektra on the new season of Daredevil looks so much like you (at least imo). I've passed photos of her on my dash and was like "oh wow new cosplay" before realizing it was not, in fact, you.

I HAVE HEARD THIS SO MANY TIMMMMMMMMEESSS. I usually don’t post these kinds of posts either, but I have literally heard this elektra chic looks like me so much. 

And…. I guess so!??? With my blacker hair maybe. I dunno. I never think any of these people look like me but there you have it.